Break (2024) Movie Script

[somber music building]
[Hattie] I told your daddy
to play a straight game.
And that's how he always did it.
Even when he shouldn't have.

[machine whirring]
[indistinct conversation]
-Yo, Jav.
- What up, Eli?
-[Eli] What do we got?
-These are for table seven.
[quiet conversation]
There you go.
[rock music playing
over speaker]
Table for two? Okay.
[Eli] Yo, Jav.
Who's the new hostess?
-She's uh--
-Out of your league.
She's the owner's daughter.
Dream on, Aerosmith.
[announcer over TV]
Here we go, 8-13...
[indistinct] 75.
Well, this is
an interesting turn.
Mom say when she'd be home?
[announcer over TV]
He's been so consistent
up until this point.
So, cosine is opposite over...
Cosine is adjacent
over hypotenuse.
Look, I don't need
help with this.
[door clicks open]
[door shuts close]
[announcer over TV] [indistinct]
[Leslie chuckling]
[announcer over TV] We've been
waiting a long time...
-[Eli sighs]
-[door clicks open]
[door shuts close]
What a night. [sighs]
[announcer over TV]
[indistinct] 8-16.
What, you really watching that?
It's the 9-ball championships.
It's way past
Jenna's bedtime, Eli.
She was waiting for you,
but she were out working late.
What the hell
is that supposed to mean?
What do you think?
Your father left
10 years ago, Eli.
What do you want me to do?
Good night.
[Leslie sighs]
[melancholy music plays]
Why do they keep sending these?
You know that's what she needs.
Do you have any idea
how expensive this school is?
You don't.
[door rattles open]
[door slams]

[drawer rattling]

[Cheese] This is
what I was telling you about.
'69 Torino, totally stocked.
My uncle bought it new,
if you can believe that.
Only wants 46k for it.
That's the family price.
Yeah, we missed you last night.
I was sleeping
when you texted me.
Well, tomorrow
there's a hockey party.
It's going to be off the hook.
And I saw [indistinct]
at those things,
so you gotta come.
All right, I'm in.
Hey, my boy's back
from the dead.
Yo, I'll scoop you,
seeing as your ass
still can't drive.
You know, because of your whole
drinking and driving DUI thing.
Back when you were fun.
Yo, any of you girls 18?
My God, dude,
you are so embarrassing.
I'm so sorry.
He's not sorry.
You're not sorry, shut up.
Oh shit, I'm going to be
late for my shift.
You-- ask for a ride.
I'll see you tomorrow night.
[trap music playing]
[indistinct chatter
and laughter]
That was the girl
I was telling you about.
Every party.
Yo, what up, baby?
What was that?
Yo, I told you,
you gotta reapply.
So you can get yourself
some choice sorority pussy.
-[Eli] Dude.
-[Cheese] What?
[Eli] Never say that again.
-You're a late motherfucker.
-I would've been early,
but your mom wanted
a second round.
So I guess I am a motherfucker.
[Draper laughs]
These are college kids?
What you don't know
won't hurt ya.
[Draper] Yeah,
that's definitely not the case.
Come on, white boy.
Good doing business with you.

Hey, hey,
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
[Cheese] Eli.
I know it's been a minute,
but this is a party.
You know, people come together,
have fun, make new friends.
["One in a Million"
by Curtis Cole & Ofrin]
[indistinct conversation]

Sorry. I know that girl.
Looks like you love that girl.
I mean, I get it. She is fine.
Uh, her friend is too.
You should go talk to her, bro.
Her dad's my boss, Cheese.
Who the fuck cares?
If you don't go, I'm going to.
No, don't do that, pl--
What's up, ladies?
Hey, one in a million
[pop music plays]
-[Millie giggling]
-I guess you're kind of funny.
I'm very funny.
You should get to know me more.
-Hey, Eli.
I'm sure he was just--
We were actually
just talking about you.
This is my friend, Abby.
Hi, Eli. You go to school here?
-No, I um--
-My boy works for a living.
So how do you two
know each other?
We grew up on the same block.
Same schools, same summer camps.
Oh my gosh,
like same everything.
We just got back from Italy.
Oh, Italy's dope.
-Have you been?
-[both] Nope.
We go to Eddie's all the time.
Best Italian spot in Detroit.
We've been going
since we were kids.
Cheese is my best friend.
I've known him my whole life.
Where are you guys from?
My dad grew up in Southfield.
And look where he is now.
There's hope for you yet, Eli.
[Cheese] If you weren't so fine
I'd think
you're acting like a bitch.
She grows on you.
So does he.
[Trevor] Milly.
What the fuck you doing
talking to these losers?
[Abby] Hey, Trevor.
[Cheese] Yo, Trev.
Your brother invited me.
And I've brought
some of that fine kush.
No, I don't smoke that shit.
-That boy.
-Just chill out, man.
Hey, hey.
Listen, townie, okay?
You're gonna
grab your friend here
and you're gonna
get the fuck out.
why don't we grow up, Trevor?
You'll get out too,
you little slut.
-Watch your fucking mouth.
-Okay, hey, hey.
Who the fuck
do you think you are?
Are you looking to get
a stick up your ass?
I can show you
how to use that if you want.
I'll tell you what.
You win, we'll leave.
I win, you apologize to her
for being so fucking rude.
Oh, man,
he's got to be kidding me.
I am the best player
in here by a mile.
You got nothing to worry about.

Well, look at these faggots.
When you lose,
my boys and I
are going to pound on you.
[party din]
Rack 'em!
[indistinct chatter]
[dramatic music plays]

All right, Eli.
Let's see what you got.
[crowd exclaiming]
[Trevor] Oh,
this is gonna be a breeze.
-[crowd exclaims]
-[Trevor] Shit.

