Breaking at the Edge (2013) Movie Script

Excuse me?
ANNOUNCER (V.O.): What's up,
It's Captain Mack with your
8:00 o'clock six pack.
Put it in the Christmas spirit
with some Christmas jams.
What's up? What's up?
Something smells delicious!
Where's my big, beautiful baby?
How is my little baby?
Ravenously hungry.
My, god, that makes three of
us. Babe, did you get any beer?
Yup, bottom shelf. And your
mail is on the table.
Mm, okay.
By the way, there was something
addressed to you as
Cillian Wood.
Wow, I haven't been called that
since I was a kid.
You know, I always thought it
sounded like a lame
70's rock band.
I think it's distinguished.
So... there's been a
development. Read it.
They found my father's will.
The old man came through and
left everything to me and Zach.
All of it.
Baby, that's amazing!
I mean, look at us,
living like this.
You know, he could have helped
at any time, but he never did.
Selfish prick.
But he came through now.
Yes, he did.
So, now what happens?
Now... go through probate,
which, I don't know, hopefully
shouldn't take too long.
What's the matter?
I just...
I thought you'd be happy?
I am happy, I just... I don't
want anything to go wrong.
Baby, nothing's gonna go wrong.
You're right. She's right.
We'll be in a house of our own
before the baby's born.
You get these pains only
in the morning?
No, I'll get them all the time.
It's like I'm being stabbed.
Have you noticed any blood?
Is everything okay, Doctor?
The baby looks healthy.
Good heart rate, good
position in the uterus.
You and the baby seem
to be just fine.
You're absolutely sure?
Do you want to take a look?
No. You might peek between its
legs. Spoil the surprise.
What's the matter, babe?
Ian, could I speak with your
wife alone for a moment,
Sure. It's okay.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Here you go.
So, talk to me.
I'm so scared something's
gonna go wrong again.
It's normal to have these
feelings after a miscarriage
and Althea subsequent...
That's a nice way
of putting it.
Are you still taking
the lithium?
Yes, but I want to stop. You
said there could be some risk.
I have a feeling it's what's
causing the pain and could be
hurting the baby.
We went through this when you
first got pregnant.
The risk is very, very slight.
As long as the levels of
lithium remain normal in your
blood, you and the baby
should be safe.
But it is important that you
stay on the medication.
But I don't need it any more.
My mind is fine, it's my
body that's in pain.
I understand that you
feel that way...
But coming off of it could
trigger hallucinations and
night terrors again
and I don't...
I don't care about myself. It's
my baby that's important.
Its health is only as
good as yours.
I want you to promise me that
you're gonna keep taking
the pills, okay?
Good girl.
B, you okay?
Just morning sickness?
No, just pain.
Little boy, little girl a
little restless in there?
It's a little different
than last time, huh?
Yeah, it is.
You still okay to have lunch
with my brother?
Mm-hm. I'll be fine.
And besides, I haven't seen
Zach in ages and I haven't even
met his girlfriend.
What's she like?
She's a little trashy, but he
likes her. I'll give a minute.
Such an interesting dish.
What's it called again?
I love it. It's delicious.
It's Brazilian, very popular in
the area I come from.
It's made with pork ears
and knees, sausage.
Very strong food. Not too
spicy for you, I hope.
Honey, spicy is what I
specialize in.
Well, we never had it this good
when we were kids, did we?
Well, this is nice,
it's real nice.
When our old man moved us down
here, Mom didn't
really cook much.
She seemed to only have time
for pedicures and
tennis lessons.
So, were your parents good
together or did they
fight a lot?
God, you ask the stupidest
questions. Just get me
another beer.
Can we have a nice lunch,
Here, have some more.
No more pork ears for me.
What about you, Lorena? Would
you like some more?
I better not.
Yeah, she better not, because
she's getting a little fat.
He's crazy. You've got a
terrific figure.
Babe, you want some more?
Yes, well, I'm eating for two.
Yes, you are eating for two.
So, do you guys know if you're
having a boy or a girl yet?
No, we wanted to keep
it a surprise.
No, no, no, babe. You
shouldn't, you shouldn't.
I'm not drinking, I just want
to propose a toast.
Okay. What are we toasting to?
Family, friends, the baby.
All the usual stuff.
And of course, to great news.
What great news?
