Break Night (2017) Movie Script

[Jimmy] I committed my first
major felony when I was 10.
[gentle music]
I boosted my first
car when I was 11.
By the time I was 13 it
was grand theft, robbery,
assault with intent.
I pulled a safe out of the
back wall of a pawn shop
on my 17th birthday.
When I was 23 a judge told me
I should stay out of trouble,
keep my nose to the grindstone,
this place was the
land of opportunity.
Then he sentenced
me to four years.
Fuckin' land of opportunity.
Some people actually
believe that shit.
[gentle music]
[metal clanging]
So how bad do you wanna
get out of here, Jimmy?
Take a wild fucking guess.
[Sills] I hear you got a
month left on your stretch,
something like that.
Four weeks, three
days actually.
Plus I owe another two
years once when I get out.
Doesn't look to me like
you're gonna make it.
That seems to be
the popular sentiment.
[Sills] Little problem
with the Aryan Brotherhood
is the way I heard it.
Fuck that.
Fuck them.
A bunch of pussies.
And they go by the Army
of the White Dragon,
not the Aryan Brotherhood.
They're a little
sensitive about that.
What's the beef?
Who can say?
This place is a fucking zoo.
One day a couple of
convicts get the idea
that you're gonna
move Nickel Deck
for them up on their
tier, you tell 'em no.
A couple of fuck
your mothers later,
they're looking to fit
you with a prom dress.
[Sills] Not your
cup of tea, I take it?
Dress wasn't my size.
I'm guessing the Aryans
weren't too happy about that.
What can I say, Wayne?
The male ego is a fragile thing.
Lots of people move
junk into this place
through the Aryans, Jimmy.
Pull a couple strings
and see to it in 52 days
you walk outta here instead
of getting carried out.
Did I take a bullet for
you in another lifetime
and I don't remember?
Huh, what's the catch, Wayne?
What's one night of your
life worth to you Jimmy?
I'm still sitting here.
But I hear the words toss and
salad in the same sentence,
my ass is back in
general population.
[Sills] I'm
talking about a job.
One night's work, that's all.
What kinda work?
Well, considering that
I'm me and you're you,
take a wild fucking
guess what kind of work.
I don't push buttons
on guys, Wayne.
You mean not anymore.
I know the crew?
Does it matter?
New outfit, money
from down South.
A guy named Nesto Diaz.
Nesto Diaz.
Last I heard he was down
in fucking South Gate
pulling drive-by's
with Romeo Mendoza.
Since when do you broker
work for the Barrio Boys?
Since Romeo got
shanked in county
by one of the 8th Street
Orientes a couple years back.
Barrio Boys are dead
as disco, Jimmy.
It's a new ballgame and
Diaz is calling the plays.
So he was lookin' for somebody
and my name just
magically pops up?
Fuck off, Wayne.
This ain't a
social call, Jimmy.
I'm here 'cause Nesto
called your number.
I got a job, I do it.
No reason to get nasty.
Why don't you go ask Lloyd?
[Sills] Lloyd doesn't
have the toolbox.
Not like yours, Jimmy.
Toolbox for what?
This mysterious whatever
it is you maybe want
- me to do?
- Lloyd's the one
who gave you to us, Jimmy.
And they say loyalty's dead.
[Sills] Got him out from
under Diaz apparently.
He owes him?
Everybody does.
He's been buying up debt.
The American way.
One night.
You do this, Diaz says
you're free and clear.
You don't,
I don't know,
I guess the Aryans paint
you with Revlon number five
and stick a shank in your ear.
So what's it gonna be?
I'm listening.
Frankie and Johnny
was sweethearts
Oh Lord how they did love
Swore to be true to each other
True as the stars above
He was her man
He wouldn't do her wrong
Frankie went
down to the corner
Just for a bucket of beer
She says mister bartender
Has my loving Johnny been here
He's my man
He wouldn't do me wrong
I don't want to
cause you no trouble
I ain't gonna tell you no lie
I saw your lover an hour ago
With a girl named Nellie Bligh
He was your man
[metal clattering]
[Louly] When did you get out?
This morning.
You don't live
here anymore, Jimmy.
[Jimmy] Come on, Lou.
Open the door.
I'm not doing this.
[Jimmy] Open the door.
What if I don't?
Well then I'll take this
door right off the hinges.
[metal rattling]
Just go away.
Okay, my P.O. says I get caught
consorting with any known
felons he'll put me away.
Or I have to suck him off,
I can't remember which.
[Jimmy] That's cute.
What do you want?
Come on.
I've been out three hours.
This is the first place
I've been to, come on.
[Louly] You mean
after you bought a gun?
Uh-uh, look it.
Two minutes, Lou, two minutes.
[door creaking]
So how was life on the inside?
You could have came and
visited me and found out.
[Louly] You could
have written me a letter
and told me about it.
You still working at
that card club downtown?
Not for a couple months.
The owner got it in his head
that part of my job description
was giving him a blowjob in
the back seat of his Plymouth.
I'm at the Circle 3 now.
That Russian place?
Czech, I think, or Ukrainian.
These guys keep shooting each
other every five minutes.
I can't keep track.
I see you changed your hair.
I like it.
I get better
tips as a brunette.
What do you want, Jimmy?
[Jimmy] Just
come by to say hi.
Give me that.
That's new.
I'm sorry, does
Doctor Frankenstein
not like the way his
monster turned out?
[Jimmy] Aren't
you being dramatic?
Here, look.
What the hell is this?
Come on, open it.
See, I remember
when I got sent up
you had to pawn that
one your mom gave you,
so figured, you know...
It was my
grandmother's, actually.
And it was in her family
for 100 years before that.
But gee Jimmy,
this is swell, too.
Tell me, why do I get a feeling
that there's some old lady
on the Greyhound
down from Ironwood
wondering what happened to
the chain around her neck?
I see you're still
collecting these records, huh?
[Louly] Yeah.
Yeah, I seem to have a
thing for anachronisms.
Just like old times.
I tee it up, you take a swing.
[Louly] Oh, look at that.
Jimmy's go to move.
Easy smile, self
deprecating remark.
Look, if you're standing there
waiting for me to suggest
that we go into the bedroom
to fuck for old time's sake,
you're gonna be standing
there a long time.
What can I say, Lou?
It's a slippery slope you
let a man come inside you.
Fuck you.
You know what I think?
I think probation's
making you mean.
That's what I think.
No, I think it's
just you, Jimmy.
[lighter igniting]
If you don't have the stomach,
the door's right there.
I got something
set up down South.
Other side of the
border, Veracruz.
[Louly] Veracruz?
You mean Mexico?
Yeah, Mexico.
It's good.
