Brangelina: The Inside Story (2021) Movie Script

[gentle uplifting music]
[camera shutters clicking]
- [Photographer] Angelina,
Angelina, Angelina.
- [Brad] I was horrified.
I'm walking down the street
and I see this big
cardboard cutout of myself
as this character.
That was enough.
That was enough for me.
- [Photographer] To your
right, Angelina, please!
Angelina, to your right, please.
- [Narrator] Brad Pitt and
Angelina Jolie, Brangelina.
One of the most iconic and
sought after celebrity couples.
For more than a decade,
the glamorous pair fascinated
and were idolized by many.
- Listen, someone told me
you'll never be ready for birth,
marriage, death, and fame.
I said, "Oh, I don't know."
- [Narrator] For awhile,
it seemed the Brangelina
was the perfect love story
and that nothing would
be able to take away
the shine of their romance,
but, behind closed doors,
behind the glitz, the
glamor, and the fame,
the golden couple
began to crumble.
Before it all went wrong,
we take a look at one
of the most charismatic,
enigmatic, and compelling
duos of present day Hollywood.
Out of a movie set encounter,
a fictional romance turned
into real life romance
for two of the
most famous actors
of the modern Hollywood scene.
And so began the incredible
love story of Brangelina.
[gentle majestic music]
Brad Pitt was born
William Bradley Pitt
on December 18th, 1963
in Shawnee, Oklahoma.
He was the eldest of
three children and
grew up in Missouri,
in a strict Christian
conservative household.
His father Bill owned
a trucking company
and his mother Jane
,was a family counselor.
At school, he was
showing his acting talent
by taking part in
the school musicals.
He was already a resolute child.
Pitt studied journalism at
the University of Missouri,
originally aspiring to be
an advertising art director.
However, the young college
student had other aspirations
and his love for movies
became too strong.
During his last
semester, on a whim,
he dropped out of college
and set off to Los Angeles,
the land of opportunities,
to pursue an acting career,
just two credits shy
of a college degree.
With no money and no fame,
the only thing he had was his
dream of becoming an actor.
He said that films
represented for him
a portal into different worlds.
Pitt told his parents
he intended to enroll
in the ArtCenter College
of Design in Pasadena,
but, instead, spent
the next several months
taking acting classes
and working at odd jobs,
such as a limousine
driver for strippers,
delivering refrigerators,
or being a giant chicken
mascot for a restaurant.
His new life in the
City of Angels was tough
as he was trying to
break into show business.
[birds chirping]
He was desperate to become
part of the industry.
Finally, the young
unknown talent
was eventually
spotted by someone.
One day, he joined
an acting class
as his classmates scene
partner for an audition.
Shortly after, in
a twist of fate,
the agent signed him
instead of his classmate.
After only seven
months in Los Angeles,
Pitt had secured an agent
and regular acting work.
[gentle upbeat music]
Angelina Jolie was born
Angelina Jolie Voight
on June 4th, 1975 in
Los Angeles, California.
Daughter of actress Marcheline,
and award-winning
actor Jon Voight.
She spent much of her
childhood in New York
where she took acting courses
at the Lee Strasberg Theatre
Institute for two years
and also studied drama
at New York University.
She then returned to Los Angeles
and enrolled at Beverly
Hills High School.
In addition to acting
in theater productions,
she modeled and appeared
in music videos.
Her teen years were
dark and difficult.
She was considered
an outsider at school
and she struggled with
depression, substance abuse,
eating disorder, and self
destructive behavior.
Brad Pitt started with
small insignificant roles
on television and soap operas.
He made his big screen debut
in 1989's horror
film "Cutting Class."
But in 1991, it was a part
in a controversial
high-profile Hollywood film
that got things moving for him,
and pushed him into the
glare of instant stardom.
His performance in Ridley
Scott's "Thelma and Louise"
grabbed universal attention,
despite only a few minutes
worth of screen time.
[car door knocking]
- Excuse me, ma'am.
Can I ask which direction
you're heading to?
See, I'ma try get back to school
and my ride fell through.
And, well, I'm kinda stuck
here like stink on stink,
so I was thinking that
you're going my way
or I'm going your way?
- I think we're going to
Oklahoma city but I'm not sure.
