Boyne Falls (2018) Movie Script

So where are we?
One moment.
No phones please.
Come on.
You know the rules.
This is taking forever,
I'm late for somethin'
There's nothing more important
than you covering your ass
before you sign on
this dotted line,
so what it is that you late
for, I'm sure it can wait.
I gotta' take this.
I am sorry.
Have you thought about what
we talked about the last time?
Dominik's a grown man.
I'm not his keeper.
No, but he's you're
his best friend
and he'll listen to you.
This is awkward, but
he's hurting your career.
It's because of
him I have a career.
Whatever it is you
think you owe him,
you repaid him years ago.
He was irresponsible
and unpredictable
when he gave you those
records on your wall.
Why does it matter now?
You know, music is
a young man's game.
No shit.
You want to play in the game,
you gotta' start
making people happy.
You can't be pulling
this attitude.
Fine, I'll talk to him.
So, what'd I miss?
We're done.
Great, gotta jet.
The longer you wait,
the more money you lose.
So what's so important
you had to bolt the meeting?
It's personal.
Fisk is pissed.
Ha, I could give a shit.
You should give a
shit, he gets us gigs.
He's our employee.
If it wasn't for us he'd be
writing wills for blue hairs.
Do you have any plans
this weekend after the mix?
I think so.
Can you break them?
Why would I?
Call it a work retreat.
We talking Cabo?
The location is a surprise.
Who's invited?
You and me.
Fine, send me directions.
Better yet, come
out with us tonight.
Out where?
I have no idea what that is.
It's a fucking club, you twat.
Drop the tweed jacket
and come out with us.
Who's going to finish the
mix if I'm out at the club?
If you want me to come on
your little work retreat,
you come to the club with me.
Change out of that
So, where to?
After party.
Fuck, where's my fucking phone?
E, where's my phone?
I don't know.
Give me yours
I'm busy.
Who is that guy?
He's my button
pusher, knob turner.
Yeah, I was wondering.
I thought he might be
your personal assistant,
like you know.
Invaluable things,
personal assistants.
If I could find
my bleedin' phone,
I might call her up and ask
her where this after party is.
Where the fuck we going?
I'm going home.
You two can do whatever
the fuck you like.
Sorry, he's not
a morning person.
He probably had a
late night last night.
Ah, it's not a problem,
you got me for the day.
So, you are gonna'
miss poker tomorrow.
I know.
Oh, don't tell me
you're getting tired
of stealing my money.
I'm paying you $1,400
an hour to fly us.
Who's stealing from whom?
Hey, I'm giving you
the friends discount.
Did you put the rendezvous
point in your GPS?
Your phones won't work.
You wannna borrow my SAT phone?
It'll be fine.
Look, it's rough
terrain, just take it, huh?
I'll sleep better.
This is him.
I guess he brought a friend
Five hours.
Five hours is not bad.
No, no, and then I get
home and then you're gone,
'cause you're out partying
with that British dude
who you've never even
introduced me to,
What's up, we late?
It's fine,
James, this is
Dominik, my partner.
And this is?
Lora, hi.
Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you.
Hi, Lora.
Are we all going?
I thought you said
there was just
going to be two passengers.
When I said it was
a work retreat,
I thought it was going
to be the two of us.
Uh, that's my fault,
I asked if I could come.
Her fault.
What's the problem
man, look there's room.
May I take your bags, miss?
Oh, why thank you.
It was supposed to
be just the two of us.
I know man, she's
been bothering me
to spend more time
with her, so I figured,
you know, kill two birds.
So where to, captain?
Let's find
a place to camp.
Did you think we were going
to find a day spa out here?
A man can hope.
Why haven't you changed your
clothes, at least the shoes?
Didn't really have time, we
were till what, six or seven?
I don't know, it
was fucking late.
We threw some shit in
our bags and here we are.
So you haven't slept?
Fuck man, relax.
Yeah relax, it's vacation.
Or something like that.
There's a clearing up
here, we can set up camp.
It's not far from a river.
Tell me you brought two tents.
I brought two tents, okay?
So we're here for a few days.
What's the plan?
No plan, no agenda.
Woo, no complaints from me.
You married, Eddie?
Ha, he's divorced.
Awe, spending time with
two attractive single men.
That sounds like a party.
Mmm, that smells great.
