Boys of Abu Ghraib (2014) Movie Script

In 2003, I was a boy of 22 years,
who served after the attacks of September 11.
A boy who did not want to sit.
A kid who wanted to make a difference.
You know, in war,
you can give to your life.
Give a member,
or leave the body intact.
And back home safely.
But you ...
There's a stranger inside your skin.
The first thing you know,
The first is that if matter.
Somewhere in the world
Behind a steel door of a prison cell.
Uma VOZ sai ...
but no one listens.
I am eternally ...
A stranger ...
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This story is based on true events.
July 4, 2003
You want to be in a new revolution?
You want to be part of the solution?
Hello, everybody. Hi Thanks for coming.
Carol and I just wanted to thank you for coming terem
spend this special night with us. Because, as you know,
this is our last night with Jack,
before he leaves for Iraq.
And I know Sabrina and Kelly will miss Jack.
Scaring their boyfriends.
So I have to improve my skills.
But it is not serious.
I just want to say ...
Be careful, Jack.
I'm going to really miss you, partner.
So ...
-Um brinde ao Jack. -Ao Jack.
Remember that?
That, dear.
Remember the first time we came here?
Why are you laughing?
When we speak of 14 years
and you sang with a horrible voice?
I did not have a bad voice.
What are you talking about?
It was not so bad.
I did not know I could love someone
-Jack, stop. Honey, I'm loving you
Oh my God.
I had not realized
What beautiful eyes
What the smile of my love could do
No, I did not know
I could love someone
Honey, I'm loving you
I am sorry.
Come here.
Come back to me, Jack.
Eu voltarei.
Happy Independence Day.
Happy Independence Day.
A small military unit, forming a platoon.
Esse Ryan Fox,
kid-military propaganda.
He is the third generation.
This is the Rodeo. Always smiling.
I think he is a fierce man.
And this is Gable, the opposite.
Esse Babatunde Ogundule.
He is from Nigeria and no one can say his name,
then the call Tunde.
And this is Eugene Fowler.
There it is, guys.
But the call Pits.
That's my platoon.
These are my brothers.
Ladies and gentlemen,-PRISON, IRAQ
soldiers of the U.S. Army,
the 1.1km behind these walls will be their homes
the next six months, until the new year.
The largest detention facility of the United States in the world.
Bigger than Guantanamo Prison.
We keep here the greatest terrorist in the world.
Existing worse. So here you are,
the best soldiers of the free world.
The acts of intelligence here has global impact
have sure.
This is one of the most dangerous plants in the world.
Just 32 miles outside of Baghdad.
Every day, we are attacked by mortars.
Insurgents try to breach these walls.
So what happens within these walls
historians regard as war front line!
-Roger that? -Roger that.
Within these walls, their families are safe.
Within these walls, the war on terror will be won.
Welcome to Iraq and Abu Ghraib.
Will the new year before they know it.
The barracks was originally there in tents,
but exchanged with detainees when the mortars began.
And no generator.
So ensure batteries for their flashlights.
Right here, boys.
-Thank you. -See you there.
-I have priority. -Come on.
That shit.
What the fuck, man?
Oh my God.
Must be kidding, right?
What is? May not be so bad.
All right, no whining.
What hell is that smell?
Human ashes.
It is a crematorium.
This is not good.
There is blood on the floor.
Okay, guys, 25 minutes. Come for vehicles.
What the heck is rolling?
Guys, this was Saddam's cell.
-Tortured 40,000 people here. -Oh really?
Burned, starved him and hanged them.
His son, Uday,
peeling foot sole players in Iraq
when they lost a football match.
After the drowning in hydrochloric, acid swear.
That shit, man.
Looks like there are bones and tombs everywhere, supposedly.
So, watch your step.
These cells are very comfortable, staff.
Everyone, get down!
Are you kidding me?
Put it there. You brought it?
Has good smell.
Has good guy smell. What r u doing?
I'll throw it away.
We are in the fucking army, face. Cresco.
Oh my God.
Days in Iraq: Day-one.
Guys, welcome to the vehicle industry.
It's good to have new faces around here.
We are positioned between the two roads dense
blown up in the world.
The more transport missions occur,
we will have more work.
Sometimes it's chaotic.
Sometimes, there is nothing to do.
