Breakdown Lane (2017) Movie Script

- We have brought upon us
our own destruction, my beloved.
It was without form and void.
Unto the heavens and
they had no light.
I looked and behold,
there was no man.
I looked and behold, the
fruitful land was a desert.
And its cities were laid
in ruins before the lord.
Before his fierce anger
for thus, said the lord,
"the whole land
shall be desolation."
Jeremiah, chapter 4:23-27.
It is said by the unwise,
by the unbelievers
that death comes to us
in the visage of a reaper
harvesting his crops
with a great scythe.
But we've been
taught differently.
For the trumpet will sound
and the dead will be
raised imperishable.
And this mortal body
must put on immortality.
- Hey there.
- Just this stuff and...
Let's make it...
$12.92 in gas.
- By an epidemic,
an epidemic of sin.
We have brought upon us our
own destruction, my beloved.
I am the resurrection
and the life,
whoever believes in me
though he die yet
shall he live.
- I love him.
- How can you love
somebody you've never met?
- Don't over-pump.
- You have a nice day too.
- And honey, be careful,
there are crazies out there.
- Hey!
Hey you, please!
Please you have to help me!
You have to help me,
no, no, no, come on.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Can you please help him?
- He's not contagious is he?
- Hey hey hey hey hey hey.
Okay wait, your name
is Richard Hanna.
We've been married 10 years,
come on, remember?
Stay with me, stay with me.
- What's your name, sweetie?
- Um, Dee, I'm Dee.
He's dying, isn't he?
- I don't know, Dee,
maybe we should take him
to the hospital.
- No, emergency room was
overflowing, people everywhere.
He wanted to try somewhere else
and um, I shouldn't
have listened to him.
I think running made it worse.
- Mommy, what's a Sisyphus?
- Dee, let me call
an ambulance, okay?
I'm sorry, I don't
know what else to do.
- That was a nice thing
you did for that lady.
Your detritus.
- Hi.
- Hey Kirbs.
- What's up?
Just checkin' in with you.
- Hey did you know the family from the
hills have eyes opened a gas station?
- On your way?
- You betcha.
- Maybe sometime
you'll let me come
to your place.
- Let's uh, not have
this conversation
for the millionth time.
- I could meet your friends.
- They're all jerks.
- Could cook you my pizza rolls.
- Real pizza, my treat.
- You don't
sleep well in my bed.
- I'm not going there to sleep.
- You just winked
to the phone, didn't you?
- Maybe.
- Fine,
you just got me wondering
if you've got heads
in your freezer.
- Uh huh.
Wait, I'm coming
up on another one.
There's an outback.
- A rendezvous
just rolled past my place.
- Oh my god.
Oh wait, here's another one.
It's a breeze.
Damn it.
God damnit.
- License and registration.
No bullshit please.
Having ourselves a
little road trip are we?
- Skills like that you'll
make detective in no time.
Hey, I have the
same phone as you.
- Miss Lane.
- Don't sneak up
on me like that!
- Do you know why I
pulled you over today?
- To protect everybody
else on the road?
- Everyone's a comedian, huh?
I wrote you up for speeding
and dangerous operation.
That's a $500 fine.
- But there's nobody else
to endanger, come on!
- Listen, I'm too tired
to argue with you,
so um, how 'bout this?
I will agree to tear
up your citation
if you agree to take
a nap for 60 minutes
and decide to drive slow
for the rest of your trip.
- Really?
- 60 minutes, I want your word.
- Sold.
- I'll radio in that I let
you off with a warning.
You drive safely now.
- Please, please,
please, please, please.
- Thank you for
calling Northstar,
this is Max, am I
speaking to Kirby Lane?
- Yes.
- How can I help
you tonight, miss Lane?
- This piece of
shit car won't go.
- Okay, miss Lane,
I understand this is a
taxing situation.
- I go out and I get all this
turbo this, road side that,
and then when I need the car,
it craps on itself and dies.
- Now miss Lane,
I'm sure it's not dead.
- It has big Xs where the
headlights used to be.
- Okay, well, let's
see what we have here.
Okay, have you been doing
routine maintenance?
Tire pressure, changing the oil?
- Yes?
- Uh huh, I see.
