Break In (2023) Movie Script

All set.
The good news is,
all your mother's windows
are shatterproof thermoplastic.
Hmm. And what
about the security system?
- Antiquated.
- Hmm, yeah.
It's been a while
since anyone's used it.
Anyway, I did what you asked.
Upgraded a couple
of the primary cameras,
swapped out the smoke detectors
with smart models
and... here.
Oh, this'll be great
when the agent starts
- Showing the place.
- Good idea.
Looks like your mom spent
a fortune on the artwork.
Yeah. Well, at least
she loved something.
Sure. I can't talk you
into putting in a master panel?
My bare bones, remember?
At least think
about a new router
to take advantage of the fiber.
Cell phone service
is pretty spotty out here.
Yeah. Like you said, antiquated.
Oh. Before I forget,
a little late, I know.
That's so sweet. Thank you.
Thanks for coming out.
I know it's not an easy drive.
Yeah. I'm more worried about you
being alone
all the way out here.
Well, it's just until I get
everything sorted out
with Robert.
It really breaks my heart to see
two of my clients separate,
especially two of my best.
I've known Robert a long time.
And I can honestly say
I've never seen him
as happy as he was
the day he married you.
A lot can change in five years.
Oh, hey.
If you do speak to him,
let him know I'm still waiting
on that piece
for that camera he ordered,
for the back gate
at the Malibu house?
- Sure.
- And if you don't mind,
maybe nudge him
about the last invoice?
Oh. I didn't realize
he hadn't paid.
I'm sure
it just slipped his mind.
- Hello?
- Heather?
Is that better?
Yeah. I don't really have
good cell service out here.
What's this I hear
about you moving out?
I thought we were gonna talk
about this
when I got back
from San Francisco.
Yeah, we are.
Well, then
why is Nadia texting me
that you're packing the car?
I just... I need some space,
some time to think, okay?
So what, you're
at your mother's now?
I have to fix it up
and get it ready to sell,
and I figured
I would just stay out here
for a little while.
What's a "while"?
- Does it matter?
- Yes, it matters.
I'm your husband
and I care about your safety.
And I'm perfectly capable
of taking care of myself.
You know, in fact,
between my mother and you,
I'm actually looking forward
to having a little independence
- for once.
- At least let my office
get you a room at the Seasons.
I'm not having
your office book me a damn room.
Well, I'm not comfortable
with you staying out there!
There's nothing for you
to worry about.
I had Saul upgrade
the security system.
Okay. At least let me
take the room, okay?
This way, you can stay in Malibu
until we had a chance
to talk it out.
Come on. Please.
You act like one conversation
is gonna magically
solve everything.
No. I'm not
that's not
what I'm saying, Heather.
Uh, I'm gonna be late.
Can we just talk about this
when you get back?
Talk to you then.
My whole life, I've
done what a "good little girl"
from Calabasas
is supposed to do.
Go to the right school,
marry the right man.
When did I stop being a wife
and start being something pretty
to show off at parties?
Maybe you always were.
You just didn't realize it.
You still have
your spousal duties.
- Insurance addendum?
- Well, you don't get
to be an investment manager
at his level
without being meticulous.
You know, I had my own
interior design firm.
I had six people working for me.
I had contracts with some
of the biggest architects in LA.
And I'm sure that they will jump
at the chance to do it again.
That's what I like about Joshua.
He encourages me
to be my own person.
- What?
- Okay. Listen up.
As your lawyer
and as your best friend,
I'm going to give you
some very important advice.
Easy. I'm still paying you
by the hour.
This one, you get on me.
Whatever you're thinking
of doing, don't.
It's not
like we're sleeping together.
An affair of the heart?
That's even worse!
I'm just happy
that someone understands me.
Then he will understand
that he has to wait.
I wish it didn't
have to take so long.
I did tell you
this could be a process.
You did.
Let me remind you
that in your prenup,
- if you are unfaithful, you...
- Robert doesn't even know
- the meaning of the word...
- you get nothing.
And I don't need to remind you
how much his hedge fund
is worth.
I don't care about any of that.
My mom's art collection
is worth more than enough
to support me
for a little while.