You better make something.

[crowd exclaiming]
[crowd cheering]
[Trevor] You got fucking lucky.
Let's go again.
Rack 'em, let's play.

[woman cheers]
[man] Whoa!

[crowd cheering]
[applause and whistling]
You gonna apologize?
-The fuck I am.
-[men] Oh.
He looks sorry enough.
[rap music playing]
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
Bro, I haven't seen you play
like that in years, man.
-It was insane.
-Dude, it was an easy run out.
Whatever. I'm gonna get a beer.
-Do you want one?
-I'm good.
[party din]
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
-[Trevor] There you are!
[people exclaiming]
-[man] What the fuck?
-[Draper] Excuse me. What's up?
What the fuck are you doing?
Yo, back the fuck up. Back up.
Y'all not finna run a train
on my man over here.
-Get up.
Y'all fucking clueless?
Yeah, train.
Get the-- get the fuck back.
Bet you're lucky
you have that gun, otherwise--
Yeah, well, I do. So try me.
Best believe I don't need
this fucking gun.
Back the fuck up.
Let's go. Let's go!
-What about my boy?
-Let's go. Fuck your boy.
Night, ladies.
[indistinct lyrics]
Let's go.
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
[Draper exclaims]
Now that was the business.
Those frat boys
were a bunch of bitches.
[laughing] Yo.
You can take a punch, man.
It's impressive.
[groans] You gotta love Detroit.
I don't know who you are,
but why'd you help me?
Let's get to first base.
Where you learn
how to play like that?
Dude, I--
I just want to go home.
I just saved your ungrateful ass
from being sodomized
by that hockey team--
All right,
yeah, yeah, you're right.
I'm Eli.
So what?
You always shock unsuspecting
kids at frat parties?
Dude, I haven't played in years.
[Draper scoffs] No shit.
Man, where you live?
Southfield, but I can just
grab the bus up at Woodward.
Southfield. [Draper laughs]
Magic white boy from
the outskirts.
Game recognizes game.
Listen to me.
You got serious game.
So hear me out.
I'm part of this special club.
It's kind of like
the last of its era.
It's a billiard brotherhood.
We could use some new blood.
Listen, man.
The kind of talent that
you got don't come around often.
Real talk.
Okay, you--
you might be a little rough...
but I could see it.
You could be something
real fucking special.
Think about it.
[engine humming]
[trap music playing]
-[Draper] Where you at?
-Right, right up here is good.
[Draper] Up here?
[engine revving]
My number's on there.
When you're ready to play,
call me.
What is this?
[scoffs] Just watch it.

One more thing.
You stroke the ball
just like your daddy did.
[engine rumbling]
[suspenseful music playing]
[announcer] Tommy King.
-There it is.
[announcer] Okay.
Let's show how it's done.
[announcer chuckling]
[announcer] [indistinct
have no chance.
Oh. Yes, sir.
[billiard balls clattering]
[announcer laughing]
That's the [indistinct]
right there.
That's the man right there.
[melancholy music plays]
[indistinct shouting]
[music fades]
[machines whirring, clattering]
-[Draper] Hello.
-Hey, Draper.
-Who is this?
-It's Eli.
-I thought you were gonna call.
-I bet you did.
I got something to show you.
I'm gonna take you
to the spot where he played.
-That's right.
I'll pick you up at 8:00.
-Yeah, I'm in.
-All right, man. Peace.
Now, this spot
is the last one hanging around.
There used to be
a bunch of them.
They used to be popping.
Now it's just
a bunch of old timers.
But we got a tight crew.
Once you get to know them.
After all the factories
shut down,
everything fell off.
Man, this city
used to have pride.
We used to make things.
Now, look at it.
The Loving Touch
in all its glory.
I think I remember this place.
My dad used to play here,
didn't he?
He didn't just play here.
Tommy made it feel like home.
Until shit hit the fan
with him and Jimmy.
I can't believe
it's been 10 years.
the place
is just like he left it.
-[indistinct chatter]
-[billiard balls clattering]
[indistinct conversation]
[upbeat music plays
over speaker]
[indistinct lyrics]
Baby, baby
[indistinct lyrics]
Don't even think about it,
These eyes never miss a thing.
Must be that glaucoma, old man.
Luckily for you.
-How you doing?
-All right.
[man speaking indistinctly]
[Draper] Scratch it.
What's up, babe?
How you feeling?
Babe? Seriously, Draper?
What's the young white boy
doing here?
Damn, Dee. So disrespectful.
You're talking
to royalty right here.
This is Tommy King's kid.
I haven't heard that name
around here in a minute.
A couple of beers
for me and Eli.
Actually, don't drink.
You want a game?
I really only play 8-ball.
Round here's all nine ball.
Fast, flashy, and cashy.
I could set up a couple games.
[bar din]
Who's that guy over there
taking notes?
That would be Jimmy.
-He's a stake horse.
He fronts money for their game.
It's a good hustle.
That's the guy
you were talking about?
Yeah, don't worry about him.
I gotta take a piss.
Just chill here.
[indistinct chatter]
What the hell
are you gawking at, kid?
-Nothing, I just thought that--
-You just thought
that whatever nonsense
you feel like talking
is more important
than what I'm doing?
What's up, Jim?
Baby boy's with me.
Well, maybe
you shouldn't be bringing kids
around a place like this,
[Hattie] Draper,
you bringing kids in here?
Hey, damn, Hattie, hold on.
This ain't just some kid.
This is Tommy's boy.
Tommy's boy?
[Draper] Tommy King.
Can't you see it?
I haven't laid eyes on that face
since you were
just a little one.
This ain't a place for you.
Draper, get him home.
You and me gonna have a talk
when you get back.
Well. [clears his throat]
[man] Damn it.
Look, Hattie knew your dad
better than anyone.
All his history.
If she wants you gone,
you're gone.
Let's go.
[doleful music playing]
[dog barking in the distance]

