Boyz 4 (2023) Movie Script

"Animals with tails
together having a meet"
"The boy from hostel
is standing on his feet"
"Animals with tails
together having a meet"
"The boy from hostel
is standing on his feet"
"No matter whether it is day or night"
"Adulthood permits freedom at any time"
"Trends and reels are getting more.
With girlfriends little more"
"Rising is the sequels score.
Making clamor Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"School days are over
and college has begun"
"Smart are the boys of new generation"
"Smart are the phones,
smart is the fashion"
"So are the pictures with pout on Insta"
"Talk more, tag more.
Little bit of Swag more"
"This is the open store of fun.
Making clamor Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"Tell me God Bholenath,
will I have a girlfriend?"
"Will anyone seriously fall for me?"
"Grace and Chitra are gone.
Wasted so much time"
"Kirti was taken away
by her boyfriend, man"
- "By whom?
- Her boyfriend"
- "By whom?
- Her boyfriend"
"Hey kiddo what's hidden
under your fist?"
"Spending vacation by being single
is pointless"
"Halava (To move) is an action
and that action is feminine"
"Masculine Halava (dessert)
is a feminine sweet"
"Wonder what it is? It's confusing"
"But there is haste
to take wrong meaning"
"Language has twist
and twist might be dangerous"
"It's just the grammatical problem
but still okay"
"More the language,
more the tipsiness"
"More of Usha"
"Sorry sorry bro,
I mean something else sorry"
"More the language,
more the tipsiness"
"Little bit of cushions more"
"Try thinking hard if you don't get, bro"
"Clamoring success will be made
by Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
"Boyz Four"
Get up!!!
Hey! Reduce the fan speed!
I am feeling cold!
We are here to warm you up!
Hey! Get up, both of you!
Naru Sheth has sent us over to teach you
a lesson before your HSC marklist is out!
Naru does not have balls to come
and fight for himself?
Naru Sheth has sent him
to seek revenge from you!
Because you don't deserve him,
even to get beatings from him!
If you say so...
We need to show you what we are!
Now we will show you your place!
And that will happen today!
Move! Go away!
"Punch him in the face!
Kick him in the back!"
"Fight the way you can"
- "Fight! Fight! Fight!"
- [Laughs]
Hey! You!
Get out!
[Screaming in pain]
Leave me!
[Screaming in pain]
"Fight! Fight! Fight!"
"Fight! Fight! Fight!"
- Come on, guys!
- Wait! Why are you running away now?
Be still!
Shut up!
- Shut up!
- Hey!
- [Laughs]
- Fell down.
- Kumar! [Dysarthria-sounds like - hit me]
- Take this!
Kumar! [Dysarthria - sounds like - hit me]
[Snaps finger]
My name - Kumar Dhetre Patil.
I am Naru Sheth's aunt's son!
Do you get it?
I am telling you right now!
If you trouble Naru Sheth hence forth...
I will not spare you at all!
Oh! We were scared!
Come here!
If you don't want any more beatings,
then get lost! Come on!
Hey! Let me see! Move aside!
Hey, Dhungya, come on, let's go quickly!
Let me see!
- What a rush!
- Hey! All of you, move aside!
- Get lost!
- Dhairyasheel, Dhungaraaj...
Just wait!
- You move!
- Dhairyasheel, Dhungaraaj...
Our name is not on the list! How come?
We have written the right spelling, right?
Atleast we have passed!
Useless fellow! Move now!
Our name is not on the list.
Check in the failure list!
It could be for you, not us!
Sit on my shoulders.
- Don't let me fall down!
- Sit!
- Ready?
- Yes.
Hail Lord Hanuman! Move!
Move aside!
- Move aside!
- Keep moving, slowly!
Look at the list above.
- I am! But I don't see it!
- Second line.
Can you see it?
Not yet.
Over there!
Yay! We have nailed it!
I am standing First!
- Really?!!!
- Yes!
- We are in the merit list?!
- Oh yes!
We have cleared the exam!
- We have cleared the exam!
- Good!
When two friends stand first together
in college, there has to be a discord!
And that has to be... Full on!
Hey, Kabir!
We are...
This result was because of you two.
You have cleared the exam too!
You stand Third.
And you two stand First!
Because you cheated.
I have studied for the entire year,
day and night!
And then you cheat
and stand First in school!
He is upset because
we are in the merit list!
Actually, I am upset
since I befriended you both.
- Hmm?
- Hmm!
What are you saying?!
Why are you stretching this matter?
Enough is enough!
I keep trying to stay away from you,
but you always come back in my destiny!
If you don't want to take your
education seriously, then don't!
You were better off in your home town!
You deserve it!
- Hey! Dhairya!
- I will show you who deserves what!
Mayhem, teasing...
What else can you do?
You were able to clear the exams
and get on the merit list after cheating!
But, what about this?
He is so jealous that
he is talking about using brains!
- Dhairya...
- Hmm?
Whatever we have done for him
he has completely forgotten everything!
And I want to forget you
and your companionship too!
Dhungya... I did not expect
such result today!
I don't know what to say now
that you have already decided.
But breaking a friendship bond is...
Not every decision is made
after consulting everyone!
Not all the friends last for a lifetime!
Situations change, priorities change...
Similarly, friends change too!
But friendship does not change.
Well, you are a matured person now!
You can take your own decisions!
Have a nice flight! Happy journey!
Make some new friends.
Oh yes! My friend's son is studying there.
You can join his group.
They can be a good company!
Are you done with your packing?
What are you looking at?
I didn't feel as bad when
my dad passed away.
But I am deeply disheartened
after our friendship bond has broken.
He broke our friendship bond. Not us!
Are we really that bad?
We are not bad. We are true friends!
And it is difficult to survive in
this world staying true to everyone!
Promise me, Dhairya...
We will not break our friendship, ever!
Our friendship is like electric wires!
Unless you put two wires in together,
the current will not flow.
[Imitates] Zzzzzz!
Now we will be famous in our
degree college and study well!
Since we joined the degree college,
I feel like I have become an adult.
My friend, this movie has
become an adult movie!
And you are speaking about your degree!
Hello friends!
Let's have a seat!
- You first!
- No, you first!
Why didn't you fail in your exams?
We cleared the exam just to
listen to your silly questions!
We think a lot!
Hey, don't look at us with this anger!
Next thing you know,
you will be in danger!
- Get lost!
- [All laughs]
Good morning, Ma'am!
Good morning, class! Sit.
Before I start the lecture, let me know,
who is Dhungya and Dhairya.
Madam, this school must be
teaching in English medium.
But, you will have to teach us in Marathi!
- Sit.
- Don't sit!
Oh shit!
[All laughs]
Madam, whatever it is,
please tell us quickly.
It is difficult to get up
again and again.
Principal Sir has asked you
both to sit in the front row.
- Why?
- [All laughs] - Shut up!
According to the new rules of this college,
you cannot speak to any girl around you.
Madam, this is like,
you do everything and then say...
You cannot speak in foul language!
- Tell him!