Just sticking a
brat, help yourself.
You don't happen
to have a six pack
in that magic duffel
bag of yours do you?
Six pack of water.
Did you bring
anything to drink, baby?
Like a fucking boy scout.
Oof, what is this, kerosine?
Try some, you'll like it.
So what is this place?
The North.
You know what she means.
Why here?
It's remote.
I used to go camping
when I was a kid,
with my dad, you know?
Out here?
No, back home, back east.
When you're off the grid
you got less distractions.
That's why you were
giving me the evil eye
in the helicopter,
I'm a distraction.
He's right, you
do distract me.
Even in this sweatshirt.
I'm sorry, Lora,
this isn't a party.
This is work, your man
should have left you at home.
Hey, show some
respect for my guest.
You're right.
Lora, this isn't your fault.
Dominik just made
a poor decision.
Do you
mind if I join you?
Sorry I haven't been
a more gracious host.
I was raised to
have better manners.
It's okay, I won't
tell your mother.
Besides, he can
drive me nuts too.
Is he sleeping?
Yeah, he cashed out.
I don't know how many
days he's been awake.
How's he find time to work?
He gets it done though.
I suppose.
If he frustrates you so much
then why you still his partner?
Long story.
Does it look like I
have anywhere to go?
I'm a captive audience.
15 years ago or more,
we were unknowns, Dominik
meets this girl in a bar.
Of course.
It was Sadie.
Oh right, you produced
her her first album.
That's right.
Yeah, she was shopping around
for producers at the time,
relative unknown herself,
but she had the financial
backing of a major,
which meant...
More money than
we were used to,
so we listened to her demos
and they were amazing,
but when we met her,
Dominik sort of lied
and said they were total
crap and I guarantee
you no one ever talked
to her like that before.
She seemed like she
was about to cry.
But, I think part of her
respected him for it.
Why did he lie?
I don't know.
Following his instincts I guess.
He knew if we
didn't set ourselves
apart from other producers,
we wouldn't get the gig.
So she sucked up her pride
and asked him what he
would do different.
He said, "Give us 24 hours,"
and he whipped up Dark Days.
In 24 hours?
Well, the backbone of it.
He was a machine.
He's got a gift.
Well, he's got something
Isn't it a little
early for that?
Go back to sleep.
Morning, man.
You still pissed?
I'm not pissed.
It's just why couldn't you
take this retreat seriously?
I like Lora and all, but it's
not supposed to be a party.
What did Fisk say to you?
It's not Fisk, Dominik.
The phones haven't been
ringing the way they used to,
LRG was two years ago
and that's an eternity
in the pop world.
Hey, we'll survive.
We won't unless we adapt.
Morning, boys.
Kids adapt to me, I set
the fucking trends, E.
Listen to yourself.
Okay, you know what.
If we're gonna be here
all weekend long together,
you two better
fucking lighten up.
So, what is there
to do around here?
Well, we got the
woods all around us.
Let's explore,
I'm game.
I found
this path yesterday.
Oh, is this an animal trail?
No, it's too defined.
Who the fuck else
would be out here?
Is it hunting season?
Not for deer, but
for other animals maybe.
They said there would be anyone
around this time of year.
Who said that?
The state,
I just bought it.
What, this land?
All of it
Jesus dude, why?
It's beautiful.
It's nature.
They told me there's a
waterfall on it somewhere.
Oh my gosh,
what's it called?
I don't know.
Can we see it?
I have no idea where
it is unfortunately.
Of course, the one fucking
thing I'd want to see.
Okay, all right,
tomorrow morning,
we'll wake up bright and
early, go for another hike
and find the waterfall,
if you behave.
Fat chance.
No ringing, no buzzing,
nothing electrical.
No clubs,
no bars, no computers.
I get it now, is
this an intervention?
You know, some people do
actually enjoy going camping
and spending time outdoors.
It's not so bad.
My ray of sunshine.
Oh my God, we're gonna
sleep really well tonight.
Isn't it time for lunch?
Yeah, shit man.
I hope you brought
more food than this.
This will work.
Work for what?
Maybe I
will catch us dinner.
You're such a goddamn nerd.
You know you can
join me if you want.
I could probably fashion a rod
out of a tree branch,
I brought extra line.
We could be in Cabo.
