Break Up 100 (2014) Movie Script

Do you believe in witches?
That they'll give up being a witch for love?
Meet Barbra,
the witch of every man's dreams
But that was eight years ago
Since dating kidult Sam,
she has lost her powers
Now, her life is dedicated to
taking care of him
I've been waiting for half an hour
I'm ready
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Here's your oyster congee
Enjoy your meal
The scallions? I'll take them off
Their love story isn't epic
Shared showers, removing scallions,
wiping bottles
What more do you want?
Towel, please
Get it yourself
Hurry. It stinks!
I can't reach it
I can't go over there. Hurry
While dating
Barbra is a champion of a sport...
Called "Mixed Breakup Singles"
Is it good?
How is this different from yesterday's?
The bacon... is too fatty
And the bread?
The bread?
It's okay
Do you know where I bought the bread?
Do you know how much I spent?
How long I spent waiting in line?
I went at dawn
It cost $45
And it's just okay?
Get off that thing!
Just so you know, we've broken up
I just came to see if you're still alive
Quit the wet puppy look
I'll take you to the doctor's
then I'm going
Let me remind you: we've broken up
I'm ready to go
Which do you think is better?
Spin around
This one
Let's go
What's wrong with this one?
It's fine, too
But I like this colour
Maybe we should just shower and go to bed
I can't stand your attitude! Let's break up
Every time they break up
Sam has to give in on...
everything before Barbra will agree to make up
This makes Barbra sound evil
But when Sam said he wanted to open this cafe...
Barbra quit her job and found a space
even though she had told him off
And who am I?
I'm the cafe
My name is LA... LA...
Sorry, I don't read French
It means "I love you"
As to why I look like this on my first day...
it's all because of these bad influences
Last night, they had too good a time
Hurry and pack
A dead body!
Over there
Thanks to our coffee-maker,
we can open for business
To work!
You're open already?
Today is our first day
May I sit here?
What is the name of this cafe?
It's called LA Je t'aime
A French place
Then I'd like a French toast and a latte
What's wrong?
The shop's coffee machine broke
This is from home
The Four Boys are MIA
How can we do business? I'll talk to him
Calm down
It's our first day; why turn down business?
Make his coffee. It'll be fine
I'll handle this
I got an idea. Go make his coffee
Priscilla's Eatery
One very French French toast;
anything else?
Address, please?
Po Hing Fong
That's close by, about ten minutes
The back entrance?
Okay, thank you!
Uncle Three, French toast takeout
Who orders French toast in the morning?
We're busy. Tell him to call back at tea-time
Yeah! Who orders French toast so early?
So I'll make it myself
Uncle Tam
Delivery to Po Hing Fong. Thanks
I'm busy
Fine. I'll deliver it myself.
Here it is
You ordered French toast?
Yes, how much?
$20, please
Here's $25. Thanks
What a cute place!
- Come by soon
- Did you just open?
All the best to you
Thank you
This is hideous
It needs some garnish
Put this on top
What do you think?
Let me fix it
Excuse me
Cookies won't work.
- Take them off
- Who is she
- Deliveryman
- Give me some fruit. Do you have fruit?
I need a napkin for my hands, please. Thanks
There! it's beautiful!
Your French toast
Thank you
This is me, Priscilla.
Call me Brother P
Hello, Barbra
It's like eating a custard
So tender and soft
You must have made it
the classic way
And this coffee
Clear layers, luscious foam...
Fragrant and smooth
Who knew coffee could be such a joy?
I give you four stars
It's better than Priscilla's
What is this place called?
LA Je t'aime
It's mine and my girlfriend's
The name is her idea
How romantic!
But you have misspelled it
In French, the "LA"
Should go after "Cafe"
Now, it's just LA Cafe
And "je t'aime"
is missing an apostrophe and an "m"
Now, it's "jetaie"
And "taie" is French for "pillowcase"
And what does that make it?
The Pillowcase of LA Cafe
Correct it: add the apostrophe and the "m"
The light is about to change
It's red! You keep jaywalking
you'll get killed
See? We've crossed. We're still alive
It's critical: the coffee beans must be fresh
The coarseness of grind
- must match the degree of roast
- I want to order something
Take her order
Don't bother me. I'm busy
I want to order food
Thanks, please come again
M-may... I... help... you...?
I'm getting it. I can balance, look...
- That looks like fun
- a latte, thanks
- May I see the menu?
- Yes, right away
The grind is too fine
Let me try again
Let me play
One look and you know they are winners, right?
Yes, they are the stars of our show,
the Four Boys
In the beginning,
we had someone else in mind
I can brew coffee
I can make latte art
I can bake pastries
I can't do anything, but...
I have 60,000 online fans: that's free publicity
When can you start?
Don't call us; we'll call you
Water temperature is very important
Perfection is 90 degrees on the dot
Can you three make coffee?
Make latte art?
Bake pastries?
We can learn
But do we get paid extra?
Don't call us; we'll call you
You start next week
But the prize for
Most Perfectly Matched Couple...
Goes to Lorraine and Roy
They're gorgeous, stylish and healthy
Most importantly, they're generous tippers
Who wants cake?