- Tell him!
Your lips are beautiful!
He has beautiful lips!
- [All laughs]
- Shut up! Both of you come in the front.
Come in the front!
Oh yeah?!
You come first.
- Let's go!
- Let's sit in the front!
How are you, my friends?
Oh! New clothes!
But did you wear your underwear?
- Take this. Chocolate for you.
- Thanks.
Excuse me! Who are you?
Kumar Dhetre Patil.
Come on!
But your name is not on this list.
[Bangs table]
[Snaps finger] It's on the estate
- that Madan mama owns!
- [All laughs]
- How are you Sharmila?
- Silence!
Madan who?
My father, Madam.
This is...
I am Narveer Madan Bhondve.
I seek your apology for being unpunctual.
Dhungya, I am sure he has
had some local.
This is called an extremely
heartwarming spellbound moment!
Dhungaraaj and Dhairyasheel...
If you permit, can I be seated here?
Can I sit here?
Your father owns this college.
Even if you sit on anybody's head,
no one will question!
- Right!
- [Laughs]
Dhungaraaj, this foul language
does not suit you very well.
- Madam...
- Yes?
Please cover your navel area!
The students get excited
and have foul thoughts in their minds.
And they don't wish to study further.
- [Laughs]
- What do you mean?
That means, he has not just had local,
he has had it in enormous amounts!
- Confirmed!
- Hey!
Get up! Naru Sheth! Sir, please come!
Please sit.
- Madam, peach. [Dysarthric]!
- Yes.
- What?!
- Kumar!!!
We are in a classroom!
What are you saying?
What did you hear?
I said teach!
I said teach! Please teach!
- I appologise!
- It's alright, bro!
We need to get serious, Sir!
I really appreciate your courage!
But are you convinced?
Sir, I am convinced and confident too!
But, I hope this topic is kept
a secret between us.
Sir, we need to expedite our decision.
Otherwise everything will
blow up out of proportion, Sir!
We need to have something between us
in order for it to blow out of proportion!
A lot has happened, Sir!
What do you mean?
I mean, everything is in your hands, Sir!
Just a minute! One minute!
Can you be more specific?
Sir, now we need to decide something
regarding the Cultural Exchange.
If you would have said this before,
I would not get so serious!
What did you think?
That, everything is in my hands.
Sir, we will have to get prepared to
send Dhungya and Dhairya to London.
Because, they have topped this year too!
When do we need to update them?
As soon as possible!
Are they aware about this?
No Sir.
But I know.
Naru Sheth, you need to...
Sheth... look back.
Naru Sir, over here!
Please turn your head to this side!
Madan Sheth!
Come here!
What is this?
Naru Sheth, what's up with you, man?!
You are Naru Sheth, who can tell a chick's
figure just by looking at her shadow!
Today, there are so many girls around you,
but you are not looking at them?!
You were the college
icon at one point and time!
Kumar, you need to listen to me first!
Instead of looking at the girls, it is time,
we need to start respecting them.
You need to learn to take care of
yourself during adolescence!
Girls will come and go!
But you need to take care of 'that'!
The one which,
when messed with, stands tall!
An arrow!
Arrow is right!
Not the arrow, but the attitude!
You need to study hard!
You seem to be weak at your grammar.
Talk politely, otherwise
I will slap you on your face!
If you really need to fight with someone,
you can fight with your internal self.
Where are we going with all this?
On the right side! Such hot chick she is!
- Kumar!
- Where is she?
We need to have clean thoughts,
clean goals!
We should have that passion
to reach to the horizon!
Give me her WhatsApp number.
I will show her real passion.
What is this?
Shame on our generation!
Instead of thinking about
girls day in and day out,
think about your progress.
Forward her number to me.
I will message her.
I am being serious and what
nonsense are you talking about?
Bro, you are spitting on me!
Dhungaraaj and Dhairyasheel...
Dhungaraaj and Dhairyasheel...
I said the same thing!
Chronology was wrong.
Left, right, right, left.
Dhungaraaj and Dhairyasheel...
I am not the Naru you knew.
Then who is he?
For the mistakes I committed last year,
I will repay them by being a well behaved
and an ideal student.
You may not believe me. But I...
Hence forth...
We are here!
Why is he going there to talk to us?
If I see girls in this college, I will...
I will not turn back to check them out!
And yes! Even if she wears bold
or seductive clothing
I will still not look at her.
- Dhungaraaj and Dhairyasheel...
- Correct!
Hence forth, you are responsible
for the Degree college and our hostel!
We know that!
And I know it for sure,
that you will fulfil it perfectly!
Where is your friend, Kabir?
I have not seen him in a long time!
- Why?
- I am interested.
Happy Friendship's Day!
- She ignored us!
- Let's ask her!
- Try it once. You will admire it!
- Get lost.
You should be ashamed of yourself!
Not even a single girl has tied
a friendship band on your wrist.
Hey! We don't need any band!
We are cool dudes!
Even if you act smart, you will not get
the respect that you have already lost!
Hello! Have you got a license
to insult us every now and then?
- Hey!
- Hey!
Get lost!
You get lost! Idiot!
Dhungya... Dhairya...
Show me your hands.
Hey! Not like this!
Extend your hand for
Karen Bipp (Friendship).
Where is she?
- I am talking about friendship!
- But where is she?
- Friends forever!
- Friendship.
- Hey! Go away!
- I don't want to be your friend!
I am Narveer Madan Bhondve!
I want to be friends with you.
And I request your permission
for the same.
I think, it is a crime to forcefully
make someone your friend.
This is not just friendship.
I think, this is my duty
towards protecting a
character and I call this
object of human pursuit!
Object of human pursuit!
What is this language? We don't understand
this international language of yours!
Just a second!
I have not byhearted these words.
I really respect the females.
Shut up!
What did you have last night?
I didn't have it! I wore it!
Speak clearly!
- Kumar...
- Yes?
You are coming with me, right?
What happened to Connie?
How does it matter to you?
I will tell you when we
go to our classroom.
I didn't say Connie. I asked you,
"will you come with me?".
Good morning, madam.
Good morning class. Sit down!
Happy Friendship's Day, Madam.
Keep it to yourself.
Hey, you two! Get up!
Come and sit in the front.
You can make me starve if you want.
But, please don't make us sit with him.
You will have to follow the rules.
Biological psychologist...
- Go and sit there.
- Try to understand the relationship...
We will have to get in somehow.
Did you get hurt? Oh no!
Can you please sit properly?
I am feeling uncomfortable!
If you keep talking like this,
then we will trouble you!
I will not tolerate this injustice!
I will fight against it!
Don't fight for injustice!
You can beat us!
I will not raise my hand at any cost.
[Screaming in pain]
Are you telling us or challenging us?!
You can call it a challenge!
If you don't listen to me,
I will complain.
- You want to complain?!
- Don't beat me!
[Screaming in pain]
Madan mama!!!
Oh, no, no, no!
Narya, you could not fight
back with these hands of yours?!
Don't move! Stand straight!
