Brazen (2022) Movie Script

[delicate instrumental music playing]
[dark intense music playing]
I can't hear you.
[whip cracks]
That's all for now.
Signing off.
From your Desiree.
[woman] She didn't expect
to die that night.
Sara Bowman was precise about everything,
and dying wasn't on her schedule.
She had no enemies that she knew of.
All in all,
her life was pretty unremarkable.
Yet there she was,
lying in a pool of her own blood.
The manner of her death violent,
unhinged even.
Who would want to kill
the altogether unremarkable Sara Bowman?
And then it hit her.
What if she wasn't unremarkable?
What if she had a secret life?
Don't we all?
But for some, the secret is a lot darker
and a lot more dangerous.
And that's when DetectiveStanton
started to dig,
because whoever reduced Sara Bowman
to a bloody pulp
might be as unremarkable as she was.
[cheering and applause]
Thank you.
That's the best turnout
we've had all year.
- Keep writing, Grace Miller.
- I couldn't stop if I tried.
You're the best.
- Thank you.
- [phone chimes]
I'll be there on the next flight.
Uh, change of plans. Family.
[engine turns over]
Take me to the airport, please.
[plane whirring]
- Hi.
- Hi.
Um I didn't expect you to come so soon.
You told me it was urgent.
Yeah. Are you staying?
I don't know. Am I?
I... Yes. Of... Yeah. Come in.
Wow. The old place
looks a lot like the old place.
Oh, the plays
that we used to put on in here.
We'd invite all the neighborhood kids,
You wrote the plays, Grace.
I just made the popcorn.
[Kathleen] Coffee?
So, why did you leave him?
Was there someone else?
You don't think I could
come to that realization on my own?
- Here, give me that.
- No, I got it.
Just give it to me. Thank you.
Um, Kath, why am I here?
I mean, seriously, are you okay?
I mean, do you need anything?
Do you need money?
That would explain the vintage.
Oof. You never change.
I haven't had to.
Well, I have.
And I'm good.
And I'm getting better.
That's great.That's great.
Because the last I heard,
you were addicted to pills
and you walked out on your son.
Okay, no. I didn't have a choice.
When I asked for a divorce,
Jonathan wanted me gone
and he wouldn't let me leave with Kevin.
You always had a choice.
I kicked the meds.
- Great.
- Yup.
And I put that degree
to good use and got a job.
I teach high school.
Drama and English.
And [sighs] I'm good at it.
And now I'm going for custody of Kevin.
I know that Jonathan's rich and connected.
He's not gonna win this time.
I will not let him.
He thinks that women are expendable
and that I'll just cave.
I cannot.
[siren wailing]
["Drifting Heart"
by Roosevelt Nettles playing on radio]
Medium tea, medium coffee.
- [cash register clacking]
- [door sensor beeping]
- Give me the money! Come on! Come on!
- Whoa, hey.
- [tray clatters]
- Pick it up! Move it, pick it up!
[suspenseful music playing]
- Gimme your wallet. Your phone.
- Okay. All right.
[both grunting]
[robber] No!
[robber grunting]
- [robber] Easy.
- Hey, where's my coffee?
[robber grunts]
[man 2] Oh, got it. Thank you.
Come on. Hi. Did he pay?
- No.
- [man 1] Oh, Christ.
- He never pays for anything.
- [man 1] Damn it.
Trouble finds you, Detective.
That's all I'm saying.
- I must be in the right job.
- Perhaps.
Regardless, let's get you home.
You got a week off.
I can finally finish
renovating my kitchen.
Mmm, on that,
uh, don't call me about tile samples.
- You know you want to weigh in.
- I've already made your decision for you.
Spanish tile. Case closed.
[Kathleen] We co-own the house,
and I just need your approval
to get a mortgage on my half.
- Is that gonna be enough?
- For legal fees, it'll help.
I'm working on other things too, so
What kind of other things, Kathleen?
Well, I have proof that Jonathan is
stealing from the family trust,
and if that goes public, it'll ruin him.
Kathleen, that's blackmail.
[scoffs] Yeah. I'm sorry,
what makes you so pure all of a sudden?
You make a fortune writing books
about women getting murdered.
[scoffs] No, no, no.
If you had read any of my books,
you would know that they're about
the exploitation of women
and misogyny and the patriarchy
and how we do so very little
to protect the most vulnerable.
Okay? So you do you.
Okay. Grace.
[Kathleen sobbing]
Grace, Jonathan's gonna try
to destroy me in court as the bad mother
hooked on pills, who abandoned her son.
I'm so afraid I'm gonna lose him.
I didn't even expect you to come.
Well, of course I'm gonna come.
We're sisters. If you need me, I'm here.
A-Actually, I wanted you to need me
a whole lot sooner, but
[chuckles, sobs]
Scoot over.
- Okay, it's not...
- Scooch.
- There's no thunder or lightning.
- Oh, isn't there though?
Okay, well, don't hog the blanket.
Old habits die hard.
It's gonna be okay. It's okay.
I'm so glad you're here.
I'm right here.
[ominous music playing]
[man inhales deeply]
[exhales deeply]
[car alarm chirps]
[power tools whirring]
[power tools whirring]
Hey! You with the saw!
One more and I'm done.
Measure twice.
[chuckles] Cut once.
[saw whirring]
- Hey.
- I hope you don't mind.
Uh, the gate was wide open,
so I just thought
I'd come over and say hi.
I like your house. In another life,
I'd probably be flipping houses.
Thanks. I'm not flipping it. It's mine.
Really? It's my favorite house
on the block.
Oh, um, I brought you coffee. Fresh.
Thanks. Um, you know,
I I quit caffeine.
- Okay.
- [chuckles]
So you are an un-caffeinated homeowner
with a miter saw.
Well, it's very nice
to meet you, neighbor. Um.