This wonderful baker who lets everyone taste...
her food is Priscilla, daughter of the...
owner of Priscilla's Eatery down the street
Since we became good friends...
In addition to supplying us with French toast...
she'd often come to give us her shop's business
What a great friend
Look, a new cafe
Let's see how long it lasts
Look! See how amazing I am
Perfect balance
Can you be serious for a second?
I am. I'm practicing balance
Right now, I have a psychological imbalance
How do you decide who to buy from?
He's over 10% more expensive than everyone else
The thing with business is...
they profit from us and we profit from others
That's what trade is all about
Do you understand trade?
All you have are friends who "be-trade" you
Freewin and Man Kit never pay for their coffees
Just $10,000 and they think
they are major shareholders
What's a few drinks between friends?
It's my treat; count it against my account
Your treat? Do you know what that means?
Do you know your cafe is losing money?
"Our" cafe. It's yours too
I know
So I do the books, brew coffee, make sandwiches...
purchase supplies, sweep the floor
And you? What do you do?
I'm Management!
I said, I'm Management!
Why are you shouting at me?
Management can read. Can you?
If so... you would
have corrected our sign by now
Do you know how to spell "shame"?
Shall I tell you?
It starts with an Management!
Where are you going?
Starts with an "s"! To change the sign
Don't come back until it's done
If I come back, I'm an asshole
Open up, Brother Barbra!
I'm freezing
There's no one here by that name
Pretty Lady, open the door
And who might you be?
What does that mean?
Come in
Start work...
Let's go
Who should we fire first?
There's no one here by that name
then. Cheer up
I come bearing gifts!
Where do you want this?
Put it against the wall
The... Fab Four?
Four Boys, help move the tables and chairs
Move those tables. Put this against the wall
All right
What are you trying to do?
This wall is too colourful. That's bad feng-shui
It will cause conflict between you two
This shelving unit will help your relationship
So I brought it over just for you
It's hideous; it's plain white
This is a feng-shui issue
Thank you
You're welcome
Mom always taught me...
to be generous yet thrifty
Even if that bitch divorces me
for another man...
I will sincerely give them my blessing
Even if I don't want something...
I should donate it to the less fortunate, right?
Thank you very much
What are you doing?
- Thank you, Boss
- Thanks for your hard work
Thank you
Thank you
What's this?
The bitch didn't take it with her
I don't want to see it at home, so I brought it over
This is a great spot.
You four, move these away
bring it here
Is this your storage unit?
You can't put your stuff here
I have a share in this cafe
Just $10,000 makes you a major shareholder?
I'm going to the restroom now
When I come back... this man,
this shelf and this chair had better be gone
She doesn't want to see you
You went too far
What are you doing?
Where's Sam?
He... went... out...
Sam Wong
Bird's nest in almond syrup
My boyfriend's favourite
How did you get here?
I came in from the back door
Don't let it go to waste
Four Boys!
Take it away; eat it up
Careful, it's hot
What's wrong this time?
He's never done anything right
he's like a child,
and I have to clean up after him
Look at you. You're always ticked off
If I were him, I couldn't stand you either
Be honest
Aren't you afraid Boobie
will be upset you snuck out?
The problem is not the sneaking out
The big deal is that I'm with you two
He is sand, which is trash
I'm cement, also trash
Together, we become concrete,
which is precious
That's right
I take you for a bottle of
'87 Chateau Lafite. Precious?
I also take Boobie for cat-poop coffee. Precious?
But together,
you will become trash
If you have balls, tell that to her face
- Sure, you think I wouldn't dare?
- You tell her if you have balls
- Tell her later
- I will
If he grew up a bit, I wouldn't be so upset
You know, women shouldn't get upset
It's so bad for your skin
Your skin is a bit dry,
but not from being upset
Then what is it from?
You guys haven't...
done "it" in a while, right?
Wow, you're direct
Then let me beat around the bush
In anything
Both parties must work hard to run it, Am I right?
It's clear you haven't "run it" in a while
Your skin is so dry it will turn crispy
Drama queen
It's not I haven't worked hard to run it
I work hard to run the cafe
But Sam only thinks about how to run me
I don't want that, so I shut down
That would be awful
Slow down! You haven't done the deed in so long
You're ruining the bike
Wait for me
His requests are very strange
Tell me
He always wants to do it in other places
That's it?
Don't you find it strange?
I wouldn't want to do it just in bed
Where else would you?
The kitchen
The world is so big; it doesn't have to be at home
Public toilet
Too stinky
The park
Too many mosquitoes; so, too itchy
Where, then?
Give you a hint
It's still my place
Not at Priscilla's?
Yes, we did
Where in Priscilla's?
That's not important. We cleaned it up really well
That's gross
It is a little
But so good for my skin
Try it sometime
No, thanks
Who called?
Who else?
You're brave to hang up on her
She will tell me off again when I get back anyway
So I'll just combine it into one session
A relationship needs constant work
It's a picture?
What is it?
It's out of focus
Lucky bastard
It's Boobie's cleavage
Don't, wait
I'll keep it for you
Let me see
How can you tell?
