Brandy for the Parson (1952) Movie Script

Yes it all began at Paddington Station
her name is petronella his name has just
built and he was late I come into their
story later so for all they knew this
was just the beginning of a happy and
harmonious holiday hey didn't you wake
me office oh no no sir put it.
Thank You old ticket vain that's him on
the right anyway one consolation I've
got reservations for Atlantic at sea
I'm terribly sorry about this time
you're an agony
only a slide I once we get to bambridge
the rest of the journey strands in row
which help in especially laughter I'm
sorry about this rain once you bought
the battery no trouble
I'm what you can help me
you'll be able to claim for everything
your holiday I wasn't holidaying
actually I'm confident on this little
job couldn't be worse why hold him
yeah some job you know what sort of job
just benefiting and caring nothing.
Nellie there's a madman think she's a
bit Michael and I get over to France by
tonight still contact power another
version that no oh I'm sure you can my
insurance will pay all right
I couldn't have been sent by any one
anything the bar is be our boy is it be
midseason the may not the may not be a
bet you see this stuff I'm pitching is
promised up in London at the end of the
week if I can't deliver I'm gonna be in
a bit of a jam do it I'll get your money
why don't we we were taking across the
channel soon okay
say the battery no anyway listen so
close I came across the Atlantic if this
is right where you'll be saving my life
oh boy but I couldn't possibly a job
it's very tricky at mr. Medicare there's
one person with that good right what
couldn't you tell oh come on I have
daughter there I thought a pretty
regular don't consider me thank you sir
what do you do in France whore a cop
can you make it what cause I can
Holiday couple what is it you're
supposed to pick up what I want to talk
to you about that feel good probably all
death if you ask me is as far as they
he'd never got that far across the
channel by himself doesn't even know
pong stop it
I think he's rather gay I head up spend
at least part of my holiday me
Right the Willis phillotson um well are
there any good oh boy I'll be alright
a couple of hours well what about a
oh why I thought peps you might yeah
fine thanks to my trouser pocket now
look here Messer grew Normandy for sure
you won't come with me no oh no see you
I don't I'm a shoe and just we've been
you mister Rekha that's you I come wait
the point is la Mela oh no oh yes money
you ugly
oh wait ma'am key please ma'am oh thank
ya all in all do this or hmm this is the
name of the vessel.
Oh ballerina come on Belle Reve ah belly.
Elena I told you I'd open sorry for fact
ounce you want one you Ronnie
boys this is your seat one tile shotgun
more girls come back oh wow
What is do anything Johnny Johnny.
Bonnie me nothing I hope he just acted
rather out there one chopped white yes
and I'm just wondering what you've met
that young man little Tina for I told
you he was flying it's still there it is
yes but look what's on it
Sure you are.
I see I like that they salty thanks very
much why don't if anybody would notice I
asked the custom staff to come aboard to
save time I hope you don't mind by I
told him you'd almost certainly has the
nylon and a bottle of sin Owen asked you
know ah I figured you found the place
all right / yes yeah I picked these up
ashore damn good hey we thought might
find a boat from the contraband liquor
well if you don't take over the lobsters
are going crank up the engine I think of
where is the cargo oh well I'm a
favorite have to figure it out later
now look here oh don't you copy
oh we don't need to hang around them I
did on the company I think of it a wine
So much for camping I think I'll go take
a look at something
oh no I'll go I know ready that's like
oh boy
shall I Drive a little bit don't take
the helmet.
I mean again I'm just I reckon if the
hell should say hey cowboy I told you we
had to pick it up later yeah give us a
hand what's in this thing I'm rather
afraid it's Brenda Brenda what about you
look you're not bringing that stuff
aboard my ship oh cool did you think my.
Berto jams or what else could I do
well you might have had the distance in
his head what the job was well I didn't
want to get you involved involved I only
went into the place and paid over the
money myself
yes I met I always bother rottens in
anyway all you got to do now is to get
me back to England then you'll be shot
of the whole thing what about the
customs here son oh I've got all that
tape we can slip in easily before
they're out of bed they'll never get it
and it'll still be dark
surely you can get it up the creek
without using your engine not inside
that boy shows it's very muddy of course
but how exactly what we'd be smugglers
mm-hmm I'll go and get her underway
22nd that's it start fighting we're
making yesterday novotn England home
and something to eat something to
declare if I have any sense you're still
lying about the customs oh boy don't
give him a single thought
I am.