It's legitimate work, too.
Legitimate work?
Yeah, yeah.
It's like 90% legitimate.
Your first day out
and you're already talking
about jumping your parole?
Jesus, you're
predictable, Jimmy.
I thought that was one of
the things you liked about me.
Oh, yeah.
There you go
understanding women again.
Look, I'm just trying
to make a fresh start.
Yeah, so what?
Is that supposed to include me
just dropping everything
and going with you?
Oh, yeah, 'cause you built
yourself quite the life here.
It's marvelous.
I'm blown away.
I'm so proud of you.
[Louly] Go to hell.
Look, I had this cellmate.
He's got this car service
down in Veracruz, right?
We're driving high priced tricks
back and forth to Mexico City.
Little light muscle work.
Says he's got a spot for me.
Keep reaching for
those stars, Jimmy.
I just gotta pay this debt
off and then we're gone.
What, another safe?
[Jimmy] No.
It's complicated.
I'm not going.
Pack your shit.
[Louly] You don't
get to do this, Jimmy.
- You're going.
- God damn it, Jimmy.
I'm not fucking around.
You do not get
to fucking do this!
[Jimmy] Do what?
You just leave for four years
and you think my
whole life just stops,
is that what you think?
What life, this fucking shit?
[Louly] Fuck you!
This is your fucking life,
- this shit?
- Fuck you!
It's gonna fucking kill you,
- is what it's gonna do.
- What, oh, oh?
What the fuck do you care?
Look, just pack your
shit, you're going.
You never should've
come back, Jimmy.
You're all I got, okay?
I did my four years.
I am done, I am out.
Period, that's it.
Look, Jimmy, I'm tired
and I'm still wearing
last night's mascara.
[clothes rustling]
Your two minutes are up.
I'm gonna take a shower.
You can let yourself out.
I'm not going.
Leave, Jimmy.
Get the fuck out of here!
Leave me the fuck alone, okay?
[somber music]
[water splashing]
[metal clanging]
[upbeat music]
Very good.
But you know I'm still hungry.
So am I.
[Louly] You don't
have to do this.
[Cartoon] Winter's
coming, winter's coming.
I gotta do something.
What's this?
I've been working a
grave shift at a Food Barn
down in Belmont to keep
my head above water.
Life's a cabaret, ain't it?
There's gotta be more to
life than this, Jimmy.
That ship's sailed.
[Cartoon] A terrible
blizzard's coming.
[Cartoon] Ah, go on.
That guy don't know a shadow
from a hole in the ground.
Ship's sailed?
That's it?
You don't have a choice?
You are what you are.
The what don't change,
just the where and the how.
You get this bullshit
out of a fucking
fortune cookie, Jimmy?
Or is this you just pretending
that you've read a book?
Jimmy Hill Senior.
I need some wheels.
[keys clanging]
It's the blue
Plymouth down front.
[keys clanging]
All right.
Pack up whatever you
wanna take with you.
We're gonna be gone
in a couple of days.
Unless you're dead.
Come on.
It could happen, right Jimmy?
Tomorrow could come around
and we could find you dead
in some fucking gutter
with a fucking bullet
- in your head!
- Okay, enough!
You know what, just
forget it, Jimmy, okay?
Do what you gotta do.
I don't even care.
Is there something
you wanna tell me?
I made a deal,
- Louly.
- So what?
With who?
That piece of shit
that who got you out?
What, you don't think
he's gonna fuck you
the first chance he gets?
We could leave here right now.
We could just go.
I made a deal, Louly.
You don't want me, Jimmy.
You think you do, but you don't.
Hey, listen to me.
You're all I got.
All right?
So we're gonna
make a fresh start.
[footsteps echoing]
[somber music]
[voices speaking on dispatch]
[heavy breathing]
[helicopter engine whirring]
[voices speaking on dispatch]
What'd I tell ya, Jack?
She's worth it, right?
Total pro.
Oh, yeah she's a real sport.
How long have you guys
been married, Ronnie?
[Ronnie] Three years.
Doesn't seem like the
healthiest relationship
in the world, Ronnie.
You know what?
You and me, we had
a fucking agreement.
I know, Jack.
It's serious, man.
Like right hand to God,
the last thing I
wanna do in the world
- was was come up short on you.
- Right hand to God.
Jesus Christ.
I'm your fucking P.O.,
I'm not your priest.
Jack, man.
I set you up with a job.
400 bills a week, 150
of which you float me
for not bouncing your
ass back up to Chino.
And what do you do, lifetime
fuck up that you are?
[can crackling]
Is he gonna pay for that?
Shut the hell up?
[speaking in foreign language]
Yeah, well, you managed
to get your ass fired,
which means not only
are you in violation
of the terms of your release,
I'm out 150 each week.
Best you can do
is let me throw a hump into
your fucking wife to make good?
[phone buzzing]
I'm busy.
No, no, no.
Just listen.
My dance card's full, alright?
I got 22 habituals
the way it is.
No, no, no.
Don't fucking send
it, god damn it.
[phone beeping]
You just gotta give me a
little more time, all right?
Two days.
Three days max.
In the meantime anytime you
get that itch, you know?
[cigarette sizzling]
Is she just gonna stand there
and eyeball me all goddam day?
Get back in the goddamn room.
Fuck you, Ronnie.
[Ronnie] Just go, god damn it.
Well, fuck you.
I'm fucking hungry!
Get back in the
fucking room, all right?
I'll get you some
Chick-fil-A later.
You better.
And don't forget my cigarettes.
[liquid sloshing]
[phone beeping]
Hey, man, you play ball?
Been about six years ago.
Strong safety.
Put me both ways, too.
They lined me up at tight end.
I bet you were
fast as fuck, huh?
4.6 40.
No joke.
Oh shit, 4.6?
Bet you wish you
hadn't smoked away
all that breakaway
speed when they got you
on that liquor store
hold-up last year, huh?
I guess so.
I was at Rochester, you
know, down South, CCL?
Champs two times
back to back, 89, 90.
Outside Linebacker.
[phone buzzing]
Hey, man, why don't
you give me some privacy?
Yo, Jack, man.
This is my house.
Yeah, you're right.
You're right, Jack.
Take your time, man,
whatever you need.
Hey Lloyd, it's Jack Burbank.
Yeah, yeah.
Shut the fuck up and listen.
Hey, hang on a second.
Whoa, whoa, where you going?
You said you
needed some privacy.
I might go in for seconds.
Sure, Jack.
Like I said, man,
whatever you need.
Yeah, Lloyd.
You're not gonna believe
whose jacket I just
got assigned to me.
No, no, I'll give you a hint.
