Bramayugam (2024) Movie Script

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:.:.: Riyadh :.:.:
Hurry up.
What happened?
What about that?
Here's something.
See the fire burning.
Cross the river tonight
will not be possible.
Where is he?
What happened
Why are you here?
Yakshi (spirit)!
Ko... Cora...
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Who are you
Excuse me...
Not on purpose...
Why did you come here?
I am the river...
I could not pass.
Then forget the way in the forest...
Discover this entrance.
No one was on the balcony.
So I thought I'd come in and steal?
No! Not so.
I took it because I was hungry.
I will come.
This is a zamindar house
once through the entrance,
You will find rivers, Plains,
And mountains, which are nowhere else.
What month is going on now?
The harvest season is over.
The rainy season has started.
Like time, rivers flow,
Incessantly moving.
It is not an easy task to overcome.
Who is there
I asked, who is there?
Someone inside the entrance
I told you to let me know when you enter.
A passenger has arrived.
After a long time...
Good time guest arrival!
Welcome to the slum.
Who are you
Why did you come here?
My name is thivan.
A panan (majlish singer).
I used to sing in the palace,
To wake the king from sleep.
After the war started,
I ran for my life.
If you can get across the river,
I will survive
The family of poets!
Oh, no, no!
Not so.
Are you a descendant of pumaani pananar?
Raise your head
Can you sing 'manikiacharitram'?
I know
Earlier I used to sing everyday in the palace.
If drunk,
where is his musical instrument 'nanthuni'?
Lost time to escape.
Now there are only my songs.
I do not know the praise.
Only brahmins...
Just answer the question.
Not by birth, but only by action...
One is a brahmin.
Not about that later
sometimes you can talk.
Now you sing for me.
Let's hear
Oh, then we are the stars
will I wait in line?
What happened, ga?
this noble landlord's house...
golden splendor,
witness the glory...
o merciful lord, I beseech you,
accept my respect...
o ruler of land and sea,
god is in this vast realm...
yours is yours in your kingdom
I will sing near.
he sacrificed in the war
all your wishes...
despite the pull of the tidal current,
from the bottom of hypocrisy of the age...
your rise is intact,
no corruption at all, lord.
fight forward,
and fearless soul!
still life with twinkling eyes
the silvery luster of the sword.
does not stain even in the shade
your attraction is kavu,
your majesty
samihe mora is waiting.
this is the house of an aristocratic landlord,
golden splendor,
witness the glory...
o merciful lord, I beseech you,
accept my respect...
and lord of land and sea...
god is in this vast realm...
yours is yours in your kingdom
I will sing near.
Nice singing!
If you are in the palace now...
King sure silk
and he used to give gifts of gold.
What I heard and learned
I just sang it.
I am not worthy of such praise.
Enough is enough.
What does a simple cook know about music?
Sir speaking!
Your arrival and song,
I liked everything!
Night with us
eat food, what do you say?
I am really grateful.
I haven't eaten for a few days...
You don't worry anymore.
Stay with us.
I will sing only when I say.
What do you say
Have to go
Denying help like this...
Fall in line of dishonor.
Whenever I
kadumon patti asked for something...
No one ever
didn't drop my request.
Explain to him.
Far from revenge...
You should be here.
As commanded, lord.
So, come on in.
I am an unborn drinker...
Am I allowed to...
Is there to enter?
If I
be unconventional?
[sanskrit verse]
Ashtadasa kandam, second verse.
An invited guest is always welcome.
Whether he is elite or low caste!
Come inside
Roundhouse for him
open the next room.
I will give you clothes and everything you need.
Keep going
All the rooms look the same.
Yet it is different.
This is how they are made.
Countless stops,
Stairs and shadows.
6 generations ago...
First patti came here,
Famous carpenter mayannur
the house was built with
It's grown up.
Next is the kitchen.
Once here after sunset...
Eating habits are common.
This is the way to the south.
No one is allowed to go there.
From the big hall...
This is the only way to the kitchen.
After coming here...
I will continue walking on the straight path.
Don't go any other way.
What is above?
This zamindarbari has numerous rooms,
Which have been closed for many years.
