Brave Story (2006) Movie Script

Can we go now, Katchan?
My mom says if you haven't seen
a ghost by the age of 20...
you're likely never to.
I think I'd prefer that.
You would?
How boring is that.
Don't you want to see one?
This place isn't really haunted
'cause ghosts don't exist.
A g-g-ghost!
It is haunted!
Just like that new kid
in school said!
See ya!
What's this?
Is that really you, Aya?
'Course not.
I'll take that.
Wataru, it was just a cat.
Did you see him?
A kid and a floating door.
It's gone.
It is alive!
Very funny.
It's bad manners to eat
while walking.
Had trouble sleeping?
Get into trouble last night?
'Course not.
Gotta run!
Hurry up, Wataru!
Did you have a nightmare, didn't ya?
I swear!
A kid about our age...
disappeared behind this weird,
floating door!
So you saw a ghost, huh?
It definitely wasn't a ghost.
It was a kid, I tell ya.
Wataru, look! It's him!
The new kid who says
he saw a ghost.
He's so cute!
A man of mystery.
I guess girls dig that.
Say something.
Don't embarrass him.
It's him!
Are you the runt who trespassed
on our haunted house?
Only 6th grade Ghost Hunter Club
members are allowed in there.
6th grade and you still believe
in ghosts?
I'm calling the teacher!
Look at me, punk!
I'm talking to you!
Back to your classroom!
Lucky break, punk.
Stay out of my territory!
Come on, Wataru.
Dad! You're home early!
There's this new kid at school!
He's really cool!
Your mother and I are separating.
I'll be living with someone else.
I'm home! And starving!
Me, too!
Very funny, Dad.
You had me there for a second.
Let's go eat.
You're old enough to understand
what I'm saying, right?
Dad, wait!
Oh hi... Wataru.
Dad's leaving!
Aren't you going after him?
It's just a business trip.
No! Says he's leaving to live
with someone else!
He's just kidding around.
Dad never kids around.
You know that!
Let me carry that, Mommy.
It's heavy.
I can do it.
Penalty Kick!
Ogawa scores again!
So what?
There's no goalie?
Have you learned your
lesson, newbie?
Don't look at me like that!
I have to help him.
Who's there?
Well, well...
you a friend of his?
Leave him alone!
Lookie here.
A friend to the rescue.
We're going to tear him to shreds.
Pay attention!
Pass to Ishioka!
Take that!
O Lord of the Underworld!
I summon your alliance!
What the...?
Cast my enemy into slumber.
Bestow thy icy spell.
Sacurose, Helgis, Methos, Helgitos!
Rise Dark Mistress Barbarone!
Ishioka's gang are creeps but
that was pretty extreme.
Did you really call up that
"thing" back there?
I had to make sure they stay
away for good.
What about the floating
door I saw?
What's wrong?
It stings. My mouth is
all cut up inside.
They don't pull their punches.
Yours doesn't hurt?
It hurts like hell.
You don't even know me.
Why'd you even bother?
You're a meddler.
But... you really saved me
back there.
So the ghost rumor was
started by someone else?
Yeah, probably because I've been
seen going in there a lot.
I see.
So tell me...
what's behind that door?
You ask a lot of questions.
I ain't your daddy, you know.
Who said you were?
Who's Aya, by the way?
A girl you have a crush on
or something?
You leaving?
I don't have time for a
pampered child like you.
Look who's talking.
You look more pampered
than me. My life's hard.
I very much doubt that.
What do you know?
My father just walked out
on my mom and me.
So who're you calling pampered?
Divorced parents?
Big deal.
You can still see them.
Hey, where'd you go?
Ashikawa? Ashikawa?
I can change my destiny.
Beyond the door...
I can change everything.
Make all my wishes come true.
If I fail, I may not return.
But I'm going anyway.
What do you mean?
Well, this is where you
and I part, Mitani.
I'm home.
Mom! What's wrong?
Wake up, Mom!