- Yeah, well, I
appreciate it much
- [Narrator] Pitt's
charming bad boy charisma
made him a genuine sex symbol.
In 1992, his performance in
"A River Runs Through It"
is said to be the one
who propelled his career.
1994 was the year of his
next major career step,
when he was lucky enough
to be cast alongside
big Hollywood names, Tom
cruise and Antonio Banderas
in "Interview With The Vampire."
That same year, in the
historical melodrama,
"Legends of the Fall,"
Pitt received his first
major award nomination
for his performance as
the rebellious Tristan,
the Golden Globe for Best Actor.
- It was horrifying.
I'm walking down the street
and I see this big
cardboard cutout
of myself and this character.
That was enough.
That was enough to me.
- [Narrator] He made his
long awaited to debut
into the film industry.
His performance was acclaimed
and his career had
finally taken off.
[energetic upbeat music]
- [Announcer 1] Some people
hear their own inner voices
with great clearness and
they live by what they hear
such people become crazy,
or they become legend.
- [Narrator] Angelina Jolie
made her screen debuts
at a young age
alongside her father.
But her film career
really began in 1995
with her first major
movie role in "Hackers".
- Half the planet.
- [All] Half the planet.
- [Announcer 2] It's not
just something they do.
- Sure this sweet machine's
not going to waste.
- Are challenging me?
[both howling]
- [Announcer 2]
It's who they are.
- I win, you wear a
dress on our date.
- If I win, so do you .
- [Announcer 2] They
can crack any code.
[students screaming]
Get inside any system.
- [Dade] Hello, Mr. Gill,
according to our
records, you're dead.
- I'm what?
- [Narrator] On set, she
met her first husband.
The British actor,
Johnny Lee Miller.
Six months after filming
they were married.
Although before then she
was involved with actress
Jenny Shimizu, that she
had met on set as well.
At the wedding, the
20-year old bride
walked down the aisle,
wearing black rubber trousers,
and a white shirt with the
groom's name written on it,
in her own blood.
The film as well as her
marriage weren't successful;
They were divorce
after four years.
In 1997, Jolie grabbed attention
when she acted in
"George Wallace"
winning a Golden Globe
for her performance.
The following year,
she played a supermodel
struggling with drug addiction
in the HBO movie "Gia".
Her performance that
earned her multiple honors
including a Golden Globe and
a Screen Actors Guild Award.
- You scare the
shit out of people
and then they don't
see how scared you are.
Once upon a time there was
a girl with cold blue hair.
I went to live in
a beautiful house.
Out at the gate,
- I'm Linda.
- Nice to meet you.
- [Photographer] Angelina.
Angelina, to the right.
Angelina, don't go.
- [Narrator] In 1999,
she appeared in the
comedy "Pushing Tin"
with Billy Bob Thornton
and the following
year she married him.
Despite their fiery romance
and being madly in love
their union didn't last either.
They were divorce in 2003.
[gentle serene music]
Pitt was fighting to secure
his place in Hollywood.
Many critics still found his
roles were lacking in dementia.
In 1995, Pitts efforts
finally paid off.
He abruptly took a gritty
turn alongside Kevin Spacey
and Morgan Freeman.
He starred in Award-Winning
Thriller "Seven",
which since has been considered
one of the best
films of all time
Determined to prove his skills,
He showed the public
that there was another
dimension to him.
During filming,
he met and began dating his
co-star Gwyneth Paltrow,
the first super famous
celeb on Brad Pitt's list.
Although she was
unknown at the time,
both claimed it was
love at first sight.
The two stayed together
for two and a half years,
and we're one of
the 90's hottest
and most celebrated couples.
Then in 1997, after a
seven-month engagement
the couple split,
nobody knows exactly
what went wrong.
Although Gweneth declared,
that she was too young
and not ready.
Pitt wouldn't stay
single for long.
In 1995, Pitt's dedication
worked its magic again
as he starred in "12 monkeys"
winning a Golden Globe
for Best Supporting Actor
and earning his first
Oscar nomination.
In 1997, he shot his most
ambitious film to date,
"Seven Years in Tibet".
The film even got him banned
from returning to China
as they deemed the topics
depicted, offensive.
During these years, he
dated various co-stars
including Juliette Lewis, Jill
Schoelen and Robin Givens.