My sister lives next door.
Her name's Kathleen. Do you know her?
Oh, yeah. Just to say hi.
Ed. Ed Jennings.
Hi. Grace Miller.
- Hold on a second. I'll be right back.
- Oh, okay.
Oh. [Grace chuckles]
- Yeah? I thought that was you.
- Yeah.
I see your picture
every time I pick up your books.
I'd be happy to sign it for you
if you have a pen.
- Right. That's a thing. Here you go.
- It is a thing.
But maybe I should be asking
for your autograph,
Detective Ed Jennings,
D.C. Police Homicide.
- Are you stalking me?
- No, I'm Googling you.
Uh, Detective Ed Jennings
who cracked a cold case
and arrested the ex-husband
of the murdered woman.
Wow. Congratulations.
Just part of the job.
Oh, take credit for it. You've earned it.
What I earned is a week off.
- A whole week off!
- Yeah, yeah.
I was planning on learning
how to miter corners.
Wow. And then maybe
we could figure out a murder.
Fictional, right?
You're not going to kill anyone?
I can't tell you that.
Okay, so next week's essay is
going to be on Hamlet.
How would Hamlet feel in our digital age?
@HamletTheDane would love Twitter.
To tweet or not to tweet,
that is the question.
[class laughs]
That's good. All right, that's your essay.
[school bell rings]
Have a good day.
Rand, don't be late with this one, okay?
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, Rand. Hi.
Did you hear what I said?
Don't be late.
What are you doing? What is going on?
You are normally a very good student
when you apply yourself.
- Do you want to talk about anything?
- No. Don't be late.
Got it.
[phone ringing]
- Mrs. Breezewood...
- Grace, hi.
[on phone] Hey, Kath.
Another time.
Uh, you know that cute
white embroidered top you have?
- It's sleeveless. Can I borrow it tonight?
- [Kathleen on phone] Yeah, no, go for it.
You going somewhere?
Oh, well, I met your neighbor
and I'm going to see him later,
and he's homicide,
so obviously marriage made in heaven.
[chuckles] You move fast.
Just for consulting purposes.
Right. Well, why don't you marry him
and we could live next door to each other?
Hey, Kath, did you build a safe room?
Not exactly. I, um
I'm gonna explain that later.
But if you want to stay out tonight
and have a good time, please do.
- I have papers to grade.
- No, no, no. You're cooking.
You're the only Miller sister
that can cook.
Okay. I'll see you later. Bye.
[phone ringing]
Hi, honey.
Hi, Mommy.
- How are you?
- Good.
Do you know what? Your Auntie Gracie
is staying here right now,
and she can't wait to see you.
- Um, when you come live here.
- Okay, Kevin's gotta go. It's dinner time.
- Say, "Bye-bye, Mommy."
- Bye-bye, Mommy.
Kevin... Jonathan...
[disconnect tone beeps]
[phone rings]
Uh no, tonight's not good.
[clicks tongue]
Okay. Ju... Just the one, though.
[mysterious music playing]
[both laughing]
All right. Okay. [clears throat]
- Let's review what we know.
- Okay.
Cops break into a room.
Door's locked from the inside.
- Windows are locked.
- Body in the middle of the room.
- Male.
- Right.
Gunshot wound, fatal.
Now, we've ruled out suicide.
Angle of the shot.
So, it's not about the why,
it's about the how.
So, how did the killer get out of the room
after murdering the victim
when the door was locked from inside?
- That's a pretty devious plot you got.
- [chuckles]
- Ah, ah
- Hmm.
- Some kind of evil force.
- [sucks teeth]
- You mean like a ghost?
- Yeah, not really your thing.
- No.
- Okay.
Secret entrance.
Like a trap door?
We're sure he's dead?
The coroner certified
the death certificate
because he was bribed
by the so-called victim
- Yeah.
- who was faking his death,
and he is really alive!
[Ed laughs]
You're a little too happy about it,
but yes, finally.
[Ed chuckles]
All right, the kitchen is a war zone.
Fridge there, sink under the window.
Stove's going in here,
and I'm trying to figure out
if an island will crowd the space.
- Oh. Right here?
- Yeah.
- Should we take it for a test run?
- Yeah. What?
Test run. You stand here.
I'm at the island
chopping things right now. [chuckles]
- E-Excuse me, can I have the frying pan?
- Sure.
- Here.
- Thank you.
And I have to put something
in the dishwasher.
Ah, there was a dirty cup there.
Maybe you could get that for me.
Seems a little crowding's got
its advantages.
[Grace chuckles]
[whip cracks]
Say it.
Say it louder. I can't hear you!
[ominous music playing]
- [Ed] Good thing we recycle.
- [both chuckle]
- Uh-oh.
- Son of a
[Grace chuckles]
So, if you're gonna be here
for a couple more days
[Grace] Uh-huh. I am.
- And I will.
- Will what?
Want to see you again.
- It's that obvious?
- It's kind of obvious, yeah. [chuckles]
[romantic music playing]
Wait, let me see one more time.
- Yeah. Mm-hmm. I want to see you again.
- Again. All right.
- We had an incredible night.
- It was okay.
- I had an incredible night.
- [Grace laughs]
And let's do more.
More of this,
but, you know, no expectations, just...
Why not? You know,
I have a few expectations.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
But, Detective, I don't need
a police escort home. I'm okay.
- Right. Okay.
- Yeah. Thank you, though.
- Grace, look out!
- [both laugh]
- Maybe I do.
- You might.
[both chuckle]
- [Ed vocalizes]
- [chuckles]
Good night, Grace.
I'm home!
Kath, where are you?
Oh my God.
I just had the best date ever.
[dramatic music playing]
Kathleen? Kathleen?
No, no. Oh my God. [panting]
Holy shit. Oh my God.
