Bread and Milk (2001) Movie Script

Yes. -Good morning.
You called, doctor?
Oh yes, Mr. Valentini.
It seems that you and I
shall terminate our sessions.
I hope we were successful.
Didn't you say... tomorrow
...that I could go tomorrow?
Something came up, you know.
We doctors have to fight
for our rights sometimes.
Just like anybody, right?
So what, are you guys on strike?
- Striking, yes, protesting.
This country's been acting
stingily to us lately, you know.
Sometimes, it seems that we have
more problems than our patients.
You did well in the program.
A day more or less
shouldn't really matter, eh?
Well, I guess it won't bother me.
- There you go; well done! Marta!
Yes? -Write up a nice letter
of dismissal for him, right?
So, how 'bout that Valentini?
- Fine, fine. Why not?
Pick up your papers from Marta
on your way out. And good luck.
Yeah, thank you, Doctor.
- Not at all, not at all. -Right.
Only... From now on,
take care of yourself, right?
Sure. Thanks again and goodbye.
- Goodbye. Ah, Valentini?
Yes? -Don't forget to take your
macrams with you!
Oh, right; I won't forget.
Thank you, really. -Bye.
Set design
Screenplay and direction
Didn't they say you're coming
tomorrow?-Yeah, they did, but
the doctors are going on strike,
so they let me out today.
Robi. Robi!
So how's the liver now?
Any better? -They said that
it's not... a lost cause yet.
Only... I'm gonna have to be
careful about what I eat.
They gave me a list,
it's all written here.
I'll fix this up for you.
Only, please...
Of course. -No more.
- No way, 'course not!
What can I get you?
- What'cha got? -Got tea...
And some vitamin drink.
- Oh... let's have vitamins.
I'm gonna go wash my hands.
I'm all sticky... from the bus.
All this time, I dreamt spaghetti.
There's other foods too, only...
nothin' beats spaghetti. You see,
if I don't get my spaghetti,
then I start gettin' nervous.
And you make'm the best.
Good thing they thought up,
the Italians. -Chinese. -What?
The Chinese invented spaghetti.
- Since when the Chinese?
I'm going to Italy next week.
- Robi! -Yeah? For what?
What do you mean by work?
To work... pickin' apples.
- Yeah? For how long?
- Don't you have school?
Gimme a break, I don't
feel like it any more.
You don't feel like it any more?
You have to have a profession!
You're not gonna be a wetback for
those jumpin' Italians, are you?
Why jumping? -'Cause they wear
those ugly jumpers. None of us
would ever put one of those things
on, even if threatened with a gun!
And they carry themselves as if
they were holdin' God by his balls,
although they haven't won a single
war in two thousand years!
So what if they didn't?
- What do you mean, so what?
What if Manchester United didn't
win a single game in the past
two hundred years?
What's so funny?
What a... comparison!
At least it pays, you know.
- That's what I'm saying;
you're just cheap labor for them.
They're all the same: Americans,
Germans, Italians, Swiss,
all of' em... -Come on, eat!
Only, history changes. The roles
can switch around quickly.
We could just crack up. The Nato
base in Aviano is right over there,
Right over there! We just occupy it
and then half of Europe is ours.
What does this have to do with
Robi? -Of course it has!
We, Slovenes, never let
ourselves get fucked with.
Never, huh? -Nope, never did.
Just look at the Serbs, how we
whipped their butts. Even at
football. What was the score? -3:3.
Is that all? Or did you forget
to mention anyone?
Austrians, not to mention
the Austrians. Same shit!
You get it Robi.
Sorry. Sometimes I get carried
away. He just irritated me.
It's alright.
Who is it?
- Cernigoj.
So, what does he want ...?
- Nothing.
Mom's started workin' for them;
cleans up twice a week.
What for?
For money. -Why the Cernigoj's?
- I don't know. Why not?
Nobody will recognize you,
not even the youth...
What do you mean, you don't
get it? It's all natural, all natural
...the ozone hole and...
and this radioactivity
and rain forest depletion,
and polyvinyl and nuclear wars.
It's natural.
Even this...
Have you seen my walkman
anywhere? -No, why?
I'm gonna sell it to someone.
- Why would you wanna do that?
'Cause I don't even have
the money for cigarettes.