He didn't fight back!
He has spoilt our name!
I don't know
how I should put it before you.
There was a time when, kids used to
shiver if he just gave them a fierce look!
And now they have beaten him up
and his eye has turned black and blue!
It's alright if my eye
turns black and blue.
But your mind should be pure!
You need to have control
over your internal organs!
Now, who is this you are talking about?
Who is he? Tell me quick!
He is talking about his mind!
Are you sure?
This college belongs to his father.
I mean, it's his!
It's ours!
So does that mean, he can do anything?
Why did you take Arts stream
when you had failed the examination?
For Marathi literature!
You take care of yourself!
Why do you want to go
behind everyone else?
You were dissatisfied
with my previous behaviour.
Hence I have decided to be well
cultured in my life, hence forth!
Stupid fellow! Speak properly!
Madan ji...
Look at the way he is speaking, Sir!
I am telling you, Sir!
I will beat the shit out of him!
Please have a seat!
I cannot take him anywhere with me!
Right! He does not look like a man!
- Hey you...
- Madan ji, please be seated!
Mind your language!
Please sit down. I will speak to them.
Narveer, my child, we will make you sit
on the last bench.
What about us?
Committee will discuss and let you know.
Principal sir, we need to teach the
students to be ideal human beings.
So, I have an inclination
towards sitting in the front row.
What nation?
Ask them to be quiet!
If they are bothering you...
Sir may I come in?
Not right now. But, come at night!
Sir, what have you decided
about the Cultural Exchange?
They have been asking about it.
We need to inform them.
Dhungya, Dhairya...
Every year, our college sends a few
students to London for Cultural Exchange.
Sir, do not send us anywhere.
We are happy with our last bench. That's it!
Done! Finalise it now!
Make them sit on the last bench
and lets end the topic here!
All this has costed me a lot of time!
I had to leave from an
inauguration ceremony.
People are waiting!
Madam, did you not hear Madan Sheth?
Topic is closed!
People are waiting for him.
See, three for me, one for you.
Hey! I have paid for it.
So what?
Forget it.
Shall we call Kabir?
What did we decide?
We will not think about him.
We can call him on this
Friendship Day and cease fire!
Why should we carry
that anger in our minds?
You think so?
Call him. My hands are busy,
don't you see?
[Cell phone rings]
I don't want to talk to you two.
And I don't want to be friends
with you any more!
So called friends!
Anyway, I have already unfriended
you from my life!
We were going to
apologise for what happened.
But you have messed with us, my friend!
We will come to kill you,
wherever you are!
Then I am waiting! Come!
To London!
You should concentrate on the
new product, because this product...
Hey! Shut up!
So far, whatever you guys have
done for the election promotion
has totally failed! Totally!
I have not liked anything!
This is your last chance!
Look at this! I am sure you will love it!
Now you want me to wash this underwear?
Madan Sheth, this is a
product for our hidden campaign!
People cannot stay away
from this product! Right?
Tell him, you cannot
stay without it! Tell him!
Nobody can stay without it!
Good job! You like to wear it!
But, what is the name of this product?
Bondway... Bondway!
- Bondway...
- Bondway!
So, you will bring
repute to our family name!
Yes, you will see! Think about it!
When you will see these
hanging on peoples' windows...
Who is going to get promoted then?
Come on, tell me!
Yay! Me!
Good! Good!
This is for guys... but...
what about the ladies?
I mean, we have female voters too, right!
- What about them?
- I have thought about that too!
Madon Bondway!
Madon Bondway!
Madon Bondway!
Madon Bondway!
- So you have put my name indirectly!
- Right!
Now you can leave!
Come tomorrow.
Why tomorrow?
To collect the cheque!
- You can join him too, madam.
- I will come. I am head person.
- See you. I will come. I am in charge.
- Okay!
Finally saved.
- Hello.
- Get lost.
Why were we invited here?
You were invited so that
you can get messed up!
If you want to live like my son,
you better tell me beforehand.
Otherwise I will crush you
in this sugarcane machine!
Will you be a man or not?
He is not man enough, mama!
Will you be a man or not is what I asked.
Will you be a man or not?
Hey! Get up and start the car!
Get up!
My father has rebelled against injustice!
What is sir doing?
- May be he is addict to this too!
- [Laughs]
It's alright.
[Singing a song]
Your forehead must be heavy, right?
Blood must be flowing through your brain!
Nonsense! Why are you here?
We have heard that you send
students to London who are in Merit list?
Oh yeah! So?
We are completely ready.
Yeah, we are ready too!
Alright then, let's go sir!
Come on!
You both have to leave,
right now, from my house!
Get lost!
Because you have lost the
opportunity to go to London.
If you want to still go, you will have
to top a culture oriented examination.
And you cannot cheat in that examination!
But, only the Merit list
students get to go, right?
Yes. But I will not give
that chance to you two!
You wanted last bench, right?
Now you have got that! Get lost!
If you don't send us to London,
then start worrying for yourself!
Because, we will top that examination.
We will definitely go to London
and spoil your name for sure!
Please give me four supplements.
He is asking for four!!
Hey! What did you do?
I appeared for an examination
regarding Indian culture.
I have proved my capability
by scoring a good score.
What? You laid Yogita down? Straight?!
Bitch! I think, she was asking too smart!
Madan mama,
it's not what you are thinking.
Then what is he trying to say?
When students come on the merit list...
Our college sends topper students to
London for Cultural Exchange program.
But, Naru has failed this examination.
- [Crying]
- Yes.
Nothing doing! Rule is rule!
These two will go!
We have to go!
- You are in the Merit list, right?
- Yes.
When Madan Bhondve says
something, it needs to be respected.
Yes! You are right!
I will not let Naru suffer.
Naru has to go!
You scoundrels!
I am here to take decision.
I am not here for a funeral! Shut up!
What is your problem?
He is a deserving candidate.
What? Deserve?!
You deserve?!
Madhan Sheth, It's not what you think.
It is different.
Oh, is it? I thought...
Naru will go to London.
But along with both of them.
- Yes.
- This is wrong!
I have already decided!
My decision is final.
I was thinking... You send us to London.
Naru will go with us.
We will make him a man again!
But until... man!
- Make sure!
- Of course!
- He has to be a man!
- Totally! We will convert him thoroughly.
Madan Sheth!
You idiots!
You will make me fall down now!
No! No!
Good, good! Let's go!
Hey you! Come on now!
Get lost!
Oh my God! It's so cold here!
Wow! Nice!
Dhairya, my head is
aching since we reached.
Just a minute.
Where is Narya?
Where did he disappear?
He is Madan Sheth's son,
so I am tolerating him.
Listen! We will tell him, "your son was
lost along with the luggage." Come on!
Look at him! I knew there's
something fishy about him!
Now he is back to his level!
Naru has changed.
I have done a whole lot to reach here!
I was speaking pure Marathi!
My tongue would have fallen out
if I had to continue any further!
I used to apply gel to my hair!
But, I was using oil since past few days!
Why did I do so?
