Brain of Blood (1971) Movie Script

(exotic music)
- Amir?
I brought the American
woman, as you ordered.
- Tracy.
I'm glad to see you.
- Amir, have you decided?
- Dr. Nixarian?
- The uranium treatments have failed.
Cancer is spreading.
- See.
I am dying.
- We pray that Allah
will spare our leader.
- What about the people?
- They suspect nothing.
All Kalid believes that you
are vacationing at your villa.
- Good.
Very good.
- Leave us now, Mohammed.
I would like to talk to
Ms. Wilson and Robert.
- Well, Amir?
- I want to live.
- Then you'll have to risk the operation.
As soon as you are passed away,
your body will be flown
to the United States.
- And within 15 hours,
your brain will be
transplanted to a healthy body,
and in a week you'll be back ruling Kalid.
- But why can't the operation
take place here in Kalid?
- Dr. Trenton cannot leave.
Besides, there's the question of secrecy.
- Yes, it must be a secret.
- I'll see to that.
You are too great a man, Amir, to perish.
Your people need you.
- If Dr. Trenton does succeed,
he must be paid, no
matter what he demands.
And I owe you a great deal too, Tracy.
- Your gratitude is
more than enough, Amir.
- I've grown very fond of you, Tracy.
What would you say if I were to ask you
to rule Kalid with me...
as my wife?
- Oh, Amir.
That would be more than wonderful.
- [Amir] Then make sure
the operation is a success.
(anxious music)
- Robert, how much
farther do we have to go?
- We're almost there.
- This is madness!
We should be thinking of ourselves.
Amir is dead!
- Only his body is dead.
You forget that serum I gave
him while he was still alive.
It's kept his brain from deteriorating,
and it will keep on doing so
for at least two more hours.
Stop worrying, Mohammed.
In 10 days time we'll all
be back with him in Kalid,
as if none of this had ever happened.
- Are you certain of this?
- No.
(anxious music)
- Amir.
No one can replace you.
You were a light to our people.
- And he will be again.
Dorro, we about ready?
- Almost, doctor.
- How long has he been dead?
- 14 hours...
25 minutes.
- We don't have much time to waste.
Let's get started.
- I'll just be a moment, doctor.
- Dr. Trenton, where is
the body to replace Amir's?
- It'll be here soon.
- In my country, many would
joyfully die to save Amir,
many with the right bodies,
the same physical characteristics.
- I know, but we haven't the time.
We must finish what needs to
be done in a matter of hours.
- The replacement must resemble Amir.
- In general physiognomy, yes.
Plastic surgery will
take care of the rest.
- Dr. Trenton, Amir is a legend in Kalid.
Without him, it would
be another poor nation
struggling to break out of
centuries of stagnant feudalism.
He must live on.
He must!
Yet, if we fail,
and the people discover that
we have deceived them...
- We will not fail.
You see what I'm about to
perform as a dangerous,
even illegal, surgical experiment.
I look upon it as the culmination
of centuries of research
by myself and my colleagues
all over the world.
Every aspect of this
operation has been considered.
There isn't one chance...
of failure.
This incredible machine
allowed me to advance
in my medical skills far
ahead of my colleagues.
It's permitted me to cut through the skull
without damaging the brain.
(tense music)
- [Dr. Trenton Voiceover]
Remember, the important thing
is a young, healthy, strong body.
- [Robert] Iodine, doctor.
Scalpel, doctor.
- [Dr. Trenton] Hemostat.
- [Robert] To the right.
- [Dr. Trenton] Clamps.
(tense music)
(shrill ringing)
(shrill ringing)
(shrill ringing)
(shrill ringing)
(anxious music)
(tense music)
(electronic hum)
- I thought the transplant
would be affected immediately.
- Well, you were mistaken, Mohammed.
But don't be concerned,
everything's going as planned.
- But they told me that the
brain cannot be kept alive
independently of blood circulation.
- That's been taken care of.
We'll need to replenish our blood supply.
