Brackenmore (2016) Movie Script

[suspenseful music]
So how are you feeling?
Good, just tired.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Is she all right now?
She's asleep, thank gosh.
God, she's been
such a nightmare.
She doesn't want to leave.
[chuckles] I got that!
Jesus, I thought
she was going to stab me!
I've never seen her temper
get that bad before.
I thought it was pretty unusual,
even by her standards.
Well, I'm just glad
she's asleep now.
I couldn't handle her being
any more
of a little bitch.
- Uh, John...
- Well, you know I'm right.
- That's not the point.
- All right. Fine.
- [screaming]
- Christ!
What the hell
happened to her now?
She can't be awake.
Caroline, come on!
All right, John.
- [yelling] Hey!
- Okay, darling, wake up.
[screams] No, no!
Kate, will you wake up
[horn blows]
- [suspenseful music]
- [hissing]
[heavy breathing]
[door opens]
I heard shouting.
Is um...
is everything all right?
Yeah. I'm just, um...
Do you want anything?
Do you remember
what it was about?
Not clearly.
Did it have to do
with the house?
Your uncle's house, I mean,
not ours.
Ever since the letter, you know,
you've been agitated.
So, I... um... look,
if you want to go,
I mean, I can come with you.
It might help to
clear things up a bit.
Hey, I'm still really tired.
Can... can we just talk
in a bit?
Sorry for waking you.
[door closes]
Hu... Hi.
Um, I'm looking for a room.
We don't use this door
for guests.
Sorry, I... I don't have
a reservation.
I just saw the sign
on the main road.
Well, I suppose
I better show you around.
Just through here.
Thank you.
It's not huge,
but it's comfortable.
Well, I'll leave you
to get settled.
I was going to do meat stew
later, if you'd like.
- Thanks.
- Perhaps about 8.
- Okay.
- I'll come and get you.
The bathroom's
just through there.
You may have to leave
the water run a bit.
Not sure when it was
last used, but...
[answering machine beeps]
Steven, hi. It's me.
Um, I guess you're out.
Listen. [sighs]
I'm so sorry
for just leaving
without saying anything.
And just going so abruptly.
You were right though.
That was a good idea.
I needed to get away
from the city and...
from everything.
I'll, um...
I'll be in touch...
in a few days.
I'll speak soon, okay?
I'm really sorry.
[metallic clanging]
Thank you.
Are you saying grace?
Of sorts.
So, my wife tells me
you're from London.
[clears throat]
Hmmm. Sorry.
Yes, I am.
And what brings you
to our neck of the woods?
I have some family matters
I need to see to, so...
My Uncle Liam, he passed away
not too long ago.
So apparently, some things
have fallen to me.
Your uncle?
My family passed away
when I was younger.
That's unfortunate.
I didn't even know
I had an uncle. [chuckles]
So how do you like it?
The stew?
Is that a local recipe?
It is.
In some form or another.
- Hmmm.
- Will you be staying for long?
Um, I don't know.
I'm going to try and see
the estate person tomorrow.
And, you know,
I should...
I should know after that.
- Is that okay?
- Uh-hm.
It shouldn't be too long.
No more than a few days.
[phone rings]
Yeah. Uh, yeah, yeah,
I stopped by yesterday.
Yeah, yeah.
Tomorrow is good.
All right.
Thank you.
See you then.
[door opens]
Miss Reynolds,
we meet at last.
- Well then.
- I'm here to sort out my...
Your uncle's estate.
That's right. Yes.
Now I have that...
oh, here we are.
[clears throat]
Uh, were you close?
To be honest until
I got your letters,
I didn't know I had an uncle.
I didn't have much interaction
with the man.
He was very private.
Liked to keep
himself to himself,
if you know what I mean.
Well, it makes sense
at least, hmmm?
What makes sense?
You do know how he died?
Oh, sorry.
I assumed you knew.
I'm afraid he...
he took his own life.
Look, are you okay?
