BPM (Beats Per Minute (2017) Movie Script

Let's go.
Hello and welcome to ACT UP.
As an introduction,
the group was founded in 1989
along the lines of ACT UP New York.
What is ACT UP?
A group founded in the gay community
to defend the rights
of people with AIDS.
ACT UP doesn't provide patient support.
It's an activist group.
If you're here this evening,
you've seen our actions
on TV or in the press.
Those actions are decided here
during our weekly meeting, the WM,
every Tuesday at 7 pm.
As you'll see later,
ACT UP has rules for speaking.
Two moderators manage debates.
You can speak on any subject,
if you put your hand up,
enrol on a list and wait your turn.
If you speak too long,
the moderator will go like this.
we don't applaud what others say.
To express approval,
you simply click your fingers.
It won't drown out the speaker
or delay debates.
one last thing you need to understand:
as soon as you join ACT UP,
whatever your HIV status,
you must accept to be viewed
by the media and public
as HIV-positive.
We'll start now.
If you have questions, see me.
I'll be down there.
Don't forget to fill out the forms
if you want to join.
Enjoy the meeting.
Good evening, everyone.
Welcome to ACT UP Paris' weekly meeting.
We have a pretty full agenda.
So it'd be wonderful to avoid
endless speeches.
Remember, no smoking here
so as not to indispose the sick.
You can smoke in the hallway.
Don't debate there.
Any comments must be made here.
We have four new members.
Stand up when I say your name.
We have Patrice...
And Judith...
Good evening.
Then Jrmie...
Stand up.
Welcome, Jrmie.
And Nathan.
Hi, Nathan!
We're sad to announce the death
of Alain Isnard,
an activist who joined
two months after we were founded.
I'll let Thibault speak.
Just a second.
His photo is in the press round-up.
You may not remember him.
He'd stopped coming to WMs.
But when the group was founded,
Alain was a very important activist.
He got us our first two computers,
which was quite a feat.
He gave up coming here,
severing ties
after he got cryptosporidiosis.
As usual, you have postcards to send
to the French President,
with Alain's name,
to inform him of his death.
To remind Mitterrand
of the AIDS epidemic.
Let's do the AFLS debrief.
There's a lot to say.
Sophie, over to you.
In case you don't know,
the AFLS is the French Anti-AIDS Agency.
- Thanks.
- Go ahead.
OK, thank you.
I'll try to be objective.
It'll be tough as I'm a bit sickened
by how it went down.
Could everyone who took part
join the debate?
Guys, please...
- Hurry it up.
- It's important.
Thank you.
It all began as planned.
We had no problem sneaking
into the conference hall.
Whoever the guy speaking was,
he was fucking boring.
I bet a few poz guys
croaked during his speech.
Good morning.
First let me hail
the organization of this symposium
along with the diversity and quality
of its participants.
OK, let's go.
We're ACT UP Paris.
The AFLS was founded
over three years ago
and there's still
no decent prevention campaign.
France has twice as many cases
as the UK or Germany.
You're failing badly.
Nothing for gays,
for drug addicts, women or foreigners...
We've done campaigns for homosexuals.
The prime minister's office
censored the campaign.
It has only appeared in publications
that no one reads.
I can't let you say that!
I screwed up.
Yes, Marco?
It was my fault.
I couldn't see from the back.
I couldn't hear either
and I panicked a bit.
I heard a voice say,
"Hey, it's you next."
So once I had a window,
once I saw Bernin,
I felt I had to go for it.
We've screwed up before.
He threw the blood too soon.
It's no big deal.
No big deal, even if I looked dumb,
talking alone.
No worries.
The real problem came after.
Two people pounced on Bernin,
really roughly
and handcuffed him to a post.
I don't know who had the idea
or decided to do that...
You know very well who it was!
Let her finish first.
I think it's counter-productive.
It got other groups mad
instead of making them
react for once.
That made it impossible.
We never cuffed anyone before.
The cuffs are in case the cops turn up,
to cuff ourselves.
Can we answer now?
No one's stopping you.
OK, Max, let off steam.
True, we improvised
but we saw it was screwed.
It was like some folk show.
They were thinking,
"ACT UP's at it again,
but it'll soon be over."
Marco's fuck-up
was a turning point for us.
Suddenly, their compassion
turned into indignation.
In ten years,
they'd never shown any anger.
We had to seize the opportunity.
We did the first thing we thought of.
Bernin, resign!
Bernin, resign!
And I think we were right.
We wanted to mark minds
by throwing fake blood
and we did it!
We just went further than planned.
It wasn't premeditated.
No one said it was premeditated.
Sophie's right.
It was really violent.
Throwing blood is already a lot,
but we've never handcuffed anyone.
It's crazy!
The AIDES rep felt bad.
Even I felt I'd been taken hostage.
Poor baby!
Go ahead, Sean.
Why are we debating this?
The action didn't bomb.
Sorry, it was a big success.
Sophie, there was no physical violence.
Just a bit of restraint...
Not at all.
The guy offered no resistance.
I'm glad we've shown up the hypocrisy.
What is the AFLS?
An agency founded by the government
to shift accountability.
Since then, nothing.
In meetings, they tell us,
"We agree,
but we can't shock the public.
It'd be counter-productive."
And now we have
6,000 new cases a year.
Hold on...
The AFLS campaigns are so abstract,
-you forget HIV is sexually transmitted.
- Thank you.
Nothing on gays, junkies or hookers.
Nothing on those hardest hit
by the epidemic!
I saw you!
I'm nearly done.
Too bad if the AFLS felt humiliated
or if our pals in AIDES were shocked.
We'll keep pissing the state off
until there's a real prevention policy.
- Can we move on?
- It's important.
- I know.
- I understand your panic,
but the world's not about to end.
Have other groups reacted?
I'm checking that right now.
There's something interesting
in the AIDES communique.
"AIDES condemns ACT UP's action,
in attacking the AFLS chairman,
Michel Bernin, etc, etc..."