Maybe hear some words like that...
Which you have never heard before.
No need to listen to them.
Don't ask unnecessary questions.
Did you understand?
You sleep here
Remember you are not in a palace.
To walk here,
Be careful.
Well it is!
No no!
Many years ago, here
there used to be a physician...
He is greedy for the treasure of the southern chambers...
Went in search.
After that no one saw him again.
If you are careful...
Good for you
in this infinite universe...
show us the way, o lord.
remove pain and suffering...
oh my lord
wipe my tears...
keep always full,
let all the sorrow go away,
your mercy is my hope.
Bad behavior in front of you
apologies if I did, guest.
Many years actually
I am alone.
When was the last time outside the entrance...
I forgot that I had stepped.
After seeing this zamindar house,
I also thought maybe the palace
such people will be busy.
Hopefully my song
as you like, lord.
Oh no
Drink up
Not satisfied
keep eating!
Our barn is full.
All by god's Grace.
Accommodation and food for me
thank god for providing.
But I gave these, right?
Why are you thanking god?
Oh, no...
Actually did not understand that.
So what exactly do you mean?
Tell me...
I mean god brought me here.
Otherwise I'm in that forest-
Destiny brought you here!
Not god
I don't want to upset you...
Sorry if you did.
how about another song-
Pakida, dice game!
Do you know how to play?
Once I used to play in the Temple.
They are tokens.
Those two, six.
As much as he rises to six
tokens shall be advanced accordingly.
That before on the other side
he who reaches will win.
It's all about luck!
Not just luck
It also depends on intelligence.
History says so.
Have you heard about mahabharata war?
But that was cheating, wasn't it?
Spending time is very sad!
In the flood of time...
For someone drowning...
Pakida is the best remedy!
The truth
Come boss
Before the game starts...
You have to pledge something valuable.
Gold ornaments, money or something like that.
Near this panan
no gold or money, lord.
If you don't sow crops, how can you raise them?
This is not the law of nature?
Therefore, I am for you
I can't decide.
I don't have anything like that.
You have...
Was always
Still have
You just don't understand.
So, know your decision.
Don't know
I do not understand, lord.
What is meant here?
Know your decision.
This dhoti of my own is baiki
I have nothing.
Of course there is.
Your time!
How do I bide my time, lord?
Of course I can!
In this world, time is of the highest value.
You are a whore in the slave market and...
Was sold with villains.
Then the merchant will send you pannani,
Running away from the plan,
In the dense forest, the astronomer runs,
Coming here without being able to cross the river...
You play dice with me.
Then this is your appointed time!
Did not tell the truth?
You know everything, lord!
Well, now yours
let's keep the time!
If you win the game,
Here whenever you want
I can leave.
But if I win,
The rest of your life...
Must spend here...
As the drinking water of my landlord's house!
Oh, no!
Please take my word for it
don't take it as a deterrent.
Actually, I'm so game
can't play
Sorry, I'll come then.
Six on the board!
How to go without playing now?
Six, three...
Move the token!
Ashta (eight).
Chama (four).
Now if 12 becomes six,
Your rate will be guaranteed.
Can I come
It seems that panan came to sing
Now he is collecting pakidar' also.
Because the lord wanted.
It's an honor to play with him.
Such a wise person...
Being treated kindly...
What is not lucky for me?
His face is sweet!
I am a word
didn't pronounce it though...
He understands everything
gone about me.
What a virtuous person!
He is an impostor!
Please no
Please about the lord
don't say that.
His world is beyond our understanding.
Did not wear the holy thread, what happened!
He is said to be a great brahmin!
What happened
Why are you laughing?
Don't believe him.
What you see now
that is not his true nature.
He will cheat!
Oh, no!
It is ours to say so
can endanger both.
If the lord hears,
we will lose the neck!
Please stop
Who are you to order me?
Close to a palace
eat and survive a sting!
Walking towards the flames...
An insignificant insect!
No need to be so arrogant.
Here we both are equal.
A puppet that moves at the command of the lord.
Maybe in your view
I am a low caste panan.