Even so,
I would rather you get it
than the next ex-Mrs. Lockwood.
Look. Hang in there, okay?
- We'll get through this.
- Thanks.
Hey, are we still on
for lunch on Tuesday?
Maybe I should invite Joshua.
See you Tuesday.
Is somebody here?
What are you doing?
I parked down the street.
No one saw me.
You want some coffee?
Come on.
It's been a couple months.
When are we gonna finally stop
sneaking around?
All right.
So, I know I'm not perfect.
I've made a couple mistakes.
All right.
Maybe a lot of mistakes,
but they're in the past.
And guess what? Tomorrow,
six months being sober.
Believe it or not,
you had a huge role in that,
'cause you make me
wanna be a better man.
Wow. Um, I'm sorry,
that actually sounded
a lot less corny
when I practiced it in my head.
It wasn't corny.
- Well, maybe a little bit. Yeah.
- Yes, it was. Yeah.
But it was honest.
I wanna be honest with you.
I'm gonna divorce Robert.
Wait, what?
Ellen and I have been,
um... spending
the last couple weeks
- getting the papers ready.
- Couple of weeks?
Uh, why didn't you tell me
about this?
Because I didn't know
how long it was gonna take.
And, frankly, I still don't know
how long it's gonna take.
it's done.
I'm gonna stay here
while they fix it up, and...
I'm gonna get a place of my own.
Wow. Yeah.
Uh, that's...
I don't... I don't even know
what to say to that.
Does... does he know?
All he knows is that I'm staying
here for a while.
You don't think
you should tell him?
He's in business
with a lot of powerful people.
And if I don't play this right,
he could make it
very difficult for me.
So Ellen's gonna get the papers,
we'll serve him, and then...
I just have to be ready.
Uh, are you sure
you wanna do this?
Because I... I... I cannot provide
the kind of life
that he's been giving to you.
I don't care about that.
And I've decided that...
I'm gonna start designing again.
Yeah. Even if I start small,
I still have plenty of contacts.
And when this place is done,
I mean, in this area,
I'm sure I could get
seven figures for it.
I have an idea.
What if you kept this place,
because there's a pretty
close spot downstairs
that we could turn
into a music studio.
You wanna live
in my mom's house?
You know what I'm trying to say.
It does have
a killer sewing room.
What, uh, what's next?
You know, with us?
Well, I was thinking
that I could,
uh, put on an old faded T-shirt,
go to one of those
grungy coffee shops
and listen to you sing songs
about me.
You really wanna do this?
For once,
I'm in control of my life.
Not my mother,
and certainly not Robert.
Well, in that case...
What is that?
This is the grungy coffee shop
I'm singing
at next Friday night.
Oh. I can't wait.
So, uh, I guess
I'll see you on Friday.
Absolutely. I'll be there.
- Heather?
- Uh, um,
shouldn't you be up
in the air by now?
Oh, you know how it is.
You spend all afternoon
at the club
and right when you think
you're about to close,
they decide they need
to consult their advisors.
Well, I'll figure something out,
I always do.
How's Ellen?
Are you having me followed?
Or it's Friday afternoon
and I know you're not home,
so I thought you were probably
with your best friend.
She's fine.
You signed that paperwork
I sent over?
That's what
you're worried about?
Of course not.
Listen, I've decided
that I'm gonna stay
in the city
when I get back, okay?
This way, you can have
the house in Malibu
to yourself.
I don't want the house.
I just wanna make it easier
for you, that's all.
No, you're trying to placate me.
Now, please,
can I just have some time
and we'll talk in a couple days,
Yeah. Okay.
Have a good flight.
Hi. I'd like to order
uh, sorry, can you hear me?
One second.
Is that better?
Great. Um, I need to order
for delivery.
Yes. Um, a large cup salad,
and what's your soup of the day?
Tomato basil?
Sure. I'll take one
of those, too.
Heather Lock...
Heather Cochran.
Uh, 40 Pine Canyon.
About an hour? Great.
I'll leave the gate open.
Oh, oh
What a quiet night
I've been waiting
Just to be here
Just to be
By your side
What a quiet night
Hand in hand
There's nobody here
but you and I
For one quiet night
When we're all alone
don't it feel
like life's a...