Please! Wake up!
Is she conscious?
I'm afraid not.
Get her to ER 3.
I can change my destiny.
Beyond the door,
my wishes come true.
Everything's gone wrong.
Wait for me, Ashikawa!
I'm coming, too!
I'm gonna change things,
I promise!
Just relax, Wataru.
You're not really falling.
You're right.
Listen carefully, Wataru.
You must go to a cave
where you'll be tested.
Tested? For what?
A rite of passage for
all "travelers."
But don't worry.
I know you'll pass.
Good luck.
Wait! Who are you?
A test, a test!
On which your doth rest!
To each question, a solution.
To each solution, a question.
The Master Guide yawns.
The road home croaks.
An ancient riddle smokes!
I the Divine Guardian of Dawn...
protector of the east for
the Goddess of Fortune.
Is it courage you seek, traveler?
Uh... courage?
Is it wisdom you seek?
Is it vitality you seek?
Is it happiness you seek?
Is this what you seek?
Yes, I seek them all!
Then escape us and flee
into the forest.
Exit! An exit!
It's a dead end!
This isn't it, either!
There's no way out!
How do you expect me to escape?
Wait... "The road home croaks."
An exit.
There's got to be an exit.
An exit, an exit! That's not it.
It's no use!
Croaks... croaks... croaks.
The frog is the way out!
4 minutes, 55 seconds.
Tsk tsk. The traveler before you
solved the riddle in 50 seconds.
You were much slower than Mitsuru.
You know Ashikawa, old man?
Old man?
Ahem. The name is Lau.
But you must call me Master Guru Lau.
Master... Master Guru.
Master Guru Lau?
Is that right?
The "Master" part is important.
Yes, Master.
Well then, new traveler Wataru...
Your test results.
Special skills points, zero.
Stamina. Barely average.
Courage. Pathetic.
Overall score. 35 points.
I equip you as a "hero apprentice."
What's all this?
Don't you know anything?
Well, whatever.
To those who travel here
from the material world...
the Goddess of Fortune grants
one wish, and one wish only.
The Goddess of Fortune...
grants one wish?
How do I meet
the Goddess of Fortune?
Your hero's sword.
Hero's sword?
Yes. When all its holes are
inlaid with the magic gems...
you can ascend the Tower of Fortune
where the Goddess resides.
Like this one?
Now your journey begins.
Master Guru, wait!
Tell me!
Be off, hero apprentice!
Where are the other four gems?
Help! Guru Lau!
I mean, "Master."
Hero, huh? I would've preferred
a "wizard" like Ashikawa.
Then I could magically transport
myself back to civilization.
Hi there.
You're a weird-looking dog.
Hey Rover? Spot?
Whatever your name is.
Maybe it's screwball?
Take it easy, okay?
Where are your mother and father?
This way?
Master Guru Lau! Help!
I'm a hero, you know!
Okay, so I'm an apprentice.
Gimme a break!
Well, aren't you lucky.
This is corkscrew-wolf territory.
A giant lizard!
Relax. This is a Dalbaba.
Never seen one before?
He's tame as can be.
How about you?
He loves to have his ears rubbed.
Well, you're a real sight. I take it
you've fled from the Ildan Empire?
The what?
Don't know the Empire?
How's that possible?
Wait, are you a...?
A what?
Hey! You're not... a traveler,
are you?
Uh, yes. I believe I am.
Low ranking, I'm afraid.
I had a good feeling about today
when I woke up this morning.
We Water Tribesmen regard
travelers as good luck.
My father spent half his life
looking for one.
He never found one.
But I have! Yippee!
I'm Kee Keema of the Water Tribe...
accent on the first "Kee."
Otherwise, it's a girl's name.
What's yours?
Wataru Mitani!
Magnificent name!
Sand-whale filets, Mbara jerky,
Tears of heaven honey...
Okay, go on in.
Much obliged.
Welcome, welcome!
Everything's on sale today!
What a busy place.