Look, we can arrange to
do this another time perhaps.
If it's all the same,
I would like to do it today.
[stumbling] Yes, okay.
That should be no problem.
Uh, well, I've just got to
check the calendar first.
Things have been hectic
this winter.
do we take my car?
You okay?
You look a little pale.
I just didn't sleep well.
Well, this is it.
Here, let me get that for you.
It doesn't look like much,
but it comes with 13 acres.
Mostly woodland.
And well, shall we go in?
You can see why
your uncle liked the place.
It's uh... it's quaint.
I'll, uh,
I'll open up for you.
[clears throat]
[struggles with door]
Ah, this is it.
I recognize this.
Well, I'm not an estate agent
but the house
seems to be in good nick.
And I don't have
the details to hand,
but by all accounts,
there's a kitchen in there,
a bedroom down there,
and a fine big adjoining space
down the back there
that was used for storage.
Look, uh, would you like
if I, uh, left you alone
and you could look at the house
in your leisure?
Yeah, thank you.
That would be nice.
So, look, I'll leave
the keys here.
And sure, we can go over
the paperwork tomorrow.
Ah, Tom!
I just seen the door
was open there
and thought I'd come in.
Tom, this is Miss Reynolds.
- Miss Reynolds, this is Tom.
- How's it going?
Just showing Miss Reynolds
around her uncle's estate.
Well, technically now,
your estate, I suppose.
Well, like I was saying,
I'll leave you at it.
Are you sure you'll be able
to get home on your own?
Yeah. I'll find my way.
Well, I can take you back
if you want.
It's okay, honestly.
Maybe it's best if he does.
Surely, we don't want you
to get lost.
Well, uh, I'll see you
That is funny.
I recognize this place.
I guess I must have
been here as a kid.
I knew your uncle actually.
- Really?
- Uh-hm. He was a good man.
Took me in for a while then.
I was born around here
but never knew
any of the details.
I lost my, uh, parents
in an accident around here
when I was younger,
and um, I...
Come on, I'll get you
back to the inn.
[knock on door]
Just a minute.
[insects chirping]
[birds chirping]
[knock on door]
Tom. Hi.
Hi. I just wanted to
check up on you,
see how you were doing.
How kind! Thank you.
A lot better than yesterday.
I don't know
what happened there.
That's so sweet.
Did you want to come in?
Oh, uh, I didn't want to
invade on your privacy.
No, no! Don't be silly.
I'll just be a minute.
So, you're feeling
better then, yeah?
Yeah. I guess
I must have slept it off.
But that was really weird.
Hey, I'm really sorry
about your shirt.
So where are you off to then?
I'm going to go down
to the village
and see Mr. Kelly.
He, uh, mentioned yesterday
about going over some paperwork.
So, you know,
it will be good to know
what I'm finally
letting myself in for.
How about you?
What are your plans?
I looked at those as well.
And they're rather
strangely familiar.
Well, you see that man there?
- That's your uncle.
- Really?
Mmmm. A long time ago,
Where are these from?
Oh these? These are just
pictures of people
from around the village.
Community events
and things like that.
It's so small everyone
basically knows everyone.
You might find it strange,
but you'll get used to it.
It's so beautiful here.
And the village itself,
it's really quiet.
It's almost out of time.
I like how quiet it is
around here.
Things aren't complicated.
Oh, and they're
not boring either.
At least to the people
that live here.
I can understand that.
So, tell me, how are you
finding the place?
Until today, I haven't really
had a chance to explore.
From what I've seen,
it's quiet and relaxing.
And that's um, that's definitely
what I need right now.
Oh, yeah?
I guess things are just sort of
complicated at the moment.
It doesn't exactly look open.
Well, that's annoying.
Listen, if you're not doing
anything later...
Why don't we go down
to the festival
that they have going on
by the lake?
I mean,
like it's nothing major,
but there'll be
lots of people there.
It'll give you a better feel
of the village.