Hey, Grace. Hey, I got you.
I got you. Come here. Come here.
- Who's inside?
- [Grace sobs hysterically]
Okay, okay. Stay here. Stay here.
Stay back.Stay back.
[Grace sobbing] Please. Please.
Please. Please. Please.
[melancholy music playing]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[Grace] She was probably so scared.
She was in there all alone.
I wasn't with her.
She's in there now. I'm not with her.
[Ed] You'll be with her soon. I promise.
Just not now, okay?
You know how it goes,
what needs to be done.
[man] This your case?
No, I was first on the scene.
I live next door. Is this strangulation?
Some kind of ligature.
[indistinct chatter]
[sirens blaring]
Dude, what are you doing here?
Why am I here?
We got a week off.
I owe you.
Oh no, no, no.
Uh, I haven't agreed to this yet.
Ben, it happened next door
when Grace was with me. I owe it to her.
You're owing a lot of people tonight.
It's her sister.
Wouldn't feel right
letting someone else work this.
So we're supposed to get the captain
to assign this one to us
because of some famous writer
that you just met.
Right. They've taken
the statement from her.
- She's with the body now.
- No, I'm still not in.
You're always there for me.
You never let me down.
You owe me.
Have a seat.
I'm really sorry for your loss,
Ms. Miller,
and I know that this is a difficult time,
but we have to ask you a few questions.
- Now...
- Here you go.
Thank you.
[Ben] Did your sister ever mention
anyone threatening her?
Anyone that you know
who might want to hurt her?
Her ex-husband,
Jonathan Breezewood.
Uh, what makes you say that?
Because she was fighting
for full custody of their son.
And she had evidence that he was involved
in in some kind of fraud or something.
I don't know.
- Jonathan Breezewood?
- The third.
His family's really connected and rich.
He's a big shot attorney.
Did you know about your sister's clients?
What are you talking about?
She was a teacher.
She connected to clients via webcam.
The site was called Fantasy Inc.
[whispers] Oh my God.
And from the looks
of the clothes we found,
she was working as a dominatrix.
[sighs] I don't...
[gentle, emotional music playing]
[Grace sobs]
Let's get you to a hotel.
If you're uncomfortable being alone,
we can have someone
stay there with you if you want.
I don't want to be alone, and I don't
- [Ben] We have people who...
- Can I stay at your place?
[Grace] I mean,
I hadn't seen her for five years,
and the first two minutes
I started a fight with her.
[Ed] The bedroom's under construction,
so take the couch. I'll take the chair.
Try to get some rest.
Stop blaming yourself.
Who else?
The killer.
[dark, ominous music playing]
[Ed] Morning.
Herbal tea?
No coffee?
Caffeine's the problem.
Caffeine is the point.
- [phone buzzing]
- Nope.
You should try to ignore those.
It's already all over
the news, social media.
There's a couple news trucks
outside already.
Listen. Uh, can we keep
what she was doing confidential?
The least we can do
is protect her son from this part.
And, uh I want to help on the case.
- Grace...
- No, no.
I know this is not one of my books,
but this is personal.
This is real and personal.
She is my sister.
That's why you need to stay away from it.
But we both know that the first 48 hours
are the most important.
It's not your job to catch the killer,
it's mine, and I will get him,
but you cannot put yourself in any danger.
Can I Can I go get my stuff?
- I will get it.
- No, no, no.
You don't know where to look.
Forensics is gone, isn't it?
Okay. You said
I know police protocol, so I'm gonna go.
I will not contaminate anything.
I promise.
[reporters clamoring]
[reporter] There she is.
Grace, Grace, do you have
any comment for us? Grace!
Detective Jennings, what about you?
Is this case similar to your last case?
Is the ex-husband a suspect like before?
Any comment at all?
[ominous music playing]
[phone ringing]
[Ed] Jennings.
Yeah, like 20 minutes ago.
Have you spoken to her ex-husband?
He was at home last night
hosting a political fundraiser.
Maybe he had her killed.
I mean, he's the likeliest suspect.
She was going to blackmail him.
If he had her killed, we'll find out.
And her her body.
She was, uh She was twisted,
and her arms were out,
and her her feet were crossed
like she was on a cross.
Is that intentional?
- Grace, we should go.
- How did she die?
He, uh, came in through the back door.
Smashed a pane of glass.
Left a shoe print in the dirt.
Sneaker size 11.
No fingerprints. He was careful.
Likely wore gloves.
Did he steal anything?
[Ed] Not that we could tell.
So, he was really after her.
[Kathleen] This is what you want.
Say it! Say it!
Uh, she had marks on her neck, right?
What What did he use?
We don't know yet.
- [material cracks]
- That's all for now. Good night.
[Grace] Did she have
any clients last night?
We're finding out.
Is there a timeline?
What we know is that she ran the shower,
but never got in.
[shower gushing]
[murderer] Desiree.
[grunting, straining]
I saw bruises on her, uh
[both grunting]
On her neck
and her her chest and her arms.
- [murderer yells]
- [Kathleen grunts]
[yelps, strains]
[Kathleen grunting]
[Kathleen stops grunting]
[Grace] She fought him.
Grace, we really should go.
[Grace] Okay.
We were so sorry to hear about Kathleen.
We didn't know her personally,
but she was a true professional.
[woman sighs]
Her character, Desiree, was becoming
very popular with some of our clients.
Let's talk about those clients.
Why? Do you think this has
something to do
with the work she did for us?
Let's focus on her client list.
Well, I will tell you what I can,
but I'm sure there's no connection.
For the most part,
her clients were out of the country.
There's a significant percentage,
maybe 30%, within the U.S.
Who, uh, has access to your, uh
We call them performers.
They're true artists.
And who knows
the identity of your performers?
Just me, my mother,
and my brother. It's a family business.