Not like this!
It's Barbra without a bra: just Bar
You're right
You're right
It's much deeper now
"Come home and
work really hard on it with me?"
I'll reply for you
Tell her
"I'm ready for the long haul"
"Long haul". Can you do it?
Let me do it
You're in my way
You rode too hard;
I worry you'll go soft tonight
Here's soft for you
- Hard for you
- Clearly
Brother Barbra
Phone, wallet, keys
All here
Let's go
Are you okay?
I'm fine
You sure?
"Just worked hard on it at the cafe 3 times!"
"Sorry, not tonight. Rain check. Lok"
What's wrong with the floor?
What is it?
I keep tripping here
You buffed the whole floor last night
It's fine
Didn't I tell you to dump that shelf?
Didn't Priscilla tell you to clean everything up?
Please don't. It's not like we get out often
If not today, we'll go tomorrow. No big deal. Here
Forget it!
We get out so seldom;
must you cause a scene?
Is that always my fault? Never yours?
Don't you dare walk away from me
I hate men like you
Let's break up
Are you crazy?
You're so spoiled
I really can't take it anymore, you know?
You bought me these. I'm giving them back
I'm giving these back
You bought these last time in Italy.
Shoes, birthday gift
I'm even giving back these pants
You're nuts
Stop, you!
They left something
- What?
- Don't
- What?
- Don't do that
It fits me
Take it off now. They'll come back for them
What is this?
A picture of them
This was taken at Ladies Market
How can you tell?
It's obvious
Don't touch their stuff; wait till they come back
Let's grab a muffin
at Sam's cafe
A muffin?
No, let's just have tea. I need to lose weight
Why do you suddenly need to lose weight?
I need to keep fit;
I'm marrying Daisy at the end of the year
You're getting married?
- Yes
- When did you decide on this?
I proposed last time we were in London
That was a month ago. Why didn't you tell me?
I'm telling you now
It's taken you this long to
tell your best friend?
Are you upset?
why would I be?
I'm starving. I'm going to grab a bite at Sam's
Come here
Wh... what did I mess up now?
Nothing. Put it down first
Two lovers came by today.
The man was screaming at the woman
Never mind
Come over here. You step back
You step back
You pretend to be the guy
Such a gossip hound
The man screamed at the woman
"What do you mean!"
They hadn't ordered food yet,
Then she said something about seldom getting out
No, they had finished their coffees by then
Whatever. Something about seldom getting out
Step away now. Away
bag was here. Take it
We're not there yet
He first said something like "What's wrong?"
but in another language
And they came over here
Who cares what they said?
Then he said, "Here"
No, what did she say before that?
"I'm giving this back to you"
"I'm giving this back to you"
Then they guy started taking off his clothes.
Do it
What? Who took off their clothes?
You should have been here earlier
Let's start over
Rewind. Quickly
"I never thought this would happen on one trip"
What... don't go
"Stop!" that's it
Right, "Stop!" and then
"I give this back", just like that
"Give it back", Then the guy
started to take off his clothes
Taking of his clothes; first his jacket
"You're nuts!"
"You bought me this; I give it back"
She loves this next part
Who's taking off their clothes and pants?
You are, right?
Boobie, you took off your clothes and pants?
That was it?
I'm done. You finish the story
Why did you tell her to take off her clothes?
Is this going to happen?
Two lovers
I think from Hunan, were sitting there
No, they're not from Hunan
Lovers speaking in Mandarin were sitting there
They started to argue
- He...
- No, they were very sweet
Why don't you tell it
Why don't you tell it
You should tell it
You started
Please go ahead
So I can tell it now
They sat there and didn't even drink their coffees
Due to the language
I didn't know what they fought about
Then they went over there
and left
I don't care who said what
The woman who took off her clothes
how was her figure?
Was it this woman?
She looks so common
That's right
The woman didn't take off her clothes
I say this one last time
A couple fought, then broke up
He took off his clothes
She left. He chased
The end
What's the point?
What's the point?
Here's the point.
Don't ask. Come see for yourself
"I am a pair of rings"
"A symbol of the expectations
many have about love"
"By buying me, a couple thinks
they can own a lifetime of love"
"But love is not an ideal"
"it is getting along every moment,
maintaining it every day"
That's right
- Yes
- You're amazing
Thank you
- He is right
- You have good taste
He hit the nail on the head
Thank you
He copied it
What? I composed it
You copied?
It came to me on the spot
You copied
Do I look like I'm lying?
Where did you copy it from?
Why would I copy? the line about...
"a lifetime of love" came from my heart
A true friend of The Scholar of
North Point Public School
and his Sidekick
We're so proud
Thank you
- Hey...
- What?
What is it?
It's like this
What is it?
- We all know...
- What are you looking at
you still kept every tissue
used by your first love
Quit joking; he's so embarrassed
Write something for him
Then you may reclaim
the title of Scholar of North Point Public School
Come on, write something
I said no
You just don't know what to copy?
I'll show you right now
- Okay
- Write
I got it
"Youthful loves are all perfect regrets"
leave them here
I have something, too
Hi, Honey
What happened to your hair?
