Brave Citizen (2023) Movie Script

Today, cheer up!
Come on! Come on!
2023 Outstanding Schools
in Preventing School Violence
for 2 years in a row received
an award in bullying prevention
in our school.
It's quite calm here.
All the students even looked happy.
Good morning Boss.
this place also has a dark side.
- Good work.
- Move!
Don't get in our boss's way!
Sick, or not?
- Painless?
- Good. Good.
Looks like I was right.
Hey, he's starting to faint.
- What a moron.
Secretly they carry out
violence without anyone seeing it.
Wake him up and do it again.
Get lost.
The Kimbab has arrived.
Let's eat.
They carry out violence in
public without any worries.
Fuck. Interesting.
Rock, scissors, paper.
Rock, scissors, paper.
The bastard started to look annoyed.
Rock, scissors, paper. Again.
Rock, scissors, paper.
Is this his first time playing suit?
Lose your straight face, Jin-hyeong.
People think you're just forced to.
It hurts, doesn't it?
I think it hurts, doesn't it?
- Jin-hyeong, you can't play suits?
- Rock, scissors, paper.
Win or you will die.
- Rock, scissors, paper.
- Come on, quickly!
Change paper or stone,
you won't be hit.
Is he angry?
- Rock, scissors, paper.
- You're mad?
Violence is for one reason.
Make them feel entertained.
Rock, scissors, paper.
Rock, scissors, paper.
Fun is not it?
Beggars who don't know themselves
will definitely become like that.
I want life at school
to be peaceful.
Hopefully tomorrow will
be even more interesting.
Everyone knows about this violence
but pretended not to see.
Rock, scissors, paper.
- You moron.
- Rock, scissors, paper.
Rock, scissors, paper.
There's a devil...
in our school.
BRAVE CITIZEN (Brave Citizen)
And not long ago...
an intern teacher came to our school.
Mrs. So.
So Si-min (30 years old)
teacher interned for 3 months.
Mrs. So, it's here.
Yes, Sir?
How is the book?
Will be sent soon, sir.
- Geez. Thank You.
- Yes.
I'll treat you to a cup
of Caramel Macchiato.
Thank You!
If so, add vanilla syrup too.
Mrs. So.
Yes? Yes?
Did you call me?
Where is that?
- Chart? The log?
- No
Lecturer resume after class?
Not that. Children...
Mrs. So, come here.
OK, wait a minute, ma'am.
No, kids...
The value?
Volunteer activities?
That's right, that's it!
- It's here, ma'am.
- It's there, thank you.
Why don't I see it's here?
I like.
Very beautiful.
Mr Dean.
I made a mistake, yeah?
Mrs. So.
There is something wrong?
This crazy guy...
What is it Mr Dean?
That dean.
Why does that lewd bastard keep
staring at my ass
while just walking by?
I want to gouge out his eyes.
This is driving me crazy!
Why should I be the one
grading Korean language papers?
Pretending to care.
Bullying the weak
and fearing the strong!
How dare you ignore my message?
Calm yourself, So Si-min.
You can't back out now.
It is okay. It is okay.
I'm sure I'll be an
official teacher...
Just be patient! To get this job.
You can do it, So Si-min
Female teacher.
About Mrs. So's table.
Have you told me the
story behind that place?
Did he already know
and hear the rumors?
Why do you say that.
He is soft-hearted.
He would faint if he found out.
So. Teacher Yoo
died at that place.
He should know that.
Teacher Yoo used the table,
chairs and stationery before he died.
Intern Teacher at MOOYOUNG
HIGH SCHOOL commits suicide.
My heart can't stand
the thought of that.
Don't make a fuss.
Recently an intern teacher committed
No need to discuss it any more.
Recently an intern teacher committed
No need to discuss it any more.
I did it for Mrs. So's own good.
No need to discuss it any more.
I did it for Mrs. So's own good.
Then, don't tell her.
... caused by bullying
behavior carried out by students.
Mrs. So, are you there?
Mrs. So.
Mrs. So.
Good grief! Ma'am...
Are you looking for me?
My sugar levels are dropping
so I want to listen to songs.
- Hello, ma'am.
- Hi.
Mrs. So, because you're kind I
want to help you, you know, right?
Of course, ma'am.
So, I want to say something.
You have to be careful
about one thing in this school.
We'll talk inside.
are prohibited from entering
Grandma, go buy cigarettes.
Students are not allowed to smoke.
Eat kimbap.
If it dies just make
this. Why live?
Fuck! It's just dried vegetables!
Stupid! What is this?
Oh Lord!
Hey jerk!
What's this?
Can you do that to this grandmother?
Son of a bitch!
Get lost! Damn!
This is omakase.
- Fuck!
- Grandma.
That grandmother
was one of those
cases that ended
without any results.
He's Han Soo-Gang, right?
A scary gangster who bullies
his schoolmates like a devil.
It is said that he played sports for a long
time and often beat his school friends.
Someone was hurt because of him.
Then he was expelled from school, and dropped
out of class, until he moved to this school.