- Hi.
- Order for Cochran?
Oh, um, there was supposed
to be a soup.
I don't know.
Uh, yeah.
See, uh, soup and salad?
I just pick up the bags
and drop 'em off.
I paid for it.
Look, if you got
a problem with the order,
you gotta call the main number.
Yeah. Have a good one.
Three-bedroom, oceanfront?
Oh, yes, please.
Is somebody there?
What the hell?
Sometimes those sensors
can be triggered
by a squirrel or a rabbit.
Seriously? A rabbit?
Didn't I tell you
the system was antiquated?
Yeah, you did.
Tell you what,
I'll come back out first thing
in the morning
and remove them, okay?
I promise,
there's nothing to worry about.
Unless you're missing
some carrots.
- See you tomorrow.
- Thanks. Bye.
I know you're out there!
Whoever you are,
you're trespassing
on private property!
You hear me?
I'm gonna call the police!
Oh, come on.
Come on, come on.
Okay. Now, we're in business.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
No, shit!
Come on.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Oh, God.
Where are you?
Oh, God. Think, think.
Yes. Yes, thank you, Saul.
No gas.
Come on.
What is he doing?
He couldn't possibly have the...
No, no.
Ms. Cochran?
I'm back with your soup.
I had to park down by the gate.
Could've left it open for me.
You home?
Ms. Cochran?
Are you home?
Come on.
Ms. Cochran, I'm here.
Where are you, lady?
Hey! Hey, I'm up here!
Come on, Ms. Cochran.
Hey! Hey!
- Come on...
- Get help!
Wait, what?
Get help!
I-I-I can't... I can't hear you.
Get help!
No, I-I-I can't hear you.
I have your...
Oh, God. No.
You can do this.
Come on.
What the...
Oh, my God.
Oh, no. Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Can you hear me?
Nobody has to get hurt, okay?
There's over a million dollars'
worth of art in this house.
It's all yours.
Just please, please,
please let me go.
Why are you doing this?
I'm here for you.
Oh, my God. It's you.
- Huh? Why are you whispering?
- Come on. I'll explain.
- What's going on?
- I'll explain it later.
- What is going on?
- We're not alone.
What do you mean
we're not alone?
- Somebody's out there.
- What are you talking about?
- Who's out there?
- Wait.
- Hey.
- Wait.
Why did you come back?
Well, 'cause I got your email.
- What email?
- The one you sent me.
I didn't send you an email.
Of course you did. Look.
It's right here.
There's no service.
Why would I send you an email
when I always send you a text?
I don't know.
I figured that you were sitting
at your laptop or something.
Well, I left my laptop
back in Malibu.
Look, all I know is that
you sent me an email
from your account
telling me to come over, okay?
It's you.
What's going on?
- Stay back.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- What's me? What's me?
- Stay back!
Hey, easy.
Someone's trying
to break into the house
and you just happen to be here?
I don't know what's going on
but just put the knife down
- so that we can talk about this.
- I don't believe you.
Do you really think that
I'm here trying to hurt you?
Does that even make sense?
you're starting to scare me.
You're scared?
Just please put the knife down
before someone gets hurt.
Oh, my God.
Heather, can we please talk
about this?
Come on. Where'd you go?
Heather, can we just talk?
Come on.
Where did you go?
Can you please just come out?
Can we talk?
I promise
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Can you just please come out
so we can talk please?
I'm not gonna do
anything to you, Heather.
Come on.
Hey. Hello? Someone up there?
Are you in here?
Oh, my God.
Joshua, no.
That's okay.
Damn it.
Please, please, please.
Come on.
Just a little bit. Come on.
Please. Please.
Come on. Come on.
Please. Just please.
One bar. Come on.
Just one more.
What did you do to him,
you son of a bitch?
911. What's your emergency?
There's an intruder in my house.
Are you in the house
right now, ma'am?
Yeah. I'm hiding.
Please. Please.
I think he killed my boyfriend.
Is he armed?
Yeah. He...
he's trying to kill me.
Okay. What is your address?
