Bread and Roses (2000) Movie Script

Follow me! Follow me!
Follow me! Stay close!
Run! Hurry!
Hurry up!
Shut up, you asshole!
Hide under the blanket.
Everybody keep quiet!
-Are you the relatives?
-Yes, we are.
-You have the money?
-Yes, I brought it.
I don 't trust you that much.
I wanna see with my own eyes.
Stay back there.
-The money??
-What about the kids??
-I wanna see my kids.
-Who 's paid up?? How are we doing??
Who's getting out??
Speed it up!
Fuck off!
Get out of my sight!
The money is all there.
Fuck off, you fat cow!
Get out, asshole!
-Go away! Go!
-Maya Montenegro.
Get back in, bitch!
-What the fuck is that??
-I got mugged!
So fucking what??
I 'll pay for her!
Here's my wedding ring.
-Take my watch.
-I 'll pay too.
Let her out!
-Don't you move!
-I beg you, please.
-Fuck you!
-Don't take her away.
Don't take her away! Maya!
Help me, Rosa!
Where are you taking me, bastard??
Rosa, help me! Help me!
Rosa, help me.
-Rosa, help me.
-Get away from the window.
Why are you crying??
-Where are you taking me??
-Shut up!
Don't complain.
-What a crybaby, you are!
-Stop with that.
Shut the fuck up!
Let's toss a coin
to see who gets the bitch.
Somebody's gonna get laid tonight.
-You want that, don't you??
-Toss it. See who gets her.
-Head. I always win.
Tough shit, man.
Have you anywhere to work??
Let me carry your bag.
You're tired.
Don 't be like that.
What 's the matter? Relax.
I 'm not like that other prick.
After all, you're not as ugly
as I first thought.
But you're stinking, bastard!
You don't smell bad at all, baby.
You like them??
Where did you buy them??
Tijuana. They're the coolest boots
you can find there.
I can't wait, sweetheart.
-You like to sing?
-Just for fun.
-I know I' m standing outside
-Hit it!
But the day I die,
Iknow you'II cry
You sing pretty well, honey.
Cry and cry
FIy and fly
-lt's "cry", man.
-Yeah? You sing, I'll follow.
Then a mule-seller told me
No, I got it wrong.
You don't have to get there first
But you have to know the way there
With money or without money
I always do as I please
And my word is the Iaw
-Oh, baby!
-Turn round, I 'll scrub your back.
-I 'm getting to like you.
-Run some water.
Go on, you scrub fine.
That feels good!
And that is how you'II stay
With money or without money
-I always do as I please
-You sing well.
Let me see.
-Tell me...
-Just a sec.
Don 't be long.
Didn 't you like my voice??
Yes, I told you. Sing.
I heard you before.
I know you like me, baby.
I heard you singing in the car.
I saw you looking at my hair.
Women are mad about me.
How do you take care of it?
Where are you??
Fuck! Little shit!
Open, you bitch!
Open it now!
Fucking bitch!
Fucking bitch!
Son of a bitch!
Come back, you cunt!
My boots! Son of a bitch!
How are you? It 's me, Maya!
-Look at you! You 're so big!
-She is here, Rosa!
-Look at you!
-Ma was worried sick.
You 're taller than I am.
What happened?? I was so scared!
Thank God you 're here!
Thank God you 're back.
-And who is she??
That 's grandma.
-That 's the dress we sent her.
-And uncle...??
-Uncle "Quique". Show me.
Look at this.
And she is...
-Look at her in her fancy dress.
-She was beautiful at her party.
It 's time to do your homework, OK??
Luis, Simona.
-You have a test tomorrow, Simona.
Make sure your brother 's doing
everything the way he should be.
-No TV, right??
-I 'll stay with you.
No TV or anything. Make sure
he does everything right.
What happened
to you and the money??
I'm broke since Bert got sick.
Why didn't you tell me, Rosa??
Are you crazy??
What do you mean crazy??
I told you!
Yes, I told you. But you never
listen to me! You never did!
What 's going on here??
You said you had it fixed it up.
You don't mess with these guys.
-I thought I did.
-Rosa, what happened with the money??
I know someone who owns a bar.
I got you a job there.
He promised me US$ 800
in advance of your wages.
But he has a brother
and he didn 't tell his brother.
They got into a big argument and
today they only gave me US$ 300.
Rosa, I want to work with you,
cleaning the offices.
So do hundreds of others.
We talked about this before.
I know, but I'm faster.
Maya, we're not going to talk
about this anymore.
Enough is enough, you know...
Please, stop.
Okay, but what kind of bar is it??
Hi, pretty. Excuse me.
Where are you from??
-Where in Mexico??
-Mexico City.
-They say Mexico City women...
...are all sluts.
-I don 't know. Where are you from??
We 're from Guatemala.
You know what I heard??
Guatemalan men are all fairies.
Did you say fairies??
What do you mean by fairies??
Mind the bottle!
Mind the bottle!
Don 't get in trouble with
the guy at the entrance door.
-I told you, you can 't go in.
-You can 't go in.
-No?? And what do I do??
I don 't know,
but you have to stay here.
I 'll stay here, then. I 'll be here
until night falls, Rosa??
I don 't know.
-How are you doing??
-Not too good.
Not too good??
May I help you??
Waiting for someone?
You can 't hang in here. You speak
English? Understand what I 'm saying?
Yes, I speak English.
I can understand everything.
You can't hang in here.
You gotta leave. Got it?
-Thank you.
Are you okay?
Are you lost?
No, I 'm fine. Do you know anyone
here who could help me get a job?
No, but I can ask around.
Hey, gentlemen. Guys!
-She can 't hang in here.
-I 'm making sure she 's alright.
She 's alright.
She was getting ready to leave.
-She 's fine.
-She 's doing nothing wrong.
Look, you know the policies.
She can 't hang in here.
Are you sure you 'll be okay?
Come on, man. We 're late. He 's just
doing his job. He 's a good guy.
-Big fucking donkey.
-What the fuck he 's saying?
-Long streak of piss. Let 's go.
-What the fuck did he say?
I gotcha. Pina...
whatever fuck did he say.
Your hair, I don 't know,
I think it 's not...
Can you turn around so I can see it?
Can you turn sideways?? Turn around?