He's not just a minor.
You teach ethics. You've
never taught his class, right?
You're very lucky.
Why? He bullies the teacher too?
Last year, intern teachers...
Before becoming an
official employee here,
just close your eyes and ears.
I'm just a fool.
Pretend like that.
Like this, right?
Even if there is a conflict
between students at
school, don't immediately get involved,
just wait.
Just let them take care of it themselves.
Don't do anything.
Then there won't
be any problems.
Especially Han Soo-Gang.
I will actively observe.
If you see something wrong...
I will restrain myself.
I will destroy them!
I will destroy them!
Police investigation.
Quickly take off your clothes.
So suddenly?
Lets do it.
If you could be more patient,
You will definitely get 2 gold medals.
You know right?
No! I quit being an athlete,
worked really
hard and got a job.
Every day I am very anxious.
Of course
I can't wait!
Get ready, Kwon-jong.
All right, come here.
Good grief.
Taekwondo 3rd place.
Judo 3rd place.
In total there are 6 Champions.
So promising to win a
gold medal in boxing.
Why do you want to
become a school teacher?
Shut up! I don't want
to be an athlete anymore.
By the way,
Uncle hasn't come here lately?
Is he still patrolling
Pak Seo's community?
He is the messenger of justice.
Messenger of justice, bullshit.
This is the Brave Citizen
Award he received 20 years ago.
It had completely
ruined his life.
Learn when it's time to stop.
Still, you should respect him.
He is a real man.
The real man you respect
vouched for the wrong
person and still has a
debt of 13.94 million won.
Do you know how I look after this place?
I gave up my life,
dreams, and gold medal
and spent 10 years
paying off the debt.
My father was irresponsible
and bailed on the wrong person.
And I protect my family.
That's the main difference.
But, you look like your father.
Me and that uncle?
Even if you talk like that,
you can't help it if
something goes wrong.
The power of justice
continues to arise in your heart.
No, no.
Do you know my view of life?
Talking about other people,
a loss.
That is right?
I went home after
finishing practice.
Lock the door.
What's that? I've
never seen it before.
Maybe a child's.
Your father tried very hard.
He even helps the kids
use the toilet during class.
If the child fights and cries,
he provides comfort.
The instructors here suddenly
work as apprentice teachers.
So, is it suitable for me?
it's much better to cover your face.
Then just use that.
Good grief.
Go quickly.
We both sell kimbap.
You want us to die together? Or what?
No, you can't.
Come on, go quickly.
Go and make your own stall.
If this continues,
it will be difficult to make money.
Don't come here again.
Hi, grandma.
Just in time I wanted to buy kimbap.
I'll buy them all.
There are more?
Grandma, your kimbap is so magical.
I want to eat it every two
days. It makes my mouth water.
Thank You.
Thank you, Grandma.
Be careful on the way.
Enjoy your kimbap.
OK, grandma. Be careful on the way.
Be careful on the way.
Suspicion... Trust
In your opinion,
which is the most important?
This place will be my work
place for the rest of my life.
I promise.
Don't get hurt.
First, trust makes people comfortable.
Whatever happens,
your parents will support you.
Hi all.
The school will
respect your personality.
Teaching with love.
Be fair to each student.
If that's the case,
let's try being suspicious just once.
There's a teacher coming.
Just an apprentice teacher.
He's the teacher here?
Stop your nonsense.
As soon as I get the position,
I'll talk to you guys.
No matter how small the suspicion,
if it is
shared by many people,
it can change the world.
Nothing will change
if we just keep quiet.
You guys know that, right?
It seems I was
destined to be a teacher.
Isn't that Jin-hyeong?
Han Soo Gang!
Why am I hiding?
Even if there is a conflict between students
at school, don't immediately get involved,.
just wait.
Especially Han Soo-Gang.
I will actively observe.
That's right, I don't need to interfere.
I didn't see it.
Had to pretend not to see it.
He's so naive.
That damn kid!
Just surprising!
What are you doing here?
Do not be noisy!
- Do not go there!
- Why?
Han Soo-Gang is very scary.
If you interfere now,
it will be dangerous.
His family has connections to the
company that houses our school?
Although the truth is still uncertain, but
Han Soo-Gang's father holds an important
position in the Prosecutor's Office.
His uncle is the head of the Police Bureau.
His mother is a lawyer.
Mom, you have to be careful.
If you run away,
today will be the day
your grandmother died.
The day his grandmother died!
We can eat deliciously.
Shut up.
This time,
I will jump and kick you in the face.
I want to do it too.
Would he put cheese kimbap
on his grandmother's altar?
Taking off his clothes
and putting kimbap on him?
Very interesting!
What rubbish.
Let us beat you up.
Beat it!
OK, I'm on my way.
OK, perfect timing!
You are okay?
What are you doing in the corridor?
You guys surprised me!
Who are you? Fuck!
What else is this?
You're not elementary school kids anymore,
Why play like this.
Good grief!
You're Jin Hyeong, right?
I think you're a good boy!
Do you like playing like that too?