I shaved it off; you said
you've never seen me bald.
Do you like it?
What do you want?
Let's start over
You know I have a boyfriend now
If you want me to be happy,
give us your blessing
I give you my blessing
This was your first gift to me
I cannot bear to part with this cigarette case.
Even now, I carry it on me
Throw it away
I know my wife still loves me
As soon as she saw me
She noticed my new hairstyle
I think you should give up, okay?
When I took out the cigarette case
Her eyes got red
She told you to throw it away.
Let me help you
My cigarette case. Don't throw it!
Over here
- Don't throw it! Give it back to me
- Catch
Here you go, Hag
Why did you throw my cigarette case away?
Give it back to me. My case...
You really dived in!
Where is my cigarette case?
- How long have you known me?
- Cigarette case
Cigarette case
Let's go all the way! Here
Let's go
See you later
You bastards!
"Some pain cannot be Verbalized"
"Some love cannot be understood"
Excuse me
I want to put the stuff my ex and I had here
How much does it cost?
How much?
We weren't together long
I've drawn everything about him
Now I don't want it anymore
May I put it here?
How much does it cost?
I'll pay anything!
Please write a touching story for me
"Breakup Mini Storage:
Lay to rest your memories of love"
"Rent More, Save More: 30% off for 4 or more spaces"
"Weekly - Monthly - Yearly Pre-pay and get 10% off"
This is Big Head. He's my son
But his Daddy ran away from home two months ago
But that's okay
I'd found him a new Daddy
But I worry my present boyfriend will be jealous
Please take good care of him
Give him love
Will you give him love?
If you would like that
But at $1,000 a month
You wouldn't
He may not, but I will
All right
Deal. $600
By and by, we shall find a brand new heart
And forget the heartbeat that was never ours
When he said he'd leave me
I attempted suicide with this
I held this knife,
planning to stab myself like this
I thought he would stop me as he usually did
But he didn't,
and called me bluff
I couldn't let him win, so I stabbed in
I just managed to cut my skin
Please put it in the second space on the third row
That was his seat in school
Thank you so much! Because...
Not there, down below!
"In the face of death, we know the value of life;"
"in the face of loss,
we know the value of having had"
You broke up with the fat girl?
You're the third wheel?
This is a picture of me
No way
This is you?
I used to look like that
Back then, in order to keep him...
I borrowed money for
plastic surgery in Korea, and dieted
In the end, he left me anyway
I don't blame him
I was a fool
But I really miss the old me
Love is great
A man like that is not worth it
But which plastic surgeon did you go to in Korea?
Where do you want surgery on?
Her buttocks
My girlfriend and I loved Eason
Now she doesn't like him anymore
She likes someone named G-Dragon
You know what a dragon is, right?
Those fire-spitting dinosaurs
Can you make me a cup of coffee?
Because I'm a bit... dry from talking
Your coffee
You're welcome
The bitterest thing
I've tasted! Is it really coffee?
Don't say anything
This bitterness...
matches my present mood so well!
Thank you
You're welcome
Thank you
May I have a cookie?
Please take care of Cloudy.
Feed him 5 times a day
A goldfish! Do we accept it?
Sure, take everything
How about a dog?
Sir, your Breakup Coffee
It's so bitter
He gave me this bow.
I've just played...
my last song with it
I don't need it anymore
He's about to get married. I hate him.
My ex-girlfriend gave me this cell phone
Next time, you might try our Breakup Coffee
It's still here. It's crowded.
I hear there's a breakup mini storage
More like a columbarium
I loved him
But arrested him with my own hands
Look at this...
How cute! You can display all these?
La... La...
Here's to Roy's wedding
I thought you two were in love
- With him?
- With her??
I wouldn't choose him
We're just good friends
More than that, we're like brothers
Try my sticky rice with preserved meat
My boyfriend ate so much of this
Bring some plates
There are scallions
Not a problem
I like scallions; they taste good
I'll serve; come on, eat up
Is she taller than Lorraine?
I'd rather not say
Here's one for each of you
Eat up! Do you like it
Yes? Then eat more
Which of you is Miss Priscilla Yu?
I am
You are a suspect
in a vandalism case
Please come to the precinct to
assist in our investigation
This must be a mistake
My friend won't do that
There is no mistake
Miss Priscilla Yu
We suspect you used
sticky rice with preserved meat...
to intentionally damage Mr Chin Ka L0k's car
Please come with us to assist in our investigation
Why don't we take you home?
We can't be seen together
even at the movies
So I long to travel
where people don't know him
Then we can date openly
But even then
we can't take pictures together
We went to Tokyo
with some friends
One of them took a picture of the two of us
Everyone else was in shock
He deleted it in front of me
That had been our only picture together
He carried on as if nothing happened
I was heartbroken
He could have treated it
as a picture with a fan
Every remnant of a breakup represents...
the most unforgettable moment
of a relationship
It could be a vow of everlasting love...
or a last-ditch effort to save the relationship
Our Breakup Mini Storage
lets everyone...
who's been in love
show the most touching,
heart-breaking moments of their love stories
"Everyone can be defined by a poem,
but in yours I am only a typo"
What are you doing here? Why don't you go in?