Where's the Mori master well him he's a
very smart chap you ask me so smarty
haven't come you can why do boy I only
come because I knew I couldn't stop you
the custom they're still looking at it
for the cross three days I tell you only
come well never mind that now that you
are here custom.
Come on up Cody come back custard very
well we better get on with the unloading
I'm learning you can't stop it look all
we agreed was to get it here
well we've got it here and this is where
we get rid of it you can't unionize
gonna be back in my mornings movie tired
on the turn no we can't afford to get
stuck on the meadow hi
well what am I to do no idea what this
time the great lady what they put this
daughter in the creak of a heart oh boy
I think he's got it
not in a match of the house that we're
due proposed I'm and it is mine in the
sale doctor I saw it this morning
sure you can find the spot again yes
I'll manage sure you don't want a little
ask him no thanks I'll find someone to
give me a hand
good luck I only hope he does find
someone to help him
yeah well crafty devil you're awfully
rude about him he's all right I like
adventurous people I've had enough
adventure for one night I want to get
some sleep and a lot of things you're
doing you hear more of this damn gold
till your way
good morning darling
for some time getting on for midday what
is gusting I was finished before
yesterday maybe I didn't get our latest
news what they were doing up at night no
nice and I must say for insurance people
they couldn't have been less I can
charge people they even wanted to note
any smoke damage the ballerina yeah I
know but I told them they could staring
it must be an insurer
honey that's right yeah I don't keep her
more than a moment I hope you are from
the waterways and general Customs and.
Excise No oh you senior people already
they tell us this morning crack of dawn
I'm sure they did just one or two small
things I'd like to ask okay's doing I
understand you ain't got mast and crank
at dawn this morning
thanks Rick yes that's right may I ask
why fishing without lights I believe you
also had a slight collision to infect
the motor crews were at her moorings.
Zachary Tony that's just a matter
between our owners and obviously it was
a point about it would rather interests
my department.
Marc you're gonna lead coming back was
about a foot higher than the one you
made going in what you're unloading up
there three fellas
as he showed his time place to do so and
the question of the tide we didn't want
to get stuck out there all day as it was
with those bottom want advice on the way
down in addition to touching somebody
else's paper
well I think that's all oh do have a
drink I'm sure you're bored no thanks
alright won't say no to that thank you
swallowed it hook line & 3 instantly one
thing still have well let him Johnny own
stuff here by now ahead that's engineer
and dollars
well you around a Shawn get Saudis not
popular okay be wagon sale limits today
don't work you've adventure boots they
wind up loaded and came back like a gym
sometime your memory no we do not go out
there saying it was melis huh you're
sure thanks yes morning early it's time
to pop across the channel alright
Yes sir right here this is the tree it's
still there I knew it no time to fish on
some cake in it and then you haven't
seen it here he'll definitely darling
it'll take half a dozen human beings to
ship this okay so you can work out how
many of these would take my darling I
think I have an idea.
Sarabeth one would you boys like to lend
some money all right
don't want that you see this rope
there's a net attached to the end of it
somewhere out of water and in it are
some very precious dollars they ought
not to be there um somewhere out the way
she mothered
what note it yeah I'm on Oh we'll pay
all right how much
how about sixpence a battle that's the
shops good zero Korea what the pixel
self said at times is Bubba for a barrel
plate or leave it it's a deal now then
what's going on I say would you mind
going away my boys are trying to take me
down in vain so far I kept your boot
leave all their attention like this
thank you so much
This looks like a spot all right well
it's just about here somewhere well then
go too hard okay yes but you look down
there through the road
Now I'm gonna get delivered this
where are we going wherever we dump them
they look conspicuous no no darling
you're improving no good sticking around
here come on
well what a market is the future for
delivering south-western I wonder what
is doing in this partner where it looks
like a job for the preventive officer
yes sir
I'd like to know with a double edged
knife Scott - I ultra stay to the van I
won't never to elect it Hey look
that was a fine mr. Littleton
what's your affair we finished it where
they measure less now listen it's no
good appealing to my detonator I've lost
Ms Brown is lost I'm not appealing do
anything I just want to know where you
put the stuff
well hang it all I'm only trying to help
you help us why said after all it was
your fucking movie you paid the money
over in France are you well well it's a
slight break we wanted tally oh boy of
course under steamroller now listen
we're not fooling we had what road that
stuff Oh Lodi yes it's oysters we've got
a restaurant up in town do I don't let
they had to break down moister it won't
be tar then no it isn't oh don't smell
like tar Mustaine don't smell nothing
fishy about him though neither hey
pickled in spirits no no you think I
think it's where the Capitol interview
forget all about it just as you like
fucking money Out Boy
hmm no rest of mine went down with the
excels here
what's your ploys excuse me could you
tell where the nearest telephone boxes.