Go back to your class. Fast!
Why are you silent?
Break time is over!
Come back now! Fast.
You are okay?
Can you see?
Still very young but
his gaze is very sharp.
You devil child!
You don't need to go to the clinic, right?
The teacher is in pain too!
In the future,
be careful in the corridors.
You guys also go back to class.
Teacher, help me throw this away.
Who is she?
New teacher, coming
replace Yoo Ji-young
who died because of you.
What's his name?
So Si-min.
Why is it such a coincidence?
How about this?
Yoo Ji-young committed
suicide because of me?
I'll tear your mouth apart
if you talk that shit again.
Don't make those sounds.
You box with your mouth?
Does he use a jump kick?
He jumped up and kicked me in the face.
It's not a big deal.
Raise your knees and kick me.
Can't you teach me seriously?
I really want to beat up Han Soo-Gang.
Sir, is it true that you
teach dozens of athletes?
Even though I have many students,
among them,
there is only one ace
who I admire.
Is he very famous?
It's almost famous
but just not lucky.
Less fortunate?
My student had a bad father,
and ultimately failed.
Your eyes are too sparkling.
It seems like you can
still tolerate all injustice.
Listen carefully.
Justice is not
tolerating injustice.
What nonsense.
That's real courage.
I need to see the anger in your eyes.
In 1999,
I became the Korean lightweight champion.
Stop your nonsense.
When you just won,
I beat you at 33
seconds of the first round.
Rock boxer Seo Sang-wook...
Didn't you see it?.
So Young-taek VS Seo Sang-wook.
Rock boxer Seo Sang-wook.
You cried after I hit you, right?
Why didn't you say the
chicken was ready? Almost cold.
When I taught you while
I was running errands...
Make sure to spread
words of praise.
Don't talk to him. Go away!
Justice Apartments, Room 201?
2023 Outstanding Schools
in Preventing School Violence
- Hello.
- Oh yes.
Should I ask the guidance
counselor to come?
Have you told your homeroom teacher?
They already know.
That is right.
They want to help you, right?
What did they say?
you just change schools.
That's right, you just rest first.
What are you saying?
No one dared to
disturb Han Soo-Gang.
The teachers are silent
also an accomplice of the perpetrator.
You already know, why ask for my help?
I also don't know what to do.
I'm just an apprentice teacher.
I can be replaced at any time.
I'm in trouble myself.
My condition is as serious as yours.
Help me.
I want to live.
Kill him.
I am out.
I've reported the police.
Because I can't prove it,
That's why he cannot be used as a suspect.
After I reported the police,
I want revenge.
Don't you just want to change schools?
I didn't mean for you to do that.
Why did you have to move?
You're the victim.
The teacher knows that.
I won't change schools.
I won't stop going to school either.
Why should I stop going to school?
Those who are wrong should be punished.
If Han Soo-Gang is not punished,
I really can't hold
it in anymore.
GO OUJin-hyeong doesn't want to change schools.
He is too stubborn.
The teachers also don't know what to do.
I thought he was just cornered.
Looks like you're cornered.
Are you willing to risk your job?
Soo-gang's mother sent this cake.
To celebrate our
Outstanding School award.
This is what I like the most.
Look at these shiny cookies.
Congratulations to MUYONG High School for the Award
in Prevention of Violence in Schools - Han Soo-gang.
The scent of power.
Of course I can't eat this,
I'm sorry, Jin-hyeong.
I'm also confused about what to do.
There's really nothing I can do.
The teachers pretended not to see it.
Why me?
What can I do when I can't?
That's right, mother.
I am also fighting to live.
It's delicious, right?
And makes me full.
Don't live like that.
What do you regret?
And compromise at your young age?
Is that what I teach?
Is that how you were raised?
Is this justice?
You're not my daughter anymore.
My daughter died in the ring.
A student was looking for me
And said...
The apprentice teacher is coming!
Friends, put away your cigarettes.
Soo-Gang, can I talk for a moment.
So suddenly?
You're asking me out?
Get out of the way!
Only two of?
Yes, both.
Right now you need
someone to talk to.
Can't we just use the body?
If that's not possible.
I just want to understand your problem.
The starting point
for problem solving
is to be honest
about your feelings.
We look for trauma in your heart
- and finish together.
- What kind of teacher are you?
You also didn't mean
to bully your friend.
Is not it?
Get lost.
I can too.
What has happened?
Who's he?
To the Head of the School
Violence Prevention Committee...
Who's he?
To the Head of the School
Violence Prevention Committee...
Who reported this to
the Board of Education?
To the Head of the School
Violence Prevention Committee...
Who reported this to
the Board of Education?
-Is that Soo-Gang's car? -Yes.
It's Soo-Gang's stepmother!
Hey, surprising news!
Come on, quickly.
Who did it do?
This is crazy. Very pleasant.
What grudge do you guys have,
how dare you destroy Soo-Gang's future?
Bring him to me, the troublemaker.
Let me meet him.
Lawyer Lee.
You guys listen carefully.
