Break (2019) Movie Script

So, we're halfway
there right now.
Feeling great!
Waiting to go back up.
- I got you!
Vik, what do you think
of our crew?
Amazing! Super! I love it!
Except Den is an idiot.
- Man, she's got a fat ass.
- That's it!
Oh, so, you're alive?
Hey, ladies!
Hi there!
Roman Michalych is all yours.
Single, good-looking,
has a big business.
Let's not forget that, huh?
- Oh, yeah, Roma recently opened
a car-wash service.
- Hey, can I
get a hand over here?
- This is our guest of honor!
- The Christmas tree!
Our stuff is about to leave!
And here is our main man.
He's our hero.
You see how serious he is?
He's still organizing things.
Well, let's not disturb him.
Love you, and I'll see you
guys in about an hour
on that mountain over there,
for New Year's Eve.
Bye, now!
How much longer to the lift?
We're pretty close.
Yeah, looks like local art, huh?
Well, you sure know how to get
the party started, Kirill.
I'll hire you as my
party planner
to keep my guests entertained.
Why the hell are we
going up there, anyway?
This way is faster.
I told you we're late.
Roma, please hurry up, OK?
You're holding everyone up.
What do you mean, "holding
everybody up"?
Who got a Christmas tree?
Roma did, didn't he?
Who got booze after hours?
I did!
-What would we do without you?
Hey, look, I even got you a cat
for your birthday.
- Oh, here we go.
Roma's favorite story.
Forget it.
Babe, what are
they talking about?
It was me who hooked them
up at Kirya's birthday party.
Yeah, Roma's been trying
to get with her
for three months,
it didn't work out.
Hey, guys, look at that.
It's beautiful.
All right, guys. Family photo.
- Yeah! Yeah, yeah! Let's do it!
- Let's do it!
- No, guys.
- Come on!
- We don't have much time.
- Hold on. We'll be quick.
- Hold on. Hold on, just a sec.
- Oh, it's freezing!
I don't need that.
I just did my hair.
Picture, picture, picture.
Put this on. Hold this. Super.
Babe, put this on.
- Here?
- Yes, perfect. Super!
- Come on, say cheese!
- -Cheese!
It's on video!
All right, guys,
we really don't have much time.
But, Kir, wait.
Let's do a selfie.
You can see
everything just fine.
- Yeah, for sure. Let's freeze
our asses off for a selfie.
Now let's say "freeze-cheese!"
Excuse me.
Whoo! Happy New Year!
-Hey! Happy New Year, Masha!
- Yeah, you, too!
It's really loud over there.
-There's clapping.
All right, let's do it!
I'm scrolling through
your feed now and it sure
doesn't look like
you're on your way.
Yeah. I'm sorry,
I forgot to text you.
We ended up going
to the mountain with Kirill.
What do you mean?
Didn't you dump him?
Mash, he was being so good,
and I just... didn't want to
upset him on New Year's Eve.
All right. Kat, did you
go to the doctor?
Are you serious?
You're gonna keep the baby?
No, of course not.
They made an appointment
for after the holidays.
All right, don't sweat it.
Kirill understands that now...
now isn't the time.
I don't want Kirill to know.
It will be easier for me
that way.
OK. Hugs and kisses!
We'll see you when we get off
this mountain. Goodbye!
Hurry! Let's go!
Masha called me.
Yeah, I figured that out.
- Boo!
- What are you, stupid?
This is straight out of
a horror film.
What's this,
an achievement board?
What's wrong with you?
It's a shrine.
Holy crap. So many
people died here.
Like the saying goes,
"The mountains take theirs."
"Take theirs," huh?
You think they'll let us on?
It's pretty late.
Kat, I set this up a month ago,
at least.
Kirill, we got a situation.
How the hell did you
set this up?
- What happened?
- Oh, nothing.
The station closed
half an hour ago.
That's it. Happy New Year!
We had a deal! You promised me!
Hey, listen, man,
have you looked at the time?
New Year's in less than an hour.
You're late. I'm going. Goodbye.
Wait. Listen!
You either take us up, or else...
Or else what?