Oh, didn't you hear? They
found the will.
The money's coming through,
their dad left it all to them.
Zach, you never told me that.
Because it's none of your
fucking business, and it's
not official yet.
It's not official.
You okay? B, you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. Excuse me.
She's my wife.
Zach said there's a pool. I
brought my suit. Mind if
I go for a swim?
IAN (O.S.): All you do is
antagonize her. Please,
just lay off.
No, I'll go with you.
Sounds like Zach and Ian had a
pretty lousy childhood.
Yeah, their parents split up
when they were teenagers.
They never spoke to
their father again.
But he left them the money
anyways? Weird.
I don't know. In the end, it's
family that counts. That's
what Ian always says.
Ian sure got all that charm.
Zach acts all moody and angry
bear most of the time.
Yeah, I just heard him fighting
with Ian upstairs.
He was furious that Ian told me
about the will, but why
shouldn't I know they found it?
It doesn't make sense.
Beats me.
Zach hates it when people ask
him anything about his family.
But I'm family, Lorena.
Babe, we gotta call the
plumber. The water's
coming out all foggy.
I know, babe. I keep meaning
to call the plumber.
Call the plumber, call the
electrician, call everybody.
Nothing works in this
lousy place.
So... Hm?
Do you think Lorena is
prettier than me?
Baby, on a scale of like one to
ten, you're like an eleven.
She's like a two.
Well, you said she had a
terrific figure.
My brother was being a jerk to
her. I was trying to say
something nice.
Yeah, it was nice to have
somebody to swim with.
Maybe she'll come over again?
I think I'll ask her.
Sure. You spend too much time
alone. It'll be good to
have a friend.
Come find me.
You must find me.
Well, where are you?
Have you noticed a strange girl
hanging under our
building recently?
What... what are you
talking about?
This girl, she
keeps showing up.
Something about her
really creeps me out.
Like she lives here?
I don't know.
What, like a kid?
No, more like 20. Small, thin,
kind of dark and
dressed in black.
Always wearing this
weird make-up.
Baby, this is that new TL I was
telling you about.
So we're safe, I want to
get one of these.
I'm listening.
20's, always dressed in black,
super thin, crazy make-up.
Well, she doesn't sound
that terrifying.
I'm just asking if
you've seen her.
I haven't seen her.
Hey, baby, listen, I hate to
hit you with this, but it's
gonna be a late one over here.
I'm not getting out of
here any time soon.
Ian, but you promised, no
more late nights.
Nothing I can do about it.
I get so lonely here.
I know, but I'll make it up to
you, okay? You can count on it.
Okay, I gotta go, babe. I
love you. Bye.
I live you... too.
DR. GHOZLAND (V.O.): Without
lithium, the hallucinations
could intensify...
And eventually overwhelm you.
If you don't take your
medication, we may have to
hospitalize you.
IAN (V.O.): Without medication,
she may never recover.
DR. GHOZLAND (V.O.): She lost
the first pregnancy...
IAN (V.O.): Bianca? Babe, you
know where you are?
DOCTOR (V.O.): Bianca, do you
know where you are? The baby is
not gonna make it.
IAN (V.O.): The baby
didn't make it.
DOCTOR (V.O.): The good news is
that this is a disease that
can be treated.
Your baby will die.
Babe, is that you?
Listen to me, Bianca.
VOICES (V.O.) Bianca,
come with me.
Listen to me.
Are you okay?
It's okay. It's okay.
Let's call the police.
It's okay. You're okay.
Come on.
Come on, it's okay.
I know what I saw, Ian.
I think it was that girl who's
been following me.
So, what would she be doing in
our house, Bianca?
Look, look.
There were footprints.
They were here.
So, do you want to
call the cops?
I guess there is no point.
I'm worried about you.
I'm fine.
What is it?
It's just with this baby.
Things just haven't been the
same between us since
you got pregnant.
Ssh. You want this... and god
knows, I do, too.
Look, babe, I do, I'm just
worried about you.
I'm concerned for your health.
You mean my mental health,
don't you? I want this child
more than anything.
Losing one was hard enough, I'm
not gonna lose a second.
You just gotta keep taking
your pills, okay?
DOCTOR (V.O.) If you continue
to refuse the medication...
We'll have no choice but to
keep you institutionalized.
What do you want?