Brad had grabbed the
attention of the women
as well as the tabloids,
by his attractive looks.
But, as it turned out
he could offer much
more than his looks.
In 1998, he was set up on a
date with Jennifer Aniston.
It turned out to be
pretty successful.
The two fell in love and
tied the knot in July, 2000
in an extravagant
ceremony in Malibu.
They even created a
production company together
called Plan B Entertainment.
It seemed that the
couple was ready
to start a family together,
but destiny would
decide otherwise.
[gentle uplifting music]
- You can see why Jennifer
and Brad immediately clicked.
They're both really
down to earth,
funny people who
are real people.
- It was a massive deal when
Brad and Jennifer got together
Brad Pitt was on a
career just trajectory
that was going up,
up, up, up, up.
He'd already been of course
in "Thelma and Louise"
which had made him
a household name
and movies like "Fight Club"
were coming out
around the same time.
So he wasn't A-lister, Jen
was A-lister of course,
for being in "Friends"
which she was commanding
$1 million per episode.
So the two of them together,
you have like the most
powerful sex symbol
from the movie industry
with the most popular woman
from television together,
it was like the
ultimate power couple.
After they were together,
you just could not go anywhere
without seeing their faces.
From everything, from people,
national choir, every
single gossip show,
it was just Jennifer Aniston
and Brad Pitt
constantly everywhere.
And I think that there
was something people
found really appealing
because she was so much
the girl next door.
- Jennifer and Brad became
the first modern super couple
- [Narrator] In 1999,
Brad Pitt gave one of his
most famous performances ever
in a memorable cult
film "Fight Club".
The disturbing and rebellious
character he played,
marked his place in
Hollywood's history.
- Gentlemen, welcome
to Fight Club.
First rule of Fight Club is...
- Wow, nice.
You do not talk
about fight club.
- Is that your blood?
- Some of it, yeah.
After fight club we all started
seeing things differently.
- You gonna have to
keep me up all night.
- [Announcer 3] And
she ruined everything.
- You're not into her are you?
- No God, not at all.
- [Narrator] Shortly after,
he was cast in "Snatch",
"Ocean's Eleven" and then
blockbuster Epic "Troy".
By this time he was
a renowned actor
and was crushing one
role after another.
However, at the time
of his biggest success
and when things seem
to be booming for him,
his personal life and mental
health were getting grim.
He later admitted that
during the late 90's
he had become sick of
himself and the media.
He was struggling with
depression and addictions
and trying to escape reality.
At the end of the 90's, he
made a trip to Casa Blanca
where he saw poverty
to an extreme
he had never witnessed before.
This allowed him to
see the bigger picture
and he realized his
own problems were small
compared to what other
people were facing.
He managed to turn his
life around, cleaned up,
and got back into acting
with even bigger roles
on the big screen.
In 2000, Jolie won her first
Oscar for her supporting role
as a mental patient
in "Girl Interrupted".
From then on, she also kept
climbing the ladder to success.
Although, not all her films
appealed to a wide audience.
In 2001, the heroin role
in Lara Croft "Tomb Raider"
propelled her into
international stardom.
The blockbuster became the
highest grossing action movie
with a woman in the lead role.
Angelina became a mom
for the first time,
when in March, 2002, she
adopted her first child.
Seven-month-old orphan
Maddox, from Cambodia.
She said that her tendency
to self-harm stopped
as soon as he entered her life.
Although, Angelina was
married to Billy Bob Thornton
at the time,
she formally adopted
Maddox as a single parent.
The couple split
three months after the
adoption was finalized.
Angelina was a single
mom for three years.
In 2005, she decided to
adopt her second child,
a six-month-old Ethiopian
girl named Zahara.
And then that same year
something happened,
her life would change forever.
As she scored a hit in
the action blockbuster
that allowed her to meet
the one and only, Brad Pitt.
Brad's relationship
with Jennifer Aniston
had started to crumble,
even though she had declared
feeling ready to have
children with him.
After seven years together,
they split up in 2005,
Aniston cited
irreconcilable differences.
Just a year before,
Pitt had met the woman
who would change the
course of his life forever.
At the time, Brad and Angelina
were the two biggest
names in Hollywood
and they United for
the first time in 2004
on the set of action
blockbuster, "Mr.