I know I asked this before,
but collaborate with me, okay?
The base is weak as the patrolling.
We do not have enough members
to care for thousands of inmates.
So volunteers are asking the police to cover shifts.
I can liberate some of you.
So if anyone wants the opportunity,
talk to me.
Nobody went to the police because the Soldier Ferrell.
Who is this?
If you're the police, has one of the two duties.
A: care for hundreds of inmates
in complex external
and some may be innocent.
They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Others are very bad.
They fill you all day. You turn a adult babysitter.
Two: you work in the safe side,
caring for some of the sickest people in the world.
There are things that you can not even look.
Are you understanding?
The Soldier Ferrell signed up to the police a few months ago.
Took place at the safe side.
Just giving a shot in the foot.
By accident.
Fuck that asshole.
Soldier Ferrell shit.
He is at home watching the football preseason
Jody on Bars and drinking pia colada.
I'll kill that bastard, if you see it again.
This place is already miserable enough.
Trust me, take it easy, try not to be blown
and will be fine.
That, Going up chasing you
First I will catch you I got you now
Here, motherfucker!
Dude, what the fuck?
You could lock the door.
It is broken, idiot.
Oh my God.
Man, this is pretty ridiculous.
This bed is bullshit, man.
Farmer, nobody told you about here bring flashlights?
No, man.
Okay, I'm leaving. This place has things
-Scariest I've ever seen. Come on, Tunde.
All these people were killed here?
Do you believe in ghosts or what?
I'll buzz right now?
I hope you wake up and your penis is fallen.
Mortars, mortars ...
Come on!
Come on, come on!
, Porra! -Merda!
We will. It was.
Come, come, come!
-Go back! -Go, go!
Move! Go!
Sometimes ...
Do not want to die, man.
I do not want to die here.
-Medical. -Doctor!
-Watch out. Please, help me.
-Do something. Dude, hold it steady.
Look at me, man, look at me.
Here, man, is here.
Please look at me.
Let's leave you-bom. -Stop it mess.
My God, look at me.
-Well, he'll be fine. Do not let me die!
You will go home. They will lead you home.
You will return to your girl. You'll be fine.
Boy, look at me, okay?
Let's get you home.
-Do you promise? -Promise.
Stay here, stay here.
-I did not know. Look at me, man,
look at me. You will not die.
-You will not die. -I do not want to die.
Stay with me, stay with me, man.
Do something, damn it!
What are you doing?
Do your fucking job, man!
Are you okay? Look at me, man, look at me.
Mas to fuck ...
Days in Iraq:
Day two.
We soon realized that, rather than a threat,
motivational speech from Captain Hayes was just that ...
A speech.
We are not soldiers from the front line of the war.
Days in Iraq:
We are very well trained
and underused.
-My Lord. -Here he comes!
Day after day, do the same thing.
A is indistinguishable from the other.
Stuck in a rut endless.
Days in Iraq:
We do not have phones, email, TV or internet.
We spent our free time drowning the chagrin of days
in steel bars ...
Shower ...
And then we sat outside until dawn.
Sitting by the fire makes it seem like we're home.
"Alright, Gable, I'm glad you're here"
"It's nice to see a pair of breasts, but I do not care"
"We are relaxing in this place"
And no Iraqi will blow this place.
Is Farmer. Is Pitt.
Day 28.
We're still no phone.
We invented games.
What we are scorpions.
In Abu Ghraib, not fight rebels
fought with each other.
We do not fight terrorists.
We fight boredom.
We do not collect information.
We do not save lives.
Do not follow the global laws.
Days in Iraq:
Begin to remember.
New Year.
Days home:
This is my war.
Come in.
Good afternoon, Mr. Farmer presenting Sgt.
Rest. How can I help you?
I wonder if you still want to volunteer for the PM.
PM, why now?
I want to make a difference.
Think you do not?
The car industry has many men, sir.
My talents can best be used.
You talked to your Sergeant? Yes, sir.
How old Farmer?
Twenty-two, sir.
Do you know what is safe wing?
Yes, sir.
I have a vague shift.
It's yours if you want.
Thank you, sir.
When you end your turn in the car industry,
submit to the secure wing at 17:00.
-Mr? -Yup.
And the training? I have no experience of PM.
You'll be fine.