[Javier] I'm out.
My girl's off work.
Oh, we're gonna do
bad things tonight.
[Eli] Ooh, I see you.
What about you, Eli?
What bad things
do you like to do?
[Eli chuckles]
[upbeat music playing
over speaker]
Here's your cut of tips
for the day.
Call me
if you have any questions.
Shut up.
[brakes squeaking]
[suspenseful music playing]
Eli, what's up, kid?
I knew you'd come back.
I'm ready to play.
Haven't had
this out in forever.
I'm digging that...
but you heard Hattie.
-She said no go, so I don't--
-I'll talk to Hattie.
[bar din]
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct lyrics]
Yes you do
[indistinct lyrics]
[knocking on door]
I knew you were coming back.
The apple don't fall far
from the tree.
I just want a place to play.
Why's it gotta be here?
Maybe I can learn something
about who he was here.
Come on, Hattie. I'll lock up.
I'll clean the bathrooms.
You think I'm giving the keys
to this place to you, kid?
You're crazy.
Hattie, please.
[quiet, emotional
music building]
This is how it's gonna be,
and there ain't no other way.
You here under special terms.
No drinking, no gambling,
and no little pasty friends
of yours running around.
You got a deal.
It ain't a deal, child.
It's a warning.
I'm only gonna say it once.
Always remember
to map the table.
Think three shots ahead.
Never forget the target line.
Harsh shots without position
get you nowhere.
Consistency is everything.
You see all these guys?
They could be great,
but they don't put in the work.
[determined music playing]
[Jimmy chuckling]
[Draper] All right.
Commit to every shot
in nine ball.
Only pivot when you have to.
Fast sets,
fast shots, fast dough.
Eli boy,
put a coaster under that leg.
Table's been sawed down.
Why don't you break?
I've heard them go on and on
about your dad for years.
["Good to You"
(feat T.J. Wilkins) by D Mills]
You know why
they called him King?
It wasn't just
because of your last name.
He commanded the game.
Out there,
things could be going sideways.
But in here, he was a magician.
Never lost a set.
What? He-- he never lost?
Not once?
Not when it mattered.
Until Jimmy finally beat him.
But that game?
Someone was off with that game.
Draper, if Tommy
was such a straight shooter,
why are you trying
to turn this kid into a hustler?
we live in a world of hustlers.
You either learn
how to play like them,
or you get played by them.
We don't have to rush
we can take it slow
Don't forget that shit.
Baby let me take you
to a higher place
Oh, baby let's get...
[phone beeping]
-[Millie] Hello.
-Millie, it's Eli.
Eli? I was wondering
when you're gonna call.
What are you doing tonight?
I'm going
to my favorite music store
in [indistinct].
-[indistinct] Records.
-You know it?
-I love that place. Yeah, yeah.
You want to
meet me there at 4:00?
Yeah, I'll see you there.
[Millie chuckles] Bye, Eli.
Who's Millie?
A friend.
How's your pterodactyl?
Th-- this is a nemicolopterus.
Sorry about what happened
at the party the other night.
[Eli] Oh, you heard about that.
Of course I did. I was upstairs.
You know,
those aren't my people, right?
Abby, she used to date that guy.
Actually, she used to date
half of those guys.
As long as you didn't,
then we're good.
No, I'm not-- not like that.
I know you're not.
How would you know that?
I can just tell.
-You're not what I expected.
-Oh, yeah?
barely finished high school.
Got a DUI.
At least you asked
around about me.
I like surpassing expectations.
How do you like Wayne State?
I go to Mercy.
Oh, she fancy.
-Shut up.
-Come on.
I love that song.
My dad always used
to tell me about
how it's one of the rarest
Motown records.
He tried to buy it off of him
a couple of times.
He told him
it wasn't for sale at any price.
My dad and I used to
listen to Motown
all the time growing up.
Mine too.
Miracles and Stevie Wonder.
The Temptations.
God, I have so many of these.
Me too.
I took you for more of a jock
than a music aficionado.
I'm a jock of all trades.
Good one, Eli. [giggling]
I still have
all my dad's old records.
He used to play some of these
guys back in the day.
That's really cool.
So what's your father
actually like?
Um, well, he works a lot.
Even though he doesn't really
have to anymore
with his real estate
and businesses.
He came from nothing,
and I think that's why
he protects
what he has so fiercely.
He always says,
"If I can do it, anyone can."
Which is obviously bullshit.
But I love him and respect him.
Just not my role model.
Yeah, my dad's definitely
not my role model either.
-So you have two brothers?
but I wouldn't say
we're very close.
Um, what about you?
I have a little sister, Jenna.
-We're super close.
What's she like?
She's smart, funny.
She's on the spectrum.
Super blunt.
-[Millie giggling]
-I don't know why more people
don't speak their mind
like she does.
You know,
I still can't believe
I'd never had
one of these before.
-[Millie chuckling]
-How is that possible?
I guess I just don't come down
here very often.
Hmm. Right, right.
The wrong side of the tracks.
-That is not what I meant.
-No, no, no.
I get it. I get it.
More country clubs and
Coney dogs and Grosse Pointe.
Right, because I was raised
on Arnold Palmer's
and club sandwiches.
-Very proper.
-Sounds good.
-It was.
[both chuckling]
I, um...
feel like I should
kiss you right now,
but with your dad being my boss
and everything,
-I don't know.
-Right. Mm-hmm.
You know?
Yeah, you're the proper one,
Eli King.
[both chuckling]
I guess I am.
["My Lonely Room" by Roy Young]
We should hold on
for dear life
Never thought
I'd see the day my dear
[indistinct shouting]
[phone buzzing]
-[Draper] Yo, Eli.
I got game for you tonight.
Couple solid players.
No one you can't take.
King, I need someone
to cover for Bill tonight.
You want the shift?
I'm busy, Mike. Thanks, though.
[Draper] Eli?
-Yeah, yeah, I'm here.
Yeah, yo, I-- I'm in.
[suspenseful music plays]
You ready to make some money?
What about Hattie?
Her rules
are more like guidelines.
You don't think
she knows what goes on here?
How else will she keep
this place open?
Just don't go
telling her about it.
Listen, man, I can't lose
what I don't gamble.
Right now, I can't afford
to lose at all.
I told you, I'll stake you.
But if you win, I keep 70%.
-And if I lose?
You don't even know
what we got here.
Quiet white boy,
out of his element.
These guys,
they won't even know
what hit them.
We could capitalize on that shit
and make some fucking money.
He's gonna miss it. Watch.
Okay, let's do it.

