Break Point (2014) Movie Script

Davenport to serve.
What? My God.
That was in.
Be honest. Dude, you saw that.
That was right on the line.
Seriously? Call stands.
Brad, that ball was on the line.
Please don't do this to me.
Jimmy, he made the call,
and I confirmed.
You're really gonna
take his side? Look at him.
Does he look like
a man who can see?
After we went to
elegant girls that time,
you're gonna fuck me over on this?
It was out.
I never told your wife.
And as I've
said numerous times before,
I went back to
the hotel room alone
after getting one dance
in the champagne room.
I don't believe
you fucked a stripper, man.
That is a terrible, terrible idea.
Do not do that again.
Is it too hard to get a hawkeye
camera up in this shit?
Serve the ball, long-shorts.
Dude, would you
cheer up, please?
We made the quarters.
That's four grand each.
We lost, Jimmy.
I thought I could learn from
playing with a journeyman.
Five minutes after the match,
you're drinking a beer.
Well, this is actually gin
that I just poured
into an empty beer can
because I couldn't find a cup.
Well, you can drink
all you want now, Jimmy,
'cause we are done.
Hey, Mr. price. Hey, Barry.
So Mrs. whist will be back
from sabbatical next year.
You should try to sub
for seventh grade,
so you can be my teacher again.
Let's not get crazy, Barry.
Seventh grade's a little
out of my league.
So, If you're
a substitute teacher,
then you're technically
unemployed right now.
Yeah, yeah.
So you want to
hang out this summer?
Yeah, I'm gonna be busy.
With what?
With a lot of stuff, you know.
With all those... Things.
Here, let me get
the door for you.
Thanks, Barry. Yeah.
All right. I'm gonna
go this way now, so...
Okay. You have a good summer.
Yeah, you too.
See you, Mr. price.
What up, Linda?
Here we go.
Hey, dad, guess what?
I give up. What?
I made the quarterfinals at the corona
classic with that kid, Davenport.
Yeah, good for you.
Thank you, good for me.
And then the kid dropped me.
You know? Well.
Talking about, It's time
for me to hang it up. Now?
But you've only been playing
tennis for eight years too long.
Fire her, dad.
So, If hanging it up
is what you want to do...
No, dad, no. I'm not
hanging it up.
I'm gonna make a run
at the open, actually.
Great, If that's
what you want to do.
It is what I want
to do. It's just...
It's hard to find
a good partner.
What do you think
about me asking Darren?
Wow. Yeah, that'd be...
When's the last time
you even saw Darren?
What do you mean?
Like, I saw him...
When did I see him?
He's recently single,
so he might be looking
for something to do.
Just don't pull another
dash Stevens, okay?
Dad, that was 15 years ago.
Come on. What's a dash Stevens?
It's a "who," not a "what." Dash
Stevens was this hotshot pro
that Jimmy left Darren for
when he hit the pro circuit.
They played doubles together.
Jimmy looking out for himself
over his own brother?
Nah. I don't believe it.
Quit defending your
not-so-secret admirer.
Jimmy... What?
Quit flicking Brock's penis.
What are you, 12?
Hey, Mr. price! I thought
you were busy this summer.
Go home, Barry.
No, that's what
I'm saying, dude.
It gives you a mental edge.
Okay. How do you do it?
You just shove it
down your pants
in the middle of...
No. That would scare kids.
What you do is, prior to
the match even starting,
you cut a little hole
in your pocket.
Right? Cut a little
hole in your pocket.
That way, every time
you go to serve the ball,
you know that that ball
has grazed your scrotum.
And your opponent, when
they're hitting the ball,
they're hitting
your scrotum ball, okay?
And now you own that man.
Now you're one up on him.
Yeah. 'Cause he's your bitch 'cause
he's hitting your scrotum ball.
Dude, the stuff you're doing with
your scrotum is light-years ahead
of what everyone else
is doing right now.
Thank you so much. That means a lot.
No, I mean it, man.
'Cause a lot of people
don't appreciate it.
Consider yourself appreciated.
Thank you. That's cool
of you to say, man.
Would you please give me a
couple of the prestige pro?
String them tight
this time. 59-57.
Jimmy, I...
What? I can't.
Nicky, give me some head.
Give you... 'Cause of the...
That's cool. I like that...
I love that joke.
My manager told me that I can't
give you any more free stuff.
Are you telling me head's
dropping me right now?
I'm not telling you that,
'cause they don't...
They don't sponsor you.
I'm just starting to
train for the open, Nick.
And head's dropping me now?
That's ridiculous!
Yeah, they are. I hate to
be the bearer of bad news.
I could loan you my racquet.
Honestly, dude, just
take my racquet.
It'd be an honor.
Just take it.
Yeah! All right, whoo!
Believe in yourself, Jimmy.
You're gonna win it, man!
Hit me up If you
ever want to kick it,
like, on the weekends
or whatever.
Hey. Hey, Mr. price.
What are you doing now?
Listen, Barry, school's out.
Which means I'm just
a 33-year-old man,
and you're an 11-year-old boy,
so we're not hanging out.
What kind of car is this?
This car is a kia sorrento.
Cool. How much does it cost
to buy a kia sorrento?
I didn't buy it. I'm leasing it.
What's that mean?
It means that I am
kind of renting it
for a really, really long time.
Why would you lease
a kia sorrento?
I don't know, Barry.
Sometimes things are
sadder in retrospect.
What's this?
Cool. Catch a lot of dreams?
Just the sorrento, so far.
Where'd you get it?
It's my girlfriend's.
My ex-girlfriend.
"Ex-girlfriend"? What happened?
I don't want to talk about that.
Was she cramping your style?
Nope. Did she have
too much baggage?
Did your mom hate her?
No, she never met my mom.