Good afternoon, sir.
Welcome to the safe side.
Why are you whispering?
Better take off his shirt.
A shirt? -Is.
If they know your name, they send anthrax to his family.
-OK. -Come, I'll show you the place.
Thank you.
Well ..
This bucket is for water.
This is for sewage.
Guess who has to empty them.
Also gain sheet.
Do not let them cover themselves in time to crap.
-Why not? -Humiliation.
It is a way for the amaciarmos Intelligence.
Also, isolation.
Detainees can not talk to each other.
With neither do you. Okay?
Do not talk to a detainee under any circumstances.
-Except to give an order. -OK.
-What is it? Position-stress.
Another technique used to calm them,
Without causing much damage. -Shit ...
It hurts?
Of course it hurts.
Look at this guy.
The Military Intelligence asked
we let him ready by tomorrow morning.
Standing for 32 hours.
I told him if he falls he will be electrocuted.
I think the morning is ready to talk.
Look, the first time I've seen it all,
also found it very strange.
-Yup. -Get used to it.
Remember why you are here, right?
They are cold-blooded killers.
They are laying bombs
mortars and play the wall. OK?
We find that killed two of us.
None of compassion.
Right. -That's basically it.
Give them space, ronde every 10 minutes
and make sure not to do anything you should not.
Like what?
Talking with each other, shitting on the floor
exercise without permission, masturbating.
It's a delicate balance.
If fumbling with you
have to go up. Take the privileges.
Take the clothes, the table, let a song all night.
Handcuff them to the bars, do not let them sit.
Do this until you listen. Right?
Some are harder than others,
but in the end all yield.
Once they do, they are yours.
Should we do this?
Of course we should.
The command expects you to do your service, soldier.
I understand?
Yes, understood.
So that's fun. Look.
It is hard to recall records and names are unpronounceable,
then invent nicknames.
This guy here,
the latest figures from his record are 1010,
then called Twenty.
This is Mr. Clean, for obvious reasons.
And this one ...
The call Jimmy Dean.
This does not yet know.
The call Stay Puft, the Ghostbusters.
Other usam Rosie O'Donnell.
Here we have the Old River.
Very quiet.
Finally, we have this motherfucker.
The call of Bartender.
He frequently serves cocktails.
What is a cocktail?
It is a mixture of feces, urine and other bodily fluids.
-Oh my God. -Is.
The put here to prevent the hit.
There newcomers arriving tomorrow, so be here.
If you need anything, I'll be in another block.
We do not have enough PMs, so pay attention ...
You must be aggressive, right?
If you feel weak, have problems.
They stick a nail in her throat without hesitation.
Remember, this is your pack.
-You command. -How so?
I mean, we are the American army.
Should not we lead by example?
Farmer, what the hell are you talking about?
These guys are who capture American journalists
behead them slowly,
film and send to the world, and you're worried
with panties on their face?
Looks like an ordinary Saturday night for me.
I do not know, guys.
I think many here have done nothing.
Bullshit, man.
Learned that one 13 years was arrested for playing football
near the patrol.
No, these guys are out there.
Level two inmates.
Farmer is the secure wing of shit.
What's this?
This is where intelligence remains the most valuable prisoners.
You see someone questioning?
No, no specific staff for that.
What training did you receive?
No training, actually.
They just throw you in there
with a lot of crazy, and if they see you?
Enough of this sad talk, makes me want to slit my wrists.
I'm trying to keep me calm,
writing a song for us.
-How so? -What are you talking about?
-A song? -A music.
It's a fire, we'll do the singing.
-Time Music! -Listen, this is music.
It starts like this ...
The guys from Abu Ghraib say that we know
Who always protect us wherever we go
Finally, the baton.
A little more participation, yes?
True, the second verse is ...
Fighting in a war that never saw
But that's okay because I have my boys AG
We boys always know for AG
We have each other NON matter's where we are going
Fighting in a war that never saw
But that's okay because I have my boys AG
Can you repeat that?
Newbies in the area.
Special Delivery.
Sergeant Shaw. -Where do I put?
Here, in the middle.
Come on, guys.
How long is that?
About 18 hours.
Prime Sgt. -Here it is.
Eighteen hours?
Are feeling it.
Okay, take it from here. Thank you.
