Break Every Chain (2021) Movie Script

Dispatch to 44.
- 44, go ahead.
- Respond to
the 400 block of early road,
report of a crash
involving a motorcycle.
44 copy, on my way.
- When you
experience death like I have,
you see that God's not there.
Tell me, pastor,
why does God let bad things
happen to good people?
Why is God silent?
- Do you really think that God,
the creator of heaven and Earth,
and everything in it is silent?
You really think he's just
ignoring all of us down here?
Maybe he's talking, Jonathan,
and you're just not listening.
- I wonder what you'd say if
you saw the things I've seen.
My dad was my best friend,
and my best memories of
him were on that lake,
doing what we loved.
- Yeah?
You know, I remember one time
we went deep sea fishing,
and I put a bass line
looking for sea bass.
All of a sudden, my
line just took off.
Something big got it.
I finally pull him up to
the top and it was huge,
and the three of us pulled
that thing up over the side,
and got it on the
deck of the boat.
It was 105 pounds.
It was five foot long.
- Five foot?
- So what do you think,
for your next birthday,
if we take you deep sea fishing?
- For real?
- For real.
- Wow, that's pretty cool.
- I can't think of a better way
to celebrate your next birthday
than to take you
deep sea fishing.
- I didn't
realize it then,
but that was my last
good memory of my dad.
I can remember the
day she told us.
As a kid you never
fully understand.
- Daddy's really sick,
and Jesus is going to
take him to heaven soon.
You're going
to be okay, I promise.
I promise.
We are going to be okay.
- Hi, Jonathan.
Come in.
Come in.
You'll be the man
of the house soon.
Mom's gonna need you
to be strong, okay?
- Who's going to take
me fishing in the ocean?
- Sorry, Jonathan.
I won't be able to
take you to the ocean.
It's almost my time, I'm sorry.
- I still regret not
spending more time with him.
I regret not
talking to him more.
Come on.
No, no.
No, no,
- That was the day
I realized God
didn't care about me.
God didn't care about any of us.
Even if he was real, why
wouldn't he listen to a child?
- Sorry, Jonathan.
I won't be able to
take you to the ocean.
You'll be man of the house soon.
Mom's going to need
you to be strong, okay?
- Hey!
- Why did daddy die?
We prayed for him.
Who's gonna take care of you?
Who's going to take care of me?
- I'm sorry, son.
I'm sorry.
- You're not,
you don't understand.
- Jonathan, wait.
Please, Jonathan.
- Eight years later, I was
training to become an officer.
- Let's go, Jonathan move it.
Come on.
Come on, get them out of there.
Come on, move it.
Jonathan, why do you
want to be a cop?
- I want to make
a difference, sir.
Get back, get back.
Get back!
I want to protect
and serve, sir.
I want to be a better man, sir.
- We'll see about that.
- Put your hands on the ground.
- Welcome to the force.
Congratulations, Hickory.
You made it.
- Thank you, sir.
- Proud of you.
- Hey!
- Hey.
- How did it go?
- I don't think
I did that great.
- I'm sure you did better
than what you think, right?
- Yeah.
- Well, listen.
You're smart.
You know what you're doing.
I'm sure you're going to figure
out a way to get in there,
- Yeah.
- I guess that's
why you're looking
at the new Officer Hickory.
- No?
- Oh yeah.
- Yeah?
- Oh yeah!
- I'm so happy for you!
- Put this on, strap up.
Stacy, did I ever
tell you the story
of the most beautiful
girl in the world?
- No.
- Once upon a time,
there was a girl so beautiful
she lit up every
room she walked into.
She was confident,
with piercing bluish,
greenish eyes that
always changed colors,
and radiant blonde hair that
shined like the morning sun.
Now you might be wondering
whatever happened
to the most beautiful
girl in the world?
Well, she met some lucky chump,
gave him her number on a napkin
with a note that
said don't lose this.
I didn't.
Stacy Evangeline.
They say in life we only
fall in love three times,
but I've been falling in
love with you 365 days a year
for the last three
years of my life.