And Mrs. Smith",
where they played a married
couple who led a secret spy life
- Come on sweetheart,
come to daddy.
- Are you daddy now?
- [Announcer 4] Brad
Pitt, Angelina Jolie,
- You're still around baby
[Mr. smith moans]
[gun fires]
[high upbeat music]
- [Announcer 4] "Mr.
And Mrs. Smith".
- You know that you're ticking?
- [Narrator] Not long after
they started working
together on the film,
rumors that the two
were having an affair
began to circulate.
It was controversial
and unfortunate
because Pitt was still
married to Aniston.
The Hollywood scandal dominated
the tabloids for years.
They denied the rumors initially
but both later admitted
falling in love
although they weren't
officially together
until after Pitt's
divorce with Jennifer.
The film earned more than
$478 million worldwide
and their movie romance
evolved into real life romance.
- [Ashley] It was very strange
to be reporting on Brad and Jen
when Brad was filming Mr.And
Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie.
Angelina Jolie had a reputation
as this kind of home wrecker.
So when Brad started
working with Angelina,
everybody was already
kind of raising an eyebrow
and this and that.
However, Brad was, he was
seen as such a good guy
and the guy next door
and happily in love.
And in fact, Jennifer
Aniston herself said
that she didn't have trepidation
about him working with Angelina.
She actually met Angelina
for the first time,
she saw her on the lot
where they made friends
and Jen pulled over
and said to Angelina,
I hope you guys enjoy
working together.
Brad's really looking
forward to it.
I hope you have so much fun.
So, Jen wasn't
nervous or jealous
or insecure when he started
working with Angelina,
but it certainly
turned into something
that would ultimately
destroy her marriage.
- [Jennifer] Now,
"Friends" was wrapped up,
and Jen was telling different
magazines her plans,
and her plans were to go to
the set of "Mr. And Mrs. Smith"
and have some time
hanging out with Brad.
Now that obviously didn't happen
because on the set of
"Mr. And Mrs. Smith",
Brad and Angelina got
very, very close and cozy.
- Angelina has said
I would never have slept
with a married man.
My dad cheated on my mom
and I just wouldn't do
that to another woman.
But she also said,
basically they were
falling in love on set
and she couldn't wait to
get to work every day.
And that's where
they fell in love.
I remember watching an
interview with Angelina
after they were together,
and she said, I remember
telling our kids
this is where mommy,
daddy fell in love
when they were making the movie.
So, she herself has said that
she and Brad fell in love
and it was certainly the
love and the relationship
that developed whether it
was sexual or just emotional.
But that relationship
would derail Brad's
and Jen's marriage,
and put the final kind
of nail in that coffin.
When Brad and Jen split up,
there was a massive
cultural shift
between those who were
team Jen and team Angelina.
I mean, people actually
wore t-shirts in LA.
A lot of us felt for Jen.
If you look back at the
origins of the kind of worlds
feeling like this poor sad Jen,
which has been this storyline,
it began when Brad
left Jen for Angelina
Jen has been locked in this
kind of Bermuda Triangle
when it comes to the tabloids
with her, and
Brad, and Angelina.
And, Jennifer has
spoken numerous times
about her desire to stop being
a part of that narrative.
However, the impact of the
Brad, Jen, Angelina, triangle
was felt for decades.
- [Narrator] Shortly after,
Pitt was snapped on vacation
with Jolie and her son Maddox.
Brad and Angelina had very
different upbringings,
but as they both rose
to stardom on the screen
somehow when they met,
it was meant to be.
However, this time they
didn't rush down the aisle.
In fact, they waited
for a very long time
before making things official.
The media instantly went crazy
over the new power couple,
they nickname
Brangelina was born
and so was the
Brangelina obsession.
During this time,
both in 1995 and 2000
Pitt was nominated as
the sexiest man alive.
Some commercials
in which he starred
like the Toyota one, were
even banned in some countries
such as Malaysia, to
avoid the local men
feeling inferior to him.
In 2006, the critically
acclaimed "Babble"
earned Pitt another
Golden Globe nomination.
He continued acting and
critically acclaimed
an Award-Winning Films
such as "The Curious
Case of Benjamin Button",
the "Inglorious Basterds",
"The Tree of Life,
and "Moneyball".