Hold on, how does it end?
"We condemn ACT UP's
brutal and childish methods,
despite understanding its impatience
with the AFLS' inertia."
C'mon, the anger's just for show.
Libration's headline tomorrow...
"Historical and hysterical break
in the fight against AIDS."
I'll read an extract.
"ACT UP's action highlights
the authorities' disregard
for French homosexuals."
Let's move on.
We won't be done before midnight.
Talking of prevention...
we've printed our new poster.
Close-up on a bit of anal sex.
Post it in the Marais,
along the river...
In your parents' homes.
For our dyke sisters and junkies too.
Bill-posting gear
can be picked up afterwards.
Let's move on to the medical commission.
Commissions focus on specific topics:
drugs, women,
infected blood, foreigners...
Prison too!
I was going to say it.
There are only two of us for now...
Maybe we don't want to spoil it
for you two.
Four or five can be fun too.
Commission meetings
feature on the schedule.
Go on.
A few weeks ago,
we voted for action
against the Melton Pharm lab
that still refuses
to release the toxicity results
of its protease inhibitor.
A protease inhibitor
is an antivirus molecule
about which we don't know much.
They're holding back.
It seems
that Melton Pharm are waiting
for the next conference to announce it.
But the next conference is in Berlin
a year from now.
They don't give a shit about us.
The idea is to get the results
from the lab ourselves
and see what they tell us.
Put your hands up to take part
to give us an idea.
Come on!
Even new guys want to join in.
There should be more of us
for a new molecule.
Even our chairperson will be there!
That's about fifteen of us.
We'll use the phone tree a day before.
Here's how it works.
Each one calls three others
who call three others, etc.
How do we get in?
- How do we get in?
- The door.
I've seen the lab entrance.
There's a security lock
and two automatic doors.
I'll stop you.
Automatic doors don't chop off arms
or crush skulls.
They're not there to mince people.
We're safe.
To take part in an action,
bring your ID in case we're arrested,
with water and meds
if custody lasts a while.
We'll only be a few minutes.
We're ACT UP Paris,
an AIDS advocacy group.
Where are they going?
The lift's too small. Take the stairs.
We're non-violent people with AIDS.
We're here to see Melton Pharm.
They're climbing over the gate!
HIV-positive only.
- What floor?
I'm kidding!
It's great,
I haven't showered all week
as my bath is full of fake blood.
I think Marco overdid it a bit.
So you can repaint the lab
with lots of pretty designs.
- What are you doing?
- Give me one.
Wait till we reach the offices.
You'll get it everywhere.
Can you tell me about this new action?
It's simple.
We want Melton Pharm
to release the test results
of a new protease inhibitor.
It's a new molecule that offers hope
for HIV-positive people.
We'll only be 15 minutes.
- Call the cops.
- I'm doing it.
That's not nice.
I don't have any choice.
I don't recognize it.
- Sure it was floor 12?
- Yes.
Is this the 12th floor?
No, this is the 10th floor.
- It's not here?
- No.
- What's up?
- Wrong floor.
- So you're neg?
- Yeah.
Too bad, you're so dishy.
OK, this is it.
Give me a pouch.
Listen up...
Keep moving, ok.
All right.
Melton Pharm, killer!
What the hell?
Melton Pharm, killer!
You've got blood on your hands!
Melton Pharm, killer!
You've got blood on your hands!
Which way?
Down the corridor.
Melton Pharm, killer!
You've got blood on your hands!
Hold on, guys.
Gimme a pouch.
Are you mad?
Yes, we're mad
when we're sick,
on AZT every four hours,
with the runs every night
while you let us die!
This is what a person with AIDS
looks like!
We're aware
of what you're going through.
But this is unacceptable.
You're aware of nothing!
If you were, we'd have your results!
Things don't have to be like this.
Let's try to talk.
But we don't have time!
We don't have time!
We're croaking, get it?
This way.
We're ACT UP Paris,
an AIDS advocacy group.
We're sick, non-violent...
Treatment now!
Melton Pharm's wasting time!
I'm a doctor,
I understand your situation...
I don't give a shit you're a doctor!
This is how they fight AIDS!
This is how they fight AIDS!
Lie down! Offer no resistance!
I need water.
The cops didn't give us any.
It was beautiful, that blood everywhere.
Their carpet's fucked.
Why did I wear this?
My favourite, ruined.
It'll wash out if you boil it.
You think so?
It's Wild.
The cops were so scared
it was real blood,
they wore gloves to touch us.
He's a haemophiliac!
Careful, he's a haemophiliac!
How was it for you?
He was terrified.
And you're not afraid?
I'm always a bit afraid, only natural.
They always wear gloves.
Cops always wear gloves
to take someone in.
He's defending cops!
No, I'm not.
It was clear they were scared.
Let's focus.
What on?
- The real subject.
- What's that?
The photographer.
What photographer?
- What planet is that guy from?
- The AFP.
It's wild how he takes photos!
I didn't notice.
You were too busy.
I'll show you how he does it.
- He's worse!
- Even more bendy.
He's totally into it!
Did we need three hours
in a police station?
That's true.
It's so beautiful.
Look at the sky.
There are times
when I see how AIDS has changed my life.
It's as if...
I lived things more intensely.
As if I saw the world differently.
As if it had more colours,
more noise,
more life.
In the morning, mainly.
I'm kidding!
You had me worried.
Nothing's changed, don't worry.
Waking is still tough.
You're joking, it's tougher.
It takes me hours.
You're right.
The only drugs for now
are AZT and DDI.
They are nucleoside
reverse transcriptase inhibitors
and target a virus protein,
reverse transcriptase.
As you can see in this image,
the enzyme works
after the virus infects a cell.
It allows the RNA of the virus,
its genetic code,
to turn into DNA,
able to blend
with the host cell's genome.
Once the cell's nucleus is infected,
the virus can duplicate
and infect other cells.
So, the new therapy strategies
aim to block infection
at other stages in the cycle.