Last time you saw him
you wanted to put a bullet
in his fucking head.
Jesus Christ, how many guys
have you tried to
fucking kill lately?
No, I'm talking
about Jimmy Hill.
[bouncy music]
[machine whirring]
You must've been staring
into that light too long.
Son of a bitch.
Four years.
When'd you get out?
Just this morning.
Jesus, you're on
the job already.
Can we talk inside?
Hayman RB-3 tri-bolt double
compartment floor safe.
That's some heavy
iron right there, man.
What have you heard about it?
You don't wanna know.
You remember Pete Stanhill?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Guy from up North right?
He used to pull steel
with Maxy Rydell.
He's from Diamond Springs?
Yeah, he used to call
that thing the widow maker
on account of it pushed
so many guys off the job.
You got the drill
point specs for it?
Nobody does.
Don't matter anyway.
Thing's got that
resistive hard plate,
cobalt alloy
embedded with tungsten
carbide chips, man.
Shatters the bit.
If you had the time
you could go in with
diamond core titanium.
But even then you're
looking at a minimum six,
seven hours before
you break through.
Plus even if you
did break through,
there's tempered glass
between the door and the lock.
Wired edges.
Glass breaks, it drops these
little spring loaded rods
in front of the
main locking bolts.
This box is the real deal, man.
What about a plasma cutter?
Thermal relocker.
Temperature goes up, glass
breaks, rods drop in,
same boat as before.
You could maybe
use an auto dialer,
but you're looking at 10
million possible combinations.
You could be there a week.
Can't punch it, can't
peel it, can't torch it.
You're gonna have to romance
the numbers out of her.
You been training new talent?
Nah, not in a couple years.
Something don't go boom, these
young guys don't give a shit.
Speaking of which.
[paper rustling]
This the 45?
New lever springs,
slide catch,
pins, grip screws, everything.
[metal clanging]
Misfired on the
last guy who had it
'cause he wore it
out at the range
and never bothered to
clean out the residue.
What'd I always
used to tell you?
[metal clicking]
[Jimmy] Always
respect the equipment.
That's right.
Keep her clean, she'll be fine.
When's the last time
you been inside a box?
Oh, shit, Jesus.
Three years maybe.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Job down in Ojai.
Brinks Quad bolt 36.
Took me three hours just to
get through the hard plate.
Don't have the legs for
it anymore, I suppose.
[Jimmy] What about Hairston?
No shit?
[Price] Up in Pollock Pines.
How about Rich Noya?
Oh, fuck, man.
- [chuckling]
- Shut the fuck up.
Yeah, shit man.
On the job in Wyoming.
Little jewelry exchange,
Rent-a-Cop walks in on him.
Empties an entire
18 round mag at him,
only managed to hit him twice.
Got him in the
right place, though.
We're a dying breed,
Jimmy, what can I tell you?
[speaking in foreign language]
Lloyd's gonna be
looking for you.
Probably, yeah.
Probably gonna be asking
about his 28 grand, too.
[Price] Nothing.
Oh, come on, what?
Nothing, you hear shit that
ain't worth talking about.
Anyway man, you're out.
Back in the saddle.
Four years you were in,
half a year before that
since your last punch.
You think you still
got the touch?
What number's that?
Lucky guess.
[upbeat music]
[voices speaking on dispatch]
[Jack] Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Is this the guy?
Fucking look at him!
Is that the guy?
I'm doing something, Jesus.
God damn it!
What the fuck?
Are you fucking kidding
me with this shit?
You are not here to text
your fucking dealer, alright?
I swear if you
cracked my screen
I'm gonna make you
fucking pay for it.
Shut the fuck up.
It's not like that's what
I was doing anyways, okay?
And Memo's not my
fucking dealer, alright?
He's my pimp.
Just shut the fuck up
and watch the garage.
Fucking Christs' sake.
Hey, you're staring
at possession with
intent here, dipshit,
plus what you still
owe at Valley State.
You want me to bust
your ass back up North,
make some big bitch
with a buzz cut
have you go down on her
every fucking night?
Shut the fuck up.
Big deal.
That'll be like the third
pussy I've eaten this week.
Jesus Christ.
What kinda mother did you have?
She's up at Valley State, too.
Go ask her.
No shit?
June fucking Cleaver.
Jesus Christ.
Is he is fucking peeing?
God, that's disgusting!
Hey, whoa, whoa.
Here comes another one.
Is that him?
Joey's like way taller.
You better not be
jerking us around.
I swear to Christ I'll
rip your fucking tits off.
Hey, I heard from like two
people that score off him
this is where he comes
to get Nickel Deck
after he goes to the
methadone clinic.
Like three or four
times a week at least.
Jesus Christ, man.
Are you all right?
You're sweating like a
god damn whore in church.
I'm fucking
pissing razor blades.
I got pills for it somewhere.
[Dispatcher] 10-Lincoln-14
I show 10-19 on your 20,
clearing code 30
Victor, be advised.
Got pills for my fucking piss,
pills for my stomach,
pills for my knee.
You hear that shit
with the Koreans?
The ones you bet with?
What is it, Wah Ching something?
No that's those
Korean Pride assholes.
Talkin' about MS13.
They got those two clubs.
One of em's over on Telegraph.
Half the guys in
Central play there.
You know, the one
with the security guy
looks like a retarded
version of Leon Spinks?
You know, that big fuckin' guy.
[phone ringing]
My phone's ringing.
Hey, you get outta this car
I'm gonna bounce
you into jail today.
Fine but if it's the clinic
I'm gonna be fucking pissed.
So the redhead?
The one who works
the cage, right?
Then runs whores out back?
Oh, yeah, I've played
there a few times.
They got hit last week.
Roomful of zips, bosses
from all over the state,
some big fuckin' pow wow.
Sons of Samoa go in
there guns blazing,
cleaned the place out.
We're living in some
violent fucking times, man.
Is this the guy?
I'll fucking tell you
when I see him, Jesus.
[voices speaking on dispatch]
Korean Pride ain't
taking my sheets anymore,
you believe that?
Won't give me a parlay, nothing.
I had one of my
CI's go in there,
try to lay something
down for me,
they smelled a fucking rat,
still wouldn't take it.
So how deep you in?
About up to here.
[Dispatcher] 10-Lincoln-14
I still show you
10-19 on your 20,
clearing code 30 Victor,
- please respond.
- Yeah, 20-Lincoln-14, copy.
How deep is up to here?
Jesus, for how long?
Six months.
Holy shit, man.
They are gonna put
paper out on you, man.
They ain't gonna do shit.
I fucking hate this, man.
I hate this.
I'm a fucking babysitter.
God damn, look at me.
I'm a fucking babysitter.
