Break Even (2020) Movie Script

[film clicking]
[dramatic music]
[air whooshing]
[gentle orchestral music]
[tense music]
[waves splashing]
[tense rhythmic music]
[waves crashing]
[dynamic rhythmic music]
[peaceful music]
Ah ah ah
[tense rhythmic music]
[gulls chirping]
- You know if your plan
is to ultimately
burn something down,
you should never show
it too much love.
- Yeah.
Never built a real fire before.
- You'll get it.
- [Sebastian] How much
have you had to drink?
- Nowhere near
enough, my friend.
To murky pasts.
- [Sebastian] Ah, should
she be getting that close?
- Well, guess we'll
find out, huh?
[tense rhythmic music]
- Are you...
Hey, are you okay?
[Rosie grunts]
- Babe, are you okay?
- Would you even give a
shit if I died out there?
- Hey, you're bleeding.
Let me help you.
- Leave me alone.
I'm gonna show it to my
boyfriend, real up close.
- One injury's enough, you guys.
- She won't let me help her.
- Let him help you.
- I don't need it.
- Yeah, you do.
- It's pretty ironic
coming from you, Jaq.
- Good one, Dash.
- Come on, baby, let's
get you cleaned up.
[somber music]
- Yeah, I guess I'll
just grab the board.
[tense music]
- 500 grand?
Where's our discount,
our fucking loyalty card
up in this bitch?
- You want a loyalty card?
You fuck off and
get medical ID card.
This meth's so good it
turned me Chinese.
- Do you hear the
way your daughter's
talking to me, Mr. Wu?
Oh, don't you play coy with me.
I know you're over
there plotting
some Kung Fu master
shit right now.
- Best crystal in town.
No one better cook.
- 350.
And you can tell
Mr. Wu to throw in
some of those Samurai Gray
roll-ups you got over there.
This cat, not a
fucking peep ever.
[both laughing]
- You know why?
He deaf as a door post.
You dumb motherfucker
[dramatic music]
- DEA freeze!
Nobody move.
Anybody who moves
gets a lead breakfast.
[suspenseful music]
- You two fuck off.
Put your arms down. This
isn't CrossFit class.
Do you know who I am?
- [Old Man] Crowe.
- Man of few words
but profound meaning.
I like that sitting style that
waitresses do at the Hooters.
It creates an air
of informality.
The customers think that the
waitress is their friend.
But it's all just
an elaborate act.
She doesn't give
a shit about them.
All she cares about is
that nice, juicy tip
that's coming at
the end of the night
and she knows full well
the customers only care
about nice, juicy tits
that are going to be
in their faces for the
duration of their visit.
This is how exploitation
works, you see.
[tense music]
In case you haven't
gotten it yet,
I'm the waitress,
you're the customers.
I want you to have a good night.
Indulge in whatever
turns you on.
However, the only reason
[suspenseful music]
I'm being in any way
hospitable right now
is simply because
I'm sure as shit
walking out the
door with that tip
by the end of my shift.
[tense music]
- I see we're doing this
in broad daylight now.
- What are you afraid of, Lemon,
the long arm of the law?
- Will you do me a favor,
when those guys are around,
don't call me Lemon.
- As long as you're
on my payroll,
I can call you whatever
the fuck I want, Leaman.
[suspenseful music]
[Sebastian grunting]
- Oh [laughs] oh.
- Don't get frustrated.
The mystery's the best part.
Savor it.
- I need a hammer.
[electronics beeping]
[Sebastian grunting]
[signal whistling]
- Don't cry.
- You guys hear that?
- Oh my god, signal. Yes!
- Welcome to paradise.
[grunts] Hey, guys, we have
some gear that needs checking.
What could be more
important than that?
- Uh, the Dow Jones,
the NASDAQ, the S&P 500?
- How much real money can you
be making right now, honestly?
- Look, I have to know
what the markets are doing
to know where the
opportunities lie.
- Numbers and pixels, just a
made up version of the world.
What you found today is real.
- Are you saying that
there could be $10 million
hidden in this tiny little box?
Because if so, I will
pry this thing open
with my bare hands right now.
- I'm just saying
we don't always know
what we're looking for
until we finally find it.
- Wow, you have
like 20 missed calls
and a bunch of messages.
- All right, say switch it off.
I don't give a shit.
- Wait, you did move your
shifts for this week right?
- [sighs] You know
I hate my job but-
- You hate every job.
- 'Cause I'm a
minimum wage bitch.
- You need a job.
Everyone needs a job.
- Oh yeah I do?
Well, he doesn't.
Look at him, at the beck
and call of his computer
gambling just to feel alive.
- It's a damn sight better
than scraping
barnacles off boats.
- Oh, is it, really?
Or is slowly selling
your soul to the devil
easier for you to stomach?
- Guys!
How about we go someplace
where there definitely
is no signal?
- I'd love that.
[upbeat inspirational music]
- This better be worth it.
- It's tradition.
- [Dash] Wow.
So you guys brought me
to meet the Grim Reaper.
- Santa Muerte, she's a deity.
The Catholic Church
used to condemn anybody
who worshiped her so
people came here in secret.
This whole island it's hers.
Every time we come,
we pay our respects
and she watches over us.
- The colors used here to burn
represent her different robes.
White for purity
and blue for wisdom,
red for love.
- And the black?
- Smugglers protected
their treasure
with the Black Lady.
- And if you ever see
[suspenseful music]
the Black Lady
around here, you run.
- You'll never crack that.
- Challenge accepted.
- [Sebastian] Ooh.
- [Dash] Ooh, ah.
- I'd do this for the rest
of my life if I could.
- Why don't we
steal the sailboat?
I mean, how would
they ever find it?
[Dash laughing]
- It's not as easy
as it sounds, bro.
- It's not easy but I know how
you could get away with it.
The real question is
are you ready to spend
the rest of your
life as a pirate?
[Sebastian chuckles]
[all chuckling]
- Maybe.
But people can change.
- Can life change though?
[faint dynamic rock music]
- Oh, there goes
our peace and quiet.
Weekend warriors,
you gotta love 'em.
[box clattering]
Ah [laughing].
- [Rosie] It's a sample.
- It's your treasure.
[Sebastian laughing]
- [Rosie] What is it?
- I guess you really
are a pirate now.
- Uh, next time,
though, you find a map.
One of us.
[people chattering]
- [Rosie, Dash, Jaq] One of us!
[glasses clinking]
- No one answered my
question by the way.
Can life actually change though?
- [Dash] You're dunk.
- Seriously, answer it.
- Come on.
Fine. No.
I think all we can hope
to change is ourselves.
[chuckles] Life is completely
out of our control.
You know...
[Dash groaning]
Monkey, monkey,
monkey see, monkey do.
- Look, I know that I'm
probably not the kinda guy
you go for-
- That's, don't-
- But I would give it all up.