Protease inhibitors
attack virus duplication
once the cell is infected.
They block virion formation
or create incomplete virions
unable to infect other cells.
This provides a lot of hope,
a true alternative to drugs
like AZT or DDI
that have their limits.
Is he serious?
Any questions?
It's not a personal initiative,
we talked about it.
We didn't say that...
We didn't say what?
You could have let us read it
before presenting it at the WM.
It all comes down to trust.
Your talk was a bit much,
like an ad for the labs.
You needed to talk about infection,
not delude people.
I didn't delude anyone.
I just described
the current lines of research.
That's not how I saw it.
People will think protease inhibitors
are better than AZT.
Thibault, won't you join in?
I'm listening.
But this is important.
It's hot.
They can't die of thirst.
Anyhow, my doctor,
Catherine Delmas, tells me
inhibitors are gnat's pee.
She said "gnat's pee"?
Yes. Why?
Put "gnat's pee" in the minutes.
Delmas isn't even in the protocol.
Don't you know those people talk?
She knows international researchers.
She seems sure.
There aren't
any "international" researchers
hiding the fact it doesn't work.
If Melton Pharm is waiting
for the Berlin conference,
the protease inhibitor
must be interesting.
It's not gnat's pee.
Personally, I liked your talk
on treatment.
Too bad if the information
arouses false hopes.
I'll take any kind of hope going.
I can't tolerate AZ and DDI isn't really working.
Any side effects?
No more than usual.
I had to stop, it made me throw up.
Usually, it's the runs.
I know, but I threw up.
I nearly freaked out.
The doctors feared pancreatitis.
The pain was atrocious.
I didn't know that.
It's ok now, I'm on DDC.
Not great for pancreatitis.
I'm ok anyhow.
I just loved DDI.
I love it too.
My God...
Nathan wants to speak?
Thanks, that's a big help.
I had a question.
I read the medical commission's reports
and they never mention a vaccine.
Not vaccines.
Are trials underway?
If you want work on vaccines, baby,
go ahead. Since we're all poz,
we're not interested.
It's not that we're not interested.
There aren't many vaccine trials.
There is one.
- Canaripox.
- I forgot that one.
It uses an attenuated canary virus.
It's been in limbo for months.
You can take it.
Yellow for the canary?
Not bad.
I'm not sure I know enough
to handle the topic.
It's just two pages.
You'll learn as you go, like us.
The tough bitches!
You say we need guys on treatment,
then discourage all newcomers.
He has the file.
C'mon, two years ago,
you didn't know how a cell worked!
Sorry, I'll be ok.
- Are you hurt?
- No.
Feeling ok?
Um, Jrmie came to ask questions.
Is that right?
Want me to sum up?
All right.
Jrmie was infected recently
and his blood work has deteriorated
very rapidly.
I only have 220 T4 cells left
and I don't know why.
It happens, but it's rare.
May I see your file?
This isn't a consultation.
You're no doctor.
You should see AIDES.
You have a doctor. What does he say?
He says I have to be patient
and wait for the AZT to work.
If you don't trust your doctor,
you can change.
You think he's no good?
I wondered,
but he's followed me from the start.
He doesn't reassure you.
You can try another.
You'll be ok?
Gay Pride preparation...
The first session last week
didn't provide enough ideas.
We have a few posters,
but it'd be good to talk about it again.
Sophie, take over.
We need more slogans.
Wake up. I know it's late,
but we need to move ahead.
We need more people to post bills.
We need slogans
that are more political and punchier.
The poster gets me down.
I mean, it's totally ugly.
The font is hideous.
It's festive though.
-'Cause of the pretty colours?
- It's Gay Pride.
Avoid black and white
and slogans like "It's us dying".
Know what? "It's us dying"
would have been better.
We get the message. You hate it.
Our watchword sucks too.
Here we go.
I hate, "I want you to live".
What don't you like about it?
It's consensual.
And "I want"...
I want ice cream, I want a vacation.
You're silly 'cause I want you to live.
You're sweet, Sean.
To answer Thibault
about the consensual aspect...
It's not true.
Gilles and I posted bills by the river.
It was sunny, we felt good,
we were happy to be doing it...
Will this take much longer?
It can't take all night.
Hold on a minute.
We were happy, it was sunny.
And this guy came up...
Can't you leave us be?
We just want to have a good time.
And you scare us with your posters.
Don't be scared of them.
It says, "I want you to live."
It's upbeat.
It scares guys.
Be scared of AIDS instead.
There you go.
Done a test?
Maybe you're neg
and worrying for nothing.
Get off our damn backs!
Fuck off!
It's like I said.
Fags are stupid. They don't get it.
They can't stand us.
Gay Pride
will be gloomy and wet as usual.
No interesting slogans, no music,
just zombie-like fags
who refuse to hear about AIDS,
even with upbeat slogans
like "I want you to live".
We have to wake up these queens
by putting the disease on the street.
Our chairman is getting depressed...
So let's hurry up with the slogans.
Yes, Mehdi.
I've thought of something
to make everyone happy:
"Molecules for anal sex fools!"
That's unifying.
It's great, it can make a slogan.
"Molecules for anal sex fools!"
"Molecules for anal sex fools!"
And blabla... round the back.
"Haemophiliac round the back."
Are you crazy?
"Haemophiliac round the back."
Hlne, got a slogan?
It's a simple one, but I like it.
"AIDS is me, AIDS is you,
AIDS is us."
Even the AFLS can do better than that!
I'll shut my mouth then.
Help! Any other slogans?
Julien, got one?
At last year's Gay Pride,
I was with the zombies, in the rain,
bored stupid...
My doctor told me the day before
I probably had a CMV in my eye...
I was thinking something
a bit pathetic, but not bad...
I thought,
"This could be my last Gay Pride."
That's beautiful.
That's a beautiful slogan.
It'd have made a great poster.
But a bit late.
Sorry, it was a year ago.
Note stuff.
I always carry a notebook.
Got that?
