Breakable You (2017) Movie Script

Hello, Ellie.
You're looking well.
You too.
I'm glad we can do this.
Do what, Adam?
Get together
without hostilities.
Well, fine.
Let's get started.
WAITER: Can I get
anything for you, sir?
Um. Oatmeal, coffee.
WAITER: Okay, great.
Be right back.
Yeah, fine. Fine, fine.
How have you been?
What have you been up to?
- Busy. Very busy.
- Me too.
Ugh, I had to rush back
from Paris
to give a lecture
at the New School.
My little vacation
already seems like
a distant memory of poof.
I didn't ask
what you've been doing.
I have no interest at all in
your wonderful time in Paris.
- Fair enough.
Here's your oatmeal, sir.
I suppose the next time
we see each other
will be at
Maud's graduation.
Mm. I haven't had
the heart to tell her
that I have a commitment
in London.
The Gielgud is doing a revival
of Spanish Pipedream.
It opens that
same weekend, so
it's regrettable.
It's not regrettable.
It's unacceptable.
I don't need a dose of your
moral superiority, Ellie.
I'm totally
supportive of Maud.
She's at my apartment,
working in my office right now.
Are you that desperate
for applause, Adam?
You're gonna miss
the most important day
of your daughter's life for
a play you wrote 20 years ago?
I'm not even gonna
dignify that.
I have an obligation,
end of story.
Maybe you do, or maybe
it's like that opening in Prague
which was just an excuse for you
to bang Miss Czech Republic
at the Hotel Chodska
for two weeks.
For crying out loud, Eleanor,
would you please grow up?
I was wondering
why I ordered this.
Hey. Okay, all right.
Very nice.
Very, very
James Cagney.
Now let's just
get out of here.
Do you mind
not watching me?
Do I make you nervous?
This is very precise work.
That's the most conversation
that I've gotten out
of you all week.
I was beginning to think
that you'd taken a vow
of silence or something.
Excuse me.
MAUD: Okay, then. Back
on the chain gang.
Nice getting
to know you, Sam.
Until next time.
Hello, Ruthie.
How are you, dear?
Hi, Ellie.
- I-I-I've only got a sec.
- Have you spoken to Adam?
No, I haven't
spoken to him, but...
But I'll let him know
you need to talk.
- I've been leaving messages.
Okay. I'll make sure
he gets back to you.
Yes, Elle,
what is it?
Ruth keeps calling me.
She's says been leaving
you messages.
Yeah, I know.
She's your best friend's wife.
Call the woman.
Vincent's been dead
for five years.
Well, she's alone,
and she's heartbroken.
ADAM: No one ever died
of a broken heart.
Just call her back.
Okay, yeah. Fine.
Fine, fine.
I-I'm at the gym.
The ties that bind.
No escaping them.
Hi, Jenny.
He has no idea
what's going on inside of me.
And-and what do you think
is keeping you from telling him?
He doesn't respond well
to emotional needs.
He shuts down
and becomes sullen.
Can you afford to
be silenced because
he's uncomfortable
with intimacy?
I keep getting the urge
to stop using birth control,
just to punish him.
Well, we should discuss
how you feel
punishing him
would help you.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
One second, one second.
Oh, my God. I finally had an
insight that sticks to the page.
- Yeah.
[SIGHS] I was beginning to worry
that I'm really a big fraud.
We're all frauds until
we come up with a good idea.
Then we're geniuses.
- How was breakfast with Mom?
- ADAM: Splendid.
These situations
are never easy,
but, uh, it went as well as
one could hope.
That's good.
I just, uh, hope that she lands
on her feet like you have.
Your mother's
an extraordinary woman.
We have a deep, deep connection,
and we always will.
Yeah. That's good.
Well, I have to go.
Because it's time for me
to whine to my thesis advisor.
Do you have any big plans
for tomorrow night?
What's special about
tomorrow night?
It's Friday night.
Dining, dancing?
Hanging out with
that certain someone.
- I don't hang out.
- Oh.
What about
a certain someone?
You're right.
It has no teeth.
It's shallow.
That's not what
I was gonna say, Maud.
Morality matters.
How we treat each other matters.
Your faith in humanity
is inspiring.
But it doesn't add anything
to the conversation.
Listen, Maud,
I see this every year.
A student gets to
the end of their thesis,
suddenly becomes
their own harshest critic.
Don't go there.
Just stay focused and finish.
All right.
If you say so.
I say so.
I can get away
this weekend.
I miss you.
I ache for you.
It's over.
I keep hoping
you'll change your mind.
I'm not going to.
All right?
I feel like
the worst kind of hypocrite.
I'm writing
a thesis on morality,
and having an affair
with a married man.
That's insane.
It's over.
That's final.
Don't do it.
Don't fuck up your life.
But you didn't tell her that?
ELEANOR: Of course
not, but, you know...
- Wh-wh...
- [SIGHING] I wanted to.
Yeah, but why are you so angry
with this patient?
Because she's weak.
Uh-huh. Yeah. Go on.
And I have to work so damn hard
not to read my life into hers.
I keep rooting
for her to leave
like I should have left
Adam years ago.
Your life would've been
very different.
Pfft. It doesn't matter now.
We signed the papers
this morning.
It was all
very civilized.
Although I did try to smash
a grapefruit in his face.
- [LAUGHING] Yeah.
Good for you. Good for you.
He once told me that I was the
North Star of his moral life.
But he has a... a new muse.
A new fuckmate.
And at 58,
I get to start all over.
Very scary, huh?
Very scary in there.
I know.
But you're very alive right now.
Very alive.
ADAM: Excuse me, is
this stool taken?
yes, I'm afraid it is.
- Well, maybe it is free after all.
- Can I buy you a drink?
- Yeah.
It's a lovely
from a village near Avignon,
just like me.
That's it.
That's our password.
We give this little prick
10 minutes.
When I throw you,
"This is a lovely Chteauneuf"
you look at your watch,
and say you have
to meet your cousins
from Avignon.
My cousins are from
Montpellier it is.
Why exactly are we meeting
this little prick?
He is the most important critic
in American theater.
Word is
he's writing a book.
He asked to meet.
I don't know why.
He slammed
my last two plays.
Maybe he's writing
a chapter on me.
Mm, maybe the whole book.
- Yeah. Maybe an opera.
- Heh, heh.
There he is.
A lovely Chteauneuf.
[WHISPERS] My cousins
are from Montpellier.
Ah, Robert.
Hi, you look terrific.
Nice to see you.
Sandrine, bon ami.
- Robert Gordon.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- ADAM: Mike, one more time.
Thank you so much
for taking the time, Adam.
Well, it's the least
I can do for the man
who closed my last
two plays in previews.
Oh, wait a second now. I've been
hard on your latest work,
but I've given him
plenty of raves as well.
Yeah, I'm just giving you a hard
time. Here, pull up a glass,
and give unto the king
your knowledge of the broil.