First of all, you shouldn't even
be smoking.
C'mon, sit down.
Your dad's very vulnerable
right now. You know how it is.
Try to be nice to him. At least
for a little while. Will you?
C'mon, you don't exactly
have to smoke in front of me!
Go to bed.
- Huh?
Go to bed. -You go to bed
with me. C'mon...
I'm going to the Cernigoj's.
Gotta go clean up a bit and do
some ironing. You can stop off
at the store in the meantime.
I left a note in the kitchen,
and money. Oh, and have
a talk with Robi, please. He's
started going to the Tavern;
he came home at five
in the morning again.
Robi! Hey!
Wake up. Hey, hey...
Good morning, Robi. Morning.
I brought you some vitamins.
Is it good? -Oof!
How much did you put in?
Three... three spoonfuls.
I hate how, you know, some
people are stingy with it...
Is that what they taught you
...over there?
Yeah. They said that I have to
live like a baby from now on.
And you already get up about
as early too.
I have to, you know.
Gotta set up some sort of ...order.
Strayed a bit ...too far, you know.
I heard that you've been coming
home really late from the Tavern.
Hmm? -Hmm? -Is that true?
Some people've been asking
where you've been hiding so long.
Yeah? Who? -Oh, that guy...
the one with a mustache.
Aah, with a mustache; Sale.
- Yeah.
Well, I don't know;
I just don't think its right,
that you stay out late at night.
You'll end up like your dad.
Already my dad was like me,
and now you're gonna be like me,
and who knows... maybe
one day your son... yeah, well...
H'llo. Can I help you?
- A loaf of bread please.
What kind, white or black?
- Half half. -Haven't got any
half-half, just white or black.
- Then gimme a loaf of black bread.
Here you go. -Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Thank you.
Here... -Thank you.
- Here, help yourself to a bag.
Would you please show me what
you've got there in your pocket?
What? What I have in my pocket...
- Please, if you'd show me...
A wallet... and I've got a bag
in my pocket. -OK. -Yeah.
Two hundred twenty.
I don't have change.
- Fine, here you go.
You could at least apologize.
- I apologize, I apologize.
What do I have in pocket!
Well, couldn't tell what was
in it. -Yeah, it's alright, just fine.
I apologize.
- Thank you. -Good day.
C'mon down!
Yeah, just as we'd agreed upon.
At seven, right. Yeah, wait a sec...
Ivan! Ivan! Listen,
I'll call you back later.
Armando? -Look who's here!
- I can't believe it!
So, how's it going? Look at you!
- We get by, what else can I say.
What brings you about?
- Just checkin' out old places a bit
and a bit of business stuff, too.
- Yeah, so I hear.
Let's go get a drink. -No, no
I can't, ...really, no.
C'mon, just one for good old...
- I can't, I was just at the store,
I should take this stuff up home.
- C'mon... -No no, I can't.
Just one, quickly. -OK.
This can't be real!
Reana! -Hey.
- Hi there!
What can I get you boys?
- What'll we have I two beers?
No, no. Reana, no. Gimme...
a small coffee and a glass of juice.
So you're in Switzerland, huh?
- Yeah... -Well bravo!
It was a bit hard at first, but then
things got better...
What exactly do you do?
- A Mazda service.
Wow, bravo, bravo!
So you service cars?
Yeah, everything. -So you're now
a mechanic? -We fix it, we sell it,
everything. -Wait, is this
in your name and everything?
Nah, I work for somebody, but...
now I'm gonna start somethin'
here on my own. Somethin' small.
- That's great. I've seen lotsa
Mazdas here, drivin' around.
- Now there'll be even more.
What about you? -Nothin' much.
I frame pictures, you know, and...
set up frames, and such. -Yeah?
- Just four hours a day.
That enough for you?
- Yeah, it's fine. No problem.
You still single? -No, no,
I'm married. -Wow.
Do I know her? -Uhm...
- Yeah? -You know her.
So..? -Do you remember our
High School excursion to Budva?
There was a girl there selling
ice cream. -Ha...
Sonja. -Sonja, from Montenegro?
- D'you remember her?
C'mon! -Nice girl. I'm with her.
- I can't believe it.
You an' Sonja got together?
- No, we just gotta... Miss!