Why not? My mom passed away.
Man. How'd she die?
Okay. Yeah, Barry, you know,
you got to have more tact.
Sorry. Um...
How'd she die?
That was much better.
Okay. Here we are.
Okay, Barry.
Have a good summer.
Bye, friend.
Thanks for the ride.
Hi, grandma.
Hi, sweetie.
Thank you, Mr. price.
So hey, man, listen. The Alerian
open's, like, three months away,
and I'm just trying to figure
out who I'm gonna partner with,
and going through the list,
your name popped up
on the list, so I was just...
Well, yeah, um... Yeah?
No, I was saying, "well, yeah,"
like, "well, yeah,"
but not "yeah," yeah.
Yeah, no, It's not
a good idea. So no.
Yeah, no. No, I didn't...
I'm talking about Alerian open.
I'm talking about going
the full distance, buddy.
What do you think about that?
Yeah, I think...
You remember, you turned
me in to the officials
before a match for smoking
weed in '03? Right?
Weed that you sold me?
Shitty weed that you sold me?
You're a fucking pro
at a country club, dude?
Yeah, six figures, bro.
And you're just not playing
on the tour anymore?
You're not in the game?
Yeah, I'm married with kids.
Leo's four now. It's crazy.
My God.
You're like that dude
in the white shirt
at the... country club.
Hey, long-shorts.
What's up? It's Jimmy p.
Jimmy p. Your butt still
hurting from corona?
Super funny as always, Jimmy.
So listen, man, I've been
trying to narrow down a partner,
and I think we should talk
about getting back together.
Why don't you
swing on out to the house?
All I'm focused on now
is getting to palm Springs
to win the quallies
and getting into the open.
Yeah, man, me too. Me too.
If we stick together, we can
totally make that shit happen.
You got a lot of nerve,
I'll give you that.
What do you...
What do you mean?
You're 35. You're
begging a 21-year-old.
I'm just saying, that takes
a lot of balls.
Desperation or... Is it
very low self-esteem?
Guess I'm gonna have
to say "no way in hell."
You could've told me
that on the phone
instead of making me drive
all the way out to this
weird plantation.
Happy retirement, buddy.
See you in palm Springs, bitch.
A "lidda hepp"?
"A lidda hepp"? A lidda hepp?
Barry, the phrase is
"a little help."
I thought it was
a Norwegian saying.
Okay. All right.
Do you see that box
diagonally across from us?
Okay, I want you to take a ball,
I want you to hit it underhand
into that box, like this.
Okay? That's a serve.
You do that with every ball
here, and when you're done,
go pick up all the balls and then
bring them back to this line
and do it again.
Got it? Okay. Got it.
I got one in! No talking.
I hit five good serves
in the box in a row.
I'm like kobe Bryant.
Kobe plays basketball.
Yeah, I know.
I meant that I'm like,
the kobe Bryant of tennis.
I even have Kobe's shoes.
See? Yeah, see,
that just makes me think that
you thought kobe played tennis.
My grandma bought them for me.
Sounds good.
And you live with her?
Yeah? Yeah.
So, tell me more
about your mom dying.
Barry, you cannot say
stuff like that, you know?
You... I'm sorry.
It's just that my mom died, too.
Her and my dad.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Yeah, you know, my mom,
she taught me how to play
tennis before I could walk.
I was actually pretty good.
I won a couple of
junior national tournaments
with my brother.
Why didn't you win
any pro tournaments?
I didn't go pro.
My brother did.
He won a few tournaments.
Well, If you never called it quits, you
could've been as good as Tiger Woods.
Tiger plays golf. I know.
I meant the Tiger Woods of tennis.
Hey, my ride's here.
You, want to come over
and watch Harry Potter later?
No, thank you.
See you later, Mr. price. Bye.
Hey, Barry...
I'm gonna be here Thursday, same time,
If you want to practice your serves.
Yeah, cool. I'm...
I'm like the Harry Potter
of tennis.
Yes. Yeah.
My heart is lost
these things mean
nothing to me
not to me
I'm not sorry
for being myself
too tough to tell
Too tough to tell
Who is it?
It's Jimmy.
Hey. Hey, man.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I was just
stopping by to check on my bro.
Can I come in?
So, hey,
congratulations are in order.
Dad told me
you broke up with greta.
It's "grace." Grace.
That was her n...
Wait, that was her name?
Yeah, we went out
for three years, so...
That's awesome.
Yeah, I just got out of a
really bad relationship, too.
Hayes Davenport. No forehand.
Real cocksucker.
So now I don't have a bid for
the qualifying tournament.
Qualifying for what?
I'm making a run at the open.
Yeah, so now I have to
earn my way in
through this upcoming
pre-qualifying tourney.
If I win that, I'm in the
quallies at palm Springs.
If I win at palm Springs,
I'm in the open.
Right. Cool.
I just need a partner.
Are you serious?
Jimmy... Hey, look.
I think we can be
kick-ass again.
I think this is our chance to...
I don't think so, man.
To really fuck
some shit up, you know?
We could go out there, and we
could really fuck some shit up.
Jim, no. Sorry. Sorry, Jim.
I forgot.
I forgot what a fucking
scaredy-cat you are.
I did. It completely
slipped my mind.
You should be honest with
yourself and me and just say,
"I'm a scared little girl
inside of a tall man's body."
It's a waste
of fucking time, man.
This is your dream you
fucked up, not mine, so...
Is, is that it?
Are we... Are we done?
No biggie smalls.
Can I hit balls from that
tennis Cannon too? Nope.
When was the last time you
played against real people?
It's been a while,
but I actually just got an
offer to play doubles again.
With who?
My brother. Awesome.
You won tournaments with him.
Junior tournaments,
and he's an idiot.