We'd... like to... go... inside
but... no... no-one's there
That's right
Where are you?
Are you crazy?
What a great shop space!
Both floors are spacious
and don't need renovation
Yes, and the landlord is a nice guy
He's very supportive of
the dreams of young...
- entrepreneurs like you
- Really?
You're mistaken. We've created our business
Now we're expanding by
opening a branch
Opening what branch?
It's Boobie
Hello, Boob-Boobie
I'm Paul
Come here
Why do you suddenly want a branch?
It's not sudden
We've discussed it in a group chat
for a while
The agent had time, so we came to look around
At least you're just looking
We're more than "just looking".
We're quite firm on this
Our Breakup Mini Storage
and coffee are popular
So we want to open a branch, We've discussed this
We've decided to register the trademark
in English or French
Then issue member pre-paid cards...
So they can easily buy coffee and rent space
It sounds real
But count me out. I'm going to open the cafe
How can we count you out?
If we open a branch, you're the Lady Boss
Sam Wong, why do you always get carried away?
You guys talk and if it sounds fun
you want in
This isn't for fun
It was my suggestion
That's even worse. Shouldn't you
have discussed it with me first?
I'm discussing with you now
I say no. End of discussion
Don't say no yet; hear me out
Freewin and I planned this out in great detail
Is he that intelligent?
But, Boobie, We really have a great idea
It will work for sure
Let me hear it
Actually, some details can be refined
Freewin, Man Kit, I've known you so long
I know you guys well
You may talk too much and be slightly misogynistic
but you are loyal friends
But because of that, whenever...
Sam gets an idea,
you support him without thinking
But isn't that the same as hurting him?
Really, I had my doubts in the beginning
Barbra is right. We must
look at it from all angles
Sam, you're also to blame
You should have discussed
this major decision with her
Are you done?
Sam, I got your back
I hope you still remember,
before your divorce...
You were sure you saw her
cheating on you
We supported you and went to
catch them in the act...
But ended up crashing
her belly dance group lesson
So your support of Sam here
is questionable to me
I hope you understand
Of course
We completely understand
It's just a misunderstanding
Just say you're sorry
I didn't do anything wrong
He's in the wrong
But you can still choose
Yet a great space like
this comes once in a great while
Let me show you the upstairs
You'll be happier then
I heard the Four Boys say you often break up
You've done it at least 99 times
Is that true?
I've never asked for a breakup.
She's always the one
Do you follow Premier League soccer?
One team, Arsenal, was undefeated for 49 matches
But Barbra is undefeated, period
Every time she mentions breaking up, I surrender
Have you tried to...
reason it out with
her peacefully?
That is when she's at her most unreasonable
Whenever I try to reason with her
She'll suddenly say...
"Why are you pointing at my face?
It's disrespectful"
Then I'll give in and she'll say...
"Why is your tone so mean when you talk to me?"
"Do you respect me? You don't love me at all"
I have no answer to that
So she always ends up the winner and I the loser
Do you think...
the Breakup Mini Storage works?
It's great! You can open several branches
I agree
I plan to apply for a patent
I got your back
Thank you
Next Saturday, then
Stay in touch
Goodbye, Donnie
Where did you want to open your branch?
Show me
Are you tired? Do you need to rest?
It's just ahead, around the corner
turn here?
Yes, it's about right
- Hello
- Sorry, Mr Wong
Paul is showing another property to a client
May I show you around?
Sure, I've seen it already
See, the layout is good, and there's a loft upstairs
Excuse me, I have to take this.
Make yourselves at home
- No problem
- OK
Come, look at this
I plan to set the Breakup Mini Storage here
- This whole wall
- Right here?
From here, here, all the way to the show window
Anyone walking by can see it. Looks good, right?
Not bad
Now come here.
Look, The sofa goes here
When things are slow
I can look outside, like this
Put a table here
Not the sofa but a table, right?
Yes. Should we
use redwood or oak for the table?
The service area starts here,
Here is the bar
The Italian cups and dishes go here
The coffee machines go here
And I will brew coffee here
Here's your coffee, thanks. Here
Thank you
There's an island here
I put my coffee here and talk like this
It smells great
Whoa, hey!
Look out!
I want to order
- Ying, give this to the customer
- Watch where you're going!
Lady Boss, I messed up
She wanted a Latte, not a regular coffee
Bring these two to Table 3
- The customer is chasing the order that just came in
- What a waste!
Can't you see we're busy?
Yes, I'm helping
And yet you're still playing
What are your orders? What do you want me to do?
Nothing. Just play
And you want to open a branch
Fine, then we won't. Just stop talking about it
Am I wrong?
Look at your attitude
What are you unhappy with?
Let's clarify that today
I'm fine
You're fine
There's nothing you want to say
I have something to say
Every day, you sit there like a bump on a log
What have you done besides playing?
Look at yourself.
You don't think you've gone too far?
I'm fine. How have I gone too far?
I did a lot of work.
Can't you see?