Never go out without a notebook.
- Sean, another idea?
- Yes.
With Max and Etienne,
we could do a cheerleader group.
Thibault won't like it,
but we're working on the moves...
The street theatre thing gets me down.
It's like we could end up
with guys on stilts.
Or mimes!
Poz mimes? A nightmare!
It's too queer for you,
but it'll be good.
It'd be great to have ten people or so.
Luc... Who else?
- Me too.
- Jrmie. Great!
We'll recycle your slogan, Hlne.
AIDS is me, AIDS is you,
AIDS is us!
It's like that dumb slogan we had...
"They're bad..."
No... "They're not nice,
they're really bad."
Down with, down with those who do evil!
They're not nice,
they're really bad.
Down with, down with those who do evil!
"Like one who flees attention or love
I feared your silence and left, pale
Fearing my greeting offended your gaze"
If you remember,
we saw that these Sonnets for Helene
were commissioned
by Catherine de Medici
for her protge,
Hlne de Surgres.
Hlne was distraught
after losing her husband
and Catherine asked Ronsard...
We're ACT UP Paris.
We're here to talk AIDS prevention
as the government won't.
- Who allowed you in?
- We did. Why?
This won't do.
Whether you're gay,
dyke, straight or bi...
a condom is the only protection
against AIDS and other STDs.
With fellatio,
the risk is smaller, but does exist.
No sperm in your mouth...
Get out right now!
...especially with lesions
or sore gums.
Stop handing these out.
- They're minors.
- You have no right!
Excuse us, we're ACT UP Paris
and we'd like a few minutes
to talk about AIDS.
- It won't take long.
- OK.
Listen, this is very important.
Always remember,
whether you're heterosexual,
homosexual or bisexual,
the only effective weapon
against HIV and other STDs
is the condom.
Use a lubricant for anal sex
or with vaginal dryness.
For fellatio, in other words oral sex,
the risk is less important,
but does exist.
If you're a drug addict,
use a clean syringe for each shoot
and never share it.
Thank you for listening
and protect yourselves.
Remember the map for next week!
Mr Principal,
you won't install condom machines
despite official recommendations.
I won't discuss it!
You're resisting public health measures!
Get out of this school!
Teenagers at risk!
Condoms in high schools!
Why won't you install
a condom machine here?
Our students are minors.
Condoms promote sexual relations.
Kids don't have sex at 16?
What world do you live in?
My son is 16 and has AIDS.
I wish he'd been protected.
I'm sorry, but that's not the issue.
Protect yourselves. Use condoms.
Could I have
the brochure on anal sex?
All gone.
Hold on.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Protect yourselves. Use condoms.
No way.
- Why not?
- I'm no fag.
Are you out of your mind?
I won't catch your AIDS shit.
Hold on.
I prefer it with a condom.
- Prefer or want?
- It's dangerous.
- It's not too risky.
- I prefer with.
All right.
Hold on, I can't...
I can't. Sorry.
I can't with a condom.
- Sorry.
- It's ok.
Who's that woman?
Your sister?
My mother.
We were living in Chile then.
- She's Chilean?
- No.
She's French. My dad's Chilean.
You let her watch you fuck?
Why do you say that?
- Dunno.
- I never thought of it.
It's ok. My mum's open-minded.
You're cute in that photo.
Which one?
This one.
How old were you?
The year I came back here with Mum.
One year later, I got infected.
Who was it?
My maths teacher.
Mr Ducaire. Herv.
I was sixteen.
I got infected the first time.
Straight off.
He was married.
At school,
they said he had a baby.
Maybe he didn't know he was poz.
We were in love.
I trusted him.
And he trusted me.
Like two idiots.
A week later, I was as sick as a dog.
I didn't understand.
Well, I did.
I suspected it.
I was afraid.
So I did the test.
And that was that.
And the teacher?
It was summer. We lost touch.
He was older, he should've known.
Yes, he should've,
but I should've known too.
You can't split responsibility.
When you infect someone,
you're 100% responsible.
And when you get infected too.
But what did we know then?
No one talked about it.
That's the state's responsibility.
Yes, that's right.
But now we're fucking.
Am I your first poz?
It depends.
You mean the first poz
I've had sex with?
You're the first to tell me.
I had sex with a guy aged about
He wanted it without a condom.
I didn't ask him but...
given his age,
he hadn't had much experience.
I dunno...
I din't really like my jaw.
You don't?
What's wrong with it?
It's too pointy.
Too jutting.
No, it's fine. You're great.
- You think so?
- Yes.
I didn't notice right away.
After we came,
I saw small patches on his back.
I'd never seen any Kaposi's sarcoma.
Only photos, not for real.
I just mentioned it was good
to do a test once a year.
To be sure.
And that using condoms
had to be automatic every time.
That got him mad.
He said he knew what he was doing.
I didn't insist.
What more could you say?
That he was poz?
He wasn't just poz. He was sick.
I know.
I have a bit of Kaposi's sarcoma too.
You didn't see?
Against AIDS, you have no choice!
Fight! Fight!
Fags, dykes, wake up now!
Fags, dykes, join us now!
Molecules for anal sex fools!
And latex for your big sex!
The ANRS Roche protocol now...
Someone from ACT UP wanted to speak.
You wanted to talk about it, Thibault.
This trial was problematic.
We talked about it when you said
it would last over a year.
But the protocol
raises even more questions...
We tried to shorten it...
It's not the duration.
It's not?
What shocked us,
all of the groups, not just ACT UP,
is the number of punctures involved.
It's crazy.
It's vital
to observe lymph node activity.
Have you had a lymph node puncture?
No. I know it's not pleasant.
No, not at all.
A puncture every two weeks,
for eight months.
Sixteen punctures,
unless I'm mistaken.
The desperate few
who volunteer for the trial
will drop out after two months.
The results will be worthless.
What do you suggest instead?
We're just saying the trial
isn't viable.
It's not just a revised protocol then.
That's obvious.