Well, I am writing a book.
Ah! I had no idea.
Tell me more.
Well, it took some persuasion,
but I finally convinced
the people at Encore Publishing
to get behind
- a critical biography...
- Oh?
Of the late, great
Vincent Frank.
- It's about time too, right?
- Yes.
- Who is Vincent Frank?
- Mm.
Uh, Vincent Frank
is a national treasure.
He wrote five
of the most brilliant
unclassifiable plays of the
20th-century American theater.
And, uh, he grew up
in the Bronx with Adam,
and always referred to Adam
as his closest friend
and his literary conscience.
And don't forget,
his fiercest competitor.
Which is exactly why your input
would be so crucial to the book.
So, what did you
have in mind?
A series of interviews.
Your memories, your insight
into his creative process.
- It would be invaluable.
- Uh-huh.
Yeah, I am extremely busy
with my new play, but I'll...
I'll do whatever
I can to help.
Oh, that's wonderful.
That is so generous.
No. The privilege
is all mine.
This is a lovely Chteauneuf.
Isn't it, babe?
Mm, it's a little corky.
- Is it?
- Oh, look at the time.
I hate to be a...
- Party pooper?
- Thank you.
But my cousins
from Montpellier are in town.
Yeah, we can't desert
the French now, can we?
The balls on that putz.
"A series of interviews."
Call Charlie Rose, Bob.
Call 60 fucking Minutes.
What a strange man.
He was so uncomfortable
in his own skin.
He once called
a play of mine
"a meaningless work
by a gifted writer."
That's his style.
Compliments you while sticking
a shiv in your back.
You don't have to help him.
You don't owe him anything.
No, but I owe Vincent.
If it wasn't for him,
I'd still be teaching
high school English in Yonkers.
I got all the glory.
But I envied him.
He was deeper,
and more original,
and uncompromising.
The rotten bastard.
Even now, from the grave,
he's one-upping me.
you've got the edge on him.
You look wonderful.
Hello, Adam.
I'm glad you could come.
I made some coffee.
You go sit.
You must be wondering
why I've been
so persistent.
I have some exciting news
about Vincent.
You remember
his sister Lillian?
She died
this past summer.
No. I didn't know.
Her kids were cleaning out
her house and came across
a chest filled with
Vinnie's papers.
It wasn't just letters
and notebooks.
He said he destroyed it.
And it's brilliant.
It is the breakout play
his agent was always asking for.
And have you
contacted Judith?
Oh, she doesn't
return my calls.
Well, don't take it
Takes her a week
to get back to me.
Anyway, I want you
to read it first.
If it's as brilliant
as I think it is,
maybe you could
follow up with Judith.
Of course, Ruth.
If you could read it soon, that
would be a special favor for me.
Yeah, I'll read it. I'll...
I'll do what I can.
- I read it every night.
- Oh.
I keep the original
next to my bed.
It makes me feel
like he's here with me again.
Hi, Mom.
Oh, my goodness,
you look so good!
Do you have a date?
Oh, please.
I've had this dress for years.
I'm just having an early dinner
with your Uncle Paul.
Oh, Uncle Paul's
in town?
For a few days
on union business.
Gotta love Uncle Paul.
Still out there, slugging away
for the working man.
Do you have that cute dress
that you got in Spain
with the red flowers?
Oh, nice.
ELEANOR: It sounds like you're
the one with the hot date.
Not with the professor,
I hope.
No, I got out
of that mess.
Yeah. I've, uh, moved on
to greener pastures.
- Great.
- Yeah.
Who's the lucky guy?
I don't know.
He never speaks,
and he doesn't smile.
And he might
not show up tonight.
But you can't
have everything.
Look out, mama
Better get yourself
Over that hill
Come on, lace 'em up...
Thank you.
Thank you.
You got no insurance...
Oh. Manhattan clam chowder.
It's my favorite.
I'm sorry, Maud.
I don't mean
to be so unfriendly.
But I shouldn't be here.
I don't think I'd be
a suitable partner
for anyone right now.
Who said anything
about partners?
I think it would be nice if
we could just get through soup.
That's a fine ambition.
- Let's try to get through soup.
- Great.
How was the rest
of your day, Samuel?
Well, it's... It isn't "Samuel,"
actually. It's Samir.
Samir. That's...
Wow, that's beautiful.
Yeah, my parents
are from Lebanon.
I was born
and raised in Seattle.
So why is it
that a fetching,
young Lebaneser like yourself
doesn't wanna partner up?
You a lonesome cowboy type?
Or did some psycho
burn your house down?
What's the...?
I was married
for eight years.
No shit. Wow.
Ooh, the plot thickens.
Why didn't it work out?
Things don't always
work out in life.
Was it a horrible secret?
It's not a secret.
But it is horrible.
I'm sorry. I should not
have been so glib.
I'm very sorry. I'm sorry.
It's all right.
There's still
a lot of soup left. Ha.
I had no idea.
No idea.
I'm stunned.
No, we-we acted as
if everything was fine
until Maggie
went to college.
And after I settled her
into her dorm,
the last thing
she said to me:
"Dad, thanks for
bringing me to school.
Now you and Mom can stop
pretending you're married."
They don't miss a thing.
They don't.
But, honestly, the marriage
had been dying for years.
The passion just...
Just drifted away.
That's so sad.
You know, the truth...
The truth, it set us both free.
You guys seemed
so indestructible.
- Like the teamsters.
Well, that's exactly what
I thought about you and Adam.
Now I'm moving on to my exciting
future as a single old woman.
Oh, don't say that.
Don't say that.
You are an extraordinary
woman, Eleanor.
The world is gonna
open up for you
in ways that
you can't even imagine.
I don't know that I agree
with your appraisal, but it's...
It's sweet of you.
Adam's a remarkable man.
He's talented. I love him.
He's my brother.
But when he told me
you were splitting up,
I lost whatever respect
I may have had for him.
Oh, Paul, you don't
have to defend me.
Will you excuse me?
Oh, of course.
Are you out of your...
fucking mind?
That was totally
What could you
possibly be thinking?
I'm sorry, Eleanor.
I've been waiting 35 years
for this moment.
I've been biding my time,
waiting for another chance.
Another chance?
Are you insane? I'm...
We dated for five minutes
a lifetime ago.
How dare you take advantage
of me in my state.
I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to shock you, but...
I never stopped loving you.
I still love you.
As your friend of many years,
as your ex-sister-in-law
and as an experienced
can I give you
a simple piece of advice?
Paul, get some help.
How do you feel?
Did that bath help?
A little bit.
My jaw's still swollen,
but I took a Vicodin,
and I'm feeling no pain.
So if you want to
take advantage of me,
now's your big chance.
A-ha, Advantage Weller.
- Oh...
Oh, it's Dr. Yates.
I should answer.
Hello, Dr. Yates.
How are you feeling?
Much better, thank you.
The bleeding stopped.