Everything is within the law,
and we have the highest standards
when it comes to protecting the identities
of both our clients and our performers.
- Do you record all the sessions?
- Yes, of course.
For liability purposes
and creative reasons.
Sometimes we give feedback.
We're going to need
all of Desiree's sessions.
Oh, and that list.
Do you have a warrant?
[Ben clears throat]
Yeah, we think of everything.
So, how's our best-selling author today?
I don't know, man.
Really? What?
The, uh, bloom's off the rose?
No rose, no bloom. I just tried...
Yeah, to help her
make it through the night.
You got something you want to say, Ben?
Not really, Ed.
Just that when you wade in,
you go hip-deep.
[Ben groans]
[Sandy] Sandy White Underwood,
principal of the academy.
Our heartfelt condolences.
Kathleen was such a gifted teacher.
We're absolutely devastated by her loss.
Thank you.
Oh, it was supposed to be right here.
I'm sorry. I'll be right back. Excuse me.
Sorry to bother you.
We're so sorry.
We really loved Mrs.Breezewood.
She wasn't like the others.
You really wanted
to listen to her in class,
and, like, she really got
how we were feeling.
Yeah, she was hard on me,
but she was right.
Thank you. Thank you all.
Everything that was in her locker,
we put in this box.
Thank you, Billy.
I'll leave you alone.
Take your time, and if you need anything
[melancholy music playing]
- You're one of Kathleen's students.
- Mm-hmm. Jerald Baxter.
I... My mother's
Senator Baxter from Missouri.
The Show-Me State.
She She won't let me say Missouri
without adding that. [titters]
I'm really sorry about Kathleen.
I mean, Mrs. Breezewood.
How did she die?
Sorry. Inappropriate. Um
Do the police have any suspects?
I don't know.
- I guess it could have been random.
- Most murders aren't.
You mean someone wanted her dead?
Well, I mean, that's a question
that the police are going to ask,
and they're probably going to ask it here.
Mr. Sachs got her upset.
He does maintenance. Billy Sachs.
[Sandy] Thank you, Billy.
I saw him talking to Mrs. Breezewood
the other day, and she looked upset.
And I heard her
ask him not to tell anyone.
She didn't mention it to me,
so I can't imagine
she would be that upset.
I wouldn't talk to anyone about this.
That's spreading rumors.
Oh, uh, I'm sorry.
[ominous music playing]
I I just thought
You know, in case it was useful.
Listen, thank you so much for getting
my sister's stuff. I really appreciate it.
Oh, it's been so hard to be here today.
You know, seeing this life that she had,
how much her students adored her
She was so beautiful.
She could have been on TV
with those looks, you know.
And I don't know,
I guess in a way she kind of was.
It's okay, Billy. I know that you know.
I mean, everybody has secrets, right?
Don't we?
I told her I knew so she'd be careful.
Well, that was kind.
She didn't take it that way.
- Did she think you were threatening her?
- I wasn't. That's the last thing.
Well, she overreacted, right?
She just was shocked that you knew.
H-How did you know?
I only watched Desiree that one time.
You were a client?
Okay, you know what?
I I don't understand.
You knew about Desiree,
but you weren't a client,
so how did you know?
He shows me the girls.
Their tapes.
I recognized her.
Her voice.
- The way she moves.
- Her... I'm sorry, who is... who is he?
My cousin.
He's the webcam guy at Fantasy Inc.
Singapore, Bangalore,
Geneva, Glasgow, Newark.
The money these people
are spending on these fantasies
We're in the wrong business, my friend.
- Florida.
- Hi.
- Hey, Grace. How are you doing?
- I'm good.
- Can we talk?
- Yeah. Yeah, sure.
[clears throat]
- In here.
- [Grace] It's all in there.
The evidence of fraud
that Kathleen was collecting on Jonathan.
And I found it in her things at school,
which to me means that she was afraid
he'd get access to the house.
Now, if Kathleen having this
isn't motive enough
for him wanting her dead, I I don't know.
Did he know that she had this?
His alibi is solid.
So, that's it? That clears him?
For now, yes. I have to go.
No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait. I'm sorry. Um
I want to apologize
for this morning. I'm sorry.
You're going through a lot.
It doesn't give me a free pass
to be rude to you, so I'm sorry.
- Have you gone to Fantasy Inc.?
- Grace!
I'm gonna take that as a yes,
and I'm also going to take it
that you're not gonna tell me
what you learned.
- Correct.
- Which is fine.
But then I'm not gonna tell you
what I learned.
Unless you want to trade?
I don't do trades.
But if you have material evidence
Inelegant of me.
Let's not call it a trade.
Let's call it a request.
I assume that you have video
of Kathleen as Desiree,
and I would like to see it.
I would like to see her.
Before you tell me that's a horrible idea,
I just... I want you to think about
what what it would mean to me.
And in the meantime,
of course I'm gonna tell you what I know.
And it is material.
Webcam guy at Fantasy Inc.
Likes to watch. Let's go.
[dramatic music playing]
[knocking at door]
It's the police.
Richie Gorman.
[woman] What's he done now?
I don't sell the information or anything.
I'd never do that. It's just for me.
I mean, I work there. I have a right
to check out the performers.
No. No, you don't.
I only told my cousin. That's it.
If Billy has anything to do with this,
it's his fault.
Your cousin.
He works maintenance at her school,
but he's the only one I told.
- That's it?
- That's it. I swear.
No need for swearing, Richie.
Either way, we're going to find out.
I'll answer your question
because you turned us on to him.
He knew Kathleen's identity.
He says he only gave it
to his cousin, the janitor at school.
We are following up on both of them.
That's it. That is all that I know.
Or that's all you're gonna tell me.
- Don't play that game.
- This isn't a game!
I'm sorry. What I meant is...
What you meant is don't interfere. Right?