(door creaking)
(echoing footsteps)
- (cackling) Would you like to have these?
(keys jangling)
Would you?
- Oh, leave us alone!
- Please, go away.
(keys jangling)
Oh, no.
- [Brunette] Why don't you
kill us and get it over with?
- No!
Because that is not how the game is played.
And I make the rules!
Come, my little Chickadee.
- [Brunette] Let her alone!
Can't you see she's nearly dead?
- No!
She has still quite a way to go!
- Well, why do you always
take blood from her?
Why not from me?
- Be patient!
You time will come!
- No, no!
- Do you want me to call Gor to hold you?
- No.
- Then hold still!
(tense music)
- If there are no complications,
he should be ready to move in a few days,
if he's strong enough to travel by then.
- And if there are?
- It depends on what
the complications are.
Don't try to impress me with
the risks we're all taking.
For 20 years I've endured
public humiliation
and professional ostracism
for this opportunity.
And you, Mohammed, you came to me
because you had no other place to go.
So I think we all understand
how important it is
that absolute secrecy be maintained.
- We'll be staying close to the airport.
In three days we'll
return to take Amir home.
- I apologize for Mohammed, doctor.
Amir was...
I mean is, a god to him.
- An emotional factor that
must remain irrelevant
to what we're doing here.
I count on you to understand that.
- I promise you he won't interfere again.
- Nor will anyone else.
Goodbye for now, doctor.
- Goodbye?
But doctor, the transplant,
the most sensitive part of the operation,
surely you'll want my assistance.
- Dorro.
- Yes, doctor?
- Bring doctor Nixarian's coat and hat.
You know my friend?
- Yes, of course.
- Well, this may come as a surprise to you.
He's been well-trained in my techniques,
far beyond your wildest dream.
He will assist.
- Doctor, without proper
help, the risk involved...
- Risk!
There's no risk!
What do you think I am, an amateur?
- No, of course not.
I suggest 48 hours is
sufficient time for you.
I'll be back then.
- As you wish.
Well, they just left.
You know what to do.
- [Gor] I got what you ordered, doctor.
- Put him in the laboratory.
- Do you really trust that man?
- To succeed in this?
- What will it cost our country?
- You don't know him.
He's not after money.
- What is he after?
- Personal vindication, influence, power.
- That makes him even more dangerous.
- And when has there been
a nation without danger?
- You fool, you idiot!
A young, healthy body.
What good is this broken up mess?
Damn you!
I should have known better
than to trust you with the simplest task.
- The blood, doctor!
- Young, healthy male body,
the central element of
this entire project,
and I entrusted it to that imbecile!
- But he can get you another body!
I'll go with him this time.
- We haven't time.
I need a body now, this instant!
- You're not thinking of Gor?!
- Well, do I have another choice?
He has no family except us.
His mind is that of a child.
And he owes his life to me.
Now he can pay me back.
- Gor?
But doctor, he won't serve your purpose!
He couldn't take the place of that man!
- But he can buy us a little time.
- Someone's following us.
- Let him pass.
(dramatic music)
- He's trying to force us off the road!
- Well, speed up, now, hurry!
- [Robert] He's crazy.
He'll kill us!
(tires screeching)
(tires screeching)
- Jump!
- Whatcha gonna do to me, doctor?
I didn't do nothing.
I'm sorry, doctor.
I didn't do nothing.
Please don't hurt me.
- Have I ever hurt you, Gor?
Have I ever?
- No.
- Remember how I saved you when those men
burned you with that acid?
- I remember.
- [Dr. Trenton] Remember?
(birds chirping)
(anxious music)
- Hey, boy.
Come on.
Yeah, you, boy.
Get yer ass on over here.
Seems that this boy just ain't
quite got all his marbles.
- How come he get so big?
He'll stay for dinner.
- Just seems like he's just
born ignorant, I guess.
What you got here, boy?
- I'll go home now.
- Now, just wait a minute.
I ain't quite finished with you yet.