The money, the
opportunities, the lifestyle
to be that guy.
- I'm not somebody
who can be loved.
- I can become that person.
You just, you gotta let me try.
- No, it's not about
you being wrong for me.
It's about me being very,
very wrong for anybody else.
[fireworks hissing]
[people applauding]
- So that's it?
[chuckles] The old it's
not you, it's me thing.
[somber music]
[fireworks whistling
and popping]
[gentle music]
[ominous music]
[eerie music]
[tense music]
- Try it. See what happens.
- Heads up, Jaquer!
[Jaq shouting]
Heads up!
Get her out!
- Stop, no!
[Jaq groans]
I'm done with boys.
- [Dash] We got her ass.
[Jaq sighs]
[gentle music]
[gulls chirping]
- Do you wanna talk about it?
- You know what the danger
of believing in something is?
Your faith eventually
gets tested.
- Baby.
We're gonna fix it, you know.
We're gonna get you a new life.
We're gonna scrape by,
we're gonna save up.
You've gotta tell
us what's going on.
- What are we talking about?
[Dash sighs]
- I saw the Black Lady.
[eerie music]
She's down there
protecting something.
[suspenseful music]
- I thought that the only time
you see the Black Lady is,
or whatever she's called,
is when someone's using her
to protect a treasure, right?
- The only treasure around here,
if you can call
it that, is drugs.
- It's something bad, real bad.
I mean, you saw the shrine.
- Well, if there's
drugs down there,
we should definitely go
down and destroy them.
- No.
- That's what she would want.
- Yeah, it's the
moral thing to do.
Come on, guys, let's
fuck up a bad guy's day.
- Whoa, hold on
there, chief, okay?
If there are drugs down there,
I say we take them
and we sell them.
- That is a terrible idea, Dash.
- I think it's a great idea.
- Why?
I mean, by your logic
having money is fine,
it's just the
chasing after money
that fucks people up, right?
- Yep.
Thank you, see.
- You telling me you
wannabe Scar Faces
know how to move narcotics,
how to keep shit on
the down-low, hm?
You also think I'm gonna let
an ounce of smack or coke
on this boat with a
recovering addict onboard?
I don't think so.
- Recovered addict.
You know what?
Shame on you, Jaq.
[tense music]
[Dash sighs]
[Jaq scoffs]
[Dash grunting]
- We got enough air?
- Maybe.
Who's going with me?
- Are you kidding me?
I'm not going back down there.
[gulls squawking]
- It's empty. They headed
to the island an hour ago.
- You gonna bring those
keen eyes down below
where they'd be useful?
- I'll do it.
I'll go down with you.
- Works for me.
Looks like a worthy
sacrifice has been found.
- Let's do it.
[Dash grunting]
[suspenseful music]
- I don't like them
down there with her.
- If this is what
we think it is,
she's the least of our worries.
[dramatic music]
- They're coming up.
[panting] What is floating up?
[Dash laughing]
- Oh my god.
- Hey, Jaq.
You wanna do the honors?
[Jaq panting]
[tense music]
- [Sebastian] Holy shit.
- Oh my god!
- Worth everything!
- Oh my god.
[women screaming]
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!
- Here.
Hold on.
- Oh my god, oh my god.
- [Dash] Catch it.
- Hey!
- Here, keep going!
- Yeah!
[dramatic music]
- [Jaq] Guys!
- Nice catch.
- Oh!
- [Women] Oh.
[women laughing]
- Get it.
- Go, grab from it!
- [Rosie] Okay.
- Woo!
[girls screaming]
- That's it.
- What, is that like
a million dollars?
[Sebastian laughing]
- It's more like
10 million, right?
- Try 50.
- Don't tug at my dick
on this one, Jaquer.
There's no way this is 50 mil.
- No, there's like
500,000 per pack.
There's a hundred packs.
You do the math.
- [Dash] Holy shit!
- [Sebastian] It's $50
million [laughing].
- This is 50 fucking
million dollars, Monkey.
But that's more than 10
million apiece, right?
- Wait we stole $50 million?
- We rescued $50 million.
We're gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Come here, come here.
- Oh!
[Dash and Rosie laughing]
- Throw it back in.
- What?
What are you talking about?
- You think you're
rich? Think again.
Take a look at these notes.
Pristine, sequential,
high-value currency.
I hate to tell you this
but whoever owes this cash
is thumbing their nose at
whoever they're paying off.
[Rosie whimpers]
They've made it as hard
to find as possible
and even harder to handle.
This is $50 million of
pure fuck you money.
- No, bullshit,
Jaquer, bullshit.
'Cause you know
what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna take my
20 million plus
and I'm gonna stash her
underneath my mattress.
Yeah. Nice and simple.
Now, I've got the
bank under my bed
and I'm the fucking teller.
And you know what
the teller says
at the bank of Daniel Schrader
each time he goes to
make a withdrawal?
Go and spend that money
the best way you know how.
Spend that soggy,
devil-woman money
as you damn well please.
- She's not a soggy devil woman.
- You're right! She's
our guardian angel.
[chuckles] Yes!
- Is that right, Dash?
You're gonna buy a flashy car?
- Yeah, cars, plural.
- You gonna buy a big house too?
- Huh, well, I have to
have somewhere to stash it,
don't I, Jaquer?
- She's right.
She's right.
I mean, no car dealership,
no real estate agent,
no bank manager is
gonna let you slide
this kinda big money
across the table
without treating it
as highly suspicious.
- Just one zero number flags
up and you've got to explain
why you've got $20 million
stashed under your bed,
where you got it,
how you got it.
And no one's gonna
believe you simply,
you've been running a
really long paper route
for the few decades.
- We can't have the money?
- Wait.
Wait, you guys are always
talking about opportunity.
This, right here,
this is opportunity.
Okay, there's a part
of me that's saying
let's take the cash and hire
the best damn lawyers around
and come what may.
- Yes, yes!
[Rosie panting]
Okay, he's thinking, okay.
- Yes, and where are you going?
- Oh, way to ruin
our dreams, Mom.
Fucking shit.
[tense music]
- What'd you call me?
- Oh, I'm sorry,
that was out of line.
My mom's not a bitch.
[somber music]
- How far are you
all willing to go
to turn $50 million
of dirty drug money
into something you can
actually cash in, hm?
How serious are you?
- Deadly fucking serious. Why?
- You?
- I'm certainly listening.
- [Jaq] Rosie?
- What, like commit
a crime serious?
- I know how to get
that money cleaned.
I don't want any questions
about how I know.
I don't want any questions
about why I know.
All I need from you is a
willingness to take a few risks,
break a few laws,
potentially piss off
the crazy motherfucker
this likely belongs to.
'Cause we're leaving right now.
[Sebastian sighs]
And you decide whether or not
we try to turn this into bank
or we throw it back
in where we found it.
- But leaving right now,
Jaq, there's no wind.