YATES: If the swelling
doesn't go down, use ice.
Yes, I'll ice it.
Good, good.
See you Friday
for more fun and games.
YATES: Yes, of course.
Is Adam around?
He's right here.
You wanna say hi?
Yeah, sure. Please.
Okay, Kenny.
Are you speaking as my dentist
or my producer?
YATES: Both. And
congratulations on London.
Yeah, thank you.
Yes, yes, it's exciting.
Spanish Pipedream
in the West End.
about bloody time, eh?
Yeah, you can say that again.
Yes. Listen, Kenny.
This would be the perfect moment
for a Broadway revival.
That's not a bad idea.
I'll bring it up
at the next meeting.
- Splendid.
- YATES: Good.
All right,
float it by the group.
And we'll talk
at the Players Guild shindig.
YATES: I'll float it.
I'll float it.
Okay. Done.
That sounded promising.
Yeah, we'll see.
They passed on
my last two plays.
But a revival would
buy me some time.
I'm dry.
You disappear for
too long,
you become
damaged goods.
Aw, don't put so much
pressure on yourself.
You'll write something brilliant
and you'll be back on top.
Yeah. Maybe.
Or maybe that's
just the Vicodin talking.
Maybe you're right.
I'm dead.
Crazy old bastard.
For 40 years, you write plays
nobody wants to see,
and then you take
a masterpiece to the grave.
Just perfect.
Would you like to come in?
Can I trust you?
Can I take your coat?
I'll only be a minute.
I understand.
I couldn't leave things
like they were yesterday...
No, no. I'm glad you came.
You had no right
to put me on the spot like that.
I know you're going through
a confusing time.
But that's no...
excuse for betraying
the years of trust between us.
I-I had no excuse.
I'm sorry.
Hope you'll forgive me.
I've always been
fond of you, Paul.
You're a dear friend, and...
And I wouldn't want anything
to harm our friendship.
Neither would I.
Well, I'm glad
we see eye to eye.
You're a good man,
Paul Weller.
- Hm.
- Yeah.
Yes, but wasn't that the essence
of Vincent's brilliance,
how he refused
the shelter of illusion?
Ah, Vincent was
unsparing that way
in bringing us to the bottom
of our suffering.
But that was just to convey
the astonishing possibilities
of human nature.
Yes, yes.
It's perfect.
You know,
heh, heh?
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
look at the time.
Of course, the great tragedy
is that his best work
may have been ahead of him.
You know what, Robert,
you may be right.
But as Vincent loved to say,
"Things are against us."
Well, all right.
Oh, uh...
Sorry, one more thing, Adam.
Would it be asking too much to
arrange an introduction to Ruth?
I didn't want to impose myself
without your recommendation.
In all honesty, Ruth is
an extremely private person.
And it's still too painful for
her to even talk about Vinnie.
I-I can try to convince her,
but, uh, don't get
your hopes up. Okay?
Let me show you out.
Oh, he's very severe.
And I admire his purity,
but sometimes I just wanna
grab him by his tunic
and say, "Lucius, baby,
lighten up.
It's not all that bleak."
I see.
But then again,
I happen to have it
on good authority that, uh,
Seneca enjoyed
the occasional Popsicle
in secret.
So he was just
another hypocrite.
Yeah. Probably.
Even the father of stoicism
couldn't keep his shit together.
I used to get lost in here
all the time when I was a kid.
It was terrifying.
You do want me.
I thought so.
I told you,
I used to be married.
We had a daughter.
Her name was Zahra.
She was born
with a blood disease.
She died when
she was 6 years old.
I'm so sorry.
Her body accepted the cells.
She got stronger.
All the signs
were encouraging.
Then a cold virus
invaded her body.
She wasn't strong enough
to fight it.
- Whoa.
Paul, please.
This is my neighborhood.
Well, I've missed you.
It's been over a week.
You're acting like
a lovesick teenager.
Yeah, well, I feel
like a lovesick teenager.
Honestly, Paul,
this is a big fucking mess.
If I was my own therapist,
I'd tell myself
to run for the hills.
- Now, that's a fear choice.
- Hey.
I don't tell you how
to organize sheet-metal workers.
Don't tell me
about fear choice...
I just separated myself
from the man
I spent most
of my life with.
Even if he was
a selfish prick.
Of course,
I understand.
And taking up with
my husband's brother
will be seen as a statement...
No, no, we both know
that's not true.
Paul, wake up.
You don't know me.
You're in the grip
of a fantasy.
I know there's a lot
on the plate for you.
And you have your doubts.
But I have none.
What's the verdict?
I can't stand
the suspense.
Ah, Ruthie,
I wanted this play
to be good. I...
I wanted it
with all my heart.
There's a reason
Vincent hid it away.
It's the kind
of sentimentality
he spent his entire life
railing against.
But the characters
are so rich and alive.
- It's poetic.
- Exactly.
It's an epic love poem
to the beautiful life
you and Vinnie shared.
It hurts me to say it,
but audiences would not
come to see it.
I don't agree, Adam.
I think audiences need
to hear these words.
You're reading it
with the eyes of love.
My responsibility
is to read it
with the eyes
of critical judgment.
I thought he really
got it this time.
But then I thought everything
he did was a work of genius.
Me too.
Me too.
Ahoy, matey.
I have to admit,
you look very dashing
in that eye patch.
SAM: I scratched my
cornea, planing a table.
Oh. That's a bummer.
Although, you know,
I've always wanted to be seen
in public with a pirate.
I think it would be good
for my reputation.
Sorry, Maud,
why are you here?
I wanna give you something.
Without commitment.
Without conversation.
Without conscience.
is fucking.
Anything you want.
What do you think
of that, Samir?
There he is.
There's Kenny.
Oh, let's go and say hi...
Um... Let him come to us.
It's better.
Okay. He's coming.
Does he look like
a man bearing good news?
He's beaming.
'Cause he spotted
a hot French babe.
A hot French babe
who still needs
two crowns
and another root canal.
Ken Yates, American theater's
most eligible bachelor.
Ha, ha, that's
a dubious distinction.
Bonsoir, Sandrine.
You look fantastic.
What do you know? The good
doctor speaks the French.
With a perfect accent,
I might add.
- I grew up with a French nanny.
- That fires the imagination.
Stop it.
Look, Adam, I bring bad news.
I presented your idea
of reviving Pipedream
to the group,
but it didn't take.
They're intent on getting
behind a new play.
Thanks for running it up
the flagpole.
Fear not, Ken.
You know me.
I'm always hard at work
on the next thing.
I look forward to reading it
when you're ready.
- I'll see you both this weekend?
- Um...
At my benefit
for the Lincoln Center?
- Wouldn't miss it.
- Better not.
- How are you feeling?
- Much better, thank you.
- Great.
- Thanks.
WALTER: What have you
been up to, Weller?
Still dusting off your
old chestnuts for a revival?