I'll have a brandy and
a Fanta, and give him whatever
he usually drinks. -Reana, no.
If I said no, then it's no.
Listen, I said no.
OK, so don't force him.
- What are you talking,
first you order, then you don't
want it. Work it out, would you!
OK, leave it here. So what?
- I won't. -OK. -I don't drink.
So did you and Sonja ...?
- Oh, no, not then... -I know
you weren't together then.
What a babe! I remember her,
we were all dancing around her...
- Yeah. -The night before last...
When I danced to that video-spot
of Michael Jackson's:
Billy Jean was up my...
You were the main man!
Yeah, I know, I know...
I'm the one...
- I can still see it all.
I got to know Sonja best that
night, while you were dancing .
I was up there, too, for a while,
but just didn't feel like dancing.
I wanted something to eat.
An' who do I meet at the exit
but Sonja. An' then ta-da-da-dap,
and a little chitchat...
on the way to the hotel
there was a pier; you remember?
Yeah, I remember. There was
a tree-lined avenue... and then
the terrace, right? -On that pier.
We sat there on that pier,
with our feet in the water an'...
ooh, the things she told me!
What'd she tell you?
What'd she say?
Oh, whatever, teenage stuff...
There was some boat there,
an' she says to me: "You see
those lights there? If a shark
swam up now and bit off my foot,
I'd swim out after it until
the shark gave it back." -Her foot?
- Yeah, that's what she was like.
So you two just stayed on the
pier? -Yeah, we on the terrace,
you two on the pier. What went on
over there? -Not much, we drank.
So, you two just talked
on the pier, then what?
What... then? -Yeah, what?
You guys didn't come back,
that's why I'm asking...
- Well, no, then it got cold and
so we went back to the hotel.
- You went to the hotel? -Yeah.
And so you went up, to the room,
and you kept on talking?
C'mon... -What? Tell me.
You only talked in the hotel?
Wha'd'you want? -I just wanna
know if you just talked
or was there more? -Wha'd'you
want? -No seriously, 'cause you
guys didn't come back for a long
time. I just want to know
if you were just talking... -Yeah.
-...or was there more? -Fuck off!
It was twenty years ago,
you two weren't an item then.
Don't you fuck off me!
I just wanna know.
Tell me, did you lay her...?
- Just tell him, would you?
You shut up! You sat on the bed,
or what? Did you sit on the bed?
Did you talk on the bed?
C'mon, tell me! Did you
do her or not? -I did, I did,
so what? -Fine. So, you laid her.
Was it so hard to say?
So you laid her.
What's the big deal? -Fuck off.
You laid her, though.
Wha'do you want? Just tell me.
- I'm not puttin' on airs.
You think you're the boss
just because you were born?
I don't. -Yeah, right.
Fuck your service!
Sonja's more sentimental;
more sentimental than you.
Y'want me to use my Ljubljana
accent? She's more sen-imenal,
more sen-imenal. She's not...
you know what I mean, shit!
What? Switzerland, mitzerland?
You... Swiss fuckin' asshole..
Shit! Just drop it. I don'wanna
start insultin'. -Yeah, well...
Am I insultin' you? Am I? No,
tell me. Just say it, my friend.
I'm, I'm not what matters, shit.
- You are what matters, fuck.
Y're what matters most in this
world. Y'know that?
Can I kiss you?
Can I give you a kiss? I love you.
What's this? -A valkman.
- A walkman?
You call this a walkman? It's not
a valkman, but a walkman.
Walkman. -They sold this kinda
shit in China, before they
invented papyrus. Take it home.
What're you waiting for?
Who invented papyrus, huh?
The Egyptians. -No, the Chinese!
All right, give it here.
Sorry, I... -With Sonja?
Wh-what? -With Sonja?
Oh, who do I share a son with?
With'yeah... Sweeeden,
So what's he like?
Who? -Your son, ...who else.
He's beautiful.
Oh man is he beautiful!
He's, he's not like Ivo.
Ivo! -Yeah?
You're ugly! -You're, you're...
- You're even uglier.
You're an'idiot.
My son is so handsome.
An' he loves music. Music!
An' you're a drunk, shit.
- He loves music.
He loves Mozart, and Beethoven...
- Now you fucked it all up... shit.