Yeah, but still, it'd be cool to
see how good you guys are now.
I mean, you have
nothing to lose.
I mean, your girlfriend
left you.
You're just a single,
unemployed teacher.
No, I get it. You're actually
a substitute teacher.
I mean, people always
say that they have
nothing to lose, but they
actually have something to lose.
You literally have
nothing to lose.
You don't have anything. Yeah, I get it.
Like, the first, you know...
Well, your,
your kia sorrento lease.
That's a great point, Barry.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
If you didn't crush 'em so
hard, a lot more would go in.
Well, If I hit 'em underhand,
I could get 'em all in.
Just saying you could serve
at 120 instead of 130,
and 20% more of your serves
would go in.
Yeah, and I'm just saying If I served 'em
underhand, I could get every serve in.
Are you still leading all the
tournaments in double faults?
Yeah, and aces.
And unforced errors?
This coming from the guy
who once had
a five-minute rally
waiting for the other guy
to screw up.
I could've literally laid down
on the court and taken a nap.
We won that point. And we
didn't win by my aces?
Not your unforced errors.
Dude, My God.
Your game is so fucking conservative.
And yours is reckless.
We would've won twice as many
tournaments If you had any balls.
I'm the only reason we won
any tournaments, asshole.
So you're in?
Yeah. I'm in.
Hey, dad, what's this?
It's for canine epilepsy.
It's valium, basically.
Took him three times around
the block, but he finally went.
Well, If it isn't my little buddy.
What's he still doing here?
He's waiting for
someone to adopt him.
Well, you could put him
to work in the meantime.
There's a huge market
out there for animal porn.
I was not aware.
Jack, I'll see you tomorrow.
Thanks, Heather. Guess what?
Tell me. Darren's in.
Yeah, we actually
drove over here
to tell you together,
but when he realized
he'd have to see Heather,
he bitched out.
He lied and said he wanted to
listen to "piano man" in the car.
That's a good song.
That's not the point, dad.
So If you trust me
hold me close and
We'll turn the sculptures
made of sand
hey, stranger.
Heather. Heather.
What are you doing out here?
I just... I was just...
I was just listening to...
Sorry. Hold on a second.
Just listening to a song.
It's a good song. And...
Are you here with Jimmy?
Yeah. Yeah,
we're partnering up.
That's fantastic.
He was just saying he wants
to make a run at the open.
Yeah, I don't...
I'm just excited to get
some exercise, you know?
Excuse me.
Do you two happen to know where
the mid-valley vet clinic is?
Hi, Gary. Hey, baby.
Hey. Gary weeder.
P-price. Darren price.
Darren's Jack's son. Nice.
So are you a vet, too?
No, a teacher.
Wait, are you...
Are you the hair guy?
Like, the "comb the gray out"?
Gary doesn't like
that term, "hair guy."
I'm the "right for men"
I didn't, you know...
Hey. You didn't know.
All right, well,
we should get going.
Good to see you, Darren.
Yeah, good to see you. Okay.
All right, hey, later. Bye-bye.
See, when I go to net, you've
got to go cross court.
There's something about vhs.
It's like listening to vinyl
or jerking off
to dad's playboys.
Can you just pay attention
for two more minutes?
Are you kidding me?
I can hardly take
my eyes off myself.
I was hot.
Why didn't you tell me
how good my ass looked
while hitting a forehand?
I got to take this.
Is it what's-her-nuts?
Yeah, I don't... I don't...
I haven't seen your
hair band thingies.
I did look under
the bed, grace. Yes.
Yeah, I don't...
I accept.
Hey, baby.
How are you? Who are you?
Where's Darren?
The dream-catcher, yeah. I got
the dream-catcher in my car.
Did he contact you
for masturbatory reasons?
Lunch? I'm sorry. Who's asking?
Really? This is
amazing to know.
So what happens? Do you...
I've got so many questions.
No freebies.
Wow! I'm really busy this week.
No, don't go. He's right...
Aw. "Vanessa78." Yeah, okay.
Who were you talking to?
I was talking
to my high-school self.
I wanted to warn me about Jamie Albright.
She gave me crabs.
Oddly, not as bad of a
thing as one would think.
Don't touch me.
Putnam public is so much
better than this shithole.
This place is good. No
one will bother us here.
Yeah? Then who's that?
Hi, Mr. price.
That's Barry.
He's like a ball boy.
Hey, Barry. Barry, this is Jimmy.
Jimmy, this is Barry.
Hey, Jimmy. Barry.
Where'd you get your outfit?
The Kenneth Cole outlet.
So, I want to keep the racquets
in the bag and do some
footwork conditioning.
What? Fuck that, man.
Hey, watch your
language around Barry.
What? Barry knows
I'm fucking around.
Listen, you're fat, and
we don't have a coach.
Hey, hey. Can we just hit around
for a little while, please?
It looks like Katy Perry
fucked Pinocchio.
Come on.
Look, you've got to get it
above the net. Barry, ball.
Walking in the raindrops
looking through
the puddles at my feet
Come on!
Sorry. Too much spin.
Nice toss.
I can see the white clouds
airplanes and possibilities
that dropped in.
Barry, was that in? No.
That's in. Sit down. You don't
know what you're talking about.
Play on. And I can
see the birds flying
making me think I should
get away that's in!
One more game, one more game.
I'll play all night, bitch.
Out. That's bullshit!
That was in!
Just take 10% off the ball, and
we could have a rally. Quiet.
Barry, give me the ball.
Good throw, Barry.
Nice shot!
That's good. Yes!
Putnam middle school,
you feel me?
Ball, Barry, ball.
It went off the frame.
We should still get a run in.
Are you s... We just played
for three hours, man.
Jimmy, If you lost 10 pounds,
you'd still be the fattest
guy on the circuit.
