Breaded Life (2021) Movie Script

I don't have time for, give me this thing!
I said you should keep the change.
Keep the change!
You are not used
to people giving you things.
- Are you serious?
- I am serious.
I said, I love you! I love you...
Are you cursed?
Ahn-ahn! What have I done?
Why did you slap me?
- What did you not do?
- Why did you slap my face?
You wanted to touch me inappropriately
because of 440 naira?
Touch you?
I was just going to hug you
because I thought
we had already started dating.
Help me lift my wares.
I have children at home.
I have children at home.
Don't try it again. Ah!
Don't throw my wares away.
I will not
throw your wares away.
I will not
"throw your wares away."
I will
help you place it on your head.
- Take your money.
- Ah! You don't want the money?
Take your money.
I'll come back for my balance.
I'll take it!
- I'll take it!
- For wasting my time,
God will waste your time all your life.
You are a jobless person.
I'll come back
for my change, do you hear? Idiot!
- You are an ingrate!
- You are an accursed being.
You are an ingrate.
- Don't cross...
- Let me have that bread.
- Ah, won't you sell...
- Give me that bread!
What have I done?
Why are you collecting the bread from me?
No problem.
Let us end the
Take your bread from me.
- Am I the one you want to give sacrifice?
- Take it.
God punish that bread!
- Take it.
- Take what?
I'm saying it's a gift.
Accursed being. God will
waste your time just like you wasted mine.
God saved you!
- Fine butter bread!
- Do you hear me? God saved you!
Don't pass this road again!
Don't pass this road.
Todowede's butter bread!
Morning, ma!
Good morning, ma.
- Well done, sir.
- Good morning, ma.
I heard your conversation
with the bread seller.
No, I'm not the one.
She is the one that said
- Iskilu!
- Yes, ma?
Was that why you were employed?
- No, ma.
- To, to be constituting nuisance.
No, ma. It's her fault.
So I, she
One more strike.
I'm sorry, ma.
One more strike
and you're just, you're gone.
I will not strike.
When em Sunmi arrives,
tell him to join me at the shop.
Okay, ma. Okay, ma.
Hmm. Iskilu.
One more strike.
I will not strike. I will not strike, ma.
Ma, I will not strike.
It's the devil's handiwork.
The devil did it.
Fire down! Fire down!
Ha! Number one! Number one!
Any other boss is a counterfeit!
- Isky boy!
- Any other boss is a counterfeit!
I've been waiting since,
wondering when my boss will come.
When will boss Sunmi come?
And then you drove in.
- My boss.
- Here you go.
Ah! What's this now?
Ah, no problem. I'll take it.
Normally, I'll complain
but I know you'll still...
I know that's not what you really want.
- Let me get you something.
- Ha!
Ah! For me?
It's a lie, it can't be for me.
It cannot be for me. It can
Am I the owner?
Yes, sir!
Guy, you play too much.
- You are the best, sir.
- Is mama in?
No, she's not in.
She has gone to the shop.
Are you just coming back
from the club since yesterday?
Bro, last night was mad lit, bro.
Eh! It was mad lit?
What does that mean, please?
It means it was fun, do you dig?
It was fun. I dig. Yes, I dig.
- Well done, my boss.
- See, eh, listen.
You know what you're gonna do for me?
Yes sir. Anything for you.
My baby, Lisa, yeah?
- Okay.
- You're going to clean her up, alright?
- I will clean it.
- Clean the inside, clean the outside.
Ah, I will even clean the middle side.
Make sure she's shinning, bro.
I will use my tongue to clean it.
I'm coming for it.
I am tired.
He's a nuisance and a no-good.
Mommy, just give him
another year. I'm sure he will change.
He cannot change! He cannot change.
I haven't seen him
for three days. My own son, three days!
I do not see him before I go to bed
I do not lay my eyes on him in
the morning before I leave for work!
I am losing my patience.
You know what? I'll buy him a ticket
and have him come over.
And then I'll talk some sense.
You want to, hmm
You want to buy him a ticket.
Have you forgotten
what happened two years ago, Omolara?
You got him a ticket,
he left this country
for three weeks and you never saw him.
The boy is from hell!
How did I get it so wrong with him?
What did I do
to make you right? Why
Why is it that with Sunmi
it is all way, way, way, way off track?!
Ma, did you call me?
- Aunty Agy.
- Ma?
Have you seen my son?
Yes. Yes, I've seen him, I saw him like
Tsk! That late afternoon time
because I served him food.
So, I think he's still around.
Thank you.
Come on, now!
Mommy, come on! You need
to start learning how to knock. What if
What if, what?
You were naked?
I gave you a bath till you were eleven
years old. So I've seen enough of you.
Please, you haven't seen this!
This package has been upgraded.
Shut up!
Save the bragging for your
for your fellow nuisance.
Please, what do you want?
I haven't seen you in three days.
Care to tell me where you've been?
I've been busy.
My son has been busy!
Praise the Lord!
My son has been busy.
Thank you God!
My Lord!
Care to tell me what has kept you busy?
I've been running some
ish with my peeps, you know,
getting, getting things done.
Peeps? With your ish? Run ish?
Okay, that's the name of the company,
or the business you do.
Oh! Or the new course.
What in the world is wrong with you?
What is the meaning of "run ish"?
Your father will be turning in his grave.
I have told you not to
- Multiple times!
- Bring my dad into this.
- Do not interrupt me
- Why are you bringing him into this?
When I'm talking to you!
Don't you dare!
Look at your sister!
Look at her!
Look at your sister!
I've told you, why would
you keep on comparing us, though?
- Why do you keep on comparing us!
- Yes, you can never be like her!
I am not her! I am not her!
You do not have
anything it takes to be like her!
Just try and be less her!
And stop being an embodiment,
this embodiment of disaster!
I have counselled!
I have, I have prayed! Eh!
I have shouted!
I'm still shouting!
But you are like a brick wall.
See, Mommy,
you're gonna give yourself a migraine.
What do you want?
Are you looking for something?
Did you lose something?
Are you bored? What is it?
Your school
wrote me. They said
they haven't seen you this semester.
All that is your fault.
I already told you from
the jump, I do not want to do that course.
What's wrong with you?
Three courses!
- First it was Engineering.
- I told you it was too hard.
Yes. Second it was Public
- I told you,
- International Relations
I told you that one was too boring!
- I told you!
- Exactly!
Now it is Kinetics.
I did it for you, though!
I know you did it for me!
You are always doing it for me!
Always for me!
Now, Kusimi Sunmi Smart-Cole,
tell me exactly what
you love and what you want!
I've told you already.
I want to go to the University of Legon!
You don't want to send me
to Rutgers, let me go to Legon,
let me get out of your house!
Someone help me! Who's home?!
- Oh please.
- Ha.
did he hit his head and I didn't notice?
Eh, my son?
Did you hit your head on the floor
You're the one that would know that.
And nobody told me?
Because I'm begining to think that,
you are out of your mind to
think that I will spend another penny
on your education!
- Mm-hmm?
- Yes!
And I'm the one that's out of my mind.
See if you don't
want to pay, it's fine please.
Just talk, that's all.
Tsk, please.
- It's fine.
- Give it to me!
Can you give me my phone?
Mommy, please give me my phone.
My friends are calling
me, we're supposed to...
Tell them that you're not coming!
If you dare me, and you leave this house,
better remain there.
Let me see how you're going
to live, survive without all this luxury.
Can you give me my phone?
Give me my phone, man! This is 2020!
How could you seize my phone?
As in, I'm not, I'm
not a kid! Give me my phone!
No. Otherwise?
I didn't say anything.
If you want to slap me again, slap me.
Don't start asking me questions
You good-for-nothing child.
Thank you.
She actually slapped me.
Quickly come inside.
You are welcome.
What is this?
This is too much noise.
Aunty Agy.
Aunty Agy.
I'm so sorry, I know it's late but em
are the Layole's having a party again?
You are not here? You, you went home?
Alright, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry. Okay.
Everybody freeze!
Move it! Move it!
No, Officer, I'm telling them
to move. Everybody, move it!
Mommy, can you make them stop?
- Everybody, move it!
- Mom, can you make them stop?
- Is that everybody?
- That's all, sir.
Okay, okay,
- Yes, yes?
- No sir, we're together.
This way!
- Yes.
- Follow me, sir.
It's everybody.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- I'm doomed!
I'm the CSO, Isky.
- Come and write your statement.
- Mommy!
Officer, Officer!
- Officer, I'm with you.
- Hello?
As you were coming,
I was telling them to move it,
single file.
Mom, you can stop them.
This is embarrassing.
I'm the CSO!
I'm in your unit! We're together, Officer.
Officer, we're together.
Come on, move it.
Esprit de corps, Officer, esprit de corps.
- Which corps?
- Help me!
- Which corps?
- Ah Officer, please. I have children.
- Lift him up! Lift him up!
- Ah, help me please.
I am not a part of them.
I am just the security man.
So, have you had time to look
through the franchise em, document?
Mommy, you know why I called.
Um? I do?
No, I don't. Feel free to share.
He's been locked up for two days, Mom.
Only two days?
Ah, what about those
who have been locked up for weeks?
They have parents too.
Prisoners are coping. They're coping.