And if you promise
not to lose this,
I plan on falling in
love with you over,
and over, and over again,
for the rest of my life.
So will the most beautiful
girl in the world marry me?
- I wish your father were here.
- Yeah, me too.
- He's be so proud of you.
Oh, I love you my son.
- I love you, mom.
- Oh, I know that!
- I know you do.
- I'm so happy for you.
- Oh, mom.
Bye mom.
Stacy was the best thing
that ever happened to me.
She's the reason I'm here today.
She's the love of my life.
I really don't deserve her.
- She sounds like
an amazing woman.
- She is.
- What happened to
that happy couple?
When did things go wrong?
- On my honor, I
will never betray my badge,
my integrity, my character,
or the public trust.
I will always have the
courage to hold myself
and others accountable
for our actions.
I will also hold
the constitution,
the community, and
the agency I serve,
So help me, God.
- Officer Hickory?
- Yes, sir.
- Steve Watson, field
training officer.
- Nice to meet you.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
So I read your file.
Looks like you were
top of your class,
but trust me,
there is no training that could
prepare you for the streets.
Look, I know you just got
married and you're all excited.
I get it.
But you got to get your
head out of the clouds, son.
These streets are tough.
If you aren't sharp and focused,
these streets will
eat you alive,
and it will get you
killed, do you understand?
- Yes, sir.
Look, I'm here to learn.
You won't have to
worry about me.
- Let's get this straight.
I run a tight ship.
We do it by the book.
If you want to
get trained by me,
you do what I say,
when I say it.
If you hesitate, it
could cost you your life.
Now fix your collar.
You're a professional and
you need to look like one.
- Bet you're fun at parties.
- No, I am not fun.
Now get in the car.
- So are we getting
some donuts or what?
- New rule.
You have something
stupid to say, don't.
- Yes sir.
Dispatch to Unit 71.
- This us?
- 71, go ahead.
- Respond to
the area of ridge salvage yard
in the 900 block of Thurman Road
for the reports of shots fired.
A caller stated
at least two males
armed with assault rifles,
multiple shots heard,
no further description.
- In the 71, on location.
- This is it, huh?
So what's the plan.
- Keep your head on a swivel.
We don't know what
we're walking into.
Here's your pack and tourniquet.
- What?
- Base, shots fired.
Hope they showed you
how to use that thing.
Right, we got to go.
- I'm gonna
check this corner.
Hear that?
- Mhm.
- That's them.
- Yep.
- All right,
I'm gonna move on.
- I got you.
- Police,
put your gun down now!
Put your gun down!
I will shoot, put
your gun down now.
Put your gun down now.
I almost shot him.
- I know.
- I almost shot him.
- I know, but you didn't.
You know why?
You used your brain.
Good instincts, son.
Good instincts, come on.
- Police, freeze.
Get on the ground now!
- What's going on?
- All of
you on the ground now,
hands where I can see them.
- Officer, I got a couple cold
ones if you just let me go.
- I don't drink on the job, man.
Come on, watch your head.
- Hey, hey,
You did a good job
today, all right?
- Thanks.
- Hi!
- Hey baby, how are you?
- I'm good, I'm
just grading papers.
- Yeah?
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, everything's going fine.
It's a slow night,
pretty boring actually.
- Well, I miss you.
- I miss you too.
I just wanted to call
and hear your voice,
and tell you I love you.
- I love you too.
- Yeah.
Well look, I got to go,
so don't wait up for me, okay?
Good night, I love you.
Sorry about that.
- Hey man, it's all right.
Listen, you did the
right thing over there.
We don't need to bring
this world into our homes.
Our families don't need to
know what's going on out here.
- Any available
unit respond to code three,
the Shinston Road
on the interstate--
- Let's go.
- With the
report of a motor vehicle crash,
with entrapment and injury.
Report of a vehicle down
on embankment on it's side.
Witnesses reporting
vehicles appeared
to be racing before the crash.
Unknown if any other vehicles
were involved at this time.