God knows you haven't
done much lately.
Well, I've been busy
writing a one-man play
based on your
brilliant career, Walter,
but I'm stuck on act one.
- Oh.
- Ooh!
- Oof.
Someone get Walter a refill.
He seems to have lost
his bark.
Sorry, babe.
It's Eleanor again.
Let me just see what she wants.
Yes, Ellie, what's up?
ELEANOR: I'm afraid I
have some bad news.
Okay. What? What is it?
Ruth passed away last night.
That's impossible.
I saw her a few weeks ago.
- She seemed fine.
- ELEANOR: Well, it seems
her cancer returned
several months ago,
and she never told anyone.
Oh, my God.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe
she's gone.
She's gone. She's gone.
So I guess
there'll be a service.
ELEANOR: I suppose you'll speak.
I suppose you'll be the star.
Really, Eleanor?
Is that necessary?
No, it's not. I...
- Forget it.
- ELEANOR: I apologize.
Okay, well, thanks for the call.
I need to hang up now.
ADAM: I spent a lovely afternoon
with Ruth just a few weeks ago,
and she spoke with such pride of
her children, Shelly and Ethan.
And her fierce dedication
to her beloved Vincent
is a lamp she kept
trimmed and burning.
We are all richer
for having shared our lives
with someone so imbued
with the sum
and substance of love.
we miss you already.
This isn't the best time,
but I've gotta tell you.
I have some
disappointing news.
London isn't gonna happen.
Don't say it.
They cancelled Pipedream.
There's been a shake-up
at the company.
It seems like
they wanna move in
a new direction,
or something like that.
I'm sorry.
Bravo, Weller.
You really brought her
into the room.
I only wish
I could've done more.
What more could you have done?
She had cancer.
Well, I could've
been a better friend.
We do what we can do.
I suppose so.
So you're looking very well.
How are things?
Anything new and exciting?
No. Nothing new
or exciting.
- Heh, heh.
- And you?
How's the writing going?
Well, same old grind.
Just trying
to stay optimistic
in this depraved cultural
moment we're living in.
Well, I'm sure things
will work out for you.
Maybe, maybe not.
I fully embrace
the randomness of the universe.
Well, enjoy your food.
It was lovely to catch up.
Shelly, how you holding up?
I can't believe it.
I thought she'd be here
to take care of me forever.
- Aw. There, there. It's okay.
No, no, no.
We're all hurting.
I should show you the things
that Mom wanted you to have.
Sure, yeah.
SHELLY: Everything he
thought was worth keeping.
I never read
any of his work.
His writing was
always over my head.
I should have tried harder.
No. Don't be
so hard on yourself.
You were a terrific daughter.
They were both
very proud of you.
Thank you.
And don't worry
about the trunk.
I'll go talk to
the super right now.
You're a lifesaver.
I am a mess.
- I should get back.
- ADAM: Of course.
Stay strong, Shelly.
This too shall pass.
Excuse me.
I'm gonna have to say goodbye.
- Bye.
- Take care.
My goodness, Adam,
what's going on?
I've been calling for hours.
Oh, shit. I...
I must have left my ringer off.
You're not ready? We're supposed
to be there in 15 minutes.
- Be where?
- Ken's benefit.
- What? Who?
- Ken Yates.
Dr. Yates,
Lincoln Center.
Oh, Christ! Heh, heh,
was that tonight?
Are you okay, Adam?
You're acting very peculiar.
- Have you been drinking?
- No. No, no, no.
Nothing like that.
I'm really on to something.
This is the best thing
I have written in years.
I... I gotta keep going.
Oh, Adam, we said we'd go.
We have to go.
I'm all dressed up.
And you look fantastic.
- You should go. Yeah.
- Alone? I don't know anyone.
Come on, you know Ken.
Listen, baby, I need you to go.
Tell him I did it,
I cracked it.
It's the play
he's been waiting for.
Adam, that's awkward.
Tell him in French.
He'll be charmed.
He's charmed by you.
Oh, yeah.
You see the way
he looks at you.
What are you
talking about?
- No.
- Get him excited.
Get him excited about the play.
I need you to do this.
- Okay. I'll go.
- I need you to do this.
Thank you. Go.
But this better be good.
Or I'm sending you to Toulouse
to visit my Tatie Monette
by yourself.
I'll visit your Tatie Monette
and your cousins from Avignon.
My cousins are
from Montpellier.
Tell them to move to Avignon,
it's easier for me to say.
Ha, ha, funny.
MAUD: I know something that
you don't want me to know.
You think about me.
You wake up rock hard
thinking about me.
You think about me
sucking your cock.
You think about fucking me.
I'm your home, Samir.
Look at me.
I'm your home.
"I wouldn't mind if
it never appeared.
The night is astounding
just as it is."
We did good, Vincent.
Where did you get it from?
The idea behind
your dissertation.
And why is it
so important to you?
"Out of the crooked timber
of humanity
no straight thing
was ever made."
- What?
- That's a Kant quote.
I'm... I'm interested in finding
out why we are the way we are.
That's a good quality.
You're ruining my practice.
I snuck three peeks
at my watch.
You got 10 minutes
till your next patient.
Then we better get busy.
No foreplay?
No afterglow?
You're the boss. Oh!
Oh, I am such a pushover.
So, what's your day like?
Oh, stroll in the park,
check out the Frick,
lunch, contemplate the moon.
Living the life of Riley.
Damn straight.
I can't help you
with your biography.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Suddenly
to relive all those memories,
you know, it's...
It's just a little much.
That is a...
That's a devastating blow, Adam.
I mean, our interviews
were going to be
the centerpiece of my book.
I'm, uh...
You know, maybe we could pick it
back up in a... In a few weeks.
You're giving me
far too much credit, Robert.
No, no.
Soldier on.
Everything you need, you'll find
in the pages of Vincent's plays.
Don't get up.
I'm in session till 8.
Late dinner?
Sounds great.
I think we should invite
Adam to join us.
Why would you possibly think
of doing that?
I want this
to be out in the open.
I don't.
I said from the start,
this had to be on my terms.
Yeah, but, honey,
that was over a month ago.
I mean, if this is real,
then why do we wanna hide it?
Of course this is real.
What is this obsession
with telling Adam?
Are you trying
to settle a score?
Ellie, there's
no score to settle.
It's just that every time
we go out, it's always...
a corner table
in some dark, quiet place.
It's as if you're trying
to keep me hidden.
Unless, of course,
the real reason is...
you're still in love
with Adam.
Don't be ridiculous.
I just wanna have
dinner alone with you.
- You amaze me.
- Aw.
You amaze me.
You think it's that good?
Listen to me.
It's astonishing.
They're gonna be performing
this play 100 years from now.
I'm so glad you like it.
You've transformed yourself.
Your writing, it has a...
It's a tenderness
I've never seen in your work.
I've been your agent for what,
20 years now,
and all of a sudden
I feel intimidated by you.