Show you what the village
is really like.
Aw, come on.
It's going to be fun.
I'll pick you up at 8.
Eight sounds good.
I'll see you then.
All right. See you.
[on phone] Hello.
Your call cannot be taken
at the moment.
So please leave your message
after the tone.
Hey, it's me.
I've, um, I've not
heard from you.
I guess it's no surprise really.
It's nice here.
A little superstitious
and kind of in the middle
of nowhere.
I'm not sure you'd really
like it anyway, but...
It's been interesting.
And... and I'm all right.
I'm just a little bit
under the weather,
but I'm just checking in.
Hope you're okay.
Oh my God!
Why wouldn't there be
severed heads in the kitchen!
- [knock on door]
- [startles]
Tom, hey.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I thought we were meeting
at 8 though.
Yeah, we were.
It's 8:30 now.
Oh God I'm so sorry.
I completely lost track of time.
I was... I was
looking around and um...
Never mind.
[crowd chatter]
[banjo music playing]
[sighs] It wasn't what I was
expecting at all, you know?
I'm glad we've got surprises.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I think this is definitely
what I've needed, you know.
Everyone just looks
so happy here.
Hey, come on.
I've got an idea.
Follow me.
Come on.
Want to try some?
A pipe?
There's more to it than that.
It's a local herbal recipe,
you know.
Oh! [giggles]
Now I know why
everyone's so happy here.
You don't have to try it
if you don't want to obviously.
I didn't want to stand out
more than I already do, do I?
[flicks lighter]
[crowd merrymaking]
Thank you for tonight.
I'm glad you had fun.
I did.
I haven't for so long,
Tonight was really good.
I should go.
Yeah, you go ahead.
I'll see you soon.
Sleep well.
[knock on door]
- [door opens]
- Hey, Irene, I'm sorry.
- [scream]
- [grunts, punches thrown]
[heavy breathing]
[heavy breathing]
[heavy breathing]
Kate, are you ready?
You're from London,
Miss Duffy?
And how long have you been
in Brackenmore?
A couple of days. Sorry.
I got here on Tuesday.
And how well did you know
Allyn Nivonne?
I didn't.
You didn't have
any contact with him
when you arrived or prior?
No, I didn't know him.
Why are you here
in Brackenmore?
My uncle.
I'm here to sort out his things.
Good man, your uncle.
Are you troubled, Miss Duffy?
Mmmm. Where were you tonight?
I was at
the lunar festival outing.
OFFICER: Yes, yes.
My men saw you.
So why would you ask
where I was?
So you met Allyn
at the festival.
No! I don't know him.
I didn't meet him.
I've not met him.
Tell me about the festival.
We... we... we ate
and drank a little.
Maybe he saw me there.
OFFICER: That was it?
You just ate and drank?
And danced, I guess.
Okay. You see,
by all accounts,
you were a little
out of sorts, shall we say.
Smoked a little
of the festival root.
But you didn't meet Allyn?
And you didn't party
with Allyn?
And you didn't invite Allyn
back to yours,
and then things
didn't take a turn,
and he didn't end up
bleeding out
on your bedroom floor?
All right now,
that's enough now.
You come over here from London.
You come to our
quiet little village
and you come
to our little festival.
You drink.
You smoke.
And then one of our village lads
ends up dead.
So, you can understand
why I'm not going to
cradle your head.
See, I knew that boy.
What are you looking at?
Old photos of my uncle.
This here.
My uncle and my dad
when they were kids.
This woman here...
That's my Mom.
And this little girl...
I think that's me.
I don't remember any of it.
Or anything that's here, and...
and I don't remember them,
and it's freaking me out.
I can't stay here.
[knock on door]
Miss Reynolds.
Uh, so, about the property.
I want to sell it.
Well, I'm afraid
it's not really that simple.
Well, you see,
we have to determine first
if your uncle left
any outstanding debts.