Branton poor boy you can't miss it.
Frampton I'm not gonna get there sorry
I'm just gonna get anywhere with this
stuff one thing certain customers men
now know something was don't anything ah
impacted no they know that somebody
moved if it wasn't used it must have
been us but we can't stay here
what you gonna do next thing that comes
Which the stuff out here that's right
all right we'll get in the car show me
where you took there you juice out these
I'll get the police to throw a cordon
around the district and check all
traffic leaving the area has been
contraband brought our far is Brampton
then what exactly is it that you want me
to do with you and yes step 6 ed weeks
maybe pain baits all along the ways.
Benton tonight largest a tomorrow night
I've gotta get that cut to London by the
end of the week I've got to be back at
the office early and I've got to get
your phone be quiet.
Georgian - all laugh more keys to better
off head and stuck on the road chances
are we won't reach London at all we
don't take a bit of money on the next
couple nights the shadows sell up lock
stock and barrel not about how well
that's a good house tonight
keys to moving in the right direction
I just thought if you could send a
breakdown man no no only the back wheels
well I was turning we're supposed to be
in southwest them you had no right to be
anywhere near Marsden tree oh I know
that mitten I've got that's why return
if you could send a breakdown then vote
boot what on earth do you want a bird
for a turret what for the laundry or
somebody but I know just what it's
saying well you can find another job I
don't know what you've been paying that
come and I don't want to well I've got
some people here from the customs now
asking about you
the customs what I told them goodbye mr.
Nath go let's go home miles can you see
One thing you're not gonna do you think
about now I'm gonna specialize in the
morning you didn't say why you were
speaking from I sit down just under
frequent worse season four years when Oh
have another look at the show while it's
still on.
Mr. vendors hiring a lorry from here
because after what happened to Crete the
police will be watching every road for
miles good enough now that I think she's
having one of her ideas just like the
youth in seven teenagers who use twitch
in 1781 it's not least a kitchen item
twenty ponies rotting fruit brandy
Bitch I'll they're trying to avoid
integer arranged in a string of them
covered in cake marching along the main
You never come back if these things all
over the place let's all right until you
wind up in his round five you never come
back but a word to me about it they were
very rude to the laundry you must have
gone through Brampton by the card from
there to ask him Brampton at all
without any luck you had a card you say
yes for mr. Klump lifted things all over
the place what's me to parcel them up of
your place and send them on personally
if I didn't want his room rattle big fun
where did you send them oh where now let
me see oh yes I told my girl to do it
big thing
good morning darling how did this piece
of ground in Dawson
- off in I can't
find anything on it
tell us everything we shouldn't a fuss
nobody must hurt nice all over not
quietest don't got 14 barrels of antenna
brandy in our head.
I brought you breakfast oh there you are
where was to recommend a pony or the
ponies down at the stream walking surely
he's in London London yes he told me to
give you a message
he's had to find another place to put
the stuff cause of the ponies looking
clear in the streets of London so you
two go - Cordy that's a small village
about 45 miles from here and he'll meet
you at noon on the 12th that's the Delta
tomorrow which were bidden journey said
as first on the road to London yes yes I
think we could take it take the old
Roman Road right cross we can find the
way darling do we go on we gonna what
about breakfast
yeah there's a mr. Rackham asking for
you very well boys show him in good
morning gentlemen I need to say what a
glorious day I take it you say well not
absolutely there has been a slight hitch
that's what I wanted to talk to you
Oh know what you get the stuff alright
good heavens gentlemen it's just that I
can't see myself eating a string of
thick ponies dance in James's Street
someone might start asking questions
pink ponies 9007 yes well I don't want
to bother you with all the details but
I've had a spot of lorry trouble so I've
turned to the packhorse time-honored
method you know 524 News starting to the
dark you know the opening star bit and
anything on wheels ones away from
traffic one simply sticks to the old.