Don't tease.
Who's teasing?
So, where
did you two meet?
We were
roommates in college.
He's always been kind of
like a brother, you know?
You seem to be
in a better mood.
It's the afternoon,
I'm finally awake.
I think it's more than that.
Don't analyze me.
Don't bully me.
I think Eddie was right.
This place really
kind of cools you out.
This is
fine for a few hours,
but I'm sure I'm
gonna' be pulling
my hair out by the
end of the week.
And he was also right
that I shouldn't be here.
You know what, fuck
him, he was cryptic.
He didn't give me
any ground rules.
I know, what is done
is done, I'm here.
I'm just saying the two of you
should at least get some
alone time, you know?
Alone time?
You know what I mean, I saw
you guys banter back there.
It was like you were old friends
and now you're away
from all that music.
I feel like it just might work.
What might work?
Eddie's not an idiot.
He chose this place
because he knows
that it'll help him
reconnect with you again.
Did he tell you this?
No, but what do you think
a work retreat is for?
I dunno' to expense
laps, dinners, and hookers.
It's like talking
to a brick wall.
You asked, hey.
Hey, come on, what
are you pissed?
I'm fine.
You're just
exhausting sometimes.
What is it?
I smell something.
Is there a punchline coming?
No, it's...
You don't smell that?
Yeah, I think I do.
I think it's coming
from over here.
right, I lost it.
The wind changed.
That's not the wind.
Do you hear that?
Come on let's go see
who's making that noise.
Hey, these people
live in the fucking woods,
Lora, I don't think they
want to be disturbed.
Oh come on, don't be a pussy.
Look, someone is living here.
Look, right there.
I see it, it's
a fucking house.
That's a pretty
harsh chemical smell.
Come on, we should leave.
Jesus, he's got a gun.
That's fine, everybody out
here is gonna' be packing.
No, let's get the
fuck out of here.
Hey yourself.
Who are you people.
Who the fuck are you?
You're squatting here.
Sorry, we don't
need to be rude.
Squatting, what the
hell you talking about?
Uh, there's no need for
that, we'll just be on our way.
That's not gonna happen.
Time to go, Lora.
What an average name.
Sorry to bother you,
we'll just be going now.
Oh, you're not going
anywhere, especially not you.
Come here, let me get
a better look at you.
Over here.
Come on.
Stop, hey stop!
What was that?
Don't move, you're next.
What happened?
Some hikers took
the wrong path.
How many?
Just this guy and the girl.
You sure?
You got any friends
we need to worry about?
Answer me!
What the fuck, is he
a retard or somethin'?
Are you alone?
Yeah, I'm alone.
Was that so fucking hard?
Go tell Seth, I'll
take care of this one.
Where did the bitch and the
backstreet boy come from?
I don't know.
They just slipped up.
You know
we're gonna' catch hell
for this, don't ya?
You don't
have to tell anybody.
What is this mess?
You got everything
laid out here,
but someone can walk up on.
Morning, sunshine.
What have you done?
Now you're on the floor.
Pick him up.
What you want to do with him?
Looks like an idiot.
Just look at his clothes.
What are you doing
up here, pretty boy.
He's seen the operation.
Kill him.
Wait, wait, wait, you moron
I don't want little pieces
of brain littering my cellar.
First, grab the
girl, dig a big hole,
six feet down, then
take him outside.
Put two bullets in his head.
Don't drag ass.
I want the situation cleaned
up before Big Em gets here.
Yeah boss, wait,
Big Em is comin'?
Help him.
Hop to it.
Just wasn't your day.
Get this clean.
I don't want any
trace of the girl
or that asshole in there.
After you're done I want
you to search the area.
I know he said they were alone,
but others are sure to
come looking for them.
Nothing leads them back
here, do you understand?
All right, I'm back.
Miss me?
Oh, can I get you
anything, coffee?
Ho ho?
My boy, Banks, makes
a mean beef jerky.
You like beef jerky?
Ah, I get it, you're
missing your girl.
I miss her too.
I'm gonna be missing
her all night.
You eying that
machete over there?
Here, let me help ya.
Oh shit.
Go on.
Get it.
I took off my gun, see?
Oh, come on.
It'll be fun.
Here, let me help you some more.
Come on, you got it.
Come on, it's right there.
I'll turn my back.