To take revenge from you guys!
And it's not just you!
I am going to take revenge
from Madan Sheth too!
He has...
He has insulted me a lot!
So, I fooled him and came here!
And if you think,
that I have already taken revenge
remember... It's not like that. Go on!
There will be more drama now!
What drama?
You will find out as it progresses!
But we have accepted your responsibility.
- Yeah!
- Hey!
Naru can only be a problem.
He is not a responsibility.
What do you mean? Where will you go then?
Madan Sheth's credit cards.
My father, Swati, the car and you...
Naru will seek revenge
from everyone of you!
London... Bye!
Did I hurt you?
Kabir! Each time you do this purposely!
I am like your brother.
Being with Kunal all the time,
you are becoming like him.
Really? Then I should
trouble you like Kunal does.
If you really want to fight, fight with
someone who can match your level!
I was not expecting such grand welcome!
I have just held your wrist.
But I will soon get to your throat!
Come on!
At this cultural exchange, I would love
to invite our guests from India.
Please give a round of applause!
They are here to explore our cultural values
and share their cultural heritage with us.
So please welcome Mr.
I am...
Mr. Dhairyasheel.
There's no one. It's just us.
I will tell you later. Please continue.
Well, we would be glad if you could
tell something about your journey.
Here you go!
Hello... hello... mic check, mic check!
So, my dear brothers and... friends!
You all have spared your precious
time and gathered here for us!
Thank you so much!
Madam, actually we speak good English,
and we can...
It's okay. Go.
We... fluent... English!
But we decide... we speak mother tongue!
We have learnt your language.
But, you need to learn our
language in order to appreciate it.
So, even if we are in an foreign country
we will speak in Marathi,
in order to respect our mother tongue.
Let's start the cultural
exchange from here!
That's all.
The thing is...
Air travel is new for us
We have travelled a lot in the Government
buses, by sitting on top of them. It's fun!
Hey you in the back, clap!
- Hey, you there... what...
- That's all!
So, this ten hour flight
journey was very difficult.
When we travel in the buses, once the bus
leaves the depot, it takes 10-12 stops.
- Yes.
- This service is not available on flights.
Our bones are about to break!
Right, Dhungya?
Yes! Claps!
Yes! Thank you!
I am done.
Thank you!
You guys are hilarious!
Who you?
First meet. (Lets introduce ourselves.)
Myself, Sofia.
I need to sit on the sofa soon!
Rubbish! My limbs are paining!
- Come on.
- Yes.
So this college is known
for its Victorian architecture.
What curves!
The stairs!
They are curvy!
This is the Assembly Hall and...
- Dhungya!
- Yes.
Such huge painting!
You guys like to paint?
Yes! On toilet walls, with contact number!
Manju, 9-8-8-
Please come this way.
So this is our Assembly Hall!
- Such huge Hall!
- It is 400 years old!
Come, we will check the ground.
Hey, Indian!
My name is Aditya.
Alright, Vaibhav! Come here.
Tell me, who is this beauty?
She is the teacher!
So what!
Yes ma'am, coming.
Education is same everywhere.
But now I understand,
why is it so expensive!
- Let's go!
- Yes.
By the way, you guys must be
into lot of sports in India, right?
Yes, like... bat...
'Vitti Dandu' (An Asian game
similar to tipcat, baseball, cricket)
So, this is our sports area.
- And over there, we have a...
- There's greenery everywhere!
I saw her first.
What are you looking at?
You speak Marathi?!
My last name is Shinde.
I was born and brought up here.
In fact, I finished my education here,
and I am now working here!
But, when I found out that students
from Maharashtra are coming here
communicating with you all
was my responsibility. Got it?
Got it!
Bikes are not allowed in the campus.
Welcome to London!
Dhairya, what is 2+2=?
Boyz 4!
Their bond will break in no time!
And they will have bruises!
How are you, bro?
How can I help you Sir?
I want rooms.
For how many people?
So, just one room, right?
Left one is okay too.
If the view is nice.
I don't understand your language.
That's your problem. Not my problem.
I want honeymoon rooms.
Where is your spouse?
There were no rains this time.
Spouse. Spouse?
Will you be allocating a
room depending on the rains?
Excuse me Sir. How can I help you?
Oh! In Marathi, in London?!
My back is aching as
my journey was too long!
Do you mind massaging it?
We only have rooms here.
- Then you can give me one.
- Okay.
You just wait and watch!
Oh my God!
Kumar, see this!
This room is huge!
Oh! Naru Sheth!
Such beautiful room!
How much for?
Now this expense will
be borne by Madan Sheth!
Look Kumar, I will do as you say.
Naru Sheth, you have just entered.
Later on...
I cannot control it any further, Kumar!
- You will have to control.
- No, Kumar.
The thing is... Naru Sheth?
Everything... Naru Sheth,
looks like you have already begun!
These soft mattresses remind me of ladies!
Don't think about females right now.
Naru Sheth, what happened?
Suddenly, the lights went off?
Naru Sheth! No use!
Oh my God!
What do I do?
Can I?
May I?
- Okay then! I will be with you soon!
- [Door bell rings]
Where did she go?
[Door bell rings]
No one is here?
Kunal, bro...
- What a great place!
- Thanks, bro!
But why are you living
alone in this huge house?
Just a matter of privacy.
And matter of freedom.
Kabir, you are in my group
because you are smart.
One and only Indian.
I was not born in India and migrated here.
And for that I am very fortunate.
But, Kunal...
you look Indian so people
think you are from India.
Even if you are born British!
I don't like to be an Indian, but...
I love you being an Indian!
My cupcake!
We are almost mix breeds.
I mean, at least I am.
My dad is British and my mom is Indian.
And my parents migrated.
For the citizenship.
Carry on.
Oh my God!
Their legs are so long and beautiful!
They look so soft!
Don't talk.
Enjoy what you are seeing right now!
Don't touch me.
I will get divorced before I get married.
You are saying sorry now!
Oh no!
I have seen you two.
- Ellie, Anesthesia, leave.
- Sure.
Both of you, come out.
What were you doing in the ladies room?
This is ladies room!
We needed to go urgently. So, we didn't
check if it's a ladies room or gents room.
We just rushed in!
You both have to go at
the same time, every time?
We don't go alone to attend
nature's call, in our village.
We have strict rules here.
Not as much as you are!
Nothing at all!
Is this your culture?
To secretly check out girls!
With this face, girls will not look at us.
So we have to check them out secretly.
People call us hopeless and
stupid back in our home town.
Tomorrow, you will have a small tour.
Yay! Tour!
Where you will get to learn
and check out a lot of things!
Whatever you show us...
we would love to see all of that!
- We would love it so much that...
- Enough!
do show it to us!
You really are stupid!
- Yes!
- Out!
This way.
[Cell phone rings]
Hey! Madan Sheth's call!
Hello, Madan Sheth!
How do you like London?
Madan Sheth, you should
have come here instead of Naru.
Right, but there should
be some reason to visit!
Plan a trip!