Roman roads little mind the Roman roads
to reckon are we to receive the
consignment or not
why gentlemen you don't think I like
your boundary certainly not but the
matter is pressing is about mr. Frost
mister reckon it's sufficiently
distressing orders to find ourselves
compelled to deal in contraband although
such methods are by no means without
mr. Rackham you will understand but
since its foundation it has been the
tradition of this firm to supply our
clients whatever treating difficulties
existed at the time the finest quality
wines accustomed you see mr. Rackham
one our client remember not only many of
the leading families in Debrett several
notable London club yes I knew gentlemen
I'm just trying to explain makuey
yesterday his sentence Butler the most
urgent appeal certain planet we've
managed to supplied with families and
unobtainable able to meet our nearing
the end of this top of Napoleon brandy
the most hard
Christopher very good cognac insist on
the best quality while refusing to pay
the price the opposition dude is so high
and supply so limited
contraband or otherwise we must have
delivery mr. Eko
and so you shall gentlemen so just let
me have some transport at the New.
England quarterly at 12 o'clock tomorrow
and you in the new enter a public health
public house in broad daylight have you
taken leave of your sins Mads don't you
see that the video penis of our action
movies are suspicious who in his right
mind would never think of transferring
smuggled liquor in the backyard of a pub.
Jorian nice and sing out and that
gentleman is exactly what we're going to
do very well mr. Beckham but in your
hands good day definitely so the whole
thing seems most irregular.
Are you sure we're on absolutely certain
I may have my fault with my math reading
is you seem to be enough
These are animals wandering all over the
public highway
no I'll Tony - crumbs are don't pitch
them you might have caught them serious
accident what terribly sorry we're just
training them
well you've no business to train him on
the main road you know oh we weren't we
were just about to close out the old
revenue I see what exactly were training
these animals for hey it's not a sort of
expedition at the Amazon the Andes I
mean we're gonna cross them trans and
getting the expression society but
British of course the British imperial
trans Andy and exploration Society said
well see it doesn't happen again.
Excuse me hmm are we in the right
say lemon road now you're wanting the
one to Londinium on what does the other
that do you ah yes the Athenian way it
lies over the crest of the next year
you're you can't thank you very much
light won't be allowed to inquire the
significance of the little Paulie oh
we're training them for the pretty
trends and an exploration Society now
are you closing this not too much sorry
we're not arts painting is all my fault
hey wasn't I should have taught you the
difference between port and starboard.
I see it so much Rumble engine oh is
this not the old Roman Road
they never sinned so when I bought it
you're doing this for pleasure.
Hilda be supporting them or something.
British imperial champion inspiration I
see this should hard the map over like
were you hitting for I can give you a
nice shelter you want it gonna get worse
crash is still falling thanks very much
we could do with it how long did babies
I'm standing the bottom there
There you are them yours for the night
find some fun of the animals on the spot
you'll get your pennies pin it down then
come along you'll want to dry yourselves
they have some dinner
tell me she's living to run you apart
more cheese a pair my watch is the best
for 30 miles around you and how you do
it on to ration books huh very good but
it still till she bottles that are
see I was born in that path
oh hi romantic yeah on top of the Andes
no gang come on Tara of course
oh the Montana yeah yes naturally with
those panties oh they were specially
chosen for hired by the Royal Victoria.
College that case they said they went
along of Montana in any event I cannot
see why don't get all the expensive
shipping ponies at a sudden miracle and
attentively good mules can be had on the
spot dented the road but I do know the
country not a cap and then an old farmer
I have knocked around the world what's
the record racket I don't know what I
mean what
I will leave smuggled in 14 cakes of
brandy from France for a friend well on
our way to head together
what's he paying for it very isn't it
it's going somebody another three pounds
a litre I think he said they were paying
what what you're going to Nets London
spills hypocrite read prints and they
can sell it to seven but you're insane
you must are six at least what you per
fish plainly need is a marketing ball is
the stuff printable we haven't tasted it
haven't tasted you people trust the
first color that comes along trusted you
well let's not sit here one day let's
find out donor
well there's no cheating the daddy try
No thanks aren't you total nonsense man
your weapon report this just in you know
there's France not big miles away
swimming in the stuff about 15 shoes a
bottle and what we have to pay for it
here three pounds or more and where's
the money go send in our forms for
farmers divinities
I wholeheartedly congratulate you all
three of you and your absent fit you
will revive but Doris the past when
every country gentlemen well filled his
cellar clothed his wife of the Baxter
pet parrots in you the splendors the
18th century live again and that falls
all branded how was it our good friend
Roger Kipling so a nubbly put it Ivan
twenty ponies cutting through the dark
Never I get to do I'm gonna form a
syndicate there's plenty of money in
this district since we found out how to
keep dairy cattle on the earth and dance
all the around why should a lot of.