I'm babysitting
a goddamn pussy eating fucking
19-year-old Cyndi Lauper.
So what's that make me?
Hey, I'll take
Narc over probation
and parole any day
of the fucking week.
You should see some
of the pieces of shit
they got me swimming around
the same toilet bowl with.
Can we get something to eat?
I'd suck somebody's dick for
a fucking sandwich right now.
Broke ass cons
fresh outta stir.
[voices speaking on dispatch]
I shake the change outta
their pockets for what?
A fuckin' grand,
maybe two a month?
Narc man, that's where
the real money is.
Major case, too.
Do you guys always do this?
Talk about this stuff
in front of people?
You're not people
sweetheart, you're furniture.
You're fucking scenery.
Fuck you.
You smell like the bathroom
floor of a fucking strip club.
Hey, have you ever came
across this guy in Narc,
Jimmy Hill?
I'm gonna have to
bail on you, Vic,
I got a fucking another parolee
I gotta take a couple laps
around the fucking bowl with.
No problem.
I'm gonna help Gidget
here with her homework.
Oh shit!
[Val] That's him!
[voices speaking on dispatch]
[door thudding]
[car engine roaring]
You back to work yet?
What'd you say?
You know, I used to ride
my first patrol in
this neighborhood.
Basic patrol zone.
22nd Street all the
way over to Guerrero.
That place right over
there across the street
used to be a little dive bar,
I swear we used to have that
paddy wagon parked out in front
three nights a week.
You're Jimmy Hill, yeah?
Who's asking?
[gentle music]
Knew I'd find you here.
Most cons, first thing they
do when they taste freedom,
they track down the
trim they were sniffing
before they went inside.
So how was it, Jimmy?
A few laps on the old lady
make you feel like a new man?
Jack Burbank.
Bureau of Probation
and Field Services.
At least that's what it
says on the card, anyway.
I ain't supposed to be in
your office til tomorrow, Jack.
So what do you want from me?
Hey, hey, hey.
You gotta relax, Jimmy,
you're a free man.
You're all tensed up.
You're still staring down
the brothers in C block.
Your jacket.
Thing's thicker than my dick.
You got B&E, assault,
armed robbery,
and my personal
favorite, 2911-31,
unlawful entry of
a safe or vault.
Ironwood, Statesville.
It also says here
that you're getting
your parole transferred
down to San Diego County,
parole Sergeant John Hagen,
effective in two weeks.
Yeah, what about it?
What's that gonna cost you?
What are you talking about?
Your guy, Hagen.
A thou, maybe two?
He lets you cross the border,
puts you in that log book of
his til your probation's up.
Hey man, more power to ya.
But this is a crazy fucking
world we live in, Jimmy.
Lot of shit can happen
between now and then.
You know, you still owe two
years on your last stretch.
Who's to say you don't do
something fucking stupid
and get your ass bounced
back up to Ironwood
before you even get your
god damn bags packed?
So be honest, Jimmy.
When you hear those little
tumblers start to click,
clutch driver wheel kicks in,
rotary combination
starts spinning.
Still gives you
half a chub, right?
I don't know what
you heard, Jack,
but I'm rehabilitated.
Self help seminars, pottery
class, all that bullshit.
Yeah, yeah.
Save the scared straight bit
for the parole board next
time you're in there.
There's three things you can
count on in this life, kid.
Sky's blue, sun
sets in the west,
and lifers like Jimmy
Hill violate their parole.
It ain't an if thing,
it's a when thing.
Well, when you get to the part
where I'm supposed to
start giving a fuck,
why don't you give
me a call, Jack.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Who the fuck do
you think you are?
You're not a citizen anymore,
you're a fucking convict
and a lot of shit can
happen to a fucking convict.
Like your P.O. says that you
took a shot at him, alright?
Somebody finds a dime
bag in your pocket.
A lot of shit.
So the fucking point, Jimmy,
my fucking point
is if you wanna Shawshank
it down to fucking Mexico,
you gotta buy your way there.
And so far I ain't
seen a fucking dime.
How much?
I'm not a greedy man.
That oughta do it.
- 10,000.
- 10,000 bucks?
10 strong or I violate
your fucking parole.
You're a smart kid.
10,000 oughta be
a piece of cake.
[door thudding]
Hey, Jimmy.
Today is the first day
of the rest of your life.
[car engine roaring]
[phone ringing]
[Lloyd] I know you're there.
I can hear you breathing.
Sounds like like maybe three
hours off your last fix,
gettin' that tremble
in your breath.
What do you want, Lloyd?
[Lloyd] That any
way to talk to me?
Maybe I oughta come over,
talk about ways we can keep
a civil tongue in your head.
I'm sorry.
[Lloyd] See?
All better.
[gentle music]
I heard he's out.
[Lloyd] He come see you?
Baby love riding that smack
Won't be long til
she's on her back
Got no place to
run no place to hide
All she wanna do is kick
But she dead inside
Leave me alone.
[phone beeping]
[muffled speaking]
[door clattering]
We're out of yogurt.
You gonna make me say it?
Yeah, I'm gonna make you say it.
Fine, call Lloyd
if you want to.
Yeah, maybe we should.
He hasn't paid
you up in a while.
It's a bitch living in somebody
else's pocket, ain't it?
The magic word.
[lighter igniting]
[distant voices speaking]
[peaceful music]
Jimmy Hill here to see Nesto.
All right, legs.
[upbeat rap music]
[Nesto] Pete tells me
you did the whole school
of the seven bells thing.
Is that true?
[Jimmy] Yeah, back
when I was a kid.
God damn.
I never met anybody
who actually did that.
I mean I heard about it.
I knew a guy who knew
a guy who knew a guy.
Half figured it was,
how do you call it,
an urban legend or
something like that.
Instructor fits a
mannequin with a bell
on all seven places on a body
a pickpocket can make
a successful lift.
Once you make all seven
lifts without ringing a bell,
you graduate.
God damn natural born criminal.
[machine whirring]
[footsteps echoing]
Get your fucking ass up!
[footsteps echoing]
[upbeat rap music]
He used to work the book
for a guy named Wells.
Wells bought it, now
his ass belongs to me.
Said he had a guy left him
holding the bag on 11 grand.
Motherfucker hands me a book
with 11 gs missing in it.
Can you believe that shit?
Cheer up Carnal.
You still got 23 miles to go.
Looks like the crew's changed.
You graduated from
Mexicans to legit muscle.
You been inside a long time.
A lot of shit's changed.
Yeah, or just the view.
Pete was.
20 years, retired.
Hollenbeck before that.
You ever heard of
a bait dog, Jimmy?
A bait dog?