Unless you're gonna blow
a force nine out your ass,
we're pretty much sitting
ducks for the time being.
- We're not playing
by the rules anymore
and we're not letting
anything hold us back.
[dynamic rock music]
[Sebastian laughing]
[boat horn blaring]
I can see you
like distraction
Pointing crooked finger
While your vultures
circle around, oh yeah
And when you break it all
I hope you choke on it
Will suffer case of
Now, you're gonna wake
Up to the bleeding
Get down and get down
There's a wild
time in the streets
Now you care to fake
What you were meaning
Get down yeah
Get down yeah
- First thing I'm
doing is investing,
make this money work for me
rather than the
other way around.
- Yes, I love that.
- I just can't
imagine being rich.
- Oh well, baby, just
gotta open your mind.
- This evens us all out, right?
[Jaq laughing]
Eliminates any differences?
[Dash laughing]
- Well, I guess that depends
if you see people as
products of their potential
or products of their past.
- What in anybody's
past could be bigger
than finding $50 million?
Please tell me.
[Dash grunts]
Baby girl.
- Yeah.
- Need you to relax.
- Okay.
- Don't force it.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- Okay.
[both inhaling deeply]
- Breathe with me.
Just see what you wanna see.
[Rosie gasps]
What do you see?
- Oh wow.
Oh I see it.
- You see it?
- Oh, I see it.
- You see it?
- We are happy and rich.
- Yes.
- Oh, we're so freakin' happy!
- [Dash] Yes!
[dramatic music]
That's what I'm talking about!
- Yeah, baby.
[upbeat music]
- Yeah.
- [Jaq, Dash, Rosie] Cheers!
- Yeah!
[dynamic music]
[tires screeching]
[tense music]
- They say the devil
never dresses down
because pride is the
deadliest of the seven sins.
Looking good, Zalman.
- It's Mr. Varek to you.
I think you'll find the
devil never dresses down
because he knows lust
lingers for eternity
and envy is everywhere.
- Once a sinner,
always a sinner.
Step into my office.
[suspenseful music]
- [scoffs] There should
be a strict policy
against you guys buying
these things fully loaded.
It's a waste of
taxpayers' dollars.
Am I right?
- We've got word of a
transfer down in the Gulf.
Los Perros del Diablo left it
and we have reason to
believe it's been collected.
We just want you
saying on the record
that it wasn't you.
- I haven't touched it.
- Glad to hear it.
- Certainly make sure you
put that on the record.
- Leaman, why don't you
go sniff around that limo
make sure our
fashionable friend here
is keeping his nose
nice and clean.
- [John] Okay.
- There is a problem?
- Apart from the fact
the money's not there
or the bullshit theatrics
from Los Perros?
I want my money in full.
Anybody that stands in
my path is dead already.
They just don't know yet.
Maybe you'll warn them.
[door thuds]
Hey, John.
[tense drumming music]
Get the fuck away from my
car unless you got a warrant.
- Don't worry, Zalman.
Not gonna bust ya on
some bullshit charge.
I'm gonna take
apart what you did
to this world piece by piece.
- Then why the fuck are you
working with that bitch?
[dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
- This ain't good.
- Okay, seriously, Dash,
we could just dump
the cash overboard
to throw 'em off our tail.
- Oh my god, are you
seriously giving up already?
Something tells me that your
average, respectable drug lord
isn't gonna forgive
his cash being stolen
even if it's for paid in full.
- No, I'm not giving up.
I'm just saying we have options.
- Like fighting.
- Oh, I appreciate that your
imagination's come back, baby.
I do.
That's even more stupid
than him wanting to
throw the cash overboard.
- Rosie's right.
[tense music]
[John sighing]
- Drink up, Lemon, we've
got a long day ahead of us.
- Tell me you got
me out of bed early
to run around after
a measly 50 mil?
- So you missed your spin
class. Boo fucking hoo.
You can't see wood
from the trees here?
This should be an easy win.
- Is that the case?
Because we don't
have a single lead.
- Don't you worry about that.
I've got some friends
working on it.
- Hm. No.
- I get it. You don't
like working under me.
I figure that's on the
account of me being
a particularly
unlikable motherfucker
so that's fine.
But me being a particularly
unlikable motherfucker
is something I pride myself on.
[John chuckles]
[sighs] So how about this?
You help me get this money
[tense music]
and I help bump
you up the system.
- Senior Agent.
[air whooshing]
- All right.
[suspenseful music]
It's either an
injector or a filter.
- Can you fix it?
- Dude, I'm usually under
these things not inside them.
- [Jaq] Get below deck.
- What about you?
- Don't worry about me. Go.
[gun clicking]
[engine whining]
[Jaq panting]
False alarm.
[Jaq sighing]
- If a piece of
shit wreck like that
can catch us, anything can.
- I'm not gonna lie, we're
dead in the water here.
- Well, I guess we're
gonna need a faster boat.
- What about that one?
[dramatic music]
[dynamic music]
- [Rosie] Somehow, I don't
think we're gonna be able
to catch up with that.
- Hey, Dash.
- Yeah.
- Can you handle one of those?
- I mean...
- I can.
- Okay, so a fat, fake
tan slob like that
never misses his lunch
and they're not coming
in at this time.
It's going out.
He's probably gonna
wanna fuck his bimbo
while he's out there so,
assuming the Viagra kicks in,
I'll give him an
extra two minutes.
We could just about make it.
[tense rhythmic music]
[zippers zipping]
- Hey, Jaq.
We need to talk.
- Bas, we need to move.
- Okay.
- That's it, Eddie,
give her a good tug.
That's it. Keep pulling.
Work those glutes.
Ah, you have fun today, baby?
- Mm-hm.
- Come on, Eddie.
- Hi.
- [laughing] You
like that, Eddie?
- Oh, she's a very
pretty woman, sir.
- Yeah, yeah, she dressed
like an idiot for a boat
but I gotta tell ya,
on land, she's built
like the Mona Lisa, right?
- [chuckles] Whatever
you say, sir.
- Unbelievable.
Hey, here are the keys.
Don't scratch it today and maybe
you'll get a tip this time.
How's that, huh?
Okay, okay?
- Okay, okay.
- Huh, huh, yeah, like that?
- Sounds good, okay.
- Okay, nightie night, kid.
[Eddie laughing]
I love this kid [laughing].
[tense music]
[somber music]
- I just wish you'd
say it, you know.
- Say what?
- [chuckles] That I'm good
enough for a one-night stand
and that's it.
- You had fun the
other night, right?
- Yeah.
- So what's the problem?
- [sighs] As shocking
as it may seem,
some guys care about more
than just casual sex.
- You're so fucking sensitive.
- That's a good thing.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
- I'll be with you
guys in a minute.
- Look, you keep saying
that we're fundamentally
but the more I see, the
more I think you're wrong.
- Oh uh.