- What?
- What?!
You better chill out.
- Why are you so cocky?
- -What?
Roma, here, take a clementine.
Can I talk to you for a second?
Hold on. Wait, wait, wait.
Why you starting shit?
It's all good.
You set this up
a month ago? Hmm.
Let me ask you something.
- Have you ever been
to Yaroslavl?
Say what?
Well, I just found a postcard
with a view of Yaroslavl,
and I thought you
just might like it.
Come on, man, do us all
a big favor.
What am I, a cop?
- There are rules, you got that?
- Yeah, I get it, rules.
But we have a situation here.
It's really screwed up.
Hey, see these guys over there?
Well, apparently
they're in love.
Roma, get lost. What
do you want from me?
That guy over there,
he's got connections in Kavkaz.
Someone's coming right now
to wash away our sins,
and they're gonna kill us right
here if we don't go up.
Anyone got a postcard from
Five thousand.
All right, listen here.
The lift is automatic,
so don't touch anything
inside the cable car.
Got it.
Don't puke on the floor.
And don't jump out
of the cable car.
And keep the doors locked.
And don't even think about
fucking inside.
We'll do our best!
Let's go. Move it.
Has anyone seen my bag?
It's kind of brownish.
- Nope.
- Nope.
I may have left it at the
It's around here somewhere,
I saw it.
Is something important
inside it?
A wallet? Some money?
Forget it. We'll get it
on the way back.
Are you going or not?
Kirill, I'll buy you a new one.
Let's go, man.
All right, everyone out!
I'm gonna shut this thing down.
Hey, hey, hold up, old man.
We're going, we're going!
We're not going anywhere
without my bag.
What the hell, man?
You lost your bag,
now our celebration
gets fucked up?
- Katya, get out.
- What do you mean?
Get out. We're not going
Are you kidding?
I promised to make
a video from the top.
Screw the video! Can you just do
what I'm asking you to?
I'm staying here.
You can do whatever you want.
Kirill, enough. Let's go.
You guys ready or not?
- Katya!
- Yo, start her up, old man!
You guys are nuts.
Yeah, guys, enough!
Me and Den argue like this
five times a day.
I don't know.
Everything happens for a reason.
Hey, Katya,
don't worry about it.
Some guys just need more
easygoing girls.
Roma, don't get involved, OK?
What? What? You think that real
men don't act like that?
Katya, I'm sorry...
but if I was Kirill, well, I
sure wouldn't let you go, girl.
On New Year's Eve,
with a cute car-wash owner?
Yeah, anyway, everything that
happens for the best.
Love yourselves, stay active
like me,
and show some love!
Are you serious?
Have you ever watched
my channel?
Where do you think
all your likes come from, huh?
Ah, beautiful people, smile!
Come on, it's New Year's Eve!
Ah, give me that.
Why, you don't use your hands?
- Roma, try to be careful, OK?
- Katya, it's all good.
You're with me.
And that means
you're as safe as you can be.
Oh, I don't doubt it.
That's enough.
let's be together.
What's wrong?
How you spend your
New Year's Eve
is how you're gonna
spend the New Year.
Let's do it... OK?
Maybe you should slow down
a little bit.
Damn it.
We're here. Is this a joke?
Well, it looks like
the power's out.
But this kind of shit
happens here.
I wonder for how long?
- I don't know. Maybe
until the morning.
- Den?
Now what?
No worries. They'll turn on
the backup generator soon.
Yeah, if they actually have one.
Guys, we've been up here
for about 15 minutes now.
Hey, Roma, you going out
for a walk, or what?
Uh huh.
Are you crazy?
Can a guy take a piss in peace?
Seriously, you can't hold it?
Katjush, holding it
is very, very bad
for a young man, all right?
Roma, lock the door
and hand over the key.
Get them yourself.
My hands are busy.
I can give you the one
for my room.
There's a bathroom and a
All right, much lighter.
Light as a feather
and ready to go.
Thanks, bro!
I wanted to take a piss and
ended up almost shitting myself!
It's my job, baby.
How about a shot, anyone?
- Want some Pringles?
- No. No.