Yeah, that 's not good.
It has to be tighter, because it 's
very dangerous, some machines.
The uniform is a little too big.
Can I see it tightened??
Can you hold it on your waist
and pull it tighter so I can...
Yeah, that 's nice.
Good. That 's better.
-That 's nice.
thanks for this chance, Mr. Perez.
I 'll work hard.
I know you will. I know.
It 's time we got someone young here,
get rid of these old worthless rags.
I get letters begging me to work
here. You know how lucky you are?
You realize that?
You know,
'cause I do a favor for Rosa.
I arrange the paper work.
Decent paper work.
For that, I charge a commission.
And what kind of commission?
Your first salary.
We can split it over two months.
I mean, you know...
What do you say?
Hold it! Hold it!
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
You 're not running,
it 's not a marathon, okay?
-lt 's not the Olympics, okay?
-I 'll never finish on time.
Yes, you will. Let me show you
something. Hold it. Plug this there.
-Are you trying to kill yourself?
-I 'll never finish on time.
-You 'll finish. Take your time.
Relax, take your time,
get a little rhythm in it.
Take long steps.
Kind of swinging your butt...
your shoulders, your hips,
and you come back...
and then you go back the other
way. Act like you 're dancing.
-This is your man.
-Who? The vacuum?
-This is your man, okay?
If you do it like this, you 'll
cover the ground. Here, you try.
Go, go. You 're doing it right.
Come on!
We 're dancing, okay?
Easy up and back.
Up and back.
-Way to go.
I 'm telling you, that 's your man.
Treat him good, he treats you good.
Watch it, Maya. First you have
to use the screwdriver, like this.
-This way is easier.
-That 's the idea.
-lt 's better than the finger.
-First clean up these little bits.
They 're stuck.
Look out, sometimes the wind
blows dirt in your face.
There aren't any new facts.
I think we should do it.
The judge isn 't ready to grant it.
He 's gonnawait.
Even if we win on a couple
of issues, it 'll be alright.
-lt costs a lot.
-I think it 's a good idea.
Have I told you my
theory about uniforms?
They make us invisible.
-Let 's do this other one now.
We have to wait
until they come back.
What are you doing?
-Wait asecond.
-Christ, woman. What are you doing?
-lf this goes wrong...
-We 'll need the assignment language.
If this doesn 't work, you 'll
be up to your ass with terrible...
I know! Who pushed
the fucking buttons?
You're crazy!
And this is just your first day!
There he goes!
Son of a bitch!
Where are you, you asshole?!
Son of a bitch!
Where are you?
Excuse me.
Don 't be scared.
My God. Is that wax?
I 'm sorry.
Where are you, motherfucker?
We 're gonna get you, motherfucker!
Get out of the way! Fuck!
Son of a bitch!
-Where did he go?
-The other side.
Ernest, you went the wrong way.
It 's this way!
Which way?? Where??
What the fuck?
People can get hurt here.
I 'm sorry.
-That 's okay.
-I 'm not a thief. I promise.
Don 't turn me in.
I gotta get to the
service elevator, okay?
Service elevator, okay?
It 's right there, down the hall.
Quick, please.
-Thank you, miss.
-You 're welcome.
Where are you, motherfucker?
Nobody touches that motherfucker!
He is mine!
This is really nice of you.
You 're not gonna get in trouble.
Shut up. Sorry.
That son of a bitch. We lost him.
That's wonderful, assholes!
What are you, triplets?
Hey, fucking stop
calling us that, would you?
Fuck off, baldy!
Just find him and quick!
Why don 't you shut the fuck up?
At least we 're doing something here.
And who was that? Was that
that ballfoot two inches...
Just set your fat ass up!
-You're the only one with a brain.
-It's alright. IIItake it.
We gotta find him.
What do you got in there??
Books and old telephone books.
Okay. Get out.
Thank you.
That was exciting.
What is your name?
Rosa? Teresa?
-Well, you 're not Juan.
-No, sure.
-Where did you get this list?
-Where did you get it?
-I stole it from their notes board.
-You are Maya, right?
-How do you know?
Who the hell are you??
-Auntie 's home, Ma.
-Where were you?? What kept you?
-The queues were endless.
I got this because
the other kind was sold out.
I 'll get it.
-ls Rosa in?
-Yeah. Hold on. Mommy?
-There 's somebody at the door.
-Who is it?
-I don 't know.
I 'm Sam Shapiro, from
Justice for Janitors ' campaign.
I 'm Rosa, from
Justice for Rosa's campaign.
-Who is it?
-What do you want?
He has come to throw
the wax all over the floor.
Is this the clown
you told me about?
I 'm actually here
with the Janitors Union.
-May I come in for asecond?
-Yeah, sure.
Sam, are you any good
with electric fans?
No. You actually
don 't want me to touch that.
-This is Luis.
-Hi, Luis.
-Please, have a seat.
You want money, huh?
More money than you ever imagined.
You know what this is?
-Let me see.
-This is a check stub.
-Exactly. How much is it an hour?
-US$ 8,50.
-US$ 8,50?
-What 's the date?
-December 22, 1982.
That 's 17 years ago.
Seventeen years ago...
that cleaner earned US$ 8,50,
plus health...
plus sick pay, plus holidays.
Today, Los Angeles, 1999...
you don 't have a Union deal,
you get US$ 5,75...
plus nothing.
Over the past 20 years they 've taken
billions of dollars from the poor.
Billions! Okay??
We 're gonna get that back.
Not millions,
billions of dollars! Billions!
You think I 'm nuts,
think I 'm kidding?
-I think you 're cute.
-You and what army...
is gonna get this
money back, pal?
Let me ask you something:
does Rosa ever work late?
No, she can 't. She plays golf.
Does she get overtime?
Are you out on a weekend pass
from the nut house?
Health care, dental care.
Not just for her,
for the whole family.
Listen. Let 's just say
one of your kids get sick.
-Or Rosa.
-Dad is sick.
-Dad is sick.
He needs an operation soon, or else
he will get worse. Much worse.
-What 's wrong??
-Diabetic. His eyes are really bad.
-Look, that 's my problem.
-Bullshit, come on.
-Watch your mouth.
-No offense.
You're ill, alright?