Oh, oh, duh, duh, duh.
Damn, all right.
No fun and games today.
I'll be right back.
Don't go anywhere.
Don't go anywhere.
Ignorant motherfucker.
There's more guys,
I know, I know.
We have to hurry.
Come on.
Come on, man.
What is it?
My ankle.
Come on, go.
They killed Lora.
I saw.
They'll kill us too if
we don't get moving.
Come on.
What the fuck happened?
They got away.
They who?
There was another guy.
You said it was just
the guy and the girl.
I was wrong.
I clipped one of them.
He jumped in the river.
Why didn't you pursue?
They won't last,
bleeding, cold, now wet.
Get a radio, go find them
and give me regular updates.
Finish this.
Yeah, boss.
Let me take a look at you.
Dom, stay with me, man.
This will keep you warm.
Come on, we gotta get going.
Come on, we gotta go, gotta go.
Let's stop here for a second.
What the fuck
were you thinking?
With this weekend.
I don't know.
I mean, why are we here
and who are those fucking guys?
Look, I thought this
space would be ours, okay?
I thought we could
spend some time together
and work out some shit.
She's fucking dead, Eddie
and we're fucking lost.
We're not lost.
Then where are we?
I didn't shoot her, okay?
All we can do now is try
to survive the night.
I'm sure those assholes are
out there looking for us.
Thanks for the bandage.
It's not gonna last.
We need a real med
kit, some new bandages,
and a way to close the wound.
Can you make it up a tree?
Just try to rest up
for a while, okay?
I'm thirsty.
Keep it, keep it.
You know, I wasn't
even gonna come.
She had to talk me into it.
Figured we were going
to that studio in Cabo.
She was so excited.
Those fucking assholes
are gonna pay.
We got to get to the SA phone and call in the cavalry.
Just try to be
quiet for a second.
What was your name again?
Hello, Dominik, do
you remember mine?
Of course.
Then what is it?
Why the test?
Because I don't think
you're being honest.
At least I was being honest.
You are the girl from the bar.
It's Lora, with an O.
Yeah, what's my last name?
You didn't tell me.
You're probably right.
Well what?
What the fuck's
your last name?
Well you got me
all nervous now.
Lora Boyne?
Yes, Boyne, it's Irish.
It means foolish, which
seems pretty appropriate
for right now.
Lora Boyne.
My name is Lora with an O
and I ain't your average ho.
Last name is Boyne.
Make you feel good
in your groin.
That needs work.
Are you sure you write songs?
When can I see you again?
This is over?
I thought we were
just getting started.
Find anything?
God damnit.
Where'd you go?
I went back to camp.
They were there.
No med kit?
No med kit.
Let me help you down, think
I found a better spot.
We can at least stay
warm for a few moments,
maybe try to dry
out our clothes.
How you feel?
Cold, dizzy.
God, you're sweaty, feverish.
I should probably take
a look at your wound.
We're gonna have to
take the bullet out.
I don't think
that's necessary.
Just do it.
With that knife.
You sure?
How hard can it be, right?
You still have that flask?
Check your bag.
It's almost full.
We didn't have a whole lot
to celebrate yesterday.
You're gonna' need it.
You too.
You sleepy?
Yeah, well I
stood guard all night.
How would you know?
I heard you snoring
like my Pa Pa.
Your what?
My grandpa.
Man, the less you
talk the better.
What, It's not my fault
those hikers found us.
No, but you let
that one escape.
His friend blindsided me.
Oh shit.
This ain't gonna' be good.
You think Big Em
knows I let that guy go?
Take one guess.
I don't know.
Well, take my fucking
advice, keep your mouth shut.
How many
are we looking at?
Two escaped.
Who are they?
Probably hikers.
Do they have any
phones, radios?
I don't know, but who
doesn't have a phone?
Yeah, but there's no way
they're getting any
service out here.
That's why this
spot is perfect for us.
But if you don't silence them,
your perfect spot will
be swarming with feds
Emma, I'm not going to move.
It took me two years to find
this place and get it running.
Do you want to build another
lab or spend the rest of
your life in Lompoc?
We wouldn't be making product.
I know.
So let's see if we can
resolve this first.
Ever see the inside of a cat?
The inside.
You're a friggin
moron, aren't ya?
You're psycho.
