Brain Freeze (2021) Movie Script

Moving towards
the north-west sector.
Unit 3 on the move.
Heading towards
the south-west sector.
I repeat! Do not
exceed the ratio.
Another win for Biotech M.
Hey, Andr!
You're listening to 95.8,
the number one station
in the city and I'm
Patrick Nault.
Let's get real here, alright?
We live, in a left-wing
dictatorship run by goddam green
fascists, who want us to be
content drowning in our white
shit. How about clearing
the snow from our streets
assholes? And if you don't
drive, do us a favour
and stay home.
Anyway... traffic's gonna be
a mess all day today.
Speaking of winter, you know
those pretentious assholes
on Peacock Island who turn
their noses up at us?
Well, the peacocks on Peacock
Island don't like winter.
You wanna know why?
They can't play golf
in the winter.
So these entitled Islanders,
have more money than God
and don't know what
to do with it.
And they're such
massive, entitled snobs!
Hey!!! Don't text
and ride, kid!
Don't text
while you're riding!
I'm not texting, I'm
watching a video!
It's red!
Little shit.
Yeah sure, winter's here, but
not for the rich who just wanna
golf all year round.
That bunch of snobs don't
give a damn about anything.
Not even nature.
Listen, I've got nothing against
the rich, the really rich,
mind you, but these pretenders
spewing their liberal views
piss me right off...
Know what I'm saying?
They drive me crazy.
You can bitch and complain
to me all you want,
but the world is going
to hell, and I've had it.
Do you want some
salt on your giraffe?
No? It's okay like that?
Ah! Like that?
Hello, Andr!
Hello, Camilla,
how are you Camilla,
did you have
a nice day Camilla?
How's Annie?
Is she still teething?
Hope it's not too painful?
Hello Andr.
No, your mother is not home yet.
Annie, say hi
to your brother.
Hi, Pat, you done,
I'll pick you up?
Dad! I told you,
I'm busy after...
After what?
After work, silly!
Ah, okay. So we're
not eating together?
Dad... go out, see other
people, do something fun.
No, it's okay, I've got
something "after" too.
Yeah, I know
what that something is,
and it's kinda weird.
And what about you?
What are you doing after?
You don't want to know!
Bye, love you.
- Andr?
- Yeah?
Your mom is really late.
I've got to go.
You look after Annie.
Huh? What? No no no no no!
Andr. My family needs
me too, they're waiting.
Come on, Camilla, please...
What are you so afraid of?
She's not going to eat you!
And she's sleeping now. I put
a bottle in the fridge in case
she wakes up. Okay?
I'll see you, tomorrow.
This is a scary video!
But don't worry,
there are no victims here.
One of the many laws of the
jungle is the need to eat,
but if the prey is
impossible to reach,
the animal soon gives
up to conserve energy.
Big cats vary between being
ferocious and in a vegetative
state until the next chance
they get to bite
into fresh meat.
Come on...
This should do it.
Shhh! Stop it!
You want a bottle?
Do you want my cell phone? Huh?
Take it!
Rouaaarg! Annie,
go to sleep
or the big teddy's
gonna eat you!
Why should we be prepared?
Power outages, economic crises,
insufficient water supply,
contamination, natural
disasters, epidemics.
They're all legitimate reasons
to be prepared for anything.
I'm often asked
why I'm getting ready,
and what scares me. Well, I'm
afraid of just one thing...
Oh boy, Dad...
What? What is it?
You can at least
tell me his name.
Mohammed Aktir. He's
an Imam at a mosque.
Come on.
Okay, his name's
Serge Tremblay, a lumberjack
who likes to crochet
flowered vests.
Get serious...
Who cares what his name
is, what's important is...
he's nice to me.
You can come back when you've
got your papers, okay?
This is ridiculous!
What are you doing?
Are you, uhhh...
are you intimate?
Yuck, come on, Dad!
- What? I can ask!
- Uh, no, you can't ask, no!
Get back on the bus
and let us do our job.
You're so
pig-headed, this is ridiculous!
What're you doing?
Updating your contact photo.
Let's go get your papers. I'm
not going to let you down.
I said get up!
- Hmm...
- Come on!
Camilla is late
and I've got to go.
- Mom? This is crazy.
- What is?
You work too much.
I've got to pay for the house,
school, the car,
- sailing lessons.
- I hate sailing.
It's important
to socialize.
I hate socializing.
I do too, but got no choice.
- Ah... Bye
- Bye-bye, Annie.
Golfing in the winter...
the rich don't give a shit
about the laws of nature...
Look out!
Jose Boisbriand,
leave a message.
Yeah, uh, mom, Camilla
still isn't here yet!