I've always wanted
to intimidate you, Judith.
The office is going crazy.
Ken's gonna flip.
His group will
wanna jump on this.
- You think?
- Oh, my God, yes.
I have to get out of here,
and do my job.
But here.
Adam Weller is back.
This is gonna be some ride.
Listen, I want you
to start thinking about casting.
Okay. We're in a hit.
The role of Michael
suits you nicely.
If you read it,
I think you'll agree.
It's nice of you
to think of me, Mr. Weller,
but, no, thank you.
This son of a bitch
is the best piece
of American theater
in the last 10 years.
I'm offering you
a chance to be a part of it.
Well, thank you.
But I don't act anymore.
All right, look,
we all know what
you've been through.
Our hearts broke for you.
That's why we kept
you close.
That's why we hired you
to renovate our kitchens
and build our sets.
But you're an actor.
It's who you are.
Now it's time
to get on with it.
You're out of line now.
I appreciate the offer,
but I'm not interested.
What do you think?
You think, uh,
you're the only person
who's ever suffered
a terrible loss?
What right do you have
to pack up your gifts
and go into permanent hiding?
That's not bereavement, pal.
That... That is arrogance...
I've got work to do.
- Sam?
- SAM: I know what you're up to.
You wanna control me, you
wanna break me, I won't let you.
I don't want you.
You disgust me.
Stay the fuck away from me.
Oh, my God.
It's okay.
Couldn't be happier for you.
To my dear brother,
and my beloved ex.
The two finest, most morally
upstanding people I know.
I'm fucking famished.
Let's get a table.
Oh, no. We should be
getting along.
Don't be ridiculous.
Come on.
A celebration
is in order, right?
I'm taking you to dinner.
Won't take "no" for an answer.
I could eat.
There. It's settled.
The Blue Points here are
exquisite. He loves his oysters.
MAUD: But let's
personalize this, okay?
How do you specifically relate
to Kant's categorical imperative
that we must find a way
to recognize one another?
I look around
and I see very little empathy.
Everybody just
uses everybody. That's...
I mean,
that's the game, isn't it?
Well, you know, that's why
Schopenhauer's on the syllabus.
Because he's there
to remind us
that, um, everything ends
in nothingness
and life is...
It's utterly meaningless.
And on that note,
go enjoy your weekend.
All right. Thank you.
- Have a good weekend.
- MAUD: See you. You too. Bye.
I didn't ask for tea.
You don't want it?
No, I do.
Sorry. I'll let you
get back to work.
Thank you.
- It's just tea.
- I know.
Uncle Paul, wow.
- Does Dad know?
- He knows.
Wow, you sure know
how to change it up, huh?
I haven't been this happy
in a long time.
It's hard to get used to.
That's a really
good problem to have.
Not to see your good news
and raise you, but...
- Tell me.
- Let's just say
I have a little...
growing in my belly.
- That is big news.
I didn't know you and Sam
were trying to start a family.
We weren't. Just happened.
Do you love him?
I really think I do.
He's really smart,
and he's kind. And he...
He feels things very deeply,
and he's never fake.
I think you'll be
an extraordinary mother.
When the time is right.
Are you ready for this?
Lesser things have caused you
to feel overwhelmed in the past.
Yeah, I know. I just...
But those were growing pains.
I've been fine for years, and
I feel like this is so right.
I feel like
I'm in a state of grace.
Thank you.
I'm pregnant.
Let's sleep on it.
The day I met you I tore up
All my maps.
My father used to
translate Arabic poetry.
And there was this one poem.
It was about a man whose life
had been overturned by love.
Say it again.
The day I met you I tore up
All my maps.
That's beautiful.
I remember thinking...
wondering if...
love was really like that.
If I could ever feel
that way about someone.
WOMAN: I think it's a good thing
that we ran into each other.
You know what? Me too.
Hey, did you really
like the adagio?
Yeah, I thought
it was delightful.
Thank you.
Very good work.
It was nice to meet you.
Melanie, you can go.
We're done for the day.
- Well, the search continues.
- Afraid so.
Who the hell is left?
Do you guys need me to stay?
There's... There's one more.
No, we're done. Done.
No, no. He said he knows Adam.
Well, of course he does.
No, if he has the brass to
crash, let him take a swing.
Oh, no. No, not a chance.
Maybe we should
reach out to L.A.
And Chicago.
And Moscow.
I'm glad you could
make it, Sam.
So am I.
On the dance floor
I know I'm gonna wanna
Circle this floor
But there's times I know
I'm just warming up
At my own address
In the side of the young and
Making the one
On the dance floor
I know I'm gonna wanna
Circle this floor
You lucky dog!
- He's a dream.
- Yeah.
He's smart, he's gorgeous.
Girl, you're gonna have
beautiful babies.
You rocked it, girl.
Look at him move.
He barely made a surprise
With me
You know I'm real versatile
Yeah, he is
an interesting bunch of guys.
- Hey, Maud, I have some good news.
- Uh-huh.
I wanna share it with you.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
That's good.
I love good news.
Your father hired me
for his new play.
- He did?
- Yeah.
That's so cool.
You're gonna build the sets?
Actually, I'm in it.
What do you mean,
you're in it?
I mean,
I'm acting in it.
Good. Yeah.
And I'm playing point guard
for the Knicks.
I'm not kidding.
You're an actor?
I was. I...
I... I'm sorry. I mean,
I didn't mean to
keep anything from you.
The guy I couldn't get
a complete sentence out of
for the past three months
is an actor?
- Yeah.
- That's impossible.
That can't... That can't be.
Well, after Zahra died,
I, um...
I couldn't get back on stage.
But then Adam insisted
I read his new play,
and it was the last thing
I expected, but I read it.
I knew I had to do it.
You're an actor.
My dad wrote a good play?
Oh, I mean, it's...
It's beautiful.
- ACTRESS: You left.
- SAM: I did.
- SAM: Couldn't leave.
You've been building
a case against me
now since your father got it.
What is it, exactly,
that you wanted me to do?
You should go.
You've done your duty
and you're free.
I don't think you mean that.
Hi, Maudy,
what a pleasant surprise.
How's my
little grandson doing?
He's good. He's just... He's
kicking up a storm like always.
Of course. He's a Weller.
How are rehearsals going?
Sam is knocking it
out of the park.
He's incapable
of a false moment.
That's good.
At least one of us
is on his game.
Don't be ridiculous.
You're doing great too.
I'm not so sure.
You're brilliant, you're
beautiful, you're pregnant,
and your man is about
to own this town.
Okay. Whenever you're ready.
DR. LIN: Someone's moving
around a lot today.
Looks like
she's a thumb-sucker.
See, right there?
That's her thumb in her mouth.
You said, "her thumb."
We're having a boy.
You said at the last ultrasound
that we're having a boy.
I said I thought
you were having a boy.
But as I explained then,
the early pictures
aren't conclusive.