This case is top
Article 307 of the Criminal
Code concerning defamation.
Those found guilty
will be punished
5 years or 10 years in
prison and a fine of 10 million.
Oh yes, Article 311 also applies.
Who is it?
If you surrender now,
Our kind leader
will go easy on you.
At least paying
fines can be lighter.
But lawyer,
there is also anti-impunity
(impunity from the law).
According to Articles
310 and 312 of the
Criminal Code,
when the facts are clear,
punishment cannot be imposed
when the facts are
in the public interest.
Yes that's correct.
Although there is room for debate,
there is no real evidence.
And it's a matter
between individuals,
not a matter of public interest.
We will probably sue
him for criminal penalties.
- Argument room?
- Yes.
Whose side's attorney are you?
You're fired.
Get lost, asshole.
I apologize.
Ms. Jae-kyoung, that was your doing, right?
Good grief!
You did that too last year.
At that time we had made peace.
What are you doing again?
I think I've learned to be quiet this year.
But you spent your time studying law?
What law are you
displaying in front of me?
You don't know who I am?
You don't want to be Dean?
How could it be.
That's not it, Soo-gang's mother.
Calm yourself.
And you.
You don't want to be Principal?
Of course, I want.
Of course I want to.
Then find the culprit and
bring it to me right now.
Who did it?
Please give us some time.
I will definitely find it.
That's me, Soo-Gang's mother.
I did it.
Please forgive me.
Forgive me.
Who are you?
Excuse me.
Bitch who knows where she came from...
Don't you realize what you've done?
Just fire him from his job.
I'm sorry, Soo-kang's mother.
I promise this won't happen again.
I'm sorry...
How do you teach an
apprentice teacher like her.
Until this can happen!
I am sorry.
I'll handle it...
Fun is not it?
Yes, right?
You look pathetic, So Si-min.
He meets Jin-hyeong
who is unlucky too.
Kimbap. You can
never get rid of me.
Mrs. So, apologize immediately.
I apologize.
So, what are you going to do?
Oh, Soo Gang.
Mrs. So Si-min will be fired.
Must be boring.
("Yo" - speaking politely)
After that?
Soo Gang,
Let mom take care of it...
Mr Dean,
do the right work.
If you fire him,
I won't have any more toys.
("Yo" - speaking politely)
All right, Soo-Gang.
I'll handle it well.
("Yo" - speaking politely)
Have you ever found
out about Han Soo-Gang?
You can't punish him?
Very difficult.
Although there are some reports,
but there is no direct evidence.
The victims are the proof.
It doesn't make sense.
Maybe Jin-hyeong will
be accused of defamation.
Let's just wait.
What's wrong with this world?
Are you really a police officer?
Why can't you protect
ordinary people? Why?
You think the police can
do whatever they want?
Surely the whole world
would have been saved.
You've fought.
You should greet your father.
What happened to you? Is there any problem?
Tell dad. I'll help.
Do you always hope
something happens to me?
What do you want to
help you with every day?
Mind your own business
and don't hinder my future.
That is true.
I just want to rip my mouth open.
Forgive me...
Good grief.
- Jeez, Mrs. So.
- Hi, Mrs. So.
Mrs. So, what are you doing here?
At that time you deliberately interfered
between me and Kimbap, right?
And reported to the Board
of Education. Are you happy?
Are you happy?
Damn. Intern teachers
think they are official teachers.
- Fuck.
- How much does he earn per hour?
- Can you get minimum wage?
- Stop it already.
Mrs. So,
You're dating Jin-hyeong, right?
A teacher kisses his student.
That's enough.
Type your cell phone number.
Now you are under my grasp.
Stupid people can't find the
answer. Aren't you curious?
Why don't you get fired today.
If you obey me, you might be
able to become an official teacher.
You know that,
something that's easy for me.
I'm very sincere with you, Si-min.
A teacher sits on
his student's lap.
Very immoral.
Looks good in photos.
Honey, do you want to date me?
Mrs. So almost cried.
That's enough. Let's just play basketball.
What will happen if you obey me?
Become an official teacher.
If you disobey,
what will happen?
Your history is over.
You are okay?
Yes, I am doing okay.
Don't test my patience.
There are no second chances.
Is a teacher a joke?
We've been trying to keep
quiet all this time, right?
School violence is
fights with lawyers.
But it turned out to be
a fight between lawyers.
What's the result?
accompanied by a regular lawyer.
Han Soo-gang,
accompanied by a big firm lawyer.
Who will win?
This time they let him.
If you want to become an official teacher,
think twice before doing it.
Just close your eyes and ears.
Pretending not to see...
- Can't you?
- I can, ma'am.
Thank You. Forgive me.
I apologize.
Excuse me.
What a moron. Fuck.
- Ouch.
- Damn.
You stupid woman. Open
your eyes when walking.
Did you hear?
What the hell? Hey.
What are you doing?
Are you sighing?
You bitch. If you
apologize to someone...
What are you doing?
I don't know if you should cry...
that's the sincere apology.
You bitch!
Am I wrong?