They are really trying.
Look Mom, I get it.
What he did was way out of line.
No, no, no. This is the last straw.
Last straw!
Heaven forbid that I birthed
a child who will not respect me, Omolara.
Mommy, Sunmi is
just exhibiting juvenile delinquency.
Juvenile delinquent what?
That's what you exhibit when you're
in your teens, when you're 14.
Sunmi is 24 What am I
even saying? Twenty-five in fact.
Still, Mommy,
please let me get him off your hands.
He will stay with me.
I will watch him, I promise.
Never ever!
Concentrate on
your new husband and your unborn baby.
As for me and that young man
we are at war!
Hey, Sunmi is back.
Oh, oh! Sorry.
See your body, see your face, Sunmi.
See, I made sweet pepper soup, sweet one.
Should I bring you some?
- Hmm?
- Aunty Agy, can I just get a drink?
Okay, which one do you want, packaged
juice or fresh one that is squeezed?
- Hmm?
- Anyone is fine.
Thank you.
You stink.
Hmm! Hmm!
You stink!
You shouldn't have
a shower, go have a bath!
Scrub yourself from head to toe.
Aunty Agy, can you...
And don't forget, add em,
kongi soap to it too, okoto!
It's cool, it's cool.
I'll bring
your juice for you, okay? Sorry.
They sacked you?
Can you see
that you're doomed? Look here!
- Sunmi!
- Hello? Hello?
- They sacked you. Don't push
- I'm calling my friend.
- Don't push him like that.
- Sunmi!
- Sunmi!
- They sacked you?
Who do I I'm done for.
It seems he is serious.
he's not serious, he is doing comedy.
You are so dumb,
you are senseless and daft.
You are done for. Didn't I warn you?
- No problem.
- Madam sacked me?
I'll come back to you.
- Em, em, my brother.
- Yes?
- I apologize.
- Yes?
Em sorry, I will
go in alone to see the madam,
without him. Remove him.
Move there!
- You, step aside! Step aside!
- Come on, step aside!
- I alone,
- Yeah?
Will go and meet madam.
It's okay. That means
em, I will give you a form to fill.
No, what kind of dirty,
stupid, stinking love is that now?
Love that you now used
to lock me in a prison for two days!
No, think about it.
Aunty Agy, if you see
the mosquitoes in that place!
Hmm. Tsk.
Militant mosquitoes!
If not for one police
officer that was nice enough
to put me at the back of the counter,
I'd have probably died of,
died of mosquito bites.
Your mother,
your mother is not happy with you.
She's not happy with you.
Give me that thing.
She's not happy with you.
Ah I mean, what did I ever do to her?
Aunty Agy, please make it make
sense to me, what does she want from me?
I stay away from her way.
I don't disturb her.
I try my best to avoid her. The only
thing that brings us together is,
is this allowance that she gives me.
And still she wants to kill me.
Even that is five times my salary so
Are you
Are you being serious?
She pays you that little?
Can you see?
How does she expect you to survive?
I manage and I manage well.
I am not extravagant
like you that shows off all over town.
Aunty Agy, let's call it what it is.
Don't do any blind loyalty.
That woman is stingy.
A family woman like you,
see what she's paying you.
your mother has done a lot for me.
She has really tried
for me. You see my children?
Their school fees, everything,
she's the one that takes care of it.
Even that my small house that I build
in Ota, it's your mother that helped me.
See, I hate her.
Stop it! Don't talk like that.
Aunty Agy,
I'm being serious. I hate her.
How will you say such nonsense?
You have frustrated your mother.
You have made her unhappy.
You have disappointed her.
Everything, you have done it.
Yet you're here saying that you hate her.
You shouldn't say such nonsense.
Instead of you to think of
how you're going to settle with her,
so that everybody will be okay and happy,
you are saying you hate your mother.
- Don't talk like that.
- Aunty Agy.
What that woman wants, eh?
What will make her happy,
is if I get out of her house.
So, she should just allow me, let me go.
Where will you go?
I will go to my sister's place.
At least when I get there, I know
that they will treat me with love
and care
and affection.
She should just give
me my passport let me go.
It's okay.
Go and take your bath.
Aunty Agy, behave now.
Do I really smell that bad?
Your body smells like galos.
Hmm? Go and take your bath.
Come on, let's hug it out.
Get away!
Go away! Nonsense boy.
It's not that bad.
You want to
rub your smelly armpit on me.
Button up.
I'm tired of
- all this...
- I'm also tired
- to be honest...
- Please will you just shush
and let me speak!
I asked for this meeting. I called for it.
So please let me get my point across.
I'm not going to beat
myself up asking myself if
I raised you right or
where I went wrong raising you.
No, no, no, I will not!
Because I know I did a fine job!
You lacked nothing.
You were well catered for.
Well provided for.
You had equal
opportunities with your sister.
So, whatever it is you're going through
is really, really, really, really
is up to you!
All I want to know is your plan.
My plan
Yes, your plan.
Do you think I'm going
to continue to cater to your needs?
Don't you have
a business plan or something?
Look mom, I don't know if
this is another trick question
or one of these things you are trying to...
Sunmisola Smart-Cole,
what is tricky about what I'm asking you?
You either have a plan,
tell it or you don't!
I don't have a plan right now!
I can't think of anything.
I, I don't have any ready-made plan but,
but at the end of
the day, I have a trust fund.
I have a trust fund
so I don't have to work a day in my life.
Yes, and you can't access it
until you are 32!
So between now and then
how do you intend to fend for yourself?
Look Mama, what is really
going on, though? Like, what is going on?
What is this?
Apart from the allowance that you
give me, do I ask you for anything else?
No! Of course you don't.
And that's because you sell
some stories to your sister, Lara
to make her create
another extra allowance for you.
Let me ask you, Sunmi.
Don't you want to be responsible at all?
Wait, responsibility is relative, Mama!
Responsibility is relative! I mean,
come on now. Come on, give me some credit!
Do I do drugs? No!
- Mm-hmm?
- I have not impregnated any body.
I have no baby-mamas.
Do I have unprotected sex?
No, I mean, no, not all the time.
What else do you want me to do?
What else do you want me to do?
We should clap for you.
- Yes, maybe.
- Clap for you!
I will in fact, I will,
I'm so clapping for you.
- Sunmisola?
- Yes?
You know what?
I don't want to trade words with you.
Just tell me your plan.
I'm done thinking.
And I want to move.
Good plan.
Sister Lara has said
that I can come. So I'm just gonna
Never, ever!
The heavens forbid.
Even the earth forbids it!
You want to go and destroy Lara's home
with your, with your
You want to be a liability.
I'm not going to be a liability
and is it not Lara? She's my sister.
She's my sister. Mommy, please.
You know what, let's just stop this.
So you want to go to her house?
No! Give me my passport.
Give me my passport
and just give me two days.
I will be out of your space.
Eh, you will now go to Lara's place,
eating her food, spending her money,
partying! Not wanting to work!
Everything, work! Everything, work!
What if I don't have to work?
What if I wasn't destined to work?
- Ah!
- Is it by force?
My dad left a huge inheritance.
What if I'm just supposed to chill?
What is the problem with that?
Your dad left enough money for you.
For you, right?
What are you going
to leave for your own children?
What if I don't want
to have children? How about that?
The worst has happened to me!
I have been wrecked!
But you know what?
You want to move, right?
To Lara's place.
No problem.
I will tell Ada to get
your passport across to you.
Thank you very much.
Is that all?
Aunty Agy!
I'm heading out.
Ma, I'm sorry for all the pain.
I know you have lost confidence in me.
I'm ready to do whatever I can
There's no way
he can come back to work here.
To make it up to you.
Whatever I can.
Ma, I will be the best
security man in the whole wide world.
Even SWAT in the US will not
He's fired.
Let him remain fired.
He has been relieved. He should remain
- Ha, Aunty Agy!
- Relieved.
- Focus on him.
- World best!
My mommy!
Well done, ma. I've missed you a lot.
Every time I'm just dreaming about you
left, right and center.
How's it?
- Isky?
- Yes, ma.
You know
that madam has
relieved you of your duties.
- Long time ago.
- Um,
this man told me
yesterday, I didn't even believe him.
But I was wondering
why she would relieve me of my duty.
Because I'm even angry
I saw my uniform on him.
- I feel like tearing it.
- Hey, hey!
I'm angry.
Aunty Agy, what can we do please? Help me.
- Isky?
- Yes, ma.
You know what you're going to do now?
Anything! Anything!
Firstly, you will leave.
You will leave the compound now.
Then you will come back in three months.
When he decides on either staying
or not staying on
- I can never say I will not do again.
- Eh! That won't work.
It can't work.
- I can never say that I won't do again.
- Ah, manager help me.
Hello? Hello? Hello, stand up!
Help me. Ah, I will beg with anything.
I know I fucked up.
- My wife will kill me.
- Madam is coming.
- Stand up!
- Aunty Agy!
- You see now, stand up!
- Morning, Ma.
- There's somebody in the guest house.
- Ma, I'm so sorry.
You've allowed someone
into this house again?
- Never!
- Yes, I'm sorry for
opened the gate for someone again?
No. See, even him, I said
after two minutes I'll throw him out.
I insist there's
someone in the guest house.