You said that
you saw his balls.
Well, early on, the labia
can resemble a scrotum.
But the amnio is definitive.
You have a very healthy
little girl, Maud.
- Hey, you all right?
- Yeah. Yeah.
I'm okay.
I'm done.
I know you feel
like shit right now, but...
remember what Dr. Lin said.
You know, this is normal.
It'll pass.
She also said
we were having a boy, so...
what the fuck does she know?
Wait, what?
We got the amnio results.
It's a girl.
A girl?
This is wonderful.
You say that now, but...
No, Maud...
...she's our daughter.
She's Zahra's sister.
She's...? She's healthy?
The doctor said she's healthy?
Yeah, she's hale and hearty.
She's got 10 fingers
and 10 toes...
and she has a big old labia
that looks like a scrotum.
Don't be silly. You don't wanna
come all the way to JFK.
I'm happy to. It'll give us
another hour together.
Yeah, and then you'll
spend two hours
on the Grand Central
in rush-hour traffic
getting back into town.
It's crazy.
I can't let you go alone.
There's nothing more joyless
than a man with a suitcase,
walking through the airport
by himself.
Look at my face.
No one is gonna
confuse me with a joyless man.
Aw. Why do you
have to go anyway?
There's a lot of money
behind these
union-busting bastards.
You know, I gotta get there,
raise a little hell.
Could you and Adam
be more different?
Well, we're not
that dissimilar.
We both like
getting in front of a crowd,
getting applause.
Only he gets paid
a lot more.
I'll be back.
Keep a light on.
Hello, darling!
Are you awake?
I am now.
- I brought you a sandwich.
- Mom.
We go through this every day.
I'm not hungry.
It's important for you to try
to keep something down.
The baby needs food too.
Well, if she's hungry,
then she should just come out.
I don't know
what the hell she's waiting for.
Mom, please don't
do that. Please.
- Just leave that...
- Ah, it's a beautiful day.
A little fresh air
and sunlight,
might inspire you to get
out of bed and take a walk.
Stop treating me
like a child.
You wanna give me
good advice?
You should have
eight months ago,
and then I wouldn't be
in this fucking mess right now.
I did give you good advice.
I said you'd be
a wonderful mother
when the time was right,
and you said you were
in a state of grace.
And you bought that?
Of course.
I have the utmost respect
for you.
So it's all my fault.
No one is at fault, Maud.
There is no fault.
Maybe you don't feel you can
talk openly with me right now.
I can understand that.
If you'd like,
I can recommend somebody.
Because you think
I'm gonna go under again?
I'm gonna have this baby,
and everything
is gonna be fine.
I know it is, sweetheart.
Everything's gonna be fine.
- I'm sure of it.
- Hi, Sam.
- Hey, Eleanor.
How are you?
It's good to see you.
- ELEANOR: How's the show going?
- It's good. It's coming along.
- Good.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Look at those flowers.
Well, I should get going.
Paul's coming back tonight,
and I wanna be there
when he gets home.
- SAM: I'll walk you out.
- Oh, thanks.
I'm glad I got home
before you left.
- I've been wanting to call you.
- I wanted to talk to you too.
What's going on with her?
I keep hoping
she'll pull out of it.
Once the baby's here...
I'm sure she'll be
the great love of Maud's life...
and all this sadness
will make sense.
Of course.
In the meantime, stay close.
Okay, I will.
Thank you, Eleanor.
See you.
I know something
you don't want me to know.
- You think about me.
- No.
You wake up
thinking about me.
No, I don't.
Could you shut up, please?
Where you going?
- I'll go with you.
- No.
Maud, come on.
I wanna come with you.
- Let's go for a walk.
- No.
I can't stand
the sound of your voice.
I'm walking
to get away from you.
- Maud?
- What?
You know,
this is hard for me too.
Right, it's about you.
It's about you how hard
it is for you.
I don't understand.
When did you
come to hate me?
I don't hate you,
I don't know you.
You do know me.
You loved me.
- You saved me.
- I didn't love you.
I pitied you.
And now I'm stuck
with this baby inside me.
Hey! Don't say that.
I know you don't mean that.
You're trying
to push me away.
You're not pushing me away.
I love you.
If you love me,
then leave me the fuck alone!
Nothing like
a home-cooked meal
after a week of diners
and buffets.
Full disclosure,
it's takeout from Fairway.
Sam, is everything okay?
Maud's water broke.
- Really? Oh, my God.
- SAM: Yeah.
- Did you call Dr. Lin?
- SAM: Yeah, yeah. I called her.
- Okay, good.
- SAM: See you soon.
I'm on my way.
Maud's water broke.
Paul, I'm sorry.
I think I should go alone.
Don't be silly.
I'm coming with you.
I'd rather go alone.
- It's a very delicate situation.
- That's why I'm coming with you.
Stand down, Paul.
This is not negotiable.
Please, give me a kiss,
and let me get going.
Go on.
- I'll be here if you need me.
- Thank you for understanding.
- Okay. I will see you soon.
- SAM [ON PHONE]: Okay, see you.
Well, believe it or not,
this young fella is about
to become a grandfather.
That's wonderful.
Yeah, gotta go
to the hospital.
Hey, why don't you join me?
I don't think so.
This should be
a family moment, no?
Well, I'd like you
to be there.
Yeah, like me to be there
because you don't like
emotional situations.
Guilty as charged.
I... I could use a buffer.
You never wanted me
to meet your family before.
Fair enough. Point taken.
- I'm not a prop, Adam.
- Oh, my God.
Slow down, wait a second.
Where is this coming from?
so casual with you.
Right, exactly.
That's why we work so well.
Where are we going
with this anyway?
Come on, Sandrine.
This is what we agreed to.
Let's not spoil a good thing.
you are being very un-French.
Go on.
Go meet your grandchild.
It's nice.
All right, wish me luck.
You're snoring.
How long was I sleeping?
An hour. I don't know.
How we doing?
She's been pushing
for two hours.
Maybe I should go check in,
and just...
Eleanor, sit down.
You want coffee?
- Milk, no sugar.
- Elle...
I know how you
take your coffee.
Oh, my...
Hi, Rosie.
It's so nice to meet you.
We love you
so much.
Welcome to our
crazy world, kiddo.
May the road
rise to meet you
and the sun shine warm
upon your bottom.
Oh, my dear.
What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
I'm just so happy.
I feel so blessed,
that's all.
We are blessed.
Let's leave these kids alone.
Let them rest up.
They've earned it.
Come on.
Those were tears of joy,
weren't they, Adam?
She had a baby
for the first time.
I'd be worried
if she wasn't emotional.
You cried for a week
when she was born.
Hey, hey!
Okay. This is you.
Hey, give me a minute.
all kidding aside...
[SIGHS] were
an amazing mother.
You put this family
on your back.
You had something
to do with it too.
Let's be honest.
You did all
the heavy lifting.
I'm grateful.