I don't know what to do?
Call me!
Oh boy...
Wanna have lunch together?
Bye Dad.
- I'll pick you up after work!
- See ya.
Here we are...
Oh, thank you...
Oh yes, my love, we're here.
Maud! Marcel! How are you?
Our genius!
Don't mind her! Come on! Ruby!
Quite the guard dog. You must
feel very safe with her around.
You're going
to surprise us, I hope!
The course is ready!
Your members will
get their money's worth.
If they played two rounds
a day, every day of the year,
they still wouldn't get
their money's worth!
Golf is, it's not
a sport or a game,
it's a social status.
Oh, come on now, Ruby!
Let's go...
Ah, good girl, ah,
that's my precious...
Meanwhile, our city is overrun
with the poor and immigrants who
we have to support because
we're good, kind people.
We're doormats. We let them in
like it's some fricken hotel
AND we pay for their room.
That's just... it's
just common sense!
We're living beyond our
means, can't you see that?
Hey guys, real life is
no walk in the park...
okay, time to wake up.
You're listening to 95.8
the city's number one station
with Patrick Nault.
Annie! You almost
broke the TV!
Aw shit...
Undo the diaper... like this.
Try folding it
up to keep everything in.
We don't want
anything dropping out.
There may be a variety
of colors, that's normal.
Yellow, green, brown.
You may notice a
smell, don't worry.
Quickly put
on the clean diaper.
Use the piece of tape
and seal it closed.
Or you might be in for
a nasty surprise.
- Give me a seven iron.
- He said he wants a seven iron!
chill out.
Hey! Leave me a message!
Hurry up, okay honey!
Ruby's waiting
for us in the clubhouse
and she must be so bored.
Golf is so slow, isn't it?
Yes, ha ha ha!
You're starting to give me
a hard on, you dirty girl!
It'll be worth the wait...
I'll be there
in five minutes.
Okay... bye bye!
Did you know that red pepper
is less bitter and easier
to digest than green pepper?
We have several nutritionists
at your disposal to help you
with selecting the foods
that are best for you.
Avoid shopping
on an empty stomach.
Try our warm, comforting meals
prepared especially for you
in our store.
Visit our butcher section
and try our exceptionally
fresh meat.
Sweetie? I'm home!
I'm in the bath!
Hold on, I'm coming!
Huh? What the?
Yeah, I'm coming!
The next step...
is to change the whole
damn climate here.
We're working on it.
Next time... she's going
to get such a big tip,
she'll see which side
her bread's buttered on.
Where is everybody?
Get outta here! They're sick!
Ruby! Ruby! Come see mama!
Oh who's a good girl...
come here! Ah!!!!
Oh shit!
Ow fuckin' dog, get this
piece of shit off me!
Arrrghh! Mother fucking
dog, get off of me!
Stay right fucking there
you piece of fucking shit.
Jesus H. Christ!
They want to unionize or what?
Nice one, mom... seriously...
Give me a break.
I'm here, okay!
I can't cancel house
viewings just like that!
Does it bug you that
much to miss school?
Not at all...
Then, what's the problem?
- She's crying.
- I know!
I can hear her.
- Are you the one that called?
- Yes...
They're always noisy, but this
time... it sounds like they're
going at it tooth and nail!
Yeah... go back inside.
I'll deal with it!
Thank you.
You okay?
Whoa... whoa... whoa!!!
What the hell?
Badge 122
to dispatch!
Hey, leave me a message.
Pat? It's me.
Something weird's going on!
I've got a bad feeling,
I'm gonna go get the truck
and pick you up, okay?
Call me as soon as you can!
There are people on the street
who seem... pretty bad!
Sweet pea, stop putting
everything in your mouth!
It's normal, she's teething.
Oh look who's an
expert paediatrician!
Among other things...
Can you prep a bottle
for your sister, please!
Aw mom, come on, I've
taken care of her enough today.
Make the bottle yourself!
Oh you better change that tone
mister, and just do as I ask.
No, use bottled water. How many
times do I have to tell you?
Babies are pretty
tough, you know.
They don't need
to exercise every day to be
healthy... unlike you, ma.
I'm eliminating toxins.
Yeah but, it's a drag 'cause
I read that stress increases
your level of toxins.
Maybe you should
be relaxing instead
of exercising and taking
anti-depressants, right?
He thinks he's so
smart with his Smartphone.
- Coke: one and
kale juice: zero.
Um... mom, did you
overdose on kale?
Hey... mom... eat something,
you're hypoglycaemic!
Come on Pat... pick up!
Pick up!
I'll give you
Clonazepam, Okay?
Serax? Rivortril? Valium?