- Check that
vehicle, I'll check this one.
- Dispatch, this looks serious.
11 80, put a rush on that body.
Hey, Police,
stay right there.
10 for Unit 44.
- Sydney.
She was 16.
Sydney would never
get to fall in love.
She would never get married,
never experience motherhood.
All her hopes, dreams,
Her entire life
flashed before my eyes.
- You doing all right?
- I've never seen someone
dead like that before.
- Look, police work isn't easy.
You see a lot of crazy
things out there.
Let me tell you
something, off the record.
I found one thing that helps
me get through all of this.
- What's that?
- Couldn't do this
job without Jesus.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Here, take this.
That's our church.
You should stop by some time.
Come on, let's go.
- Death
This is the hardest
part of my job.
They have no idea, huh?
- No idea whatsoever.
- What are you doing?
- Reading the Bible.
- Why?
- Because it helps me.
- How do you tell
a mother her child just died?
- No, no,
- Hey rook,
here's a drink for you.
- Who are you?
- I'm Thomas.
- Jonathan, nice to meet you.
- Good to meet you.
- Thank you.
- I heard you ran into some
West Virginia's finest today?
- Yeah, that's
one way to put it.
I don't know how you
guys do this, man.
- Hey, look kid.
After a while you
get used to it.
- Yeah, some days
you're out there
doing paperwork for eight hours,
and the next day
you're getting shot at.
- Where's Watson.
- Oh, guys a square.
Doesn't drink at all.
He'll never step foot in here.
- We heard
about the girl.
How are you handling that?
- I mean, I've never experienced
something like that
before in my life.
It is what it is.
- Hey guys, to the rookie.
- To the rookie.
- Get
that glass up to here.
- To the rookie.
- Thank you.
- It'll get easier.
Sooner or later, you
won't feel a thing.
- You
have a good night.
- You be safe,
thanks for riding.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Oh, you stink.
Mm, where have you been?
- Few of the guys,
they wanted to celebrate
the rookies first day.
Couldn't say no.
- So how was the
rookie's first day?
- It was different.
My FTI was a nice guy, I met
him for the first time today.
We got donuts and joked around.
- Good.
- Now go get some rest,
I'll catch up with you, okay?
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- No, no,
- Thank you.
Can y'all help me
pray for my husband?
The Lord, Jonathan
is a good man,
but I think this job is
more than he expected.
I think that he sees things
that he can't talk
to anybody about.
I sense that it's hurting him.
It's changing him.
I feel like he's
feeling hopeless,
and he needs you, God.
I know that God can help him,
and that through
the power of Jesus,
that I can get my husband back.
- Hey Jonathan, come on in.
- Lieutenant.
- It's good to see you.
- It's
great to see you.
- Please have a seat.
So I've been
talking to your FTO,
and he tells me you
have some talent.
- Just doing my job, sir.
- Well, that's
certainly good to hear.
Apparently you're
doing it really well.
We're thinking
about moving you up.
How you feel about the
traffic safety end?
- You pulling my leg?
- No, I am not.
As part of that, you get a
motorcycle and an unmarked car.
Congratulations, son.
- Wow, this,
it's an honor, sir.
Thank you so much.
- Well, you know what?
You've earned it.
Just don't make me regret it.
- I'll do my best--
- All right.
- Look at that, nice.
Yeah, and we can afford that,
but they can't upgrade
my crappy cruiser.
- I know, kills me.
- Wow, who's the lucky chump?
- No idea.
Certainly isn't you, Hickory.
- Oh, no way.
- There's no way on God's green
earth they're
entrusting that to you.
Hey, were you able to
find a big enough helmet
to go over that head of yours?
- Don't be mad they don't make
these for senior
citizens, Rodriguez.
- Oh, that's cold dude.
- What was that?
- That is cold, bro.
That's cold.
- One more time,
I can't hear you?
- That's cold, bro.
Man, I can't believe
he's got that ride.
- I know.
Dispatch to Unit 44.
- 44, go ahead.