[dynamic music playing]

[music fades]
Would have been a lot more
if you won that last game.
More to come.
[door slams]
A little late to be wandering
the Corridor, kid.
It's dangerous for someone
like you around here.
You don't want to end up
like your daddy, do you?
What is that supposed to mean?
It means...
Tommy never knew
when he was beat
till it was too late.
He had to run away.
All I'm saying is,
you should do the same.
Or you'll end up the same.
[car door shuts]
[engine revving]
[Eli] Did they say why Mom
couldn't pick you up
from school today?
and she's working late.
My favorite dinosaurs
are the theropods.
The carnivores.
Since they went extinct,
more burgers for me.
[imitates growling]
Theropods aren't extinct,
but I will be if I don't get
back to my homework.
I have a report
on Detroit history
that I thought you
could help me with.
[Eli chuckles] You got it.
You know I'll always
be there to pick you up.
Come on, let's get you home.
I gotta get to work.
["Tempted" by The Hazelnuts]
I was tempted
Tempted by your smile
I was tempted
What are you doing tonight?
I'm just going to play pool.
Oh, well, since I'm not
doing anything, then...
It's kind of a rough spot
and I'm not really
supposed to bring anyone.
Come on.
-How do I say no to that?
-[Millie giggling]
-Come on.
I told Miss Hattie,
I told her 5,011 times,
I know cars, I don't know
about no goddamn jukeboxes.
-Sorry about my cursing, honey.
-I'm Millie.
Lovely to meet you, darling.
Eli boy, you know
Miss Hattie ain't about
-you having guests in here.
-I know, I know, but Ronald,
I, uh, I wanted to show her
where the magic happens,
you know?
Go ahead,
show her around the joint.
Thank you.
So what do you think?
-I think you should take a shot.
-Oh, I don't--
Just one.
-Come on.
You see that yellow ball?
That's your ball.
-Come more up here.
-A little bit more.
-Oh, my gosh.
There you go.
Okay, widen the feet.
Wilkinson for the win.
You got that
lovin' touch, girl.
-Yes, she does.
-[door clicks open]
Yes, she does.
Wilkinson, huh?
This one looks a little
out of your league, Eli.
You should go
for real men, darling.
Grown men.
[Eli] I don't think
she's into over-the-hill
hustlers like you, Jimmy.
You got your dad's mouth, kid.
Probably time
you put some money on it.
You think you got what it takes,
then let's play.
Jimmy, man, you know
what Miss Hattie said about--
Well, Miss Hattie
ain't gonna know about it, Ron.
Is she?
you're not up for it, Eli...
[ominous music building]
You always take this long?
You're on.
Next Thursday midnight.
Get your mommy
to stake you a grand.
Hope you can make it, darling.
Wear something that just
shows off what you got.

Sorry, Millie.
Sorry if Jimmy
made you feel weird.
I'm not scared
of Jimmy the Hand,
whatever that means.
I'm really glad you came tonight
and got to see the place.
You think our night is over?
-I mean, your dad's--
-Out of town.
Because he's always out of town.
I live in the guest house.
["Are You Gonna Be a Man"
by Rexford]
I love this song.
Or are you over it
Would I settle just to get
a little more of it
Pulling me back
if I come back
Then you gotta
tell me one thing
Are you gonna be a man
Man, man, man, man
Are you gonna be a
You wanna tell me
what was going on back there?
It seemed like
you were somewhere else.
I just have a lot going on.
Trying to get Jenna
into this special school,
but it's really expensive.
My mom is...
No, no, just seems like
you have a lot to deal with.
["Good to You"
(feat. T.J. Wilkins) by D Mills]
So what do you love about
cooking so much?
I don't know,
it just gets me out of my head.
I can relate.
It's how it is with pool for me.
It's always clear what the goal
is on the table, you know?
If I mess up...
I'm the only one to blame.
Why don't we get you
out of your head, then?