Ativan? Xanax?
A big steak? Aaarrg!
Hey, leave me a message.
Oh shit!
That's my mother!
Don't touch her!
What's wrong with her?
I dunno, but she's
not the only one.
Well, call an ambulance.
9-1-1 just hangs up
in my face.
Go home, lock your doors
and stay hidden.
Are they zombies?
Never seen a zombie
with green eyes.
- You've seen a zombie before?
- Yeah, sure!
On TV.
Um... boss, we can't
enter the island.
10 - 4. What's
the situation over there?
It's a little hard to explain.
You have reached 9-1-1,
this is a recorded message.
Peacock Island is under
quarantine. Stay at home,
lock all doors and windows
and avoid all outside contact.
Mom, stop!
Mom, calm down, okay?
No Annie, stop crying, shhh!
Time to go night-night.
Dad... what's happening?
They're everywhere.
I'm coming Pat,
just keep hiding!
I'm scared!
I know, Pat, it's okay,
don't worry. I'm on my way.
Where are you?
- I'm in the cart garage.
- It's okay, I'm almost there.
Pat! Get outta my way, Lady!
What were you doing outside?
My God!
We had to do something
to isolate the problem.
That's done.
Full quarantine is now in place.
Let me assure all of you,
the situation is under control.
It's gonna be okay,
Ya hungry?
You don't want your bottle?
Hey! Hey, hey mom! Mom!
Here... Mom, come here!
- Annie! Stay there!
- Ga!
Annie, I said, stay
in the bathroom!
Did you have to bring
all of them with you?
This is a fucking nightmare!
You ran over my mother.
And you're the one
watching videos on your bike.
I need to make up a bottle.
Well, there's a lot
of food here!
Where's the formula?
I wouldn't know,
look around...
Must be here somewhere.
- How long have you been here?
- Since yesterday.
So, what's the plan?
What plan?
Well, we can't just stay here!
We can't cross the river,
all the boats have been
put in storage.
You could always swim,
but it's a bit cold.
Yeah, well I need to get
some food for my sister.
What are you doing?
It's okay, Pat!
Calm down.
It's Patricia...
She's my daughter.
Your daughter? She's infected.
She'll get better.
M prefers to keep their
business practices confidential.
Discretion is a
corporate necessity,
standard operating procedure.
Experts are on their way
to repair the damage,
it is crucial that everyone
follows and respects
the protocol, to ensure
the continuation
of our activities.
Do what you have to do,
just get me out of here!
We've implemented our
own emergency protocol.
The "protocol" is simple;
I just gave it to you!
Stand down! Operation
Clean-up is underway.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!!
Come on! Come on!
Let's go! Come on!
Okay, come on! Come on!
There won't always be gas...
But, it helps.
You can't always rely
on modern comforts.
Let's be serious
for a minute, okay?
We know that it's some kinda
virus, and we know it's viral.
What we don't know is
how it's transmitted!
Is it in the air? In the water?
Up in the clouds?
Did they all eat tainted
caviar, for God's sake!
I'm telling you, there's
something fishy going on!
Anyway, let's take some calls.
Patrick Nault is listening.
Yes, hello, I just
wanted to say, I think
it's another attack by
those goddamn eco-terrorists.
- What a moron!
- They love setting up
roadblocks on bridges, well
now, they're blowing them up!
Okay, lose him.
Daniel Beauregard.
Yeah uh, well thanks
for the call, there.
We have Daniel Beauregard,
the Minister of Public Security
on the line.
Mister Beauregard, who is
responsible, here?
We're not there yet.
We'll launch an inquiry.
We need to find the cause
of all this before we start
disrupting the status quo.
The status quo is a death
sentence, Minister Beauregard.
If you would please just
answer the question honestly.
This is not the
time for double-talk.
I'm just saying that we want
to find the cause before...
What are the chances
of survival for those infected?
I think it's better to talk
about the catastrophe
we just averted. We've got
to look at the positive side.
Ha ha! The positive?
If we know nothing,
we do nothing. That's
our policy, it's why the
people voted us into office.
- Thank you.
- That was Daniel Beauregard,
Minister of Public Security,
another incompetent fool.
You don't need a diploma
to figure this one out.
When an arm has gangrene,
you cut it off. And now,
a message from our sponsors,
we'll take more
calls after that.
What's wrong?
This radio broadcast
is brought to you by M,
the constellation
caring for your needs.
Just a brain freeze.
helps Mother Nature adapt
to your needs.
Say goodbye to weeds and fungi
and to those pesky insects...
Is it true what that guy said?
They're ready to sacrifice
us to protect themselves?
They're scared.