Dude, that's rude.
I'm gonna go
take a run... tubs.
who's your favorite tennis
man from the 1980s?
Okay. Here you go.
All right,
let's just hit it around,
get back in the old
swing of things.
No pressure, Jimmy, you know?
Buddy, would you relax, please?
This is just a sparring session.
Don't count for shit.
Hey, hi!
Dad and Heather are here?
Look at you. What?
You've had a boner for her
since the fifth grade,
and you still
haven't made a move.
You want me to hook you up
with that sweet ass?
Yes, Jimmy. Right before
our first match in 15 years,
I'd like you to hook me up
with that sweet ass.
You guys ready? Yeah.
Yeah, we're ready. Up.
Yes! Bitches.
All right, I'm gonna go
down the "t" on both.
I'll pooch on the second serve.
It's not gonna get that far.
I'm gonna ace these fuckers.
Just relax, okay? You relax.
Good luck, guys. Yeah.
Just making sure you're awake.
You want some of this?
Really? Second-serve ace?
Second-serve ace.
That good or bad? Both.
Seriously? Can I play or what?
This is not fun for me at all.
Wh-what? It was just
about two inches wide.
That was in.
I'm calling it out.
It's an honor system.
Let it go.
Okay. No, you're right.
Good call, guys.
Good eyes. Good eyes.
Out. What?
Sorry. That was
a couple inches out.
Are you kidding me?
Hey, If Abercrombie and douche
want to play like that,
I'll play like that all day.
Yeah, keep staring
me down, Facebook.
I got way more friends
than you, trust me.
Serve the ball.
Those guys were
fucking tools, bro.
What the hell happened
out there?
What happened was we lost
to an unranked local team
in a no-name tournament
in the first round.
So you want to qualify
for the open?
Look, man, you're not taking
this seriously at all.
What do you mean?
If you want to
qualify for the open,
you can't drink like this, man.
Do you think olympic
athletes do this?
Well, the Russians do.
Yeah, for sure,
and I'm not putting
anything past the Chinese.
I'm not gonna get
in your way or anything,
but If you want to drink and
party, then I'm out, man. Right.
I'm out.
Sorry, what?
Good luck finding
another partner.
Darren, look. If I
knew you were serious,
I wouldn't be drinking. Come on.
You're pouring another
glass right now.
Yeah, well, now it looks
like you really are leaving,
so I'm kind of hedging my bets here.
You're an idiot.
Fine. See you at
Christmas, I guess.
You're up early.
You still bring her flowers?
Yeah, every Sunday.
Yeah, I like that,
plastic holder thing you put in.
Darren did that.
It's kind of cheap looking,
but It's nice of him.
Tip my 40 in the memory
of my mother.
Jesus, Jimmy, what are you...
Don't pour beer on your mother.
It was... Okay. Sorry.
It's an urban thing.
So Darren quit.
Want to tell me what happened?
He, he... you know.
We were just having fun.
Jimmy, what happened?
He was being a baby about
me having a few drinks.
And you want to know
what I think?
I think If you quit drinking
and really, really
trained seriously,
you'd still have a hard
time making the open.
Son, If you don't straighten up,
you have a snowball's
chance in hell.
And after the whole
dash Stevens ordeal...
No. That was, like,
15 years ago.
Jimmy, he's your brother.
Did you ever stop and think
what it must've been
like for him?
To watch you turn pro,
do all the things
he wanted to do?
You want my advice?
Be a better brother.
All right, I'm gonna
get out of here.
This place fucking bores me.
Love you, dad.
Love you.
How long have you
been waiting out here?
I didn't want to wake you, so...
What do you want?
You were right.
Okay, I know this is...
I know this is my last
shot to prove anything,
and I want to do it right.
Look, I think It's great that you're
wearing a shit without any stains on it,
but just 'cause
you brush your hair...
I also cleaned my apartment.
What does that have
to do with anything?
It's like a... symbol or...
I don't know, asshole.
Just listen. If you come back,
give this another shot,
then you run the show.
All right? You...
You make the rules.
You're the coach.
Hey, If I don't
take this seriously,
If you think at any point I'm fucking
around too much or whatever,
you can just... you can bail
and tell me to fuck off,
and that's that.
Just give me one more shot.
Come on.
No drinking?
Right. No drinking.
No partying, no smoking,
no drugs of any kind, no junk
food, none of that shit.
I promise.
I won't even smile.
All right.
Yeah? Let's do it.
All right. You
remember the routine?
You know what, actually?
I feel... I feel healthier.
Yeah. Yeah.
You probably lost
six pounds alone
not eating the food that
drops on your shirt anymore.
You shut up, and you shut up.
Ooh, um, can you actually
drop me off back at the school?
I want to work on my forehand.
What? No, no, no. We're...
We'll practice tomorrow. Dude,
It's not gonna do any good.
You have an awful,
awful forehand.
- Right?
- No. You got a good forehand.
Bye-bye. Bye, now, Barry.
See you later. See you later.
Maybe because
you're being a bitch.
Out of my way! Seriously?
You told me Barry wasn't here.
What the fuck?
Are you lying to me now?
Who are these guys that
are dropping him off?
What the hell are you thinking?
Get back inside,
for crying out loud.
How come you didn't hug me?
What, no hug? What'd you do?
What'd you tell him?
Get inside. You get inside.
Hey. Wh...
You didn't realize I was coming.
No, but, um...
Jimmy said you asked me to come.
No. But, I mean,
you know, I...
It's great. Yeah?
Yeah, totally.
No, this is great.
How's, um, hair guy?
Gary? Gary. Gary.
It's going really well, I think.
Cool. How'd you guys meet?
This dating web site.
I do the on-line thing
too, so...
Really? Gosh.
Well, It's too bad you
didn't find me before Gary,
'cause that would've been interesting.