- 44 respond
code three to the intersection
of Second Street
and Maple Avenue.
We have report of a
single vehicle overturned,
multiple occupants, possibly
children in the vehicle,
unknown injury.
Fire and rescue are responding.
- 44, 10 four.
- That bad, huh?
- Whole family.
It was horrible.
- What
can I say, kid?
It's part of the job.
Someone's got to do it.
- Johnathan, you not hungry?
- Hey, kid.
Mrs Hickory, where is she?
- Excuse me, is everything okay?
- Yeah, I'm just
looking for my wife.
- Oh, third door on the left.
Hey, walking feet!
Are you okay, sweetie?
- So, can anybody
tell me what this is?
- Good job.
And how about this?
- Funnel.
- Funnel, good job.
And what about this?
- We're having a baby?
We're having a baby?
I'm gonna be a dad!
- Look what we
made, she's perfect.
- Let her sleep.
Okay, all right.
You got her?
And you know her sleep schedule,
and you know she gets
fed in 20 minutes, right?
- Mhm.
- Are you sure you need me?
- No, we're fine.
- You sure?
And you're going
to call me, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Shh.
- Drunk driving is
still the number one
cause of death on our roadways.
Two out of three
people will be impacted
by a drunk driving
crash in their lifetime,
which is why we take this
award very seriously.
It is reserved for an officer,
an exceptional
officer who has gone
above and beyond to
keep our streets safe.
He is a shining
example of someone
who is making our
community a better place.
It is my honor to
present this award
to Officer Jonathan Hickory.
- Hey.
- Johnathan, you
reek of alcohol.
- Thank you
for your service.
- Wow.
Thank you everyone.
It is an honor and a pleasure
to stand here before you all.
Family comes first in our lives.
With another baby on the way,
we know just how important it
is to keep our streets safe.
I unfortunately know better
than most the horrific,
tragic effects of drunk driving.
It's heartbreaking
to say the least.
The effects of
drunk driving aren't
just limited to
those in the impact,
to our family members,
our friends,
our kids.
Thank you.
Dispatch to 44.
- 44, go ahead.
- Respond to
the 400 block of Early Road,
report of a crash
involving a motorcycle.
- 44, copy.
I'm on my way.
Hey, what have you got for me?
- Hey man, took you long enough.
I actually do have
something for you.
Here, it's his wallet.
- Whose wallet?
- The guy on the
motorcycle, he's over there.
- Oh, man.
- What?
- I know this guy, I went
to high school with him.
Uh, where did you say?
- Right over there,
under that white sheet.
- Thanks.
- Sorry, bud.
- Get out.
Get out now.
Get out.
Look at what you did,
look at what you did.
He had a family, and a wife,
and you killed him.
You killed him!
You killed him.
Look at this, look at this.
You killed him, you killed him.
I couldn't understand
why they weren't angry.
I looked into the
eyes of that family
and all I saw was sadness.
Pure sadness.
No anger, no resentment.
They just missed their kid.
They should be angry at
the drunk who killed him.
They should hate him.
But they couldn't.
They were calm, and peaceful,
and that infuriated me.
He was this drunk who
just took the life
of their loved one over some
stupid bottle of liqueur,
and they just forgave him.
Just like that.
If there's one thing I know,
its that we're all gonna end
up dead with no hope anyway.
What's the point in this life?
What difference does
it make, and who cares?
I don't understand.
Where was Jesus when
that guy swerved
through three lanes
and killed Daniel?
- Jonathan, Jesus
didn't kill Daniel.
Why don't you blame Satan?
- Oh God, come on Satan.
- Oh, so it's okay to
blame Jesus for everything,
but not Satan?
Not the one that the Bible
tells us comes to steal,
kill, and destroy?
He gets no credit?
That family had peace
because they know Jesus.
Because they know there's
more to this life.
Because this life
is not perfect.
It's broken.
We broke it, sin broke it.
- I'm having a really
hard time buying that.
- If you got it all figured out,
then what are we doing here?
- I don't know.
- Why did you want to talk?
Do you want help?