They're afraid of us!
But you and I aren't
even infected!
This is Patrick Nault,
go ahead.
Um, hi Patrick!
I listen to you every day.
You have good taste, sir!
I'm calling from the island.
I saw it all.
But I'm not infected. I'm here
with three kids, and I'm sure
there are others who aren't
infected, who want to leave.
- We need your help to...
- Um... what's your name?
Dan... Dan Gingras.
Listen to me, Dan, okay.
I... I want to help, but you've
gotta help me help you.
You, say you're not infected,
but how can you be sure?
Look, Patrick, I know
I'm not infected, Christ,
my daughter's in a
fridge and she's green!
I'm sorry about
your daughter, Dan.
How many of you
survivors are there?
There are three of us here,
but I'm sure there are others
hiding. And... uh
we really need help!
Dan, listen to me, Dan.
It's important.
Do you know what exactly is
happening on that island?
Because I don't, and that
makes me very nervous.
Know what I'm saying?
Nobody's listening to us!
When we call 9-1-1,
they hang up for fuck's sake!
Dan, ya gotta understand,
we don't want your germs.
We've got to be damn sure of
what's going on over there
before we send in the army?
We're the victims here,
we're not the bad guys!
That's not what you just said.
You told me your daughter
was green, Dan...
What the hell are we gonna
do with her... Dan?
We can't just stay here.
We've gotta do something.
- They'll...
- They'll what?
They'll treat us as
if we're infected too.
Come on, Annie! Try it.
Mom liked this too.
Look at you!
You're eating, sweet pea!
Patricia also liked yogurt.
Well, now what do we do?
We'll take
care of ourselves.
Me and Pat, we'll
hide in the woods.
I've been preparing
for this for a while.
You can join us, if you want.
We've gotta find
what's causing this.
You want Pat to
be cured, right?
We've gotta find a vaccine...
To make a vaccine, you've
gotta find the cause!
Guess so.
It's the water!
The only thing that'll infect
everyone at the same time!
It's true, I never
drink water.
What if it was
poisoned by terrorists?
Easy to get into the water
plant, there's no security.
Huh, terrorists?
On our island?
Well... it makes sense.
What's so funny?
I don't know... terrorists.
Well, it's not funny!
Even Annie thinks it's funny!
Well, it's not.
Shhhh quiet!
Calm down! Shhhhhh!!!!
Why didn't you kill her?
Because she's
someone's daughter.
How old is this crate anyway?
There's no power socket!
To do what?
I dunno, I could
charge my cell!
Here, take mine.
Who did you want to call? Do you
have family around here?
No... no ones left.
We're back with another caller.
Camilla Sanchez, go ahead.
Do you realize
what you're doing?
What is it I'm doing?
You're calling for murder!
Um, ha ha... no, excuse me,
but I am not calling for murder.
Just listen to me:
at this moment in time,
there're a couple thousand
people who are infected
on an island. Okay?
It's serious, it's
sad, it's distressing.
But we can still
limit the damage.
That's where I'm working, Sir.
There are nice people there.
Before we condemn them all,
why not save the ones
who aren't ill?
Madam, I find that
very noble, a great idea,
it's very generous,
full of good intentions.
But if this thing
continues to spread,
then millions of people
will be in danger,
hundreds of millions, maybe
the entire population
of the planet. Is that
really what you want?
A few thousand people or
everyone else in the world?
Would you actually choose that
couple of thousand
on Peacock Island, come on.
By the way, listening to you,
I'm detecting a slight accent,
you're not a Quebecer, are you?
You sound like you're
I am a Quebecer.
Yeah, yeah, I know, Quebecer
but originally Latino...
Didn't your ancestors
perform sacrifices?
I'm sure they did!
- Pardon?
- Human sacrifices?
Like the Mayans,
they sacrificed humans
to feed their god.
And the Aztecs offered
a human heart to their god
Tezcatlipoca to ward
off cataclysms.
I mean, the Incas sacrificed
their children
when the emperor was sick.
Children under eight,
I'll have you know!
So, don't come here and lecture
us on morals. Okay?
Let's hear some music
now why don't we.
Hey! I am a Quebecer!
She's gone!
Wow! That was awesome!
You're great! I love you!
You're the best!
You're the best!
That's what I call radio,
my dear!
I guess you're the "protocol"
that they sent.
I've burned all the
documents, the contracts.
You should get rid of
the rest of the fertilizer
and change the grass back.
Do you have the... uh...
This, will kill the molecule
within twenty-four hours.
Everywhere. In the water,
the grass, in...
Ah! Ah!
Beautiful, green grass...
Who the...
We can't take the little one,
if she cries, we won't be safe!