Why, this here's a gun.
You ain't big enough to have no gun.
Why, you just liable to hurt yourself.
- Mine!
- Uh-uh.
- Mine!
Mine, mine!
Gimme, gimme!
- He's very strong.
Won't take him long to
recover from the anesthesia.
- Gor?
- It isn't Gor anymore.
- Poor Gor.
I'll miss him.
He was the only friend
I had, such as he was.
What about your...
friends in the cellar?
- Wake up, pretty girl.
Wake up.
- She can't, she's unconscious!
- Wake up, pretty girl, so we can play.
Don't you wanna play?
- Stop tormenting her!
Can't you just let her die in peace?
- Soon I'll have you to play with!
Just like I played with your kitties!
(iron clanking)
- Where are you taking her?
Where are you taking her?!
- Soon she will be with her friends.
- [Brunette] Don't take her away.
- Don't worry.
She will be with her friends.
(unsettling music)
- Taxi!
- [Robert] Tracy!
- Bob?
What are you doing here?
- [Robert] I'm afraid
there's been some trouble.
Come on, I'll tell you about it.
- [Tracy] What's happened?
Is Amir safe?
- [Robert] Yes, but
Mohammed is dead.
Our car overturned this morning.
He was killed instantly.
- I won't pretend to be sorry.
He was always jealous
of my influence on Amir.
What happened to your hand?
- Just a cut.
- From the accident?
- It wasn't an accident, Tracy.
We were deliberately forced off the road.
I saw the man who did it.
- What was he after?
- Maybe he wanted Amir's body.
You know, if the world
believed he was dead,
all our plans would be worthless,
even if we managed to keep
him alive in another body.
- There's no way anyone
outside the group could know.
Amir and I saw to that.
It's impossible.
- All I know is that someone
is trying to stop us.
- Bob?
What about Dr. Trenton?
Do you think he could be involved in this?
- It doesn't make sense.
His only hope of
vindication is in our hands.
- In Amir's hands, not ours.
- Tracy, you brought Dr. Trenton to us.
You continued to believe in him,
even after every major medical institution
in the world had blacklisted him.
Why should you have doubts about him now?
- I know him better than you do.
I've always respected his
skills, not his motives.
- Then we better get
back to him, and quickly.
- Doctor?
You know who this is.
Yeah, the job's done.
There ain't nothin' but ashes.
So when do I get the money for it?
- Did you leave your car where I told you?
Well, when you return to it,
Dorro will meet you, and
you'll be paid in full.
- Okay.
- What's the matter?
- I just saw him.
The man who killed Mohammed!
(dramatic music)
- Wow! (cackling)
- I'm certain it was the same man
who forced me off the road.
- How can you be sure?
- Oh, I'm sure.
And it doesn't matter now anyway.
- Do you still think someone's
trying to destroy Amir?
- Well, I can't think of any
other explanation, unless...
- What?
- [Robert] Unless it's
Dr. Trenton they're after.
- Dorro?
We'll be leaving soon.
- Where are we going, doctor?
- In a country that appreciates me.
- Is that girl going with us?
- No, she stays here.
- Ah, good.
I didn't like her anyway.
Is Gor dead?
- It depends on what you mean.
He'll be waking up soon.
Do you realize what I've done?
I've proven that the brains of great minds
can be transplanted intact
and passed on from body
to body for generations.
Great minds can live forever.
Why, the world will be ruled
by a race of immortals!
- But what'll happen
to your brain, doctor?
If no one else knows your secret,
who will operate on you?
- Someday I'll teach my secret to others
in a country controlled by me,
and dedicated to my science.
- Then will you put my
brain into a bigger body?
- No, Dorro.
I like you just as you are.
I wouldn't trust you in a taller body.
(anxious music)
- Where's Dr. Trenton?
- In his study.
- Tracy?
I've been expecting you.
- Doctor.
- Robert.
Back so soon?
- I think we're in very
serious trouble, doctor.