I'm trying to help you.
- You wouldn't understand.
- Then make me understand.
- It was Sunday, October 20th.
My wife was in her 20th week.
- Make it
stop, it hurts.
- Stacy,
are you okay?
Stacy, open up.
- Stacy passed the
baby, call 911.
- What do you mean
she passed the baby?
- Stacy passed the baby.
Go Jonathan, call 911.
- My wife is 20 weeks pregnant,
and she just,
she just passed the baby.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
At 14 weeks, the brain impulses
in an unborn baby begin to fire.
At 15 weeks, the unborn
baby can sense light.
At 19 weeks, the babies
senses are all developing.
Touch, taste,
vision, smell,
and hearing.
Christian was 20 weeks old.
- Dear God, hear us as
we pray for .
We pray for their comfort
in a time of sadness.
in this trying time.
We pray that you lift their
child into a kingdom of light.
In your name we pray, amen.
- I'll clean up, okay?
- Look.
You are not alone, all right?
You should come
to church with us.
- God, I pray for my husband.
He is a good man.
I know deep down
he's a good man.
But he needs you.
He needs your help.
He's still the man that I love.
He's my Jonah,
and he's lost at sea.
He needs you.
This is my last prayer, God,
and I don't know how,
but he needs your help.
We need your help
for our family.
For me.
For Ana.
For Jonathan.
I need you to
bring him back to me.
Please help him, God.
Bring him back.
- Okay, yep.
Officer Hickory,
report to Lieutenant
Campbell's office.
- Let me call you back.
- Johnathan, come in.
These detectives are
from internal affairs.
Have a seat.
- Can I ask
what this is all about?
- I think you know
why they're here.
You're under investigation for
violating our code of conduct.
You'd better hope
we don't find out
you were involved
in immoral conduct.
You are to hand over your
departmental laptop
and cell phones,
along with all the lock
codes and passwords.
And you will not discuss this
investigation with anyone,
is that clear?
You're dismissed.
- This is the story of Jonah.
Jonah was a good man,
but he was scared.
- What did he do, mommy?
- Jonah didn't know
that God had a purpose for him,
that God had a special
mission for him,
and God found a way
to get his attention.
God sent a storm,
and he sent a big fish
to go and get Jonah,
and bring him back.
And in the end Jonah
did the right thing.
He did God's final
wish, and he came back.
He did the right thing.
- What's the point of this life?
What difference does it make?
- You've seen so much death.
Your whole profession revolves
around the evil in this world.
You see Satan's
handiwork everyday.
It must be tough.
The thief comes to steal,
to kill,
and to destroy.
You've let him rob
you of your peace,
of your family, of your life.
It's time you fought back.
You need the only one who's
ever overcome this evil.
You need Jesus.
You've been doing things
your way your whole life.
How's that working out for you?
It's time you did
things God's way.
- I don't know.
- I do.
You need to be honest
about your affair,
about your drinking,
about the way you've been
treating your family.
There are consequences
to your actions
and Jesus is not
going to change that.
But Jesus will change you.
You want to be a man about this?
You want to make things right?
You want to fix it?
First you have to surrender
yourself to Jesus.
That's the first step.
- Honey, I realized I
made a lot of mistakes.
I know I haven't
been good to you.
I know I've been a disaster.
But that's all going to change,
because last night I
made a promise to God.
I spoke to him for
the first time,
and I promised Him that I'm
going to be a better man,
better father, better husband.
I'm going to make it
up to you and Ana.
Stacy, what I'm
asking is forgive me.
- Okay.
- I'm working on it.
I'm going to be better.
- Okay, this one's for you,
and this one's for me.
Careful, you got it?
- Wow, say thank you.
- Thank you.
- Jonathan, you do you
know that this is strange,
You sitting here with
us getting ice cream,
spending time with us.
- It's gonna get better.
- Exactly what she said.
- Jonathan, our
family needs this.
- I know, I promise things
are going to change.
Next time we're
getting pizza, right?
- No, ice cream.
- Ice cream again.