What about her?
We can't leave her
with the baby.
Patricia! Come back!
Come here, Pat!
Ah man...
it smells worse
than a dirty diaper!
They sure love their water!
Son of a bitch!
Uh... I'll just wait
here, okay?
Pat... Pat!
They don't bite each other!
Ah shit!
- Run!
- I'm running!
- Go on! Run!
- Don't worry, I am!
Come on.
That's enough! Come on!
Hey! Come here!
Come on, Pat, I'm fed up...
I've had it with this shit!
Fucking shit!
What the...
It just broke off... a dead branch!
Stay here.
Do you know your
daughter's password?
What's wrong?
Yes! Ha ha! It worked!
What the fuck are you doing?
Weird, there's
grass growing...
Grass in the winter!
Okay, so what does that mean?
It's not terrorists!
It's the golfers!
- Okay, let's go.
- Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.
- Hurry up, let's go!
- Yeah, yeah...
Open up! We're not infected!
Except one!
Hey, they'll understand.
Watch her. I'll be right back.
Over here!
I looked up grass that gives
off smoke on the net
but I didn't find anything.
Put the damn phone away!
This is where it's happening!
It's just 'til
we find a cure, Pat.
You're too fragile.
Annie, I'll be right back.
I need to help Dan.
What are we looking for?
Something... I don't know,
something that makes grass grow
in the winter, melts snow
and gives off smoke.
- Ah shit!
- What's wrong?
I left my flashlight
at the water plant.
What did I tell you?
What the heck is that?
- It's still breathing.
- It's a dog.
Looks like it turned into grass.
We've got no time to lose.
Pat's not gonna
end up like that!
Keep her quiet,
I'll keep going.
- Andr!
- Yeah?
Where's the button
for the light?
Ah Dan? The arm...
- Yeah?
- Be careful.
You too.
Aw fuck!
Annie? Annie? Where are you?
Annie? Where are you?
So good...
Ah! Sweet Pea!!!!
I was so worried.
Never do that again, okay?
Who are you?
If you touch
my sister I'll...
I swear, I'll...
I hate babies!
Uh... hello, my name is
Andr Boisbriand.
I'm on Peacock Island
and I'm not infected.
The infected are attracted
to water and sunlight...
and water. It seems like they've
been genetically modified,
so that grass grows on them.
This is my sister...
she's green. I understand
why you've had
to quarantine us, but...
she's gonna look like this
pretty soon.
I need some help, please.
The mortality rate for those
infected stands at 100 %.
That's way more than
the Ebola virus, Minister.
100 %! If you're infected,
you're dead!
- 10 000 infected, 10 000 dead!
- Yes!
Well I don't think our numbers
are the same.
Bullshit! My numbers are
bang on and you know that,
Mister Minister
of Public Insecurity!
I'm gonna ask you a question,
but I'm warning you: it's
- a hell of an important one!
- Go ahead, I'm listening.
What are you going to do
to protect the population
from an infection that's
a 100 % virulent?
- One hundred percent!
- What we want to do is...
When a limb has gangrene, the
only way, the only way, to save
- the patient is amputation!
- Amputation?
You take a saw and
you cut off what's rotten.
Are you ready
to take out the saw,
Mister Minister? Are you
ready to save Quebec?
Approaching landing pad.
Help me!! Help me!!!
Easy now, easy.
I'm not infected!
It's going to be okay, Pat.
War is war.
We don't live in a fairy-tale
land of unicorns and rainbows.
We're being threatened.
We're in danger.
The self-righteous assholes put
us in danger by welcoming
those who would destroy us.
You want to protect your
way of life, your culture,
your world...
It's either us... or them!
All right, the Minister says
the epidemic has been contained.
- Andr!
- HEY!
Those idiots finally got
it through their heads.
Ah... ga...
Sometimes you have to point
them in the right direction!
After the traffic report
and an update on sports,
we'll hand the mic over
to our buddy Richard and
his talk show. We're, uh...
gonna head back home
for some well-deserved r and r.
You're listening to 95.8
the city's number one station
with Patrick Nault.
Have a good one.
Annie! You are safe,
my little angel.
Are you okay?
People of Quebec, we have just
experienced an unprecedented
event in our history and
except for the unfortunate
inhabitants of Peacock Island,
we got through it unscathed.
We managed to contain
the epidemic, stop the breakout
of contamination and eliminate
every last trace of infection.
The perfect coordination
by the police force,
the army and the private
sector, makes us all very proud.
This protocol will be followed
from this day forward,
here and around the world.
Excuse me.
Quebecers, I just want to let
you know we can now celebrate
and sleep easier tonight.