Are you hurt or in any danger?
- I think I heard some
wolverines earlier.
- Well, according
to our records, miss Lane,
that SUV of yours is the
next best thing to a tank.
You should be fine.
But uh, looks like your
transmission's fried.
- I'm stuck in neutral.
- All right, I'll put
a call in for a tow truck,
but based on your location,
it's gonna be a few hours.
- Hours?
Maybe I should just walk.
- Don't be a hero, miss Lane.
Just sit tight, okay,
help is on the way.
- Thanks tons.
- I'll check in
on you later, miss Lane.
Thank you for using Northstar.
- Thank you,
Mr. personality.
Call voice mail.
Calling voice mail.
You have no messages.
- Dammit.
- Where the fuck are you?
- Car broke down and the
stupid tow truck is taking
the scenic route.
You wanna go to video?
- You bet I do.
- You look a little wobbly.
- Well I am feeling
a little frisky.
- I've had a long day, sweetie,
and my phone's about to die,
- Sounds like somebody
needs to unwind a bit.
I can help you
with that you know.
I specialize in
getting you to unwind.
Besides, what else
are you gonna do
'til the tow truck gets there?
- I cannot wait to be with you.
- Thank you for calling north...
- where the fuck
is my tow truck?
I've been waiting for hours.
- Miss Lane?
- Great, world champion
of customer service.
Lemme talk to someone else.
- I'm the only one here.
- Yeah, you mean you're
the only one there willing
to talk to me.
- No, I mean
I'm the only one here.
- Where's that damn tow, Max?
- I don't know
what's going on, miss Lane,
I put the order in last
night for a dispatcher and,
look, I just sent another one.
But I'm getting no response.
- Well, what am
I supposed to do,
hitch a ride on a camel?
- Can you flag down another car?
- I think I took the exit
to the "twilight zone."
- Miss Lane,
I've got some bad news.
- For a change?
- I'm gonna have to
call you back in a second.
Sit tight, okay?
- Fine.
I have no idea what I'm doing.
Jesus, mister, are you sick?
Whoa man, don't come any closer!
Back off or else I'm gonna
brain you with this thing.
Jesus Christ!
I'm sorry!
Um, oh Jesus are you dead?
Listen, I'm sorry,
you wouldn't listen to me
and i...
God, I'm so sorry.
Jesus! Fuck!
Max, a tow truck would be
past wonderful right now.
- Why, what's happened?
- There's a man,
there's a crazy man.
- Okay Kirby, stay
calm, keep the doors locked
and the windows up, okay?
- Christ, there's another one!
Jesus, they're coming
out of everywhere.
- Look, I know this is
gonna sound stupid right now,
but you need to stay calm.
- Calm? Max...
I just buried my
wrench through the forehead
of this man, and he's
still banging on my window.
- I know.
- You know?
How do you know?
- Well, we've been getting
reports like this all day.
Something sort of
crazy is happening.
- You can say that again.
- Some kind of outbreak.
It's making people crazy.
Just stay in the car,
Kirby, all right?
Help is on the way.
- What?
- What happened?
- I just got rescued by
the cast of deliverance.
One of them's coming
this way, I gotta go.
- Wait, Kirby.
- You bit?
- What?
- You look clean enough.
What are you doing out here?
- Waiting for my tow truck.
- Tow truck?
Call me the captain
of the obvious,
but I don't think it's coming.
- Fucking head exploded man.
- Dirty, dirty
fucking shit out there.
- So how many kills
you get today?
- Lost count.
Whatever it was,
it was a damn sight
more than miss pinky over here.
- Bullshit.
- Bullshit?
I'm not not talking about
winging some fuckers,
I'm talking about kill shots.
- Kill shots, huh?
Why don't you go see
if our girl's hungry?
- Don't mind if I do.
Look who's decided
to join the party.
- Park your little
butt fireside.
- What's on the menu?
- Barbecue.
It's something.
Try it out, baby.
- It's kinda flat.
- Oh, she's a pretty one,
isn't she?
That's it.
Then nothing.
- That's disgusting.
- Hey, don't knock
it till you've tried.
- You actually eat them?
- Well, hell, everything's
got its uses, even them.
- You sure you don't want none?
- Thanks, I had ears for lunch.