- I mean it.
- Thank you, Adam.
It means a lot to me.
We're going to Riverside
and 91st Street, please.
Well, that was...
but amazing.
It was.
[CHUCKLES] You know what
that reminded me of?
Summer stock, '76.
Your first play.
What a train wreck.
But you and I
set a few records,
didn't we?
I remember.
Hey, Elle.
We should do this again.
Get together
from time to time.
Like... Like coming home.
I don't think so.
I'm glad we could spend
this time together.
Me too.
How'd it go?
- Everything okay?
- Everything's fine. Just fine.
Her name is Rose.
Seven pounds, two ounces.
And she's... She's beautiful.
Oh, that's wonderful.
I'm so glad
everything worked out well.
Thank you, Paul.
You know,
in all honesty, I...
I thought you'd call me
when the baby arrived.
I was worried.
Well, you've been
gone all night.
I was at Adam's.
I spent the night at Adam's.
I'm sorry.
- Are you in love with him?
- No, I...
I'm free of him.
Then where does that
leave us?
Maud and Rosie need me.
I... I can help you
with all of that.
This is what I want, Paul.
- I wanna be on my own.
- So that's it?
You gonna throw
all of this away?
Please, Paul.
This is painful for me too.
Is it?
You use me to, what,
cushion the fall?
And now...
Now I'm expendable.
You knew from the beginning
that this was extremely
confusing for me.
You love me, Eleanor.
You love me.
And it scares you.
And you're taking
the easy way.
Maybe I am.
You know, I could live
with you sleeping with Adam?
It hurts,
and I'm humiliated,
but I could understand.
But I never imagined
that you'd be such a coward.
My nipples
are ripping apart.
- She's trying to latch on.
She just...
She wants a bottle.
- She wants a bottle.
- I'll get her one.
What do you want?
What do you want?
What a big girl.
What a big girl.
[CHUCKLES] Her eyes
are closing already.
Why don't I take her
for a stroll?
Give you a few hours.
Maybe you can get
back into your thesis.
What is my thesis
about, anyway?
How people treat each other?
They treat each other like shit.
- Oh, Maud.
- Maud, you don't mean that.
- I fucked up.
My thesis is a big fat
fucking lie because I...
I inherited this, like,
good-girl gene
from you, you know?
You're just so ethical,
and you're so aware
of the needs of others.
And you can barely
stand up for yourself,
and that's why you've
made a fetish
out of caring
for weak people.
There's no shame
in feeling weak.
Okay, that's great. That's good.
That's more false uplift.
Just please go home.
Please, go home, okay?
Well, after I finish
the laundry.
There's a load in the dryer.
Forget the laundry.
I don't need it done.
Just go home, please.
You're like a prison guard.
I'll wait
till Sam gets back.
What did you just say?
Is that what you think?
That I'm a danger to myself?
That my baby's not safe with me?
- That's not what I said.
- Please go home, okay?
Just get a life.
Go home, please!
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I love you. I'm... I'm sorry.
I love you, Mom.
I'm sorry.
I'll go put Rosie down,
and I'll see you in the morning.
Here we go.
It'll be visible any minute.
I hope this doesn't turn out
like Kohoutek.
Kohoutek, what was that?
SAM: It was supposed to be
the biggest comet ever.
The show of the century,
but by the time it got close
to Earth, it fizzled out.
Are you all right?
Rosie's screaming.
Don't you hear her?
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Her diaper's full.
She's fine. She was napping.
She's hungry.
I... I keep trying,
she won't feed.
Do you wanna try
to feed her again?
She doesn't want me.
Sh. It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
Daddy's here.
I'm here.
I'm going under again.
I know.
It's okay.
I can't do this.
Not right now.
I know.
I tried.
Of course you did.
I need to talk to Sam.
He's with Rosie.
I have a history of...
feeling overwhelmed.
of needing a rest.
Of, um...
needing to go away to rest.
I love you.
I love you.
And I love Rosie,
I do. I, um...
really hope that I do.
But I...
I can't feel it.
Maud, we're ready
to take you back.
Do you want your family
to show you to your room?
Don't get up, please.
When a Greek hero died,
gods would put him
up in the sky.
- Show me.
- Well...
you can see Perseus...
just above the horizon,
and, uh...
...Andromeda is hidden
below the curve of the...
I'm sorry.
- I'll take care of this.
- Okay.
Sam, buddy, you all right?
No, I'm not all right.
She won't see me.
- She won't see Rosie.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Listen to me.
She's a tough kid.
She's gonna be okay.
Hey, hey. Sam.
Trust me.
I've seen this before.
It'll pass.
She's gonna come through.
- Right. Right.
- Right.
You can't let this
drag you down.
We've come too far
to dump this thing in the drink.
No, Adam.
- I don't know if I...
- Don't you say it.
Don't even think it.
Because no matter
what happens...
this show must go on.
Are we clear?
- Yeah, we're clear.
- Yeah.
I keep thinking about this line
that Kafka wrote:
"One must not
cheat anybody...
not even the world
of its triumph."
The world is just kicking my ass
right now.
Fuck Kafka.
- What does he know, anyway?
- Mm.
I just keep telling myself
I can think my way out of it.
You know what?
Don't think so much.
Don't fight the tide.
- Swim sideways for a while.
- Mm.
If I'm gonna go down,
I'm gonna go down fighting.
I'm not gonna be
so polite about it.
You know?
Rec therapy
in five minutes, Maud.
Thank you, Louise.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
That's my cue.
Will you...
say hello to Rosie for me?
- Of course.
- Okay. Good. Great.
Thought you might
like to have that.
Okay, what sounds better?
White sand beach
in the Bahamas
or a cabin in the pines
of Vermont?
- Why?
- This has been
the craziest few weeks.
So as soon as we open,
we are catching the first
flight out of this madhouse.
- Adam...
- Hey. Hey, Mike.
Yeah, Scotch with a few...
Oh, no. The Greek Isles,
the Blue Aegean, right?
Adam, we have to talk.
This is very dramatic.
I'm seeing someone.
Oh, really?
Anyone I know?
Well, yes, actually.
Ken Yates.
That is not possible.
I'm sorry.
You can't be serious.
He's a dentist, for chrissake.
You can't...
You can't leave me
for a dentist.
- He's your producer.
- He's a dilettante.
That's not fair.
He's a good man.
Oh, my God.
All right, look, Sandrine,
I admit, I've been distant
these past few months.
I've been obsessed
with the play.
- Let's slow down for a minute.
- Adam...
you've spent the last year
making sure we never
got too close.
That's what you want.
Easy, casual.
I want something deeper.
Don't give up on us.
Be happy for me.
- Hey.
- Hello, my dad.
Hey, I'm sorry it took me
a few weeks to get here.
Things have been crazy hectic
with the play.
It's okay.
Don't worry about it.
You haven't missed much.
Well, looks like
they spruced it up a bit
since last time.