Ma, nobody passed the gate, Ma.
- I was here, Ma.
- Huh? In the guest house?
- Who's in the guest house?
- I was here. I was watching, Ma.
- Who is in the guest house? Ah!
- I was at alert, hey!
- You never listen.
- I'll kill them!
- I was here. I was watching.
- I'll kill them all.
Hey, hey!
Seems you are stubborn.
- I got you. I've got you covered.
- Isky!
Isky, where are you going to?
Who's there?
Hey, hey!
How did you get here?
What are you looking for here?
- Kill him! Idiot!
- What are you doing here?
Good! You are awake.
Now, explain yourself.
Get up, get up!
Em, em, wait!
I want to ask you a question.
Who opened this gate for you?
How did you enter this house?
What is going on? Why am I tied like?
- Quiet and answer the question.
- Hey, hey, hey!
Young man, answer the question.
How did you get into my house?
Mommy, what is going on? Why am I tied?
Hey! Young man,
you were found
in an apartment that isn't yours.
- That isn't mine?
- Yeah!
What is this joke?
Please untie me. My head is banging.
What, what happened?
- What is this?
- Can you imagine?
this boy is a thief.
- Yes of course!
- He's an armed robber.
He takes things that are not his.
You are packing things that's not for you.
- Aunty Agy!
- Eh?
Aunty Agy, is?
What's going on?
You guys should please stop this rubbish.
- Hey!
- Aunty Agy. Hey, Aunty Agy it's me, Sunmi.
- Hey, stop it! Who are you?
- Aunty Agy!
Speak up, fool! Speak up!
- Thief!
- Hey young man, see,
if this case goes to the station,
you will be in there forever!
Please you guys should stop this.
Isky, please just tell them.
What sort of rubbish is this?
Am I the one you are calling
a thief and hitting on the head?
How did you know my name? Do I know you?
Don't say my name again.
Wait, wait, wait! Isky, so you know him?
I don't know him.
- So you know him?
- I gave you this shirt you are wearing.
God will punish you.
I don't know, how do you know
my name? I don't know him!
So Iskilu, you brought
him to come and rob me.
Ha! No, ma! No, ma!
- You brought him to rob me!
- So you know him!
I don't
know him. I don't know him.
I don't
Ah! You are a mad man!
Mad man! Thief, thief!
You want to incriminate me.
I don't know him.
See, eh! See, please Mommy,
if this is a prank, can you just stop it?
- Who's playing pranks on you?
- Please, please, please.
This is
This is Mrs. Simisola Smith Smart-Cole.
- This is my mom. She is my mother.
- No.
Don't put yourself into family issues.
My sister is Lara.
Ah, she's married to Philip.
They both live in Aberdeen.
Officer, I have two daughters,
- Lara and Sunmisola
- Yes!
I do not have a son.
I don't know who he is. Take him away.
- Yes.
- Please, if, okay
Which room was I coming
from now? What, what
See, that room you're asking?
That room you are asking,
it's madam's late husband's nephew's.
That boy
came to visit us.
He just left last night.
He left last night and
he forgot his suitcase inside here.
It's madam's
late husband. Are you late?
Young man, that is
what you came for. Okay?
Um, whatsoever your name is,
you are under arrest.
- Officer!
- Take him away, officer.
- Please, take him away officer.
- Take who away? Mom, stop this now.
- Who's your mommy?
- Stop this now.
- Hey, hey!
- No, no, no
- Hey, can you leave her?
- Leave him, leave him. Wait, wait!
Get away from my
madam. Get away from my madam.
- Wait, wait, wait first.
- He's a thief.
That's the new style they are using.
- Take him away!
- They will gather information.
- Mommy, mommy!
- Take him away! Who's your mommy?
- Who's your mommy? Who's your mommy?
- Thief, instead of you to hustle.
Instead of you to
hustle the way I'm hustling.
Hustling for my madam.
The way I'm hustling for my madam.
- Who's your mommy?
- Nonsense!
Do you know her?
You are calling our mommy your mommy!
- Who's your mommy?
- Shut up!
So sorry, ma.
so, what I wanted to address, ma.
I am so sorry for before.
Ma, if you forgive me,
Throw him out but
- So, I'm sorry...
- You!
- Ma?
- Our meeting
this is your last strike!
The next time you allow
this imbecile on my property
you're gone.
Yes, that imbecile.
- Next time
- So throw him out now!
- Who's the imbecile, am I
- Last strike!
Is it that one that happened?
Madam, our meeting ma.
- Ha!
- Hello?
- I'm not the one. It's that guy.
- Hello?
It's that imbecile they talked about.
- Hello?
- I'm not the one. Am I the one?
- Hello, hello!
- Am I
Madam, please!
Hey, hey! Eh, eh!
Before they strike
me eh, I will strike you!
- You hear me? Thunder will strike you!
- No, please.
Amadioha will strike you!
- No!
- Get out!
See, we can have an agreement.
We can have agreement.
You can do morning
shift. I do evening shift.
- You can do morning, I do evening shift.
- See,
I will strike you in the morning. I will
strike you in the evening. I say, move!
- Help me, please.
- I say, move!
- Help me, bro
- I say, move!
- My friend, move!
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.
- Sir?
Thank God,
thank God you're here. Mommy, please.
Mommy please, I'm sorry, okay?
Mommy, I'm sorry.
I know I have been difficult and
I know
I have pushed you to the wall but,
but I'm sorry. I promise I will change.
See I promise, I promise that I will go,
I will go back to school.
I will get a job.
I promise that I will do anything to
make you proud but mommy please
don't let them take me
back in there. Mommy, please!
- DPO,
- See what I mean?
- I don't know this young man.
- Mommy!
Why? Okay, why will
I deny knowing him if I really do?
You've spoken to my daughters in Aberdeen.
You've seen the family pictures.
Did you find him in any of them?
Mommy, please now.
He claims you had
him arrested few days ago
and he was detained here.
DPO, then you must know him!
You can testify that I haven't been here
in over one year when
I got one of my staff arrested.
- Ah, no!
- So you must know him!
No I don't know him.
And, em, none of the officers
- recognize him.
- Exactly!
Oga DPO, don't be lying now!
Don't lie, you were the one that took me
that yellow officer
that told them to take me to the counter
Listen! Listen!
I don't forget faces.
DPO, me, my tatoo.
- You remember
- But I definitely don't know you.
Okay, thank God.
Thank God the
the photo album is there.
I can point out anybody in that album.
- Ah!
- Now,
who is this?
Mommy, this is Aunty Isi.
This is her husband, Uncle Roja.
That's Uncle Banky.
Mommy, is that not Uncle Banky?
Is he correct?
No DPO, he's not correct.
That's, em, Pastor Afolabi and his family.
Mom, who's Pastor Afolabi? Mommy!
Mommy, I'm sorry now. I get the point.
Who is this?
This is Uncle Ameh.
This is Uncle Ameh
and his wife and his son, Mommy!
That is Barrister Derin
and his daughter Sunmisola.
Mommy, please. Mommy please. Mommy please!
DPO see, listen. This picture, I remember
this picture very vividly.
This picture like, wait
Ahn-ahn! What is going on?
This is the picture.
This is our family. This is my mom.
This is my sister and
this is, this is
this is supposed to be me.
I was wearing a beret in this picture.
Mommy, what is going on?
Is this a prank?
What is going on, now?
- Right on time.
- Thank God.
Is that the young man?
- Uncle Ameh.
- Yes, that's him.
Uncle Ameh, can you just
explain to mommy please?
Can you just explain to them that, that
it's me, Sunmi. Because
I don't understand what's going on.
Who is Uncle Ameh?
What's going on? This is my family.
Er, how do you explain this?
How do you explain this? Hmm?
How do you explain why you are not er
Call her, call her
- Call Lara.
- Okay.
Even her!
She doesn't know you.
She can never say that.
She can never say that.
Uncle Ameh, Mommy,
I, I, DPO I was here on
What is going on? This is my family.
But how do you explain this?
Oh God! Mommy, I get your point.
I, I get your point and I'm sorry.
And I will never do it again.
Like, I will, I will
Mrs. Cole here is keen
on pressing charges.
Is that clear?
But em,
looking at the complexity of this matter,
I feel like pleading for him.
- Hmm?
- Hmm.
But listen,
if this is just er,
an act to avoid quality time in jail,
you have earned
yourself a degree in acting.
I'm not acting.
I'm not acting! I'm not acting!
Do I look DPO, would
I go through all this stress?
I'm not acting. Mommy,
why are you doing this to me?
Mommy, they will kill me in there!
Mommy, they are beating me in there!
What is going on?
What is going on? I get the point!
What is going on?
Officer, take him away.
Uncle Ameh.
Officer, wait! Uncle Ameh.
Mommy. Wait! Officer!
Wait. Just wait! Just wait!
Mommy, can you guys hear the sound?
This way!
Wait can you guys hear the sound?
Can you guys hear this sound?
- You can't hear this sound?
- My friend, move.
Okay, I'm mad then. Take me away.
Hey! Psst yes?
What do you? What do you care for?
Please, you can see I'm having a headache.
Who opened the gate for you?
Listen, I just want to see my mom.
That's all I'm asking for.
- Just allow me, please.