- Ice cream, uh-huh.
- Is it good?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, all right.
- I'm
gonna take this, okay?
Be right back.
- Okay.
- Lieutenant?
- Jonathan, I need to
see you in my office.
I have to result of
your investigation.
- What flavor are you
going to get next time?
- Vanilla.
- You didn't like this one?
- No.
- All right, I guess
I'll see you then.
- Oh my goodness gracious.
Who was it?
- Oh, it was Lieutenant.
- They need you?
- No, just saying hi.
- Okay.
- You again?
Well, at least this time you
don't have your gun drawn.
- I need your help.
- Sure.
What's going on?
- I'm an idiot.
- I take it you
haven't told her.
- No, I haven't.
- You need to tell
her, Jonathan.
- I can't tell her.
She's going to
leave and take Ana.
I don't know what I would
do if I lost them both.
- Well, if you don't tell her,
you're going to lose
them both anyway.
I sense there's
something else going on.
- The force, they found
out about the affair,
did an entire investigation.
I'm about to find
out if I lost my job.
I screwed up.
Really, really screwed up.
I could really use
a prayer right now.
- I told you before, there are
consequences to your actions,
and praying won't
make them go away.
But God promises
to be there to help
you through those consequences.
- I'm not asking for a miracle.
I know there are consequences,
but I also believe that
God does answer prayers.
Please could you just
say a prayer with me?
- Of course.
- God, please help
me keep my job.
- You know what,
being an officer in this
county is a privilege?
Well do you?
We demand all of our
officers be beyond reproach.
All of them.
And you?
You don't.
- Yes sir, I understand--
- I'm sorry, I believe
I was still speaking.
As for the charge.
Officer behaving in a
scandalous, infamous manner,
in violation of
West Virginia code.
For that, you're guilty.
Dismissal without pension,
without severance.
That's the verdict.
- This job is all I know, sir.
It's my passion.
It's what I'm good at.
It's the only thing I'm good at.
I didn't come here
to make excuses,
but we both know that this line
of work gets inside your head,
and between things I've seen
on the job and losing my son,
I've been a wreck.
I've been avoiding my problems,
and this job is, being here,
it's the only
thing that makes me
feel like I'm
making a difference.
I know I need to be held
accountable for my actions,
and I don't deserve this job.
I don't deserve my family.
But I want you to know
that I'm working on it.
I'm going to be a better man.
- Look, Jonathan,
I know you, okay?
I know this isn't like you.
Look at me?
You know I'm actually willing
to bet my badge on you.
You know why?
Because at the end of the day
I think you're a good cop,
and I truly believe everyone
deserves a second chance.
That's why I fought for you.
And guess what?
That's why I got them to
keep you on the force.
- Thank you.
- Oh no, no,
no, no,
no, don't thank me yet.
Oh no, you will be disciplined.
You will no longer be a
motorcycle or traffic officer,
and that take home vehicle?
Yeah, that's going.
You will immediately be sent
to uniform patrol division,
on a midnight shift,
pushing a cruiser.
Now give me the keys to the
motorcycle and the unmarked.
Look, Jonathan?
I am taking a huge risk on
you, you understand that?
Tell me I'm not
making a mistake.
- I won't let you down, sir.
- These are the keys
to your new ride.
Car 305.
You prove to me
that you can change,
and in a year, maybe we can
reevaluate your performance.
Don't make me regret this.
You're dismissed.
- So what's with the
squad car out there?
- I got put back on nights.
Start tomorrow night.
- What?
- Yeah, I got some
trouble at work.
They swapped me over
to midnight shift.
- Jonathan, how?
I mean, you've been
working so hard.
What happened?
- It was a vehicle
pursuit a few months ago,
remember the one I
was telling you about?
- Yes.
- And I gave the
suspect a break.
Didn't write them up, turns
out they had warrants.
Look, I think I'll like
this better anyways.
I wont to have to deal
with seeing the wrecks and,
who knows, maybe
this is a good thing.
- A good thing?
Jonathan, how is this
going to be a good thing?