Let's say a guy was to
put two dogs into a ring,
you're looking at 100,
120 people in the crowd.
So before they let a new dog
in you toss in a bait dog,
maybe an undersized
German Shepard,
see how fast the pit
bull tears him apart.
The dog's good enough,
he goes into the ring.
Same thing with people, Jimmy.
You gotta make sure they
still got a fastball.
Solid steel door,
half inch bolt.
Dual re-lock system.
Nothing too fancy.
You got one minute.
I don't audition.
Resume don't mean shit to me.
Rep means even less.
A guy has a skillset,
I wanna see it.
You got 45 seconds, Jimmy.
Give me a gun.
It's all right.
[door creaking]
Wouldn't keep my valuables
in there if I was you.
Electric safes have this pin
that keep the bolt from sliding.
Hit it hard enough, you
can make the pin drop
while you slide the bolt.
No counterweight to stop it.
Hayman RB-3 tri-bolt double
compartment floor safe.
Inch and 1/4 slide bolts,
stainless steel walls.
3/4 inch door collar bolted
and welded to the body
on all four sides.
Three inch door, stainless
steel flat locking system.
Drill resistive hardplate.
Won't be able to bounce
that one open, hey, smart guy?
So what's the play?
You ever heard of a guy
named Rubio Rodriguez?
Yeah, acorn projects right?
Wannabe gunslinger.
Him and a bunch
of coked up Mexicans
were looking to consolidate
with the Filipino Kings
to set up a local distribution
for some Mexicans
out of Hermosilla.
They dropped two of my guys
on a thing in Richmond.
They took me off for 18 keys.
And never figured that the
Surenos and the Filipinos
would keep from
killing each other?
As long as Rubio
has his 18 keys,
he didn't give a fuck.
He should have, though.
The Surenos whacked him.
Filipinos, too.
Way we hear it he's
sitting on our 18 keys
plus maybe another six.
The guy that has it
now used to be middle
between Rubio and the Mexicans.
What we hear, it's
back in the street.
He keeps it in one
of these Haymans.
Sunk it into the foundation,
threaded rebar 10 feet
in every direction.
You want the safe, you gotta
take the floor with it.
This is where you're gonna go.
And this is who you're
gonna find there.
Does he know?
Let me get this straight.
You're looking to put me
between you and the
fucking Mexican Mafia?
You see that?
A couple years back
the Mexicans decided to
start taxing all the locals
for all the drug sales
they made up here.
Anybody who didn't wanna pay
ended up getting green lit.
I've been tax free for
three years, Jimmy.
Ain't nobody got me yet.
I been shot twice
and I took a six inch
blade between my ribs
and I'm still here.
I ain't asking you, Jimmy.
He got people?
Nobody that'll come after you.
You walking out
of the joint alive
was us paying you in advance.
We already held up our end.
So if we say this is the way
this thing's gonna shake out,
guess what?
You don't like that,
we got a car outside with
shovels in the trunk.
Plus maybe we'll
find your girlfriend,
see if we can't make
us a love connection.
Tomorrow night, Jimmy.
[upbeat music]
[Gates] You know why I'm here?
[Man] Yeah.
I wanna hear you say it.
[Man] Alonzo, right?
He sent you?
Man don't like
people going around
pulling dipshit fucking
stickups using his hardware.
Where is it?
[Man] Under the sink.
That's it?
[Man] Yeah.
The Sig and the two .38's.
That's it.
Fuckin' amateur hour.
[phone ringing]
[Man] You still up North?
Yeah, I'm just finishing up.
[Man] Got another one
just came in if you want it.
There paper on him?
[Man] Contract just went out.
Who'd he piss off?
[Man] They're
gonna stay anonymous.
I ain't doing it like
I did in Denver again.
I do my end, then the client
pulls some home invasion
or some shit trying to rake
up the fees last minute.
[Man] No.
These guys are straight.
Full courtesy out
West, whole deal.
They don't wanna push a
button, they don't gotta ask.
Do you want it?
I'll send you the particulars.
You finish up, get
yourself to Koreatown.
They'll get you square.
I'll shoot you the address.
Now where was I?
[Dispatcher] I have
a material witness
on an aggravated battery with
a handgun [muffled speaking]
[Kate] Okay, Joseph Mandell.
Probation and Parole 6227.
So you got him out on 11351
with intent to distribute.
You brought him in?
Got him in
interview two, yeah.
[Kate] Intent to
distribute, really?
He was carrying three ounces.
He sets up outta that
place four days a week.
He ain't selling Thin Mints.
He one of yours?
[Kate] He is now.
What the hell are you
doing in Narc anyway?
I thought you worked Vice.
Some bullshit.
They got me on partial
administrative leave.
Got me rotating divisions
hoping I'm putting my papers in.
Had me out on loan last
month to auto theft
chasing fucking bait
cars in North Beach.
Hey, I need you to sign these.
[Kate] You cataloged
all his property?
What, cell phone, keys,
no wallet, cash, anything?
Hey, I gotta ask.
These assholes get kicked,
they claim half their
shit's missing, it's my ass.
I'm the one who's gotta
voucher all this stuff.
Anyway, I know you got debts.
Yeah, turns out being
an alcoholic's expensive.
No money, no wallet, okay?
[Kate] Jesus, Vic,
don't get all pissy.
[voices speaking on dispatch]
They say I gotta ask, so I ask.
[voices speaking on dispatch]
[upbeat music]
Schedule two narcotics.
Three ounces.
That's felony possession sittin'
right there on the table.
State of California
that's three years.
Plus you still owe
two up in Susanville,
that's gonna bump you
up to at least five,
plus whatever they
tack on for the intent.
Three ounces?
Come on, man.
Five years?
I can't do five years.
And what's this intent shit?
The only intent I had
was to smoke that shit
and watch Game of Thrones.
The people that make
the laws in this state
don't like piece of shit
methadone clinic dropouts
selling this crap
to their kids, Joey.
What can I say?
I can't go back up
to Susanville, man.
Please, come on, we
gotta work something out!
Outta my hands, Joey.
I got a van full of
merch up in the Castro.
I got iPads, I got plasma TV's,
I got food processors and
shit, anything you want.
Possession of stolen property,
that'll get you another year.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
I meant I know a guy
with a van full of merch,
I didn't mean me.
Why are you writing?
Stop writing.
- Fraud.
- Come on.
- Why are you still writing?
- Wire fraud.
- Three counts robbery.
- Isn't there some kinda
legal whatever
- about me incriminating
- Possession
- myself?
- Of stolen property.
Petty theft.
That one's my favorite.
No, no.
That was a misunderstanding.
Stealing jewelry off
a corpse at a funeral?