The kids are losing up. It 's all
because of these fucking bastards.
These bastards at Angel do not
wanna pay health insurance.
-How much the sugar kits cost?? 300?
-He ran out of test strips too.
-lf Rosa had this health care...
-lf, if, if...
-lf I hear this word once more...
-Listen to me.
-He would get treatment by now.
-lt doesn 't have to be "if"!
In the Union buildings downtown,
every janitor has health care.
Don 't take my word for it,
go talk to them.
Go down there and talk to them.
I think that 's a great idea.
Would you do that?
-I don't think so.
-Why not?
If you get together with them,
they'll tell you how they did it.
Step by step.
And if the company finds out,
they're out, right?
-You stall with a few you can trust.
-I trust nobody.
-You go to a safe place...
-One mistake, I 'm in a black list.
Do you have any ideawhat
those bastards are like?
-There 's a chance.
-There 's every chance...
you can get fired. I 've seen it
before. Don 't give me any shit here.
What are you going to do?
Pay the rent, feed my kids?
And you?? You 'd better keep
away from this clown!
-Listen, they'll fire us anyway.
-3 months and she knows everything.
-That 's not what...
-Mom, take it easy.
-Do something!
-Keep quiet!
-You know everything, you 're fucked!
-I don 't know anything.
I 'll get you another job, like this!
You know what, you two?? Homework!
Quiet! You! You know?? This is it!
We don't have any time anymore.
We have a lot of shit to do here,
we're busy. So get out.
Listening never hurt anyone.
That 's all I 'm asking.
We might be at the bottom of the
shit hole, but we're doing our best.
It 's where we're gonna stay if we
let them get away with that.
We? We?
When was the last time that
you got a cleaning job?
You and your Union, your fat
Union white boys, college kids.
-What the hell do you know?
-This campaign is different, okay?
Don 't ever say "we"! I believe
in nothing, nobody, nothing!
Nothing but this. Do you hear me,
wise guy? Now get out!
-Get out. This is my house.
-Thank you for your time.
I have too many things to do.
This is my house and nobody comes
to tell me what to do in my house.
Bullshit. Everybody
speaking at the same time!
-What 's wrong with you?
-What do you mean "what 's wrong"?
-You just had to listen to him.
-Shut up! Just shut up, everybody!
-He talks sense.
-Shut up or leave the house!
You forgot something.
Thank you.
-I 'm really sorry.
-That 's alright.
I 'll see you again.
Give me a call, whatever...
All these books!
He 's been at it for years, now!
Coming in early...
-Why so many books?
-Help him. You could learn some.
You know what kills me?
He copies everything. Look.
He 's copying the whole book.
-What 's the problem with you?
-Why does he copy?
-Why do you bother so much?
-He 's supposed to have brains.
You know what I don 't get it?
Why don 't you make photocopies
of the whole shit??
Come here.
Come here. Not you.
You, come over here.
What time is it?
-What time it says on the clock?
-I 'm sorry, my bus was... Iate.
What? I can 't hear you.
-The bus.
-I 'm not asking you.
-I can 't hear. What 's the problem?
-I 'm sorry...
-Where are your glasses?
-...but the bus...
-Where are your glasses?
-My glasses?
-You can 't see, you can 't work. So?
-I left them at home. Sorry.
If you can 't see, you can 't work.
What are you doing here?
I 'm sorry, sir.
My bus was late.
Your bus was late?
Everybody else was on time.
What happened?
-You know what? You lose your shift.
-I 'm sorry, sir.
And don 't came back here without
your glasses. You can 't see.
-I forgot about them.
-What the fuck is going on?
-I 'm sorry...
-Fucking elderly and fucking blind.
You know what? Give me some cripple
people, some fucking leprous.
This is a fucking business we 're
running, not a camp for spastics.
Jesus Christ!
-Do yourself a favor. Don 't come!
There 's no tomorrow.
Don 't come back. Don 't come back.
-I need my work.
-You never finish on time anyway.
-You 're fired. Get out of here.
-I need my work.
You can 't finish on time, anyway.
Go do something else.
I need to work.
I need my work.
She reminds me so much
of my mother.
What 's she gonna do?
-I need my work.
-I know, I know.
Hello, excuse me.
Is that Sam Shapiro?
Yes, this is Sam.
-Hello, Sam. I 'm Maya.
-Hi, Maya.
-Do you remember me??
-Of course. The Toluca street gang.
Listen, something happened at work.
So we 'd like to talk with you.
This building,
I don 't know if you know this...
is probably one of the most
important buildings in L.A. now.
Alright?? That 's because
Angel Cleaning Company...
is one of the biggest cleaning
contractors in the country...
and they managed to outbid
Union cleaning companies, okay?
And you know how they do that?
They cut your wages.
They don 't pay health insurance.
Do you have health insurance? No.
I 'll make it very clear.
I 'll draw a diagram for you.
-Do you have a pen?
-Yeah, I do.
Okay, look.
You take any building, right?
This is your building.
You have your owners...
next you got your cleaning
contractors, okay?
Next you got your tenants, okay?
This is where it gets
very interesting...
because the tenants...
Who are the tenants?
-The tenants are many things.
-Finance houses, big banks.
Some of the biggest
banks in this country...
operate in this building. These guys
have a tremendous reputation, okay?
They don 't want
any problems, alright?
What we have to do...
is we pressure these guys...
to make these guys
hire Union companies.
-How do you do that?
-How do you force them?
There 's many ways to do it.
I 'll explain to you. You go to...
You see? People are interested in
hearing. Then we will talk, okay?
-I 'll explain to you.
-I 'm listening.
You close off an intersection.
You close off one traffic light
downtown at rush hour.
Do you realize the effect that
has on all these people?
Can you imagine how many lawyers
and secretaries and accountants...
business people and banks, how many
people 're gonna be affected by that?
You multiply that
throughout the entire city.
Believe me, it 's cheaper
to pay you a decent wage.
It's true.
Are you fucking crazy?
What are you talking about??
Who is gonna do it?
Who 's gonna do it?
We 've done this and it works.
We have a group of workers...
Guys, don 't listen, please, to these
fucking idiots. Look at them.
OK, look. That 's fine. Don 't listen.
Don 't listen to me. Alright?