You can always start the trial
as outlined,
but it Will fail.
For you.
Groups from Boston
and Detroit I keep listening to.
If you don't like it,
you're screwed.
What's the photo?
An ocean beach.
The most beautiful place in the world.
It's a photo of you too.
You noticed?
Can you stay with us, Thibault?
The Melton Pharm reps.
To make things clear,
the ANRS hasn't sided with ACT UP
in the disagreement between you.
It's not our role to be peacekeepers but
we've informed Melton Pharm,
as Mr Gilberti can testify,
that we understand your impatience.
We understand too...
Let me finish.
All right.
We've gathered here today
to talk things over calmly
and reach a compromise.
I fear that will be difficult.
Great start.
We fully understand your impatience,
but I must inform you, sir,
that violence is simply unacceptable.
Throwing blood in our offices
is inadmissible.
There was material damage,
that is far from negligible,
and, above all, mental damage
to a number of employees,
traumatized by your acts.
Why not sue us then?
If we're merely rioters,
why don't you sue us?
Because we're here to talk.
You should do it.
It'd be interesting if a pharm lab
attacked a victims' group.
I think that's what's stopping you.
As for your shocked employees,
explain what withholding information
does to people with terminal AIDS.
We're not here to accuse anyone,
but it isn't easy,
and I understand AIDES,
to work with a group
that resorts to violence!
I'll stop you right there.
All the groups here agree on one thing:
your communication,
or non-communication,
is scandalous.
It's not scandalous.
We're here to talk,
to be open with you, to...
Sorry, we hadn't realized.
You'll give us the inhibitor results?
You should have told us.
What use would it be?
We don't have the final results.
Only an expert could interpret them.
I read every publication on the subject.
I'm perfectly capable
of reading your partial trial results!
I've acquired expertise in side effects:
vomiting, diarrhoea.
It's time you listened.
Come on...
All we do is listen!
GERMAN. As expected, we played our parts.
The other groups supported us.
The ANRS director acted impartial,
but you could tell he wanted
to lay into Melton Pharm.
As for Mr Gilberti,
he offered no information,
but couldn't justify himself.
He saw he was wrong to attack us
from the start of the meeting.
Max, your turn.
What I'm hearing is
you enjoyed
setting Melton Pharm straight,
but obtained nothing.
We'll keep up the pressure...
But how?
We'll pester them with the other groups.
An inter-group communiqu.
Hey, the back-row Radicals, calm down!
We knew we'd obtain nothing.
You're deluded otherwise.
In that case, why are we all here?
You know medical issues
are entirely different.
On prevention, health care and power,
we're rock solid.
In the medical field,
we need to find out and learn.
ACT UP needs to urge labs
to extend their research.
For instance, how do antiretrovirals
interact with ecstasy?
That's vital.
It's important.
La, something to add?
We need research on how
AZT interacts with hormone therapy.
There are uncontrollable side effects
and lots of girls have problems.
I'd like to go back to what Max said.
I agree.
I think those people are duping us.
If we want stuff from the labs,
we have to take action.
We must attack their precious image!
No, the labs don't care
about their image.
How come?
We're giving Melton Pharm
great publicity for their inhibitor.
Sean, you asked to speak?
Lobbying won't get us anywhere.
- You said so.
- He's on a loop!
If the labs
are the med commission's domain, say so.
But we're giving our report, Sean.
We struck them already.
We did it once, months ago now.
Tilt things in our favour!
The labs need us, ok.
If only for their fucking trials.
We have to be offensive
and halt the talks.
That's not fair, Sean!
You imply
we have friendly talks with them
as if we were an elite
with the selfish goal
of getting new molecules.
I don't have time.
Not with my blood test results.
We won't compare health bulletins!
Mine aren't great either!
I have 160 T4s left.
I don't want to talk to people
who won't give us trial results
which may be disappointing!
We can't mobilize the media
on treatment.
The Melton Pharm action was striking
with all the blood.
Not one press photo!
It's the same here at ACT UP!
Treatment leaves you cold.
We're more numerous
but the med commission needs people.
Our most important commission!
Why's that?
We don't want to die, darling.
Think you'll survive?
I act as if I will.
Bachir, your turn.
Why are we arguing like this?
We're wasting time.
Do we even know
what we're talking about?
What prevents us lobbying
and carrying out actions?
For example,
whenever we're free, we call the labs
or send a fax to tell them,
"We're sick and dying.
We need the results!"
The med commission can carry on
talking to lab management.
What's the problem?
Thanks, Bachir.
Sophie, you now.
I wanted to react
to what Bachir said about faxes.
We've developed a technique...
If you tape two pages together
and place them in the machine...
...and then tape them here,
the pages will keep on turning
and block their fax machine.
That's a great idea!
- What, Sean?
- Why not invite Melton Pharm here?
To answer us directly.
They won't come
before the AIDS conference.
I think it's worth trying.
Can we vote to finish up?
It's 9:24 pm
and we need a break.
That's a good idea.
Who wants to invite Melton Pharm
to a WM?
A huge majority.
We adopt the idea
of inviting lab reps to the WM.
We'll take a 15-minute break.
I'm fine.
Why wouldn't I be?
I have thrush...
in my mouth.
- Sorry.
- No worries.
Using Amphotericin?
You're top of the class!
You'll know more than me!
Yes, I'm using it, Mum.
I've never asked you what you do.
What I do?
Your job.
It's that professional moment now?
Forget it.
- What d'you want to know?
- Forget it.
Go on.
I don't know...
What's your job?
I'm poz, that's all.
It's that simple.
And how about Sophie?
What does she do?
She's a pollster, I think.
That's right.
And German'?
No idea.
Hospital porter.
- But he's more or less quit.
- My turn...
What does Jrmie do?
He works?
No, he's studying history.
History. I didn't know.
Screw the thrush.
For 10 litres of blood,
put 10 litres of water in the tub,
then add a kilo of sugar
and some wallpaper paste.
Like for posters.