Why are you after me? Why
are you after me?!
Get away from me!
Your baby is dying.
You're okay? B?
Do you worry that I might
go crazy again?
Come here.
You're gonna be fine. Just
gotta keep taking them... your
medication, okay?
Are you doing okay in there?
Yeah, I'm almost done.
He's that way.
Thank you.
Bianca? Bianca, wait! I was
comforting her.
That's what it's called now,
She came into my office and she
was sobbing, okay?
She was going on and on about
Zach, she was making a scene.
The entire dealership,
they were staring...
You had your arms around her.
Yes, I did. I had my arms
around her, because she
was hysterical.
Look, he hit her, Bianca.
He hit her.
She was scared. I was trying
to calm her down.
What was I supposed to do?
What was I supposed to do?
Everything seems so... I
just... I need you.
You're always gonna have me.
You're always gonna have me.
I promise.
ANNOUNCER (V.O.): We begin
tonight with an update in a
missing persons case...
That we've been following for
several days now.
Police still desperately
looking for 21-year-old
Sara Randolph.
ANNOUNCER #2 (V.O.): Randolph
was last seen four days ago
leaving her job...
Ian! Ian!
BIANCA (O.S.): It's her. Who?
The girl, she's on TV. Ian!
What? What? What?
The girl that's been following
me, her picture was just on the
news. She's missing.
Why would a missing girl
be following you?
That's what I don't know, but
it was her, I'm sure.
Okay, so what do you want
to do about it?
I don't know, call the cops?
You really want to
call the cops?
Well, if she's missing, isn't
it my, what do you call it?
Civic duty?
Civic duty? Yeah, to report it.
Um, yeah, it would be, but do
you... do you really want
to call the cops?
I mean, does she ask you for
help or anything?
No, she didn't say anything.
Okay, so why do you want
to call the cops?
What are they gonna send a
bunch of detectives down here
to help you deliver the baby?
They may be good at Lamaze?
No, they are not good
with Lamaze.
Well, but, if she keeps
stalking me, then screw it,
we're gonna call the cops.
We're gonna call the cops.
You looking for the girl?
Yeah. I wanted to see if
she's come back yet.
Where are you from, girl? The
islands? Nicaragua?
Brazil? Like Rio de Janeiro,
Yeah, near Rio.
Okay, Ms. Rio de Janeiro, you
a friend of Sara's?
Yes, I am.
I don't think so.
You're not the type.
Wait! Do you live here?
I own the place. Four above
and a shop below.
Please, please.
Please, it's really important
that I find Sara.
I already told the cops
everything I know.
Please, sir, I...
Hey, you like cats?
No, not really.
Well, me, neither, but your
friend gave it to me.
She's messed up, but she loves
cats. She gave me this just
before she disappeared.
Why? Was she worried that
something bad might
happen to her?
Take this cat off my hands
here. Hold it. See?
You take this cat off my hands
and I'll tell you everything
I told the cops.
I can't bring home a cat.
Well, that's too bad. Probably
have to put the
little sucker down.
Okay, you've got a deal.
Oh, what a lovely
pussycat you are.
Okay, the last time I saw Sara,
she was looking for a lawyer.
I thought she'd gotten into
trouble again, she said...
"No, man, not that kind of
lawyer. I'm movin' up
in the world."
Then she gave me that cat
to take care of.
I don't know what she was
thinking? She was always,
you know...
That's it?
That's it. That's it.
But, you know what? I'm gonna
give you one of these to
go with your cat.
Merry Christmas.
Take it, it's look
good on the tree.
Thank you. How much is it?
Thank you.
You're welcome. Bye.
We're gonna go home now, okay?
Just let me get the key.
Kitty! What's wrong?
Excuse me, is this yours?
Why are you following me?
Detective Williams,
Savannah Police.
Why don't you and I grab a cup
of coffee? Let's go.
Does the name Sara Randolph
mean anything to you?
Yes. Yes, it does.
Did she give you the earring?
Did you visit her the night
she disappeared?
So you can tell me why your
car was seen...
In front of her apartment
building the night
she disappeared?
I have no idea.
You didn't drive to her
apartment that night?
No, I did not.
Here we go. I'll be back.
How do you describe the
relationship between you and
your husband and Miss Randolph?
There is no relationship.
We don't know her.
You recognize this place?