I found that shit.
Are you shittin' me, Joey?
I found that shit!
It was at a taco place
- in El Cerrito.
- You are officially...
- It was Los Tacos or...
- at the bottom rung.
Or Los Tacos.
Los Tacos.
It was in a bag by the dumpster.
Parole Supervisor Fowler.
She is here to take
you back to Central.
She will get you processed.
You'll be in front
of a judge by six.
He'll violate your parole,
you'll be back in Susanville
in time for American Idol.
Look at that face.
They are gonna love him upstate.
You're gonna be more popular
than Salisbury steak Wednesdays.
You're gonna be
pulling so many trains
they're gonna be calling you
the little engine that could.
Fuck sake, Joey, we
caught you walking around
with three ounces
in your pocket!
We walk up, you fucking
offered to sell it to us.
We got you, man.
You are caught.
How about seafood?
- I think I can.
- Seafood.
- I think I can.
- Seafood, seriously.
- Everyone loves seafood.
- I think I can.
I think I can.
Okay, I can get you lobster.
I can get you some big ass
Dungeness crabs and shit.
How old are you, Joey?
I'm 19.
I'm 18.
19, 19.
A little advice, kid.
Get a day job.
Crime, it ain't your thing.
If I got something,
like for real something,
like legit intel,
you think you can get
- me to walk?
- Intel?
Jesus Christ, Joey,
turn off the fucking TV.
I'm serious.
Like for real shit, okay?
You think you could get
me a walk on the drugs?
Depends on what you got.
Okay, so, there's
this guy right?
Oh, get him outta here.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Draymond, Draymond, Draymond!
Draymond Stevens.
He used to chop cars with
his crew back in the day
who was in tight with this,
his name was Nesto, Nesto...
Nesto Diaz.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You heard of him?
As indicated by my saying
his last name, dipshit.
Keep going.
Right, sorry, anyway.
I seen Draymond,
it must have been
like three hours before
you guys picked me up
and he's going on and on about
how he's looking for work
and he might have something soon
off Nesto using
this guy Jimmy Hill
to get into a safe or something.
Like it's a bunch of money or
- dope or something.
- Whoa, wait a minute.
Back up, back up.
Who's that, what's
that name again?
The guy.
The one that Nesto's using.
Jimmy Hill?
Yeah, I think that's it.
Take a walk.
Are you sure about this?
You're not jerking me around?
Swear, yeah.
[metal clanging]
Come on.
Come on.
We're going for a ride.
[car engine roaring]
Oh, Jesus,
you're not gonna do anything
weird to me are you?
Oh, shut the fuck up.
What are you doing?
Shut the fuck up.
[Joey] What are you doing?
[door thudding]
Nah, man, I'm not into.
- I'm not into it!
- Wait in here!
What are you doing?
- No!
- Get over here!
[metal clattering]
What's this?
Yeah you're right,
why don't I just let you
sit here while I'm gone.
I'll leave the window down.
Want me to leave you the keys
so you can listen to the radio?
Just sit there and be
quiet til I get back.
Hey, come on, man!
I gotta take a piss!
[footsteps echoing]
[door slamming]
[bouncy music]
I like that song.
Kinda funereal.
Kinda makes you think.
Put the phone down.
Put your hands up.
Take two steps from the counter.
Come out where I can see you.
Open your coat.
Both sides.
Then turn around.
Toss it over there.
Nice and easy.
Lift your pants legs up.
[clothes rustling]
Come over and sit down.
Go on.
Ain't like me to stop a
man from having a drink.
You left those boys
over in Koreatown
hanging for 55 grand
for half a year.
They don't give a shit
about you being a cop.
They put paper out on you.
Who are you?
List of shit you should be
concerned about right now,
that's at the bottom.
I'm a cop.
I told you, they
don't give a shit.
I can help you.
[Gates] I look
like I need help?
That's not what I mean.
Can't trust cops.
Guys who do what I do,
you know where the fuck I stand.
There's integrity to that.
Cops man.
You guys operate
on a sliding scale.
I can't predict that
i.e. I can't trust it.
You can't just kill a cop.
That's a world of shit, pal.
Maybe you ain't thought of that.
We're talking
consequences now?
You guys.
You think you're
so bullet proof.
There's cops and then
everybody else, right?
Nobody can touch you.
Motherfucker, you are
looking consequences
right in the eyes.
Go on.
Finish your drink.
Then I get to go to work.
[bouncy music]
[train whistle blowing]
[metal clattering]
[voices speaking on dispatch]
[door thudding]
What the fuck?
[footsteps echoing]
[voices speaking on dispatch]
[train whistle blowing]
[heavy breathing]
[door thudding]
[voices speaking on dispatch]
[car engine roaring]
[voices speaking on dispatch]
[door creaking]
[bouncy music]
Hey, yeah, yeah.
Is this Jack Burbank?
Yeah, yeah.
This is the guy
you arrested today.
The shop in the
Mission, remember?
Yeah, look, it doesn't
matter how I got it, okay?
I got information for you.
Yeah and I wanna
get paid for it.
[bouncy music]
[Jimmy] Hey, Don,
it's Jimmy Hill.
[Don] Hey, Jimmy.
You sound like a
free man, amigo,
I don't hear none of those hacks
breathing on the
other end of the line.
When did you get out?
Hey, so what's the plan,
you gonna make it
down here or what?
Got a sweet little
deal down here.
200 bucks a spin, a little
something for you on the side.
It's decent money.
Yeah, I'm leaving
in the morning.
Just got a couple of things
I gotta take care of.
Plus my P.O.'s lookin'
to put the bite on me.
[Don] Jesus.
Hey, listen Don, I gotta go.
I'll see you when I get
down there, all right?
[Don] Yeah, man, cool.
See ya when I see ya.
All right.
Get your things ready.
We're leaving in the morning.
[bouncy music]
[metal jingling]
[car honking]
[car engine roaring]
[Lloyd] This is
the place, right?
You're sure of it?
This is it.
Mission Liquors.
19th and Sanchez.
How the fuck do you
get 19th and Sanchez?
Who the fuck wrote this?
My cousin.
The one up from
Lynwood, you know.
Said he's been keeping
an eye on this place
for like two weeks.
There's like two other
Mission Liquors around here.
I just wanna be sure.
Nah, man, this is the one.
See they got that check
cashing sign out front.
Thursday's when most
places around here
handing out paychecks.
My cousin says they get
like 100 people a day
looking to come and cash out.
Figure they gotta have
a lot of cash on hand
to cover everybody.
Yeah, well if it's
so fucking great
why ain't he the
one sitting here?
He's trying to find Jesus.
Says there's not enough
room in his heart
for Jesus and a
liquor store holdup.
