Brandy Hellville & the Cult of Fast Fashion (2024) Movie Script

The number of companies in the area
grew exponentially.
But it's a gimmick. Because
the only Italian thing
is the placement of the company
and little more.
The problem is that,
among these companies,
despite the checks
that we carry out
and the attention
that we put into it
there are some...
companies which are not legit.
Something objectively
very painful to see.
I work as a cenciaiolo.
I divide all the colors, all...
the qualities of the rags,
which are then processed
and are used to reproduce
the yarn to make fabrics, sweaters...
instead of using new wool.
Where do the clothes
you recycle come from?
They come from Europe
and America in 90% of cases.
It comes from those who deal
with second-hand collections.
The regenerated product has always
been considered
a low-quality product.
With the new millennium, instead,
the regenerated gained strength
because it protects the planet.
I learnt to sew a little bit,
and I realized that some of
the second-hand clothing
that comes is too big.
You cannot do anything
with them.
So I found a way and technique
to use these waste materials.
There is no waste in this.
I have removed all the waste.
I am going to sell it.