You're never going to see us.
- Look, it's only for a while.
We'll make it work.
- Yeah, I guess.
- I love you, don't worry.
We'll figure it out, okay?
- Okay.
44 respond code
three to Rocco's liquor store,
1260 East Main Street with
a possible carjacking.
Caller stated they say a
large male with a beard
forcing his way into a black
van in the parking lot.
- Hey, freeze!
Stop right there!
Unit 44, I need back up.
Copy, Unit 44.
We have back up on the way.
Any available unit
respond to code three.
- Don't move!
- Hi Megan, hi Ana,
what's going on?
- I'm taking Ana to
get some ice cream.
We'll be right back.
- Oh, okay.
Hey, what are you doing here?
- Get in the car Jonathan.
- What's going on?
- Just get in the car now.
- Jonathan, what happened?
You were my best friend.
You were the one that I
wanted to spend forever with,
that I loved unconditionally,
that I went there and I
took these vows with you.
Does it not mean
anything to you?
What happened to my husband
when I lost my baby?
Where were you?
You were getting drunk,
you were disappearing,
you were working night
shifts and everything else.
This is what you were doing?
When I laid there every
night aching in pain,
needing you here, needing my
husband to come home to me,
to tell me that he loves me,
and you're out sleeping
with some other woman?
Do you even know
what you've done?
Do you know what
you're doing to me?
You are not the man that I
married and I want him back.
You broke us.
You broke me.
What happened?
No, because you're not sorry.
No, don't touch me.
- Stacy, you should
know that the day
that Jonathan came to see me,
he told me all about the
demons he was fighting.
He told me about the infidelity.
He also told me that you
are the love of his life,
and he didn't feel
like he deserved you.
This is one of
the most difficult
things that could ever
happen in a marriage.
Jonathan, it took you years
to break this marriage.
It's gonna take you a
long time to repair it.
But you're going to have to ask
yourself the hardest questions.
Do you want to fix this?
Do you want to move
forward to forgiving?
You're gonna have to look
deep within your heart,
and you're gonna have to decide
is this family
worth fighting for?
It's gonna be a long journey,
but if you turn toward God,
I think you have a chance.
There are consequences
to your actions,
and Jesus will not change that.
But Jesus will change you.
You want to be a man about this?
You want to make things right?
You want to fix it?
First you have to surrender
yourself to Jesus.
That's the first step.
- I've been a slave to
you for way too long.
I am sick and tired
of you controlling me.
God, God please.
Give me the strength to
break free from these chains.
I don't know where to begin.
I hate myself, I hate
what I've done to Stacy,
to my family, to Ana.
And the weight of all
this is overwhelming,
and I'm having a lot of
trouble dealing with it.
- Jonathan,
that burden is not
for you to carry.
That weight on your shoulders
is for Jesus to carry.
You have to give it to
him, or it'll crush you.
- I just want my wife
to love me again.
- It's gonna take time.
- Hey, I can do that for you--
- Don't touch me,
stay away from me.
- It's not gonna be easy.
You have to push through.
You have to believe
there's hope.
She believed for years
that you would turn around.
Now it's your turn
to believe in her.
- Jesus, help me become the
man my family needs me to be.
Forgive me for what I've done.
Help heal our wounds.
Help me fix this mess
I've made, please.
Hi, Ana.
Could I talk to you for
a second, sweetheart?
Come here.
You know your daddy loves
you very much, right?
Very, very,
very much.
Look, I know daddy's
been mean a lot lately,
and that's not your fault, okay?
I want you to know
that daddy promises
to never be mean
to you ever again.
I love you, sweetheart.
I'm sorry.
Could you forgive me?
- Okay.
Well, before we can make any
changes together as a couple,
Jonathan, you're gonna
have to face some things.
Now I know you
have a lot of hurt
from the loss of your father,
so I want you to try something.
We are going to try an exercise.
I want you to pretend your
father is sitting in this chair.
- You want me to play
pretend with that chair?