Did you see the under card fight
at the Cow Palace last night?
Fucking Klay Comden.
[Lloyd] No shit.
Must've put on like 70 pounds.
And just stands there,
lets some wannabe
light heavyweight
try to chop his ass
down for 10 rounds,
collects his check,
and goes on home.
I had him after
the Ruiz fight.
Like 2010 I think?
Remember that
crazy little spick?
Tried to work everybody inside,
never kept his gloves up?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Third round I caught
him with a right.
His fuckin' left eye
rolled straight up
into the back of his head.
Other one stayed
staring right at me.
Never seen anything like it.
Still had a minute
20 left in the round,
he couldn't see my right.
I practically mashed that
eye into ground up meat.
Couldn't use it no more.
[phone ringing]
Jack Burbank.
What's up?
[Jack] Yo, Lloyd.
Hey, listen, you're
never gonna guess
whose jacket I just
got assigned to me.
No, no, I'll give you a hint.
Last time you saw him
you wanted to put a bullet
in his fucking head.
Andre Starks?
[Jack] No.
Ricky Parsons?
[Jack] No.
Oh wait I know,
must be that little
Oakdale Mob motherfucker,
Rodney Jefferson.
[Jack] No.
Jesus Christ Lloyd, how the
fuck many people have you tried
to kill lately?
No, man, I'm talking
about Jimmy Hill.
[suspenseful music]
No shit.
[Jack] Yeah, just got kicked.
I want to make sure
you stay away from him.
Then what the hell did you
call and tell me he's out for?
God damn, Jack, you just
can't dangle a steak
in front of a man and tell
him he can't have a bite.
[Jack] Because I'm
running the drag on him
and I didn't want you
to hear it on the street
and wind up fucking up my play.
You got a problem with that,
your ass will be back in Chino
watching the Muslims and the
Aryans shoot hoops in the yard
so fast it'll make
your fucking head spin.
You hearing me, Lloyd?
Or did all those shots you
take to the head over the years
make you deaf and stupid?
Yeah, I hear you.
[Jack] Good.
When I'm done with
him he's all yours.
Til then you stay the fuck away.
[suspenseful music]
Yeah, Jack.
Whatever you say.
You okay?
Yeah, lets do this.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the fuck are you doing?
[Reno] What?
[Lloyd] You're gonna
pull a fucking robbery
wearing a jersey with
your name on the back?
- Aw, fuck, my bad.
- Take that shit off!
[Reno] Good?
[door thudding]
[bright music]
Roseanne Marie
Come carry me
So very far
Roseanne Marie
Come bury me
In your heart
I never been to Boston
I never been anywhere
Never been to Boston
And I'm all right with that
Roseanne Marie
Please share with me
Your fading star
Roseanne Marie
Please marry me
Play the part
[somber music]
[footsteps echoing]
I can't be held responsible
For the rise and fall
I can't wait to get you up
Where is he, Louly?
You gonna invite me in?
Fine, I'll invite myself in.
Called you yesterday.
Heard nothin' back.
Today neither.
I had to work.
Funny, I went there.
Said they hadn't seen you.
Musta been mistaken, I guess.
I can't be held responsible
I once had this
trainer told me
that a man chooses to get punched
in the face for a living,
it's because someplace
deep down inside
he feels he deserves it.
You ever get hit
like that, Louly?
So hard it's like getting
struck by lightning?
Couple seconds there you
don't know which way's up.
You're wasting
your time, Lloyd.
Somebody's been
eating my porridge.
Somebody's been
sleeping in my bed, too?
It's not your bed.
You got that down
cold, don't you?
That I'm cool as shit vibe.
I bet if I checked
your pulse right now
that little heart of yours
would be doing back
flips, wouldn't it?
Worst part isn't it?
The wondering.
What's he gonna do?
What's he gonna make me do?
All kinds of shit
racing through that pretty
little brain, ain't it?
What do you want?
Me and Jimmy got
unfinished business.
That jewelry store.
My 28 grand.
He got arrested.
There wasn't any money.
Ain't my problem.
Job was 100.
My end was 28.
Does he know?
I asked you a question.
I seen that look in your
eye as soon as I came in.
Knew it the second I saw it.
It doesn't exist.
It's a figment of
your imagination.
Your ass belongs to
me, you got that?
You know what you
know cause I say so.
I tell you the sky's
green, the sky's green.
I say take off those
panties and get into bed.
Guess what?
You still think he's gonna
want you when he finds out?
Fuck you!
I don't know where he is, okay?
He wouldn't tell me.
Guess that's it then.
Suppose I should probably leave.
She's holding out on us.
Beat it out of her, fuck it out
of her, I don't give a shit.
Just find out what she knows.
[Reno] You got it, man.
I can't be held responsible
[door thudding]
[voices speaking on dispatch]
[car engine roaring]
[door creaking]
[dog barking]
[door creaking]
You Louly Stock?
[upbeat music]
What do you want?
You okay?
[door slamming]
There we go.
Lloyd Raines was up
here before, yeah?
He say what he wanted?
He wanted to know
where Jimmy is.
He say why?
What's going on?
Why are you even...
My name's Jack
Burbank, I'm SFPD.
Probation and parole.
You're Jimmy's P.O.
Where the fuck is he, Louly?
He could be in a lot of trouble.
What do you care?
[Jack] It's my job.
Oh, it's your job?
Does that include shaking
him down for $10,000?
What, you wanna make
your way down to Mexico,
you've gotta buy your way down,
isn't that what you told him?
All you assholes are the same.
Where the fuck is he?
Fuck you!
Does Jimmy know about Lloyd?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
For Christ's sake.
Lloyd's Lloyd,
you're what you are,
let's just cut the shit.
What, do you think
it was up to me?
Jimmy went inside and then
Lloyd said that I was his.
What the fuck was
I supposed to do?
[Radio Announcer] There was
panic in Central City today
after a gun battle
erupted onto busy streets.
He keeps you in junk.
Maybe he comes over, takes a
little piece whenever he wants.
Maybe he loans you out for
once in a while, right?
Has the fucking word no
ever occurred to you?
What the fuck
world do you live in
where you actually
have a choice?
[bright music]
What do you think's
gonna happen to Jimmy
when Lloyd finds him?
You think it's gonna be
the same like it was before
and that's it?
Where the fuck is he?
Maybe I can get this
asshole's cuffs off
and then let him do
what he came here to do.
- Fuck you!
- Tell me where he is.
- Where the fuck is he?
- Fuck you!
- Where is he?
- Fuck you.
You're not gonna
tell me where he is?
Get out!
- Call a cop.
- Get the fuck out!