Behave yourselves, boys.
Get used to the smell.
Stay right there.
Sensory deprivation?
Can not see or hear.
-They lose track of time. -What is it?
It's sweat? -Sweat and tears.
We start with the right foot.
Now, want to hear a funny story?
This Hajji was really innocent.
But when the release ...
He admitted anyway.
Right there.
Go ahead and take the rest. We will arrest them.
-Hood, glasses? Yes, "headphones", everything.
These guys are the worst of the worst?
Does not seem much.
That left left a gift for you.
Will let him do that?
Think you're funny?
Find funny?
Think is the fucking first Hajji.
-What you teach the piss? -Damn!
Son of a bitch. OK? -What the fuck. Yes.
This will be funny.
You do not know what to expect.
-Allah is Great! It's the best you got?
Come on, it'll be a breeze.
You have to make me work. -Allah is Great!
-We will! -Allah is Great!
-Allah is Great! -Allah is Great!
Make them shut.
Shut up, be quiet!
Scream louder, come on!
Calem a boca.
Think I'm kidding?
You're fucking with the U.S. Army.
Continue latindo, filho from puta!
You're going to have serious problems. -Allah is Great!
There is a smartass.
Look at this.
Gained a nickname for himself.
I'll call him Silent Bob.
Good work, Silent Bob.
Want to prove it?
Whether the provare fucking pee?
Allah is Great!
Maybe shut up now. You, come here.
Vai-morder me? ALA Grande!
Allah is Great!
Like it?
Come on, be smart, prove it.
-Piece of shit. -Allah is Great.
Good boy.
Great. See?
Here we go, buddy.
It's a change.
We got some good students.
Someone wipe down, no nonsense.
We will.
Any connection of shit.
Sixteen hundred meters, for sure!
-Do not. Well-less?
Here we go!
-We will. Come on, boy.
Here we go!
Oh my God.
-Idiots Cock. They're freaking out.
Why do not you arrange something to do?
Vai see feed.
Sir, sir?
-Paper. -Back.
Are you kidding me, River?
Doctor! Doctor!
Let's face, chord, chord!
What happened?
I do not know, five minutes ago was fine.
I found that he would have been stabbed.
Velho River.
He's dead.
Let face.
He is gone. -Damn.
Where's the fucking doctor? Leave him. Who cares?
What the fuck are you doing?
He is a Hajji, we will.
It's not working.
What the fuck are you doing?
Seriously man, it's a fucking Hajji!
You'll catch some disease.
Come on, lift-se.
Get out, man!
Oh my God.
You're kidding me? -Come on.
For real?
-All right. -We will.
Great, good luck.
Come on, help me! -Good luck.
I'm sick of this kid.
We will.
We will.
It is good to?
Could kill by a real food.
Do anything.
If you could eat anything, what would it be?
Apple pie with caramel topping.
And you, Farmer?
A cherry muffins my mom.
Very nice.
Dude, I heard what you did to fucking Hajji.
It is true that shit?
You did it, man?
He grappled with a Hajji dead guy.
What are you talking about?
This idiot did mouth to mouth with a Hajji dead.
Tex said it.
Porra, I mean ...
It tastes like what?
I can not even ...
God, worse than shit.
Must have caught the disease, or something.
Rinsed to take this shit from your mouth?
Yeah man, I did.
I'm messing with you, man.
The guy died in my turn, that fucking.
Okay, sorry ... Shut up, right?
Can not wait for the bloody new year.
Days home:
Days home:
Days home:
Days home:
Behind. Behind!
Do not talk.
Get it? Do not talk.
Need to talk to you.
You know English.
I can not talk to you. It's important.
Por favor?
I've been watching the Jimmy Dean.
He made a gun.
A weapon? With what?
I do not know, but I saw her.
-It? -Yup.
Believe me.
I do not believe. I'm not lying.
Okay, we'll see.
Liked to see me ransack the cell?
I'm not lying. I swear.
Give me your blanket.
I swear to you.
I'm trying to help.
That drug!
Ria, you idiot.
Days home: 74 Sir, sir. Paper!
Paper, sir.
-Paper, sir! -Shut up!
Right. Shut up.
Paper, paper.
Paper, paper.
-Paper. -Back.
-Jimmy, recue!
It's been three and half months.