- Jonathan, we're going
to have to work on you
before we can work on
restoring your marriage.
Now I want you to
speak to this chair
as if your father
is sitting in it,
right here in front of you.
I want you to say all the
things you wanted to say to him.
- Dad?
Dad, you were my best friend.
You were my hero.
I miss you.
I wish you were here.
I wish you were here
to see me graduate
the Academy to become
a police officer.
I wish you were here
to see me marry Stacy,
and meet your
granddaughter, Ana.
She's just like you,
smart, funny.
I want to tell you
that I love you,
because I feel like I didn't
have enough time to tell you.
It's not fair.
I never heard the words,
good job, son.
I miss you, son.
You're a good son.
I couldn't say the word dad.
I just want to
tell you I love you
because I feel like I didn't
get to tell you enough.
I feel like God took
you away from me.
I feel like a piece
of my heart is missing
and I'm never going
to get it back.
All right, well,
get home safe, okay?
- Yeah, this one's cute.
- Mhm, I like her shoes.
- Yeah.
- Hey, who
want's to play a game?
- Me!
- You both do?
Ana, you're first.
What's it say?
- I am soft and
I help you sleep.
- That's a tough one.
- What do you think would
help mom and dad sleep?
- A blanket?
- Where do you keep blankets?
- The bedroom.
- I have one for you too.
- Daddy, I found it.
It was under the pillow.
- You did, what did you get?
- A princess crown.
- Wow, what a beautiful crown.
Beautiful crown for
a beautiful princess.
I got a clue too.
- What is it?
- Something waits for
you in a safe place.
What do you think?
- I don't know.
- Could it be in the safe?
- Maybe!
- Only one way to
find out, right?
- What'd you get?
What'd you get, what'd you get,
what'd you get?
What'd you get?
What'd you get, what'd you get,
what'd you get?
We're having another baby?
- We're having a baby.
- We're having a baby?
- We're having a baby.
- We're having a baby,
we're having a baby!
Oh, we're having a baby.
You'll need to
learn how to share.
Yeah, you too.
- Come on now, let's take
a group family picture.
Okay sweetie?
Let's get your hair,
grandma likes your hair.
- You're so beautiful,
you know that?
You're the best thing
that ever happened to me.
We had faith, you held on.
I love you, you're my heart.
- I'm just so happy
to have you back.
I love you.
- Ana, get over here.
All righty, come on.
- All right, make it a good one.
All right guys, say cheese.
- Cheese.
I wish I could
feel it all for you
If I could I would take
back all the jumping through
And I would find a
safer place for you rest
When you've come undone
I wish I could
take the pain away
If I could I would paint
for you a brand new day
But for now you've got to
hold on through the night
I will survive
Oh no, never gonna let it go
I'll keep fighting
I'll keep fighting
Oh no, I'm never
gonna let it go
I'll keep fighting
I'll keep fighting
Nothing's gonna
bring us down
Nothing's gonna take us out
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna
bring us down
Nothing's gonna take us out
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna stop us now
I swear this storm is
nothing more than noise
And I won't let it push
you past the breaking point
We'll stand
Together we will
hold our ground
I'm not backing down
Cause I, I never
lose my faith in you
And I won't forget the
things you brought me through
You're the one
The one who'll
never leave my side
Till the day we die
Oh no, I'm never
gonna let it go
I'll keep fighting
I'll keep fighting
Oh no, I'm never
gonna let it go
I'll keep fighting
I'll keep fighting
Nothing's gonna
bring us down
Nothing's gonna take us out
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna
bring us down
Nothing's gonna take us out
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Go ahead and don't be afraid
To fight until you
can't be contained
Go ahead and don't be afraid
The fight inside you
can't be contained
Oh no, never gonna let it go
I'll keep fighting
I'll keep fighting
Oh no, I'm never
gonna let it go
I'll keep fighting
I'll keep fighting
Nothing's gonna
bring us down
Nothing's gonna take us out
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna
bring us down
Nothing's gonna take us out
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Keep fighting
Keep fighting
I'll keep fighting