Call a fucking cop.
Call it.
Give me that.
Fuck off me.
Okay, asshole.
Come on, get up.
Let's go.
Wakey, wakey.
I'm gonna cut you loose.
You're not gonna do
anything stupid, are you?
Come on.
Come on.
That's it.
Good boy.
Does anybody know if
the bus comes around here?
[door thudding]
[car engine roaring]
[bright music]
[door thudding]
Give me a fucking heart
attack for Christ's sake.
What the hell are
you doing here?
Why don't you sit down?
Sit down, Wayne.
Legs apart, hands on your knees.
I said hands on
your knees, Wayne.
I like your collection.
I used to make models as a kid.
I always liked the attention
to detail, you know?
The ones that you'd have
to soak in water first,
I like those.
Yeah, I've been collecting
them since I was a kid.
Are you carrying?
That's good.
I don't understand.
Was there a problem?
I haven't heard
anything from Nesto.
I was the job.
I came up to Ironwood to see you
and Nesto had me
brokering my own hit.
Turned out that way, yeah.
I didn't know he
knew the Rubio thing.
I didn't know he knew
I'd middled for him.
Apparently you should have.
I saw my shot, I took it.
Anybody would have.
You, Nesto.
I ain't making no apologies.
I ain't asking for one, Wayne.
You know why I'm here.
[Sills] Yeah.
You can make it easier.
You said you didn't push
buttons on people anymore.
That's what you said.
Yeah, well, things
change, Wayne.
I should've known.
I ain't giving you the numbers.
Yeah, you are.
Tough shit.
That ain't how this is
gonna go down, Wayne, alright?
- I ain't giving you shit.
- Yeah, you are.
You're gonna give me
those fucking numbers.
You're not getting
shit from me.
Give me them fucking
numbers, Wayne.
Now you're either gonna
give me them numbers
or I'm gonna put a fucking
bullet through your heart.
You do what you gotta do.
You think I'm fucking
around here, Wayne?
[gun clicking]
Lose the weight, kid.
[perky music]
Put it down in front of you
nice and fucking slow, man.
Now put your fucking
hands flat on the desk.
God damn, Jimmy,
this shit just gets more
entertaining by the minute.
Who's this piece of shit?
[Sills] Sills. Wayne Si...
[gun firing]
Nice to meet ya.
You gotta know when to
cut bait sometimes, Jimmy.
Guy wasn't gonna give you shit.
You gotta roll up
your sleeves sometimes
and do things yourself.
A little old fashioned
elbow grease.
All right, Jimmy.
Let's put a round in him.
Come on, get your hand up here.
Take the gun.
Come on.
That a boy.
Looks good.
Do it.
[gun firing]
That's it.
That a boy.
All right, get up.
You know what, I got good
news and I got bad news
for you, Jimmy.
Good news is I'm not gonna
squeeze you for the 10,000.
Bad news is you're going inside
and I'm gonna take
what's in the safe.
Open it.
It ain't that
easy, I've never...
Get the fuck down
there and open it.
I gotta get a feel
for it and the...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm a patient man, Jimmy.
Come on.
You got three minutes.
Come on, you're supposed to
have these magical fingers.
Come on.
Let's see what they got.
Two minute 30 seconds.
Feel like I should be humming
the theme song to
Jeopardy or something.
I need something to
write with, come on.
Here you go.
Minute 45.
Come on, Jimmy.
Nice girl you got
there, by the way.
Kinda girl makes you think
about setting down
some roots, huh?
I mean the whole
junkie-whore thing aside.
Minute 10, come on.
Focus, asshole.
Come on man, I thought you were
supposed to be good at this.
Let's go.
Fucking come on.
Come on! [thudding]
[pencil scratching]
45 seconds, Jimmy.
[metal creaking]
45 seconds, Jimmy.
Don't fucking test
me, all right?
[metal creaking]
15 seconds.
Five fucking, come on!
Come on, man, fucking do it.
Hey, got it, got it, got it!
[metal creaking]
Stand the fuck back.
Holy shit.
Fill this up.
Let's go, come on.
Fuck, let's go, come on.
Long time, Jimmy.
Easy, Lloyd.
Thing's liable to go
off for Christ's sake.
Kinda the idea, ain't it?
Go home, Lloyd.
Can't do that, Jack.
Then you're under arrest then.
Funny, I don't
feel under arrest.
I'm taking the bag.
Jimmy too, he's coming with me.
I'm through eating
your leftovers.
Well, Lloyd, shit.
You got things figured
out, don't you?
[gun firing]
You look good, Jimmy.
Most guys can't
handle the stretch.
A guy can't
handle the stretch,
he should be out
selling shoes, right?
You queered my play.
Four years back,
the jewelry store.
You were gonna
execute the guard.
My point exactly!
You don't get in a man's way.
He's gotta do what
he's gotta do.
There's an ethics involved.
Oh, come on, Lloyd.
Four years is one thing.
Murder rap's something else.
You know that.
Jimmy Hill.
He's got the talent,
but not the stomach.
Owed you that from
four years ago.
This one?
Just me being a prick.
She tell you about me?
[Jimmy] What the fuck
you talking about, Lloyd?
Figured she might got a little
lonely when you got sent up.
Tried my best to step in.
Sweet ain't she?
Best kinda junkie, too.
You front her some shit,
she'll do whatever you want.
Never ceases to amaze me.
One minute you're here,
next minute you ain't.
[gun firing]
You done?
Do the math, homie.
Little something for the effort.
Nesto says you're ever back
in town looking for some work,
come see him.
[gentle music]
I'll see ya later, Lloyd.
Look around
Watch the sky roll in
I'm all alone
[gun firing]
We're gettin' stoned
And put a record on
[tranquil music]
Is it over, Jimmy?
Yeah, it's over.
Jesus Jimmy, don't get all
after school special on me.
I'll fucking try, all right?
[toilet flushing]
He's dead.
Take this.
What's this?
[Jimmy] It's 5,000 bucks.
Our future.
It's got blood all over it.
Yeah, it'll wash off.
[water running]
Good as new.
Do I wanna know
where you got this?
Probably not.
Promise me, Jimmy.
[Jimmy] Promise you what?
I don't know.
Just promise me, okay?
I promise.
[gentle music]
Your heart will bleed
If I want it to
[door thudding]
These magnets will see
You come home
[car engine roaring]
My love will bring you down
My love will bring you down
My love will bring you down
[upbeat music]
Your back will bend
More than it's ever bent
The time it will take
To keep you whole
My love will bring you down
My love will bring you down
My love will bring you down
Please let me be
Why can't you see
See through me
And I never get to spare
The one who was so scared
[somber upbeat music]