- Has something happened?
So Mohammed and the man
who killed him both are dead.
You were most fortunate.
- Indeed!
I wouldn't even be here if the killer
had troubled to search for me.
- What does it all mean?
- Bob believes someone is
trying to kill you or Amir.
- (scoffs) I find that
difficult to believe.
After all, no one knows we're here.
- Well, the man who killed
Mohammed certainly did,
and we can't assume
that he's working alone.
Doctor, I want Amir back in
Kalid as soon as possible.
- Well, so do I, but for the
time being he can't be moved.
After all, we can't take the risk
of any unforeseen complication.
- Well, can I see him at least?
- Well, of course.
I'll take you to him myself.
- [Robert] Where is he?
- [Tracy] There's no one here but Gor.
- Well, there have been some
unexpected developments.
- What?
Didn't you perform the transplant?
Couldn't you find a suitable body?
- That's been done.
Are you awake?
Good afternoon, Amir.
- [Amir] Who are you?
- Surely you remember.
- [Amir] Dr. Trenton.
Thank you, doctor, for what you've done.
My head feels so heavy.
- You must rest, lots of rest.
- How dare you!
- Now, don't upset him.
- [Robert] Amir?
- Is that you, Robert?
- Yes, Amir.
How do you feel?
- I'm somewhat dizzy, but
stronger, much stronger.
You were right about
this operation, Robert.
- Was I?
- Tracy with you?
- Yes.
I'm here, Amir.
- And where is Mohammed?
- You must rest.
- Where is Mohammed?
Why isn't he here?
- Rest.
- There's no time for that now.
We've wasted too much already.
I must send Mohammed back.
Get these things off of me.
- Mohammed is dead.
- Dead?
- Now, you mustn't get upset, Amir.
- [Amir] Get me out of this!
- You mustn't upset yourself.
Now control your...
(tense music)
- Why are you looking at me like that?
What's wrong?
What's the matter with me?
- Nothing, nothing, Amir.
Amir, listen to me.
- Stay away from me!
(tense music)
Why have you done this to me?
You've made me a freak!
- It's only temporary.
I had to make the transplant
on the only accessible body
to keep you alive.
- I'd rather be dead!
(tense music)
(metal clattering)
- Don't break my instruments!
You fool!
- [Robert] Amir!
(electricity crackling)
- Gor, gor!
Don't hurt him!
Let him go!
Don't hurt him!
Please, Gor!
- I don't know what's wrong with me.
I feel strange.
- Amir, I think there's
something you should know.
Mohammed was murdered.
- Tracy, no!
- Murdered?
- We believe there's a plot
to overthrow your government,
to make Kalid believe that you are dead.
- Then...
Then I must return immediately.
- Amir.
Amir, don't.
Don't, don't, please don't.
- Are you trying to stop me, Robert?
- You're not well.
The operation isn't complete yet.
Dr. Trenton can do what he says.
Believe me.
- [Tracy] Don't listen to him.
He's one of them.
- Tracy, are you out of your mind?!
(engine puttering)
- I must have a car.
I need to get to the airport.
- Come on, we'll get one on the road.
- Where's Amir?
- Gone!
With Tracy!
- We must stop him.
- He won't get far on foot.
- I'm going after him.
- Doctor?
What'll I do With him?
- Put him in the cellar.
He's our final guest.
But take good care of his body.
(tense music)
- (cackling) I've got you a friend!
He won't be here very long. (cackling)
- [Tracy] What are you doing?
- [Amir] It hurts.
I'm taking it off.
- Amir, come on, let's go.
There's a car coming.
- Need a ride?
(tense music)
(shrill buzzing)
- I know where we can get a
car about a mile from here.
Do you think you can make it that far?
- [Amir] Maybe, Tracy, with your help.
- [Brunette] No, let go!
No, let go!
Let go of me!
- You're not supposed to get away!
Nobody gets away from Dorro!
I've got you now! (cackling)
(tense music)
- Who are you?