- Um, hold on.
Which mom do you want to see?
Is it Our Mommy or Big Mommy?
Which one of them?
Tsk! Guy, see, I just want to see my mom.
- Don't ask me any stupid...
- Your mom is not here.
My friend, go outside!
- You just came, opened the gate, entered!
- I should go outside
Is it your house?
Please go outside!
- Okay, let me go to my room to just get...
- You cannot go to your room.
I said, be going.
Guy, please don't touch me again.
I said, be going.
Guy, I said don't touch me! Are you okay?!
Eh? Eh?
Em, just go outside.
- Guy, don't try me this afternoon!
- What's your name?
- See, hey!
- Don't try me this afternoon o!
- Hey, Aunty Agy. Aunty Agy, talk to him.
- You don't know me!
Aunty Agy, talk to him
because I'm about to go mad right now.
I'm about to go mad!
Welcome. So I was inside.
I heard somebody open the gate.
I said, "Who is there?"
He said, "His mommy."
I said, "Please, I'm begging you,
just go outside. Your mommy is not here."
He said he will kill me.
- Do you even know me? Do you know me?
- I will headbutt you,
- trust me.
- Eh?!
Headbutt me! Headbutt me!
- It's Psst.
- Aunty Agy, tell him please!
Sir, please.
- It's like you don't like your work.
- I'm sorry.
- It's like you don't like your work.
- I'm sorry.
You just got a job and
you're letting lunatics into the compound
to ask after Mommy, right?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Right?
- I'm sorry.
Er sir,
- Sorry, Aunty Agy?
- Oga? Oga?
- Oga?
- Is it me that is the mad person?
- Please, carry him out!
- Oga, please go outside. Go outside!
- Don't Aunty Agy, talk to him.
- Go outside! Eh, who's your Auntyy?
Aunty Agy, tell him now.
What is going on here now?
- Shina Rambo! Psst, Sniper!
- Psst, Sniper!
- Aunty Agy, what is this now?
- Passion!
- What is going on?
- Carry him out!
- Go outside!
- Don't push me, bro.
- Carry him out!
- I'm going to go mad, bro!
- Who is your bro? Who is your bro?
- I say carry him out!
- Hey! Take him out! Shina Rambo! Boosky!
- Who's your bro? I say go outside!
Take him out. These dogs are useless!
They know how to eat. Lock the gate!
Aunty Agy, its me, Sunmi.
- Which Sunmi? Nonsense!
- Calling me bro!
That's the kind of enjoyment
I want to be having. I had mad fun.
Oh God, I'm tired.
Ah man, Rele. How's it going?
Who are you?
Hmm. Sorry, who are you?
We don't know you.
Tsk! What do you mean,
who am I? Bianca, what are you saying?
- What's this, please?
- Ah, wonderful!
You even know my name.
Sorry, who are you? Do you know him?
No, I don't.
See, wait, you guys will not
believe what happened to me today, man.
I've gone through the hardest time, bro.
Guy! Am I supposed to know you?
Are you lost or something?
Sorry, who are you?
He's a kidnapper.
That's the way they behave.
Before you know it,
my breast will be missing.
We don't know you. Please leave!
Wait, you guys. You guys.
How much did my momsy pay you?
- Nigga, please.
- Like how much, how did she...
- Nigga, leave my house.
- I'm getting angry.
Ha! Did she pay everybody?
I don't understand.
- Ahn-ahn!
- If you don't go, I will release Jack.
You don't want to know who Jack is.
- Get out of my house, guy.
- Can you imagine?!
Stop it. Let's go inside and...
Guy, leave my house.
Leave my house now!
Now! If I see you here again
- That's the way they behave.
- Rele?
- Leave me house.
- Bianca!
If I count to ten and you're still there

Fine butter bread!
Good afternoon,
aren't you buying bread?
Fine butter bread!
Todowede's butter bread!
Aunty Abeni, Todowede is here!
Knock, knock!
Ahn-ahn! Brother?
Didn't the people selling here come today?
I'm talking to you!
Am I in your way?
I know you.
Are you not Isky's friend?
Help me bring down my wares.
Ahn-ahn! Or?
Are you not Isky's friend?
I know you.
What happened to you?
Who did this to you?
Aren't you
Isky's friend? Isky, the security man?
At that big house that is in Olowo Street.
Yes, I know Isky.
I knew it!
I was right! What happened?
Who did this to you?
Why do you look so rough?
Wait, you know Isky?
So, so, and, and,
you know me through Isky?
You know me!
What did you smoke?
I don't know you.
I'm just getting to know you.
What are
you doing in our neighborhood?
You left your affluent Olowo street
and came to this place. Why?
I'm looking for Isky and,
it's a long story.
Sit down, sit down.
Sit down!
All this while
I didn't know you were this ugly.
Were you wearing makeup then?
What happened to you?
Where are your family members?
What happened to you?
What happened to them?
They don't want me.
What did you do to them?
You have done what
all spoiled rich kids do.
- Did you impregnate someone?
- Hm?
- Did you impregnate someone?
- No, no I didn't do that.
Then, what did you do?
You stole! Why did you steal?
I did not steal. Please
don't call me a thief. I did not steal.
You're not capable of
murder. Did you tell a lie against them?
I did not do anything. I did
not steal. I did not get anybody pregnant.
And I did not, I did not do anything.
I guess, I guess they just
didn't want me around anymore.
I thought they were
your family, that you were related.
I thought the same thing too.
I thought they were
my family but now it's like,
it's like maybe
they adopted me or something.
And you don't
have any other relative anywhere?
I don't have
anybody else. I guess I'm alone.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to have to find a way
to survive on the streets on my own.
You can't survive a whole day here.
This place is different
from your neighborhood.

I have searched
your entire neighborhood for Isky.
I went there twice but I didn't see Isky.
They fired him. They
fired him because he was my friend and
I've been looking for him. I don't know.
I've checked everywhere.
So I said let me even
come here maybe I will
This is serious.
Isky says good things about
you. He says you're a good kid.
What is? What is?
My name is Sunmi. What's your name?
Todowede Sewedo.
Todowede, what?
Why can't you pronounce it well?
Todowede Sewedo. I'm Egun.
Leave it.
This is the food we bought.
Get a spoon, come and eat.
Or do you want me to spoon-feed you?
Get a spoon, sit down
and eat. Ah!
What is it? You want sugar in it?
Don't you know that sugar is
bad for male reproductive health?
It causes erectile
dysfunction and impotence.
There's nothing
wrong with me down there.
Okay. Have the akara.
Don't play with the food. Why
are you eating akara with a spoon?
I hope you've seen my mini-flat?
I hope you've seen how
very clean my mini-flat is?
You must not make a mess.
I hate dirt. Did you hear me?
Don't make it dirty.
Take this
For sleeping.
What? What are you doing? Do you want
to sleep on the mattress with me?
Take the mat and spread over there.
These rich kids are spoiled.
He wants to lie on the bed.
Thank you.
Oh no, there's no problem.
Just in case you have an erection.
I'll use this to send the erection away.
There's no problem,
they are both hard woods of some sort.
This one will take care of that.
Don't let the devil use you.
But if the devil uses you,
this will send him out.
Wake up!
What sort of sleep is this that the sound
of the bell couldn't wake you up?
Is this how you'll be deeply
asleep if the house were on fire?
Get up and stop doing that.
Get up, get up!
Ahn-ahn! Is there
something stuck in your nose?
Why do you keep doing that?
Here, take.
You have to go get water.
I'll take you there.
The big gallon is ten naira.
The small buckets are five naira. I want
you to fill the two of them. Here.
Make sure you pay only after fetching
the water. The boys there are cheats.
They can deny receiving money
from you. Do you hear?
Get up! Stop being sluggish.
I need to get bread from
the bakery for the morning rush.
Here take.
Go and take your bath.
Have your bath fast so
that we can go out to hawk.
- Em...
- What is "em"?
You want me to leave you in my
house so you can steal all my stuff?
Don't you know that I worked
hard to get everything I have?
Do you think I became
an elite without working?
Go and have your bath
so we can go out to hawk.
This water is too small. And
don't be calling me a thief,
I've told you I don't like that.
This water is too small?
Did you not go out to get
water? Didn't you see the queue?
This bucket is five naira.
I gave you ten naira to fetch this.
You want me to give you money
to fetch? Don't you know it's expensive?
If you like, go back
there and fetch your own water.
Fetch your water and
pay with your own money.
I don't have a problem with that.
But you will bath with this
quantity here because water is expensive.
And hurry so we can go to
work or do I leave you behind
so I can do all the work while you eat?
I get you.
Why are you always angry?
I don't know why
your family members are always angry.
Hurry so we can go to
work. It's too early for this.
Fine butter bread!
Em, I think
you should go look for a job.
- Hm-hmm?
- Hmm!
You should get a job so
that you can earn some money.
Like what type of work?
Like a manager or a CEO job.
I didn't mean it like that.
I was just joking. Okay,
any type of work will do.
Tomorrow, I'll see if
I can call someone to help you get a job
Okay, thank you.
Okay. Are you not buying bread?
It's soft.
Eat quickly so that you can go
and get more bread from the bakery
for this evening.
- He has ruined my goods!
- No no, it was a mistake.