[Millie giggling]
You're so precious
[chuckles] Here...
That's my grandma.
-You look just like her.
-Thank you.
Yeah, she pretty much
raised me after my mom died.
-No, it's okay.
She taught me a lot.
-Oh, shit.
[sighs] I'm late for work.
[Eli grunts]
You're really gonna
leave me like this?
I don't have a choice.
[Millie] Right.
I'll see you later, though.
-[kisses smacking]
-[Millie giggling]
[Eli sighs]
I really like you.
I really like you too.
[light music plays]
-I'll call you later.
King, you're way late.
-Sorry sir, I just--
-You're never late.
Just don't let it happen again.
[machines rattling, whirring]
[Draper] My dad came out here
from Harlem in the '80s.
He thought
it'd be better for us.
My parents divorced.
My pops passed away.
I was a little younger than you.
I didn't really know what to do.
But Tommy,
he saw me
playing pool one night,
came right up to me,
took me under his wing.
And he looked out for me.
He looked out for me
until I didn't need nobody
to look out for me.
That's the kind of man
your dad was.
Hit it thin. Avoid the rail.
Around the triangle.
Okay, it was a little closer.
You saw the curve.
You guys saw the curve?
That's all right, go-- go ahead.
Go ahead.
We-- we'll come back to it.
Go ahead.
[phone buzzing]
What is it, Mom?
He gets in his head.
Yeah, I blame his coach.
-[Eli] What?
-You want to go and teach him?
Her project, yeah.
-Okay, I can come home.
-I bet you would.
No, I'll-- I'll leave.
[dramatic music plays]
I'm sorry, I just...
Don't be foolish, child.
Come on in and take a seat.
What's on your mind?
I don't want to make
the same mistakes he made.
I used to tell your daddy...
"You either learn
how to play the game
or the game's gonna play you."
things changed
when that plant closed.
He changed.
It wasn't his game
that needed work.
It was everything else.
Things aren't
like they used to be.
Got to watch your back
around the Corridor.
I've been watching you.
You really do have
that thing he had.
You're keep life clean...
and your game
will work itself out.

Yeah, I remember that place.
We used to go as a family.
[indistinct] off the crowd.
Is Eli actually
opening up to me?
Yeah, I should probably
stop doing that.
You two are too cute.
-Shut up.
-[Abby giggling]
-Sorry, nothing.
That was Abby.
Come on, Millie. Let's go.
Hold on.
We're out shopping, but, uh...
are you doing anything
tomorrow night?
I just-- I have something
that I want to show you.
I have my game.
No, I know,
but we'll be done by 10:00.
["Save You Back" by Rexford]
What are we doing?
Just wear something nice.
Couldn't I save you
Okay, I will.
[Millie and Abby
laughing over phone]
Yeah, uh,
I gotta go, but, uh,
-I'll see you soon.
I haven't seen you like this
in a really long time.
You really like him, don't you?
[Millie] Yeah.
[Abby] A poor pool player
with two dead-end jobs.
What's not to like?
Tell me
what could have changed
Oh, shit.
Where we can't survive
Without you around
You saved my life
[tense music plays]
[bell ringing]