You talk to the other cleaners. Talk
to the guys who are in the Union.
They are having open meetings
in the garage right now.
If we don't do it,
who's gonna do it?
That 's what they say.
If we get organized...
What 's wrong with talking to the
other janitors? Just talk to them.
Okay, listen.
I 'm aworker here, like you.
I 've been here only about months.
My English is bad, like yours.
I had nothing in Russia.
But here I have my job.
I can feed my kids, I can pay
my rent, I can do everything.
Maybe tomorrow my life
will be better than today.
-I don't think so.
-lf you listen to him...
...we 'll have trouble, believe me.
-What? What 's wrong with you?
Then, shut up. Let 's go.
Let 's go.
Shut up you. You're not the boss.
You 're a janitor like everyone else.
OK, let 's go. I can 't have anything
with this. This is not my business.
Let's finish this
meeting now, please.
-We want to listen.
-You never come back, please.
Where are we going?
Don 't be so impatient.
-Tell me, where are we going?
-Calm down, wait and see.
Look at this.
Read it.
Did you pay US$ 1,600?
I 've been saving for years.
Guess what?
I 'm going to university.
-Just like that?
-I pay 20%, they pay 80%.
-Who 's they?
-A company.
It 's something like US$ 16,000!
16,000 goddamn dollars!
Think of it!
-My dream, ever since I arrived.
-How did you do it? Who 's paying?
Look, first I took an exam.
I didn 't do too well
in the oral exam.
But in maths I came first.
They still didn 't give me
a scholarship. You know why?
Just because
I 'm not a U.S. citizen.
But after that...
I found this private foundation run
by two very rich Mexican brothers.
They got about 800 applications.
Guess who they picked?
-I was number one, baby.
-And now??
-Now I just have to prove...
I 've paid 20% of the fees
before the semester begins.
And then I 'll just have
to pay US$ 1,600.
-And you 're in?
-That 's it.
I can't believe it.
Dear Ma, I moved into
a new office today.
But Iife isn't so good at home.
It's impossible to find
good servants these days...
Iet alone a good cook.
I also need
someone to walk the dog.
I m having to send
my chauffeur, Hector...
into the city to pick you up.
He has strict orders to Iock you
in the trunk if you misbehave.
Maya, come quick.
Perez is mad, he 's pissed off...
...and he wants us downstairs now.
Right now.
We have enough problems.
You think you're pretty
fucking smart, don 't you?
Don't you? Pretty fucking smart.
You didn 't think we 'd find out
about your little fucking meeting?
You know what?
We're fucking smarter than you.
What 's this I got
in my back pocket?
Anybody seen this before?
Look at it!
Media. Where the fuck you think
you are, the White House?
You know what?
Join the Union...
and they'll take 20% off
your fucking check.
Join the Union, and they'll
check your fucking papers.
You got lmmigration.
Join the Union.
They'll make your
fucking life difficult.
Look at me.
Look at me!
No fucking Union, right?
And let me tell you this,
if we catch any of you...
talking to those motherfuckers,
we got security...
we got surveillance cameras
everywhere, you can get out of here.
Try it.
Now get back to work.
Get out of here! I don 't wanna
fucking see you guys!
-Do we go back to work?
-Go back to work, get out of here.
Back to work!
You still gotta finish on time.
Get out of here!
That 's what I think
of your fucking flyer!
Get the fuck out of here.
I don't wanna see you guys.
One minute, please.
Sit down.
-How are you?
Three and a half floors.
It's hard.
Three and a half floors is tough.
Takes it out of you.
How about a vacation?
Would you like that?
-Yes, I 'd love that.
-Take a week off.
-Full pay. US$ 12,50 an hour.
-That 's nice!
-ls it swell?
-lt's swell!
-With insurance.
-That too??
In the company
we have new contracts.
There'll be lots of work.
We'll need people
who we can really trust.
A lot of confidence.
-How'd you like to be asupervisor?
I 'd like it.
I would try to do my best.
You 've been here many years now.
-How many?
-17 years.
You think you
could be a supervisor??
Yes, I could.
That 's all I wanted to know.
Sit down again.
One thing.
Who organized
the meeting with the Union?
Who was it, Berta?
Do you know?
Can you tell me who it was?
Come in.
-What 's wrong?
-What 's wrong?
What is this?
-What is this?
-Don 't you remember?
It 's three in the morning.
I don 't know.
You left it in the basement...
and Perez found it.
-The supervisor.
-Oh, no!
Have you any ideawhat is like
to have this guy on our back?
Can I ask you something?
What do you risk?
How much do you get paid?
US$ 22,250.
-What happened? Were you fired?
They fired Berta.
They wanted to know
who organized the meeting.
But she wouldn 't tell them.
I feel very stupid. I feel...
I don't know, I fucked up.
Yeah, I know, but...
she has all her
family in El Salvador...
and she 's sent them her money,
all her money for them...
since 17 years ago.
She was saving money
for her daughter 's wedding.
-She has not seen her for 5 years.
-I 'm sorry.
-You don't understand.
-Easy, we 're gonna work it out.
Do you wanna a drink?
I don 't know what else
to offer you now, I 'm sorry.
Yes, thanks.
Good, because I need one.
Here. Sit down.
It 's not great, but it does work.
I 'm sorry.
Don 't see Rosa
for the rest of your life.
She is ready to cut your balls off.
That 's nice.
Yes, she 's a tough one.
get scared...
everything is going to go wrong.
Sometimes l...
what is going to happen with me.
I don't have an answer.
I'm afraid.
That 's our rights...
He's watching us.
If he says something, we talk
about what we had for lunch.
Okay, let 's go guys.
Okay, let 's go. Let 's go.
Hey, where the fuck you
think you 're going?
-We 're going for a walk.
-We 're gonna get "burritos".
-lt 's lunch break.
-Bullshit! Get your asses in there.
No, I don 't think so. Lunch time
is our time, you can 't keep us in.
-Who the fuck said so?
-Who? Says the law. The court!
If you can read this judgement...
Bullshit. Do you wanna read that?
Look. Read that.
-We all got our copies.
-Bullshit, Oscar.
-I don 't give a fuck what you have.
-Read it. Read it.
Just read it. Read it carefully.