Then you stir it really fast
to make a whirlpool in the tub
to get rid of lumps.
They make it tough after.
Then you add the colouring.
We have three tones.
It's red food colouring.
It mustn't be too dark or too pink.
Your nose is bleeding.
- Shit.
- Hold on.
Lean back.
On Wednesday, February 23rd, 1848,
the people were on the streets
and barricades were up.
Around 50 demonstrators
set off for the Foreign Ministry
on Boulevard des Capucines.
But the 14th regiment was blocking
the boulevard.
Torch in hand,
a demonstrator stepped up
to a lieutenant.
A sergeant opened fire.
Taking it as a signal,
the troops fired.
Sixteen killed and forty wounded.
Then anger exploded.
The corpses were placed on carts
and paraded through Paris.
- What is it, Jrmie?
- I can't breathe.
Try to get comfortable.
I can't breathe.
Lie down.
This goes on your finger.
Breathe calmly.
Lean on the pillow. Relax.
Breathe calmly.
It's not nice, but it'll help.
They even stopped
at certain newspaper offices
to force them to report on the scene.
As a call to arms,
this "corpse parade"
was the monarchy's death knell.
That will be my political burial.
That's what I want.
Parade my corpse
with whistles and foghorns.
Don't use my ashes.
They're for my parents.
I'm saying it now
because, even though I'm afraid,
I haven't suffered yet
but I know I will.
AIDS, we're dying,
indifference remains.
AIDS, we're dying,
indifference remains.
"We can observe the insincerity
of the homosexual psyche,
favouring cheating in relations,
going from carefreeness
to emotional inauthenticity.
This lack of truth
explains unstable homosexual relations
where trust often has no place."
A book by Tony Anatrella.
Priest and psychoanalyst.
Good reviews in Le Monde
and the weeklies.
We get the same crap
from Baudrillard.
Here goes...
"A virus spreads pathologically
in closed circuits.
It's the pathology of incest
in the metaphorical sense.
He who lives by the same,
dies by the same.
The prevalence of AIDS
among homosexuals or addicts
reveals the incestuous nature
of these closed worlds."
We've made these stickers
that read,
"Warning: this book
contains homophobic ideas
that stigmatize
AIDS victims or HIV-positive people."
We'll stick them
on the fly leaf of books
containing repellent ideas,
and those of sociologists
or fake philosophers
who act as our friends.
They're here.
Take them
and use as many as you can!
Thank you.
Helene wants to report
on the infected blood scandal.
It's more a debate.
Among the papers handed out tonight,
you'll have noticed
one attacking me personally.
It accuses my commission of demanding
that ministers and politicians
involved in the scandal
should be jailed.
I'd like to know ACT UP's position.
I need an explanation.
Max, you wanted to speak?
The text you refer to
was signed by me and Sean.
You can say so.
I'd like you all to read it.
We take responsibility.
We wrote it
as we need a clarification too.
We demonstrate to expose
the politicians involved.
But now our signs and slogans
are demanding prison for them.
As if we wanted them jailed.
But we do.
We've always said
we want them sentenced.
No, we want justice done.
- Same thing...
- No!
It hurts to see ACT UP demand jail time
when we're against it.
Jail means no treatment,
people get infected,
there are no sterile syringes...
What are you saying?
I agree with that!
But this calls me a populist!
We're not calling you that.
We wrote it to wake everyone up!
We all got trapped
into demanding jail time!
I joined ACT UP
because no one else
was talking about it.
I think Marco and I
have always been loyal to you.
I'm offended
that you didn't talk to me first!
No one questions your work.
What are you after?
We defend all AIDS victims.
You want us to stop demanding jail time?
Yes, among other things.
But it's more serious.
The infected blood scandal
has become ACT UP's showcase.
Not at all.
It's sexier for the media
than hookers, junkies,
foreigners or prisoners!
Maybe you're happy with this business,
but I'm not!
I don't believe this.
The infected blood scandal
is emblematic of the mishandling
by every government.
There's no syringe exchange system,
no prevention
targeted at fags or foreigners
because the state doesn't see
the seriousness.
For months,
I injected my son with infected blood
provided by hospitals,
backed by doctors and the authorities.
We know all that, Hlne.
But we're contradicting ourselves.
Talking of political responsibility
is different
from jailing people!
We're not after revenge.
I don't want to jail anyone,
I just want a verdict.
If everyone agrees here,
we won't vote.
It's a pity to insult each other
over a few adjustments.
They're not just adjustments!
Let's move on to minor issues
before the break.
What was that about?
You're crazy attacking Hlne.
She's not your target, Thibault is.
You'd never have
done it to a guy.
- Wasn't that kind of mean?
- What?
Humiliating Hlne.
Hlne's strong, she understands.
She didn't take it well.
- Your husband's a drag.
- He's a drag.
It's pathetic laying into Hlne
when you're mad at me.
It's not Hlne.
We don't think together.
You're glad we're on TV,
but we can't agree in meetings anymore!
Where are we heading?
I'm sick of you whining. Take over!
Shut up out there!
Any debate is in here,
not in the corridor!
It's a pain!
It's not an erogenous zone.
Does it hurt?
Take the syringes...
We'll be there soon.
We'll move fast.
Just a couple of rounds at the ministry
before the cops grab us.
Shit, it'll be shorter.
Leave the signs, just take the syringes.
Let's go!
Junkies forgotten!
Junkies murdered!
10 years ago, 4% of junkies
were HIV-positive!
Today, it's 30%!
Interior Ministry policy is criminal!
We demand clean syringes
for all drug users!
The state must set up
syringe exchanges!
End drug prohibition
and launch heroin assisted treatment.
Enough of the authorities' hypocrisy!
He's sick!
Watch out!
He's sick!
- OK?
- I'm Ok.
- Sure?
- I'm ok.
That didn't last long.
How did you do it?
Do what?
It's a habit at ACT UP.
We always tell how we got infected.
But you,
how have you stayed neg?
I don't know.