But don't think I'm just gonna order
sandwiches for my sister's funeral,
and that's it.
Fine. But stay out of my investigation.
And stay out of trouble.
It's a peace offering.
It's teas from around the world.
There's a tea for every occasion in there.
Um, a sleepy-time tea,
a tea to ease the stress of modern living,
a tea to awaken the senses.
[emotional music playing]
I'm gonna go.
Good evening. Let's begin.
[ominous music building]
Did you feel that?
Did it hurt right where it should?
Is that how you like it?
You've been naughty, haven't you?
[police radio squawking]
[Ben] So, we got, uh,
shoe prints by the back door.
Sneakers, male, size 11.
This is Carol Hayes, a real estate agent
and also Fantasy Inc. artist.
It all fits.
We got ourselves a serial killer.
How'd we hear about this one?
I... You won't believe it.
I'd like to ask
that this be kept confidential.
Got a family.
A wife. My law firm.
I'm risking my reputation
because I did the right thing
and called 911.
You're cooperating with us.
We'll cooperate with you, Mr. Marks.
Take us through it, step by step.
Well, it was going along as usual.
Roxanne I mean, she's quite special.
We have a We have agood rapport.
Then all of a sudden
[Roxanne] Here's what's going to happen.
[Roxanne struggling over webcast]
Help me!
- [shrieking]
- [murderer grunting]
Help me!
Like I said, I I didn't know
if it was part of her act, or
I mean, is she okay? Roxanne?
It's a good thing that you called this in,
Mr. Marks. But it wasn't an act.
Look, I need
these kinds of online interactions.
I need to keep
the complications to a minimum.
I have low blood sugar.
Mmm. Yeah.
[Jonathan] So, uh
And Daddy will see you
after school, okay, honey?
Alright, go on in.
[kids clamoring]
Grace, how are you?
You haven't been taking my calls.
That's okay, I understand.
We're all absolutely heartbroken.
- How's Kevin?
- He's doing fine.
His grief counselor
and therapist recommended
that he doesn't come to the funeral today.
His age, and the trauma...
- Of losing his mother. Yeah.
- Here we go.
It's always the husband.
Didn't the police tell you
I was hosting a fundraiser that night?
I must have shaken a hundred hands.
You wanted her gone.
Why would I?
She didn't figure in my life or Kevin's.
God, she was so strong.
You didn't break her.
She was going to take you on.
You know those files
Kathleen was collecting on me?
They're baseless.
Just one more bad decision.
Oh yeah, and I know
how she was making that extra money.
The list of suspects gets to be a long one
when it comes to a dead hooker.
[Grace grunts]
You're distraught.
So I'm going to let that go.
Don't come to the funeral.
Well, of course I'll be there.
I'm the grieving husband.
- [Ed] Captain?
- Go!
Yes, Captain.
So, both victims were dominatrix.
Uh, not really sure of the plural.
Dominatrixes, and I'm only guessing.
Oh. Sounds right.
Uh [clears throat] so both worked
for the adult site Fantasy Inc.
A number of similarities
between the two murders.
Method of entry, shoe print,
uh, a lack of physical evidence,
and, uh, similar posing of the bodies.
As in?
Ankles crossed, arms outstretched.
A lot like crucified on a cross.
Inventive, if not theologically confused.
Son of God, not daughter of God.
Calculated or careless.
You don't have this figured out by now?
You're my closer.
Thought we had something.
Kid who works at Fantasy Inc.
Has access to the women's identities.
He's got an airtight alibi
the night of the murders.
Same as his cousin who he shared
the information with, same with the ex.
[sighs] Come back with something.
Yes, ma'am.
- [Ed clears throat]
- Captain, ma'am.
Word is you and the victim's sister.
Yeah. Don't give me that look.
You know what I'm going to say.
We can leave it at that.
Can we?
I know where to draw the line.
[emotional music playing]
[Grace] Kathleen was my little sister.
She wanted me to know
how much her life had changed.
She discovered that
that she loved to teach.
And she loved her students.
But most of all
she loved Kevin.
Her son.
Her reason to live.
So losing her like this,
well, it's really hard.
There was so much promise
and hope and motivation.
My baby sister.
I was privileged to have known her,
and to have loved her,
and to have been loved by her.
Thank you.
Let us pray.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you for having us.
Thank you, Father. Thank you.
- Thank you both for coming.
- Real sorry, Grace.
The forensics team's done with the house.
You're free to move back in,
unless that's
Oh yeah, no.
I'm definitely going to be moving in.
[Grace] Jonathan Breezewood was
spying on Kathleen.
He knew about Desiree.
He knew about the file
that she was keeping on him,
and he admitted that to me.
So what does that tell you about motive?
The eulogy was beautiful, Grace.
We'll be in touch.
[Grace sighs]
Excuse me. Can I have a second?
Thank you so much.
The funeral is Invitation only.
Kathleen wouldn't want you here.
I don't want you here.
[Jonathan] Careful, Grace.
I won't have you tarnish my good name.
Now, reign in your overactive imagination,
or I will do it for you.
[ominous music playing]
[door slams]
I'm sorry, I shouldn't be here.
No, no. It's okay, Jerald.
I'm so glad you could be here.
Mrs. Breezewood said one time
that lilies mean innocence.
You see them at funerals
because they symbolize
that death restores innocence
to the departed.
At least,
that's what our grandmother told us.
I sent them. The lilies.
Jerald. [scoffs]
Apologies, Ms. Miller.
My son has problems with boundaries.
Oh no. Jerald has been
nothing but thoughtful.
My sincere condolences. Martha Baxter.
Thank you, Senator.
Thank you so much for coming.
- Hey.
- Grace.
I've got something.
Hi, Captain Rivera. I am Grace Miller,
Kathleen Breezewood's sister.