It 's our right to organize.
-This is bullshit!
-We got an attorney.
-You got an attorney?
We got an attorney
to tell us what we can do.
Let 's go. Hurry up.
Let 's go!
-Don 't talk like that, man.
-A lot of troublemakers, man.
Rosa, where are you going?
-Come on, Rosa!
-Take your fucking hands off me!
What are you doing??
What is this shit, Freddy?
What the fuck is this?
I don 't know.
Restrain and "corsed".
-What 's that word right there?
Is that good?
No, I don 't think so.
...sent father Gregorio, from the
church Pico Union.
We are here tonight to send
avery strong message...
to all these building owners.
The janitors in this city
are getting ready to fight.
We'll do whatever it takes to have
better working conditions in here.
Especially buildings
like this one behind you...
cleaned by a non-Union company
that don 't give workers rights.
Yeah, that 's it.
It 's a pleasure to be with you now.
I have great news for you.
For the first time...
we have non-union
janitors from building 646.
Guys, I 'd like you to come up and
introduce yourselves. Come on up.
We can do it!
We can do it!
Good evening.
I'm very happy
to be here this night.
And I'm very glad to hear and to see
that here are some students...
to see other workers
from other unions.
All this reminds me
of something that...
sometimes we forget.
We have always got...
more strength than we realize.
I learned that in my country...
when I organized students,
peasants, workers...
back there in El Salvador.
But sometimes life is very hard.
Sometimes you lose
someone you love...
your family, a friend...
then you have
to come to this country...
and sometimes
you can become sad...
upset, frightened...
or you even lose hope.
I feel the hope back...
now that I 'm here with you.
And I thank you for that.
Justice! Now!
Janitors together
will never be defeated!
We're trying to fight for a decent
wage for these people.
Mr. Griffin. Hi.
You're the building manager
for 646, right??
-Yeah. Do I know you??
-No, but I know who you are.
-What the hell is going on??
-Let me ask you something.
Can you survive
on US$ 5,75 an hour??
Because that 's what the janitors
at your building get.
You know what?? I don 't hire the
janitors and I don 't pay them.
So therefore I suggest that you
take this up with their employers...
...which is Angel 's Services.
-This is really good wine.
-You know?? You shouldn 't tell tales.
-You 're the building manager, right??
-You take it up.
-Who the hell do you think you are??
Coming in here,
telling me I need to do...
I don 't need. I need to do whatever
I want to do. This is a private...
Eat the broccoli, Mr. Griffin,
it 's really good for your heart.
-lt looks good.
-Yeah, that looks great.
I'll tell you what is good for my
heart. It 's you can leave now! Now!
My lamb chop! Tony!
The guy just stole
a lamb chop off of my plate.
What kind of place is this?
We eat here all the time.
His accusations... I 'm not a thief.
-What are you doing? Give me that!
-Mr. Griffin invited me.
We know, Mr. Griffin, we know
how you walk out on bills.
You 're not helping your cause there.
You 're gonna hear from my lawyers.
I'm tired of being harassed!
Everywhere I go I 'm harassed by you.
This march took place in Century
City, Los Angeles, in 1990.
So you 're gonnasee it
what it is and we 'll talk about.
Forthe janitors of Los Angeles, this
was supposed to be another morning.
They would sing, they would march,
some would go to jail.
But when the marchers reached
the entrance to Century City...
they found themselves trapped
in a movie, a very bad movie.
Twice the demonstrators tried
to submit to arrest.
The police moved
in with vengeance.
The marchers were barely able to
scramble to Century and nearby it.
Fifty of them would go to jail.
But more than 60 demonstrators
would end up in hospitals and ERs.
Among them,
were two pregnant women.
One of whom would miscarry.
I want to survive
in this country Iegally.
I m not robbing a bank
or doing anything wrong.
I m simply asking for an increase
for the work that I do.
And the policeman hit me
on my back and my hip...
and he shoved me as I was garbage.
He hit me awfully.
I Iike to study English
because I feel obliged to do so
So I can defende myself
from a terrible white man
I Iike to study English
because I feel obliged to do so
So I can defende myself
from a terrible white man
At the place I worked,
they always bossed me around
Just because I didn' t know
how to speak English
Just because I didn' t know
how to speak English
The terrible white man
would tell me in English
The terrible white man
would tell me in English
You, rustic yokel, don' t know
what you're supposed to do
You, rustic yokel, don' t know
what you're supposed to do
You, rustic yokel, don' t know
what you're supposed to do
Thank you! And let 's keep
on playing music!
This one comes from our race and
goes back to it saying like this:
Icame here to sing about
a very sad situation
About the Iaws being created by the
White House and the Immigration
Our Latin-American people
are always being discriminated
They take away all our rights
and send us to the Immigration
They take away all our rights
and send us to the Immigration
But I II never Ieave here
I II be here forever
I II never Ieave here
I II be here forever
I II never Ieave here
I II be here forever
I II never Ieave here
I II be here forever
Here I say all I m saying
singing this jolly song
It's better to die in the battle
than Iive a Iife on bended knees
The battle has to go on
with the good old famous words
Everybody yelling together
We can do it!
We can do it!
-We can do it!
We can do it!
We can do it!
We can do it!
We can do it!
-We can do it!We can do it!
-Come on!
We can do it!
We can do it!
-Once more!
-We can do it!
We can do it!
We can do it!
We can do it!
Thank you, thank you!
Of course we will keep on playing!
The next one is an ice-breaker!
And this is for the North workers,
here we go!
Somebody call an ambulance!
Hey, mom!
Call an ambulance.
Call an ambulance.
-We need somebody!
-Come on!
Ma'am! Ma'am...
-ls my dad okay??
-How is he??
He is okay. His diabetes is serious
but he 's not critical.
He 's stable now, so don 't worry. He
was dehydrated, we gave him fluids.
-lt 's very common with diabetics.
-How serious differs from critical?
He has some renal disfunction.
-His kidneys??
-And I suspect he has retinopathy.
-His eyes will need laser treatment.
-You mean he can go blind?
You need to make an appointment
with the diabetics clinic.
-They'll run tests and help you.
-I can 't wait anymore.
I 've been waiting months and months,
in the end they fuck up the date.
Now I 'm telling... Shit!