- Ma, it was an accident.
- No, I don't accept your apology.
I won't let you go.
You have ruined my goods.
- I won't let you go.
- I did not know.
It did not break.
- Ah, Mommy don't be angry.
- No way! No, no, no!
I will collect the money for them.
What is it? What's happening?
He spoiled my goods.
- What goods did he spoil?
- These ones.
- Madam these goods
- No, I don't want to hear!
What is wrong with you?
Why are you bringing me so much trouble?
I want my money. I'll collect my money.
Calm down, leave him alone.
- No, no, no. I said I won't let him go.
- I will pay you. Leave him alone.
- How much is your money?
- It's ten thousand
How many cartons is 10,000 naira?
I don't care. It's 10,000.
Look at the trouble
you've dragged me into now.
I don't know who they are.
But they came and threw my goods away.
That's the amount I have.
- After everything I carried for you, Mama?
- That's all.
Mommy, you didn't
Get up!
Come and help me bring this down.
Have you not heard the saying?
That there's no food for
a lazy man. You are sleeping.
You ought to have had
your bath so that we can go and hawk.
Listen, Todowede, I know,
I know that you are trying to help me but,
but we need to find something
else to do. My neck is paining me,
my shoulder is paining
me, my achilles is paining me,
my whole body is paining me, please.
Have all those
doing this all these while dead?
I've been doing this for years, am I dead?
You're complaining of neck pains
and all. What's my business with that?
I don't know. We have
to find something else. I'm not lazy but,
but I can't die as well.
Fetch water and have your bath
so you can go to job while I do the same.
Don't throw my wares
away if you don't want trouble.
- Good afternoon.
- Ha!
- Tao-tao! Tao-tao!
- We'll be here till tomorrow.
How are you? Looking as fresh
as tomatoes in the farm. Oh, Todewede!
You don't
buy bread from me anymore.
Buy bread?
Don't you know I have upgraded?
Monkeys don't eat bread.
So I am substituting
it with this henceforth as progress.
Okay. You are a monkey.
You just said you are a monkey.
Oh, please!
Todo, ah, who is this person?
- Is he your boyfriend?
- Look, forget that!
I'm looking for Jobe.
- Jobe?
- Yes.
Jobe has moved from here.
Really? Where did he go?
Ah, Jobe?
Jobe doesn't hang out with us
anymore. He is no longer in our league.
- He has moved on.
- Ah.
But why do you want to see Jobe?
Em, I want him to help my brother.
you wanted him to help him?
- Eh.
- Eh?
- Jobe has moved on from here.
- Ah!
But don't you have his phone number?
I don't have it. Do you?
Eh, I should
have his cell phone number.
Let me give it to you so you can call him.
- Makanaki!
- I hope there's no problem?
My boss's
sister! Such a beauty!
Makanaki, the great one!
She knows how to hail her brother.
You know how to honor people.
- You know how to praise me.
- I swear!
So? Who is the problem?
I came to talk to you about my brother.
Em, hello, hi!
- Ah!
- Eh?
Speak up! Speak up!
No, I said hello, hi...
Hi, hi, hi will kill your mother!
Are you accursed?
Did you hear him?
Do you know who is seated?
He looks familiar
- Ahn-ahn!
- Eh?
- Is he a fool?!
- Ha!
Are you crazy?
- It's me, the Jagaban.
- Ah!
Don't you know Makanaki? Makanaki!
AKA Cause-Trouble.
- The top dog.
- A boss with a million fans!
Are you accursed?
If you want to greet someone like him
Teach him!
You, first, have to do this.
Then do this.
Then do this.
Then say, "Twale, twale, twale!"
Ahn-ahn. You're just standing?
Sorry, sorry.
It's okay.
Twale, twale, twale!
He's saying
"twale" with an English accent.
Come, are you Tupac?
What is written on your chest?
Why are
you covering it up? Leave it open!
- Ah, he tattooed a newspaper on his chest.
- I cannot read.
Jobe, please leave him alone
What we discussed on
the phone about him last night
- Oh! He's the one?
- Help me discuss it with Jugunu.
Todowedo Sowedo!
- Is he your husband?
- No, he's not my husband.
I just want you to
discuss what I told you with Jugunu.
He'll get any type of job he wants.
- Why can't he be a bus conductor?
- Ah!
Is he special?
No, he can't work as a conductor
because he won't last two days.
- Really? Ignore her.
- You mean us bus conductors are low-lifes?
There's nothing wrong with it. He'll go
out in the morning and come back at night.
He won't survive till evening,
he will be dead in the morning.
I'm looking at you.
I can see you're like Wizkid.
You're having sex with her.
You're entering left and front.
- Ah
- No! I With her, I,
- I try my best to be straightforward.
- Hey, I am doomed!
- Wow, you do it face-to-face.
- Ah!
- Todowede Sowedo, you'll give birth soon!
- Bang, bam!
You will get pregnant.
- Do not mind him. He's crazy.
- Really?
He's accursed. He has nothing to offer me.
What rubbish
"straightforward" are you talking about?
- Really?
- He gives me nothing "straightforward".
You are having an affair with my sister!
No, I'm just looking for a job,
to be honest. We are just friends.
Yeah, you think we're dumb?
See, you will give birth!
Do you understand? You will give birth!
And you, if you cannot take
care of a child, don't have a child.
Hey! Did you hear him?
If you can't provide for
a child, don't have a child.
- It's like that.
- Don't impregnate my boss's sister.
- No, no, no. She's just my friend please.
- Okay.
And I just need a job.
- I'll talk to Jugunu on your behalf.
- You'll get a job.
Aunty Biliki!
Jugunu's brother,
is Jugunu home? Hello.
No, no, he's with me. We're
going to see Jugunu. Leave him alone!
And you keep mumbling. Can't
you greet? You have to greet them. Eh?
Come here, please!
You should greet them. Speak up!
Great lady!
Beautiful chick! Wonderful lady!
A lady with outstanding beauty!
Forget how it happened, I swear.
Forget it, I'm still with you.
You will do well. It is well. Yeah!
Oh, boy! Hmm!
Is he your boyfriend?
No, he's my cousin.
he live in this neighborhood?
he just got back from his trip.
- Okay, he traveled? Eh?
- Hmm!
Were you deported?
Well, actually, em, something like that.
Oh, that's sad!
He looks like a deportee.
Forget that! What's up?!
Todowede. My girl! How are you?
What's been happening?
Todowede, you've been scarce!
What's going on? Why have you been scarce.
you're the one that's scarcely around.
I don't see you
whenever I come to get bread.
Me? Me, scarce?
I cannot be counted amongst
things referred to as scarce commodities.
I'm always available for you,
any day, anytime!
I swear! Or have I been unavailable?
I'm always available!
I'm always here, believe me.
I want you
to understand me, do what I want.
If you be my woman
If you be my woman, I swear,
you won't
ever have to work again!
You won't
have to work again. Look at her.
Ask her. When I met her
she was really frail like a match stick.
But I have taken care of her.
Now look how robust she is.
All she does is eat.
Jugunu, I want to work.
Forget about all that.
How can you help my brother?
You say he's your brother,
but before I know
it you'd have started a love affair...
No, boss.
That's not the case.
She's actually, um,
my family, like relative.
- Really?
- Yes, he's my cousin.
- He's family.
- what she said.
There's no problem, Todowede.
It's you! I'll do anything for you.
Believe me, if he doesn't
do what he's supposed to,
I'll ask them to deal with him.
I don't care. Look,
I don't condone stealing!
Do you understand me?
My bread must not
get spoiled. If it does, you'll pay.
- Did you hear me?
- Yes, boss!
He won't dare.
Did you hear all he said?
Don't be unfortunate, I'm only
trying to help you. Don't mess it up.
Did you hear me? Don't be unfortunate.
I'm not going to be unfortunate.
- Jugunu, he won't mess up.
- He won't mess this up?
Even if he does,
I'll ask them to deal with him.
Maybe burn him
with a baking pan, I don't care!
At the same time,
I pay daily. Do you understand?
Mister, you will be paid daily.
One thousand naira daily.
I'm talking about
how much you'll be paid daily.
- One thousand naira.
- Yes, sir.
- Are you interested or not?
- I am interested.
When are you starting?
When are you starting?
What's wrong with you?
- Oh, em, maybe next week...
- Ahn-ahn!
I thought
you just said you won't mess this up.
But you're already messing it up.
Who's going to feed you till next week?
See, Jugunu, he's idle.
He'll go in and start working now.
Go and start working.
Okay, I'll start today.
Get going! What's wrong with you?
- What's wrong with him?
- Do you want to enter the oven?
We've been here before
to buy bread. You are already misbehaving.
Go on. Why are you
moving in circles? Who is this?
You're saying goodbye like
we won't see each other again.
He's an unfortunate person.
Why is he waving like
he's never returning home?
- My guy,
- hurry up. What do you mean, you're not?
- Oh my goodness.
Oh wow!
How's it? Come, come!
Yes, what's happening?
Has Isokoko placed an order?
Yes, Isokoko has placed an order.
The old lady at Abule-Oja
has also placed her order.
The beans seller at Atobaje
has also placed an order. Three of them.
Well done.
You're a good kid. I like you already.
I can see that you are now
confident and that's what I like.