Hey, guys,
is this Kirill's? Huh?
I see you like to touch things
that aren't yours.
I'm looking for my hat.
What's this?
- Guys.
Now I get why he
freaked out so much.
Hey, Santa Claus,
we found your goody bag here.
Great. Congratulations.
Well, maybe you'll join us?
I suggest you get
your sleigh ready.
You could have
gotten a bigger one.
Tell Katya to throw it out.
Why are we throwing it away?
We might need it for ourselves.
Well, now. Holy shit.
Hey, Kirill really took
this shit seriously.
Did he for real want to fly
these things up there?
Why not? It's really cute.
Give it to me.
- Chill, Kat. I'm just playing.
- Except it's not funny.
Is it nice?
Well, he shouldn't
have stayed behind.
OK, maybe he really can't hear.
Think he got mad?
Thank you. Happy New Year to
you, too, all right?
All right, I love you.
Well, that's just great.
I'm not getting any bars.
Same here.
Yeah, my mom, my mom.
She really wants to meet my
So, tell me something. Do you
have any cute friends, perhaps?
I got a friend, though, and
you're just exactly his type.
Oh, don't start this
shit again. That's enough.
It's Kirill for sure,
playing with the controls.
Hey, guys, it's New Year's in a
few minutes.
Why are you all such party
poopers? Let's have fun, Katya!
- Don't be a party pooper!
- Who's a pooper?
- Let's go! You're
a pooper. Shit.
-Oh, yeah?
Yeah, only once in your life
you can spend
New Year's Eve like this.
Let's do it!
Here, come on, put some music
on. Come on, let's go!
-Hold on. Wait a minute.
The president's speech is
beginning soon. Let's go!
I'm on it.
- Oh, yeah!
- Hey!
The customer you are
calling is unavailable.
Three! Two!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, everyone!
Happy New Year!
- Come on, come on, come on.
- Chop-chop.
Let's go! Three, two, one!
Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!
- Come on, drink up!
- Hurray! Hurray!
- Where's the Champagne?
And just as I promised,
a video from our party.
This is the best New Year
of my life!
You guys, let's take pictures!
Come on, come on.
- One, two...
- Look alive! Look alive!
We're stuck in a cable car,
and if you think about
how high we are,
it's actually pretty cool.
What? It's fun!
Yeah, we got a ton of food
and plenty of booze!
We can survive the end of the
world up here baby,
not just New Year's Eve!
Our wonderful buffet.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Hey, guys,
wake up!
Guys, they're coming to get us.
What happened? Bad dream?
Why are you yelling, huh?
I thought I saw something.
Let's not yell anymore, OK?
Denis, what time is it?
Hello there. You guys up?
Babe, are you crazy?
Don't scare us like that again.
What do you mean?
What was I supposed to do,
leave a note?
Doesn't look like
anyone's looking for us, right?
- Maybe it's too early.
- Too early for what?
To save people, Katya?
We could be sitting in
a nice hot tub right now,
but, no, we just had to go up...
Stop whining.
Start thinking about
what we're going to do.
No, wait. Tell me, why is it
that every single January 1st,
it's always our shift?
It's called discrimination.
Who else do they have?
All those men are
nothing but drunks.
So what? Maybe I want
to get drunk, too?
Maybe I got a life as well?
Well, there's no reception.
And it doesn't look like anyone
realized we're stuck up here.
Yeah, yeah, you're a genius.
How is it possible
nobody's looking for us?
What do you see? Anything?
We're in a cloud, guys.
We can try to go down the cable.
Are you insane?
Vik, tell him that's a bad idea.
All right, I heard you!
Yeah, I think it's about 100
meters, if not more.
Guys, I think the old man
at the station
got drunk and passed out.
Let's just wait it out
until somebody gets here.
Katya, the trail only opens at
8:00 a.m.
That means somebody
should notice
at the beginning of the shift.
9:00 a.m.
They actually rescued us
an hour ago.
Well, maybe something's broken
and they're fixing it.
Help us! Help!
Help! Somebody, help us!
Help us, please!
Scream a little louder,
maybe someone will hear you.