I'm not.
Why the hell you...
Shut up.
So last night, tell
me some good news.
We found the camp.
Yes, and?
They weren't there.
Where are they?
I don't know.
The girl?
I buried her.
That won't do.
What, you want
me to dig her up?
You said bury her.
Change of plans.
This is bullshit.
Help him.
Not so fast.
Which one of you let the guy go?
What do you mean?
Who was watching the
hostage when he escaped?
Well, he had a friend.
So it was you.
Well yeah, but he had
a friend hiding though.
Get another body bag.
This is Civil
War era medicine.
Hell, Peloponnesian.
What the fuck
you talking about?
Can't be worse than when I
got my Prince Albert, right?
Had your fill?
Get me up, pass me
a stick for my mouth.
And bite.
It's okay, it's okay.
Stick at least.
Here we go.
Just a second.
Gonna get the bullet now.
I gotta' dig in
there man, hold on.
Okay, a little bit longer.
Here comes the fun part here.
All right, here we go.
Oh, fuck!
Thanks, man.
Hey, you're gonna'
have a hell of a scar,
but the bleeding should stop.
What do we
know of these people?
Two men.
That's it?
That's it.
How did they get here,
by car, chopper, on foot?
I didn't see a
car at the camp.
Well maybe they drove it
away before you arrived.
Drove where?
There's no roads, those
no anything for miles.
We drive in.
On an ATV, on a
path detailed by me.
I chose this place specifically
for its remote location.
It's clearly
not remote enough.
I looked for tire tracks,
nothin', they walked in.
They couldn't have gone far.
Especially if you clipped one.
Yeah, he might
be dead already.
Where were they headed?
Down this river.
So, you have a serious
injury, you're on foot,
you're scared, you're miles
away from any civilization.
Where would you go?
This is your haunt, Seth.
You scouted this terrain.
Where would you go?
Get my rifle.
This is where they went in.
All right, looks
like we're getting wet.
We're crossing.
About a half
mile from the lab.
Now check out that cabin
and be fucking discreet.
They're in there.
Take the front entrance,
I'll move around the side
in case there's a rear exit.
They're gone.
What do
you mean they're gone?
You just said you saw them.
They must have just left,
their fire is still warm.
Find them.
Couldn't have got far.
Look for tracks.
Which way did they go?
Come on we gotta move.
Don't slow down.
How's your leg?
I think
we're in the clear.
Just keep going.
You're falling behind.
You need to work
on your endurance.
I said I'm fine.
What'd you say?
I'm not sure.
You look dazed.
You don't have the
blood to do a sprint.
Just give me a second.
I can walk at least.
I don't see them,
but we still have to
find a place to hold up
before the rendezvous.
Come on!
I've lost them.
I got 'em.
They're too far.
Shut up.
Leave it, leave it.
It's got our stuff.
I know
what's in it, come on.
Don't lose them, go.
Keep your radio on.
Let's get the gun.
Leave it, leave it, leave it,
there could be more
following, come on.
Where are we going?
South, I think.
First, it's away
from the men with guns
and second it's
toward our rendezvous.
Where's the GPS?
It's gone.
In the river,
in the hut, I don't know.
See, we should have
gone back for the gun.
It wasn't worth the risk.
We're lost, we're soaked,
we've got no food, no
phone, we've got nothing.
Just stick with me for
like 18 more hours, okay?
Nah, I'm going back.
You're not in charge, E.
We just hiked
like three miles.
These assholes have
dictated everything
because they have guns and
we don't, I'm done running.
We gotta' stick together.
Then come with
me, don't argue.
I'm going.
No, you're not going back.
Don't fucking touch me.
We can't split up.
Back the fuck off.
You back the fuck off.
You're such a fucking child.
You always have to get your way.
If I had my way
we'd be in Cabo.
Sure, so you could blow
the rest of your money.
Okay, Dad.
You want to know why we're
here, why the work retreat?
Fisk begged me to talk
some sense into you
because you're destroying
both of our careers.
So you're Fisk's
errand boy now.
I thought you were mine.
I set up this whole weekend
because I was trying to
reconnect with you, but I'm out.
What do you mean out?
I quit.
I'm done.
I'm done with music.
You're the most
talented person I know,
but I can't deal with
you anymore, man.