No phones yet.
How long is Iraq?
Too long.
What is your age?
Where did you learn English so well?
Morei em Londres.
Graduei-me no King's College.
Liked you better when you were silent.
You're not like the other soldiers.
Really? How so?
Helping you saw one dead man.
So warned me about the gun?
You treat everyone as human beings.
I know it's a good man.
What is your name?
Sou Ghazi Hammoud.
Nice to meet you.
Two more soldiers died today.
One was the son of the Fox
Do not like to admit it, but ...
were very happy that it was not us.
Bolo ou brownie?
What's this?
It is an RPC.
Meal Ready to consumption.
Do not promise to be better than usually eats,
but it is something different.
Good choice.
What did you think?
It's good.
Thank you.
And you ...
You eat this everyday?
Yes, usually.
Most of us hate.
Do not like, do not you?
That's horrible, man.
Yes, it really is.
They are terrible.
But it's all we have.
That's four weeks into the new year.
We are invigorated.
Finally, we see the end.
What's that smell? Has anyone shitting?
I remembered ...
It's just the Pit.
Falvamos all the time
things we yearned to leave behind.
Mystery meat.
Every time I take a shit,
that blue water hits the ass.
You do not like the bidet? Blue bidet?
It's my favorite part of the day.
You're missing out, man.
Think you have no one bitches
to take account of this when I get back?
Let's give a "Hurrah" for bitches Pit.
You told her?
Yes, I was being honest.
-What did she do? She punched me.
Ela havia never beaten. Ela socou me.
Days home: 9 Yes, well ...
Days home: 9 I think I deserved, I guess.
Sei day ...
Depends on how hard the punch was.
Ela Bem grandona way.
But, well ...
I have a family now.
Do you have children?
A five year old boy.
And a little girl of three.
Miss them?
Every second I spend here, I think of them.
It has been so since birth.
How did you get here?
I was in a city where a bomb came.
I'm an Arab, I have training in Engineering.
President of the Islamic Society in college.
Most of what they need?
Because ...
Why are you here?
Why am I here? -Yup.
What made you become a soldier?
My father, he ...
Since I can remember, he had that lost look ...
He had a good life, a great family and everything.
But sometimes looked and saw more yearning, as ...
If I had missed something, you know?
We're a lot alike.
Compare all us like brothers.
Then I saw a life before me, and it was great, perfect.
Then I saw myself growing old without having done much.
I just wanted something more.
I want to make a difference, you know?
Do something for the world. Something big.
So it would be a happy man with the past.
A man with no regrets.
No regrets.
I know exactly what you mean.
Do you have any children?
-Do not. -Why laugh?
Do not want kids?
I want to. Just ...
I'm not ready yet.
Can not find the right girl.
I'm sure I could find.
Wow! She is ...
Ela linda, Jack.
Thank you.
You are getting married?
I would ask her when he returned.
Good, good. Never put off, my friend.
Never adie.
When we leave here, how about we eat
brownies for real?
I'd like that.
Fellows, what?
We need to take a detainee for interrogation.
The last four digits are 4878.
Yes, 4878.
Yes, yes. It's right here.
Know what I mean?
Against the wall, feet apart.
-Ankles. Right.
-Wait, wait. -Saco. Soon.
What is rolling, guys?
Why are we here?
I know you said that everyone would be at home in the New Year.
This was our expectation.
But the duration of the mission was extended.
All companies operate in Iraq a full year.
Until now, you did a great job.
But we will continue until the mission is complete.
I am sure they miss
of their loved ones left at home.
Everyone will have two weeks off,
the next two months.
We are also working to improve infrastructure,
making facility improvements,
installing power, water showers.
I want to know that their families
are proud of you ...
Days home:
Days home:
What day is today?
I do not remember this shit.
Are you kidding me?
V see feed.
Fuck that.
-Turn it on. -Come on.
-Take it. -Move.
Beware his head.
Farmer, are you okay?
It's okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. -It?
It was a fucking mortar?
Right next to you, man.
Move it, let's see.
Puta Merda.
You are a lucky fuck.
-Hi. -Hi.
Silent Bob brought back.
What's for lunch?
-Pork. -Again?
Alright. Later, man.
What happened?
What the Intelligence wants with it?
They think he can answer some questions.