Gasala's a major trading post,
full of all walks of life...
Dalbaba drivers,
windsail vendors, astrologers...
I see.
Hey Aunt Yuna!
Prepare a table for two!
Soon after meeting a traveler,
he married a beautiful Sarkawan.
And Gan Karon, the Talbaban King...
won the throne after dining with
a traveler.
My own granddad discovered a gold
mine after just passing a traveler.
Truth is that travelers are rare.
Aren't you eating?
Um... yeah.
This restaurant only opens when
they get really good ingredients.
So eat up!
It's on me.
Thank you.
I've got to go deliver my load.
Aunt Yuna can be pretty scary
if you leave food on your plate.
I'll leave the money here, Aunt Yuna!
Now don't run off, my little
good luck charm.
Do you like the food?
Oh... uh, very much.
Hey, Ashikawa!
Ashikawa, wait!
Finish your food!
Take your seat.
Thanks for the food!
You're welcome!
Please tell Kee Keema
I'll be right back.
Which way?
I know.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to the Spectacle
Machine Circus!
What is this place?
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
for our main attraction...
Meena on her high-flying trapeze!
What's going on?
What're you doing?
Stop causing trouble!
Don't just stand there!
Hurry and muzzle it!
Okay. Let's split.
Oops. Sorry to disturb you.
Hey, what're you doing?
None of your business, kid.
Looks suspicious.
Stay out of this!
Yeah, buzz off!
You're hurting him!
What's going on?
These guys were...
Who's in there?
Who are you?
Me? I was just...
What's going on here?
There were these two
suspicious-looking men...
No. I didn't see anybody.
I've brought our culprit, Kattsu.
The thief from the circus?
No, I'm innocent!
You tried to kidnap the
dragon child, didn't you?
It wasn't me, I swear.
Well, we'll soon get to
the bottom of this.
I'm new to this world.
To "Vision"?
So then you're a...?
A traveler. See?
That's my hero's sword!
Traveler or imperial envoy,
a crime is a crime.
We Highlanders fight crime.
No, wait!
Let me out of here!
I'm innocent!
I swear!
Thank goodness you're safe.
He planned to make off with Jozo
while everyone was out.
The coward. I'd like to tear
him apart myself.
Like you could.
What's wrong, Meena?
Huh? Oh... nothing.
It's no use. At this rate,
I'll surely be found guilty.
That voice... from before!
Where are you?
You can't see me, I'm afraid.
But I have something else
to show you.
Forgive me... Wataru.
Poor thing.
Who are you?
How are you doing this?
Go to the abandoned chapel.
Why are you helping me?
Because I like you.
Now don't forget...
the abandoned chapel.
Wait! I've got a question.
We'll meet again... as long as you
continue on your journey.
Get back here, boy!
No way!
You're one heck of a
nuisance, traveler.
Don't worry.
You're being released.
Last night, the dragon child
was kidnapped.
You couldn't have done it from jail.
Can you stand?
But don't relax yet.
You could be a co-conspirator.
You're not leaving town.
But I've got to find five gems.
And the Goddess of Fortune.
We have a suspect.
I can help.
You can?
Yes. Tell me where the suspect is.
Wataru, first you go missing.
Now this?
You know what's below that church?
It's the "Cave of No Return."
Once you're in there,
there's no coming back.
There it is!
That's their hideout...
an abandoned chapel.
Go to the abandoned chapel, Wataru.
Uh-oh, they call this the "Cave of
No Return" you know.
I smell water.
Shush. They'll hear us.
Suddenly, I'm thirsty.
I thought you were scared,
Kee Keema.
But the water smells delicious!
Yes! An underground lake!
Here we go!
I haven't drunk for a while.
Water is life for a Water Tribesman.
Can't help myself.
No, you can't!
- Let me go!
- Kee Keema!
Let's hurry and stuff this beast.
His fiery breath is dangerous.
Who's there?
What do you want?
You'll be sorry.
I knew it was you guys.