- Boss, I'm here for you.
- Do you get? Well done.
So, who is making
the deliveries? You or Ogamba?
No, Ogamba brought out bread
today, so I'll handle the deliveries.
Oh, well done! Shake me.
Hey! Are you crazy?
What is it?
- Sorry.
- Do you want to injure me?
I'm sorry, boss.
You know it's because
I've been kneading the flour.
- You need to calm down.
- Don't be angry.
- Life is easy! Well done.
- I'm here for you, boss.
Em, you know what?
My girlfriend and I are going out.
Okay, Island?
Yes, I just want her to
have a feel of the place because
she feels like she's experienced it all.
I want her to know
that I can give her a good time.
- That's normal.
- Yes, sure!
Calm down!
What's wrong with you?
So, I'm letting you know so
that you can hold fort while I'm gone.
Hold everywhere tight.
Lock everywhere down. Good!
No problem boss. That's normal.
Tell Shade
to order some flour and butter.
What about sugar?
- Add sugar.
- Okay, no problem.
You are very smart.
- When I get back, we'll do the rest.
- No problem.
- No problem. Take care of this place.
- No problem.
- Be smart. Don't mess with me.
- No problem.
If you mess with me, I'll deal with you.
Riski-baby! Riski-baby!
Sunmi, please
leave me alone. Where's my money?
Sunmi, where's my money?
Wow! Is it because of 500 naira
you're addressing me rudely?
Here's your money.
It's not your fault.
It's not your fault.
Look, I'm no longer nice.
I don't
know what's wrong with you.
I have tried all that I can to get
your attention. Am I not pretty enough?
- Riski-baby!
- Wait, wait, wait.
You keep hanging around that Egun girl.
Look at how curvaceous I am!
Riski, will you calm down or not?
I've told you to forget about that.
- How much rice do you want?
- What's wrong with you?
Ahn-ahn! Serve me 70 naira rice and add
add thirty naira plantain for me.
How many pieces of meat?
- Meat?
- Ehn!
- I'm not buying meat.
- Eh?
Speak up!
How many pieces of meat?
I said I don't want meat.
Do you want everyone to hear that?
- What's wrong with you? Ahn-ahn!
- You don't want to buy meat!
- You like misbehaving.
- That's your business.
I'm surprised at you.
Hello? Todo, what's up?!
- Todowede?
- Hmm?
- Todowede?
- Hmm?
Why are you shivering?
What's wrong with you?
Your hands are cold
The whole of my body aches.
I think I have malaria.
What medication have you taken?
I bought medication
from Emeka the chemist but it didn't work.
- Emeka the chemist?
- My body still aches.
Emeka the chemist?
You should have taken good herbs.
You know what? I'll go to Abeni that sells
herbs to get you something that will work.
How exactly do you feel? These can't work.
I am not comfortable.
My body aches. I have a headache.
Your hands are cold.
The whole of my back, my legs,
my bones, everything aches and hurts.
What sort of nonsense is this?
I have told you to stop walking
about in the sun but you never listen.
Eh? Find a shed where you can sell
your bread but you won't listen to me.
Sorry, okay?
I'll be right back, please.
Thank you.
What's the time?
- Okay, I'll be back.
- I've heard.
- Knock, knock!
- Greetings!
- Hmm, welcome.
Ah, why are you standing?
How was sales?
Look, leave it.
It's not heavy.
I can put it down by myself.
Sales was poor today.
Really poor sales today.
It was very slow,
I didn't finish selling my wares today.
Em, Olowosango wants you to come and
see him. Are you doing business with him?
- Eh, he's doing something for me.
- Really? What?
How is that your business?
Have you gone
to see the caretaker?
Em, yes, yes, yes.
I saw him and I gave him money
and I have also paid
Olowosango for the mosquito net.
So this weekend, I'll just
move in.
Well done. I'm happy for you.
You didn't misbehave or join bad gang.
No one moves
with Todowede and joins a bad gang.
Please, move
so I can sit. I'm tired.
What's this?
What's this?
- Ahn-ahn!
- Happy birthday, Todowede Grace!
In fact, let me sing for you.
You didn't forget.
Thank you.
what is it? Don't cry, please.
Don't cry, please.
Nobody remembers my birthday.
Even I forget.
Because I have no reason to celebrate.
But you remembered.
You even got me a cake.
Thank you.
I won't forget this. God won't forget you.
I can't forget
you either, Todowede.
Do you know all you've
done for me that I can't ever forget?
Please stop crying. If not I'll also cry.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
Hey, please!
If you cry, you'll ruin your makeup
for the pictures we're about to take.
Thank you.
Okay, let's take pictures.
I can't take pictures
because my phone's camera is not sharp.
- It's not sharp?
- Hmm!
Check that side.
For what?
Open it.
Ah! Where did
you get the money to buy a phone?
Do you like it?
Where did
you get the money to buy it?
Em, I've been saving for it
because I knew
your birthday was coming up.
So I asked Jigadon to help me get it.
- Jigadon that steals!
- Calm down, now!
Ahn-ahn, you're too temperamental. That's
the problem I have with you. Calm down.
I'll get mad at you.
You are so stubborn.
I meant that Jigadon took
me to a guy in Computer Village.
The guy then took me to the store where
I bought it. I made sure it's original.
It's the type the girls on Instagram use.
- Swear.
- I swear.
Open it, why are you
Let me
Let it not fall.
Here, take it out by yourself.
It has a camera at the back!
I need to change this dress.
No, your clothes are fine.
- Your clothes are fine.
- No, let me change.
There's a new dress I just
made from Saida. It's a lace dress.
Tsk. That was how I ran away.
I came back here to hustle.
It was Brother Jobe that helped me.
Hmm? So your mom didn't,
she didn't come looking for you at all?
She got married immediately.
Look, I have moved on. Is this not me?
I'll miss you.
I'll miss you too.
Why are you saying that?
I'm just on the other street.
I'll come here to see you every night.
I'll make sure
I register my presence here.
Are you sure?
See, I'm sure. I promise.
What is it?
- I've never done it before.
- Huh?
You've never done it at all?
Really? What about this one?
If that's the case,
maybe we shouldn't bother.
Don't you like me anymore?
- Like?
- Eh.
what I feel for is more than liking you.
I like your drive. I like your spirit.
I like your laugh.
I like everything about you.
But now that you've told me that
that you have not been de-flowered,
I'd like us to wait. Okay?
But you wanted to do it before.
Yes, I wanted to but after
you told me that you're a virgin
I'd like to make sure
that your first time, hey!
I'd like your first time to be special.
I'll like to be sure
that you're ready, okay?
- Why are being shy? Look up.
- Leave me alone.
- Look up. Why are you shy?
- Leave me alone, Sunmi.
- Watch your legs.
- Okay. Ooh!
Hey, hey, hey!
What I want to show you now
is what Olowosango
has been helping me with.
Don't shout! Because you always do that.
Now, open your eyes.
Ahn-ahn! Do
you want to start selling stuff?
It's for you, dummy.
- For me?
- Yes.
Stop making jokes.
You play too much. Ahn-ahn!
It's yours.
You know I don't like how
you walk about under the sun everyday.
So I asked Omojoigbo to help
you pay for a stall in that market.
So that you can hawk in
the mornings and after you can
Don't sit on it.
Afterwards you can
sell your wares here, okay?
I don't like as those boys gawk
at you when you're hawking! Ahn-ahn!
Thank you!
- Do you like it?
- Ah!
Thank you, Sunmi. Ah!
- Like
- Come, I want to pray for you.
Just like you made me happy,
God will provide for you.
- Amen.
- God will pray for you.
- Amen
- You will be happy.
You will
be overwhelmingly happy.
Ah, thank you.
- I will just stay here and say,
- Yes?
"Fine butter bread!"
The mad man
didn't even give me what I'll use to
handsome man, how are you?
Riski, what's the problem?
What's all this?
I've told you that I am not interested.
Aw! Which don't like?
Is it this or this?
- Hey, Egun girl,
- Look what you've What's all this?
Sorry. I didn't see you before now.
Of course, you didn't.
You didn't see me because
I don't look like an elephant like you.
Ahn-ahn! Who is an elephant?
You, of course. Why are you
bringing your big chest close to my face?
- Egun girl, watch yourself.
- And if I did not, what will you do?
- Egun girl, watch yourself.
- What's wrong with you?
If you point your finger at me again
I'll show you that I'm an Ebira girl.
You think you can
intimidate because you're big?
Sunmi! Hmm!
Riski, please stop this.
I've told you that I don't like it.
- Why are you begging her?
- I'm just telling her.
I don't want any problem.
Leave me and my woman alone.
Didn't you
hear him call me his baby?
Move yourself and your chest out of here.
is she talking to me like that?
Why won't she talk to you like that?
Sunmi, don't you want all of this?
Do you want to breastfeed him?
Do you want to breastfeed him? Why
are you putting your breasts in his face?
- He said you should move away from him.
- Stop it!
Ha! Egun girl!
Egun girl! Sunmi,
you and I will end up together.
- Wherever you are from
- Sunmi can you see all these?
Don't tear your clothes.
It's not even your size.
Scandalous dresser! Bastard!
Ignore her.
Leave me alone.