That would've been.
Hey, slugger.
- Hey, dad.
- R-really?
What? Dad, really? You
call Darren "slugger" too?
I thought that was our thing.
I don't remember ever actually
calling you "slugger."
You don't? If anyone's
the slugger, It's me.
Jimmy, you lied to get me here.
Everyone knows you're
boning the wrong guy.
Jimmy... what? Do you think
she's boning the right guy?
You've met him. Be honest.
Jim... I'm just...
Sorry to make
this uncomfortable for you.
Shut up! Fine.
What's going on at the clinic?
It's good. Busy.
Yeah, we were packed.
What did we have?
Eight dogs, seven cats
and a ferret today.
Actually, we had
seven dogs and eight cats.
Pretty sure it was
eight dogs and seven cats,
and I definitely remember the ferret,
although as soon as I started saying that,
I was thinking, "was
the ferret yesterday?"
Yeah, I think it was.
I can't do...
Guys, I'm gonna cut you off, because
otherwise I'll kill myself.
Dad still thinks
he's in new Jack city.
It's an emergency.
Kind of. It's Mrs. Dolcort.
Her pomeranian,
she's in really bad shape.
Yeah, but, you know,
we're all here.
Why don't I take this? No, look.
It's Mrs. Dolcort.
She'll throw a fit If
It's not me in person.
But If you go, how are we gonna solve
the "seven dog, eight dog" mystery?
It's gonna keep me up.
Let's do this again soon, okay?
It's great to see
you two together.
Bye, dad. Bye, Jack.
See ya, pop.
I call him "pop." It's a thing.
So, are you guys
gonna hit it tonight?
Really? We're ready to order.
He's a pretty big guy, so I'm assuming
he's got some junk in the trunk.
As in "elephant trunk."
Do you know what I'm saying?
My penis is feeding
your mouth right now?
Elephant trunk. You know what I'm saying?
Elephant trunk.
You're good at this.
Yeah, thank you.
I stopped you again.
I'm here with the Bryan
brothers, Bob and Mike,
undeniably the greatest
doubles team of all time.
Gentlemen, of all
the tournaments you've won,
do any stand out in particular?
Definitely winning
the Alerian open.
You guys share not only the trophies
but a lot of other parts of your life.
Is it true that you once
shared a bank account?
We've shared everything.
We lived together for forever.
We went to high school,
went to college together.
We turned pro on the same date.
We got our braces
on and off on the same day.
So, yeah, It's wild
how close we are,
but It's what makes
our partnership so strong.
In the film pacific rim, there are
things called jaegers, giant robots,
and they have to be piloted
by a tandem team,
one taking the left hand,
one taking the right hand.
I think you guys would
make great jaeger pilots.
What do you think?
Would you ever consider
doing that?
I think we'd be a good
two-headed monster.
Come in.
You text me "code red" and
then don't pick up your phone.
What's going on?
I have to ask you something.
Okay. What?
How long have you been
a substitute teacher?
Off and on for seven years.
Why? What's going on?
Seven years? Wow.
That's cool.
And you're... what?
You're, like, a democrat?
I'm a registered independent.
What the fuck is going on, Jimmy?
What? You're my partner,
and I don't even know,
you know, what your
favorite food is.
You know? What's
your favorite food?
My God.
This is your
"code red" emergency?
Okay. Let's put our cards
on the table, dude.
Okay? We're not close.
Yeah. Okay. And we...
We need to be in tune
with each other,
to know what each other's
thinking on the court,
If we want to have
a chance in hell.
I mean, do you know why the Bryan brothers
are the number one team in the world?
They fucking love each other.
I mean, like, really a lot.
They're in tune.
They're in sync.
We need to be in sync. The pre-quallies
are right around the corner,
and If we want to win there, we have
to learn shit about each other.
That is our plight.
That's what we have to do.
So suck it up, bitch.
So, what kind of music
are you into these days?
You still like pearl jam?
Yeah, they're good.
See? I knew you
better than I thought.
Unsealed on a porch
a letter said
it said,
I wanna leave it ag...
hey, do you like coldplay? I feel like
you like coldplay. No, not really.
You ever shave your pubes?
I do, once in a while.
Psychologically, it makes
me feel more aerodynamic.
Plus it makes
my dick look bigger.
Shaving pubes
makes a dick look bigger
ooh, Barry! Barry!
We need a plan for
every serve and return.
Right. We need
that plan, but...
If something comes up in the moment,
we also need to go off that plan.
Yeah, but we, at the very least,
have to begin with a plan.
Yes, as long as you're willing to
make those last-minute detours.
Yeah, as long as the detours
bring you back to the plan.
Italian. My favorite
food is Italian.
Actually, It's Southern Italian.
New movie's... Showing.
So you're... Going.
Could care... Less.
About the five you're...
Theater gets... Dark.
Just to start the... Show.
You spot a... Fine woman.
Sitting in your... Row.
She's dressed in... Yellow.
She Says... Hello.
Come sit... Next to me.
You fine... Fellow.
So you run over... There.
Without a second to... Lose.
Then what comes next?
Just bust a move, fatty!
Come on, Barry!
You want it, you got it
what the hell is that?
Good session today, man.
This "opening up" shit
is like emotional steroids.
Hey, you remember when I played
with that guy, dash Stevens?
Yeah. What about him?
Nothing. Just...
He was the worst.
That's good to know.
I mean,
you're way better than him.
Thanks, man.
Barry, what's going on?
You've been quiet lately.
Is there anything on your mind?
I was... just this one day...
I was being really
annoying at home, and...
You know how sometimes
you do one thing,
and that leads to another thing
and that leads to another thing?
Like a chain reaction?
If I hadn't been
so annoying that day,
other bad things
wouldn't have happened.