Yes, it's Ian's family's house
in Hilton Head. This is Ian,
Zach, their parents.
And do you know who
these people are?
No, I don't.
Sara Randolph and her mother
Elsa, the housekeeper.
Elsa was the housekeeper for
the family for over 20 years.
She was fired. She moved to
Atlanta and died soon after.
Your husband never told
you about this?
No, Ian doesn't talk
about his childhood.
His mother is dead and he was
estranged from his father.
They never talked, not even
before his dad died.
You know nothing about Sara?
Yet, when I mentioned her name,
you recognized it.
I saw her picture on the news.
I felt... bad for her.
That's it?
Yes. That's it.
And the earring? You know she
had one just like that, right?
I saw it in a store yesterday.
It attracted me.
I don't know, maybe I remember
seeing it on her?
On her?
On a picture on the news. I'm
tired, I want to go home now.
I'll drive you back.
Mrs. Wood, what are you so
afraid of? You can tell me.
I don't know what you're
talking about.
You sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
Mrs. Wood, most people in this
city wouldn't care about
someone like Sara Randolph.
Poor, daughter of a maid, she
might as well not exist.
Well, maybe we're not
most people.
Good luck with the baby.
It's a blessing.
Hey! There you are. Kitty!
Come back here!
Wait! I know who you are!
BIANCA (O.S.): Please, I
want to talk to you.
Wait, please!
CAPTAIN (O.S.): All aboard!
Wait! Please wait!
Wait, please! I just want
to talk to you.
Come to me.
Come closer. Closer.
Let there be light.
Hey! So, good news on
the probate.
Got a court order to
evict the tenants.
What the hell is going on?
What are you talking about?
I'm your wife, about to have
a child together.
If something is wrong, you have
to trust me enough to tell me.
Okay, what do you mean?
Sara Randolph?
The police showed me a photo of
you, Zach and Sara.
Sorry, I haven't heard Sara
Randolph's name in years. She
was the maid's kid.
Why are the police showing
you a photo of her?
She's the missing girl, the one
who's been following me.
Yeah, and I think she's dead.
How can she be following
you if she's dead?
She led me to this terrible
place, it was awful.
She's dead. How can she lead
you anywhere, Bianca?
It was her ghost. I saw her.
She wants something from me.
I don't know what. I don't know
why she's chosen me.
Maybe because you knew her when
you were kids, she feels
she can trust me.
Okay, Bianca.
Bianca, you taking
your medication?
This has nothing to
do with that.
When did you stop taking it?
It doesn't matter!
I started getting the pains, I
thought the meds were
hurting the baby.
Oh, my god.
You are imagining these things.
You're having
hallucinations again.
I know what I saw. It was real.
You think it seems real, but
what you saw does not exist.
It's just like after
the miscarriage.
That's why they put you on the
meds in the first place.
Now you gotta start
taking them.
Right away, or they're gonna
put you back in the psych ward.
I've started taking them again.
Good, because we don't want the
police to take you away
from our baby.
They can't do that. You
don't let them.
I may not have a choice, if
you're talking like this.
Because ghosts do not exist.
You gotta stop talking
like this, okay?
You gotta knock this shit off,
for all of our sakes.
Ian, I'm so scared.
What's wrong with me?
It's okay. It's gonna be okay.
Come on. Come on.
I'll go make you some tea.
Drink this.
Just take a little more.
Come on, take a bit more.
Ian... our car was outside
Sara's apartment the night
she disappeared.
Our car...
What? What's wrong?
Where am I?
That's very funny.
What? What? What?
You're hurting me.
Oh, my god, I just had the
strangest dream.
I was pregnant with our child...
Don't get any ideas, babe. I
don't need any more pregnant
women in my life, all right?
I don't feel very well.
I don't feel well.
Hey! Where you going?
IAN (O.S.): What are you doing?
Come back to bed.
IAN (O.S.): Lorena!
Ian, you son of a bitch!
You've been screwing her!
What? What? Stop! Stop!
How could you? Stop!
I saw you having sex
with Lorena!
Stop! I've been
sleeping on the couch.
Stop! Stop! You had
a bad dream.
You had a bad dream. Stop.
You had a bad dream. You're
okay. Come on, let's
go back to bed.
Let's go back to bed.
must do what I say.
say, then you won't die.