But, if I reach there, new heir
apparent will come into picture!
Forget that. Where is my heir apparent?
You can say, that he is not between us.
How can this be?
- We have betted.
- What?
If he becomes like he was before
then we will party in the evening.
Why are you partying over there?
You can call a girl!
London! Enjoy!
There's Narya!
Let me show you! See, Madan Sheth!
Look at him.
Is that my son?
Yes. But you don't trust us.
Your trip is going to empty my pockets!
You are spending so much!
Get the job done properly.
And I want him to be a complete man!
Okay. Hanging up now.
Hello! Welcome.
Good night!
Beautiful hair! Same!
I only see boys, here.
They are dancing around the pole!
Naru Sheth, if you need to sharpen
a knife, you have to heat it first.
Naru Sheth, every country
has its own system!
But there is no girl around here.
There are cameras there.
Girls watch in it and pick up guys.
Come on Baby!
What happened Naru Sheth?
Come with me!
Why did that guy touch my chest?
They are checking out your guts!
But why is this guy
wearing a lipstick?
It's the style there.
- Hey, Kumar...
- Yes.
This guy gestured me!
You are selected!
I am selected?
Yes. Not everything is
quick like Budhwar Peth!
Shut up!
Follow him.
Follow him?
What are you waiting Bhai?
Follow him.
He is touching me at wrong places!
He is checking the size.
Size? Check?
Naru Sheth, just ask once
which club are you in exactly?
Just a minute.
Club name?
It's a gay club.
You know, England is
called the birthplace of Cricket.
Hey, you guys like Cricket?
Of course!
I am a bowler!
I can swing the ball very well!
And what about you?
Doctor Doctor!
Meet me in private.
We are good at it. Show her!
Breathe in!
You know, every Sunday, on our ground...
Kunal! Behave yourself!
You need to maintain dignity.
They were in my way.
So? You could have excused, right?
I think, you are thinking too much
about the cultural exchange, ma'am!
The one who is neither from here,
nor there should not speak about culture!
Just because they don't belong here,
don't try to underestimate them. Got it?
If it is so, then they should prove
themselves by competing with me right here!
And if I lose...
I am ready to do whatever they say.
If I win...
You will have to do as I say!
And that will be against your culture.
I am ready.
I am ready.
Alright, then.
- He is running champion at our college.
- Idiots!
Where are your sports shoes?
My feet have worked in the fields!
There is no need of shoes.
We just need the strength!
Whatever you are doing
is not going to help you.
It will help!
And we will win!
Come on, Dhairya!
Dhairya, Dhairya, Dhairya!
- Please press my foot!
- You killed it!
Great stamina, bro!
What do you want?
Not much.
We just want to be friends with you.
And just like you behave as you wish,
we love to do what we want to!
We will be staying here for a long time.
I hope you will help us fulfil our dreams.
You need to have balls to
do what you did the other day.
You are the man!
He is the man!
Let us show you our secret culture.
Every Saturday, it is important to
hang lemon and green chillies on our car.
Beliefs are important
than engineering.
Is this a wall of the fort?
So clean?
In India, people draw hearts
on the fort walls! Like this!
And then an arrow goes through it!
They also write their
beloved's name under it!
It's illegal.
You bury after the person is dead.
We bury only if it is a murder!
After death the body is burnt.
You guys are so funny, man!
I love you!
Kabir, bring them to
my birthday party, tomorrow. Okay?
- Get ready, guys!
- Yes!
I will see you at the club.
- Bye, Kunal!
- Bye.
We have just started!
Yet, there's a lot to come!
Hey! What are you looking at?
My bro has invited us to his party!
"Mood of the disco,
is set by the whisky"
"Mood of the disco,
is set by the whisky"
"Hand over that shot with love"
"I am drunk, you are also tipsy"
"This party is amazing!"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"This night is glowing with our youth"
"This night is glowing with our youth,
it's also tipsy with us"
"The true essence of life
is found in such odd time"
"and with this small shot of vodka"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"Disco 23"
"Don't keep this glass empty,
finish off this bottle"
"Don't keep this glass empty,
finish off this bottle"
"Let's take this to the beach and
drink neat, don't break the tempo"
"Don't sing a wrong tune,
don't dig up past things"
"What you want will happen,
just live this moment,"
"don't think about tomorrow"
"This risky business was setup with
tequila, hand over this shot with love"
"I am drunk, you are also tipsy"
"This party is amazing!"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"This night is glowing with our youth"
Guys, I want you to meet someone.
My girlfriend.
So, Grace, you went
to University of Berlin.
Why did you come back?
Well, couldn't clear the entrance exam.
So I thought, I should
complete my studies here.
I hope everything's same as before.
So many things have
changed since you left.
I am getting a feeling
that you have changed!
[Girls screaming]
Hey! Where are they?
What are you doing in the pool?
You know it very well!
We keep humiliating each other!
But this is girls' time!
[Mimics] This is girls' time!
When did you come here?
When we accepted the challenge!
I mean...
When we accepted the
challenge of cultural exchange.
- Yes!
- Oh! Okay!!
How do you like UK?
There are open minded people around here!
Just like her!
- I'll go change!
- Yeah!
So nice to meet you!
Alright. I'll be back!
What are you thinking?
Grace has grown big!!!
So, Dhairya...
- Do you have a girlfriend?
- No.
All the girls are so pretty over here!
It is not the same back in home town.
There will be one in the entire classroom.
However she may be, we will check her out.
And if at all she is fair, then the
entire class is crazy behind her!
This is why we have a lot of competition!
Yeah! And we can't just stop
after asking the girl out.
Maintaining the affair is a problem!
Maintenance cost in
our village is very high.
I am sure, their father does not
even feed them expensive rice.
But if they see a Chinese restaurant,
they want fried rice with some
munching to go with it.
Did you have your lunch?
This is the first step to
start the conversation.
Here, people ask for coffee first.
And if you are still interested,
next comes dinner date.
No, this is not what happens back home.
If we find out that a friend's room is
vacant, entire class wants to book it!
So there is no decent
relation or pure love?
If the culture is not pure,
how will there be pure love?
But, jokes apart...
Love is something that
does not have a barrier
of country, religion,
language, or culture.
Anyway. I have a meeting,
so, I'll have to go.
You guys carry on! Okay? Have fun!
Wow, I am impressed by the
way you talk about your culture.
I was explaining the depth of our culture.
We have this bad habit of
getting deep into anything!
Oh, Kabir...
You came here to study?!
Yeah! I was surprised to see him here.
You guys know each other?
Of course!
Not just him, I know them too!
I mean, we were in the same school,
back in India.
So now, I'll be your guide.
Look, you cannot cross
the road directly here.
First, you will have to press...
- Oh, sorry!
- Sorry!
You have to press this button.
Then you have to wait.
And when the signal turns green,
only then you can cross. Got it?
- Oh!
- Huh!
In India...
We make them stop the vehicle
by showing our hand to them.
We are Indians!
We don't stop for anyone!
Signal is too much to wait for!