But now questioned. -Just were the knowing.
Now the fun begins. Can I go? Can I help you.
Go ahead. We reach then.
Alright, I'm out of here.
He said something?
Yes, we talked.
About what? Ele spoke something?
Actually, no.
What are you saying, man?
I gotta meet this guy.
For whatever is here, I can say that he did not.
He is a normal person. And do not answer anything.
Did you tell anyone else?
Okay, I can tell you is good,
so I will not screw you.
I will not tell anyone about what you told me,
but you're a soldier.
Your job is not to think. You follow orders.
Keep quiet about it, okay?
Come on, guys.
In this corner ...
representing the U.S. Army,
Pesando 97 kg, sargento Farmer!
In the other corner ...
Are you saying that weighs 97 kg? I'm.
Put it in the description?
105 kg, sargento Holt.
Guys, you better be prepared!
This guy is huge!
Okay, let's go! -Fighters in the center.
Try not to kill.
This guy is huge.
Touch gloves and come on.
Come on!
-It's over! No, you idiot!
Lutar leave me!
Okay, let's go.
I think he's crazy.
We will.
Protect yourself with your hands!
-Fight! -Enter this fucking!
-Come on! -When you want, man.
-You fuck. -We will. Come on, man!
I will no longer hit you.
-Hit me, dammit! -Anytime.
Come on, hit me, dammit!
Come on!
Come on, hit me!
Come on, hit me, dammit!
Come on!
Come on, motherfucker!
Come on!
Fique of pe.
We will.
You're a sweetie.
We will.
Why is he shaking?
Lowered the temperature in the interrogation area.
Keep it uncomfortable.
Soon need it. No bathroom. Let the blurring.
There is nothing you can do.
How are you?
Very well, sir.
Farmer hate to do this,
but we can not lose you for two weeks.
How so, sir? -I am sorry.
Not enough quota.
Remember I said I would go home
see my girlfriend last week?
You're taking my discharge? -I am sorry.
All right, man.
What r u doing? Stop! Stop!
-What r u doing? No, let me go.
Stop, please. Let me go! Let me go!
Do not stop now. I do not want to live!
I'll leave you alone.
I'll have to take your sheet.
Who is it?
-Jack. -What r u doing?
Look at me, open the door!
Open the door!
I'm locked here!
Open the door!
Soldier, look at me! Look at me!
I'm here!
I can not get out of here!
What r u doing?
What r u doing? Stop! Stop!
Get me out of here!
What r u doing? Stop! Stop!
Stop fucking!
No, stop!
Of pe.
Do not say anything.
We will. Let face. Ande.
Entering first.
-Released. Turn it on.
You got him? -Got it.
Vire. Tire roupa to delegate.
What the fuck?
What are we doing? That shit is not right!
Farmer-stop. -Stop what?
Dude, do not do it.
Do what? Defend an innocent?
Fuck me? Fuck you, Farmer.
-Stop! Get out, Ramirez.
Listen, asshole.
His friend made a bomb
which killed 18 civilians at a coffee shop.
-What? It's a lie ... He confessed!
He confessed he built!
You're lying.
Hello? Ask yourself, your sucker.
You're a disgrace.
He's lying, right?
Tell me he's lying.
Tell me he's lying.
You killed 18 innocent people?
You killed 18 innocent people?
Were not innocent.
Your sick.
You are nothing more to me.
Wake up, motherfuckers.
Everybody wake up, damn it!
You will not sleep more on my watch!
Do not take nap, do not sleep late,
Do not rest your eyes, and not blink!
Every Hajji this hole will stay awake!
Heard, motherfuckers?
I say that shit!
Good day, you piece of shit!
Stand! Get up, everybody!
This! That's what I'm talking about!
New attraction in town!
Guess who got tickets!
You sons of bitches!
Front row for the best attraction of all.
Welcome to paradise!
I hope one of you mess with me!
Now I'm with you
In the early morning
Now I'm with you
Until late at night
Are you okay
And I'm fine
And we will survive
-Picking up the morning shift? -It.
-This is the safe side? -Is.
Should take his shirt off. Do not you want to discover his name.
Can you put there. Right.
You just get there?
Yes, and you?
I'll show you everything. It's pretty easy.
I have no training in surveillance.