I know who you are, and I want to say
how very sorry I am for your loss.
- We all are.
- Thank you.
I just need
five minutes of your time, please.
Detective Jennings, will you join us?
[Grace] Hmm.
It's an in memoriam card.
It was sent to the church.
It says, "Desiree,
now you are where you belong."
We'll have the card checked for prints.
Thank you for bringing that in.
Sure. Uh, Captain,
I really think that I can contribute a lot
to this investigation.
Detective, have you made
any promises to Ms. Miller?
God no, he's been
keeping me away from everything,
but there's a second victim now.
Captain, I have an instinct for motive.
I mean, it's why
my books are so successful.
I can get inside the mind ofa killer,
especially the ones that prey on women.
Do you know how long it took the NYPD
to find the Times Square rapist?
Eight months.
And I came in, I studied the case,
and they caught the guy three days later.
So all I'm saying is
you can use me as an asset.
Fresh thinking sometimes makes
all the difference, you know?
Let me in on this.
I promise you you will not regret it.
Grace, I read your books cover to cover
the minute I can get my hands on them.
You really are one of
the most astute profilers out there.
I just can't see you
contributing to this case.
Okay, well, let's just take the bodies,
for instance.
[inhales, exhales]
They look like they're in the same pose,
but there is a difference between them.
Like, Kathleen's body,
it looks haphazard,
like they just left her
in her very last moment.
Whereas the second victim,
it's like he took more care with her,
to pose her maybe
in a position that mimicked Kathleen's.
Which we already discussed.
How he poses the bodies,
suggesting a motive meant to mislead us.
Okay. Why dominatrixes,
two of them? What's that about?
Well, something that Ed... Uh...
Sorry, Detective Jennings said,
uh, was that maybe it was about control.
And I really think that that is the key
to finding the motive.
[Ed] Or maybe it's random.
Listen, it can't be both.
- Detective Jennings
- Captain.
I'm approving Grace Miller
as a consultant.
Give her all the access she needs.
I like your captain. She's decisive.
"Fresh thinking can make
all the difference," huh?
Ed, I respect what you do, your expertise.
How about you do the same for me?
We're results-driven here, Grace.
In the real world, that's how it works.
Okay, you know what?
You want me to believe
that Jonathan Breezewood is not a suspect.
I'll keep an open mind.
Sorry. Um, we just got tape
on the Carol Hayes murder.
"Give her all the access she needs."
[Carol] So, here's what's going to happen.
[clattering, struggling]
[murderer grunting]
[Carol] Help me!
Help me!
[murderer] Desiree.
What was that? What did he say? Go back.
So, not random.
[breathing heavily]
- You okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Hey. We traced the card.
It came with flowers sent to the church.
What kind of flowers?
Roses. We got the name on the credit card.
- Okay.
- Let's go. All of us.
Desiree? That's not a name a manforgets.
And this Kathleen Breezewood? No idea.
You sent flowers to her funeral.
Charged to your credit card.
Yeah. Flowers by Emily.
Funeral arrangement,
with this handwritten note.
It's not my handwriting.
Is it your son's?
Your son is Rand Morgan, right?
Kathleen Breezewood was his teacher.
Where was Rand
on the evening of the 10th?
The 10th.
At the Kennedy Center with my wife.
- And he was there the whole night?
- Rand wasn't feeling well.
I had my driver
take him home at the intermission.
[Ben] What size shoe is your son?
Size 11, or so.
Mr. Morgan,
we'd like to speak with your son.
Now would be great.
That night at the Kennedy Center,
you weren't feeling well, remember?
The driver brought you home
at intermission
and you were here till we came back.
You can prove you were here?
You never left the house.
I was here. The housekeeper saw me.
We're gonna have to talk to her.
And did you use your father's credit card
to order flowers
to Kathleen Breezewood's funeral?
No, I have my own credit card.
And no, I didn't send flowers.
No, I mean, why? The class did.
How did you feel about my sister?
How do you mean?
Well, you told me
that she was hard on you.
- Yeah.
- Were you attracted to her?
No. No, no, no. She was old.
I mean, no,
she was she was hot. But...
- Rand.
- No, she asked.
I didn't think about her
outside of class. Even in class.
Our housekeeper's information.
Thank you for your time.
We'll get back to you.
Good work.
[Grace sighs]
Look at these kids. They've got it made.
[Ed] There's killers in every tax bracket.
- What do you think, Grace? The kid?
- He's definitely hiding something.
Writer's instinct? Had to be him
that used the credit card
to send the flowers and the card.
That's what he's hiding.
He's too smart to be that blatant.
There's something else.
[intense music playing]
That's all for now.
Good night.
[ominous music playing]
[knife chopping]
- [murderer grunts]
- [woman strains]
[woman shrieks]
- [murderer grunts]
- [woman chokes]
[Ben] We've got three clients
who had regular meetings
with Desiree and Roxanne.
- [Ed] Locals?
- London, Paris, Berlin.
Contact Interpol.
I'll check in with immigration,
find out if any of them are in D.C. now.
There's been another attack.
This one survived.
There's blood on the blade.
Lab will get us results real quick.
What's the victim's name?
- Bethany Knowles.
- Thank you.
Hey, Bethany. I'm Detective Jennings.
This is my partner, Detective Parker,
and this is Ms. Miller.
How are you doing?
[Bethany sighs]
My husband was out with the kids.
We keep them away when I'm working.
Thank God they got back at the right time.
[inhales sharply]
Can you tell us about him,
the guy that attacked you?
- [sighs]
- [Grace] Uh
Bethany, we want you to know
how incredibly relieved we are
that you're okay,
and really how brave you are.
You fought him off,
and there's blood on the knife,
which is evidence,
and that's gonna help us
put this guy away.
He was white.
Six feet or so.
His strength surprised me.
[Grace] Did he call you by a name?