I let all my tenants store
their stuff down here.
This was hers.
Let's see if her key fits.
Are you sure this is okay? I
don't want to get
you in trouble.
Well, the police made me keep
everybody out of her apartment.
They should have been
more specific.
What are you looking for?
I'm not sure.
Hey. What's this?
My daughter, Sara
Marie Randolph.
Not what you expected, huh?
IAN (O.S.): If you didn't tell
her, how the fuck
does she know?
Beats me, maybe you talk
in your sleep.
I'm just glad she
finally knows.
She doesn't.
I convinced her she was
imagining things.
Well, you gotta tell
her sometime.
I'm not gonna wait
around much longer.
No. No. This was a mistake,
Oh, hm, it didn't seem
like a mistake.
Not from the way you were
screaming with joy.
You never had it like that
before, did you, honey?
You know, you can have some of
that every night for the
rest of your life.
You know, I can't stand another
minute with your
bastard brother.
And you can't tell me you want
to go back to that
foreign nut job.
Well, if you don't tell her
about us, I will.
Shut your fucking mouth!
What's going on?
Zach! What are you doing home,
Got some things I need to talk
to my brother about.
What kind of things?
Just shut up, you fucking
whore! Get in the bedroom.
Fuck you!
Get in the fucking room!
Get the fuck in the bedroom,
you goddamn...
So what's going on between you
two? You fucking her? Huh?
You're always getting worked
up over nothing.
Just like you are
with these cops.
Nothing? The cops got
us tied to Sara.
So what? What's the matter,
Because your fucking wife is
shouting her big,
fucking mouth off!
She's seeing ghosts. You think
anybody's gonna listen to what
she says right now?
Yeah. If the lawyer walks off
the deal, we're fucked!
So you either shut her
up or I will!
Don't you threaten my wife.
Fuck you, Ian.
We're not kids any more, Zach.
Yeah, we're not. I'll bash
your fucking head in!
Then you keep all the money,
Bianca, we've gotta meet
somewhere. I've got
lots to tell you.
It's okay, you don't have to
talk, just listen.
Ian's leaving you for me.
Speak English, I can't
understand a word...
I said you are a tramp.
Oh, Ian and I are out of here
just as soon as the money
comes through.
There is no money! They've
been lying all along.
I found the real will.
Everything was left to Sara,
their half-sister.
They forged the new one.
What Ian said about you...
Lorena? Lorena?
I could be wrong about your
husband. The story he's telling
is very convincing.
He's here?
Next room down. He's being
very cooperative.
According to him, you were
jealous of Lorena.
You accused him of having an
affair. Made a few threats.
Not threats...
He says you've gone off your
meds and that's made you
imagine things.
Are you on lithium
right now or not?
Yes, you are?
Yes. No.
No, you're not.
Are you okay?
I get these pains, that's why.
That's why what?
It's nothing.
Okay. According to your
phone records...
You were in the Savannah
Gardens area when you got a
call from Lorena.
Now that's Sara
Randolph's neighborhood.
Is it?
Look, I told you I had nothing
to do with Sara. Am
I a suspect?
Do I need a lawyer? Because if
not, I'd like to go.
Look, I don't know what kind of
games you and your
husband are up to.
But if I were you, I'd
be very careful.
I got two people dead and don't
want another and I still got a
pregnant girl missing.
Yeah, Sara Randolph was three
months pregnant when
she disappeared.
Leave my baby alone.
Okay, come on.
Have mercy! Don't you touch me!
I'm gonna make you disappear.
I'm gonna make you go
away forever.
Yeah, right.
Kill Ian Wood. Kill Ian Wood.
Just Bianca... kill Ian Wood or
your baby will die.
Ecclesiastes: For who can say
what is good for a person
in his life...
During the few and meaningless
days he passes through
like a shadow?
All go to the same place; all
come from dust...
And it is to dust that we
shall all return.
Naked comes a man from his
mother's womb, and as he so
comes, so he will depart.
Who will tell him
what is to come?
Not one of us has power over
the wind to contain it.
And so not one of us has power
over the day of his death.
Of the son of the Holy Spirit.
CREATURE GIRL (V.O.): Listen to
me. This is your last chance.
Kill Ian Wood.
It's time to go, Bianca.
Let's go.
No. I won't go with you.
Excuse me?