Now hand over the dragon child!
What dragon?
You said he was just going
to be someone's pet.
You betraying us?
You promised you'd take me
to my father.
Let her go!
That was quite a scare.
It's gone! My sword is gone!
I have to find it!
Wait! Don't go back in!
Way to go, Wataru!
You still alive?
You all right, Wataru?
I think so.
I have that girl's voice
to thank for this.
Even our Highlander ran off
when that beast appeared.
Weren't you scared?
I was! I thought I'd be
eaten for sure!
I like you, traveler.
Torone, the box.
What is it?
A Highlander's band. Only true
protectors of justice can wear it.
Protector of justice?
Wear this and it might help you
find the gems you seek.
But now you have to carry out
the duties of a Highlander as well.
I'm a Highlander?
No matter how strong your foe,
no matter what losses you suffer.
Can you handle it?
I'll do my best.
I won't disappoint you, Kattsu.
Then swear on your bracelet.
Put it on your left arm.
It's a little big.
Now clink your bracelet
against mine twice.
You're now a Highlander.
Come up here!
Kattsu told you to "take care of
the new Highlander," remember?
Yeah and look, this guy
has tagged along, too.
Come on.
I'm Wataru. You are?
That's a fire-breathing
baby dragon, Jozo.
Wataru's our good luck charm.
I'm sure you'll see your father.
Care for one of these, Wataru?
Wataru? Wataru!
Meena! Kee Keema!
Have you been separated from
your party, young Highlander?
Perhaps my people can help you
find what you're looking for?
Who are you?
I am Daimon, governor of Lilith.
You needn't go to such trouble.
Don't be silly. Feel free to
indulge yourself.
Thanks to you Highlanders...
we of Lilith live in peace.
I wish I could treat you to
the Bauwa-uwa fruit but...
there was a great fire at Makeeba.
As a result, all the Bauwa-uwa
trees were burned.
It seems a young traveler in search
of gems was responsible.
Someone with apparently
some fierce powers.
According to eyewitnesses,
he is but a handsome young boy.
Please, tell me more.
I'll have you escorted to
Torianca Hospital.
That's where you'll find
many of the victims.
They'll give you a firsthand account.
Thank you.
Can I bring my friends?
Don't worry.
I'll arrange it so they
catch up to you.
Get us out of here!
The forest was full of hunters
and lumberjacks.
That young magician burned it
without hesitation.
Nearly 40 people lost their lives.
I don't believe it.
He also destroyed castles
and ruptured river dams.
Not Ashikawa.
Ashikawa wouldn't do that.
It must be some mistake.
Can you hear me?
You again.
You must not enter that building.
It's a trap.
What's wrong?
He is your enemy.
Believe me, Wataru!
Um... pardon me but I just
remembered an urgent matter.
That's right, Wataru.
Hurry and flee from there.
An urgent matter?
Very well.
But he's here... the wizard
who burned the forest.
He suffered 3rd-degree burns.
Doctors say he's in
critical condition.
Mr. Wataru!
You must be accompanied!
Where is he?
The magician with the burns!
Right over there.
Da... Dad!?
What's wrong, Wataru?
Mother's in the hospital.
Hurry and go to her!
I can't go home.
I told you that.
Did Mom and I do something
to make you hate us?
No, of course not.
You'll understand when you're older.
Well, I prefer to stay a kid, then.
If being an adult means abandoning
your family, then forget it.
I'll stay a kid!
You have no idea what I've
had to sacrifice for you!
I toiled day and night.
I never bought anything I wanted.
It was all for you two!
But did I get any thanks?
No, it was just a given.
I asked myself, what's it all for?
What's in it for me?
From now on, I'm living MY life!
Just for me!
I've had it!
From today...
no more sacrifice.
No more husband.
No more father.
No more nothing!
Is that your Dad?
A pile of dead leaves?
Do you really think I would burn
myself on my own magic?
Consider us even.
Stop right there!