Do not worry.
Do not trust any ...
What r u doing?
Keep the camera, right?
So to turn around, these guys will give you a stab.
Right. We will.
Our job is to ensure that no one takes what should not,
basically nothing more than sit, eat or crap.
If fumbling with you, take one of the privileges,
as a blanket, clothes or sleep.
I'm sorry, I did not fall asleep.
I said I could sleep? He said he could talk?
Lesson number 1: When an inmate does not obey
have to show why I do this!
I have a nickname for him. The call Snake.
Put your head around, you fuck!
How is the smell?
I have a question for you, you worm.
Why am I stuck here in this desert?
Why do I get this everywhere day?
Sergeant. -Your Shit!
And still love you
I have always loved you
No, it's because of you!
Because of you, motherfucker. Because of you!
Because of you, asshole!
Talked with your family today?
I spoke. Are doing a BBQ.
My family is letting off fireworks on the beach.
Happy Independence Day.
Come back to me, Jack.
Eu voltarei.
Someone will get screwed by this.
Who cares? It's too much.
Look at them.
Happy Independence Day.
Things seemed to go by fast after that night.
I started counting the days again.
Days home: 48 Come on, quick!
Days home: 48 The mortars did not stop,
Days home: 22 Or nightmares,
but we gave blood, to do better.
Days home:
Days home:
Come on!
That shit is over.
Will not miss anything from this place.
-We will! -Come on!
Let's get out of here. -We will.
Farmer, we're going home!
Prepared baby? Going home!
We boys always know for AG
We have each other's where we'll care No.
Rebata. Go runs.
Okay, here is good. -I thought you said 325.
No, this is good. Thank you.
The race was worth $ 36.50.
Here it is.
I bet your family can not wait to see you.
They think come tomorrow.
Days home:
Feel its falta.
-I love you. -I love you too.
I missed this landscape.
What r u doing?
It's okay, Jack? Yesterday was quiet.
-I am fine. Really?
Did not have to kill anyone there, right?
Shot someone?
-Do not? -Do not.
I'm fine, Dad.
-I am fine. Right.
Good morning, Jack. -Good day.
-Good day. -Good day.
Unbelievable, are awake and ready to go.
I want something comam Irem before, right?
We're not hungry. Have you seen my phone?
Yes, there is.
Honey, I asked Bob Moore to come here ...
Sure, anything you want.
Anything? -Within the limits.
What about speakers?
-Do not. -Do not?
How about playing discs esse super legal?
You know what does not? You do not have a notebook.
Right. Really?
-Even. I'll go see.
With the additional information of the probe,
trying to point out how to fix the communication problems
caused by solar flares
and acquiring more knowledge to the weather system
can help plan future space missions.
The launch will be on 30 December
in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Bill?
Our next story is from Abu Ghraib, Iraq.
The most important penitentiary, which is just outside of Baghdad.
The Abu Ghraib prison, where Saddam Hussein
was a prisoner, tortured and murdered,
is now the site of shocking photos ...
Castings from prison, showing U.S. soldiers
abusing prisoners of war.
Michele William
est ao vivo em Washington.
-Michele? -A warning to viewers.
The photos are disturbing and explicit.
Show American soldiers committing abusive acts
with Iraqi prisoners were hooded
naked and stacked in human pyramids.
Then there are American soldiers,
smiling, pointing, yelling at the prisoners,
forcing their heads into buckets with their own feces.
Sources indicate that an investigation is underway.
We know that
whether the conduct was authorized.
This begs the question: What kind of person does that?
The world's leaders are shocked.
The U.S. credibility will be undermined.
Many Americans and people around the world
will be disgusted by that summer.
As for the soldiers,
the repercussions for those involved will be determined.
But surely, will be significant.
Indulge your insanity! Join us.
Stars falling
In his eyes
Leave him alone
That day
The glory is gone
And if you can, remember me
And if you get
And if you can remember
In his eyes
Leave him alone
-FOR ALL VICTIMS OF WAR-The now forgotten
Not yet filled
And if you can, remember me
And if you get
And if you can remember
Stars and stripes
In my eyes
Drowned and torn
In a quest
Not escuro
By hope and more
And if you can, remember me
And if you get
And if you get
Remember me
And if you get
And if you can remember
And if you get