-I can 't wait anymore.
-Listen, there 's nothing I can do.
I 'm sorry, you 'll just have
to speak to them, okay?
Wait, wait. I want to have aword
with you. I 'll catch up with you.
-I 'm about to have a meeting.
-Come here.
Three injunctions in two days?
Come on, what is that?
Do you wanna tell me what you were
doing in Beverly Hills at night?
-Well, it 's a free country.
-No, not in Beverly Hills.
What is this?
Singing, dancing...
That was a little lullaby
for Mr. Wallace.
-Who is he?
-The CEO of Angel 's Services.
What is this here about jamming his
office up with 4 faxes in one day?
-I tried to get in contact with him.
-Jesus Christ! What are you doing?
The lawyers are going insane.
Don 't you understand?
I tried to keep them off your back,
they stuck on my ass. You want that?
-Are the old timers waking up?
-Don 't go there, okay?
Let 's just see where you are
in ten years, okay?
I think we gotta start talking
about changing our target.
We've been working in this building
for 4 months. I won't change target.
What do you have to show for it?
Jackshit, Sam.
They're waiting for me to go to
a meeting, what do I tell them?
-What? Go for an easier target?
-No, a better target.
-Please, Steve.
-A better target with a better goal.
That 's what you tell them.
Remember who pays your wages.
The old days. Collect your dues, pay
your pensions, fuck the organizers.
Is that what you want?
You fucking dick head!
You have no idea the fucking
battles I've been through.
Another one of these we'll be up
to our ass in debt. You want that?
And I can have your million
to get the Democrats next election?
-They can piss out of the toilet?
-ln debt. You know what that means?
Our hands tied behind our backs.
You want that?? Subject to order?
Sent back to the Stone Age because
of your carelessness? No organizers?
To be continued...
We 're gonna win!
I get another one of these,
I 'm shoveling it right up your ass.
You 're giving me
a fucking heart attack.
You know the Hollywood
lawyers on the 27th floor?
Remember those ones?
We found out that...
they're not just the
largest tenants in the building...
but also they own 15% there.
They don 't only represent
these big stars, alright?
These guys have invested interest
in this building, right?
Not only that, we found out,
we got some juicy information...
they are about to merge
with another big law firm...
that handles even more big clients,
which will make them more powerful.
-What 's so juicy about that?
-Yes, what?
They 're gonna have themselves
a little party. A celebration.
They 're gonna have some
very powerful people there.
Big managers,
agents, maybe some actors...
Some of the richest men in the city
are gonna be there.
What do you want us to do about it?
I mean, you know...
We 're gonna crash the party, okay?
With volunteers.
But we need to get in the building.
Wait, wait. Listen to the man.
Let him talk.
What 's the point of this?
The point...
First of all, no one fucks
with the stars, right?
That 's rule number one.
I 'm gonna personally embarrass the
shit out of these attorneys, OK?
You just gotta get me
in the building.
This is the biggest public event we
might have in years, you understand?
We can win or lose everything.
For me, it's complicated.
I have to tell you
something about college.
Everything is ready.
I'll be able to pay the US$ 1,600
by the deadline.
I'll have only US$ 125 left.
But if I don't pay in time...
the scholarship
will go to the next in line.
What are you trying to say?
I 'm not doing it.
Doing what??
The truth is, Maya...
I don 't want to jeopardize
the scholarship.
I don 't want to lose it. I nearly
killed myself the last 5 years...
to get it, and then lose it,
just like that.
Just like that?
I think our families can't afford...
to lose the money we send them.
But it 's different, Maya.
I don 't know,
the only thing I believe is that...
if we don 't do this way,
we won 't get anywhere.
Nothing will change.
I'm not doing it just for me.
It 's for you, too.
Don 't say that.
Why not, Maya?
You know I care about you.
I want us to be together.
I don 't know what I want.
Is it Sam?
I like him.
He's fun to be with.
I learn from him.
He believes in something.
And he's white.
Don't give me that shit.
I don't know what you think.
That 's why you 're doing it, right?
Remember what you said
when they fired Teresa?
"She reminds me of my mother".
That 's why I 'm doing it.
I 'm doing it because my sister has
had to work 16 hours each day...
since she got here
because her husband...
can 't pay the hospital bills,
he doesn 't have medical cover...
Iike million other people
in this fucking country...
that is the richest in the world!
I'm doing it because
I had to pay Perez...
two months of my wages
and beg him for a job.
I'm doing it because we have
to feed those bastards...
we wipe their asses,
we get everything ready for them.
We raise their children
and they look right through us.
Maybe I'll go to school too,
some day.
But what 's the point if you forget
more than you learn?
How are you?
Thanks so much for coming.
-I 'm a friend of Gavin 's.
-Gavin? Sure.
Oscar, you have to secure
the fire exit, okay?
Keep them unlocked.
Ella, you hold the elevator.
So when the guys...
you bring the guys in, okay?
So you meet Ella,
bring the guys in and that 's it.
And you will be up there. We're
gonnawait for the guys upstairs.
Alright. Listen.
This is it, I got the radio.
It 's working pretty good.
So I'll listen the security guards.
If anything happens, I'll let you
know beforehand, alright?
I'm a big fan of him.
An excellent guy. Good actor.
Ladies and gentlemen, if we can have
your attention for just a moment?
We'd like to thank you all
for coming today.
This is a big day for Ted and l,
bringing together separate firms.
A merger is always a difficult
process but we've worked it through.
Indeed we have. It 's a personal
triumph that after weeks...
of intense negotiations, we finally
decided on whose name goes first.
My congratulations to both of you.
My friend'd like to say a few words.
Will you mind?? I mean, this is
avery special occasion.
He 's a friend of Gavin 's.
It 's fine. Sure. Just a few words.
-Please, introduce yourself.
-Hello, everybody. My name's Sam.
I just wanna say that...
with unsurpassed brilliance you 've
represented some of the best actors.
But as you 're negotiating these
multimillion dollars contracts...
the janitors in your building earn
less than US$ 12,000 a year.
Allow me to present you...
your "golden turkey", for the
worst performance by an attorney.
There you go.
Great. Wonderful.
We just want to make a point
that janitors in this building...
owned by this firm,
they make poverty wages.