By then, the media madness
and public hysteria
had reached unimaginable levels.
This even led them
to having to deal
with serious issues
with stalkers.
One day, one broke
into his home,
wore his clothes, and
slept for several hours
in his bed before accidentally
setting off an alarm.
[gentle serene music]
Angelina Jolie is not only a
multiple award-winning actress.
She is also, a busy mom
and a dedicated and loving
individual on a mission.
During the filming of
"Tomb Raider" in Cambodia,
she was disturbed by the
poverty of the country.
So, she became an advocate
for people in need.
[gentle inspiring music]
Now, she promotes various
causes including conservation,
education, and women's
rights and helps refugees
as a Goodwill ambassador
of the United nations.
She's even considered
giving up acting
to devote herself to this work.
In 2013, she received an award
for her humanitarian
work around the globe.
- I will do as my mother asked
and I will do the best
I can with this life
to be of use.
And to stand here today
means that I did as she asked,
and if she were alive,
she'd be very proud.
So thank you for that.
- [Narrator] Her personal
experience with poverty
in Third World countries had
a profound effect on her.
She once quoted,
it was only when I
came out of my shell
and started taking
care of others
that I found the real Angelina.
- I think without the balance
of doing things that
actually matter in the world
and being a part
of the real world
then I would have
been left in a bubble
and that would have
felt very empty,
and I probably would have
just had a very shallow
horrible life.
I'm very lucky that
I've been allowed to,
over the last 10 years
travel and go into the world
and be welcomed into areas of
the world where I see people
and work with people who are
survivors of war and refugees
and people just from everywhere
and all walks of life.
And so I have a real
view of the real world
and I'm very happy
inside the real world
because I'm very touched
and very moved by people
and by what they overcome
and by the symbol.
And they have
always reminded me,
to wake up in the morning
and just be grateful,
your children are healthy.
Nothing else matters.
And so I've had that.
So, yes, every once in
a while I get a dress on
and I walk the red carpet,
but it's kind of like
that funny thing you do
that party you go to
every once in a while,
but it's not who you really are.
- [Narrator] Helping
people in need
has always been a huge part
in Pitts and Jolie's life.
They wanted to share
what they had received
during their life with
those who needed it.
So in 2006, they created
The Jolie-Pitt Foundation
in order to aid humanitarian
crises in the world.
- This is my job, and I'm
very fortunate to be an artist
and I don't look down on people
that are fortunate to
have a lot in life,
at the same time, I expect
them as I expect of myself
to be as generous as possible
with all that we've
been fortunate enough
to be blessed with.
But my daily life is not this,
my daily life is being
at home with my kids
and there's very little
division between that
and understanding what's
happening in the world
because understanding
what's happened in the world
is what makes me
a better person,
a better parent and
this is my focus.
- [Narrator] They are
committed to fighting poverty
and injustice and
have worked to help
impoverished communities
in developing countries.
They donated $1 million
in Chad and Sudan
and supported the one
campaign that aims
at combating AIDS and poverty.
They donated millions
upon millions
to charities around the globe.
- I'm gravely concerned that
we have a clinic in Addis
that we're just opening
that's a TB AIDS clinic.
And we've been
wondering if we need
to turn it into more
infectious diseases.
We've been speaking to a
lot of people on the ground.
There's so much more
that needs to be done
but, I'm of course
not a scientist
or somebody that
is physically there
to know how much
more we can have.
And, it is very important
what they have done
in making sure
people are very clear
if they have symptoms
and to crack down on people
who are hiding these symptoms
and in fact spreading it.
All these things
are very important
but what will be enough and
what will be the answer?
And will we find a
cure soon enough?
I don't know.
- [Narrator] Also in 2006,
came the exciting
and surprising news
for the happy family of four.
Three months
after Pitt's divorce with
Aniston was finalized,
the couple announced
they were expecting
their first biological
child together.
As Angelina was pregnant
with their daughter,
the couple decided
to fly to Namibia
in order to have some privacy
and give birth in serenity.
The event caused a wave
of excitement among fans
all wondering what the
baby would look like
due to their reputation
as the world's most
attractive parents.
It was even described by some
as the most anticipated
baby since Jesus Christ.
On May 27th, 2006
their baby girl was born
and the world welcomed
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.