Intestinal lining?
- It's chicken noodle soup.
- Aren't you afraid
that you're gonna like...
- what?
Been watching too much TV, girl.
Only way you can turn
is by getting bit.
And that's why we all got
a pact with each other.
- What kinda pact?
- Death pact.
Any one of us gets bit, falls
to the others do the job
before we become like them.
Mm, aw, that's the stuff.
- I'll take your word for it.
So where'd they come from?
Ya know, like why, why
are they like that?
- I dunno.
Just woke up one day and the
whole world went to hell.
Where you headed?
- City.
- Talk about hell.
- Why?
- Shit, that whole place is
crawling with creepers.
- There's gotta be
some help though.
What about the government?
- Shit, government.
You trust them?
- Gotta trust something?
- How the hell do you
know they're not the ones
that caused this
in the first place?
- I'd say it was
those damn liberals.
- You think everything
was liberals.
- Yeah, that's 'cause
almost everything is.
With their doctors and
their scientists trying
to play god, well,
you reap what you sow.
- Here we go.
- Be not deceived,
god is not mocked,
for whatsoever a man
reapeth he shall also sow.
Galatians 6:7.
- Okay.
- That's all this is.
God's little way of reminding
us he's still in charge.
- Yeah, well, I don't
think god has anything
to do with this.
- No?
Probably a democrat too.
- I'm not discussing
that with you, okay.
- I knew it, goddamned
liberal here in our midst.
- All right, enough
already, ravage.
Blondie here's our guest.
- I don't know, never
did much trust a woman
who's afraid to
eat a little meat.
- He ain't coming.
- What?
- You still waiting
on that tow truck,
but uh, I think he's got
problems plenty of his own.
- No thanks.
- More for me.
you know, we should just
go ahead and get started.
- Get started?
God, I don't think so, man.
- Oh, that's no way to be.
After all, I did save your life.
- I'm outta here.
- Fucking bitch.
- I warned you.
- Got me a feisty one here.
- Hey, game on, smokes?
- Stay back.
- You're looking at
this all wrong, Blondie.
I mean, this is not like
something that I wanna do.
But we gotta breed.
The very survival of the
human race is depending on it.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
I've heard some lines
in my life but... wow!
- Just grab her ass.
I call seconds.
- No!
Get off!
Drop the gun.
Nobody move.
- She shot my dick off!
- Keys.
Don't fuck with me.
- Outta bullets, huh?
- No!
- Are you still drinking water?
- I'm alone out here.
- I'm with you, don't
worry, I'm not going anywhere.
- No, you jerk, the sick people.
They were here before
and now they're not.
- Maybe they're planning
a surprise party for you.
- Listen, I'm gonna walk.
- What?
- To Vincent.
He's in the city and
I'm worried about him.
- Stay put.
- Can't live forever
on popcorn and Pepsi.
- Someone will come for you.
- If I can't drive myself,
I'm walking.
- If you walk away,
it's suicide.
It's like 50 miles to
the next rest area.
- There's not much choice.
- What if they come back?
If you walk all that
way before nightfall,
what if it's not safe?
- I'm not just gonna sit
here and wait to die, okay?
I'm alone out here, the
tow truck is not coming,
and my car's dead so,
Vincent will wait for me.
It's 'cause of me he's
still in the city.
- Look, monitor
the radio, get online,
I'm sure there's shelter.
Are you okay?
- I just killed somebody.
- Do you have a first aid kit?
- Those assholes are sneaky.
I need a life boat.
Hey Max.
- Yeah?
- Looks like you're
coming with me.
Let's go.
Wishing I got a Prius about now.
- Kirby, I'm really glad...
- Vincent, are you there?
Hey, hey, you're breaking up
and my phone's almost dead.
Damn it!
Break time.
You there, Max?
- Go ahead, Kirby.
- I'm running out of water.
- I know it's hard,
but you need to make sure
you take small
sips twice an hour.
If you can ration yourself,
you can go a lot longer.
- Did you read that in
a manual or something?
- It's just what they told us
to say in training class.
- Right, I think we're
going to have to go way
off book for this one.
- Yeah.
- Where's your
accent from anyway?
- Essex originally.
- You sound like James Bond.