That woman at your house
when we dropped you off,
that was your mom?
Yeah. I know
I told you she died.
That's okay.
You've got to understand,
Barry, whatever happened,
whether your mom left or what,
you know, It's not your fault.
Is she still at the house?
sort of.
Are you around this weekend? 'Cause
the pre-quallies start tomorrow,
and we could really use
your support in our corner.
Do you think
you could help us out?
Yeah. Yeah, definitely.
Okay, good. That's good.
It's good that Barry's gonna
help us out, right, Jimmy?
Is this a trick question?
Yeah, I don't give a fuck.
Just tell him not to
color-coordinate so much.
Yeah, I don't think that's
something he can control.
I've never seen you so nervous.
I'm not nervous.
Are you nervous?
Not that nervous.
I'm nervous.
So cool!
You know anything
about these guys?
Yes. The one
with the moustache
kind of looks like
Freddie Mercury.
I'm not sure If that helps
us out, tennis-wise.
I'm not worried.
Suddenly I'm not worried.
Seriously? Come on.
Come on.
Sorry, partner. Those
tube socks threw me off.
Can't believe
I gave them that set.
Two double faults
in the last game.
Yeah, the volley into my own
foot didn't help either.
So how is Southern Italian food
different than regular
Italian food?
Less butter, more olive oil,
and not as many meats.
Just more refined, you know?
It's pretty tasty.
Yeah, it sounds...
Sounds tasty.
Feeling so lonely
all the time
I'm feeling so lonely
every day
what can I do to
make you realize
that I really want you
here today, hey
all I did was
complain, hey, hey
And worry about
the things, baby
you may find it
funny that I
Yeah! Yeah!
Let's do this, bitch!
Yeah! Whoo!
Slam it, slam it, slam it.
Dude, why did you do that?
You could've slammed
that shit home!
Fuck, I know.
It's all good, baby.
If we win this point,
we go to palm Springs
for the quallies.
Yes! What's up, palm Springs?
How about that, man? Whoo!
Great game. Well played.
Weird shirts.
Darren. Hey.
Um, It's not really... Shut up.
I mean, don't shut up.
Just, don't say anything.
So, I just came off
a really big win,
and I'm feeling more confidence
now than I pretty much
ever have in my life, so, um...
This is actually
harder than I thought.
Um, we just won the
pre-qualifying tournament,
and we're going to palm Springs.
And If we win at palm Springs,
we are actually in the open.
So... so you should
come with us... with me...
and-and then after...
Amateur tennis? Nice.
Wow, that is so funny.
We were just talking about what
we were gonna do this weekend.
Palm Springs? Awesome.
I... have you been
working out? I...
I think It's great
that you guys have a...
It's lining up like that.
Can you get us tickets?
Probably not,
but the tickets are...
The tickets,
they're eight or nine.
Well, then... yeah.
That's... yeah.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
You guys will...
All right. Um... Perfect.
Well, have a good night, and...
Good to see you, Darren.
Yeah. Okay.
Real fucking nice,
you fucking idiot.
What up, what up? Dude!
Guys, quick question.
What are the odds
of me being a ball boy?
I mean, I heard that the
officials and the ball boys
in the quallies were volunteers.
I think we need to have
a talk about mutual respect.
You play world of warcraft?
Yeah. You?
My main 'toon is
a level 90 on dead mage
with a complete regalia
of the burns scroll set.
214, buddy. Two pieces away
from completing my p.V.P. Set.
I'm level 82, human paladin,
but all the level 90...
yeah, yeah, okay.
You know what?
Don't talk to me about wow again
until you're at least a level 90
with respectable raiding gear.
And by respectable, I mean epic.
You know what? One other thing.
We're a fucking team now, okay?
And we're men. And men...
Men don't blame themselves
for pussy-ass shit
that's not their fault.
Your mom doesn't have her shit
together, that's her issue.
No more blaming yourself for that, or I'm
gonna throw you out of this fucking car.
You got it?
Got it.
So, um,
about me being a ball boy...
Shh. Go to sleep.
No, no, no. Over there.
What's up, palm Springs?
Yo, what's up, dude?
How you feeling?
You strong? You strong?
That guy's such a pussy, dude?
Such a puss.
With the open a week
away, unseeded players
are here in palm Springs competing
in the qualifying tournament
for the open's final spots.
Jimmy price found a partner. Unbelievable.
Good luck, buddy. Bam. Bam. Bam.
Young rookies and old vets
will battle it out
for the prize of being
slaughtered in the first round
by a top-seeded opponent.
What do you know
about these guys?
Okay, here we go.
Alan freedland...
He's got a great forehand.
Stay away from that.
Alan Cohen, he's the guy
closer to us...
he is a scrapper. He'll
poach all day long.
Keep him honest.
Hit a few down the line.
People call them the Alans.
I call them the Alan-gators.
Rumor has it they tried
to fuck the same girl once
in a pool in Florida.
That's good to know.
I wonder If their dicks touched.
Why don't we ask them?
Let's do this.
This is Barry. Hi, Barry.
This is Gary.
Hey, man.
Our names rhyme.
That's mildly amusing.
All right, all right.
What's up, ladies? Call it.
Suck it. We're gonna serve.
Boom! Guys, guys, sorry.
Um, is it true you actually
touched dicks in fl...
I wasn't finished.
Come on.
Come on. Let's go.
Match point, man. We get
this, and we're moving on.
That's my brother right there!
No, no, no, no, Barry, Barry.
This is a buffet, which means you
only eat the expensive shit.
Take whatever you want, Barry.
That's the whole point of a buffet.
You want some leafy Greens,
you get your leafy Greens.
Really? Okay, fine.
You don't get your money's
worth, It's not my fault.
This is exactly why
you two are broke.