Brad was able to formally
adopt Zahara and Maddox.
He would also become the
adoptive father of Pax.
The mania was at its peak.
The first pictures of
Shiloh were allegedly sold
for $4 million to American
magazines People and Hello.
The money was
donated to charity.
The couple has always
had a rocky relationship
with paparazzi trying to
avoid them at all costs.
They also wanted to avoid
transforming their children
into money-making machines
which is why the
millions they made
by selling their newborns
photos to the press,
went to charity.
They also do their best to
protect them from the press.
Brangelina wasted no time
expanding their family
in the years that followed.
In a blink of an eye,
the couple then had
three more children.
In 2007, they adopted
three-year-old Pax from Vietnam.
Then more happy news came,
a year later Angelina
revealed her second pregnancy
during the Cannes
Film Festival in 2008
with a red carpet appearance
showing off her baby bump.
She gave birth to
twins, Knox and Vivienne
on July 12th, 2008
in Nice, France.
The first photos of
the twins were reported
to have been sold
for $14 million.
The most expensive celebrity
baby photos in history.
The fees were donated to
the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.
Just like that,
the power couple turned
into a power family.
By this time, the pressure for
them to marry had increased
but the couple declared
they would only get married
once marriage equality
would be reached.
Pitt affirmed,
I believe everyone should
have the same rights.
The U.S Supreme court
legalized same-sex marriage
on June 26th, 2015.
In 2012, Brangelina took
it to the next level.
Brad finally proposed
with a beautiful
half million dollar,
diamond engagement ring.
In February, 2013
Angelina faced some
difficult health challenges.
She had to undergo
a preventative double
mastectomy procedure
due to her risk of
developing breast cancer.
She bravely opened up about
her deeply personal decision.
Brad offered his support
throughout the experience
and praised her decision
and choices as heroic.
Jolie has stated,
I feel feminine
and grounded in the
choices I am making
for myself and my family.
Her career would continue to
flourish in the next decade
and she even started writing
and directing movies.
Her best commercial success came
with Disney's fantasy
"Maleficent" in 2014.
Her personal life
often attracted
at least as much
attention as her acting.
Angelina is unconventional,
independent, and free spirited.
As a public figure,
she has been cited as one of
the most influential people
in the American
entertainment industry.
She was in fact
named the Most Powerful
Celebrity in the world
by Forbes Magazine in 2009
and was also cited many times,
as the most beautiful
woman in various media.
[bright cheerful music]
After mounting pressure
from their children
Brad and Angelina
married in 2014.
Worthy of a fairytale,
the picturesque ceremony
was held at Chateau Miraval
in Nice, South of France.
With Maddox and Pax walking
them down the aisle,
Zahara and Vivienne
as flower girls,
and Shiloh and Knox
as ring bearers.
The big news warmed the hearts
of millions of fans
around the world.
Angelina has six
sets of geographical
coordinates tattooed
on her arm showing the
birthplaces of all her children.
When she got her seventh tattoo
it sparked rumors that she
was planning to adopt again.
Pitt and Jolie have said
that they want their children
to remain in touch with
their home countries.
In 2003, she bought
a house in Cambodia
so that Maddox could
connect with the country
he was born in.
Through foundations named
after their children,
Jolie is supporting
rural communities
and preserving the
wildlife and environment
of Asian and African countries,
such as Cambodia,
Namibia, and Sudan.
She opened the Shiloh Wildlife
Sanctuary in Namibia in 2017
to commemorate the location
where her first
biological child was born.
Through the organization,
she has helped build schools,
roads, and villages in Asia.
- It's made me a better
mother, a better friend,
a better human being.
I don't wake up and wish
for the things I don't have.
I wake up and I'm happy
my kids are healthy.
And I feel that when you
have use in the world,
you have a happier life.
[lively upbeat music]
- [Narrator] All while
trying to make the world
a better place and living
his family adventures,
Pitt continued along his path,
starring in one
hit after another.
There was a "World War Z"
his highest grossing movie
of all times.
"12 Years a Slave" which
became a huge success
and won 100 awards.
Then "Allied".
- The film has difficult
moments and surely details,
man's in humanity, man's
ability to be cruel to another
but ultimately what
the stories is about
it's a reminder of our
responsibility to each other.