Hey, you can't do that, man.
- I can't fucking deal
with this right now.
[dynamic music]
- Get the front.
- Yes!
Oh, that's badass.
Oh, here we go.
Ah, god.
All right.
- Hey, what'd you
do with the yacht?
- Oh, don't worry, brother,
she's still floating.
- Works for me.
- Comin' over, I'm comin' over.
All right.
Um, guys.
[tense music]
Ho ho ho.
What is up with boat
owners and guns, dude?
- Put that down now.
- Baby, I don't even know how
to use this thing. Come on.
[rifle clicking]
- Now you do.
- Oh fuck, yeah I do.
Yeah I do!
[rifle firing]
Holy shit!
Oh, man, I fucking
love this boat already.
[rifle firing]
- Okay.
- Okay, okay.
Oh wow.
- Hey, get the line.
- Okay, you're fine.
All right, I'll
get you back later.
You know how that is.
- You better.
- [Sebastian] All right, clear?
- Yeah!
[tense music]
Get moving.
[engine rumbling]
- Yeah!
[Sebastian laughing]
- It's been two hours.
[tense music]
They sure these guys
are headed north?
- Just had it confirmed.
And get this.
We got a name on
the boat they took.
Fair Warning.
- That's fucking irony, man.
- [chuckles] Right?
- They have to tuck in here
and all we need from that video
to prove that a
firearm was involved
once we've seized everything,
got them in cuffs, and
made the money disappear,
we turn them over to ATF
for suspected gun smuggling.
This is almost too easy.
What am I missing?
- That putting 'em behind bars
isn't exactly making amends.
- As long as they're out of my
hair, I couldn't give a damn.
If you want your
precious retribution,
hand them over to
Zalman with his cut.
[tense music]
[air whooshing]
[dramatic tense music]
[light tense rhythmic music]
Take a look.
- [John] You think?
- Seems a little casual.
- It does.
- How 'bout that.
- Go!
[dramatic music]
Turn, turn!
- What?
- Get us out of here.
- Oh my god!
- What's going on?
[tense music]
- I'll call a helicopter.
- No.
We don't have any
friends in the sky.
Let them enjoy the ride.
It's between them and us now.
[dynamic tense music]
- Just head north,
follow the shoreline.
- You wanna tell
me what's going on?
- Fuck!
[air whooshing]
[air whooshing]
- I'm still working
on getting the names
but that's what I've got so far.
Dock worker took it
with his cell phone.
It's gone viral already.
Can't say I'm too surprised.
- I fucking love
this boat already.
[rifle firing]
- Okay.
[phone beeping]
[tense music]
- I've got something
to show you.
Turns out we're not
dealing with an amateur.
[somber music]
- Keep a lookout for a
vehicle, something big.
We have to make
the transfer fast.
- You can do this, okay?
You back up the truck.
- I backed up the truck.
- Truck's over there. I need
it over here by the boat.
- I don't get it.
[engine rumbling]
[dramatic music]
- Okay, you win,
it's really easy.
Do the math.
- [Woman] Great.
- But just move it
over to the right.
- Okay.
[engine revving]
- Hey, slow it down!
You're gonna hurt somebody.
Slow it down.
Hey, get outta here!
- What is going on?
Get outta here.
[man shouting]
- [Woman] Oh my god!
- [Man] Hey get outta
here, get outta here!
- [Woman] Oh, my god.
[boat scraping]
- Oh!
[dynamic music]
- Oh my god, that's my truck.
They took our truck!
[tires screeching]
What the hell just happened?
- Woo, ha ha ha hoo!
Holy shit!
[dynamic music]
You guys, hold
on, hold on tight.
We're going for a ride, baby.
Hoo we're rich.
Hoo hoo hoo!
Guys, hang on, hang on.
Hold on tight, hold on tight.
Do not lose that money.
I fucking love this truck!
You guys, we did it.
Oh, we did it [sighs].
Oh, we did it.
We did it.
Oh, we fucking did it.
- [Dispatcher] 4-4-30-20
[police radio chattering]
- [Eris] Anything?
- Nothin' yet.
We're still gathering evidence.
- You know, maybe I'm wrong,
but this seems personal to you.
[somber music]
[scoffs] All right,
what's the protocol then?
- Like you said, it's personal.
Come on.
- My god, I love this
truck [chuckles].
It's got my air, it's
got my cruise control.
Ah, I'm sitting in what feels
like a goddamn
La-Z-Boy right now.
[Rosie sighs]
- The truck's stolen, dude.
- I wanna get back the
money that we dropped.
And since I can't
keep this truck,
I wanna get one of my own.
- Dash.
- I'm gonna name my truck Buck.
- Okay, Dash, listen.
- I'm gonna get the
full care package,
no expense spared.
Ah, 'cause nothing's
too good for Buck.
- Dash.
- What?
- We're not going back, okay?
- Jaquer, it's
millions of dollars!
I don't mean to be
out of line right now
but, I mean, do you
even have a plan?
- We don't need a plan. We
need a strategy and right now.
So keep it cool, lay low,
and find the shadiest
salvage yard in town, okay?
You'll get another
truck... named Buck!
- [Dash And Jaq] Fine.
- Guys.
- What?
- Stop.
- [Dash And Jaq] Fine.
- You make me nervous.
- Stop.
- Shush!
[suspenseful music]
[Lila speaking in Spanish]
- Hey, man, we were hoping
maybe you could help us
make this truck disappear.
- [Dash] Yeah, he's nice.
- [Jaq] Yeah, let's go.
[suspenseful music]
What's in the packages?
- We're taking Bibles
up to Sacramento.
[Lila speaking in Spanish]
It's a crusade.
[man speaking in Spanish]
- No title?
- No.
But it's an $80,000 truck.
- You desperados maybe have
more better luck on Craigslist.
[man speaking in Spanish]
[Rosie speaking in Spanish]
[man speaking in Spanish]
Are you prepared to
do that with yourself?
- Mm-hm [clears throat].
- Good luck putting
yourself back together.
Just you. Come with me.
[man speaking in Spanish]
- Hey, uh, Jaq, pick
something nice, yeah?
[lively music]
Back off
We're living in an ocean
I got you waitin' for me
Oh rip me up in two
- You know, this air con
is all con and no air.
[Sebastian sighs]
Got you freakin' out you'll
- Uh, Jaq, that was our exit.
- No, it wasn't.
- But we're still heading north.
- [inhales deeply] "In
strategy, the longest way around
is often the shortest way home."
- Is that James
Joyce, the novelist?
- [chuckles] No. Liddell
Hart, the military strategist.
We are indeed from
different worlds.
- "You think you're escaping
and run into yourself.
Sometimes the longest way around
is the shortest way home."
Different worlds, yeah.
Eventually, everything joins up.
The question is,
are you escaping
or running into yourself?
- Hey, guys, if we're
taking the long way
back to LA, does this make
it an official road trip?