Come on!
What a mentality!
You mean cough?!
My name is Dhungya!
- Dhungaraaj Hanmant...
- Whatever!
How does Grace know you so well?
(Changes topic) Yeah, onions
have become very expensive...
and because of that...
Hey! Do that once more!
How does Grace know you so well?
Because of Kabir.
And how does Kabir know her?
We were in the same class.
Obviously, when we are in the same class,
we ought to know each other!
You just know each other, right?
Or is there anything else?
That is related to motions!
I am Dhairya.
Just answer my question.
Excuse me!
Oh! Sorry!
When we were in school,
Kabir and Grace had an affair.
We had helped them get together!
Just love, or anything else happened too?
Actually, when you guys went
to Ladakh, I've spoke on video call.
That's it.
But you know, it was just an
attraction we had at that time.
So you...
Yes. I am a virgin.
Are you kidding me, bro?
I have slept with more girls
than your age!
Kunal, but I believe in true love.
The only thing that is true is lust!
- But, I believe in true love.
- Where should we go next?
We will go to that street
first and then take a left.
And what if...
I mean, hypothetically speaking...
if that love is not true, then?
Why are you beating around the bush?
Why don't you ever speak clearly?
Kabir... Kunal...
I deserve Kunal more than you!
- So, Dhairya, today what did we learn?
- What?
Press the button before
you cross the road.
And now, we have all
their buttons in our hands!
[Imitates] Before crossing the road,
press the...
- Button! Press the button!
- [Laughs]
[Rap lines]
[Rap lines]
- I'd love to.
- Let's grab a gelato!
Dhairya, this is not an Indian restaurant.
Pakistani Restaurant.
Let's go.
Hey! Where are you going?
To some other restaurant.
We cannot eat here.
Why should we consider political
issues between two countries personally!
Before partition,
both countries had same culture.
Suddenly, why has your love
for your country awakened?
When you are in your
country, you belong to
some 'State' or some
'District' in that Sate!
Or some city in the District,
or some area in that city!
If not, you belong to
some caste or religion!
But, while staying in India,
you are not an Indian!
I am going in.
I can leave everything for you.
That means, I can leave my father too!
I love you very much!
[Speaking in foreign language]
My father is in Wai, Sangli!
I come from Satara. I also own land there!
- I am sure, he's Narya.
- Right!
You are beautiful!
So, I was saying, you are beautiful!
I am an old man! Tell me where shall we go?
Wait a minute.
Excuse me!
Don't disturb my mood!
I am not Naru! I am Narenu!
Now I will slap you!
So what was I saying...
There are at least seven
people who look like us.
His face also matches with one of them.
He is speaking in Marathi!
No, I am telling you, he is not Naru.
I am calling Kumar.
[Cell phone rings]
- Hello, Kumar...
- Yes?
Did you speak to Naru?
He is with you guys, right?
Yeah... but...
I am not in touch with him.
Hello? Hello?
He disconnected the call.
Hold this for me.
- We will go out.
- [Cell phone rings]
- I am sure, man!
- Just a minute. I am getting a call.
Naru Sheth, where are you?
Oh no!
Dhungya and Dhairya were asking about you!
But I didn't tell them anything about you!
- Speak softly!
- You just don't listen to me, Naru!
See! This is Kumar!
See it for yourself!
[Blabbering] Angelo, hola!
What's your name?
Who are you?
Hang up, otherwise I will beat you up!
But... he disconnected!
What is this language?
Let's play!
I think, all our common friends
have duplicates!
Right! He was looking exactly like him!
- It's okay. Let's go!
- Something is not right!
Excuse me!
My phone.
Oh yes.
Get lost now!
Leave, otherwise,
I will give you a tight slap!
- Come on, let's go!
- Sorry, Darling!
[Speaking in foreign language]
How do I control myself now?!
We are home! Be careful!
- I am careful!
- Careful! Careful!
- Where's Grace?
- She's with Kabir.
Mind your step.
- Grace come on!
- Grace!
I want to confess to you.
I've really missed you!
For what?
For making me realise, at the restaurant.
You know, why my name is 'Sofia Shinde'?
Because my mom is from Pakistan
and my dad is from India.
They met each other here,
fell in love and settled here.
This country accepted them as their own.
When we go to other countries, we feel
the respect and pride for our country.
we should respect other countries too!
- Good night!
- Good night!
Good morning, Grace!
What happened?
I am not comfortable right now.
I don't like being ignored, Grace!
And I don't like being forced, Kunal!
As you wish!
Dhairya, I will introduce you to someone.
This is 'the' William Shakespeare!
You know, he is one of the
best play writers in the world!
He is amazing!
If you are a performer or watching a play,
it is considered as a class!
As a kid, I have watched a
lot of programs, back home!
Shakespeare must be writing
and then performing on stage, right?
But, back in my village,
folk performers used
to perform aptly,
it used to be beautiful!
And as soon as the drum beats...
You should come to our village.
I mean, for cultural exchange.
Oh, sure! Yeah.
- Shall we leave?
- Yeah!
Let's go.
This way. Hey!
Where's Dhungya? He missed all this.
If I want to be a citizen here...
What should I do?
Six years of job or
get married to a British girl.
Six years job is a bit too much!
And I don't think any British girl would
want to marry me!
I will do one thing.
I will call Manda here.
I will ask her to get
British passport and then marry her!
What say, Natasha?
Mande who?
My would be wife!
You are not grown up enough for marriage.
If we promise the girl that one day we will
marry them, they will stay loyal to you!
It is possible for someone
to hit a jackpot.
But me getting a beautiful girl,
is next to impossible.
Why don't you like Indians?
I was born here.
But still, these British people
don't consider me as one of them.
Because I look Indian.
Interesting, isn't it?
If you hate Indians so much,
why is Kabir...
Grace, come here for a minute, please.
Kabir and Grace
are a divine couple of modern times!
Thank you!
Don't you think so, Kabir?
- Go! Get me some condoms!
- Condom!
Whatever he asked
you to get has nothing to do with you!
You just use your brains,
and do as he says.
You guys don't use cattle for farming?
People use high end
machinery for cultivation.
I mean, from sowing to harvesting,
everything gets done.
In fact, all the farmers here
are highly educated.
Good. At least somewhere in the world,
farmers are educated and happy in life!
Knowing this, I feel better.
But my father will never leave his Dhoti
and wear a Jeans!
Even if he has ten tractors,
he wants bulls for ploughing the field.
What does that mean?
Tell me!
"Oh dear, I don't feel like parting away
from my village"
"I cannot express in words,
why I don't want to"
"Oh dear, I don't feel like parting away
from my village"
"I cannot express in words,
why I don't want to"
"I am not comfortable in full clothes"
"It is difficult for me
to accept western clothing like Jeans"
"Everyone is busy in his own world"
"Humans have forgotten humanity"
"Dhoti is the most comfortable clothing"
"Oh dear, I don't feel like parting away
from my village"
"Oh dear, I don't feel like parting away
from my village"
"I cannot express in words,
why I don't want to"
"Everyone is going to school"
"With so many notebooks to write in,
my slate is empty"
"My friends hanging out near college"
"Girls wear small, weird clothes"
"My mother still adorns saree
pallu over her head"
"Oh dear, I don't feel like parting away
from my village"
"Oh dear, I don't feel like parting away
from my village"
"I cannot express in words,
why I don't want to"
"Vehicles in the city
represent your fast life"
"But did we connect emotionally?"