We're all equal and we're
after the same thing,
and that's what I
love about this film.
And I can't say enough
great things about it.
It's a very rare film
- [Interviewer] The other thing
that we've seeing
great deal of coverage
over the last few months
is your marriage itself.
What's the worst thing about
being marriage to Brad Pitt?
- What's the worst thing?
- [Interviewer] I'm
sure you can tell us
plenty of great things.
What's the worst thing?
- There's nothing.
There's nothing.
I'm very fortunate, he's a
great man and a great father.
- [Interviewer] He's a man
without fault, can this be true?
- Oh, no man is without
fault, but I've got my own
so his faults bounds mine.
- [Interviewer] And
what's the worst one?
Does he sat on the floor?
- He's probably, no...
He's really a good person.
He's human, I'm human,
we have our flaws but where
it counts he's a great man.
[slow paced music]
[birds chirping]
- [Narrator] Behind
closed doors,
the couple started to
face serious issues
and cracks started forming in
this once blissful marriage.
A year after their
wedding in 2015,
they reunited on screen
for "By The Sea",
about a couple attempting
to repair their marriage,
which Angelina
wrote and directed.
- I can't believe I'm
here with this movie.
We were driving up, I thought,
how are we here with that movie?
Because this is our
little art movie
and it does feel very,
very big and fancy
for this crazy little
film we've made.
[gentle crawling wave]
She confessed that the
film was an attempt
to try and revive her
relationship with Brad.
She was hoping that getting
back together on set,
after a decade, would cause
them to fall back in love.
They had worked brilliantly
together previously in the past
and Jolie was sure it
could happen again.
- [Photographer] Brad, Brad .
- [Roland] You wanna
talk about it, Vanessa?
Do you hate me?
- You know my reason.
- You wanna hurt me
- You're nothing
- Hurt me.
- Stop
Its the perfect day
[slow paced music]
- But, art imitates life a
bit too closely sometimes
and it turned out to be
the worst honeymoon ever.
In November, 2015, they stepped
out for the film premiere.
They spent their press tour
talking about their marriage
and how much they
loved each other.
Pitt even said at one point,
I trust her with my life.
- The first one,
we had a lot of fun
because of the subject
matter in this film,
it's very, very heavy
and it's not really fun
but the pleasure is breaking
through something together
and pushing each other and
getting to the other end of it,
and learning something
about each other,
so that was good,
but it wasn't easy
and you'll see when
you see the movie,
I think in a way you'll
breathe when it's over.
- [Narrator] It
seemed as if all signs
were pointing to a
long lasting marriage.
Even though they were all
smiles for the camera,
they were falling apart.
Brad Pitt admitted, he had
a serious drinking problem.
After the movie, the
couple grew apart even more
as they went to work
on different projects
but Brad's addictions,
had led to anger issues
and he had begun to
spiral out of control.
In 2016, a family incident
happened during a private flight
Afterwards, she refused to
let him see the children
and applied for a protective
order against Brad
which led him to be
investigated by the FBI
and the Department of
Child and Family Services.
[gentle lifting music]
- Someone told me you'll
never be ready for birth,
marriage, death and fame.
I said, "Oh, I don't know."
- [Narrator] On September
20th of that year,
breaking news broke the internet
citing irreconcilable
Angelina had officially
filed for divorce.
The news instantly sent
shock waves through Hollywood
and millions of fans were left
speechless and heartbroken.
The tabloids went crazy again,
who was going to get
custody of the children?
Angelina requested
sole physical custody.
However, in 2019, the
judge warned Jolie
that Pitt must be allowed
to see the children more
or she would lose custody.
"I am very saddened by this,
but what matters most now is
the wellbeing of our kids."
Brad apparently
said in a statement.
Angelina has declared
the decision to divorce
was made for the
health of the family.
After only two years of marriage
but over a decade of romance,
the glamorous couple in their
golden years turned to ashes
and as tragic as it was
their love story ended.
Of course this caused
a frenzy in the media.
This breakup was so
widely publicized
that some airline companies
even started creating
offering cheap flights to LA
based on the fact
that Brad was single.
The couple separated
on healthy terms.
However, the divorce
is still ongoing
as the ex's continue to work
through custody battles
and other issues.