How big was my mistake?
What about Jin-hyeong?
Did he also make a mistake?
The world must have its own rules.
That rule...
has been damaged and
violated at will by them.
Just for fun?
You are the one who broke the rule.
Did you hear? Bitch.
Can't let it go.
Show some respect
or I'll beat your ass.
You really should be beaten.
What a bitch.
Throw it to me.
What are you doing, asshole?
Hold his feet.
- Pass.
- Catch!
Damn bastard.
Excuse me.
didn't you score three points?
What are you saying?
This makes me angry.
- They're still kids, right?
- You are crazy?
Fried chicken, coming.
I'll come again later.
- You ordered it?
- Yes.
That's right, asshole.
When you make a mistake,
you have to accept the consequences.
That's right, just accept it.
Han Soo-Gang,
you are really good with words.
When you make a mistake,
you have to accept the consequences.
Who are you?
You bastard.
Fuck. What am I looking at?
Kick him.
Damn. He lost?
Such a loser.
- There are police.
- Quickly run!
- Sis, run!
- Let's escape!
- Catch him!
- Sis!
If we get caught this time,
we're done for.
- Let's escape!
- Hey!
- You run first.
- Sis, come on!
- No one moves.
- Let's escape!
Do not move!
- Come on!
- Sis!
Come on!
Sis, we have to go.
Damn, don't be a coward.
We have to go.
2023 Outstanding Schools in School Violence
Prevention Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education
Good morning!
But Han Soo-Gang
indeed deserved to be beaten.
That is very correct.
What does that mean?
Han Soo-Gang gets beat up!
Tell the truth.
You're very happy, right?
What are you talking about?
Even so, Han Soo-Gang is our student.
You're too happy.
I wasn't happy yesterday.
Who was he beaten by?
A man wearing a cat mask.
A man wearing a cat mask.
Take the photo.
Han Soo-Gang Punish
that bastard, hahaha...
Hey, it's Han Soo-Gang!
What kind of commotion is this?
-Mrs. Jae-kyoung, -Yes.
Soo-Gang was beaten?
I heard Soo-Gang
was beaten. I feel sad.
Mrs. Lee, good morning.
Pretty flowers, right?
Even though we've never met,
But from now on, I will buy
flowers for you every once in a while.
Who did it do?
Who dares?
Damn it, come on, admit it.
What is this?
Han Soo-Gang.
- What is it?
- Who writes at the table?
Who did it?
Let me check the school rules,
we have to punish him.
We just have to replace the table.
Is there still a fuss about something
like this this early in the morning?
You have to follow the rules at school.
My legs are shaking.
He smiled at me.
Hey, slow down.
If we get caught speeding, we're dead.
I've never experienced
anything like this in my life.
Who is that cat?
That's not Gyung-ho.
Not Lee Jin-hyuk from Jo Yang High School
and Gae Sang-jin from El Le High School.
Do we have a hidden
teacher in our school?
- Damn.
- Damn, there's no Gimbap.
We invite Jin-hyeong
to go for a walk with us.
Oh, that psychopath.
I can even hear your thoughts.
The Gimbap, is it good?
What is our concept today?
What gimbap will we bring?
Have I ever disappointed you?
Your eyes are the problem. Look at me.
Your attitude must be humble
but your eyes must be fierce.
Move your steps.
You're a little slow.
Stand on tiptoe.
- Correct.
- Sir.
There is a commotion at our school.
How come?
Because of that cat.
They said it was Mrs. So Si-min.
So Si-min?
She's my daughter.
I raised him.
To become a real boxer.
If so, boxers are unlucky
and don't have good fathers.
Are you happy?
- Even though it's only 33 seconds.
- I am happy.
Let go, quick.
This is a secret.
I can tell by looking at your back.
You hit the student with that mask?
A teacher to his own students?
That's not beating him,
but educating him.
They're gangsters, right?
That's violence.
That is justice. Justice.
You say justice is bullshit?
Who knows.
Right now I'm right,
you're wrong.
Don't do anything.
That doesn't suit you.
Just surrender to
reality as before.
You have to endure injustice.
Live for yourself.
I hope boxer So Si-min
can live happily.
This doesn't suit me, does it?
Actually, I also feel uncomfortable.
There is no definite
answer to living this life.
But eventually you'll get caught.
So Si-min,
it's better to live your life in peace.
But, Kwon-jong,
Should I make a robe or something?
Stop it already.
- You are crazy? You want to die?
- A moment...
Please fix that.
Don't worry.
I'm the expert.
- See you.
- Goodbye.
Let me see.
How to fix it so it looks
good and famous?
Hey, don't overdo it.
If you're not back in 5 minutes, you
have to take off your pants and start over.
Good grief.
What bastards, they are.
Jin-hyeong, are you okay?
Gosh, that's right!
You bastard.
- Jin-hyeong.
- Half original flavor, half sauce.
Half original flavor and sauce.
Jin-hyeong, just wait a moment.
It's cool indeed.
Who am I?
Why do you have to do this?
Good business.
Just surprising.