[chuckles] You look incredible.
You look pretty nice yourself.
[laughs nervously]
I can't believe
you did all this for me.
[Millie laughs] Of course.
Hmm. This is amazing.
Seriously, it's-- [chuckles]
it's, like, the most delicious
thing I've ever had.
Thank you.
You know,
the beef actually comes from
my dad's ranch up in Montana.
He's sweet, he'll send me
a package every time he's there
because he knows
it's my favorite.
-His ranch?
I work for the guy
and I've never met him.
It's like you only invite me
over when he's not around.
What is that supposed to mean?
It just feels like
you don't want him to meet me.
Okay. Well, I mean, I could say
the same thing to you.
It's not like I've ever met
your mom or your sister.
I've never even seen
where or how you live.
How I live?
Not like this.
I can tell you that.
Okay, you do know
this is him, right?
This isn't me.
You seem to like it, though.
Where is all of this
coming from?
Okay, I mean, I've done nothing
but share what I have with you,
and if that's just
a little too much for you--
You don't understand
where I come from.
Maybe I'd know some of that
if you shared it with me.
It doesn't even matter.
Maybe I should just go.
No. No, stop. That's not--
That's not what I want. Okay?
I just--
I want to know...
everything about you.
I want to be there for you
when you play.
I want to watch you win...
and lose,
which I'm sure you do sometimes.
I hope you'd do the same for me.
You have to let me in
if we're gonna do those things.
I'll try.
I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
No, it's not.
No one has ever done anything
like this for me before.
Okay, so let's just...
finish this really fancy dinner,
and then we'll go to your game.
[indistinct lyrics]
The half-Jewish wonder
and his gentile better half.
I'm only half-sure, but I think
that's anti-Semitic, bro.
[laughs] That's some funny shit.
I'm Millie.
Nice to finally meet you.
She's a babe, Eli.
You're probably
not old enough for this, but...
Looks like
you've been around the block.
Thank you.
If Jimmy ain't here by midnight,
I'm locking up at--
[door creaks open
and slams shut]
[indistinct lyrics]
You two got all dressed up
for the big game.
[indistinct lyrics]
Eli, you got this.
[indistinct lyrics]
[Jimmy] The kid means business.
[indistinct lyrics]
It'll be a quick race to seven,
so Ron can get back to bed.
-Ain't that right, Ron?
-[Ron] You know you're right.
[dramatic music plays]
Oh, I guess the kid
has a good coach.
I guess it's your break, kid.
[Draper] Come on!
[Draper] Whoa.
All right.
That's my guy right there.
Yes, sir.
First game goes
to the young King.
[Jimmy] Let's play.
[sighs] Jesus.
Thanks for
getting me close, kid.
It's all good.
Keep your eye
on the prize, baby.
All right, all right, all right.
That's terrible, Eli.
You should probably
take a step back,
line up your shot again, Eli.
Kid doesn't listen,
does he, Draper?
-You've got this.
-So close, brother, so close.
[Jimmy] That's six each.
Just like his old man. [laughs]
Only less natural talent.
Unless you want to
go again, Junior?
-Rack 'em.
-[Millie] What?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Eli, hold up.
Double it this time.
[Draper] Come on.
Not like this.
You're good, but you're not at
his level right now, all right?
-I can beat him.
-Maybe you can.
But 2,000 is too much.
You gonna run away
just like your pops?
Or are you gonna man up?
Come on, Draper.
I know I can win.
He's-- he's in your head.
What are you doing?
-He got lucky on that last shot.
-Eli, that's not luck.
Also, you told me
you didn't even have the money
to put up for this game.
-You said that Draper was--
-Draper what?
Listen, I just think maybe
you should think about
your sister.
I mean, if you need help
with money, then I--
I don't need your money.
I just really don't think
he'd play you
if he thought he could lose.
Maybe you should just...
I don't know, maybe you need,
like, to go outside--
I don't need you
telling me what I need.
Okay, well, I understand when
someone doesn't see that
they're being played.
Being played?
You hardly know me, Millie.
That dinner,
it-- it got me all fucked up.
You know, maybe you're right.
You know,
maybe I don't know you.
But whoever this is...
it's not you.
But I think you know that,
and I think deep down you know
exactly what's gonna
happen to you.
I'm not gonna sit here and watch
you do that to yourself.
Where's your girl going?
Don't worry about it.
[door creaks open]
-[man] Yo.
-[Millie gasps]
Cell phone, wallet, now.
I'm just trying to go.
In the bag.
-Come on.
-[Millie breathing shakily]
Come on.
Now your necklace.
-The necklace, now!
No. [sobs]
Just fucking give it to me!
And that...
as they say...
is that.
That was everything.
[Diana] Here you go, Eli.
[Diana laughs]
Don't freak.
I slept on the couch.
I wasn't gonna
let you go home hammered.
You did sort of try to
kiss me in the car, though.
I sort of let you.
[baby crying]
Oh, say hello.
[baby babbles]
It gets better, Eli.
Even when you think
it can't possibly get better.
When I got pregnant...
I called my dad to ask for help.
He called me a whore and told me
to have it taken care of.
Such a good Christian.
We have to protect
the ones we love.
This one right here...
is my whole world.
What is it, Eli?
I-- I could have...
Come on. Out with it.
It always helps to tell someone.
I haven't done
anything like this in so long.
I was 16 and I was playing
at a dive bar and...
I lost track of time...
and the drinks.
I-- I picked my sister up
from school and I ran a red.
A car going 50
hit the passenger side.
I almost got her killed.
But she wasn't.
And you weren't either.
Look, kid, we all make mistakes.
What matters
is that we learn from them.
And some mistakes
teach us lessons
that we never thought
we'd learn.
Thanks, Dee.
this is good coffee.
[laughs] You're gonna need it.
That phone's been buzzin'
all morning.
-Oh, shit.
Make sure
you learn from your mistakes.
I know
too many players that don't.
We all got each other's backs.
We got yours.
Someday you'll get ours.
Come on.
[murmurs] Oh.
[Leslie] Come in here.
Where have you been?
I've been gone 12 hours.
Don't give me that. Look at you.
You're hungover.
Where have you been?
What have you been doing?
I don't need
your permission to sleep out.
-You smell like a dive bar.
-[phone buzzes]
Look at your sister.
She's been up all night.
You promised her that
you would help her
with her project.
I'm sorry, Jenna. I forgot.
-[phone buzzes]
-It won't happen again.
It's okay.
[phone buzzing]
Mom, I can't fight
about this right now.
-[Draper over phone] Yo.
-What, Draper?
[Draper] Where you at?
Is your girl there?
I'm at ho-- What?
-[Draper] [indistinct]
-Millie's what?
[Draper] [indistinct]
I don't know where she is,
but [indistinct].
-Is she okay?
-[Draper] Look, man--
I-- I think so, but look, man,
this ain't my fault.
I know it's not your fault.
Just-- just listen to me.
[indistinct] with your girl,
You don't have a license!
[line ringing]
[automated voice] You've reached
the voicemail of Millie.
Mr. Wilkinson.
-Wait. It's you?
-Are you okay?
Draper told me what happened.
I should have
never brought you there.
It's none of your business
if she's okay.
You know what else is
in your business?
My business.
If I ever see you
at the Astral again,
you're gonna have
even bigger problems.
I grew up here.
I know the Corridor.
You should know
better than that.
-Eli, get off my property.
She doesn't want to see you.
Okay, just ease up a little.
I'll show you little
[indistinct], bitch.
[officer] Hey.
[Diana] You treat
your grandma like this?
It's complete bullshit,
she didn't do anything.
I should have never
let you all play.
They're blaming Hattie.
This is complete bullshit, man.
She didn't do anything.
Millie's underage
in a bar in a bad part of town.
Her father knows everyone.
[Diana] She didn't do anything.
[officer] Hey, I need you
to take a step back, ma'am.
Don't ma'am me, motherfucker!
-[officer] Back off!