You fucked before the epidemic?
Yes, I did.
But it didn't last long.
So, how was it before?
I'd fucked with two or three guys.
One, I was crazy about.
Honestly? No.
He wasn't?
But I was crazy about him.
I lived down south.
He'd pick me up in Aix
to fuck at his place
in Marseille.
No one around me knew.
I remember the trip by car.
One day,
there was a blizzard on the highway.
We'd never seen one before.
It caught us unawares.
We stopped in the emergency lane.
We thought it was, anyhow.
We couldn't see.
The other cars kept moving around us,
as if brushing past us.
As if they could ram us
or blow us apart any second.
I thought something odd that day...
If another car crashed into ours...
and we burned before being rescued,
they'd find our blackened bodies
and after taking weeks to identify us,
people would wonder
why we were together.
What we were for each other.
How old were you?
19, I think.
It seems so abstract.
Shortly after, I read a magazine article
about AIDS.
I'd never heard of it.
There was a photo
of two Americans on a beach.
Two photos, in fact.
Before and after.
In the first, they're in shape.
In the second,
one is at the terminal stage.
His name was Kenny.
He looked like a freak.
I'd never seen a gay couple
in a magazine before.
Except it was to say
homosexuals were going to die.
That we were all going to die.
I stopped fucking instantly.
For five years.
- You're crazy!
- I guess...
I didn't know if I could infect someone
or get infected.
I didn't believe in condoms.
When I did, it was a liberation.
I ran into Arnaud again,
the guy I was in love with,
and I began fucking again with him.
We had a great day.
At night, we went out for dinner.
On the way,
I saw he had trouble
walking and breathing.
He had lost weight too.
He told me a lot over dinner.
I forget what now.
He was living with his parents again.
He didn't mention his health.
And, of course, I didn't ask.
It was a weird evening,
not saying stuff we should have said.
He never got back in touch.
A year later,
I called his parents.
His dad answered.
He told me his son was hospitalized.
When I asked why,
he told me I knew why.
And he got mad.
So I hung up.
I didn't visit him at the hospital.
Did he die?
I don't know. That was two years ago.
I guess so.
Maybe he pulled through.
You can be hospitalized
and then recover.
Yeah, maybe.
I don't know.
I like to think he's alive.
We're either dead or alive.
You're right.
Let's move in together.
It'd be simpler.
SEAN: Simpler for what?
You're a drag.
I hate not being there.
I never asked you to be.
I can come Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday and weekends.
With work,
it's tricky the other days.
That's good.
I can manage alone, you know.
I know.
But I want to take care of you.
Don't say that.
Taking care of me. It's weird.
NATHAN: You know what I mean.
I want to spend more time with you.
I know.
My job pays well.
I'll get a new apartment.
It'd be dumb not to live together.
I can't do it.
Can't or won't?
I can't afford it.
What's your rent here?
850 francs.
950 with service charges.
A lot for a small place.
My mom pays now I don't work.
It'd be cheaper.
We'd share everything.
I have no pay slips.
- For the deposit and so on?
- Mmm-hmm.
My parents said they'd help.
It's all settled.
Meet Mr Gilberti.
From Melton Pharm.
- Mr Rossi.
- Agns Lecomte.
My assistants.
All right...
Before we start,
if you haven't followed,
Melton Pharm will soon launch
a new molecule,
a protease inhibitor,
for which they don't yet have
marketing authorization.
We want it distributed
to people with treatment failure.
But the labs' managers claim
there's a product shortage.
So there's talk
of a lottery for patients...
Sorry, we never mentioned a lottery.
We read that in the press.
- We were shocked too.
- Not as much as us.
Any questions?
A question about the shortage.
When ACT UP activists in Boston
met lab management in January,
there was no shortage...
It's not bad.
We're controlling
your cryptosporidiosis.
Your T4s are stable.
You're worried about the KS,
but radiation can help.
The lesions mustn't spread
to the soles of your feet.
I'll give you the number of a good place
for treatment.
They see HIV-positive people
early morning.
Indeed, American legislation
is much looser than ours.
We understand. Markus?
You're here now
and can't give us a single answer.
I have 87 T4 cells left.
It's absurd. It makes no sense.
87 T4 cells.
AZT doesn't help, DDI never worked,
and you justify the unjustifiable!
We're not justifying anything.
You're mistaken to think we don't care
about the delicate situations you're in.
You want us to help manage
a shortage you created.
You think we'll legitimize
this crap strategy?
Lie down.
Roll onto your stomach.
Like this?
Your approach is purely demagogical.
The Boston head office controls you.
You're here to keep us waiting.
Thank you.
Your strategy is obvious.
You've arranged a shortage
to plug the new molecule.
Classic company strategy.
Moreover, you launched
the lottery idea
almost as a PR stunt...
That's disgusting.
I agree, it's disgusting.
It's your head office's plan
but we don't care.
We'll step up the pressure
and obtain medication
for people who need it.
This debate was only supposed
to take 15 minutes.
We need to discuss
more important stuff than you,
so we'll ask you to leave.
I'll show you out.
I think it's time now
for a huge demo against pharm labs.
And Gay Pride is happening soon.
We need to shake it up.
Let's make it festive!
And talk about treatment too,
I've had a great idea.
We have the funds.
We'll cover a huge truck with speakers.
I want a boombox on wheels.
On one side, it'll say
"Ignorance is your enemy"
and, on the other,
"Knowledge is a weapon".
Sober, white on black.
We'll be able to dance
and talk about treatment.
Let's do signs targeting the labs.
And we need
to make the disease more visible.
Like the groups in the USA,
we should put our hospitalized friends
in the front line.
In wheelchairs like in NYC.
What are you talking about?
That's crazy!
I'm not sick enough?
I didn't mean you.
I don't look sick enough?
Neither does Markus?
Nor Muriel, nor you?
Doesn't this shock anyone?
I've had enough of you.
You're an impostor.
A fucking impostor.
two, three...