Was it you who drew the
magic circle on the roof?
Show a little respect.
I'm a priest.
I don't know what you were trying
to do but it was all wrong.
Your direction was off as was
the length of your lines.
Where'd you learn your trade?
Did you even complete training?
How dare you!
Sorry, I can't hear you
very well down there.
Why don't you come up here?
An "air ladder" should be simple
enough magic for you.
Or maybe not?
Faithful servants...
destroy the evil before me.
Receive the arrow of my inner will!
Get back!
Stop, Ashikawa!
You'll kill him!
He was about to kill you, Mitani.
Haven't you heard what I've done
to get these gems?
Yes, but you can explain, right?
Tell me.
I want to believe you, Ashikawa.
You didn't know you were killing
innocent people and animals.
Isn't that right? Tell me...
What did you come here to do?
You didn't come to make friends...
or to protect the peace, did you?
I came to save my mother.
I'm going to the Ilda Empire...
to find the last gemstone.
I'll do whatever it takes...
to get my wish.
You can do it!
Oh no!
It just fell all by itself!
Worried about me, Jozo?
I'll be okay.
But we've got to rescue
Kee Keema and Meena.
What's this?
So you managed to escape.
I suppose I should've expected
that of you, Young Highlander.
What have you done with
Kee Keema and Meena?
If you join me,
I'll let you see them.
What the...?
Who are you?
I'm a Highlander.
Over here!
Kee Keema! Meena!
Capture Daimon. Find out
what the empire is up to!
Not so fast.
Why you...!
Magic, huh?
You can't stop me.
Hold it!
Look out! The cane!
You okay, Wataru?
Kattsu! Look!
We've got trouble.
What is it?
The Ilda Empire has joined
with a powerful wizard.
Troops armed with wizard
powers are coming.
They plan to wage war.
Ilda is the place Ashikawa
said he's headed for.
Is he the powerful wizard
they're talking about?
You don't like to dance,
Princess Zofie?
Master Wizard.
Call me Mitsuru.
Master Mitsuru.
Would you be so kind as
to teach me to dance?
Like this?
Where are you from?
From far away.
South? East?
Between the moon and stars.
How about that?
Do you have family there?
A sister.
And friends?
Hmm... I guess I have one.
By the look of your face,
I can tell he's important to you.
Do you know of the Dark Gemstone,
Princess Zofie?
I'd like to see it just once.
I hear that it's here somewhere.
I'm sorry but...
Forgive my imposition.
Please forget it.
Actually, this castle was built...
as a fortress to protect the
Dark Gemstone.
It was?
Yes, the Dark Gemstone seals in
demons that once plagued the land.
If it were to be stolen...
it would unleash demons who
would destroy all of Vision.
The castle would have to
be demolished?
But no one dares get close
to the Dark Gemstone.
A mirror guarding it reflects
the greatest personal pain...
to whomever touches the stone.
Would you have the courage
to look into it?
If I looked into that mirror,
I think I'd see you there.
Jozo, what's wrong?
Would I do anything to get
my wish, I wonder?
Wataru! Aren't you cold?
I brought you something.
What about you, Meena?
I'm fine.
I'm of the Neh Tribe.
It's warm.
What will you wish for when you
meet the Goddess of Fortune?
That's what I hear travelers
from your world do.
I... want my family back.
My father left...
and my mother fell ill.
I see. Same here.
My mother died when I was little.
All I have is my father.
That's why you did it?
Yes, but I realize that
was wrong now.
I want to see my father but
I had no right to do what I did.
I'm sorry, Jozo.
That's why I admire you.
You don't resort to evil
like that other traveler.
He may be an amazing
wizard but... it's not right.
I'm sorry. He's a friend
of yours, isn't he?
That's okay.
He really has done some
terrible things here.
What happened to make him want
to change his life this badly?
Congratulations, Jozo.
I'm sure you'll grow beautiful horns.
Dragons shed their horns?
He says blow on it.
Blow? Like this?