But the lord sees me as a guest.
Don't forget it.
My body is always with the mind...
Is not coordinated.
Maybe it's for age.
Maybe you're an alcoholic.
Chemical slave!
So, you are more than a singer.
After we eat
I will listen to the song again.
When you are weak,
Your mother will worry, paru.
But I am about mother...
I didn't utter a word.
Yes, once said,
The mother is waiting for you.
I don't remember, sir.
Well then...
You stay here
no problem.
I am quite comfortable.
It is more than enough.
Well then...
What is the problem between you and the cook?
There is no problem.
What did he say about me?
Said nothing about you, lord.
I see your face...
Of previous work
I remembered people.
He was quite intelligent.
Poor food!
Where is he now
This cook is something
he misled him.
The poor thing is...
I lost my mind.
And like crazy
here and there he used to circle.
His existence became miserable.
Screaming, crying and what else!
After it became unbearable,
I finished it myself.
Now he's in the south backyard,
Resting peacefully in grave.
Ah! This is it!
What happened to the food?
Is over
I have already given it four times.
Me in front of the guest
how dare to insult!
Come, bring the food, you arrogant fool!
Nothing to bring.
The whole kitchen is empty!
The call of the wild owl
giving advance notice of death!
You are not afraid of death?
Put your head down, where is the dog!
I said, bow your head!
Please, no!
He will die!
Shut up!
Move away, filth!
Don't stand quietly
start singing from
Who is he?
How do you know about my mother?
I've heard of wizards...
Who harms someone
do not hesitate to do.
Is he someone like that?
Actually who is this kodumon patti?
Where did I get stuck?
I need to know
What you said
everything you heard is true.
Patti is before the house...
Workmen and
killed the dancer,
I buried them.
If you want to know about kaduman patti,
This is the landlord before you
the history of the house should be known.
And as for the great wizard,
Chudalan patti.
Many years ago,
Chudalan patti, one
atharva vedic pandit,
Through strict fasting...
Goddess varahi appeared.
Satisfied with patti's devotion,
The goddess is one
gives magical box.
Miracle inside the box,
There was a deity in power.
"This curse is yours
all wishes will be fulfilled."
Saying varahi devi disappeared.
But patti apadevata is imprisoned...
Gives a lot of trouble.
Tired and disillusioned deity,
One day the drunkard said to patti that,
As he looked into her mouth,
Hell will see.
At that moment madyap patti,
Look inside her mouth,
And apadevata is patti's soul
sucked and killed him.
After breaking free from the leash,
Bad god is the whole zamindar
takes control of the house,
And killed the servants mercilessly.
Many powerful scholars came...
To ward off evil spirits
tried and failed.
Finally, the last descendant
kadumon patti came...
Drives away evil spirits.
Rightly said.
I saw the devil on the roof of chilekotha!
If you walk around at night,
I have to dig a hole for you too.
I'm leaving
You shouldn't be here either.
Walk with me
Let's escape from here.
This place...
Even mango sprouts do not come here.
Can't see?
Come on!
Let's run away quickly.
Do not disturb my work!
If here...
Our lives are at stake.
Let's go
I said, go away!
You are crazy!
Your destiny to die here!
Where are you going
My mother is alone at home.
Please allow exit.
As you wish
You can go
No one will stop you.
How to go in this rain?
This rain doesn't seem to stop.
Weeks, months...
Or years can continue!
Jupiter is keeping time tight!
Even while the dancer is here,
It rained for three consecutive years.
Due to heavy rains,
He is night and day
couldn't tell the difference!
Lose memory
The poor thing started bawling.
That's why you killed him?
Dancers must know how to dance!
The singer's song!
Besides, this is just
a burden on earth...
No need to survive!
Music is god's art.
Singing from country to country,
Journey to liberation.
Someone out of tradition,
Maybe it won't understand.
It's the 'brahma yuga', crazy time!
The worst time,
worse than kali yuga!
Atrocity waiting for millennia!
God in brahma yuga
bhakti has no meaning!
Traditions are all
avantar in this era!
Through god's departure
brahma yuga begins.
No matter how loud you call,
He will not hear!