Move on.
Hey, nice match out there, guys.
Nice fake compliment
to cut the line.
Thanks. Hey, sorry
about your draw.
"Sorry"? You didn't hear?
You guys drew
Osborne and chandy
for your second match.
Aren't they top-ten? What are
they doing in the quallies?
Osborne injured his ankle
and missed most of the year,
so the quallies are their
warm-up for the open.
They endured the test of time and...
Hey, hey, hey.
You're not on camera, asshole. We can
totally take those tools, trust me.
I'm just gonna head to the meats. I'm
not gonna fill up on bread and tomatoes
like a fucking chump. Jesus.
So you're like the
tennis announcer guy.
Yeah. Did you
ever play tennis?
I played in high school.
So not really.
Watch your tone, nerd.
Osborne's had time to rehab his
ankle, but It's still untested.
Although you may want to
worry less about strategy
and more about that.
Who is that? Alexander.
His partner went down
a few days ago.
He's already in the open, so he's
looking for a last-minute replacement.
But... I'm sure you have
nothing to worry about.
- Come on, guys.
- Game and first set, Osborne-chandy.
Come on, bro. We can
bounce back from this.
Let's go.
Sorry. My bad.
Game, Osborne-chandy.
Tough serves?
They're too good. No.
The boys just need to
keep their heads in it.
They'll be okay.
Hey! Me!
Get out of the way.
Game, price-price.
What If he can't continue?
Well, they'd have to
forfeit, and we advance.
Hey, Barry,
you don't want to ever
root for an injury, okay?
At least, not openly.
Can you go on?
No, I don't think so.
Osborne-chandy forfeit
due to Osborne injury.
Price-price advance.
Sorry, guys.
It's bad luck, guys.
It's bad luck.
Dude. Darren.
Darren, hey.
What the fuck, man?
Fuck you, man. Why are you
being such a dick? What?
I did you a pretty big fucking
favor by making a run with you,
and then... It's a
pretty fucking dick move
to try to throw the match.
Seriously? You think I...
Dude, those guys are
a top-ten team, man.
Yeah, I messed up a few times, but...
"A few times"?
Dude, that was the worst
match you have ever played.
At least If you're going to throw a
match, try to do it with a little art.
You want to play the blame game
and re-count points?
'Cause I can easily go into all
the forehands you fucked up.
Here you go. Here you go.
Let's forfeit the next match,
and you can just go play with
Alexander like you always wanted to.
Dude, stop being an asshole, please.
We're about to go to the open.
We're one match away.
Fuck you, man!
You're being a fucking dick.
Don't fucking touch me, man.
What the fuck? You're being an ass...
Let me tell you something.
Mom died, and you left me.
You don't fucking do that!
You're a shitty brother, Jimmy.
You've always been
a shitty fucking brother!
You fuck!
What the fuck?
Trouble with Jimmy?
Not really.
Kind of.
You know, when I was
just like a week or two
out of vet school,
I got a call to go to this farm
and work on a donkey.
I'd never worked
on a donkey before.
What kind of donkey?
I don't remember, Barry.
If I said the name of the
breed, would you remember?
Barry, It's not...
Was it mammoth Jack,
I'm trying to tell a story here.
Listen, dad,
I really appreciate the effort,
but I think I just
want to be alone
right now.
Just so you know, the donkey
was Jimmy in that story.
Barry, come on. Let's go, man.
He found a new partner
this morning.
Jimmy told him no
before your match
against Osborne and chandy.
Win or lose, your brother's
in this thing with you.
I'm not saying it
wasn't a shitty thing to do.
I mean, I got this offer
to play with this top pro,
and I took it.
That was a
pretty shitty move.
But you were in a shitty place.
Yeah, but...
It's okay, babe.
Don't worry about it.
You were a shitty-ass
brother, and now you've got
a ton of years to be
a not-shitty-ass brother.
You got it all figured out?
I've got a client
that wants to chat.
Let's get rid of him.
No, It's okay.
You work. I'm going to...
I'm gonna head down
to the hot tub,
loosen up a bit before bed.
Okay. Okay?
Good night.
Good luck tomorrow. Yeah.
Come in If you want, but I've
pissed in here twice already.
What happened to your face?
I got into a fight.
No, not the bruises.
Just... Just your face.
In general.
I thought that was a funny...
Don't interrupt me, Barry.
I'm staring at you in disgust.
Okay, now, what do you want?
I wanted to know
If you asked the officials.
If I could be a ball boy
for tomorrow's match or not.
No, no, I did not ask the officials
If you could be a ball boy, okay?
Now, get the fuck out of here.
Barry, what the fuck?
Where are you going?
You just told me
to get out of here.
Okay, look.
Part of being a man means
not doing everything I say
and standing up for yourself.
Got it? Got it.
Now, get the fuck out of here.
You know, I think I'm just
gonna stay and hang out.
No, no. Look.
I know what I just said,
but I've got a big match
tomorrow, and I need to focus.
So I need you to leave.
I'm serious, you little prick.
Would you listen to me?
Get the fuck out of here.
Fuck you, Jimmy. I'm staying.
All right. Atta boy.
So I think when I get back,
I might want to join
a tennis league.
I might need some help.
Look, If you're asking me
to be your coach,
just forget it, man.
No fucking way, seriously.
I was actually
thinking about Darren.
Dar... Darren?
What the fuck, Barry?
I'm way better than
Darren. Come on, man.
But Darren's been actually...
fine. I will fucking coach you.
Just shut up about it already.
Now, get out of here. For real.
Nothing I can do, Jimmy.
You don't have
to be a dick, dude.
Sorry. My hands are tied.
Well, so are mine,
because I really didn't want
to have to do this, Ron.
Do what?
Well, do you remember
the controversial call
you made in the Sevingnon match?