- What's wrong, Byoung-jin?
- Female teacher.
Jin-hyeong is bullied
and only wears underwear.
- Come on, quickly.
- What?
- Where?
- At the pool club.
you have to dress like a man.
What are you doing, Byoung-jin?
I know all.
- My hero.
- What?
That is not me.
I saw you beat Han
Soo-Gang wearing this mask.
That day I also reported it to the police.
I was also the one who spread the
word about the cat mask at school.
Please, teacher.
Are you okay?
Want me to help you make a phone call?
It's just a joke...
fellow close friends.
Does that make sense?
That's a crime.
No matter how close you are,
how can you joke like this?
That's a lot of radishes, right?
And this.
Put this on before leaving.
Hey, what are you doing?
How cute he is.
It's me,
I've sent a very astonishing video.
Change the sound of the video.
Edit and post on the internet.
Surely many
perverts will like it.
The more new videos, the better.
Edit the video and
increase the number of clicks.
- Yes?
- Your turn.
Bring this.
Damn, you devil's child.
How can you beat him?
Now it's my turn. Go.
Are you cheating?
Hey, there's the cat mask.
Did he come looking for trouble?
What's this?
I didn't see Jin-hyeong.
I will reveal behind
that mask today itself.
Don't, Jin-hyeong.
Die, you bastard.
How about this?
What is this?
You bastard.
Help me.
I want to live.
Hey, why are you like this?
Get up.
Come on. Let's go.
- Die!
- Let's go.
- Die! Die you!
- Come on.
Your life could be in danger.
the knife did not
penetrate the artery.
Even though I lost a lot of blood,
it has improved.
He will be moved to a general
ward and will be monitored by a nurse
Visit him twice a day.
Thank You.
I heard Jin-hyeong is here.
Oh my God, my darling.
Oh my God, my grandson.
Why are you here like this?
Are you okay?
You're not hurt, right?
Why is grandma here?
Grandma can't be here.
I told you Grandma
can't come here.
It's dangerous here.
It doesn't matter.
It is okay. Don't worry.
Let's go.
We're going home, my grandson.
You almost died.
Ah, basic...
This is the first time I've
seen a teacher stabbed.
Are you okay, sis?
I just got stabbed by accident.
Don't act great.
Did I teach you to
look at you like this?
You should report to the police if
you have anything to do with them.
Is that the job of a teacher?
Tell him, don't be a fuss.
Don't tell the police.
Or Jin-hyeong will get hurt.
I'm a cop, you idiot.
He was the one who hit me, who saved me.
Die, you bastard!
Who are you really?
Who else could he be?
What the hell is this jerk?
Did he change clothes?
Is he getting a bit tall?
Looks like the same cat.
What's this? Is he the accomplice?
Who are you?
We are brave cats.
You packed everything.
You'll have to be in the
hospital for a few days.
I have to work.
Your wound could open.
I'll be careful.
I don't want to miss
work for Jin-hyeong.
He stabbed someone with a knife.
If the school finds out,
he will be expelled.
Act like you don't know.
So, what are you going to do?
Who knows. If there's
anything I can do to help, I will.
Hey, So Si-min.
What's wrong with my father's face?
He came to avenge you,
and that's what happened.
What? What do you mean?
He went to Han Soo-Gang?
He wants to do something for you.
You guys are similar.
Where are you going?
He said he was going to work.
Don't. Take a few days off.
Let me take you.
No need, I'll just take a taxi.
I told you, no need.
But I also have to go home, right?
Mrs. So?
Gosh, Ms. Jae-Kyung.
Mrs. Soi, what's the matter here?
My father was injured. I came to visit him.
I'm Si-min's father.
I'm a little hurt.
Oh I see?
But Mrs. Jae-Kyung, what's the matter here?
I visited my older sister.
I don't have a husband yet.
So I have lots of time and
instead of just staying at home...
I'm also single.
Mrs. Jae-Kyung, you have to go, right?
Oh yes! I have to go.
See you at school, Mrs. Jae-Kyung.
Well, I hope you get well soon.
OK, see you then.
- But, my sister is already asleep.
- Yes alright.
Wait for me.
Are you sleeping?
During the final national selection
What happened to you?
Take up your defensive position.
Time's up.
Yang Jun Kyung became
the champion representing
the Women's National
Boxing Team in Korean history.
You are crazy?
Is the chance to take part
in the Olympics a joke?
What can we do about it.
We talk as we walk.
Say, why don't you keep it?
Drink this bogax and be enthusiastic.
Your dad's gym is banned from operating,
I heard it's going to be auctioned?
Think carefully.
Just lower your punch 20 centimeters.
He's the one who doesn't have
a mother, right?
Who couldn't even put the winning
trophy in his mother's Jesasang.
All you care about is money,
right? What a Beggar.
Did you lose for Dad?
Our house has been marked for eviction,
I am still young. I will prepare
myself for the next Olympics.
Why did you have to lose to him?
What do you regret? And
compromise at your young age?
You're not my daughter anymore.
My daughter died in the ring.