Yeah. Yeah. It's...
It is not bad
for a bughouse.
The best part is,
I can sleep.
For the first time in months,
I'm dreaming.
If we're not gonna
make a break for it,
I smuggled in your favorite.
Oh... Oh.
Hot pastrami.
Oh, you're my hero.
I'll save that for later.
And I also brought
some reading material.
New York Magazine was
a little short
on content this month.
I guess they had
to fill up space.
"Back on center stage,
Adam Weller returns
to Broadway."
- You're amazing.
- Yeah.
It's half smoke and mirrors.
And the other half, luck.
Hey, Maudy.
what's wrong?
- I wish I could be like you.
- Oh.
You take everything
that's thrown at you,
and you come back stronger.
I'm sorry, uh...
I was just showing off.
I wanted you
to be proud of me.
The truth is,
I wish I were more like you.
You are so fearless.
You feel everything
so intensely.
Some good it's done me.
I'd trade it all for just
a little bit of your spine.
I'm not as strong
as you think, Maud.
I was a selfish husband
and an absent father.
No, don't be
so hard on yourself.
My God, you did your best.
- You... You always did...
- Stop it, Maud. Stop it.
Stop defending me.
I lied to you
about who I am.
And you think you've failed
in comparison.
No. I got here
on my own, Dad.
You don't have to take
a bullet for me.
The truth is...
...I'm a big fraud.
Oh, yeah?
A big fraud
with a Broadway show
that everyone's
buzzing about.
Well, my big comeback,
my Broadway show
everybody's buzzing about...'s not mine.
What do you mean?
I mean...
...I didn't...
I stole it.
You stole it?
I mean, I didn't
literally steal it.
It was a gift from the universe.
It was handed to me.
Fully formed, and I took it.
My name's on it.
But it's not really mine.
But you were ready for it.
And you reached for it,
and you turned it
into something beautiful.
Listen to me.
The little I know
of beauty...
...I learned from you.
SAM: I used to know all
of the constellations.
When a Greek hero died...
the gods would put them
up in the sky.
Show me.
That one's Cepheus.
Now, he married
the beautiful Cassiopeia.
Oh, she's over there.
They had a daughter,
You can't see her now.
She's hiding beneath the curve
of the Earth.
But she'll rise in autumn.
Come on. It's almost time.
It'll be here any minute.
I hope this doesn't end up
like Kohoutek.
It was supposed to be
the biggest comet ever,
the show of the century.
But by the time it got close
to Earth, it fizzled out.
I hope this one
doesn't fizzle out.
ACTRESS: I wouldn't mind
if it never appeared.
The night is astounding already,
just as it is.
- Yes...
- Bravo. Well done. Well done.
- Bravo.
I loved it.
I cried all the way through.
Thank you, Sandrine,
I'm flattered.
And, Kenny, we couldn't
have done it without you.
- Oh, hello.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Do you mind if I steal
the author for a moment?
- That's me.
- Well, for a minute.
- He's got a lot of people to see.
- Let's get a drink.
Adam, that was beautiful.
Well, thank you, Ellie.
Thanks a lot.
So heartfelt, so moving.
Well, that...
That means a lot to me.
And you didn't write it.
Excuse me? What...?
What did you say?
You did not write that play.
Are you insane?
Of course I wrote it.
Adam, I lived with you
for 35 years,
and I've read
every word you've ever written,
and there is no way you
could have written that play.
How dare you.
That is an outrageous
It's too honest.
- It's too vulnerable.
- Ah.
You could never write
about love that deeply
because you've never
felt love that deeply.
That's your big proof?
I was a shitty husband?
I'm a selfish prick?
You're right.
But I'm a damn good writer.
And you know what?
That's what writers do.
We make shit up,
even if we don't feel it.
Don't look at me
like that, Ellie.
I wrote that play, Eleanor.
It was in a box...
with Vincent's old papers.
Of course.
I was dry.
I was empty.
- That's no excuse.
- Vincent is dead.
Ruth is dead.
- The dead don't care.
- It's Vincent's work.
It's not yours.
It's his love story with Ruth.
I worked my ass off
on that play.
I completely rewrote it.
I made it my own.
MAN: There you are,
you son of a bitch.
You know what you did?
You know what he did?
You broke my heart...
I am at a loss for words.
To watch you...
risk a kind
of emotional openness
that you've never
risked before.
I am stunned.
- Thank you, Robert.
- Thank you.
No, I'm honored
you feel that way.
- You know my ex-wife, Eleanor.
- Of course.
Nice to see you.
Robert is writing a book
about Vincent Frank.
I'm glad someone's keeping
his memory alive.
Although, I confess,
after tonight,
I wonder if I'm writing about
the right author.
Perish the thought, Robert.
What a rare pleasure
you've given us.
- Thank you.
- What can I say?
- Nice to see you.
- Nice to see you.
So that was your chance.
Why didn't you tell him
what an imposter I am?
I have no intention
of destroying you.
All right. Of course.
Because you want
the moral high ground.
You got me, you win.
Now you can
think the worst of me.
I thought that's what I wanted,
but it's not.
I couldn't stand the thought
of being irrelevant.
I was desperate.
I was afraid.
Welcome to the club.
- Brava!
- Brava.
Adam, thank you.
- Really, I owe you so much.
- No, Sam, thank you.
- So wonderful.
- MAUD: You rocked my world.
What a stupendous night.
Because you're here.
- You are here.
Folks. Ladies and gents.
I have been forwarded a copy
of tomorrow's
New York Times review.
It reads,
"Last night, Adam Weller
"made a glorious
return to Broadway,
"with an inspired new play
"that is by turns
devilishly well-observed
and achingly poetic."
And it just gets better
and better from there.
Folks, how about a hand
for our fearless writer.
Adam! Come on, get up here.
Come on, come on.
Come on. Come on.
Well, we all know, don't we?
All of us who have
committed everything
to this beautiful
and maddening quest
to capture the ephemeral.
We know how rare it is
for all the elements
to come together on that stage
and produce a revelation
about the human story.
Well, tonight is our night.
- I thank you all.
- WOMAN: Thank you, Adam.
I missed my stop, and...
ended up in Cincinnati.
Yeah, I've done that.
She cooked him eggs
That made him well
She looked at him
And she could tell
It won't be long
Until he fell
Under a spell again
So she came out
And asked him
Is forgiveness
Something you can find?
It's not that I
Still love you
I just miss you
She said maybe you
Could stay for the night
But something about it
Wasn't right
Inside of him
There was a fight
He knew he
Couldn't win
And when
The losing begins
It's hard to leave it
All behind
When you're here it's not
That I still love you
I just miss you
He said, maybe we
Could go to a bar
Where the lights are dim
And the mood's on par
'Cause you see
I still have a scar
Where you
Cut me deep
And sometimes
I can't sleep
In the middle
Of the night
I hear it's not that
I still love you
I just miss you