[Rosie giggling]
- Yeah?
- Yes, Dash.
This is a road trip.
- Road trip?
- Okay!
- Woo, road trip!
[hard rock music]
- Let's do this!
Turn inside out
Put it into doubt for me
Turn around
Drop in the other
side of town
In the direction
'Cause it's a brand new day
Breaking through
Pick up the pieces
Holding you
Living our lives out loud
And with a little faith
It's a brand new day
- No.
You make this mistake, I
checkmate you in just two moves.
Even though I'm a step behind,
you cannot defeat me.
War is about starting
with the right moves
not about hoping
that the tide turns
at the last minute
and you get lucky.
Okay, so now you play.
[truck rumbling]
[drum music]
[tense music]
Ah, just when you thought
it couldn't get any better.
[tires screeching]
[somber music]
- I should arrest you
hooligans for loitering.
- You could try, but
we're not kids anymore.
- Yeah, some of you are fathers
and should start acting like it.
Now, tell me where to look
for your fucking daughter.
- Oh, you know, if I
knew, I'd never tell you.
But if I knew, I'd
be there already.
[tense music]
- Put an APB out.
- Hey.
You don't need to do this.
She's your fucking daughter too.
- Don't remind me.
[somber music]
[lively rhythmic music]
[Sebastian chuckling]
[people chattering]
- All right, baby, you can't eat
your own body weight
in crap, okay?
- [Rosie] I can and I will.
[hard rock music]
[register beeping]
- [Jaq] Keep the change.
- Hey, we still gotta get gas.
- There's no time.
[tires screeching]
Here take us into
the back roads.
- It's gonna add hours.
- Oh no, I forgot to pee.
- Oh god.
- Listen, my mom is with the DEA
and my dad is one of
the biggest crime lords
this side of the border.
I'm pretty sure what
we stole is theirs
and I know they'll stop
at nothing to get it back
so I don't wanna
hear are we there yet
or can we stop for a pee break
'cause right now we have
two gangs hunting us down
and I don't know
which one is worse.
- [Rosie] Gotta pee.
- Told you I was weird.
[somber music]
[suspenseful music]
- Good.
Got 'em. Headin'
north on the 126.
- Copy that.
- Just like you thought.
- I see the doubt in
your eyes, Leaman.
Don't fall into
the trap thinking
you can just walk away.
You're just as much a part
of it as the rest of us.
- That why you're suddenly
calling me by my real name?
[warning bell ringing]
- What was that?
- Jaq, we need gas bad.
- [Dash] You coulda
give us a heads up, Jaq.
- I'm telling you,
[Dash sighs]
it's the curse.
We betrayed the Santa Muerte.
- Oh my god.
Are you gonna blame her too
when you blow through
all of our money
in your orgy of
- Why are you being so
protective over money
you don't even have yet?
- I just want my
10 mil, that's all.
- You're not getting 10
mil. You're getting five.
- [Dash] Oh [scoffs]!
- The cleaning rate
is 50% at least.
- Okay, I am one bombshell
away from walking away
from you guys.
Is there any other big news
that you need to tell us, Jaq?
- [sighs] Look, I'm gonna
pull over for the night.
[tense music]
You guys need to
just chill out, okay?
[train whistle blaring]
- [Dash] Oh well, I'm feeling
pretty exposed right now.
- Well, sometimes it's
empowering to feel vulnerable.
- [Dash] Well, not
when you're carrying
around $50 million it ain't.
[gentle music]
- [Rosie] Nice to
know your priorities.
- [Dash] Just not in the
same way you're willing
to wanna self-destruct.
- Well, maybe that's
what we have to do
to start to rebuild.
- [Dash] You are who you are.
- Shh.
Kumbaya, my Lord
Do you hear that?
- Yeah, I do.
- Yeah, me too.
- You too?
- Jaq?
- [Dash] What do you
mean? You too?
Wait, are you...
Are you guys serious?
You're just gonna leave?
Oh, you know what?
Yeah, knock your socks off.
I'll just stay here
and watch our money.
- Come on, man.
- Gimme the keys.
- [scoffs] No.
- Uh, Jaq, give me the keys.
What do you think
I'm gonna leave?
Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya
Thank you.
- I trust you.
Someone's laughing,
Lord, kumbaya
- [Man] Laughing now.
Someone's laughing,
Lord, kumbaya
Someone's laughing,
Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya
What's the next one?
[crickets chirping]
- You guys all right?
- Yeah, we just pulled
up for the night
and we were wondering
if we could come get
warm with you guys.
[man speaking in Spanish]
- Here you go.
- Come get warm.
Come on.
[man laughing]
- [Molly] Come.
- Welcome.
- [Sebastian] Thank you.
- So do you live in that van?
- That van?
Yeah, you could say
something like that.
- And you two in that van?
- Well, [chuckles] it turns out
that three is not
a crowd actually.
[Molly giggles]
- Now, don't you
kids go thinking
you invented that.
We were in fucking orgies
before you were potential stains
on the wall.
- Oh, come on now, Molly.
[Molly laughing]
- It's true.
- Yes, it is.
- Well, I think I wanna
live in a van too.
- Everybody thinks
to escape reality,
you have to be rich.
You gotta get dirt poor first
and then you grow
out from there.
- Wow.
- Couldn't have said
it better myself.
- Here you go.
- [Sebastian] Oh, thank you.
- Really?
That's funny, because when
I said the exact same thing,
you acted like I was crazy.
[Jaq scoffs]
Thanks for the beer.
[bottles clinking]
[Sebastian coughs]
- Jaq.
- Oh, let her brood, honey.
If I can go five years
cooped up in a van
with this asshole, you can
survive one night without her.
[man laughing]
- Well, she's right, you know.
Hit is, maestro.
[man laughing]
Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya
Someone's singin', Lord
[Dash mimics rifle firing]
[crickets chirping]
- I got you.
[Dash gasps]
[Dash mimics rifle firing]
Got you.
- Beat it, nerd.
- Oh!
[Jaq chuckles]
Jaq. You can't do that.
You scared the shit outta me.
- Off the hood.
Betsy needs some love.
[Dash groaning]
- Did you find a
7-Eleven down there?
- Oh no, just free love
and payment in kind.
- Oh.
Well, proud to be penniless
until opportunity knocks.
- All right.
[owl hooting]
All right, girl.
Talk to me.
- Why do you keep such
a big part of your life
from me, Jaq?
- People just don't
fit well with it.
[Jaq sighs]
[Dash sighs]
- So what does that
mean about the future?
[gentle music]
I mean, now that we
actually have one.
What does it mean?
[owl hooting]
You built a box
so tight around yourself
only you can fit in.
That's what you do.
- Sometimes that's
just how it goes.
- That's how it goes.
[air whooshing]
[suspenseful music]
- [Eris] Still a
night owl I see.