Please come here
The soul of the cafe
The Mini Storage, is my design
The idea of Breakup Coffee is also mine
Please look carefully
All this is what I've done
Yes, only you can come up with these ideas
- But they are all gimmicks
- Of course
How long can they last? Six months, tops
Please don't keep doing these silly things
Aren't they successful?
Don't dismiss my creativity. They're my ideas
Have you ever succeeded?
Aren't we successful now? Can't you see?
Can you please not be like this?
Be like what?
Like a child
Every time I point out anything
Ask yourself how old you are. You're in your 40's.
All you think about is playing
When you say it, it sounds great
You say you opened the cafe for our future
But actually it's because you like to play
Yet you supported me
- That's the only reason I did this
- Yes
I supported you. Do you know why?
I said I wanted to open a branch
It's because
I can see our future here
But the longer we're open, the less I see it
I can't see it any more
You can't see it because
you don't identify with me
You nix everything I say
Can you try supporting me?
It's you
Can you stop treating me like a child?
You think I want to treat you like a child?
You think I want to babysit a child?
To babysit you?
Right now, you
lam your girlfriend, not your maid
- You are my boyfriend
- You're more like my morn
Do you think I want to be your mom?
I don't know; you just don't identify with me
You know, everyone else knows I've matured
I'm creative
Stand in my shoes for once, okay?
So it's my problem?
Let's break up
There you go again
Who said once the cafe is open
we won't say that again?
Who said it?
You're right
So this time I'm serious
You refuse to grow up
And I don't want to babysit. It disgusts me
I can't take care of you
Let's break up
You two can't be serious
You're kidding, right?
Sam, get her back
She must be heartbroken
We don't know where Lady Boss went
The business is being run to the ground
Boss is very depressed
I know, why don't you sing the blues?
Welcome. Please feel free to look around
Yes, this is the cafe
There are so many things here
- That's ours
- Our rings
You still remember us?
Of course... Of course...
Of course... didn't you... break up?
Last time, I...
After we argued here
We did break up for a while
A friend sent us
an article on your cafe
We saw our rings in the picture
You wrote about them
in such a touching way
I decided to win her back
And we're together again
What did I write?
This is it
"I am a pair of rings, a symbol of
the expectations many have about love."
"By buying me, a couple thinks
they can own a lifetime of love."
"But love is not an ideal.
It is getting along every moment,"
"maintaining it every day."
You refused to go on a diet;
it may not fit you now
Let's put them on
Boss, what are you doing up there?
Correcting our sign
Why are you suddenly doing that?
I should have corrected it
long 89
That's not the best way to change it, huh?
If you change even that
nothing will be the same anymore!
Enjoy the spa. Try to relax
Why do you keep looking at your cell phone?
The Four Boys and Freewin
are texting me
All the more reason to ignore them
Please, just correct what's wrong and that's it
"ls Barbra still angry? Where are you?"
he would have apologized during our massage
It's been taking him quite some time
If he doesn't apologize,
we'll stay a few more days
I'm not in any hurry
What if he doesn't apologize?
He's good at that
He always apologizes
Once we were in a worse fight than this
I was so mad I flew to Australia on my own
He followed me to Australia
but didn't know where I went
He waited at the airport for a week
Isn't that silly?
Then he's really good to you
He really is
Look at that smile!
Why fight?
Why does it matter who apologizes first?
Give in once and you lose forever
Plus, I'm right
Yes, you're completely right
Of course
Let's order rice noodles with beef
Too greasy
It looks good. It will give me
energy to go on a diet
I have to go
What's wrong?
I have to go
Come here
Hello, Chin Ka Lok
Hello, Angela
She's a fan, Will you take a picture with her?
It's her birthday.
I don't like pictures
Sure, go ahead
Here, I'll take it
Put your hand on
the birthday girl's shoulder
Look at me
Thank you
She's so nervous
She looks familiar; do you know her?
I'm glad you don't
Where are you going?
Why did you have to do that?
I had forgotten...
Everything that happened
Now it all came back
If you really forgot you
wouldn't have reacted that way
You're better off without a guy like that
You're crying your eyes out and
where is he?
What has he given you besides pain?
We had happy times
I knew it would end
I just wanted to delay it
Come on
What are you doing?
You've grown up
Delete your past with him
Atta girl
Please keep this picture for me for a while
Come on
Taste my new concoction
It's full of intelligent truth about love
It's great
Come on
Taste it
Is it sweet
And bitter?
Is it cold and hot?
Then you get it
Tell me what it means
Love is like an affogato
Sweet, bitter, hot and cold
You missed the point
It's telling you to switch to tea...
And nothing bad will happen
Come here
Since the bitch took over,
how has he changed?
It's not all bad, actually
He quit drinking,
smoking and cursing
Not just him. I've cut down on cursing too
That's much worse than before
You've both changed
What have you become?
Aren't you scared when you get up every morning?
The guy in the mirror is just not you
I know what you mean
Being with Barbra
Puts a lot of pressure on me
As your friends,
we're under even more pressure
Since she's around
You keep getting dumped
Then we need to console and support you
So we support you
But Why?