- Or k.I.T.T.
From "knight rider."
I hear that one a lot.
- What's it like where you are?
- Bad.
It's worse than yesterday.
More of them seem to
be coming every hour.
- You safe?
- We have a barricade
up, it seems to be holding
for the moment.
- So now what?
- What?
- How 'bout a game,
help pass the time?
- Um, I'm not good with games.
- Come on.
- I don't know.
- How 'bout guess that movie.
- Never heard of that one.
- It's a game where I give
you a famous movie quote
and you guess the movie.
- Okay, you go first.
- Okay, here's an easy one.
"Open the pod bay doors, Hal.
"Open the pod bay doors."
A space odyssey.
- See? And you said you
weren't good at this.
- It was a lucky break.
- Your turn.
- Hold on, let me think.
- Hurry.
- Okay, I've got one.
"From hell's heart
I stab at thee."
- Easy, Star Trek ii: Wrath of Khan.
- That's correct.
I would have also
accepted Moby dick.
- That's a book.
- It's a movie, too.
So what did you do
for a living before?
- I'm a dancer.
- Disco?
- Ballet.
- Anything I might have seen?
- Did you ever go to the ballet?
- No.
- Then you just answered
your own question.
Hey Max,
- yeah?
- Have you lost anybody?
You know.
- Not yet, but I'm worried.
- Sure.
- I hope.
- Are you married?
- I have a wife and son.
They're safe for now.
My neighbor has a bomb
shelter they're holding up in.
- How come you're not with them?
- Then who'd be here with you?
- Oh really?
- This thing came on us so fast.
I was already here
when it started.
And now unless I can find
an army tank lying around
in the office,
I'm cut off from them.
- Sucks.
- It's enough to
know that they're safe.
- A bomb shelter, huh?
That's convenient.
- It's ironic how I always
made fun of him for it.
But now...
- Yeah.
- The world has changed.
A lot.
- Hey Max, I just
thought of something.
- What's that?
- When my battery dies
I'm gonna lose you.
- Don't think about that now.
We'll figure something out.
- Oh yeah.
- Hey Kirby, everything okay?
- There's something out there.
- Like what?
- I don't know, it looks
like it's in the road.
I'm gonna go take a look.
- Kirby, stick to the plan.
Remember, don't
leave the life boat.
- Quit being such a pussy.
I was just, I was just
telling you where I'd be.
- Look, Kirby, I have
to lock things down here.
But do me favor, when you
get back, let me know, okay?
- Hello?
- Who's this?
- Marilyn Monroe.
- You doing okay?
I hadn't heard from
you for awhile,
so I wanted to check in
and make sure you're okay.
I was worried about you.
- Hi!
- Hey baby.
- Hey.
- Oh my god!
- Hey, fuck off!
- Well that wasn't very nice.
Just thought you
could use some help.
- Hey,
I thought you were um,
one of them.
- Car trouble is it?
- Yeah, how'd you guess?
- What you need are a
couple of pack mules
to pull you along.
- You don't know where I can
get some pack mules, do ya?
- Like an old horse and buggy.
Simple as paint.
- How do you get 'em to move?
- That's the fun part.
- Thanks.
- Don't mention it.
- You know, I can't
really pay you for this.
- No need.
We survivors gotta
stick together.
- Sounds good to me.
- My place ain't far from here.
I reckon you could use
a shower and a hot meal.
- Wouldn't say no.
- Come on, pull!
Mindless sons-of-bitches!
Come on!
- Hey Kirby, you there?
- I'm here.
- You were moving,
I've been calling for hours.
- Oh you were worried about me?
You're sweet, Max.
- Just so glad to
hear that you're okay.
So my driver found you?
He never radioed in.
- No.
- Then how?
- Let's just call it
horsepower, leave it at that.
- Well should I still
bother you with a tow?
- Huh? Oh, yeah.
I don't know much longer
this current situation's
gonna hold up.
- Git!
Come on, pull!
Pull, you mindless
Stop, you sons-of-bitches.
Watch that basket.
Get back!
Get back!
Well, here it is.
Home sweetest home.
- Ezekiel M. Harrison, PHD.
Oh, she's so pretty.
- Shower's down the hall.