- Crowe?
Is that sweet voice Crowe?
It is! It is my sweet Crowe
and Leaman, right?
- Hey, Lance, I wanna
play in your toy box.
- You do?
Oh, I've been
waiting my whole life
for you to ask me
that [laughing].
- I wasn't asking.
- Even better.
And, Leaman, relax, calm down.
You need to meditate.
- Nice little
setup you got here.
Word on the street is
you collect cars now.
You gone soft on me?
- Well, as you can see,
I'm still very much
open for business.
And, yeah, I may have
acquired a modest collection
to help me pass the time.
Think fast!
[suspenseful music]
Ha! [laughing]
I think I might have
[lively music]
an addictive personality.
Nothing quite hides any new evil
like a beautiful exterior.
[Lance laughing]
- Nice to see you packing
even a little heat.
- Mm.
- Are these registered?
- Registered, inspected,
and fully street legal.
- I'm talking about the guns.
- Hey, fellas,
take a look around,
do me a favor.
I've forgotten what I've
gotten hidden where.
And you?
[slow rhythmic music]
My conscience is clear.
How 'bout yours?
So how come you come
knocking on my door?
Zalman's guns not big enough?
- Just didn't wanna give
him the satisfaction
of being the only reason
to win this battle.
- [laughing] Nothing
fights quite like family.
How 'bout you come back
and make one you deserve?
- Where is the arsenal?
- Huh?
Uh, fellas, I swear
I remember an AMG-2
in, in, in, the Merc.
[lively drumming music]
Merry Christmas [laughing].
[slow romantic music]
When it's you, just you,
come make it you and me.
[tongue clicking]
Hey, hey, it's not
a toy. It's a gun.
You understand? It's a gun.
I tell ya something, it's
like working with kids.
[light folk music]
[guns clicking]
[crickets chirping]
- Woo [giggles].
What's the matter?
- You're acting
out of character.
What would Dash think?
- Well, ain't you heard?
I ain't got no
character anymore.
- Maybe you're refusing
to accept your character
'cause then you'd have to
accept who you really are.
- Well, maybe you're
refusing to accept
your own character
because it means accepting
you're not right
for Jaq [chuckles].
[gentle music]
[Jaq sighs]
- Great, I finally find a nice
spot to pee and you're here.
- Sorry, I'll go.
- You really like him
but you wish you didn't.
[sighs] Here, give a
decrepit old lady a hand.
Oh, oh.
Oh, you feel that?
- [chuckles] No.
That's a problem.
Keep trying to open myself up
and it just pushes me
further inside my head.
- Maybe that's where
you need to go.
The place that reminds you
just how toxic you are,
that you can't be put right?
- Some of us contain an energy
[gentle music]
that just wants to
set the world on fire.
Sometimes it flickers,
sometimes it rages,
and sometimes it
flares up and ignites
all that's around.
- And burns those
who get too close.
- Oh, it ain't pretty.
Yeah, that's
progress, that's life.
You're not toxic.
You're incendiary.
And you don't need
to be put right.
You need the right purpose.
[birds trilling]
[Jaq sighs]
[suspenseful music]
- You never learned
not to touch?
You know, most people think
she's like that, a classic.
But what she really is
is a machine like that.
She's spits flames.
She's somebody who's
spent her whole life
looking for saints but all
she ever found were sinners.
You're just a speed
bump for her, man.
[Lance laughing]
You're just a speed bump, man.
[air whooshing]
[birds chirping]
[flies buzzing]
[wind rustling]
- Dash.
- Hm?
- Ooh, did we get robbed?
[gentle music]
- Come on.
[Dash and Rosie grunting]
No, it's all here.
- What is that?
- Oh.
- Ah.
- You're a slowpoke.
- I'm going.
- [Sebastian] Ooh.
- [Dash] There you
go. I want an apple.
- Rosie.
[Rosie laughs and sighs]
- You got an apple?
- That's it.
- Nice.
- All right.
- I'm sorry, buddy.
- Nope, that's okay.
[Rosie giggles]
[Dash sighs]
- If you're gonna
throw it at me.
- Nice, nice.
[motorcycles rumbling]
[hard rock music]
I'm the one that you will be
- [Rosie] I wanna drive next.
- You drive like an asshole.
- Look, I need to play a part.
I mean, besides we're
headed back to LA.
It'll help us blend in.
Have a future
You can play with fire
When you're close
to the flame
No intoxication gonna
bring you to the light
Spirit of creation
gonna get your
[tires screeching]
For soul shaker
Your soul shaker
Stop it till we
- Oh shit.
All right, baby, act cool.
There's a cop behind us.
You missed him.
Couldn't you have known.
- Keep going.
- You got this. Just
play it cool, guys.
- [Officer] Dispatch, be advised
I am currently
following a 10-29D.
White Suburban
headed north on 138.
Please advise.
- No one else gets near
them. They're mine.
[dynamic suspenseful music]
[siren wailing]
- Shit!
- Go faster, Rosie.
- Up ahead.
- Oh shit, what
the fuck is that?
- It's my fucking mom.
Faster, Rosie!
- [Dash] I think
he's still close.
- Take that dirt
road, down there.
Go, turn!
- [Dash] Don't kill us.
Watch it, watch it.
One, two, three.
Monkey, drive straight!
Why is she driving,
why is she driving?
- So you wanna play in the dirt.
[dynamic suspenseful
music continues]
- Wait go right up
here, right up here.
Make a right.
- [Jaq] Go, go, go, go!
- [Dash] Lose him!
- Come on, Rosie,
you can do this.
- Hit them.
- Faster, baby,
faster. You got this.
- Whoa.
Watch it, look out.
Okay, hold on, hold on, hold on.
- [Dash] Oh God.
Baby, hit it, hit it!
- [Eris] Don't lose them.
Cut them off!
Go after them.
[tires screeching]
[dynamic suspenseful music]
- Shit, punch it!
[engines revving]
- Hold on, guys.
- Shoot to kill.
- Don't tip the car, babe.
Push the gas pedal! Push it!
Oh, oh shit! Okay.
Woo woo!
Honey, I think you lost them.
Keep going, no, keep going,
keep going, keep going.
Hit it, hit it!
Oh my, oh shit!
- Oh! Oh ho ho.
[rifle clicking]
- When I say, hit those
breaks as hard as you can.
[rifle firing]
[dramatic music]
- Hold onto this, no, no, no.
[rhythmic drumming music]
- You guys got it?
I raised a fucking psychopath.
[horns honking]
- Well, we are
certainly back in LA.
- Oh, I guess this is
the finish line, right?
- Guys, this isn't the case
of walking into a laundromat
with $50 million and
walking out with clean cash.
We need to walk the walk.
We need to look legit.
I mean, I can do this on my own
but it would be a hell of
a lot easier as a team.
- Wait a second, did you
just ask for help, Jaq?