I brought seven. Only five left.
You put some in the other bag.
What bag?
- Yours.
- My backpack?
I take it Off?
If you want.
We'll do your back after.
Clench your fist.
Stretch your arm.
Here I go.
Shall I do your back on the bed?
I'm ok here.
All right.
ACT UP activists
are chained to the Melton Pharm gates.
The AIDS advocacy group is protesting
against the lab
for delaying anti-AIDS treatment
to hospital pharmacies.
We demand increased distribution
of the new antiretroviral.
Many patients have no access to it,
even though it received authorization
over a month ago.
The AIDS advocacy groups
accuse the lab
of restricting supply of the new drug
and of excluding terminal patients
with less than 50 T4 cells...
See you later.
Melton Pharm has not reacted.
Can I come in?
How are you?
Not great.
The catheter caused an infection.
They don't know what it is.
- Are you in pain?
- Yes.
Mainly aches.
I keep vomiting.
What's the painkiller?
Paracetamol, I think.
- Nothing stronger?
- No.
Well, yes.
They offered morphine.
You accepted?
I'd always go for morphine.
Do YOU play a lot?
What do the doctors say?
Nothing specific yet.
My T4s have increased a bit.
That's good.
It doesn't mean a thing.
It's an improvement.
Why have you come here?
We don't like each other,
but we're friends.
For December 1st, I have a bad feeling.
It'll be the worst World AIDS Day ever.
No one will come.
They have crazy ideas,
like turning the Seine blood red,
a condom on the obelisk...
There'll be a party though.
I'd like you to go now.
You're always mad at me. Why?
I don't know.
But I'd like you to go.
What are you doing?
Put that out and get into bed.
I'll be going.
Good idea.
What's his infection?
Drop it.
We'll find out.
It's important.
Don't give up, ok.
- Stop.
- We'll get new treatment.
We're controlling infection for now.
He's fine.
If he's fine...
I'll get everything for your IV.
I'll go.
What's up?
Thibault's going.
See you.
See you.
I've brought clean clothes.
It's hot in here.
I guess.
It's freezing outside.
I'm not well.
I know.
I hurt all over.
I don't know if it's the fever or fear.
Or both.
I'm afraid.
I'm really afraid.
All the time.
And I miss you.
Is the apartment nice?
A mess, but we've finished painting.
Is it beautiful?
It's white.
You jerk...
Sorry it had to be you.
Killer Mitterrand,
you've blood on your hands!
AIDS is a war, hear ACT UP roar!
We view AIDS as a war.
A war invisible to others.
Our friends are dying.
We don't want to die.
Every war
has its traitors.
AIDS too.
Those who see the epidemic
as a godsend for killing
gays, junkies,
prostitutes and prisoners
to general indifference.
Those who use it
to revive hatred and discrimination.
We have been fighting them since 1989
through our tireless presence
on every front.
Together we can unite our forces
to resist the epidemic,
and the personal tragedies
and social problems it causes.
Together we can build a community
able to approach the disease
with a positive and combative attitude.
ACT UP Paris views AIDS as a challenge!
Take it up with us!
Join us!
The bed's ready in there.
No, not in a bed.
The living room then.
You'd be better in bed.
I'm better nowhere.
Good bye.
I fetched your mail.
I opened the official stuff.
You've had
your handicapped adult allowance.
There's other stuff too.
I'll put it there.
Get me out of here.
Leave it open.
You're sure?
Is everything ready?
Be careful.
You mustn't prick yourself.
I know.
Good night.
I'm not dead yet?
What're you doing?
I've had enough.
We just turned the light off.
Go to sleep.
He's dead.
He's dead!
So soon...
Can you spell his name, please?
- Dalmazo.
- Spelled?
His mum wants to dress him.
I can't.
Don't worry.
I'll do it.
Hello, ma'am.
Hello, Max.
Let me help you.
Thank you.
Can you lift him a bit?
I'll hold him like this.
I'll slip the shirt behind him.
Hold him.
Put him down now.
Can you button it up?
You have to help me, sweetheart.
Nearly there.
A bit more.
Hello, I'm Thibault.
I'm Sean's mum. Come in.
Do you want coffee?
Yes... Thank you.
I'll fetch it.
Wait, let me help you.
It's stuck?
It was easy to get out,
but I can't fold it.
Mind if I smoke?
No, open the window.
It's good you're all here.
Got anything to eat?
Yes, I bought some things.
Let me see...
I have this...
I'm Sophie.
Is the coffee ready?
We'll pour for them.
You're Sean's mum.
Yes. And you?
I'm Hlne, Marco's mum.
Hello, Hlne.
Hello, Marco.
OK, Marco?
Yeah, I just don't want to see the body.
You don't have to.
You don't mind?
I'll go. Where is he?
There, to the right.
Hello, ma'am.
Done the communiqu?
I've written something,
but it's a bit...
It's like an obituary.
I'd like to hear the communiqu.
I'll read it?
The title...
"Sean Dalmazo, 26, has died of AIDS."
Then, the lines...
"Sean was a founder member
of ACT UP Paris.
He headed the prison commission."
Then I wanted to add that...
he worked on minor...
on defending minorities,
hookers, fags, junkies, etc.
After that,
"Sean lived politics in the first person.
He was a queen, funny,
a badass, alive."
I'd stopped there.
If you have ideas...
That's not bad.
We could mention courage too.
Maybe it's a bit naive.
Courage is good.
Emphatic doesn't scare ACT UP.
Can we talk about the ashes?
As you know,
Sean wanted a political funeral.
He wanted his ashes thrown
over insurers.
That raises
an organizational question...
How do we recover his ashes?
I know about it.
Nathan told me.
Of course, it's what he wanted.
But I'd like some of his ashes too.
Are you thinking 50-50
or more like 40-60?
More like 80-20.
No more coffee?
I'm making some.
Call me when it's ready.
Can you come back later?
Sure. Why?
To spend the night with me.
We'd fuck and everything?
Yes, of course.