Dammit. Look at this mess
he left us here.
It's crazy!
He never even signed out.
Oh, here we go.
What is it?
All right, we've got to ration
the food here, OK?
And please don't touch
the flares, all right?
Listen, we'll melt the ice
and ration the water.
This is all we got left.
Hey, who put you in charge?
You got any better ideas?
At least we have more than
enough food.
Yeah, sure. It's so cold it's
like a fridge in here.
Relax, relax. There's got to be
something here in case of
Like what? A panic button?
Oh, look at this. This has got
to be an emergency exit.
That means there's also
a harness somewhere.
Yeah, maybe a parachute.
Well, let's look.
Even if you do find one, what
are you gonna do with it?
It makes no sense.
Yeah, it makes no sense
why we're up here anyway.
Well, nobody forced you, Roma.
What's going on?
Isn't it working?
The cable car is stuck
in the middle of the trail.
- What's the reason?
Who knows.
I'm gonna call the repair team,
let them figure it out.
Where am I gonna find someone
on New Year's Day?
Maybe you should
go and have a look.
Svetochka, I'm very sorry,
but there's no way I'm
going down there.
All right, we'll figure it out.
Hang on.
I can hardly wait.
All right.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
This is what I'm talking about!
Here's a harness.
I told you guys.
This is what they use to get
people down.
All right, now all we need
is a rope.
What for?
To hang ourselves?
Seriously, guys, this is stupid.
Even if everybody at that
station is already gone,
Kirill is definitely
looking for us.
He's very busy looking for
a new girl and thinking about
how he's gonna get her laid.
Hey, that's enough!
Just look for a rope.
Yes. Hi, hi.
Oh, Kirjusha! Come here
and wish me a Happy New Year.
-Happy New Year.
Kirjushen'ka, we want
to wish you and Katya
a wonderful and Happy New Year!
Kirjush, Kirjush, tell us where
you and Katjusha are, all right?
- When are you
getting married already?
-When's the wedding? We'd like...
I don't know
Looks like never.
Why? What's going on?
- Listen, Mom.
- Kirjush, what happened?
I'll call you back.
I love you.
There's nothing but garbage.
This is just amazing.
We've got a freaking
harness here
but no rope to get down with.
What are you looking at
over there?
Just looking for your
panic button.
When I get down there...
I'm gonna bury them all myself.
Two hours.
The second shift is probably
having their lunch right now.
Shit! There should be a line
up the lift right now.
It's high season,
for crying out loud!
It took us an hour to get here.
Oh, hi. How long is the wait
for the lift?
It's closed for renovations.
- And what can we do now?
- Down there.
- Go down the hill.
There's a new line now.
No, but really...
just toss this thing over...
and use the cable here
to go down to the station.
- Brilliant idea!
- -Why not?
The cable goes this way.
You'll just get stuck in there
and hang like an idiot.
- You guys, chill, OK?
- For sure.
We're all just gonna chill now.
A magician will come down
in a blue helicopter
and will rescue us any minute.
Yeah, well, if we can't go down,
then... maybe we can go up?
Yeah, you know, like Thai people
who climb up the trees
for coconuts.
- That will do it.
- Give it here.
What? No good?
- Wait a minute.
- Vik, don't do it.
You looked here already, no?
- What? When did you find it?
- What does that even matter?
- What do you mean,
"Why does it matter?"
Are you fucking crazy?
You guys, I swear I thought
they were going get us out.
Maybe use your brain!
Who's gonna save you up here?
Your pretty boyfriend Kirill?
- Hey, calm down.
- Why calm down?
Who the fuck are you?
Who put you in charge here?
No, who the fuck are you?
You know this is more serious
than bungee jumping.
Well, you better watch your
Unbelievable! How long can we
sit up here?
- So you'd rather be dead?
- Everyone, shut up!
The last thing we
need is a fight.
This is our last chance, guys.
There are four of us.
Should be easy to get one down.
Yeah. Looks like the rope
should be long enough.
So, what, you're acting so
brave, are you?
Well, she is the lightest.
What about your dear Katjusha?