40 Pine Canyon Drive.
Okay. The local police
are sending a unit right now.
They should be at your residence
within 10 minutes.
Where is he now?
I don't know.
Are you somewhere safe?
For now.
He's looking for me.
I have to go before he hears me.
Ma'am, I need you
to stay on the line
and keep talking to me.
Do not hang up.
Please. Please.
Please just hurry.
What the...
This is 911 calling back.
Are you still there?
It's over.
We met back in March
at a bar I used to go to
in college.
Robert could be so controlling,
and along comes
this easygoing musician.
It's like he didn't have a care
in the world.
As long as he had a place
to sleep and his guitar,
he was the happiest person
on the planet.
I don't know.
Maybe I was frustrated.
Maybe I was drunk.
I don't know.
Six arrests.
Disorderly intoxication,
disorderly conduct,
aggravated battery.
A bar fight downtown
a couple of years ago.
Yeah, he told me all about it.
And did six months in county.
But he was getting himself
He got sober.
I just can't believe
he would do something like this.
Just seeing him,
seeing him down there
lying so still
it all happened so fast.
I just...
And it looks like he fell
trying to climb down a balcony.
Detective, my client
has been through a lot.
Is there any way we could
do this at another time?
Of course.
Hang in there.
I got here as fast as I could.
A detective told me
what's going on.
- Is it true you knew this guy?
- Um, I...
You know what?
It's been a long night.
Why don't you two
discuss this later?
Of course.
Why don't you come back
to Malibu with me?
You can... you can stay
in your own bed.
Listen. Listen, Nadia made up
the sofa for me in the study.
You can have the bedroom
to yourself.
Is that what you want?
Look, I've already told her
she could stay at my guest house
- as long as she needs.
- What she needs, Ellen,
is to be with her husband, okay?
Well, I think she's capable
of making that decision
on her own.
Exactly, Ellen.
Let her decide.
Let's go.
Yup. Come on.
A few words.
Yeah. Sure.
This way.
Oh, thank you.
You're welcome.
Pretty strong stuff.
I haven't even taken any.
I can't even imagine
what you're going through.
You know you could stay here
as long as you want, right?
There's no rush.
Your mom's house
isn't going anywhere.
No, I suppose not.
So I was thinking
if you wanted to,
you know, get some fresh air,
maybe we could go for a ride.
Yeah. Yeah. I'd like that.
I'll go look
for my spare saddle.
Take your time.
Thank you.
Love you.
They're beautiful.
- Um...
- Hope you don't mind.
I just wanted to see
how you were doing today.
Just taking it
one minute at a time.
Of course.
Did you have a chance
to look at the video?
We did have time to review
the footage from the cameras.
There was only one intruder.
It's curious that he seems
to know exactly
where the cameras are.
I know.
Did Joshua spend a lot of time
at your mother's house?
Not really.
He'd come by that afternoon.
And for how long?
An hour, hour and a half.
And you were with him
the whole time?
Not the entire time.
Had Joshua had a chance
to case the house,
see where the cameras were?
I guess it's possible.
Do you think
he could've hacked in?
But the login records
only showed two accounts,
so not likely.
Two accounts?
You gave Robert access to the
cameras in my mother's house?
I just assumed
it was the usual account.
I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking.
So Robert could've been watching
me this entire time?
Oh, my God.
I don't know
what you want me to say.
Uh, I made a mistake.
It's just, everything
that I've ever done
has always been under his name.
Yeah. Of course, it was.
Look, I changed the settings.
And I promise, no one but you
has access from now on.
And, obviously,
I won't charge you for the work
I did on your house.
If there's anything I can do
to make this up to you...
I have to go.
I have another call.
Is this Heather Lockwood?
I'm calling from
the Golden Gate Plaza Hotel
in San Francisco.
I'm calling in regards
to a Robert Lockwood
- and his recent stay with us?
- Yes?
I apologize
for the inconvenience
but it seems we failed
to authorize
Mr. Lockwood's credit card
for incidentals
when he checked in
and we do have a number
of room service charges.
The young woman
who checked out on his behalf
wasn't able to pay,
so I'm calling
the number on file.