And well, then after that,
there's all the paperwork
and then we'll have to make sure
that that's all done correctly
so it transfers
over to you properly.
Isn't that something that
you should have started already?
Well, you see,
I was waiting to hear
from the next of kin...
as how to proceed.
How long is it going to take?
Well, um, I'll have to make
a few inquiries first.
And like I say if there's
nothing outstanding a few days.
And well, if there is, it...
it might take a little longer.
But you'll be the first to know.
Yeah. Of course, I will.
[birds chirping]
Come on.
Answer it.
[door opens]
Sorry about that.
There's no need for you
to be sorry.
I understand that.
Can you take me back
to the guest house, please.
Are you sure
that's a good idea?
I just want to get my things.
Are you sure about this?
[message from Steven]
Hi. I got your messages.
I'm really worried about you.
Anyway, I'm here.
I arrived this morning.
Where are you?
Look, Kate,
I found the pregnancy test.
I wish you'd told me.
I mean, this is
a good thing, you know.
We can start fresh.
Look, please just call me.
We need to talk.
Can I help you?
I'm uh... well, I'm looking
for a place to stay.
This, uh, this is
the guest house, right?
Oh, oh.
Well, it's just, um...
I mean, the sign on the street
back there,
it points this way.
It was. It isn't anymore.
The sign is old.
Right. Well, um, I mean,
do you know of anywhere else
in town I could stay?
Well, thanks.
You've, uh, you've been
a lot of help.
KATE: This was meant to be
Meant to be a break
from all the other shit.
No, that's fine.
God knows what he's doing.
Or who.
And he's sorry.
I know he is, but...
It's not enough, you know?
'Cause he did cheat,
and he messed up.
He was trying really hard.
The more he tries,
the more I hate him.
Oh, it just
makes me feel guilty
because he's trying so hard.
You know it's not good
to feel guilty now.
I know.
But I do.
I just can't forgive him.
[sighs] There's no way
I'm strong enough.
Oh, come on.
After everything
you've been through?
I've never met anyone stronger.
I'm not strong.
Yes, you are.
More than you know.
Change of plan.
You're going to have a drink.
I know I want one,
and you sure as fucking
need one!
[giggles] Okay.
Did you find anything?
No, no!
No, no!
I'm sorry, Kate.
I really am.
These must appear
very strange to you,
these death masks.
Tom, I'm scared...
and I don't want to be here.
Tom, I want to leave.
There's a lot of things
you don't understand
about our traditions.
Things that outsiders
would call pagan.
I want to leave.
- I won't say anything.
- It's all relative, I suppose.
I promise.
Some people
have lost their way.
I want to put this all
behind me.
They have lost sight
of what's important.
- I don't want to be a part...
- Family.
...of this anymore.
You're not just part of this.
You're the whole of it.
This is all about you.
Okay. Please, let me go.
IRENE: There is no one
more important than you.
No one.
You've just forgotten.
Forgotten what?
Your role here.
You've seen it
in those pictures.
MAN: Many people
would call it superstition...
But they don't know
what's coming.
We do.
And you do too.
You've seen it.
You were chosen
a long time ago.
You don't even know me.
I do.
I was there
the night of the crash.
[sighs] What are you
talking about?
Your uncle, he understood
what needed to be done.
That's why there was no way
out of the crash.
You knew they were
about to leave
and you wouldn't let them.
Your uncle sacrificed himself
so that you may return here.
But you have forgotten
This is insane!
Believe me, it's not.
We are the messengers.
You have the mark.
You'll pretend
that you haven't it,
but I know that you do.
Unfortunately, you have
forgotten its significance.
You have forgotten your part.
That is why
Allyn went to your room.
He was a true believer.
He did what needed to be done.
MAN: He was ready
to lay down his life
to bring that part of you out.
If you hadn't run away,
you'd have welcomed this.
You'd have been willing.
You'd have been revered
like all those before you.
But that's just not
going to happen, is it?
I'm sorry.
This is not going to be
pleasant for you.