- [laughing] Holy shit,
Jaquer, he's right.
You did.
I mean what's next, writing
poetry and painting your nails?
- Leave her alone.
She's growing.
And she shot a
lotta people today.
[gentle music]
- Mm.
- What's wrong with my nails?
- Absolutely nothing.
- They're perfect.
[dynamic suspenseful music]
- [Eris] Where are they?
[tense music]
- You can wave your credentials
around all you like.
You know I can't let you
in without a warrant.
Eris, how you been?
- You know how it is, right?
[dramatic music]
[guard shouting]
[tense music]
Always hated the paperwork.
[people chattering]
- Yeah.
- But here
at the beginning of the year
we can see January through-
- Burning the midnight
oil as always, Mortem.
I like that kind of work ethic.
You good for a quick
appraisal meeting?
- Give us a minute please.
[suspenseful music]
Be my guest.
- You expecting the
IRS or something?
- Well, they were the
only ones with the balls
to take down Capone.
- You need to cancel
whatever Jacqueline
may have tried to
set up with you.
- Jacqueline as
in your daughter?
- She's a fraud.
[tense music]
I'm protecting you.
- Word is she's
on the up-and-up.
- She's just going
through a phase.
She wants to be like her father.
It's pathetic.
- Do I detect a little jealousy?
- Fuck no. Just a mother's
disappointment, right?
- Nothing's set up.
- Just make sure
it stays that way
or this glass cell
becomes a concrete one.
- You've been coming to
me with your dirty laundry
for nearly two decades.
- And you know you
can't clean shit for me
if your hands are too grubby.
- Eris, you sat right there,
you looked me in the eye
and promised immunity.
We shook hands.
Does a deal mean
nothing to you anymore?
- Stay away from Jacqueline
and I'll bring you the deal
that'll mean a lot
more to both of us.
50 million US dollars invested
in this business relationship.
Until then, you watch your lip
and you call me DEA Agent Crowe.
- Crowe.
[tense drumming music]
I'm out.
- And I had such a
high hopes for you.
- You kicked me out of the loop.
I can't work like
that and you know it.
- Well then, you're out of luck.
You know we're in
a checkmate, right?
And you know going up against me
brings as much heat back at you.
- Yeah, turns out I
didn't want that promotion
as much as I thought I did.
[dramatic music]
[tense music]
- We don't all have
what it takes, Lemon.
And don't think you
can just change back
into an innocent man either.
So fuck off and enjoy purgatory.
[tense drumming music]
You sure earned it.
[fast tense drumming music]
[dynamic music]
- We're all set. Midnight.
- Well, what do we do till then?
- Well, we're
gonna make the most
out of this baller ass room
is what we're gonna do.
- So that means you're
gonna play with everything.
- Look at this place.
Kinda be rude not to.
[Rosie chuckling]
- What we're gonna do is we're
gonna get into character.
- Oh, there's a mini fridge.
Oh wow.
- 50% is what we're after.
To get it, we need
to put out an image
that we're just in town
on regular business.
They'll be keeping
a close eye on us
and most likely have people
here in the hotel right now.
Go take a tour around,
interact, live it up a little.
Make it feel like we're
not hiding up here
like a bunch of cowards.
But most of all,
please stop acting
like you fell off a hay
wagon from fucking Missouri!
- What about him?
What's he doing?
- Every crime lord needs a
trusted bodyguard by her side.
- Okay [chuckles].
- Oh, I get it.
- [Rosie] Come on.
[slow upbeat music]
We lay here all afternoon
Making love in our bubble
With tanned skin
And sheets of light blue
I crawl in with you
And I find peace
'Cause I'm better
when I'm with you
Come take me home
Where I belong
'Cause you're the only one
The sun shines on you
Do you feel it too
'Cause you're the
only one for me
You're the only one
[rock ballad music]
Come take me home
Where I belong
- Hi, can I have a
glass of water please?
Hi, baby.
- Hi, baby.
- How you doing?
You spotted any spies yet?
- I think I have.
[gentle music]
- Yeah.
- I'm pretty sure
grandma over there,
I think she knows Kung Fu.
[Rosie chuckling]
[chuckles] And the old man,
he's definitely buried
some hookers in his day.
[light jazzy music]
- I know why I'm so compelled
to blow through all this money
in one night
and why the thought of
that scares you so much.
- Why is that?
- Because I can't begin
to picture a new life
where I'm rich.
And you can't bear to picture
another day where you're poor.
- This is just another drug
to someone like me, isn't it?
- No, it's the
same in all of us.
We just have different ways
of coping with the addiction.
[suspenseful music]
[air whooshing]
- [Mortem] It's go time.
[dynamic rock music]
She woke up with her
shoes on in our bed
Wearing nothing but a
smile with no regret
I a man and I'm
talking 'bout our lives
Both of us with
diamonds in our eyes
In Downtown Los Angeles
The world's a
stage for all of us
Chase the high,
feel the rush
In Downtown Los Angeles
We walk the streets we're
met without being loved
Every day's a
gift from up above
No one else is
who or what we are
Holding hands and
reaching for the stars
In Downtown Los Angeles
The world's a
stage for all of us
Chase the high,
feel the rush
In Downtown Los Angeles
It's my life, it's my city
My dream, so pretty
- You should know I'm
not usually available
on such short notice.
- Our usual associates
let us down.
- I appreciating
you reaching out.
New business always interests me
no matter how small it may be.
- Good.
I always believe
in a trial period
before we really get
down to business.
- And yet, here you are,
let down by a supplier.
Do you need some water?
- I don't want any water
unless you're gonna use it
to clean my fucking money.
- How come you're not in
business with your father?
- I do business
differently than my father.
- Your mother?
- I do everything
differently than my mother.
- You're a bit of a ghost.
Some people tell me you've
been operating overseas.
Of course, you could have
planted those seeds yourself.
You could actually be in
a much weaker position.
And all this could be a charade.
- It is a charade.
[gentle music]
I could stand here and put
on this act all night long
and I had to do it to
get you in this room.
If you want the truth,
I'll give it to you straight.
We have the better
part of $50 million
right here in these cases.
We found it and we took it
but we can't do anything with it
because it's as dirty
as money can be.
Now, we came to you
hoping that you can take
our $50 million and
give us 25 clean.
Not so we can deal
guns or buy drugs
or buy a bigger yacht.
But because I wanna
give my friends
a second shot at life
and this is the
only way I know how.
Now, I know you might
be saying this is risky
and maybe this was all
a big mistake but...
"Mistakes are portals
for discovery,"
and I think it's
time to leap in.
- James Joyce.
A highly unorthodox approach.
[Mortem sighs]
Do you know what it is I do?
What I really do?
I clean people not money.
[light suspenseful music]
I'm a priest.
And every bill I
take is a confession.
They come to me with paranoia
and leave with pride.
Humility becomes arrogance.