I thought I was sick
of the music industry,
but it turns out I'm
just sick of you.
Fine, you've been
dead weight for years.
What's your status?
No news yet.
Why isn't
Banks responding?
I don't know, he
took off after them.
As he should,
why didn't you follow?
I did.
I am.
them, deal with this,
or don't come back.
It's my fucking lab,
Emma, I'm in as deep as you.
It is your fucking lab, Seth.
That's why this
whole fucking fuck up
is your fucking
responsibility, you fuck.
Seth, kindly give
me your location.
Because I'm coming out there.
That's not
necessary, we can handle it.
Well that time has
passed, I'm on my way.
You're staying here.
We know nothing
about these men.
You could be putting
yourself at risk.
I don't trust this misfit crew
to run a garage sale
let alone a manhunt,
so I've gotta go.
You pack up the
remaining product
and in the morning, torch
the place, torch it all.
on, where's you gun?
A phone.
You get the text, right?
Then you gotta' go to the place.
It's a different place
every single time, right?
They're not gonna let
anybody just in right,
so you gotta' show
them the text,
you gotta' knock first
right, three times.
You gotta' have
special glasses.
It's the best sushi
you're ever gonna' have.
Sounds fishy.
Keep em' coming.
Your wish is my command.
Yeah, she's hot.
She's all right.
Man, she likes you.
Yeah, but she likes my
hundred dollar bills more.
Sounds like any woman.
What are you
two talking about?
He just called
you a gold digger.
Then why do I
always pay, asshole.
You see what you just did?
Just drink up,
man, it's on me.
Hey, I see you
started without me.
We started at noon.
Everybody, this is Callie.
Callie, this is everybody.
We've met.
So martinis all around, huh?
We're celebrating.
What's the special occasion?
Holy shit, you didn't.
He did.
I did.
Well, congratulations,
it's beautiful.
Thank you.
I am going to go
find the lady's room,
so I'll be back, vodka tonic?
I guess I've been out
of the loop for a while.
We just tell people in person,
we don't post or do any
weird shit like that.
So you and Callie
know each other?
That's weird, she
didn't mention anything.
I'm not surprised.
It was kind of a one nighter.
Sorry man, figured you'd want
to hear it from me first.
Yeah, yeah I get it.
So you guys like serious?
I don't know, it's early.
She's hot.
And a fucking
rockstar in the sack.
But you know that already.
You haven't hit that yet?
Like I said, it's early.
Jesus, dude.
You know, if I were you,
keep an eye on it.
A girl like that would tap
a stranger in the bathroom.
Hey, where is she anyway?
Shut up, man.
I'm just giving you shit.
You're in for a treat.
What can I get you?
Two vodka tonics.
Fuck, I can't see.
Oh, sorry.
I didn't think you were
going to be here today.
Session got canceled.
Of course.
I don't know why you
put up with that guy.
Were you sleeping?
Good, I, um, just
came to get the rest
of these things, then
I'll be out of your hair.
Take your time.
I know that this has been
really hard for us, for you,
but I just wanted to say thanks
for being an adult about it.
I think that's everything.
I left my address on the
notepad in the kitchen,
so if you find anything you
can always send it there.
Or you can just
come pick it up.
Goodbye, Eddie.
Wake up, where are they?
Back there.
So they're still alive?
What about Banks?
I don't know.
He's dead?
Or ran away.
So two dumb ass hikers
took down your top henchmen?
Do they have a gun?
I don't think so.
They might now.
And you're napping.
You realize they could have
killed you in your sleep.
You were easy enough
to track down.
You're underestimating them.
I've been out here all
night, where have you been?
Oh, what?
You gonna hit me?
Would you hit my father?
But you'll hit a girl.
You're no girl.
Oh, I'm not?
What am I?
You're, you're my boss.
Goddamn right, I'm your boss.
I will hit you and insult
whenever I goddamn like.
No, no.
Let me spell
something out for you
and I'll speak slowly
because you're still groggy
from waking up.
I run 14 operations.
Do you know what that
makes this place?
One out of fucking 14.
If we're so unimportant,
then why are you here?
Because these
hikers may expose us
and a lady doesn't
like to be exposed.
Now lead the fucking way.
Where are they going?
This was their general
direction, south.
We need more than
that, get your map.