Help yourself to whatever
you want from the fridge.
- Mm.
- Git!
git, git!
- Why do you feed them?
- Because they're hungry.
Must bring 'em some pleasure.
Some peace.
- Do you really think
they have feelings?
- Feelings?
Well, let's see.
Feel that?
Feel that?
I don't think she can feel that.
How 'bout this?
Little disembowelment for ya.
Feel that?
Oh god.
Come a little bit closer.
Leave me be.
- I don't think you
should stay here.
- No?
And where would I go?
- You could come into
the city with me.
- And what is in the city?
- Survivors?
- Nah.
Not me.
You should go.
- Listen, I can't just leave...
- no really.
Take what you want
from the house.
I just,
I gotta be alone now.
- Come on.
Well Max, really
fucked this one up.
- What can I say?
Hey Kirbs...
You know I specialize in
helping you
Where are you?
I miss you so much.
Can't wait.
It's been so long.
Now let me see you.
Just bear in mind,
in a few short hours,
I'll be licking you
all over.
- He was never any
good for you anyway.
But you already knew that.
- Dee?
Come on, Dee,
don't make me do this.
You'll get hurt, Dee.
Come on!
This is Max.
- Max? Good news.
- What's that noise?
- I'm coming to get you.
- You are?
- Yep, then we're gonna
go get your family.
Sit tight.
In your face!
This stupid gun won't work.
Not yet.
You know things are bad
when a girl can't even get
attention from the vultures.
This is gonna suck, isn't it?
You with me, Maxwell?
Don't worry, Max,
I'm coming.
- Come on, you motherfuckers!
Bring it!
You fucking dick shooter!
Fucking finish me!
Fuck it, I'll do it myself.
Fuck you!
The fuck's wrong with you?
I see how it is.
Lil' miss hardcore, huh?
Please, come on!
You can't let me turn.
- Mervin?
- Jesus, don't shoot.
- Who are you?
- Hi, I'm Hillary from clerical.
I'm so...
It was quiet so I
thought I'd come down
and scavenge for supplies.
- There more of you?
- Yeah, there's several of
us holding up on the roof.
- We need to get off this roof.
- And go where?
We're in the safest
place we could be.
- No we're not.
- Where we gonna go?!
There are hordes of
these things out here.
- Who left you in charge anyway?
- No one.
But I know we stand a
damn sight better chance
if we stick together.
All right?
You know this.
- Max?
- Wait.
I know that voice.
My god, are you okay?
How did you get here?
- I'm alive.
- That's all that matters,
- Told you I'd
come back for you.
- Yeah, you did, didn't you?
- They're coming.
- Quick, take positions!
- Everyone grab a weapon!
- Hey,
you'll do better with these.
You know how to
use one of those?
- No.
- Nothing to it.
Take that end point
it at the bad guy
and squeeze the trigger.
- You know what's crazy?
We've been fighting
these guys off
the last couple of nights.
And each time they come back,
there's twice as many.
- May not be smart,
but they are persistent.
- I got one!
- Yeah, but you need to
shoot them in the head.
- Oh.
You're good at this.
- Had a lot of time to
practice while I was waiting
for that tow truck
that never came.
- Sorry about that.
- Be right back.
- I got a head shot!
- That's great,
but we gotta move.
We need a way down.
That'll do.
- What, jump?
- Trash bags will
break your fall.
- Fuck that, no.
Oh shit!
I'm okay.
- Okay, everybody off the edge.
You too, Max.
- Ladies first.
- Shit!
Hold up!
Max needs a minute.
- He's changing.
- No, no he's just,
- we... lady, we gotta go.
- No, I came too far for this.
Max, stay with me.
Listen, I can save him,
I just need something hot
and something metal.
Come on there's gotta
be something we can use,
just look around!
- There's nothing we can do.
We have to go!
- Max, look at me.
- Go,
- I'm out of here.
- Wait for us.
- I went through hell
and back to find you.
I'm not gonna leave you now.
- Go,
- This can't be how it ends.
- This isn't the end.
Not for you.
Keep moving, Kirby.
Don't stop.
And they'll never get you.
- Goodbye, Max.
You wanna come with me?
Just keep moving, Kirby.
Follow the road.
- She shot my dick off!