Why were you begging her?
I didn't do anything.
But you saw that I didn't do anything.
You ought to
have shoved her off.
Ah, ah!
I've caught you.
Go ahead, say somethingum, talk.
Sir, we're not buying rat
poison or whatever it is you're selling.
Go away. What do you want?
Me? Man,
forget that! On a normal day,
I would have fought you.
But em, time is money. Hmm?
Todowede, do you know him?
I don't know why
I'm having so much bad luck today.
Maybe it's this table.
That unfortunate being came
here and she's gone. Now this one.
Listen, Callitus,
do you want to be doomed?
Are you accursed? No, you're accursed.
What's the meaning of this?
You said that I'm not classy.
Seki and Amuda have duped you.
Why am I the one
you are calling your girlfriend?
Are you cursed?
I think I know the problem.
Is it, em, because of this one?
Or because he's speaking
English? "I wanna, gonna".
Let me tell you,
this one is not gonna marry you.
He's not
even gonna take care of you.
He's only going to use you and dump you.
Don't make a mistake. Do you understand.
Okay that's enough.
You know what? Leave here!
Your voice
isn't intimidating enough.
Seriously, it isn't
intimidating enough to scare me.
I thought you where going to do something.
Get out! Get out of my way.
- Who are you?
- Who am I?
Who are you?
I said, leave!
This place. Are you crazy?!
- Hey!
- Are you mad?!
- Hmm! Em, Todo
- What's happening here?
- No!
- No, are you crazy?
Is it me you're talking to?
- Hey!
- Where is he?
As in what
Even though you're
a rich kid but you're also a hoodlum.
Look at how you broke a bottle!
What about you?
What about you? The way
you lifted Riski up and threw her down.
Where, where are you from?
Strength is not
about size. I can beat anybody.
I'm not like that elephant.
Where is my girlfriend? God, please!
Listen, we're never doing
this again. We're never fighting again.
Ouch! Ow!
Hey, sorry.
What happened?
I think that bad girl hit me.
Next time you
should be alert and guard your face.
- Let me get a balm for you.
- Okay
Ow! Ooh, ooh, ooh!
- What's wrong?
- Ah, my knee!
That your boyfriend
hit me on my knee.
I don't like
it when you call him my boyfriend!
Weren't you showing
off kung fu techniques?
- I was fighting for you.
- Until someone beat you to a pulp.
- You even broke a bottle. Rubbish!
- Oh, my leg. Tsk.
Lay down so I can help
you massage it with shea butter.
Thank you baby.
- Lie down. Let me help you do it.
- No, no, no, I'm fine. Thank you.
Okay, where does it hurt?
Everywhere, my ears, my head, my neck, my
- Did they hit you here?
- Here.
There's a lot of money here.
Outrageous amount of money.
That's what I've been trying
to explain to you. There's no money here.
All the money
you are getting is nothing, bro.
See, I'm the one that does delivery so
I see and know about everything, boss.
Just a little packaging and
branding will take us to the next level.
Wait, wait. I don't really
understand what you are saying.
I've not got it yet.
Explain properly
so that I can know what you are saying.
Okay, let me
See, for example now,
- These are different types of bread.
- Okay.
The rich eat this one.
And the poor eat this one.
The only difference is the packaging.
The only difference is the packaging, bro.
Look, if we can get a shop in Ogba, eh?
And start baking coconut
bread, strawberry flavored bread,
agbalumo bread and
any other flavored bread you wish to make.
Boss, you will be shocked
at what your turnover would be.
Um, you're smart.
That's a good idea but
it will cost a lot of money.
I will have to invest
a lot of money in that.
Boss, forget that.
You have the money.
Bro, stop being modest.
Why are you being modest? All the money
you spend on Amaka, Chinyere, Chidinma.
No, don't go there.
I don't like that. Those are my girls!
You know that they help
me relax whenever I'm tense.
I understand.
You need to relax.
But bro, let me be honest with you,
I've been saving from
the little money I earn here.
In two months, it'll be my turn to collect
our cooperative's monthly contribution.
If you bring your own
money and we start a partnership
we'll go to microfinance banks for loans
and we'll get a shop.
Well done.
You're really smart.
means you've made all the plans
before laying them out to me.
You treat me
like a brother so I won't lie to you.
That's why I want us to do this together.
I won't lie to you
or put you in any kind of trouble.
Think about it.
No problem.
Since you have explained to me
and I've understood the plan,
after I get home and had
a good time resting with my girls,
I'll get back to you.
- Show them! Agege Bruce Lee!
- Oh! Ah!
It's not up to three months
that you built that shed for me.
But they've approved the loan.
They've approved the loan.
I have found the perfect place.
The perfect place!
If you see this place. See,
Jugunu is cursed,
he will never leave Agege.
But you, on the other hand, can leave.
- Why?
- Because I know you want more.
I know you want more.
And this is
our ticket to get out of here.
Sunmi, let me tell you something.
No, no, no. No!
Eh? Why?
See, I need you.
I need you.
I need someone
who is experienced.
Someone inside the bakery
making sure everything is going smoothly.
While I'm outside
handling marketing. I need you.
What you are feeling
right now is called fear.
You shouldn't let it win.
I have spoken to Jugunu and
he has agreed that our new place
will be called Grace's Bakery.
Yes, after you.
Let's do this.
- Swear.
- I swear.
Let me drink first.
Okay, take a sip. Ehn!
I knew it!
I was saying it that there's no
There's too much sugar in it.
You've come
again with this your wahala now.
There's no way it would
happen and there won't be success.
See, I don't believe it.
- We sold out.
- I knew.
I had a very, very good feeling
about this thing from the beginning.
I knew it will be okay.
I want to tell you something.
- What?
- I just didn't tell you all this while.
Iskilu told me something. He said,
"That boy is a 'gee'."
And he was right! You really are a gee.
You're a good person.
Why do you get sad
whenever your family is mentioned?
Do you want to go back to them?
You don't understand.
You know what, just
You don't understand. Like, that
You don't understand.
At least, it would have been nice if
It would have been nice
if at least one of them was there for me.
- Let's go and see them tomorrow.
- No!
I think we should
visit them so you can see...
Todo, what are you saying?
Didn't I tell you what they did?
They spat on me, called dogs on me.
They sent me out like I was a thief.
This will be different.
- We'll go together...
- No, no!
Calm down.
No, stop it! I'm telling
you how I feel. You keep saying
They're my family, that's why it hurts.
- Let me do this for you.
- No!
What's wrong with you?
It's my family I'm talking about here.
I'm telling you I know people.
You're telling something else.
Do you know Sunmi?
He's tall, big and black.
Which Sunmi?
Mommy's son.
- Oh, Sunmi sent you?
- No, no!
- Wait, Sunmi sent you here.
- No, no I want to see Mommy.
- You want to see Mommy?
- Yes, Mommy.
Or you want to see Sunmi
or Sunmi sent you here.
This is an unfortunate being.
Em, it's okay. I'm coming. You're
welcome. You want to see Sunmi, right?
- Mommy. I want to see Mommy.
- And Sunmi sent you. You are welcome.
- I'm coming. Please wait for me.
- He's a crazy being.
Rambo! Sniper!
I'm in trouble! Help!
- What happened? What happened?
- Help, help!
- Should I stop?
- Come!
This is the place.
Not the whole house!
It's just, it's just
I was wondering.
If you wash your clothes
you can hang them there.
You can play ball here.
- Really?
- Yeah!
- This is nice.
- Thank you so much.
I'm now a big boy.
- Ahn-ahn!
- Hmm!
Sunmi, this place is really big.
- Eh?
- I knew you'd like it.
you are also repainting the walls!
Well done.
You're even painting all the walls!
I said, you know,
let me be doing it bit by bit.
After sometime,
everywhere will be alright.
- I will buy a television set.
- Really?
Ah, how many rooms are here?
Em, it's three rooms.
Why do you act like this?
Can you sleep in all three rooms?
You ought to have rented a mini flat.
Don't you know
that I won't stay alone?
Okay, will you be
sharing the apartment with Jugunu?
you and I will live together.
Don't come back.
Mm-hmm, I want us to live together. Come.
Listen, listen.
I want you to live here with me.
I want you to be my wife.
We'll have four babies
and we'll live here forever.
I'm not interested in
your proposition. Please leave me.
What are you saying? I'm serious, now.
Sunmi, I'm not interested.
You know I don't like cohabiting.
- I know you're crazy. I know.
- There you go!
But I like you like that.
I'm in love with your crazy side.
I don't understand English.
Marry someone who understands English.
It's not about English.
Okay yes, your English is not too good.
But your smarter than me. Eh?
You're much smarter than I am.
And I have learnt a lot from you.
- Sunmi?
- Yes?
Don't overthink it.
What I just want you to say now,
in English is,
"Yes Sunmi, I will be your wife."
The End.
Go down on
both knees. That's how it's done.
- I should kneel down?
- Yes.
Go down on one knee.
No, I'll use the two legs.
Where's the ring?
There's no ring for now.
We'll save up and buy a ring.
Just say yes.
You want to propose
marriage and you didn't come with a ring?
Just say yes.
I'll think about it.
You will marry me?
I'll go
and think about it at home.
No, it has to be now.
You want to turn me down.