-And that 's no fair.
-These guys make US$ 5,00 an hour.
-I really appreciate your coming...
-Anyway, I 'd like to clarify...
-Thanks for sharing your thoughts...
-I want to say...
I have a demonstration that might
help ensure you get the message.
Free of charge.
Pro bono, if you will.
We can demonstrate what a superior
job the Union cleaners can do.
enjoy the show.
Ernest, get the fuck up
here right away.
...Iawyers and business executives
who work in this high-rise...
come and go without much thought
for those who sweep the floor.
Tonight, they were
impossible to ignore.
Justice! Now!
They demanded justice for janitors
outside the downtown high-rise...
that was sold 15 months ago.
We pay 75% of our wages in rent.
And then we have to buy food...
and have to buy clothes
for our children.
The spokesman, Tony Rizzoli, says
the company's taking a hard Iine.
They felt necessary to sneak into
the building, disrupt everything...
turning on vacuum cleaners,
yelling and screaming.
But it's a tough Iife
for unskilled Iaborers...
when there's no shortage of workers
willing to do their job for Iess.
Angel has been out there for years,
there's never been a complaint...
about the Iiving wage,
about the working conditions.
And, excuse me, it's been going on
for 3 weeks, I m sick of this.
No talking's been scheduled and the
Union says the marchers'II be back.
Management says if there's another
trespassing, they'II be arrested.
Wait a second. Oh, Jesus!
Hold on.
I can 't do this here.
Hold on. I 'm going to get in so much
trouble if I get caught.
You 're a troublemaker.
Oh, shit!
Do you want me to get
in trouble when we 're all set?
All right, everybody, line up.
Let 's go!
Let 's go, let 's go! Line up!
Stand up! Shit...
-What 's happening?
-All right, goddamn it! You, Ben...
You, Ruben...
You, Juan...
And, definetely your ass, Ella.
Got 2 minutes to get your shit
and get the fuck out of here.
Before I have you thrown out.
What are you talking about?
We haven't done anything.
-You haven 't done anything?
You let unauthorized
people into my building.
Which is a violation of
company policy.
For which you can be terminated,
which is what this is motherfuckers.
It was you, fucking bitch!
It was you, Marina!
Easy, easy.
-I'm pregnant, you fucking bitch!
-You 're fucking crazy!
-I 'm not crazy!
-You are! I didn 't say anything.
Take it easy.
They weren't involved. I did it.
-Shut up!
-I 'm telling you that I did it...
Ruben wasn 't involved. He 's nothing
to do. He'll lose his scholarship.
I don 't give ashit. You did it.
You can go too.
I can go, but not them.
-You and all of them can get out!
-What are you talking about?
-I don 't give a shit!
-What have you done, Marina?? Why?
It wasn't me. And keep your
mouth shut, please, Maya.
-Alright, that 's enough!
-No! Where is your sister, Rosa?
-Where is your sister?
-I don 't know where is my sister.
She 's taking
care of her husband.
What are you talking about?
I 'd like to know why you do that.
She 's warned him.
I say the truth.
-What are you talking about?
-Why would she do such thing?
She phoned him,
she said she was sick.
And after that, she told him
who was involved.
-Goddamn it! Shut up!
-What are you talking about?
-You're a fucking liar!
-Goddamn it! Shut up!
Ask him who 's gonna be the new
supervisor of the new buildings.
What? Marina...
It 's gonna be your sister Rosa.
-Please, guys, believe me.
-We don 't believe. Ask him.
It 's not the first time that
she says something like that.
-What happened to my sister?
-lt 's none of your business.
Yes, it 's our business because
we 're losing our jobs. It 's my sister.
I did it, I 'm telling you,
I wanna know the truth.
Ask her, ask your sister.
-Get them out! Get them out of here!
-Fuck you! Fuck you!
You can't do this to people.
Ella, your friend...
Dolores... Ben...
Ruben will lose
his place at university.
He wasn't even there!
-Shut your trap!
-No, I don 't. Dolores is pregnant.
Shut up. They 'd have lost their
jobs anyway, sooner or later.
So it was really you??
Yes, and I would do it again.
I 'm not watching my husband die...
while he waits to get on awaiting
list. Life is now, Maya.
Now, stupid!
This is no fucking fairy tale!
-"Why" what?
Why did you sell us out?
Why did you sell us out?
You sold yourselves out.
Especially you.
On your own. We always think
we 're going to win, right?
When are we going to face facts?
When will we realize they are too
strong for us? They've always been.
How many times have
we tried, dear God?
Pick up the clothes.
You 're a fucking traitor, Rosa!
A fucking traitor, sister.
Oh, yes? You think I 'm a traitor?
Is that what you think?
While I was feeding you all?
Sending money to mother and you?
You think so?
Filling your bellies?!
Did you ever wondered
how Rosa raised the money?
How old was I when
I arrived in Tijuana?
I was a kid.
A kid, wasn 't l?
And nobody wondered.
Why bother?? Rosa kept
your bellies nice and full.
You know how I did it?
I was a prostitute!
How about that?
-I had no idea.
-I was awhore, sister.
To keep you all from starving!
For 5 fucking years in Tijuana,
every single night...
...just about every single night.
-I had no idea.
Suck their cocks, Rosa! Do it!
Fuck, Rosa, fuck!
Do it. Your family
is starving to death.
Suck their dicks!
Come on! Fuck, fuck!
Sounds ugly, right??
What do you think now??
Nobody wondered, right??
Dad walks out.
Who gets screwed??
I didn 't know, Rosa.
I didn 't know!
Rosa goes out to fuck!
Let Rosa fuck...
and suck every cock on earth!
Black, white...
filthy, greasy, whatever!
She can fuck the whole world, right?
-We didn 't know.
-My husband gets sick, I fuck!
Who gets screwed??
Rosa! Let Rosa do the dirty work!
Let Rosa do it all!
Fool that she is!
Let Rosa fuck the planet
so you can all stuff your bellies.
I hate the whole fucking world!
I 've put up with it
all my fucking life!
It 's been always inside me,
here in my guts!
How do you like that, Maya?
Come here.
-I 'm talking to you.
-Rosa, I didn 't know.
You know how I got you that job?
You wanted a job, didn 't you?