We hope you can be a man
And stand up for yourself
But once we turn around you grovel back to her
I'm sorry, 9W5
I know you think Barbra
ls all tough, all the time
I get very frustrated every time
we break up
I've thought about getting another girl
I know I can
I'd remember things from the past
Together we've gone through so much
Like, you know
I don't get along with my dad
She'd have dim sum with my parents every week
Even though we're still not friends...
At least I'm willing to see them
for a meal and a chat
And our flat
You say she's forcing me to marry her
But the flat is a good buy
It is my future
Our cafe idea
She was the first to disagree with our cafe idea
But she has worked the hardest on it
Sometimes I wonder
If I am immature
You've changed
The bitch is the problem
Give her an inch
And she'll take a mile
There will not be a 101st time
So I've decided...
To let her win it all
I will marry her
I praised you just now
because your life is a tragedy...
And I didn't want you to be overcome by sadness
You haven't become that mature, right?
You're not ready, Wake up
Don't do such stupid things
We've been talking all night,
But you don't care how we feel
You've made up your mind
Just don't come back to me
Where are you going?
We're like brothers, man!
What more is there to say?
As buddies we have to back each other up
We just want him to be happy
Try to understand
Freewin and I want the best for you
It's a tough road
You gotta think it through
Where is she?
Taking a shower
- Sorry
- I'm going to scream
Sorry, don't be mad. I won't open a branch
I'm not mad about that
I'm mad because you don't know why you're wrong
Your attention span is around three minutes
So I've decided,
You always interrupt.
Can you let me finish?
It's like I never let you do anything
I'm the only one managing the cafe now
Can you take some responsibility?
What did you just decide?
So I've decided
I've decided to change all my bad habits
But promise me never to
say "break up" again, okay?
I'm serious
All right, I won't say "break up", okay?
Go out, let me finish my shower
Who told you I was here?
Must be Priscilla
She's always playing with her phone
This is a nice place
The room is big and
there's a pool outside
If you're not opening a branch
let's invest here
What's wrong with you?
I turn my back and you mess up
You're... okay?
You're nuts. What could have happened?
Hi, Melody
You begged her to come back?
Shame on you
You are truly a man among men
Stop talking and hand them over
$100 each
I told you so
Back to work
Back to work
"Breaking up broke your heart"
"But the world did not end"
"instead of dying"
"You grew stronger"
Hello, it's been a long time
It really has
This is good. Did you write it?
No, my boyfriend did
- Hello
- Hello
It's been a while
This is good
I copied it
Then you copied well
And your penmanship is good
French toast and coffee
Go make him a latte
He makes really good coffee now
Let me take you to your table
Your latte
Thank you
You're welcome
I want to make a suggestion.
I hope you don't mind
I suggested you correct
the spelling on your sign...
which I see you did,
although quite haphazardly
But I think the old way
looked better
Don't you agree?
But we've changed it.
Some things you can't change back
Come on
You just pinned it on
Hello, Sam
Can you please make me one of those coffees?
What coffee?
The really bitter one from last time
The one that was crazy bitter
You mean Breakup Coffee?
We don't make it anymore
How can that be? Of course you can make it
Please make it for me one last time
I'll even pay for the cookie. Please
Don't... I'll make you a latte
I didn't come hereto drink a latte
I can make that at home
Take some powder, add some water and that's it
I drink it, I'm happy, and don't need to come here
I came here to drink that very, very bitter...
Coffee and matches my mood right now
Do you understand? I want the really bitter one
Haven't you grown up?
And come to your senses
Forget about Breakup Coffee
I'll make you a latte, okay?
Sorry, what does "come to your senses" mean?
I'll make you a latte
What's wrong, Officer?
I feel something has changed there
Changed where?
Come here, you four
Whose idea was it to change the sign like that?
The Boss's
Do you think it works?
Why didn't you tell him?
I... told...
But he's the boss
So of course we respect his opinion
So what if he's the boss?
Tell him if something is wrong
What, you don't dare?
What, another meeting?
Nothing, we're fine
Lady Boss says... the sign...
lS good!
You finally saw it
Yes, it's quite cute
As long as you like it
So... go back to work
Back to work
Back to work
Let me help you
She hated it a minute ago
now it's fine
What's going on?
She complained we didn't have the guts,
but... damn!
Of course she wouldn't dare
They've just made up
maybe she's worried he'll run off
Don't... talk... behind... people's... backs
Let's go out to dinner after work tonight
I have to go to class
What class?
A coffee-making course.
Three times a week
I've never heard you mention it
It's supposed to be a surprise
I'm going. Turn off the lights and lock up
"Are you still in class?"