You gave up on your dreams
to protect your family.
That sentence
should be for myself.
This is too embarrassing.
I have committed a
great sin against you.
When do you wake up?
I'm sorry Dad.
Don't cry.
A few days ago.
There is a cat that runs away after
being beaten badly by Soo-Gang.
But he hid at school.
I hope you can help find it.
If you see someone with a bruise
on their face or a stab in their arm,
That's the cat.
There are two cats.
If you can find that cat,
you will have nothing
to worry about for
the rest of your life.
But if you hide it,
your story is over.
Men, raise your left hand.
What are you doing? Quickly show me.
I'm doing it.
Spread your arms.
Have you checked?
Quickly stretch.
Hey, is that you?
I told you it wasn't me.
It hurts, stop it!
Who are you?
Makes the school
atmosphere scary.
Is there no law here?
It's not the cat's doing,
but your own doing.
Because it's embarrassing
that this could happen?
Because of bitches like you,
we're cat hunting.
The cat that traps you in an illusion.
I will tear him apart in front of you.
Just wait,
If the cat doesn't show up,
or no one comes forward,
I will kill you one by one.
Mrs. So.
Yes, you called me?
It's still a secret,
but don't be too surprised.
You will soon become an official teacher.
you have worked hard all this time.
Is it true?
Thank You.
Oh my, you deserve it.
Thank you mom.
Thank You.
Thank You.
Mrs. Lee, I will...
Try to be a good teacher.
I'm sure I can do it well.
There is no one who has a wound
on his arm or is
taller than 175 cm.
Are you sure?
I'm sure he's not
someone we've fought with.
I also checked all the students here,
but there weren't any.
Very weird.
Exactly right.
-Yes, sis?
I will become an official teacher.
What? Is it true?
Congratulations, Teacher So Si-min.
Congratulations, sis.
- Kwon-jong, I'll call you later.
- Okay.
I found the cat.
Soo-Gang, what did you say?
I feel strange.
The knife that was supposed to stab
me ended up with a cat saving me.
I don't know why you saved me?
It wasn't me,
but Gimpap (Jin-hyeong) who you saved.
Because if he stabbed me,
it would be a big problem for him.
Why are you here? Let me go.
I heard that you will magically
become an official teacher.
How about this?
What are you doing?
I can kill you here,
but that's not fun.
Han Soo-Gang.
How do you feel wearing this?
Beggar's hat.
It's been a long time
since I felt this excitement.
Which one of us will die.
Let's fight to the death.
In the ring.
What do you mean?
If you don't get in the ring,
video of Kimbap
wielding the knife
will be shown in front
of the whole school.
I will also report it to the police.
My friends
recorded it very well.
Soo-Gang, this is not a game.
Let me ask you one thing.
Don't you really feel guilty
about what you've done?
Do you think we're on the same level?
If you are born a beggar,
you will die a beggar.
Don't you understand
such a simple fact?
Hello teacher.
Hi all.
SORA'S APARTMENAnybody home?
Hello, I'm So Si-min, Jin-hyeong's teacher.
Good grief. Grandma.
Do you remember me, grandma?
Oh Lord.
Oh my God, teacher.
You who are like an angel
are Jin-hyeong's teacher.
Teacher, help Jin-hyeong.
To protect this old grandmother,
he endured everything at school.
Because I was helpless,
unable to protect my own grandson.
Gosh, why do you say that, grandma?
Wait a moment.
This is all I can give you.
Please Jin-hyeong.
Thank You. I'll enjoy it.
You asked me to save you, right?
You show courage in front of me.
The teacher felt very embarrassed.
I'm sorry, Jin-hyeong.
Excuse me.
No matter how hard I think about it,
I don't feel like I made a mistake.
So, I asked them,
why treat me like that?
Have I done something wrong?
They say to have fun.
Just having fun.
Stop it.
What the hell is he doing?
My darling.
It is okay. Let us go home.
Stop it.
Please stop.
I told you, stop it!
If not...
I won't stay silent.
You're ridiculous, you damn kid.
Won't you stay silent?
What will you do if we don't stop?
I will obey everything you say.
Soo Gang.
I will do what you say.
Don't bother my grandmother.
I beg you.
Oh yes?
For now, eat this.
The food your beloved
grandmother made.
You want to throw it away?
Hey, dumbass.
You graduate (free) now.
Today, Go Jin-hyeong took over.
Come on, take a graduation photo.
From now on, your name is Kimbap.
If you dare disobey what I say,
your grandmother will die.
I use this hand to hurt someone.
I just want to protect my grandmother.
He's all I have.
What did I do wrong
to be treated like this?
You didn't do anything wrong,
That person is much better.
It is okay.
And you have taken good care of grandma.
You're great, Jin-hyeong.
Let us...
beat them.
Make sure you attend the celebration,
- Today is the celebration.
What is it?
It said Han Soo-Gang would compete.
Will the cat mask
appear again today?
Excuse me, just a moment.
Darkness cannot defeat light.
Friends, we are on the cat's side.