[screams loudly]
- Hello.
- Oh, hi there.
Um, um...
Come in.
Come in, come in!
Okay. Sure.
So, how might I help you?
Well, um, yeah.
I was wondering
if you could help me.
Actually, I'm looking
for my wife Kate.
Kate Reynolds.
I think she stopped by here.
Kate Reynolds?
Sorry, that name
doesn't sound familiar.
I mean, it's just... we...
we got this letter from you
about the passing
of her uncle's estate.
Oh! [stammering]
Yes, this lady called in,
but I wouldn't know
where she is now.
Oh, well, do you think she
might be at her uncle's place?
Oh, no.
She wouldn't be there.
Sure, I have the keys,
and she wouldn't be there.
All the same, do you think
I could grab the address?
It's just that
I'd like to visit...
I'm sorry. I can't give out
that kind of information.
But I'm her husband.
[sighs] All the same.
I mean, I... I could just
look it up, you know.
Well, if you think
it might help.
No, it really would help
if you...
if you could just give me
the address.
Look, perhaps you should
ring her up.
Maybe that might be
the right thing to do.
Yes. She's not
picking up her phone.
Ah! Well, sorry sir.
I can't help you.
Well, is there no one who's
at least seen her arrive and...
- Mr. Reynolds.
- Hello.
My name is
Superintendent Garrett,
and I'm in charge of the local
police force around here.
I'm sorry to have to tell you
that your wife has been involved
in an incident
which has resulted in the death
of a young man in the village.
I'm sorry, what?
It would appear that Ms. Duffy
has fled the community.
No, no. There must be
some sort of mistake.
My wife's name is Reynolds.
No, no. I'm afraid
there is no mistake,
and I have to ask you
if you have any knowledge
of her whereabouts.
Well, no, I don't know
where Kate is.
That's the thing.
I'm here looking for her.
She's not picking up her phone
or anything...
Has there been anything
going on between you
that could have resulted
in this outburst?
Excuse me?
Has there been anything
going on between you
that could have resulted
in this outburst?
- An affair maybe?
- Look, I...
I don't know who you are
or what you...
What the...?
Where did you um...
how did you get...
What the fuck is going on here?
Welcome to Brackenmore.
How are you doing?
Kate, look at me.
Do I look dead inside to you?
You're my sister.
I've waited to see you
my whole life.
I never asked for us
to be separated.
All I ever wanted
was for us to be family again.
I know none of this makes
any sense to you, I know.
I really am sorry for this.
[door opens]
[heavy breathing]
No, no, no, no!
[shouting] Don't do this!
You want me, take me,
but please leave him
out of this.
I'll be whoever
you need me to be.
Just please leave him alone!
Just please leave him alone.
[sobs] No!
I wish I didn't
have to do this, Kate.
[sobs] Please don't!
Please don't do this!
You don't have to do this!
You... you're the one
that's in control.
Tom, Tom!
[stiffled screams]
[sobs] I love you so much!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
[sobs] I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
- Please!
- [stiffled] Fuck you!
[silent screams]
I'm so sorry!
We are gathered here,
a desperate lot,
with nowhere else to turn.
We stand on the precipice
of a new world.
She will bring new life.
She will bring new prosperity
and protection
in a world that is forgotten.
When we were chosen
for this path,
chosen long before
you and I were born,
in the days of the old gods.
And we must never forget
what we have sacrificed
to usher in this new world.
I am not unaware
of where these actions
may take me after I die,
but that does not matter.
What matters is
that we have the strength
within ourselves
to do what we must.
To know that this is
the right way, the only way.
Today is a dark day,
and we must never forget
what we have
sacrificed here today
to usher in this new world.
[heavy breathing]
New prosperity.
New life.
Forgive me.
It is done.
[shouting] Help me!
For the love of God, please.
Help me, please!
Stop it! Stop it!
This thing.
It's a part of me,
and it's protected me
my entire life.
[music fades out]