Fuck off, music's better than your
"fuck off Mazda"... -Yeah...
A damn weed smoker... that's
what my mom would call me.
Piss off!
Yeah, riiight!
He loves animal, animal he loves.
D'you know how much
he loves animals? -You fucked up,
you fucked it all up...
Sweeeden, Sweeeden!
An' he likes tigers,' he
likes elephants ...Ivo!
What're you simulating,
c'mon here! Come here! Let's go!
Going to town in the evening,
we're going to town,
let's go find some women,
let's go drink a few beers...
Dirty road, dark quarter,
neon lights, shinin' red,
tall boots, short skirts,
slicked hair, Latino style!
Fight here! Murder there!
Rape, drugs, rock and roll!
Fight here! Murder there!
Rape, drugs, rock and roll!
...Of city canalization!
Who are you, to piss me off?
Don't piss me off!
Because I'll be mad,
I'll be mad!
Who do y'think you are,
Armando? You may be big,
but I rule, I rule!
Ivan, You rule, Ivan!
Ivan, you're a stag;
you're a stag, Ivan!
Nobody'll fuck with you,
'cause you're a stag!
Now what, now what?
As if it's my fault, shit.
I'm movin' on, movin' on!
...No, I told him, I told you...
- You told me!
You told me that the engine
was renovated...
I said that you should've
changed the washer.
Who are you hitting?
Think you're Rambo?
I'm fuckin' sick of you.
- You're Rambo...
Look who's here, fellas! Ivan!
Where the hell have you been?
Look, we're just playing.
Sit down! -Now you can
play, the table's full!
Oh, here's our girl! -Jasna,
sweetheart... gimme a schnaps!
The drinks are on me,
or better on the Fishing club.
Do you have any dineros?
- What?
How much do you have?
- I've got millions!
You're going to cry...
Take it easy!
- What's wrong?
What do you have with my son?
What do you... -No wait, Ivan!
Ivan... Calm down!
- Sorry, sorry.
Are we gonna play or not?
- Is the bread black or white?
- Let's play! -Half white...
Your eyes... are sparkling
in a special light, I told her...
Give us a break!
- Are you losing?
It's the loser, who always
rattles on! Fuckin' hippy!
Get a haircut!
Aah! -You can even have
my sister for that one!
Your eyes... are sparkling
in a special light...
and then I asked here:
Do you want to make love?
Do you want to make love!!!
- Stop it! Stop it!
Hello! Police? I'm calling from
the Tavern. Yeah, the waitress...
There's a fight here! Come quick?
No no... -Wait, ... here you go.
-... come on, you got it all...
Sit down, sit down nicely...
on the chair... nice'n'easy...
Where's the bread?
- Under the table...
Under the table?
Cut the crap...
where's the waitress?
I found the bread!
You gave him a drink again!
You gave him a drink again!
Hey lady! Calm down!
Leave me alone!
- You gave him a drink again!
Leave me alone!
Let go of me!
Robi... sonny... mama,
mama... said...
later... tomorrow...
Gimme a break!
Screw her!
Ma'am, come on. Go home.
It all be alright, just go home.
OK? -OK.
Get the hell out! I don't want to
see you here again. Is that clear?
What are you yelling for, idiot.
People are sleeping.
People are sleeping
Intelligent people are sleeping...
Hey, let go of me...
hey, let me go!
I'm going in!
Let me go!
Let go of me...
Let me go...
Mama!!! Mama!!!
Who... who made this mess?
Who made... this mess? Who?
Hey wind-vagabond,
give us your hand,
lazy moon, sooner behind us,
we keep moving on ...
I'll take you to the seashore,
we'll go to Budva,
'cause the pebbles there
are nicer than here...
and then I'm gonna buy
a rubber boat, with a motor...
You'll drive it, Robi.
Then we'll gather sea urchins,
and dry them in the sun...
Just the three of us, three.
Now I'm gonna go home,
quickly... quickly home,
quickly home, quickly home...
white, white bread...
no, it's half white and half ...
black bread and white bread ...
Sonja ...
Sonja, my sunshine...
Robi open up!
Did you say
skimble skamble
pinch me
kiss me
I'm trembling
I was hit by a mountain,
but not everything trembled.
For Armando
for the Rumanian
and for all others
between heaven and hell