I have to go
I will leave when the rain stops.
I thought you were different from the rest.
I thought wrong.
Just between all of you
there is only one feeling.
Be it rain, wind or thunder,
you are afraid of everything!
I am in pain,
I said without thinking.
Excuse me
I will sing
I will sing at your command, lord.
Your presence is mine
it's becoming almost unbearable.
You don't need to sing anymore.
Drink up
In my village
Now is the season of sowing seeds.
My hut is on the bank of the river.
Surrounded by pebbles, mountains...
In a valley below.
Surely The Valley is now yellow...
Full of Flowers
The soil there is pure red.
Satisfy your needs,
We can sell paddy.
Take our yard
and full of sweet potatoes.
Only my mother stays at home.
My poor mother...
My mother's whole hand...
The skin is hardened.
He works hard.
This is how you made me human.
Maybe without me knowing where...
Still waiting for me
My poor mother...
And your family?
I have no one
I am alone
Don't drink
It's a painful memory
would help to forget, wouldn't it?
I don't want to forget.
I will not make this mistake.
Maybe our birth is a mistake.
Why are you digging this hole?
Without my permission
it was inappropriate to go.
Where is your politeness?
You could have told me before you left.
What was the need for blood vomiting?
I made a mistake.
Excuse the ignorance.
Please let me go
This is not the correct method.
Yours most sincerely
should pray.
Lord, please me
allow to go.
Allow me to go.
Your request...
No, drink.
Can't escape...
Only you know.
Through that entrance,
No one could go.
It's a trap.
No matter how many times I try to open it,
The tighter the leak.
A mysterious knot it...
Which gradually forgets the memory.
I didn't understand anything.
The pain will go away.
You remember
when did you come here?
There is
Few days ago
A few days...
What month?
You don't believe it, do you?
Remember your name?
My name is...
At least the mother's name will remember?
Can't remember
Can't understand
What happened to me?
I can't explain
But I can show you.
Come up
Like us,
This man also fell into the same trap.
He was the master of this zamindar house.
Over time,
He forgot his name.
In this crazy hell...
Why was involved.
Finally, he was put in shackles.
This is kadumon patti,
Who came to drive away evil spirits.
If this is patti...
Who is below then?
As someone else,
A wolf in sheep's clothing.
In the body of flesh and bones he...
In this zamindar house
moves with us.
But if you look carefully, you will see
He is not human.
He has no heart.
He is not a creature created by god.
He smells death.
A power-hungry deity,
To all who come to him...
Capture and subdue.
He has created a world under his control.
Evil is of this world...
Both owner and captive.
Now we are also trapped in his world.
No one can get out.
What sin have we committed that...
Having to suffer such pain?
Powerful people...
Freedom of others...
It is fun to play with.
It requires no sin.
Anyway, here we are
it was not brought here by force.
We came by ourselves.
There is only one way to escape from here.
In this zamindar house...
There is a locked room.
Inside, a lamp
there is eternal flame.
It must be removed.
This room...
Under the big hall.
An underground room.
Under the pile of rice in the barn,
There is a door.
That door is below you...
Will be taken to another room.
There is a heavy
there are locked doors.
Peering through the keyhole...
One in a lamp
with a magical power...
Always see the burning flame.
Illness resides above
To keep an eye on it.
Evil has only one goal,
His power to someone
tight from results,
And gain immortality.
We can't let that happen.
Where is the room key?
I'm everywhere
I checked the comb.
Maybe it's rust
fell and disappeared.
With someone buried...
Blended into the ground.
Since evil has set a trap,
There must be a reason.
The key didn't go anywhere outside.
It's right here.
How do you know
Don't know
Patti rupi abdevata knows for sure.
There is only one way out.
In the flood of time
for someone drowning...
Pakida is the most
good remedy, right?
You begin, lord.
I am ready to pledge anything.
But what else do you have?
There is something
A key!
What is the key?
The key to my destiny...
In your hands, lord.
How do you know that?
The key to my freedom lies with you.
Isn't that right, lord?
That's what I explained.
If you win the game,
I can go
How to bet luck twice
Please fate me...