-This is some racist shit!
-Go on inside, child.
Eli, go home. Just go.
[indistinct chatter
over police radio]
[insects chirping]
[indistinct chatter over TV]
[knocking on door]
I'm busy.
You resemble
our father quite a bit.
[man on TV] There it is.
[Jenna] What was he like?
[man on TV]
That's how it's done. [laughs]
Hey, you boys
don't have a chance.
[somber music plays]
I'll tell you what.
I'll show you.
[indistinct chatter over TV]
Belle Isle.
You used to go
when you were a baby.
You loved it here.
It's strange that you remember.
I do not remember this at all.
It was one of the last times
I saw them happy together.
He loved the community.
He loved music.
He was part of
what the city used to be.
He cared about his people.
And us.
You know
he didn't leave because of you.
I may not be neurotypical,
but I am capable of listening
to conflict
transpiring ten meters away.
I tried to keep it together.
I ended up doing
the same things he did.
You know how you got that scar?
You were drinking
and playing pool.
You picked me up from school
and we got in an accident.
I didn't think
you would remember.
-You could have been killed.
-But I wasn't.
You need to let that go.
I know you love me.
And I know you take care of me.
I messed up.
-I didn't--
-You just need to try again.
And if you fail again,
you try again.
It's the trying that matters.
It's okay not to be okay, Eli.
I like this.
Whenever I'm feeling weak
or scared,
I can feel it.
And it reminds me that
all the things that happened...
that seemed scary...
made me who I am now.
Since when
did you become so wise?
I was born this way.
[door buzzes]
[daunting music plays]
Look, I--
I want to make things right.
If you ain't sitting
on a pile of cash,
you just talking to be talking.
Your lady's daddy got the DA
to throw the book at me.
Bail is 25 grand.
I ain't got that.
I'm going to tell you something.
I need you to keep
your cool, you hear?
Your girl getting robbed
wasn't just a wrong place,
wrong time kind of thing.
-What do you mean?
-Jimmy paid a kid to--
-[whispering] Sit your ass down.
Her father owns
half the damn city.
Jimmy knew that princess
getting robbed
in front of my joint would bring
all kind of problems for me.
Jimmy's a dangerous guy,
and you just can't go after him.
Look, kid... [sighs]
...I forgive you
for breaking my rules.
I've been
breaking them my damn self.
I told your daddy
to play a straight game.
And that's how he always did it.
Even when he shouldn't have.
You don't know about it, do you?
Why he left?
Jimmy knew
your dad was in a spot.
The people he owed,
not the kind of people
you want to owe.
So Jimmy got some auto execs
to put up big money.
If Tommy threw the game,
they'd split the profits.
When push came to shove,
he wasn't no con man.
Tommy beat Jimmy
just the way he always did.
But the men
who put money on Jimmy...
...they made Jimmy pay up.
Why do you think
we call him The Hand?
You can't miss that scar.
Jimmy came after my dad
for the money.
He knew that you, your mama,
and that sister of yours
wouldn't be safe.
Jimmy was looking for
someone to blame,
and so were
his gangster friends.
And I was next in line.
So I made a deal with the snake.
With his skimming and gambling.
And he left
Tommy's wife and kids be.
You did all that to protect us.
We were all like family, Eli.
Your daddy would have done
the same thing.
I want a rematch.
I can beat him.
I've been watching you.
You can beat him.
Jimmy wants something real.
Something he's been
eyeing for years.
-I'll put up The Touch.
-Hattie, are you kidding me?
Times are changing.
I'm gonna lose it anyway
if we do nothing.
But you better be confident.
Because if you lose
this time, child...
that's it.
[uplifting music plays]
[hip-hop music plays
over speakers]
[indistinct lyrics]
Draper. Come on, man.
I just saw Hattie.
Jimmy paid a kid to mug Millie.
I need your help, Draper.
You said I was family.
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
We gotta do something.
Hattie kept the place alive
for so long.
What Hattie needs is cash,
not good vibes.
And even if we had the money,
it's just a matter of time
before Jimmy takes over
the place.
Just like Tommy said,
"You gotta know
how to play the game
or the game gonna play you."
And fucking Jimmy's been
playing us for years.
[indistinct lyrics]
Look, Draper, Hattie can prove
what Jimmy did to Millie.
We can take him down.
Okay, fine.
But where are you gonna get
25 grand to bail her out?
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
Draper, I got it.
Get a hold of Jimmy.
Tell him I want another game.
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
[birds chirping]
[hopeful music plays]
[Millie] Hey, welcome in.
I'll be with you in just a sec.
What the hell
are you doing here?
Millie, uh--
Hey, table for two?
[indistinct], go right this way.
[indistinct lyrics]
All right, a server should be
with you very shortly.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Millie, please
just listen to me.
You need to leave.
I spoke to your father.
["Rewind" by Aves plays]
-I went to your house.
I told him everything.
Everything I did,
and I was honest with him.
And I told him
how I feel about you.
I love you.
We've come so far
since we...
I do.
I'm going to make this right.
I promise.
This love...
Meet me
at The Touch tomorrow night.
Been through the trenches...
You really think
I'd go back there?
After what happened to me?
Millie, I promise.
It all makes sense.
Just talk to him. I...
I love you more each day
And I pray
I can push my ego out the way
I really hope you come tomorrow.
Let you know
it'll be okay...
I understand if you don't.
Whenever times get rough,
you ain't gotta be tough
I'll find a way
to go back in time
Find a way
we can press rewind
So I'll
I'll be
standing right there
In the middle of a circle
with my arms out wide
Trying to turn back
the hands of time
[indistinct lyrics]
[door buzzes]
[tense music plays]
-What's up?
-Dude, I--
I don't know where else to go.
And you-- you know
I'd never ask you for anything.
Hey, it's about time.
How much you need?
Yo, come on, man.
You never asked me for shit.
I know you need it.
It's obvious.
-How much?
$25,000? Damn.
Dude, I'll have it
back to you in a week.
I swear.
I just gotta get my--
Hey, hey, hey.
It doesn't matter.
We're brothers.
All right?
25,000. Jesus.
[safe beeping]
[safe beeps]
You know I don't like that name.
So where are we going?
You know I'm coming with.
You think Jimmy's gonna show?
When I told him
his buy-in was $50,000,
I got his attention.
He thinks Eli's gonna choke
under the pressure.
I can't believe Miss Hattie put
everything on the line for this.
Before Miss Hattie took me in,
there was no place
for types like me.
Except Broadway
and the record business.
I didn't have no chops for that.
What about you, Di?
She believed in us.
And now she believes in him.
Sorry it took longer
than expected.
Who's the white boy?
-I'm Cheese.
Damn, girl,
you looking fine as hell.
Yo, Eli, why didn't you bring me
around sooner?
[Diana] Wow.
All right, well, I'll let y'all
handle your business.
-He grows on you.
Go get her.
Well, damn, Eli.
I wasn't expecting you
to make it, but...
[Ronald] She trusts you, Eli.
But you need to play
a better game
than you did the last time.
[indistinct lyrics]
Looks like your girlfriend's
waiting for you.
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
[hopeful music plays]
I don't know what
you said to him, but...
I think my dad likes you now.
I was honest with him.
Our fathers aren't so different.
And both made
the city what it is.
In their own way.
That was only
to get you out of your head.
Hey, Jimmy's here.
Go get him.
All right,
let's get this shit cracking
before somebody
drops a dime or a body,
if you know what I'm saying.
You got the money?
[tense music plays]
I showed you mine.
Y'all know the rules.
Race to 11.
The deed to The Loving Touch.
And your legacies
are on the line.
I guess it's your break, kid.
Mmm. Money.
[Draper vocalizes]