"Please, sister, get me a job,
I can do anything."
You know what I did?
That 's right, sister.
I fucked Perez.
I fucked him! For you!
I fucked him for you!
Because I 'm tired! Tired!
All my life. My husband gets sick?
I fuck. Dad walks out? I fuck.
-I din 't know.
-You want a job? I fuck.
For Christ, Rosa, I didn 't know!
No?? You shut your eyes?
You feel bad now?
You feel bad now?
I have a husband,
I have two kids and what?
And I 'm a fucking whore, right?
That 's what I am, because I did it
in Tijuana and keep on doing here.
How do you like that, Maya?
My own daughter
asks me where her daddy is.
What am I going to tell her, Maya?
I don 't even remember his face.
"l don 't know who the hell he is. You
were born in a brothel, daughter."
You are right, Maya.
I 'm a fucking traitor.
A traitor to myself,
to my family and my daughter!
Rosa, what have we done to you?
What have you done to me??
I had no idea.
Sir, can I use the restroom?
To your left, on the back.
Don 't lose it.
Sir, there 's a body! Oh, my God!
Where 's the body? What body?
Open the fucking door!
Listen, lady...
you better open the fucking door,
or I 'll tell you right now... 'll get in trouble. Open it!
-There 's a pervert...
in the lady 's restoroom, he 's got
his pants pulled down.
-He 's got his pants down?
-Yes, it 's horrible.
-Calm down. You call the police.
-Thank you.
-I 'll take care of him.
-Thank you so much.
-Hey, buddy.
-Why don 't you pull up your pants?
-Pull up my pants?
What are you doing with your pants
down, showing up to women?
-What the fuck?? Open this door!
-The police are on their way.
What is this?
Look and see...
Is this a joke or what?
You start on September 12th.
Where did you get so much money?
Don 't ask.
Listen. If you don 't become
this country 's top lawyer...
I 'll never forgive you.
I don 't know what to say, Maya.
-Go to college.
-Thank you.
-What do we want?
-And when?
-What do we want?
We can do it!
We can do it!
Justice! Now!
Justice! Now!
We can do it!
We can do it!
We can do it!
We can do it!
-Do you wanna have dinner tonight?
-Tonight? Yeah.
-At my house.
-What are we having?? Pizza?
-No, I 'll cook. I 'll pick you at 8.
We can do it!
We can do it!
We can do it!
We can do it!
We want bread...
but roses too!
Upwith the Union!
Down with exploitation!
Alright. Alright.
Listen up. Today...
is a great day for the
janitors in this building, alright?
We have to let the owners of this
building know that we'll continue...
until people get
their jobs back, right?
In the past few months...
I 've seen you insulted...
I 've seen you fired
from your work...
I 've seen you go through financial
crises with your families...
there 's been threats of deportation,
friends split up because of betrail.
I salute your courage.
Because it takes a lot of it.
Now, we're fighting
for health care, right?
For respect at work.
We want bread,
but we want roses too.
We want all the beautiful things
in life. You see that banner?
That banner dates back to 1912...
from Lawrence, Massachusetts,
when 10,000 immigrant workers...
mostly women, had to fight
against poverty wages.
It was aviolent and long dispute.
But you know what happened?
They won.
No one is giving
you roses for nothing.
No one.
You know when you get roses?
When you stop begging...
and you organize.
And you form a labor movement that 's
strong enough to compete against...
these powerful companies
that are controling our lives.
Stand up for your fucking rights!
We shall not be moved!
We're well organized!
We shall not be moved!
Because we have our rights!
We shall not be moved!
Because we're Latin-Americans
We shall not be moved!
Because we're Latin-Americans
We shall not be moved
Because we have our rights
We shall not be moved
-Not even by the police!
-We shall no be moved!
Please, may I have
your attention, please!
May I have your attention, please?
You have 30 seconds to disperse.
Not even the police
will break us apart!
Listen to me. You're trespassing.
You're violating the Iaw.
You will have to disperse.
You have 30 seconds
to Ieave the building.
Does she have any medical problems?
-Search her and take off the cuffs.
-Excuse me, spread your legs open.
-Don 't push, don 't push.
-Come on, sit down.
Who is Jose Ramirez?
What 's your name, sir?
-Yeah, you.
Emiliano Zapata.
Augusto Sandino.
-What 's your name?
-Pancho Villa Junior.
Give me your right thumb.
Like this, okay?
Come over to your right. I want you
to look straight to the ceiling.
-Did you fill out a no-money slip?
-Yeah, I put it in with the book.
-These are the last two.
-The last two? Come on.
All right! What 's up, man?
Who sings better?
You, come here.
Come take a picture.
Hold on. Hold on.
Hey, listen up! Listen up!
Listen up!
-Angel wants to settle.
Angel wants to settle.
Hold on.
Everybody has been reinstated.
You all got your jobs back.
They're gonna give you
health insurance, holidays...
We've won! We have won!
It 's over!
How is this? How is this?
I don't know.
The detectives want to see you.
Listen, the detectives
need to talk to you.
Your prints match those
of a robbery suspect.
What 's up?? What 's up?
Where are you taking her?
I don 't know.
Wait! Wait!
Excuse me, officer.
What 's happening? What happened?
It doesn 't look good. They made her
prints at the scene of a robbery...
...a gas station.
-That can 't be true.
Do you have any relatives living
in the United States, ma'am?
My sister.
-What 's her status?
-I 'm sorry?
What 's her status? Is she legal?
Has any documents??
Mother's maiden name, ma'am?
You must sign this form.
Right here.
You 're gonna be taken
to the Tijuana border.
If you re-enter the United States...
you'll be prosecuted for grand theft
under section 47 of the Penal Code.
If convicted, you'll be subject to a
prison sentence of 3 years.
Do you understand?
You know, this is the
United States government.
We're going very easy on you.
Consider yourself lucky.
Let her be.
Here they come.
-Where 's Maya?
-I can't see her.
-lsn't she there?
-lsn't Maya there?
-There she is.
-We're with you, Maya!
Yes, we're with you!
Don 't worry, sister.
-Here we are!
-We're with you, Maya.
We're gonna help you.
Don't cry.
Don't cry, Maya.
Take care.
Take good care of yourself.
I love you.