Give it another chance.
So that's it
no more luck!
If this tree and house fall,
The door of that room
will be closed forever.
I'll get the key.
You just have to
should be given a chance.
Poison ants with wine and meat...
A nice...
Last meal!
Tonight we...
Pass the entrance.
I will prepare food.
But when the plan goes awry,
I but you
I will not come to save.
Whose permission are you...
Did you give him wine from the store?
Gone wrong
Excuse me...
Since he arrived
my daily schedule...
Being interrupted!
I will not tolerate it!
It won't happen anymore.
Then, hurry up
start digging holes for
I will do
the space in the sun...
place covered in darkness,
the tears of this drink...
it makes a pleasant sound.
my heart is crying...
truth is retrogression.
alone, thinking...
which way do I go?
dominated by the serpent...
everything falls apart.
nanthuni's tune too
it slowly fades away...
i travel infinite distances.
endure suffering...
oh my god...
why am I like this?
Do not fall in your eyes?
Know you me...
Singing is not confined here.
Kept to break the faith,
And the thought of god
to delete completely.
Lost all hope...
In this hell...
To suffer until death!
As if you are my pain
can enjoy
A blessing
After that, nothing.
One eternal ending!
I want to see your true form.
It's not time yet.
Bring more.
Everything is predetermined.
No one can change now.
Where is he?
Finally your useless
end of life...
It's time to reckon through!
Look for the redemption of your own soul!
Open your eyes!
This is varahi's magical box.
This magical box is
Centuries ago varahi...
Chudalan gave it to patti.
You used me as bait!
Now is not the time to argue.
Leave me!
I said leave!
Time is running out.
Before sunrise, our
evil must be subjugated.
He is weak at the moment.
Without subduing him
we can't escape.
Otherwise, wherever there is shelter,
And find us
will kill
Stand up
Where are we going?
To catch the villain hiding in the room.
This is our latest ordeal.
Listen to me carefully.
In any situation...
There is no such thing as a deity
don't believe it.
He will only lie.
Deceive us with lies.
Can also attack mentally.
To survive we...
That too must be won.
Where is he?
Behind the stop
Don't hide, come out!
Who are you to order me?
That drives you...
Came to take revenge through!
You drive me...
How dare you, bastard?
I'm not a mere bastard!
Kadumon patti in my body...
Blood is flowing
I belong to that family
killed every member.
Even the unborn child.
And patti's remains
you buried yourself a few days ago.
You said right
I am his son.
You don't know at all
Kadumon patti is a bastard...
He had a child with his daughter.
You know the truth
failed to open.
"Man is not from birth,
only by action...
Do not remember this?
I hold you captive
This landlord came to restore the house!
Seeing the desire of the maidservant's son,
As big as his dreams!
[reciting mantras]
Please... No!
Growing up without father's love...
The suffering of a poor maid's son...
I can only guess.
No matter how many mantras are taught,
since you...
You are completely deprived of...
Compensation is not possible.
I apologize for all my mistakes.
Come to daddy, son.
I am in front of you
not as a wizard,
I stand as a helpless father.
Come near, my son.
Please come
Like my ancestors, your...
Think you'll fall in love?
I know who you are...
And what!
Bring the box of varahi!
Keep open
If you open...
You will die!
Once he boxed me...
If captured...
Will kill you!
Open the box without listening to him!
He will kill you by me!
Don't listen, I'm telling you!
This is your power
do not have the right to achieve!
It's for you
the curse is nothing!
You will fall into the fury of thunder!
Take the box.
Come out
From now on...
I am your lord!
Let go of me
Don't wear the ring.
When someone gets power,
Becomes corrupted.
Even you will be.
People like me...
Always its victim.
It is legally mine.
If you try to block...
I will kill you too.
Saying discount!
Your pendant...
Wasn't it in the left ear?
- What was it?
- Such a madman.
Go ahead!
Go ahead!
Are the forest streams bright crimson?
Shine like the stars?
Are elephants roaming around in this forest?
Sambar deer, black leopard...
and Kali, the goddess of destruction.
Does everyone find their goodness?