[Jimmy] That's two for me, kid.
-[Draper] Oh, Jesus.
-[Ronald] Yeah!
[Eli] You ain't makin' that.
Oh, damn.
[Jimmy] Bitch, motherfucker.
Fucking kid.
[Eli] Shot.
[Jimmy] Rack 'em up.
[Millie] You got this.
[Cheese] [indistinct]
Let's go.
There it is.
[Millie] Yeah!
-[Eli sighs]
-[Millie] Come on.
[man] Come on, let's go.
[Jimmy] You're just
not a closer, are you, kid?
Final game,
and all you had to do
was make four lousy shots.
Doesn't feel good, does it, boy?
When you're so close
to getting what you want,
and someone
takes it away from you.
You know something
about stealing, don't you?
What the hell
are you talking, kid?
that belongs to Millie.
Something worth more than money.
Your girl?
Listen, darling,
it's a real shame
what happened to you,
but it ain't no surprise.
Shit like that happens
every night out on the Corridor.
Girl that looks like you
should be a little more careful.
[Hattie] Jimmy!
When I was in lockup,
I talked to Demetria Jackson...
about her son, Denzel.
The boy ended up with
a fine-looking chain
that didn't belong to him.
And a gun that
didn't belong to him, neither.
Who put that boy up to it?
What lowdown piece of no good
would do something like that?
Now, Denzel's gonna get
what's coming to him,
but you can hardly blame
the boy.
His mother owes Jimmy,
and he's been
threatening them for years.
Told the boy if he did this,
-his mother would be safe.
-[crowd gasps]
I'd like to see you try to prove
one piece of that, Miss Hattie.
give it back to her.
Now, we all gonna
deal with you after.
We take our words seriously,
but you got a game to finish.
I'm walking out of here
with that deed.
Maybe I'll...
offer it
to little Miss Thing's daddy.
Hattie talked
to my father today.
She told us
exactly what you did.
He even let us
finish up this game
before getting involved.
Remember, Eli,
what I told you about
having each other's backs?
Well, this young lady
knows all about it.
People around here
know how to stick together.
Finish the game, Jimmy.
[Hattie] Take your shot.
Whatever happens...
...we're gonna honor it.
[sirens wailing in distance]
You look rattled, Jim.
You might want to
line your shot up again.
Well, looks like
I get another chance.
Ain't no way you're making that.
That's what I'm talkin' about!
-[Ronald] Yes!
-[Draper] Yeah!
[Draper] There it is! Okay!
[man] Yeah!
[indistinct chatter]
No, man, I don't think so.
[men] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm walking out of here
with the money and the deed.
You think you can get all of us?
-[Jimmy grunts]
-Get down.
-[Jimmy grunting]
-[man] Yes.
You lost.
Get out.
[indistinct chatter]
All right, show's over.
No one's seen nothing.
Are you, um, really excited
to start at your new school?
My special interest project
is all ready.
Well, that's really exciting.
It's a life-size model
of a nemicolopterus.
You made a life-size dinosaur?
Millie, it has
a ten-inch wingspan.
That makes a lot more sense.
[all laugh]
-Want to see it?
Oh, okay. [laughs]
I like her, Eli.
So do I.
Honey, I can buy us lunch.
I want to.
Thank you.
[Eli grunts]
Hey, yo, Eli.
I'm proud of you, man.
Hey, man, we're closed.
How about a game, kid?
["Tell Me (Why Won't You)"
by Ran Raiten feat. Psaul plays]
I've been sitting here
thinking about
All the things you do for me
How you make me feel
Wondering if
it's the same for you
But when you're not around
I lose my mind 'cause
you keep it like a secret
Why won't you reveal it?
Just please
Tell me that you feel it too
Tell me
we're in this for two
Tell me that you really care
For me
I really believe
it's safe to say
That I'm half without you
We're just meant to be
I hope that you're feeling
the same way too
'Cause every moment
you're near
It's far too clear
You took my heart
for keeping
And it won't stop beating
Why won't you
Tell me that you feel it too
Tell me
we're in this for two
Tell me that you really care
For me
My love
My love
I just want you to know
It's a ride of unknown
But if we stick together,
nothing can go wrong
So if we've made it this far
And I don't want you away
You gotta listen
to what I have to say
I need to tell you
That's what I'm gonna do
Tell you how I feel for you
Tell you
How I really care
I do
Tell you I love everything
'bout you
Tell you
you're my dream come true
Tell you
I want you to be with me