And why did his strength surprise you?
Because he seemed so young.
How young?
Like a teenager.
[Grace inhales]
He was wearing a really fancy watch.
Sorry, what do you mean, fancy?
Gold, silver?
[Bethany] Gold.
With those little faces inside
that tell time all over the world.
You know. Expensive.
[suspenseful music playing]
A search warrant?
Hey. Size 11s.
This search warrant is just fishing!
Are you going to round up
every kid with a size 11 shoe?
How long you had this?
Rand's wrestling team
won State two years ago.
The coaches got them all one,
even the student managers.
He never wears it.
- You been out tonight?
- [Mr. Morgan] He hasn't left the place.
Is that true? Is that
what the cameras are going to show?
I went for a walk in the park.
Take off your shirt.
- Uh...
- It's in the warrant.
Do it.
- Care to explain that?
- [Mr. Morgan] Don't answer.
In here.
- Where's Grace?
- Wherever she wants to be.
[Billy] What do you want?
[Grace] Whatever it is
that you haven't told me so far.
I told you.
My cousin Richie works for Fantasy Inc.
He's the one who told me
about your sister. That's it.
Who else did he tell?
I don't want anyone else
getting in trouble.
Trust me, okay? Rand Morgan is
in plenty of trouble already.
He told him.
Richie. About Desiree.
Him and Richie.
They don't want anyone else to know.
[Ben] He's tech-savvy.
I mean, that set-up in his room?
Sneakers size and print matched
the prints at all three crime scenes.
The mud onhis runners is not a match.
The gold watch.
You can buy it
in some recognition gifts catalog.
It's real gold and expensive,
but nowhere near as rare as it looks.
He was gone from the house tonight
for 90 minutes.
The composite sketch
from Bethany's description could be him.
Lab says it's not his blood
on Bethany Knowles' knife.
So, you buy his story
about cutting his arm
when he jumped a fence in the park?
[Ed scoffs]
Look, we've got his computer.
He spent time on Fantasy Inc.
He looked at Desiree five times.
- Also Roxanne and Bethany.
- It could be a curiosity.
Ed, look, I know you're playing
devil's advocate, but come on.
The evidence against the kid
is stacking up.
Okay, Rand is not the killer.
Rand is Richie's boyfriend.
Richie is the kid from Fantasy Inc.
And Rand is not out to his dad yet.
Which, to me I am willing to bet money
that Rand and Richie were together
at the time of the other murders.
And, obviously,
I agree with Ed on curiosity.
That's good work, Grace.
Can I have five?
Writer's instincts.
Paid off.
Uh, tell me about Desiree.
It was her creation.
It takes talent
and imagination for performance.
Your sister had both.
[synth music playing]
A lot of clients are
missing Desiree right now.
In fact, it's having
a big impact on our business.
I have, uh,
been interviewing a few new ones,
but they'll never be another Desiree.
What if there is?
[synth music intensifies]
[Kathleen] This is your Desiree.
I'm in the moodto play.
This is what you want.
- Say it! Say it!
- [leather snaps]
Grace, hey. Come in.
Kitchen cabinets arrived.
Flat front panel.
Going for modern.
Look, uh, so,
I was gonna go over and see you.
I respect you, Grace.
What you bring to this. I'm only
wanting you to stay safe.
[intense emotional music playing]
If anything ever happened to you,
I would lose my mind.
Once isn't going to be enough.
Good morning.
[Ed] Mmm.
It's a very good morning.
Any regrets?
It's only going to get
more complicated from here.
- [radio squawks]
- [phone chimes]
- Oh.
- Here.
Hmm. Meeting in an hour.
[Grace] Mm-hmm.
Free donuts are a thing, though.
And they are delicious.
[Grace] Mm-mm.
- Hey, man.
- [Ben] Hey.
I was planning an intervention
with the two of you this morning,
but apparently there's
a change in the weather.
- Morning, everybody.
- Okay, let's get this party started.
Uh, we confirmed
that Rand was with his Fantasy Inc. friend
both nights in question.
And we began questioning students
at Kathleen Breezewood's school,
starting with her English
and drama students.
This may be the way to go,
but that is only one possibility.
I actually thought of another possibility.
What if we bait the killer
out into the open
by using me as the bait?
I'd become Fantasy Inc.'s new Desiree.
Same name, same playroom, similar outfit.
And I trigger the killer to come after me.
- Come on.
- Fantasy Inc. agreed to this?
Honestly, they're willing to do
whatever it takes to solve this,
and so am I.
[Captain] It's worth a shot.
Hold on. You can't be good with this.
She's about motivation, and instinct,
and solving murders on paper,
not in the line of fire.
Okay, well, I have
a lot of thoughts on motive,
but this gets us there a lot faster
before someone else has to die.
- That someone could be you.
- Grace, you got guts.
And a twisty mind.
Let's do it.
- Come... Captain!
- [Captain] Save it.
Weather changes awful fast around here.
I'm sorry. I didn't tell you
because I thought
you would try to talk me out of it.
Well, you got that right.
Good evening. Desiree is back.
[upbeat intense music playing]
[Grace] I can't hear you. Louder.
Say it!
Say it!
So let's begin.
This is what you want.
This is what you need.
Can you jump back to camera A for me?
[Grace] So, how long do you think
before he realizes
that there's another Desiree?
[Ben] He might be
smart enough to wait a while.
Just got word,
Jonathan Breezewood's acting attorney
for a real estate conglomerate
with some ties
to pretty sketchy investors.
If he wanted to put a hit out,
he knew who to call.
I don't know. I know Jonathan Breezewood.
I can see him wanting Kathleen dead,
but the other two, it's just
Copycat murders.
Wouldn't be the first time.
[Grace sighs]
- Two killers?
- Fresh thinking.
Follow up on Breezewood,
and go to that school.