After I have knelt down for you.
I won't talk to you again.
Okay, I accept.
- You will marry me?
- I accept.
Say, "I will marry you."
I accept.
Don't make me bite my tongue.
- Thank you baby!
- Don't shout.
I love you so much.
Yeah, she said she'll marry me!
Don't shout,
so that people won't
hear what just happened.
Hey! Hello?
I've been running
to meet up. You've not closed.
How much bread do you want?
Em, give me What did you say?
What type of bread
do you want to buy?
Give me two loaves
of wheat bread. The sliced one.
White one. Two.
Then do you have the fruit bread roll?
- Yes.
- Give me two packets.
- Ah, Sunmi!
- Yes?
Bring that fruit bread.
A customer wants to buy it.
- How much?
- Okay.
The price
in total is 1570 naira.
- How many?
- Bring two.
- You don't want to buy biscuit?
- No.
- What about groundnut?
- No.
- We have chin-chin.
- I said, no!
I keep counting
my money over and over again.
I'm sorry.
Ah! The customer is even
lucky. There are only two left.
- Two just remaining for you.
- Here you go!
- Hey!
- Hey, Aunty Agy, don't touch me.
- Aunty Agy?
- Sunmi?
Don't touch me.
I don't understand. What is it?
Sunmi, it's me Aunty Agy.
We have been
searching for you but didn't see you.
- We've been looking for him since.
- I don't understand.
Sunmi, we've been searching for you.
Your mom has done
newspapers and television adverts.
Aunty Agy, please.
Don't call my name.
Just take your bread and leave.
do you know each other before now?
Todowede! These are the people
that chased me out of my house.
This is Aunty Agy. I told you about it.
Hey, me?
Chased you out of the house?
Sunmi, we didn't chase
you out. You and your mother had a fight.
You had an argument
with her. You took your car keys
and drove off.
We've not seen you since
then. We've been searching for you...
Hey, Aunty Agy!
Listen, I do not want to disrespect you.
- Can you please just shut up?
- Sunmi, we have...
No! Because that time
you were acting like you did not know me.
I came to the house, this woman,
Aunty Agy, you poured pepper on me!
You, you!
- Lie that you didn't pour pepper on me.
- Me?
Lie that you didn't pour pepper on me.
- You that I look...
- Leave me alone. Don't touch me!
She poured pepper on me,
called the dogs at me! Aunty Agy, me!
After everything that we've been through.
Please do not call my name.
Please leave. Just leave our shop, please!
- I nursed this boy.
- Who did you bathe?
I nursed this boy till his adulthood.
Yet he's saying that I called, me?
He's telling the truth.
When I went to the house,
the security man called
the dogs, Sniper and Tiger on me.
What are you saying?
Sunmi I See, your mom
now has high blood pressure.
Your mother has not been feeling fine.
Your sister has
given birth to another baby.
We've been looking for you.
- We've been looking for you for almost
- Five years, three months and 18 days!
Five years, three months and 18 days!
You guys chased me out. You guys
left me on the street. I was destitute.
- I was destitute, Aunty...
- Calm down.
No! Listen, you don't
understand. You don't understand.
If not for this woman here.
If not for this woman here,
I would have been on the streets.
She took me in, she loved me.
Meanwhile my family,
my family members
left me to live on the road.
And you come here
and you feel like you can call my name.
- Let's go home.
- See listen, listen to me, okay?
I do not want to disrespect you.
- You don't know me, I do not know you.
- I know you.
- I looked after you.
- You do not know me, I do not know you.
Where's her bread? No, leave me alone!
- Take your bread and go!
- Sunmi, calm down!
Take your bread and go.
I can hear the beep of the
Ah! Lord, thank you.
You're the great God!
Thank you, God.
Thank you, God.
He who kills and brings to life!
The King whose garment is fire.
Hey, Sunmi. God bless you.
Jah Jehovah Emmanuel, thank you Jesus.
- He's awake! He's awake!
- My son is awake! My son is awake!
- Sunmi is awake.
- Thank you Lord!
- Amen!
- Sunmisola, my dear.
Sunmisola, my dear.
- Hey, he's awake.
- Mommy's here. He's awake. Sunmisola.
Sunmi? Sorry, my dear.
- Sunmi?
- This is Mommy.
- See Mommy. Sunmi?
- Yes, Mommy.
Where's my wife?
He has been
saying that all along.
- He's dreaming, he's dreaming.
- I hope he's dreaming.
Where is Todowede, my wife?
Ha, I'm in trouble!
Madam, you know he's
been sleeping for a long while.
- It's not Todo. It's Mommy.
- Yes, Sunmi.
- No, no, don't
- Sunmi, wait!
Where's my wife?
You drove out in anger.
The very next morning,
we got a call
that you were in an accident.
- You have been in a coma.
- For how long?
Almost 16 days.
So I've been here all along?
Yes but, but,
but Aunty Agy and I,
we come here to see you every other day.
In fact, she comes everyday.
so you didn't disown me?
Disown you?
I reject that.
Why will I disown you? You're my son.
I love you, no matter what.
Sunmi, look at me.
No matter what! Ah, I can't disown you.
I don't understand.
Me too.
What about
What about
and the bakery?
Bakery? What
what or who is this Todowede?
Whether this is a he or a she?
What is this thing with who?
She's my wife.
Your wife?
And we
and we stayed together.
- And we loved each other.
- Ah!
That's a spiritual wife.
And she took care of me.
Do you want me to have hypertension?
Do you want me to just to, to
Pity me, please.
Stop doing this.
You know what?
You have been through so much.
I don't think there's
anything to worry about.
It is not unusual.
So, you're telling me
that it's all just a dream?
And that there's
nothing wrong with his brain?
He can recognize you, can't he?
Yes, he can.
Just that he can't recall,
he can't remember the accident.
- Just yet.
- Yes.
It's fine.
Em, all the tests we carried out
so far show that everything is okay.
It's not unusual for patients in a
coma to have such experiences.
It is actually a testament
to the activity of the brain
that we saw on monitor while he slept.
So, you give him all
his drugs and he'll fully recover.
- Thank you doctor, I'm really relieved.
- He'll fully recover.
I had a whole family.
There was Jugunu,
who was the owner of the bakery.
He was so nice to me.
And then there was Nolan, he was a rapper
and Riski-Baby who used to sell rice, and
And then there was this guy,
his name is "care who care for you."
And he cared for me so much, for me.
Mommy, I don't
I don't understand the love
they showed me because I had nothing.
And then,
there was Todowede.
She loved me unconditionally, Mommy.
She fought for me.
She gave me a home to sleep in.
I remember this
picnic that we had on the roof top,
the ghetto.
And I don't remember ever being so happy.
Mommy, I want to go back.
- God forbids that.
- You can't go back.
Mommy, please I just need that
your coconut rice. That's what I need.
Okay, I'm going to
tell Aunty Agy to make it.
No, I want you to make it. Ahn-ahn!
- No.
- No, it's your own I want, please.
- Why?
- Why not?
Buy butter bread!
- Aunt Agy is a good...
- Todowede!
- Todowede, what's that?
- Man, stop!
Stop this, son.
Son, come on. It's just a dream.
Mommy, if it's a dream, why
am I looking at her right now?
Careful! Oh my goodness!
- Todowede? Todowede?
- Todowede's butter...
Wait, your name is actually Todowede?
aren't you Iskilu's friend?
Em, okay listen, em
Please can I call you?
Ahn-ahn! For what?
Okay, you know what?
Can I buy bread, please?
Can you come to the house tomorrow
at 9:00 a.m. and ask for Sunmi?
Please, I want to buy bread.
I don't
have time for this rubbish.
How much bread do you want to buy
that you want me to come to your house?
Why can't you buy it here?
- I don't want nonsense.
- No I'm not, I'm not
I'm not misbehaving.
I'm actually being serious.
Can you Wait, you don't remember
You don't remember me?
You know what? Please come to the house
at 9:00 a.m. Ask for Sunmi.
Em, I want to buy all
the bread that you have in the morning.
- Fine bu...
- Okay?
- Ahn-ahn!
- Sorry. I'm sorry.
I thought you said
you're serious. So why are you touching me?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Please, 9:00 a.m.
Fine butter bread!
Todowede's butter bread!
Mommy, you know
you always say, you always say that
you know, I should find a way to
make something meaningful out of life?
I think, I mean,
it might not make sense, but
when I was in that coma,
I feel like God reset my brain.
Now I know what I want to do.
I'm glad.
So, what do you want to do?
okay, I'm just going to say it.
I want to start a bakery.
I want to start baking,
selling bread, pastries, you know
Make it like a whole franchise.
- What do you know about baking?
- Ah! Mommy,
it will shock you what
I know. I know everything.
I know how to bake it.
I know how to sell it.
I know how
to package it. I know how to make
I literally know how to mix
the flour and make the dough and
I'm not doing it alone as well. I have a
a partner and she's really...
And I'm guessing that there is also
She's, she's so brilliant and
And I feel like with both of
us coming together, we can,
- we can definitely make like a...
- Er, sorry. Sorry, ma.
Sunmi, there's a lady
outside that's looking for you.
She said that her name is Todowede.
- Ha!
- Yes.
- Can I?
- Yeah!