Of course.
Let me just get that number
for you.
Out of curiosity,
when was it this young woman
checked out?
This morning.
But we did attempt to reach out
to Mr. Lockwood directly
but he had the "do not disturb"
for the past 48 hours.
So no one actually saw
Mr. Lockwood
since Thursday night?
No, ma'am. Why?
Just explain to him
that the market won't bear
more than 10%
and then see if you can't
get him to do a put option.
- Give us a minute please.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Something wrong?
No. Everything's fine.
I was gonna call you
to see how you were doing.
You look so rested.
I'm doing better.
Hey, have you heard
anything from the detectives
about their suspects?
Just that they had a chance
to look at the video.
It was him.
Joshua, you said his name was?
a man with his kind of history,
you have to be
much more careful.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, I know.
you know, maybe we should
reconsider going home.
Actually, I have.
I'll be there tonight.
But I want us to take it
one day at a time, okay?
Of course. Of course.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yeah. Why?
It's just it sounded like your
trip didn't go like you planned.
And, Saul, said there's an
invoice you didn't pay.
That's not like you. Come on.
Saul? Please. Okay?
I've got some heavyhitters
that are looking to cash out
some pretty big redemptions
but it's nothing I can't handle.
- Come on.
- Yeah.
Right. Of course.
And we have all night
to talk about this
and I don't want you
to worry about it.
Thank you.
- Can I get back to work?
- Of course.
See you tonight.
Can't wait.
I love you.
I'm home.
Hey, babe?
Sushi tonight. What do you say?
What's the name of that place
that flies the fish in fresh
every day from Tokyo?
Let's do that tonight.
Where'd you come from, huh?
Oh, shh. Don't talk.
It... it's some pretty
strong stuff they gave me.
What's happening?
What did you do?
Don't strain yourself.
It'll only make it worse.
Baby, please.
You know,
I went back and looked at
that little insurance addendum
you sent over.
The one that was
so important for me to sign.
I have to say
it was very educational.
For example, did you know
that double indemnity means
that you get double the payout
if your spouse dies
in an accidental murder?
Of course, you did.
You're the one who added it.
Your wife tragically murdered
in the middle
of a home invasion.
Suffice it to say, it would have
covered your fund quite nicely.
I had to admit it was a pretty
good plan, actually.
Go out of town on business,
establish an alibi,
and then simply drive back
from San Francisco early.
Well, as far as anyone knows,
you're still in your room
400 miles away.
All you had to do was make sure
the cameras caught
enough footage
of you wearing your scary mask.
Baby, please.
- Please.
- Oh, don't worry.
I made sure to properly
thank Saul
for giving you access
to the system.
You don't have much energy left.
I wouldn't waste it
trying to lie if I were you.
You know,
leaving your girlfriend behind
to check out of the hotel,
that was a nice touch.
Of course, you should never
forget to put your card down
for incidentals,
because, otherwise,
they'll just call your wife.
So you've got your alibi.
You've got your home invasion.
Now all you needed
was someone else
to take the fall, literally.
Preferably someone
who already had a record.
And I'm sure a man
with your resources
wouldn't have
any trouble digging
into someone's background.
Of course, the one thing
you hadn't counted on
was the police coming so soon.
So running out of time.
We had no choice
but to carry out your plan
before you could finish me off.
All things considered,
I'd say
it was a pretty clever plan.
So clever, in fact,
that I hope you don't mind,
but I borrowed it.
What did you do?
What did you do?
Turns out, funnily enough,
double indemnity,
it also covers accidental
prescription drug overdoses.
Did you know that?
I could see how
you would make that mistake
being as though these bottles,
they look so much alike.
A tragic but a completely
understandable accident.
Oh, and I made sure to come in
through the back gate,
so if anyone checks those
I was never here.
Goodbye, Robert.
911. What's your emergency?
My husband,
he's not breathing. I just...
I came home and I found him
lying on the floor.
Okay. Okay.
I'm sending paramedics
to your location immediately.
Do you have any idea
what might have happened?
I don't know.
There... there's a bottle here.
He might have taken
the wrong medication.
Oh, my God. Please.
Please hurry.