Your copycat killer, if he exists,
could be in those classrooms.
I don't think
I even spoke to Mrs.Breezewood. Ever.
I was always hoping she'd notice me.
I wasn't really into,
you know, drama or English.
Anything struck you as unusual?
How about her relationship
with her students?
[Jerald] It's good.
Your teacher was murdered.
Time to speak up if you know anything.
I really liked her. Everyone did.
I I just can't imagine
anyone from this school
doing that to Mrs.Breezewood.
I bet any of those kids
could have hacked into the site
without leaving tracks.
All they have to do
to hide their IP address is
hack into some unprotected system
outside the country.
- [Rand grunts]
- [Jerald chuckles]
You're really off your game, Randy.
Don't call me that.
I got you down.
Held you down and kept you there, Randy.
- Or should I say Desiree?
- [Jerald grunts]
- You get off watching her?
- Think this is a joke?
No, the only joke is
the cops think I killed her.
And bro, you were the one
who was obsessed with her.
- I saw the way you looked at her.
- [Jerald grunts]
[Jerald, manically]
She's my Kathleen! My Kathleen!
[suspenseful music playing]
- You're not gonna get it.
- [phone rings]
- No, that's cool.
- You know I hate... Jennings.
What is going on?
Rand Morgan's in the ER. His father said
Jerald's the one who put him there.
Hey. Stay sharp.
- What happened?
- Jerald Baxter tried to kill him!
[Rand] He lost it
when I said that I
I knew she was Desiree.
He, uh hecalled her his Kathleen.
[indistinct announcement on PA]
[Senator Baxter]
Speech for the Missouri Beef Alliance.
It's a good thing they don't know
I've turned vegetarian. [chuckles]
[engine revving on phone]
You know the rules.
Jerald, when I speak to you,
I expect you to respond.
I know the rules.
Only you can use your device at dinner.
I'm taking you to a therapist.
Since that teacher's funeral,
you've been...
We have grief counselors coming tomorrow.
Be in front of the school at 10:30.
Mom, I hardly knew her.
I feel bad, but I'll get over it.
There. Just saved you10k.
If my only concern in parenting you
were tied to a dollar figure,
I never would have had you.
Grace. We just issued
an arrest warrant for Jerald Baxter.
We got our killer.
- You have enough evidence to charge him?
- Enough to question him.
And all the evidence we thought we had
on Rand Morgan actually points to Baxter.
Even the composite sketch.
Okay. You know his mom's a senator,
so we got to make sure
that evidence is solid.
We'll get it. Thank you, Grace,
for all of your insights,
and obviously for being willing
to put yourself out there.
But at the end of the day,
it's solid police work that gets us there.
So, we can all stand down
and you can get out of that costume.
[ominous music playing]
Okay, boys. Let's pack it up and go home.
[sirens blaring]
- I've an arrest warrant for Jerald Baxter.
- What?
For the murders
of Kathleen Breezewood and Carol Hayes
This is ridiculous.
and the attempted murder
of Bethany Knowles.
- Who's your captain?
- Where is he?
He's in the basement,
but he's very studious.
He doesn't like to be disturbed.
Jerald! Jerald!
- [knocking]
- [Senator Baxter scoffs]
D.C. Homicide, open the door!
All right, we're clear.
Calling an APB. Jerald Baxter.
- [clattering in distance]
- [gasps]
[breathing heavily]
Hmm. You don't look surprised.
You're a smart boy, Jerald.
I knew you wouldn't get caught.
I also knew
that you would rush right over here.
To Desiree.
You think you know everything.
I loved Kathleen.
Yeah, you loved Kathleen
because she embodied everything
that your mother isn't.
She was nurturing and caring.
But once she became Desiree,
well, you had to kill her, right?
Because she was trying to control you,
and that was
a little too close to home for you.
And your readers lap that up?
Here's the part you haven't written.
The part when Jerald
squeezes the life out of the sister,
walks away undetected,
goes home and calls 911
to say, his voice shaking,
that he's found his dear mother's body
at the foot of the stairs,
her neck broken.
Then the sad truth uncovered.
Her secret drinking habit.
As the son weeps uncontrollably,
grieving for his famous mother,
the mother of Missouri.
Oh, you got to admit, I got writing talent
too, don't you think, Grace?
You killed my sister.
I killed Desiree!
I had to!
But that hurt me.
[sobs] Knowing that I would never see
Kathleen's smile encourage me.
You killed Kathleen,
you killed Carol Hayes,
and you tried to kill Bethany Knowles.
Yes, they're all Desiree! All of them!
[breathing heavily]
[Grace] That's it. It's over.
It's a confession,
it's live, and it's out there.
No one needs to die here tonight.
Not me, not you.
[grunts] You're gonna die tonight!
Unless you beg me!
Go on. Beg!
- [Grace shrieks]
- She loved me!
[grunting, struggling]
[both grunting]
[Jerald] Beg me! Beg me!
[Ed] Freeze!
[Grace exclaims]
[breathing heavily]
Are you okay? Hey, Grace.
I'm okay.I'm okay.
I'm okay.
[Grace panting]
Looks like I turned someone
into a tea drinker.
- Mmm.
- What kind did you get?
- Awakens the senses.
- Mmm.
Although I feel like
my senses are already pretty awake.
Hmm. That is called
case closed adrenaline,
and there's nothing like it.
No, I was thinking it's another kind of
non-police-related adrenaline.
Like what?
["Best Thing" by Haley Blais playing]
I don't know.
I don't know where this is going.
Want to find out?
Like someone once said,
"Once is not going to be enough."
You're my best thing
You're my baby
I'm a sweetheart Pretty lady
So why do I feel so alone?
You're the gravy to my wishbone
You're the background on my cellphone
And I will never change it, no
[intense closing music playing]