Got it, right? We support the cat.
I made all this.
You have to wear it, right?
Friends, here,
Quickly bring everything.
We're on the cat's side, you know?
You have to wear it.
You have to wear it.
Uncle, why are you here?
Female teacher.
What is it all about?
You're not alone.
My little heart is full of fire
to prepare it all with uncle.
That day I also reported it to the police.
I was also the one who spread the
word about the cat mask at school.
I know exactly how Jin-hyeong feels.
Han Soo-Gang targeted
Jin-hyeong because of me.
I felt as bad as Han Soo-Gang.
I think so.
Please, teacher.
You have to win today.
My hero.
38th Anniversary Festival
Hi, I heard you have
become an official teacher?
English ma'am.
Finally your dream has come true, huh?
Yes, finally.
Thank you, teacher.
I will work hard.
Han Soo-Gang and the
cat mask duel in the ring
Have you received support?
The Dean agreed.
Is it true? Who will win?
Will the cat mask appear?
How happy the cat mask appeared.
When I saw the cat mask it
reminded me of my brave youth.
So Si-min, don't you know about life?
Hold on, raise your hands.
I will retire actively.
Please forgive me.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
That's not beating him,
but educating him.
What a jerk.
Soo-Gang, this is not a game.
The teacher felt very embarrassed.
Come on, let's beat them.
Nothing will change
if we remain silent.
Han Soo-Gang, Han Soo-Gang.
Tell me, where is he?
Come out.
Cat. Cat.
It's still the beginning now.
So Si-min,
this is the real fight of your life.
Soo-Gang has arrived.
Han Soo-Gang.
Han Soo-Gang.
This is a surprise gift from Kwon-jong.
What the hell, Kwon Jong that damn kid?
Excuse me...
Don't take off the mask.
The cat mask is coming!
Si-min, Si-min.
She's a woman? She is a female.
Men can also have long hair.
She's a woman, right?
No, we have to stop it.
Damn woman.
Should I take it off?
Should I let him wear it?
Or let it go now?
Everyone's watching,
you're too embarrassed to take it off, huh?
Soo-kang, take off the mask.
Damn woman.
Sis, you definitely can.
Get up.
Stop it, bastard.
- Hey.
- Stop it.
Wake up, damn woman.
The teacher already told you, Jin-hyeong.
I won't give up.
Quickly kick him.
Cat. Cat...
I'll make you kneel.
Miserably in front of them.
Until you can't stand anymore.
Will make you see clearly
to whom will you kneel.
Don't take it off.
Don't take it off.
- He, Mrs. Si-min.
- Teacher Si-min.
Mrs. So.
Older brother.
Back off. You are crazy?
Up to you! Let go.
The devil must be punished.
So Si-min.
Whatever I suffer,
I will return it to you.
This time.
Mr Dean, please stop.
Mrs. So.
Go away, don't be like this.
Mrs. So.
Stop it already.
Mrs. So.
Let go.
Mrs. So.
What do you do
with your students?
Get off now.
If you don't want to, the official
teacher position will be cancelled.
Come down quickly.
Shut up.
Get lost.
don't get involved.
I will kill that bitch. Hey!
Even if I kill you,
it doesn't matter. Know why?
Because it's a fair fight.
I'll show you,
it's legal for me to kill
someone. You bitch.
Fucking idiot.
Death blow!
The teacher will...
make him apologize to you.
I will make the guilty
people kneel before you.
I'll show you.
Apologize to Jin-hyeong.
You won't be able
to contemplate at all.
I hope
you apologize to him.
Go to hell.
I don't need an apology from you.
Because you have
lost to all of us.
You're the one going to hell.
Fuck. Bastard.
Get out of the way.
Come here you bastard.
Die, you bastard.
Does victim Go Jin-hyeong want to
punish perpetrator Han Soo-gang?
Yes, that's what I want.
I came to report.
I reported
school violence videos.
The mastermind behind the
school violence video was revealed.
Not only Han, there were
several minors involved.
The police learned that
the suspect Han, a year ago,
was connected to the suicide of an
intern teacher, Lee at that school.
And will carry out a re-investigation.
Intern teacher who committed suicide...
has something to do with you.
Is it true?
Because it's very exciting.
Have you ever thought
about apologizing to the victim?
What for?
Lee Kwon-jong, POLICE
-An unnamed teacher
who is an ordinary citizen
do what is proper as a good citizen.
One two three four.
One two, hit.
Next, start clapping.
To the right side.
Into the corner.
One, two, three, hit it, get it out.
One, two, kick.
Very good.
Random jump times.
Random jump times, very nice.
Two months ago, 17-year-old
Miss Kim jumps from the school roof
You are crazy?
Turn off the radio, asshole.
It's still a very annoying morning.
Can't you drive?
Damn it.
What is the main reason,
you applied to our school?
The only main reason I signed up
is to give the students
of Choikang High School
All my love
and the abilities that I have.
Making Choikang
High School a place for
students to enter
prestigious universities.
What will you do if
you see injustice?
I will bear it.