It doesn't make any sound?
Holy moly!
This is great! Go!
I didn't think he'd be Jozo's father!
We're going to occupy the Emperor's
Crystal Palace!
And get him to end this war, right?
Yes... He'll listen to Highlanders.
What's that?
It's the Imperial fleet!
It's huge!
There's so many!
They're moving fast!
We'll reach the Emperor first!
Wataru... Wataru?
Mitsuru's learned of the Dark Gem.
Yes. He plans to destroy Vision.
Wataru, look!
The Ildan capital!
Princess Zofie,
you must evacuate.
Master Mitsuru.
Ashikawa! Ashikawa!
Master Wizard.
This area's off limits.
Out of my way!
Master Mitsuru, why?
Here lies my final gem.
There it is.
The Dark Gemstone.
Forget the Emperor, Wataru!
Get the wizard!
I'm coming, Aya.
Master Mitsuru!
I beg you!
Don't take the dark gem!
Master Mitsuru!
I am a traveler, Your Highness.
With the dark gem, I can open
the door to the Tower of Fortune.
Please... no!
Don't! Ashikawa!
Mitani! Stay out of this!
Stay back!
Don't you care what happens
to these people?
Not at all.
There are more important things.
For you, too, Mitani.
We have the same goal.
But what you're doing is wrong.
Fine... as long as I get my wish.
You think you'll find happiness
this way?
I won't know until my wish
is granted.
Then you're an idiot!
Move aside, softie.
I don't want to fight you, Ashikawa.
Go back to your cushy life.
I don't have that luxury.
He's all right.
Please... I know you're not
like this!
You don't know what I'm like.
You don't know a thing about me!
A tragic family suicide.
A 35-year-old man and his
family were found dead...
According to police...
the man took his life, his wife's,
her male companion's...
and 2-year-old daughter, Aya.
Don't show me that!
So that's why.
Ashikawa, no!
Let me in!
I had no idea, Ashikawa!
I'm sorry!
I'm so sorry, Ashikawa!
I didn't know.
"Brother's Birthday"
Bye, Mitsuru!
Come back soon!
Mitsuru! Pass!
Here I go!
Aya, I'll bring you back to life.
I won't let it end like this!
I won't!
Ashikawa! NO!
The Dark Gemstone!
Are you okay?
Please, stop him.
I beg you.
I will.
But what about you?
Take this.
Good luck.
Are you going?
To the Tower of Fortune?
I must try to talk to Ashikawa
one more time.
Go, Wataru. We'll handle
the demons down here.
Wataru... be careful.
You okay, mister?
We must not give up.
- Princess Zofie!
- Your Highness!
As long as we have life,
there is hope.
We must have faith that
we'll prevail.
Ashikawa, the people of Vision
are under attack!
A hero's sword?
Hey, that's me!
But that is me!
Better hurry or Ashikawa
will get his wish first.
Do you want that?
Thanks, Kattsu.
You owe me.
Don't get fresh with me,
you dirty demon.
Let's go kill Ashikawa and
grab the gem for ourselves!
What do you say?
Stop! Vision's in danger!
Liar! You don't really care
about them!
Shut up!
Stop kidding yourself.
I know you.
Just worry about yourself!
Why you...!
Wataru, don't!
You'll only be hurting yourself!
I came to change my destiny.
Nothing else matters!
Yes, I know! But...
Dad, wait. Don't go!
Come back!
Mom, wake up!
Don't leave me alone!
What did you come here for?
Liar! You don't really care
about these people.
I was ready to do anything
to change things...
to help Mom.
That's how I felt then.
You don't care at all about Vision!
That's not true!
Think about Mom?
My sadness, anger, hatred...
spite... immaturity...
they're all a part of me.
You are me.
We can work together.
Welcome back.
Ashikawa, no!
You're only fighting yourself!
Why help me?
'Cause I'm your friend.
A softie as usual.
Right, Wataru?
Where did I go wrong?