Well, guess who has proof
that you were boning her
all the way to the finals.
You're out.
Game, McNamara.
My eye is fine, by the way.
You've always been
a quick healer.
Look, Jimmy...
Can we just beat these fuckers
and get in the open already?
All right.
So Davenport is tough.
Let's finish points fast. I don't want
to get into rallies with these kids.
And I'm gonna be all over the net, more
than usual, so be tight on the switch.
I'm gonna be aggressive with my
serves, but I swear I'll be smart.
Just make sure I know where you're going.
Yeah, of course.
I've always said
we needed a plan.
We need a plan,
but we should also be able
to stray from that plan.
Why are you cutting
holes in your pockets?
I want to be a gangster
I can't take it anymore
I've got anger like a gangster
let's do this, bitches.
Welcome to the Alerian
open final qualifying round.
An unlikely team
of brothers, the prices,
have advanced to compete against the
highly touted team of youngsters,
Sal Mora and Hayes Davenport.
Davenport and Jimmy price
are former partners,
so, as promised, today's
tournament is not without drama.
The winner will move on
for a shot
at a grand-slam win
in the Alerian open.
- Hey. Welcome, welcome.
- Hey, Jack.
Hey, man, she's still showing up.
You've got to be doing something right.
Price-price won the toss
and have elected to serve.
That's my buddy. Yeah.
Whoo! Yeah!
Shake it off, baby.
You're a king.
This is your castle.
That's what I'm talking about.
I kind of wanted to
give them that set.
Yeah, I did feel bad for them.
It's out of my system now.
Me, too.
Fuck. Come on.
I can't see yes!
If I could,
you know I would
I can't see
My baby
If I could,
you know I would
nice! I'm so high
up on a cloud
that I finally got my chance
to start looking down
Game and set, price-price.
That was easy.
Kind of too easy. Way too easy.
Feeling so lonely
all the time
yes! Game, mora-Davenport.
Yeah! My man!
We're getting her going.
Game, price-price.
Pick yourself back up, baby!
Pick yourself back up!
All I did was
complain, hey, hey
Match point.
If we win this point,
we're in the open.
You may find it funny
to say that I
I couldn't make you
feel it every day, hey
Match point against us.
I know, Jack. I get it.
I need to talk to you.
What? The other
night, I came over
'cause I wanted to burst inside
and carry you up the stairs
and spend three nights in bed with you.
What the f...
But I wussed out.
Gary's got a really
great head of hair,
and he Says "nice" a lot...
Okay, that's it, Heather.
We're leaving.
You're not nice, you're...
You're fucking amazing.
Let's go.
- Nice.
- Bye.
Team price,
please take the court.
Could you just... Really, Ron?
All right.
I'm gonna go win this match
and get in the open,
and after,
I'm taking you to dinner.
Price-price, this is a warning.
Please... Ron...
Down with that?
Yeah. I'm down with that.
Good luck.
So you want to fuck shit up right
now and roll into the open?
Hell, yeah.
Look at the big balls on you.
What a match.
Great job.
Great match, Jimmy.
You too, kid.
Can I give you one last
piece of advice?
Yeah, sure. Yeah?
All right.
tennis doesn't come from here.
You're gonna be tempted
to think It's here
or here...
Or even here.
But it doesn't.
It comes from here.
All right?
Ronnie, good work
out there, buddy.
Thank you.
Aw, It's okay.
I'm so proud of you guys.
Yeah, yeah!
So will you still go
to dinner with me?
Yes, I will. Thank you.
That was beautiful. Thank you.
I'm proud of you.
How do you feel, Barry?
How do you feel?
I feel good about it. You do?
And what about that ball you flubbed
in the fourth game of the second set?
You feel good about that?
You saw that?
Everybody saw that, Barry.
I stick my neck out for you,
and you hang me out to dry.
That thing probably already
has a million hits on YouTube.
Good. Good.
Take your time.
Hustle. Hustle! Take your time!
Yes. Good, good.
Hustle, hustle,
hustle, hustle.
Stay in the game.
Stay in the game.
Good, good, good!
Hey, sweetheart. Darren, you know Vanessa.
Introduce her.
Hi, Darren! Hey, Vanessa.
This is Heather.
Hi! My dad, Jack.
It's okay, Barry.
Shake it off, buddy.
Darren, please do not
coach my player.
Don't shake it off, Barry. Do
not shake it off. Let it dwell.
You're an idiot.
Hey, my technique.
Do not fuck with it. Guys, guys, guys,
come on, Barry's got game point here.
Right. Here we go, buddy.
That was in! Yeah!
All right Barry!
Whoo-hoo! Aw, yeah!
Your serve.
My friend
Says that the end
holds nothing more
he don't hide his shame
he Says It's all the same
like a man without a name
old days
asleep in the shade
by the brandywine
see a dog get paid
see a boy behave
every bone deserves a grave
but I heard
the good lord's warning
like he might not
forget by the morning
with no more
thoughts of dying
my lord,
I'm climbing aboard
and I'm going home
no time to lose
there's no time to pack
take a step
and take it back
but I heard
the good lord's warning
like he might not
forget by the morning
with no more
thoughts of dying
keep on with the living,
You'll soon enough be dead
you got the whole world
spinning in your head
and you don't want
to give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up
'cause no one
should be sorry
we're just another day
you can say
You'll be back
but you won't ever go away
won't go away won't go away
won't go away
won't go away
'cause love
that never leaves
is never, ever welcome back
and I'm running out of skin
thick enough to hide in
won't go away won't go away
won't go away won't go away
now hand in hand
we're back in time
we're chasing the train
looking back, looking back
to wave goodbye
and headed for
the same disaster
don't give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up
Don't give it up
don't give it up
don't give it up