There's not much around here,
they're trapped,
surrounded by wilderness.
They had to arrive somehow.
Their exit plan is probably
by the same route they arrived.
There was no ATV or
jeep at their camp.
Any tracks?
No tire tracks,
Banks assured me.
There's no way they walked here.
They had to fly in.
That's the only option.
So you're a client
flying in wealthy clients.
Where's your drop off?
There are several clearings
within their walk radius.
Put the
binoculars away.
Get out your rifle.
I can't line up a shot.
You're just wasting bullets.
So put it away!
Forget it, we'll follow him.
So he did have a gun.
Where are you going?
He's gone.
We can't be sure.
Even if he survived the fall,
there's no way of tracking him.
You should follow him.
Over the cliff?
Maybe you should.
I gave you a fucking order.
And I fucking say no.
Are we gonna do this
little dance again?
Talk all you want,
threaten all you want,
but you need me and
you need the lab.
Do you know how
much I need your lab?
Your baby, it's gone.
Before I left to find you I
gave the order to burn it down.
You're right.
We're compromised and we
have a witness at large.
We need to find his exit route,
but I can guarantee you it
wasn't over that goddamn cliff.
Dom, where are you?
Put him in your sights.
But it's too fucking bumpy.
Why do you
whine like a little girl,
take him down.
Is he down?
God, you're so
fucking useless.
You put up a good
fight, now it's over.
Not so useless now, bitch.
Drop it.
Drop it, I'm not
gonna say it again.
Hi there.
Hey, hey.
Where's your ride?
What ride?
How are you
planning on leaving/
We were gonna stay a month.
Bullshit, who's
coming to get you
and why'd you split
from your friend?
He wanted to go find a gun.
From Banks?
I don't know.
Don't know what?
Who's Banks?
The marginally
effective gorilla
chasing you earlier,
you remember him now?
I hit him with a rock.
At the river, he
probably drowned.
You're coming with me.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Now, I am gonna have a
chat with your pilot.
Stay here, or the pilot dies.
In case you get any
second thoughts.
I feel much better now.
Hi, can I help you?
I hope so, I need
some help over here.
Yeah, what sort of help?
I can't explain,
just come with me.
Where's Eddie?
I can't say.
I got a real problem over
here, there's not much time.
Yeah, who are you?
Turn around
Now walk towards me.
I don't have a weapon.
Great, shut up.
You have any idea what
I've been through today?
The shit I've been through
because of you and your friends?
Damn it.
Ta, ta, ta, ta, wooo.
What the hell is
going on around here?
Where's Dominik and Lora?
Dominik, is that his name?
He's dead and Lora too.
You too, asshole.
You fucked up my operation.
Who else knows
about this location?
How'd he die?
Shut up.
Who else knows?
What do you mean?
Why'd you come here?
I own this land.
Oh, do you?
Since when?
About a year ago.
Look, I run a solo operation.
All right.
I can guarantee that no one
knows anything about this.
You want to keep your privacy,
I can respect that,
just let us go.
Just take my GPS,
destroy it, burn it,
shove it up a moose's ass,
I don't care, all right?
I'm sure we can come to
some kind of arrangement.
I bet we can.
Hey knob
jockey, I'm talking to you.
Do you have a problem
with me, Vinnie?
Can I help you with something?
How do you get
in the VIP room?
On your mates coat
tails, am a I right?
It must be a right view
from your position,
staring right up
your boss's Jackson.
Hey, man.
Hey, twat, I'm not finished.
You were finished in '94.
He's not my assistant,
he's my partner.
You'd know that if you
were still in the game.
Well you
can both fuck off then.
You're washed up,
the two of yous.
Sorry, man.
Say some stupid shit sometimes.
I know.
You know I love you, right?
Here's your phone.
See you tomorrow.
Where you going?
I know a girl.
Your turn.
Fuck you.
Can't win.
That tickle?
Fucking Jesus.
Med kit, med kit, the chopper,
radio, med kit.
Get gauze.
More for my shoulder.
Anything to stop that blood.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
I shouldn't have left
you and went for the gun.
No, no rush, just,
just chill for a second.
I found your falls.
How'd it look?
Fucking huge,
you'll be impressed.
You meant that about
about you and me, huh?
What the fuck am
I going to do now?
We'll figure it out.
Just get us out of here.