Fear becomes courage.
And they don't know
that's what they're doing
because their religion itself
revolves around illusion
and all their friends
are followers.
But you...
I can't clean.
So I guess you get a discount.
[tense rhythmic music]
- Now, are you doing this
because you found empathy
in what I said
or are you doing it
just to piss off my mother?
- This is what I like to
call a win-win situation.
[gentle music]
[horns honking]
- [gasps] So that was it.
It all seems a
little too easy now.
- We coulda at least brought
some glitter cannons,
some party, celebrate, right?
[Rosie chuckling]
- Is it wrong I'm feeling
far too much responsibility?
- Ms. Varek, there's somebody
who needs to speak with you.
- Follow them.
[somber piano music]
If I'm not back in five
minutes, leave without me.
- We're not leaving you.
- Going our separate ways
was always part of the plan.
- Jaq.
- I just didn't think it
was gonna happen so soon.
- Jaq!
- Oh god.
Ah ah ah
- Jaq.
- [Rosie] Oh my god.
Ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah
- Gotcha.
[tense music]
- Is she here too?
- You know, some
people are so angry
they're best left to
chase their own tail.
My little girl all grown up.
You know Jaq, I'd say you
look like a million dollars
but I'd be selling you short.
- This isn't me.
- It wasn't me either.
But look where I am now.
I never set out to harm anyone.
I just followed the path
of least resistance.
Then it became all about
protecting the people I love.
- You know I've
never believed that.
- Good.
I'd like to think I raised you
never to take anything
anyone says at face value.
- Raised me.
Is that what you call leaving
a child to fend for itself?
- I think one day
you'll understand.
I only set you free.
To allow you to flourish
into what you were
destined to become.
- So are we done here?
- I don't know. You tell me.
I want to offer you a deal.
You know, you can
take that money,
you can take it and run.
Consider it an inheritance.
And you go your own way
and I will never
bother you again.
But I can't say the
same for your mother.
Or you hand it back to me,
become my protege.
[gentle somber music]
I'll protect you from
her as long as you need
until you become so powerful
it's her who needs
protecting from you.
So you can either let this
fight against the person
you wish you were
or use it to fuel the
person you need to be.
- I don't want you to walk away.
I don't want you as my mentor.
I want you in my corner
during the bad times ready
to wrap your arms around me.
I want what I've always wanted.
I want my father.
[phone vibrating]
[light tense music]
- It's Jaq.
She said to meet her at the
dealership down the street.
[air whooshing]
[suspenseful music]
[tires screeching]
- Pop the trunk.
I think there's a way we can
do this and stick together.
[sighs] Here.
[tires screeching]
- [Dash] Oh shit.
[suspenseful music]
- Okay, who is
feeling submissive.
- Run!
[dynamic music]
[gun firing]
- Freeze!
- [Rosie] Oh!
[car alarms blaring]
[suspenseful chase music]
- Split up, split.
- This way, go, go.
[suspenseful music]
Jaq, I've got this.
- It's fake.
- What?
Use yours then.
- Also fake.
It's all fake.
- What the fuck are
you talking about?
Why would you give us fake guns?
- Now's not the
time. Get rid of it.
Put it down.
- Oh!
[light thud]
- Over here.
This way, come on.
Let's go.
- All right.
- [Sebastian] Hurry up.
- Come on.
Down to the right.
[suspenseful chase music]
[all panting]
- [Sebastian] Oh shit.
[suspenseful music]
- Always sucks to fall
at the last hurdle.
- Mom.
- You know I don't like
you calling me that.
- This is your mother?
- Why are you even here?
Just admit it, you
only want me around
so you can fuck with Dad.
- [sighs] I guess the jig is up.
But here's the thing.
I don't see him
protecting you right now.
Either you hand the money over
or what's going to transpire
is your motley crew here
will be sadly killed
during this pursuit.
[dramatic music]
[gun firing]
[Sebastian grunts]
[Rosie screaming]
- Oh my god.
[dramatic music]
- There goes one.
[tense music]
- I can't take it.
[Sebastian coughing]
- Wow, you finally
let someone in.
We don't do that, Jacqueline.
[Jaq crying]
- I loved him and
you killed him.
- No, you killed him by
bringing him into this mess
and you know it.
[dramatic music]
- Drop your weapons!
All of you!
- Don't! Don't!
It's over, Crowe.
- No dice, Lemon.
I've got as much shit on
you as you have on me.
- That what you think?
- [Eris] I'll bring you
the deal that'll mean
a lot more to both of us.
50 million US dollars
invested in this
business relationship.
Until then, you watch your lip.
And you call me DEA Agent Crowe.
- Cuff her.
[suspenseful rhythmic music]
Never piss off a
partner in crime.
[tense music]
Looks like you kids got
lucky at the tables tonight.
Lady luck smiles
at you like that,
you better smile back, right?
Then get the fuck outta Dodge
before that smile
[distant siren blaring]
turns into a frown.
[somber music]
- [Dash] Go.
Go. Let's go.
[siren blaring]
- Tomorrow those kids
are gonna start dealing
with their guilt until
they find the redemption
that they need.
One day, you're not gonna be
able to ignore it anymore.
That's when you're gonna
have to stare your sins
right in the eye.
That's when you'll know
I did my job.
Take her away.
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
- [Jaq] Here.
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
[slow rock music]
Who's kidding who
We both know the
end is coming
- Baby, she gave us
a shot at a new life.
[chuckles] Baby, she
gave us a future.
The things we said
But you heard what she said.
Don't ever look back.
- You think it's because
she doesn't want us
to linger on the person she was
or because she
doesn't want us to see
the person she's
going to become.
You share with me
Belie what you're
really feeling
It's just not true
So we choose the way
- I love you.
- I love you too, baby.
We should be face to face
[tires screeching]
[engine revving]
But winning's not the case
We can't agree
We just can't see
We cry
Close our eyes
and scream inside
We hope for clearer skies
But it tears us up
to see the night
We cry
We fight to keep
our hearts alive
But it seems they've died
It's so sad to see
what we've become
We try
[Jaq crying]
Oh oh oh oh oh
[hard rock music continues]
We wonder what
We think this all should be
A movie show
Or a taxi dance for free
And I'm afraid
We cry
We close our eyes and scream
[Jaq crying]
- "So life asked death,
'Why do people love
me but hate you?'
And death replied, 'Because
you're a beautiful lie.
And I'm the painful truth.'"
How painful is it?
[somber music]
- Like I've been searching
for peace all my life
and all I found is a
reason to start a war.
[dramatic music]
[somber music]
[somber rhythmic music]
[somber music]
[woman vocalizing]
[tense somber music]
[door rattling]
[suspenseful music]
- Please take a seat.
You ready to make a deal?
[dramatic music]
[soft drumming music]
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
[dynamic rock music]
[suspenseful music]
[hard driving rock music]