- I was an extra for
good, almost two years.
- Really?
Yeah, yeah.
- Can you get the
stills from it?
You're actually--
- It's in the movie.
I'm standing in the doorway
with an outstanding mullet.
We try to get lined
so we can get our sad card
and then we can be working.
It's a catch 22.
You can't be an actor
without your sad card
at least at that time,
but you can't get
have your sad card
unless you have a line.
I was an extra in the Charlie
Sheen movie and I was a waiter
and they were all, it was
no man's land DB Sweeney.
And they're all sitting
around a big table scene
and I come up with the bottle,
and I supposed to pour champagne
and I come around
and I think, man, I'm
gonna try to get a line in.
I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try,
'cause they're all
having a conversation.
I figured maybe I
can slip this in.
And I pour this young
actor a glass of champagne
and I go, would you
like anything else?
And she looked at me and goes,
and the director goes cut, cut.
[all laugh]
And first D goes, if you do
that again you're off the set.
- Oh no.
[slow paced music]
- [Narrator] As of 2019,
Brad Pitt's career doesn't
seem to have slowed down.
He acted in "Ad Astra", and
"Once Upon A Time in Hollywood",
the "Quentin Tarantino"
comeback masterpiece
in which he won Best
Supporting Actor Award.
- [Brad] I really believe
in accepting where we are
and dealing with
what we're given,
and I've been very fortunate.
And also as you know, I
still have my challenges
and I just really
believe in embracing
and finding the acceptance and
whatever the day brings you.
- [Narrator] Jolie isn't
leaving Hollywood, either.
She was seen in Maleficent
too that same year.
- Don't, ruin my morning.
[tense dramatic music]
- Philip asked me to marry him.
- No.
- I wasn't really asking,
- Nor was I, love doesn't
always end well Beastie.
- Trust me, let us
prove you wrong.
- [Maleficent] You have
done an admirable job
going against your own
nature to raise this child.
- [Narrator] She is focusing
on her acting career
while at the same time taking
care of her six children
and tirelessly working
on her UN missions
in more than 20 countries
all around the world.
Looking back, Brad Pitt and
Angelina Jolie's careers
and personal lives
have been vertiginous
and full of challenges.
Brad Pitt the Hollywood
story where overnight
an unknown talent
transformed into a superstar.
The little Missouri boy
had reached the heights
that he was always aiming for,
but not without great
ambition and talent.
With exceptional performances,
Brad Pitt is an absolute
Hollywood superstar.
One of the most famous
and talented actors
starring and making
some of the best movies
of the past decades.
Angelina Jolie has become a
legendary Hollywood femme fatale
and actress known for her
sex appeal and edginess.
But like Brad, she is far
more than just a pretty face
after climbing to the top of
Hollywood and rising to fame
she is acclaimed for her
talent, her humanitarian work,
her devotion, for
her expanding family.
Over the course of
12 years together,
Brangelina weathered
scandals, health scares,
and raising six
children together.
- It's the greatest
thing I've ever taken on.
I can't imagine
life without them.
- [Oprah] Wow.
So everything else, it makes
everything else perfunctory
in a way, but also more fun
because you have this
other thing to go home to.
And even the films, I can't help
but do a film thinking my
kids will see that at someday
and that may mean
something to them.
So it puts an extra importance
and yet takes off the
importance's at the same time.
- [Narrator] But even though,
they made us believe in
a happily ever after,
they reached a breaking point.
After all, they are also human
and even a super
couple can break.
[gentle crawling wave]
All relationships have
their ups and downs
especially in Hollywood,
but Brad Pitt and Angelina
Jolie's relationship
was marked by fascination.
What was Brangelina about?
And, why did their relationship
fascinate so many people?
It was always about
the bigger picture.
It was more than
about each other.
More than about their children.
Their love story was
just truly universal.
If only for awhile,
after a decade of hysteria
the world grieved the
loss of one of the world's
most influential
and talented duos.
They have come a long way
and they reached an influence
never before seen in
the industry, both
together and apart.
Once upon a time in Hollywood,
there were two passionate
people who became superstars,
fell in love, and became
one of the most powerful,
sexy, extravagant,
and romantic couples
in the film industry.
This was the story
of Brangelina.
[gentle inspiring music]