"Rains bring about the fragrance of Earth"
"Nights are lit up with starts in the sky"
"These animals are our friends for life"
"Oh dear, I don't feel like parting away
from my village"
"Oh dear, I don't feel like parting away
from my village"
"I cannot express in words,
why I don't want to"
Our food culture is all about...
We love to eat
Jowar Roti by crushing it
and then pouring mutton
gravy over it!
We have a separate fan base
for mutton lovers!
And if you are lucky enough
to get the bone
then you need a talent
to suck out on the marrow out of the bone!
Do visit our village some day!
I will feed you the best mutton
you could have ever tasted!
What mutton?
That is...
- Dhungaraaj...
- Kabir!
You were discussing
regarding citizenship with Kunal.
Yes, we spoke about it!
So, you want to be
a British citizen. Right?
Anyway, there's no career for you guys.
Right, 'Dhungya'...?
Now a days,
we only have career in reels.
Everyone wants to be famous.
Indian guys don't take their career as
seriously as they take Insta and Facebook!
That is why I feel you should
think about getting a citizenship here.
And for that, you will have
to be a part of the food culture, here.
What's the big deal?
Order it!
Wow! Great!
Don't you have anything similar to what
we eat back home?
- Thanks!
- [Sniffs]
This looks something new!
How do we eat this?
Oh okay!
What is it called?
Uhh... That's beef!
It's okay!
Bull's meat!
Have it!
We don't eat it.
Eat it!
I won't!
My sweet Indian friend...
I don't like to hear a no! Eat it! Eat!
You want to act oversmart! Eat it!
Stop it, Kunal!
- Eat it!
- Kunal, don't play with the sentiments.
Kabir was about to spoil my religion!
Now it is time
to give all of them a 'cultural shock'!
And we have to teach Kabir a lesson!
I am going to teach him such a lesson
that he will not even realise it!
Kunal, I have a surprise for you!
You won't believe what I found out!
I told you not to trust her!
Bye! Good luck!
Kunal, bro! Where were you?
I was looking for you.
What do you think about Grace?
I don't know, bro!
She is your girlfriend.
Friends with benefits.
Actually, I love to win Indian girls!
she is stuck with her past relationship.
I guess she was in
love with someone when she was in India.
She was in love!
So, unless she moves on
she can't be mine.
Do you know who he is?
What were you doing yesterday?
It is so wrong
to play with others' sentiments for fun.
Oh, really?
Then what about my sentiments, Grace?
What do you mean?
You miss someone but don't let him kiss!
did you ever kiss grace?
Kunal, actually...
Kunal! Kunal, please, stop!
- Kunal, listen to me!
- Kunal!!!
It wasn't his fault! It was mine!
How dare you kiss her?
Kunal, please stop!
I'll kill you!
Get out!
Come on!
Did you get hurt?
We came here to teach you a lesson!
But you are such an unlucky guy!
You are already messed up!
You broke our friendship.
Not us.
You cannot expect a mango on
an apple tree.
Be happy wherever you want to be.
See you!
I am sorry!
It's okay!
- [Cell phone rings]
- Who is it?
Principal sir!
I knew, you guys are
unruly and careless boys!
But, I didn't expect
you to be shameless and worthless!
Is this how you exchange culture?
If you cannot praise your country,
at least don't defame!
Kabir shared photos and videos, so at least
we could find out what you were up to!
Now, pack your bags
and get back here! Quick!
Hey! What did you do?
I was angry so I sent it!
We forgave you ten seconds back!
You have already started
messing with us again!
What is this?!
What do we do now?
May I pour?
You are not poor, Madam!
We are poor!
Fill more, just a bit.
The thing is..
We were going to come
early for the cultural exchange
Let's cheers first!
So, both of us were going to
come early for the cultural exchange
but, we didn't.
So, our principal sir asked us to compete.
After that we came here.
- Don't they have anything to munch on?
- Shut up!
I didn't get you.
- Actually, I'll tell you...
- Please pour some more!
Not much. Just a little bit. What say?
Kabir broke our friendship
on the friendship day.
And he challenged us to come here.
- So, we set it up with Madan Sheth,
and landed here! - [Sniffs]
And we completed cultural exchange
program as we wanted to prove it to Kabir.
- So, we feel...
- Now, I want more!
Just a little!
So I think, you should book our tickets
for our return journey in a day or two.
But, until your third friend comes back,
I won't be able to book your tickets.
I will need his passport, right?
Third friend?
Yeah! Third friend.
[Speaking in foreign language]
Now, you'll see!
What Naru can do for you!
Monica, even if anybody
opposes our relationship
then Naru Madan Bhondve
will not spare them!
Now it's just me and you.
[Speaking in foreign language]
Yes, it is possible!
Don't worry!
When you come into Bhondve
family as a daughter-in-law,
now one will dare to harm you.
But stay away from your father-in-law!
I don't trust him. You cannot
wear small clothes in front of him!
You will have to wear a veil!
You don't know what a veil is?
Saree... it has a pallu!
You use it to cover yourself!
[Speaking in foreign language]
You want to fart? Go ahead!
Why do you have to tell me? Go ahead!
[Speaking in foreign language]
Your father-in-law is also a big daddy!
He is a known politician.
He owns a lot of land!
Seven generations can live
comfortably in that much money!
We will get married here!
And our kids will study here.
Not needed actually!
Indian students don't speak English
even after they get their degrees.
Kids here speak English
even if they don't go to school.
Good morning, good afternoon, good night!
- Who is this?
- Big daddy!
Oh... Father-in-law!
Father-in-law! You look tanned! I guess
you must have worked in African fields!
But, I think, the girl
looks like her mother!
Hello! Father-in-law, you look tired!
Money! We want money!
Look, regarding dowry, our parents
can discuss amongst themselves.
Later on we will get married!
You don't understand?
Let me make it simple!
You have been kidnapped! Understand?
And we want money!
Why you ask money for love?
Money! You understand now?
Okay. Please keep this inside.
Please, keep it inside.
Please. Yes, thank you!
What is this Monica?!
Yes, I am giving you money.
Money... Vishal Deorukhkar Sir...
please help me!
Man, we are not able to get hold of Naru.
Today is last day.
I think, we should forget Naru and...
And we will let him be here.
His father is 'Madan'!
He will kill us!
We will tell him that his
son was lost in London.
But, do you think his father
will trust us?
We will do one thing. We will ask
Kumar to break this news to Madan Sheth!
Topic closed!
Hey, who will call him then?
We looked for him where you
told us to. But we couldn't find him.
We can't find Naru.