- Katherine.
How did I get here?
- He must have dragged you.
He's dead.
I killed him.
- What's wrong?
Are you hurt?
- A rat.
It bit me.
- A rat?
That can be dangerous.
Let me see it.
I'll have to do something about that.
By the way, where in
hell are we, do you know?
- No.
It certainly is hell.
- The dwarf, did he bring you?
- He and...
something that looked like a
plastic surgeon's nightmare.
- A What?
- They call him Gor.
- Gor?
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
I'm afraid I'm going to have
to hurt you a little bit.
That's better than nothing, time being.
- Thank you.
- Come on, let's try and find our way out.
(dramatic music)
Afraid this is done for.
Hold this.
We're gonna have to walk.
I have to find...
I have to find someone.
- Who?
- The man you call Gor.
Come on.
I've got to find him before
he kills someone else.
- The man's insane.
He'll kill you too.
- No, I don't think so.
- You can't take that risk.
You wouldn't stand a chance against him.
- You don't understand, he's...
He's my friend.
Or was.
I can't just leave him.
- A creature like that
can't have friends anymore.
- Look.
This road, it goes into town.
You'll be safe there.
- No.
- Aren't you afraid?
- Yes, I am.
But I want to stay.
(tense percussion)
- [Amir] Mine!
- Amir.
Come back here.
- [Amir] Mine.
- Help!
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
Now, what are you running from?
- The monster.
He almost got me.
- A monster?
A big man?
Avery big man?
- A giant with a terrible face.
- Where was this?
- Over there.
- Katherine, take this.
- What for?
- I'll be back in a minute.
If he comes this way,
if he sees you, use it.
Only if he sees you.
I'll be back in a minute.
- I was beginning to worry
that you couldn't find us.
- Were you?
Or were you planning on
using Amir for yourself?
- If we'd stayed at the house,
he would have killed you.
Anyway, as soon as Amir
started having headaches,
I knew exactly what was going on.
- You knew that the electrode
I placed in his brain
could be used to trace him?
- I'm not a scientist, doctor,
but I know you better than you think.
Do you know where he is now?
- Not far away.
- [Boy] He's been gone a long time.
What if he doesn't come back?
- He'll be back.
- What was that?
- Put the gun away.
I won't hurt you.
- Don't come any closer.
- Don't be afraid.
- Just keep away from us.
(emotional music)
- You don't understand,
this body isn't mine,
I can't control it.
I've been betrayed, I've
been used, I need help.
- Who are you?
- My country is...
is far away.
There people aren't afraid of me.
They love me, they need me.
- Then go back to them.
- I Will.
But there are people who
would try to stop me.
You must not tell them
that you have seen me.
You must...
- Stay back!
(shrill buzzing)
What is it?
Are you hurt?
- Don't touch me!
(shrill buzzing)
- He'll soon learn what's causing the pain,
and who can stop it.
Then he'll have to come to me.
- He'll kill you.
- He can't.
You see, this beam energizes
the detector electrode
I placed in his brain.
It causes great pain.
I'll control him, he'll obey me.
- Why did you turn him into a killer?
He's monstrous.
- That's a complication I hadn't expected.
But at the moment, the important thing is
that we find him, and
he must be controlled.
- Are you all right?
I heard a scream.
- The monster!
- He was here.
- This way, come on.
- Mine.
(shrill buzzing)
- Couldn't understand him.
He said he was from a country far away,
where people loved him.
- They do.
- It's your country too?
- It is now.
You see, I was raised in England,
but my father's from Kalid.
You might say I have sort of a
heritage to live up to there.
- What do you do there?
- I'm a doctor.
- Not one of those men...
- No!
No, I'm not responsible for
holding you in that house.
But I was his assistant.
I worked for him.
I didn't know.
No, that's not true.
The bodies for the experiments, the blood,
they had to come from somewhere.
The truth is I didn't want to know.
I was too fascinated with the project,
too concerned about Amir, too ambitious.