Should she go?
Shut up! Seems fair to me.
Roma, watch your mouth. You
hear me?
It's fine, I'll go.
We're all out of
clementines, anyway.
All right, cool.
Wait a second.
Why don't you go?
What do you mean?
What I mean is there
are other men here.
- Babe, enough.
- What enough?
How convenient.
He's also lighter, right?
You got a problem with me?
- Yeah, I do!
- Vik!
You were quick to open the door
when you needed to piss,
but when it's time to go down,
you're a pussy?
Listen, sister, you better keep
your mouth shut,
or I'll shut it for you!
You motherfucker!
- Denis, stop it!
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
Enough, you guys! Stop it!
Stop it!
I'm gonna throw this
thing the fuck out!
Hey, everyone.
It's day two inside the cable
And it's not that much fun
because it's fucking freezing
in this place.
But I think we've figured
something out.
Yeah. Den, what are we making?
A safety harness or...?
Well, yeah, sort of a
safety harness.
So it looks like we're gonna
hook me up to this rope here,
and the guys are going
to let me down,
and the middle of the rope
will be tied to the rail.
In case you guys let go,
I won't fall all the way down,
and, you know, hopefully
Well, I know it looks like
fun and games, but it's not,
so, kids, please don't try this
at home, whatever you do.
Don't try it.
Yeah, New Year is very
Yo, brother, you got to record
this kind of shit.
Babe, please be careful.
Listen, if I'm not back in an
hour, just...
just call the cops.
All right, you guys,
I'm out of here.
And don't open the door
to strangers.
OK, Dad. Can you grab the
garbage on your way out?
Wait, wait, wait!
Pull me back!
There's not enough rope!
Why is he so heavy?
Looks like he
really wants back up.
Hey! Hey!
I said pull me back up!
- To the airport.
- Alone? Are you sure?
Murderer! You killed him!
Why did you kill him?
Vik, we could have fallen.
Why did you do that?
You killed him! Why?
We would have fallen down.
Do you understand? Everyone.
Me, Katya. Understand?
You're lying!
You're lying!
Go ahead, tell us!
Tell us!
Say it! How did you kill him?
Vik, what's the matter with you?
How did you kill him? Tell us!
No, Vik, don't.
There's snow.
There's lots down there,
and it's soft as well.
He's alive.
He's alive, I'm sure.
They have to save him.
Of course they'll save him,
for sure.
What did you say? "Save him"?
So you'll do it.
Right now, go down there and
save him.
Right now.
Vik, we would have both fallen.
Why the hell are you
defending him?
Go and get your ass to the door!
OK. What do we do? What do we
I'm cold. I'm...
Oh, what do we do?
What do we do?
Your hands!
Your hands are cold!
Come on, help me!
I don't know how to.
We need to stop the bleeding
with something.
I'm so cold.
- Higher or lower?
- Hold up.
A vein or an artery?
What color is this?
- Shut the hell up!
We need to make a hole.
I'm so cold.
This is pointless!
We're not doctors.
Vik, don't fall asleep!
Vik, don't fall asleep. You hear
me, Vik? Look at me! Come on!
Hey! Over here!
Den, let's stay home.
We're here!
- Shit.
- Den.
Get the flare! Hurry up!
Get on the roof!
Vik! Vik, they're coming for us!
You hear them?
Katya, hurry up with the flare!
Let's go, let's go.
Vik, you hear me?
Over here!
Over here!
Come on.
We're over here!
Help, please! Help!
Please help us!
That's it.
- They'll... They'll come back.
- Katya...
Katya, are you stupid?
That's it, we all
just fucking died!
Shall I tell you
whose fault is it?
Why don't you calm down!
They'll be back, I'm sure.
Calm down!
They will come back!
Everyone owes you everything!
Now, move!
Are you crazy? Get away from me!
Who cares about you?
Move away from the door.
Why do you look so upset?
Get in a fight with
your girlfriend?
Don't worry, you're still young.
You'll find someone better.
You can never understand
these women.
Today she likes you, tomorrow
she doesn't.
You bitch!
She's dead already.