London's kids have all the good stuff
with all we to the poll is out Jerry
mine and gum and shedded I'll take your
entire consignment Pike report we turned
it doesn't like honor among thieves I
would draw it but I did Laurent a vision
you understand your cancer all normal to
nip it is and take this gentleman to a
little village called Court name order
where he will deliver to your where.
Simon yes yes that you will immediately
bring back here no what is it this time
like we the old Ellen okay see you
Come on
I believe you have a parcel for me
something please come I see please rest
10 Oh No Kenna post-ops gee crumb ah
that'll be it Thanks
can I see your identity card please dad.
Oh it'll be in sorry to give me the pass
I'll get it out
dear I'm sorry I'm not supposed to give
you a parcel without I see your identity
card can I help
probably don't know me but I know you
till yes used to deliver my laundry well
I can vouch for mr. crumb I think you
can safely hand it over
oh that would be alright then BOOM thank
you very much sir the lucky one happen
to be here you working in this part of
the world now well in a way
passing through I'll have to worry
perhaps I can give you a lift oh no I'm
only gonna fasten you in well I'll
stroll across with you and have one I'm
bunch opponent what is it you're
wondering so he's burning up oh he's not
the ponies they're going to use it they
wouldn't send the aptitude test
ah I'll tell you what as a farmer around
these parts to the bit of dealing on the
side you might like to buy that bunch
see me taking her to market to be in
soon I'll tell him I'll be fine
quite sure you haven't I'm preparin take
no thanks really
I've got a minute there's my friends
goodbye well now my friends - my friends
with a palace without the palace to mean
hello hmm
well now that we're all together there
one or two questions I'd like to ask
shall we go in okay well this is a
pleasant surprise
um do have I have a brown ale please a
brown it yeah another one back to see
you a couple of days ago but of course
you weren't on the boat that I noticed
you had some new ballast of course we
are we had to replace it
yes we've got some of the very next
thing I see two of my men found your van
at Marston Creek
what were you doing there give me the
lift to mr. Rackham where is mr. Rackham
oh you'll be here any minute now
You're the chap at some point if you
sell goods from horny Pelle you mean you
want to buy there I might do well hello
I don't mind telling you there's a
really first costume is tip-top
condition it is more mileage I'm only
selling cuz I'm going to South America
yes and look equally good either in you
dipped Allen mutton or make up your mind
because if you are you're wanted on the
London what you asking well how much you
offering 75 done
yeah yeah
customs what's going on
And where did the top you can't stay
Not right there how are we gonna get
them back there right now
Double brandy please double brandy I was
with some people in here a little while
back you don't happen to know where
they've gone didn't say sir quite a few
in here we were over by the window there
were two men and a young woman she had
sort of three-quarter length flex
oh is it certainly me actually landlord
of the newly what about of this time an
item got something for you Randy for the
part right uh-huh
have it well no well I thought well hey.
Cletus go to five gallons kilometres
mine no call it a quartile boy alright
and for our purposes we'll call it a
court you know I could have done with.
Chet Oh God ya know what we got our
pictures in the paper
what Sunday Times nice
hey don't you hold up with you basically
you know giveaway lucky thing I got her
to the ponies you're lucky a store and I
got rid of all the brandy yes I took
their day before yesterday when they
left here which direction were they
they started off towards the Athenaeum
way over there I watched him go a quaint
and altogether delightful sight for
these days so they went straight off
along the Roman Road no strangely enough
they turned off towards that cup of
trees over there by the right
I love their damage remember the name
I'm mr. Riddler what have you done with
your ponies where's the owner of this
house I told you he's not at home
afraid I'll have to keep you all here
until we can search the place we weren't
going anywhere
sure we'll be no bitch I should go ahead
old man
all right have to part
well now that we're all together there
one or two questions I'd like to ask hey
all I'm air it's fine.
I like an indication of the very serious
you can suspect which is attached on
thinking people spurious or a picture
romance now determined to suppress these
practices at all costs determined at all
costs and any failure aid will
have been informed during the
adjournment certain anonymous one may
say this
Let's hope we don't hit everything this
time so all right charlie hi yes they
got their holiday in the end in the
autumn they were married and lived
happily ever after me
why actually I bought a better wine
cellar in San James history
do I maintain the old tradition or what
do you think George oh yes he still with
He's my chief wine - hurrah - George
well I wish you all a very good day