I'm afraid of what I
might do to you.
Get in the car.
No, I have to go somewhere
safe for my baby.
Far away from all of you.
Get in the fucking car.
I know everything. I saw
the real will.
Sara was your half-sister. Your
father left her everything.
And you killed her
for the money.
You killed your brother, too.
Where is it?
Where's the fucking will?
You're such a fool. I'll never
let you get away.
It hurts, huh? Why should you
get a baby when I can't?
This is your last warning.
Your baby is dying.
She's gonna take my baby.
No one's trying to
get your baby.
Breathe, Bianca. Breathe.
Try to relax.
We're dropping.
We have to turn it around.
She's hemorrhaging.
Relax, Bianca. Just breathe.
Bianca, wake up!
I was bleeding.
We stopped it.
You're very lucky.
The baby?
She's fine.
Oh, Bianca, I'm so sorry. I
completely forgot.
Don't worry... I knew it
would be a girl.
You kept saying someone was
trying to take her from you.
Who do you think that is?
You can't tell Ian that I'm
here. My life depends on it.
This is gonna sound crazy.
I know I've had my problems in
the past, but you have
to believe me.
It's true.
You're gonna be okay.
I brought you a
change of clothes.
We're going to release her into
your care for now...
But you have to make sure she
takes the lithium.
Otherwise, she won't stop
having hallucinations
and terrors.
And then god knows what could
happen to her, and the baby.
I understand. I'll make sure
she keeps taking it. Thank you.
Open the fucking door!
I can't take this any more.
Please forgive me.
Please help me. I'll do
whatever you want.
SARA (V.O.): I'll make
it better now.
But see what they did to me.
They were so cold.
My baby woke me.
Oh, jeez!
How the fuck is she alive?
She's still alive.
SARA (V.O.): They were my
brothers. I begged them.
Stand back.
SARA (V.O.): I begged them for
my baby, not for me. I begged
them not to kill my baby.
But they didn't listen.
They didn't listen!
You have to make it right.
You have to avenge my baby.
Bianca? Where are you?
I'm here, where you
killed Sara.
I have the will with me.
If you don't come, I'll
go to the police.
I'm coming.
Jesus Christ! You're out of
your goddamn mind.
She said I have to do to you
the same thing you did to her.
Don't do this, Bianca.
Don't do this.
Don't do this, Bianca, please,
I goddamn beg you, please
do not do this.
If I don't do it, she wants
to take my baby.
Please don't, I goddamn beg
you, don't do this!
Don't do this! Just please,
stop! I'm begging you, stop!
Just stop okay?
I didn't have a choice. I
did this for us.
I did it for the baby.
No, you didn't. I loved you.
I gave up everything for you.
I didn't need any money. I
thought we were happy.
I just wanted us to
have a family.
And you came and
ruined everything.
I'm sorry.
You stupid, fucking bitch!
Do you think I wanted any of
this? Do you think I
wanted to kill her?
I tried to talk to her. I tried
to get her to understand
what they did to us.
That the money belonged to us.
She didn't understand.
You... had to go digging.
You couldn't just let the
broad stay dead?
Where's the will?
Where's the fucking will?!
Help me! Help me!
There's no one here to help
you! There's nothing there!
Where's the will?
You promised!
IAN (O.S.): The fucking will!
You killed my baby.
No, Bianca, don't!
The gruesome story
continues to unfold...
Since last night's discovery
under the pier by the
Savannah River.
31-year-old Ian Wood was killed
during a confrontation
involving his wife
Bianca and police.
Ian was a prime suspect in
three murders, including that
of his half-sister
Sara Randolph.
His wife, Bianca Wood, five
months pregnant...
Was also wounded and remains in
critical condition, though is
expected to survive.
Police tell WTOC they found
body parts under the pier...
And have confirmed that they
are in fact Sara Randolph's.
A spokesman for the police
department says they think...
We have a gunshot wound to her
left shoulder, a 24-year-old,
contusions to the face.
Officers believe that she was
assaulted... possibly assaulted
by her husband. Baby is stable.
All his vitals look good.
Bianca? Do you know where you
are right now? Bianca?
SARA (V.O.): Bianca, see
what I can see.
Bianca, I'm Dr. Mauer.
We're gonna take care of you
now. Everything is gonna be all
right. The baby is fine.