All you had to do
was light the goddamn flare.
Let's try again.
Let's try together.
We... We need to...
We need to open the door
from the outside.
We're too high up.
I can't reach it.
All you need to do
is to get a little lower.
Rom, this is stupid! Rom!
Yeah, I'm gonna hold you tight,
don't worry. It's OK. Trust me.
I got you. Trust me.
The door is almost open.
Come on.
Together, one more time.
Come on. Rom!
Rom, let's go!
Rom. Please, Rom.
That's it. It's
all your fault, Katya.
Get away!
Get away! Come on, move it!
Come on, move, Rom!
Oh, are we upset?
Katjusha, where are you going?
You're gonna fall.
Katjush, hold on
or you're gonna fall!
Katjush, hold on or you'll fall!
Katjush, we're on
the same team, babe.
Come here, babe. Come on.
Come on!
Bitch! I'll get you.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Where are you going, huh?
Where are you going?
Come here! Come on!
Come on!
Come on, Katjusha!
Come on, a little more. Come on.
We're on the same team.
Come here.
Vik, come on.
OK, let's have a look.
Oh, yeah, very sexy legs.
- Katya, I hope this isn't live.
- It is.
Because I'm not ready.
Not too shabby.
Come here and give me a kiss.
We're at the airport.
No, nobody came to room 237.
Thank you.
- What do you mean?
- It's exactly what I said.
- All the keys are right here.
- Yes, well, wait a minute.
My friends from room 237,
what about them?
Hello? Hello?
Yes, my friends from room 237,
are they there?
The same thing, sir.
There's no one there.
Uh huh.
Hold on. Let me check
one more time.
No. No, sorry. Nobody.
OK. Thank you.
Wait! Wait!
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Let's go back.
Wake up.
Please, Vik.
Don't do this to me.
Just like that.
Much better.
Please. I'm begging you.
No, no, no!
Are you fucking...
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Hey, Kir.
I hope you get
to watch this video.
I want there to be only...
one view. From you.
I think that...
this is the perfect time
to say goodbye.
Don't think I'm giving up
or anything.
It's just my phone
is gonna die soon.
I'm sorry, Kir.
I... I know that I was wrong
I was just afraid
to be like everyone else.
I remember, I read somewhere
that a person
isn't born special.
You become special
thanks to your people.
You were enough for me.
I want you to know that.
I want to show you something.
Yes, I do.
I mean, if you
still want to marry me.
Because now...
we're a real family,
you understand?
A mom, a dad...
and a baby.
I don't know if it's a boy or a
girl, but it doesn't matter...
because I...
I already love it so much.
Please, forgive me.
Forgive me for
not telling you earlier.
If you can, because...
I can't forgive myself.
I love you so much.
Bye, love.
I think today's
weather will be a real trial,
guys, for the whole region.
Stay safe.
It's been Aleksandr Pon
and Igor Pankov.
- We'll try to create a mood...
- OK. Thank you. Thank you.
I really need to get
up there, please.
Now? There's no way, man.
Look at the snowstorm coming.
Please, let me go up, right now!
Not now, friend!
Go up next time.
How can I get up there?
All the way straight,
all the way up.
Iceman, stop!
Daddy! Daddy, look! Balloons!
Here you are!
- Look, look, look, quick!
- Look, Daddy!
- Flying! They're flying!
- Can you see?
I will not...
die here!
What the hell?
I can't reach anyone.
Hello? Sveta, can
you hear me? Sveta!
We have a situation here,
an accident. Can you hear me?
I don't know. I found him
hanging in the engine room.
Call the rescue team now!
Hurry up already!
The cable car dropped
from the cable!
Can you hear me? Can you
hear me, Sveta?
Were there people in it?
I can't see it, it's
behind the mountain.
Were there people
in the cable car?
What people?
I personally brought
everyone down
yesterday when
I started my shift.
There are no people there.
Nothing's working since
December 31st.
Where are you going?
Look, the wheel is blocked!
The rescue team is on their way!
Shit! It's not working!
Do it!
Pull it! Come on!
I said do it now!
Pull harder!
Come on!
Start her up!