Well, it's all over
now, it's all finished.
- You're not.
- You don't know anything about me.
- [Katherine] Who does?
Who knows about you?
- My brother, perhaps, my mother,
a few friends back home, Amir.
- Do they love you?
Do they trust you?
- I'd like to think so.
- And they're all wrong?
- You know, you're a very...
rare sort of person.
I wish we had...
He's dead to the world, isn't he?
- Yes, he is.
- Katherine, I want you
to do what I tell you.
I want you to take Jimmy
and go up to the highway.
- No.
- Please, please.
Catch a ride, go into
town, and stay there.
Try and forget what
you've seen here today.
Tomorrow, we'll all be gone.
We'll be back where we belong.
- Can't go back.
- But that's my home.
While this is yours.
Now, do what I told you.
Come on, old boy, wake up!
- Will I see you again?
- I don't see how.
- Where have you been?
Did you kill the boy?
Amir, what are you doing?
- Nothing.
- Amir, you're acting like an idiot!
- Mine!
- Doctor!
(shrill buzzing)
- Amir, you've been causing
a great deal of trouble.
But I shouldn't complain.
After all, you're about to pay me
the biggest medical fee in history.
- [Amir] What do you want from me?
- Isn't that obvious?
I want your country.
- [Amir] You're insane!
- You're hardly qualified
to call anybody that.
(shrill buzzing)
You've known how to command all your life.
Now you must learn to obey.
- [Amir] Never!
- [Robert] Turn it off, doctor!
- How'd you find us?
- That's a very noisy little
gadget you have there.
- [Amir] Kill him, Robert!
Shoot him now!
- No, Amir, there's been enough killing.
- Kill him, or Kalid is doomed!
- Not Kalid, just the four of us.
- Robert, listen.
There are others who still
could be trusted to save me.
- You can't be saved.
- [Dr. Trenton] That's a lie!
- This whole experiment was
nothing but a horrible mistake,
the kind of mistake only madmen make.
Amir is dead.
This poor creature is an abortion,
a horrible travesty of what Amir was,
of human life itself.
- Evil?
Is it evil to try to save your leader?
- Yes, when he serves you
and betrays our country!
- I'll have to serve
him unless you kill him.
Kill him, and I'll obey you.
We'll rule Kalid together.
- You don't even sound like Amir.
- I am Amir!
- I'm sure you think so.
- Then you'll have to kill
whoever you think I am.
- Tracy, run!
Get out of here!
- [Dr. Trenton] Amir, go after them.
Bring Bob back, undamaged.
(dramatic music)
- Tracy!
(dramatic music)
- Don't worry, Amir.
You'll soon have Bob's body.
With a little plastic surgery,
you'll look like your old self again.
- [Man] Soon as they get the broadcast.
Stand by.
People of Kalid, Allah
has answered our prayers,
and now I give you our
beloved leader, Abdul Amir.
- People of Kalid, I am here this evening
to lay to rest all rumors about me
that have been circulated among you
by enemies of our country.
During the past several weeks,
I've had to work in seclusion,
completing plans to enhance
the greatness of our country.
I have laid the plans
fora great institution.
People of Kalid and of the world,
the presence in my house
of a great American surgeon
is not for the benefit of myself,
but for the benefit of our nation.
Tonight, I announce the
appointment of Dr. Lloyd Trenton
as director of Kalid's
Ministry of Science,
a department of government
that is to be the largest,
the best endowed of its kind in the world.
My people, harsh
sacrifices will be required
to advance the great
and revolutionary plans
of this unprecedented ministry.
But what sacrifice would
we not joyfully accept?
For Kalid, our nation, has a new destiny,
one to be assured by science.
My people, together we must face changes
which will require great
strength and patience.
Much Will be asked of you, just
as much will be asked of me.
But as your leader, as one who loves you,
I ask you to come together with me,
and face with courage the
greatness which Kalid will know.
And together, we will
find the glorious future
that science promises.
(dramatic music)