Hey! Do whatever you want to.
Find him anyway!
I am serious.
You are speaking all this nonsense!
I am trying to say... you search him!
Why have you kept your
camera at a low angle?
What can I say now?
Now, I am not going to spare anyone!
Madan Sheth!
Now you get it?!
Where's Naru?
Madan Sheth...
Naru is not with us
since the very first day!
We looked for him
everywhere, but couldn't find him.
I took your side and sent you to London
hoping that Naru will become normal again.
I spent so much money!
Look, if you don't find Narya, I will make
you guys disappear. Do you understand?
Dhairya, give me your hand.
Madan Sheth...
But let us find Naru.
I want all the accounts
for each penny spent.
I don't care about Narya!
I can bring ten such Narus!
I still have that stamina!
- You understand? Get lost now!
- Yes!
Madan mama!
Please let me get up before
you show me your stamina!
- Where will we find him?
- I don't understand!
- Narya!
- You!
My friends...
Please get me out of here. I am stuck.
One minute.
Who put you in the sand pit?
They took my money.
Nothing else. Please get me out of here.
I had told you. You should not go
behind girls. This is what you get.
You remember?
This is what you get!
- Better is to...
- Shut up!
Get me out of here,
else I will not spare you!
Come on.
I went to the airport hotel.
There were three beautiful girls there.
It was so much fun! Listen to me!
Who is she?
Sofia madam.
Where were you?
25 down, 26 running.
He does not speak English at all.
I will punch you now!
Shut up!
Stop it!
Where were you all these days?
I was...
He had gone to make
promised offering to the God!
I was researching for its culture in
this English speaking country!
These two may or may not be
perfect for the cultural exchange.
But I can never make such mistake.
Your flight is day after tomorrow.
But before that,
we have a send off ceremony.
Whatever you guys have learnt
regarding the culture, being here so far,
you will have to give a small
speech regarding the same.
Got it?
Now, prepare for it.
- What are you doing?
- What to say in the speech?
- Don't worry, I'll help you!
- But what will I speak? Oh!
Where was she?
She... let me check.
Looks exactly like 'Boyz 1' lead actress.
Right. I was getting a feeling,
that I have seen her somewhere.
Move. You were not there in that movie.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I would now request
our Indian guests to tell
everyone about their experience in the
UK during the cultural exchange program.
Dhungya speaking.
Speak up!
A big round of applause!
My brother is giving a speech! Come on!
I cannot imagine,
days have passed so fast.
I don't know what to say.
But whatever it is,
we will be true to everyone here.
I mean...
I was never able to speak in English.
Our mother tongue is Marathi.
But we never offended
anybody else's mother tongue.
So, Madam, whatever we speak here,
I kindly request you to translate it
for them.
- Hmm.
- Great!
So, a small country
rules over India.
Not just India, it rules over the world!
This means, they have that power.
Maybe, we don't have
that discipline like you guys.
For example,
you eat with spoons and forks.
We are happy to eat flattened
rice flakes on a newspaper too!
You guys kiss publicly.
But, back in my village,
even if a husband wants to kiss his wife
there's a lot of struggle!
You guys break-up if you don't
like something about your partner.
We have permission to stay away.
But not to separate.
You bury here when you die
we bury if someone is murdered
We burn the body after death.
Right Dhairya?
Well said brother.
It is important to hang a lemon and chilli
thread to your vehicle, every Sarurday.
More than Engineering,
you need to have faith!
Hey! Wait! Catch him!
You know, we draw a
huge heart on such walls.
An arrow goes through it. And then
your lover's name is carved below it!
I was not hoping to exchange this culture.
I agree, that this was too much.
But, we are like this.
So this may not change.
But just by observing
and speaking about culture.
We have to bring about
that change practically.
And if you feel that we erred,
then we apologise.
But if we would have shown
you our glorious Yog practise,
would you have done it?
would you have plastered dung?
would you have been able to strike
viti with dandu? (an Indian game)
would you have been able
to tie ponytails of your sisters?
could you have slept
peacefully in your granny's lap?
The mother from whose womb we are born,
and the land where we are born,
one should never betray these two.
We have accepted the life,
similarly we should
accept the culture too.
So that it doesn't trouble you,
and you don't trouble others.
If there is friendship
among two countries,
there will be no animosity.
That's it?
Yes. They clapped, over.
But I wanted to speak.
- Speak at home. Come on now.
- But...
- What nonsense!
- Thanks!
The... culture... nos...
- Bye Dhairya.
- Bye.
Have a safe flight, ok?
You should come to India once.
We will have rave 'hurda' party.
We'll give you our 'deshi santra'.
You know, I just loved your company.
I had a blast!
And I fell in love, with your nature.
Don't change ever.
You guys are the best.
Correct. Madam!
- Madam!
- Hey! Hey!
Turn back!
Madam, one selfie.
Don't change the pose.
- Let's take a selfie.
- I was a fool.
Just because I don't like
the culture of a country,
I started considering the culture
and friends of that place as worthless.
I got distracted by wrong
influence like Kunal.
I resemble you, right?
Guys, I am sorry.
The troubles you had to
face because of my behaviour,
I am really sorry for that.
The only way to control thoughts
and horses is by turning them around.
Now that you have realised
your folly, we should reward you.
This is the God of intelligence. Safeguard
the intelligence you have got now.
[Airport announcement]
Guys, it's time to leave, let's go.
I think it's time to go.
- Madam, when I was...
- Grace...
- Bye, bye, bye
- Let's go.
- What's your problem? She is my friend!
- Bye, see you.
I think you should
take some more time.
I mean...
We are good friends.
So let's be friends.
You will find someone
better than me.
I didn't understand.
But I have.
About Chitra,
About Kirti.
Kunal, you are looking handsome.
They didn't tell me.
Naru told me.
Hey Narya!
That completes my revenge! In the climax!
- Wait!
- Catch me!
Like every year,
our Kabir,
was left high and dry.
Hey you too wave!
We will meet, in Boyz 4!
In Boyz 5!
"Mood of the disco,
is set by the whisky"
"Mood of the disco,
is set by the whisky"
"Hand over that shot with love"
"I am drunk, you are also tipsy"
"This party is amazing!"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"This night is glowing with our youth"
"This night is glowing with our youth,
it's also tipsy with us"
"The true essence of life
is found in such odd time"
"and with this small shot of vodka"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"Disco 23"
"Disco 23"
"Don't keep this glass empty,
finish off this bottle"
"Don't keep this glass empty,
finish off this bottle"
"Let's take this to the beach and
drink neat, don't break the tempo"
"Don't sing a wrong tune,
don't dig up past things"
"What you want will happen,
just live this moment,"
"don't think about tomorrow"
"This risky business was setup with tequila,
hand over this shot with love"
"I am drunk, you are also tipsy"
"This party is amazing!"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"This night is glowing with our youth,
it's also tipsy with us"
"The true essence of life
is found in such odd time"
"and with this small shot of vodka"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"
"Come here my sweetheart, come here!"