"Yes, don't wait up. Go to sleep"
"The sun on the horizon"
"Slowly slips away"
"The tears inside my eyes"
"Are falling down my face"
"You said "I'll always love you
"My heart'll never change"
"I'll always stay the same"
"But it's always just the same"
"You say our love is over"
"You feel so far away"
"But we'll fall in love again"
"My heart it breaks a hundred times"
"When you leave our love behind"
"But I'll keep on holding on"
"I'll never leave your side"
"I'll stay awake a hundred nights"
"Just to hold you when you cry"
"So I'll keep on holding on still"
"if you say goodbye"
"A hundred times"
"The sun on the horizon"
"Slowly slips away"
"The tears inside my eyes"
"Are falling down my face"
"You said "I'll always love you
"My heart'll never change"
"I'll always stay the same"
"But it's always just the same"
"You say our love is over"
"You feel so far away"
"But we'll fall in love again"
"My heart it breaks a hundred times"
"When you leave our love behind"
"But I'll keep on holding on"
"I'll never leave your side"
"I'll stay awake a hundred nights"
"Just to hold you when you cry"
"So I'll keep on holding on still"
"if you say goodbye"
"A hundred times"
"You said "I'll always love you
"My heart'll never change"
"I'll always stay the same"
"But it's always just the same"
You're awake?
Then let's talk
You've been grinding
your teeth in your sleep lately
Are you under a lot of pressure?
Because of the cafe?
The Four Boys?
Or me'?
It's the class
Something just doesn't feel right
I thought so
I see you feeling anxious and tired at the cafe
Don't stress yourself out.
I got you some stuff
Bee pollen twice a day. It helps you sleep.
Luohan Fruit capsules once a day
Take them now
I'll take them tomorrow
Take them now
No, tomorrow
I'll get you some water
I said tomorrow!
ls Sam seeing someone else?
All our friends know...
Sam Wong has died a martyr's death
Because you have sucked him dry
He listens to your beck and call
but to what end?
Now you're accusing him of being unfaithful.
What's wrong with you?
But he's become a different person altogether
What had you told him when I was gone?
It doesn't matter what we had told him
He never listens
He only cares about you
I think you should reflect on...
what you've said or done to him
It's time you looked at
it though his point of view
Boobie, nice of you to visit us
Sorry, we have a meeting, to talk about something
We'll see you another time
What happened? Haven't Sam proposed already?
- Just shut up
- How would I know
What you talked about?
"Congratulations"? Come on
I didn't
You think you're a billionaire or what?
Always buying this useless stuff
Happy birthday from a billionaire
That hurts!
What's wrong?
Your fingernails are digging into me
Then trim them for me
No, trim them yourself
"Take your time. I'm going to work"
Do you think I'm a good girlfriend?
You're okay
Then why couldn't I notice his misery?
And I don't understand why he's miserable
I want to make him happy but I don't know how
I'm so scared...
He'll discover
He doesn't love me that much
I wouldn't know what to do
Maybe the way
You love him is not what he wants?
So what does he want
Only you can know that
He wants to win, just once
I don't think it has to do with winning or losing
You're right
It shouldn't
I get it
I get it
Let's go
Where are we going?
I want to show you something
Come on
Congratulations, Sir
Invite me to your opening party
Sorry, Miss Kong. You came too late
This gentleman just signed the agreement
How can that be? I wanted it first
I know, and I'm so sorry
But he loved it at first sight
and paid the deposit
I tried my best to talk to the landlord,
but it didn't work
This is ridiculous! What can we do now?
I remember...
I have a few other spaces just like this one
You really won't feel the difference,
The nearest one is a block away
I'll bring you there now; you'll love it
Let's go
What do you mean?
You didn't tell me you rented it out
You think I'm chopped liver?
We don't need to tell each other anything anymore?
Sam Wong
Come clean with all your grievances
You're upset I vetoed the branch,
so I brought you here
And that wasn't just my fault
- it was yours, too
- Just stop, okay
Sam Wong, are you trying to break...
"Shop for rent"
Take me home
Star Street
It's Roy's wedding. You're leaving so soon?
Get some rest. I'll see you
Can you stay with me for a while
That's not a good idea. Bye
"I already have you.
I wouldn't want anything better"
"I thought it was worst when you left me;
but it broke my heart to realize...
I don't know how to love anymore"
Good morning
Good morning
When you're done, let's go to work
"How long has this coffee been lying about?"
"This cup is bitter beyond a single doubt."
"How often"
"have we tried to break up, I cannot work out."
"I thought all predicaments could be bailed out."
"Suddenly, you no longer care to cop out."
"Honestly, I'm sick of this endless timeout."
"Time has turned the riddle of love inside out."
"For long we've stopped
holding hands when we go out."
"I try to leave but you don't deign to keep me."
"Since when have we lost the will to disagree?"
"I can't turn back, wine has replaced your coffee."
"Sobering up might add to our misery."
"At least we won't say breakup repeatedly."
"Speechlessly, we come to an intersection."
"I linger but you would not stop your motion."
"Time has already become our spokesperson."
"Parted hands can't be put back in unison."
"I try to leave but you don't deign to keep me."
"Since when have we lost the will to disagree?"
"I can't turn back, wine has replaced your coffee."
"Sobering up might add to our misery."
"At least we won't say breakup repeatedly."
"How long will this coffee continue to stay?"
"Drink up this cup and we shall call it a day."
"You are so close and yet seem so far away."
"For our final breakup"
"Who's the first to say?"
"Relationships are not predestined"
"They cannot be guaranteed"
"So if you meet someone
willing to grasp your hand tightly"
"Please try not to let go lightly"