I'm sorry.
What're you apologizing for?
Wataru... you won.
Be happy.
Why're you crying?
A softie to the end...
a hopeless softie.
It's not over.
I'm taking you home!
We'll go home, go to school...
play soccer.
I lost. I'll die here.
I couldn't change my destiny.
Now go... leave me be.
No! I'm not leaving you here.
You idiot!
Enough is enough!
I don't mind being alone.
Don't give me that!
You're coming with me!
No matter what!
Got that?
Mitsuru! Mitsuru?
Is that you, Aya?
At last... We're together.
This is for you, brother.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Mitsuru
Happy Birthday to you
Let's play, Mitsuru!
I'm home.
No, don't go! Mitsuru!
Poor Wataru.
The Goddess of Fortune is so
cruel to separate two friends.
You're the voice...
The one that's helped me.
You remembered?
I'm so glad.
Do you want to save Mitsuru?
And the water tribesman
and the Neh Tribe girl?
And your father and your mother?
Change your destiny, right?
Yes, but...
You only get one wish.
But there is a way to have them
all granted.
If the Goddess of Fortune were gone...
you'd become God of the Vision people.
Then you could have as many
wishes as you want.
Go ahead and wish for the destruction
of the Goddess of Fortune.
Meena? Meena!
Look out!
It's okay.
We're all right.
Meena! Meena!
The Goddess of Fortune is cruel.
Go ahead now, Wataru.
Wish for the Goddess to perish.
But I...
You can do it.
No. I can't.
Why not?
You want to save your mother, right?
I can't sacrifice everyone
for my own happiness!
Mitsuru was willing to burn forests,
kill people and animals...
to bring his sister back...
to change his destiny.
But in the end, he admitted
he was wrong.
He wouldn't listen to me,
but you're different.
My darling Wataru.
I'll protect you no matter what.
So hurry, wish for the destruction
of the Goddess of Fortune.
Then both worlds will be ours!
Wish it!
No! I won't do it!
Why? When you can have
your every wish.
I don't want that.
Why not?
After all I've done for you!
I was supposed to be
the Goddess of Fortune!
I thought you and I together
could do it.
How could you, Wataru?
To me?
This is the Vision world.
Garsala's in ruins!
What are you going to wish for
from the Goddess of Fortune?
Goddess of Fortune?
Take my hand and make your wish.
In my hands...
give me your wish.
What do you wish?
Or our wish...
I wish for you to remove the
demons from the Vision world.
I can only grant you one wish,
you realize. There is no other.
Yes, I know.
If I grant you this wish...
nothing in your material world
will have changed.
Didn't you come to this world
and brave many challenges...
because you had a different wish?
At first, I thought only of
having my family back.
But since coming here and making
friends, I've learned something.
Life has sad moments just as
it has happy ones.
They can't be avoided.
So I can't ask you to change
my destiny for me.
As long as there is happiness,
there will also be grief.
Where there is good fortune,
there is also misfortune?
Yes. I must accept my life
and create my own destiny.
This world and my new friends
have taught me that.
So I beg you.
Give them a future.
Brave hero, the answer you have
found, I will reflect below.
What's happening?
Hooray! We're saved!
Let the celebrations begin!
Wataru, so ends your journey.
Wataru, I like your brand
of justice.
Wataru, you dummy!
What about your wish?
Kee Keema... Meena...
Who cares about good luck?
Just come back, Wataru!
Take care, Wataru!
Laundry's done!
So's breakfast.
Come and get it.
Ugh, onions.
Oh grow up, Mom.
Don't be picky.
Whatever you say.
I'm coming.
Anyway, nobody's been
able to solve the riddle.
Hurry or you'll be late!
So will you, Mom.
See you later.
Not even the 6th graders.
I bet Mitsuru could solve it.
Mitsuru? Who's that?
A new student's coming today.
Transfer student?
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
Of course.
Wait... aren't you...?
Sorry, big brother.
I told you to wait for me.