Breaking Point (2023) Movie Script

Can I hold the trophy?
Please? Uh-uh. No.
I won it fair and square.
Just let me hold it.
Never in a million years.
Trey, let me hold it!
No! Stop fighting, you two.
No, Benji.
Come on. That's enough.
Please stop fighting.
- It doesn't matter.
- It's just a trophy. - Stop fighting!
Right, that's it.
What are you playing at?
You're gonna get us caught.
You're not supposed
to be in here! Get out!
Get out, the lot of you!
We have cameras.
So do we. Say, "Cheese!"
Hey, you!
I know you. You're Benji Matthews.
See ya!
Did you do the homework?
Of course.
OK.Did you?
Yeah, of course I did.
Right, I'm gonna test you, then.
Give me an example
of an international
sustainability initiative.
Er... energy-efficient agriculture?
OK, nice. That'll get you one mark.
Solar glass. OK.
So cool. Let's take
a picture for the gram.
Take one of me in front of it.
Yeah, your brother might be cool,
but, man, him and his crew are dumb.
Yep. Maybe they could take one.
Did I show you that video?
Thank you.
Morning, Pops.
I thought you weren't gonna miss
any more lessons.
And where were you last night, anyway?
First period doesn't start till nine.
Late, again.
And school's not the only thing
you've been missing out on
lately, is it? Remember?
You were supposed to cover for me
at the antiques fair last Saturday
and help out your Uncle Roy.
He says you bailed on him.
That's a lie.
No, no, no. Come on. That's not on.
You must apologise. OK.
Dad... I'm sorry.
Not to me! To your Uncle Roy.
Nah, Roy's an absolute tool,
man. Come on.
Don't say that. Come on. Hi!
Well, hello, Layla.
Morning, Martin.
You alright, mate? Boom. Sup?
Are you hungry?
Yes, please. Our fridge was empty.
Well, help yourself
to whatever's in there and then,
the two of you, get a move on.
Is there anything you wanna say
to your dad before you go?
Anything at all?
Not today.
"Happy birthday, Dad!"
would be nice.
Last night was lit.
Come on! Help me figure out
this stupid website so we can
actually get into uni.
That one.
OK. What is that noise?
Rampage Crew. I heard
they've got a show at that big club.
Literally everyone's going.
I don't care.
As long as Benji comes
to Dad's birthday later.
Are we unpopular?
Abbie, you're one of the most
intelligent people I know.
I'm sure you can work out
the answer to that question.
Yeah, but I mean, we're not really.
I mean, we're not like them.
No, they have three friends,
we have one.
Yeah, but through choice.
I wouldn't call that unpopular.
I'd just call that
Yeah, we're smashing it.
Erm, excuse me? Yeah,
you in the Christmas jumper.
Could you pick that up, please?
Thank you. Thank you.
Put it straight in the bin.
Yeah. Actually, is that paper?
It should go in the recycling.
Don't roll your eyes at me.
In there. Brilliant.
Thank you so much.
Have a wonderful day.
Also, it's March. Take it off.
Check the video I've got.
What, last night's clip?
Yeah, bro. Benji, you're popping
off, man. Socials are blowing up.
We're selling out tonight.
Yeah, but check out
my drop right here.
Yeah, you were killing it
last night, to be fair.
Can Layla do this, though?
Allow her, man.
Benji Matthews!
That's enough showing off.
Come on. With me. Now!
- Aw, Miss.
- You're good, bro. Let me know how it goes, man.
Shut up.
Mr Matthews. Mrs Laverty.
Thank you for coming in
at such short notice.
Benji and his Rampage Crew
were caught on college
grounds last night.
They were trespassing, breaking
and entering, and vandalising.
Unfortunately, I have no option
but to issue a two-week suspension.
Mrs Laverty,
I can only apologise. You.
With me, now.
This is so out of order.
We have been through this.
I've been too soft on you.
From now on, you pay your own way.
Phone, rent, food,
everything, and don't you dare
think about bailing.
Fine but can't I start tomorrow?
I've got practice later.
- No, you don't. - It's important, - I can't miss it!
- No more dancing,
Benji. You are done! And so am I. Breaking.
You, get there now
and help your uncle! Quickly!
I just don't know
where I've gone wrong with him.
You're doing alright. It's hard.
You're doing it by yourself.
Er, easy with that chair, mate.
Thanks for being here, man.
That's what family's for.
Anything else you need, just ask.
You've done more
than enough already.
So, you're alright? Yes.
Come on.
Benj, let's...
Bro. Bro!
You can't keep doing that.
Come on, Benji.
We have a routine, like...
Which I just made better.
Bro, we're a crew. Fix up!
Listen, if we don't kill
this show tonight,
we won't get booked for another one.
Bruv, I could do this routine
with my eyes closed.
- This guy, man.
- We need to be ready for everything, Benj.
It's not all about you.
Hey, don't. That'll be my dad or Roy.
It's an unknown number.
It's spam.
Shh, shh. Hello, hello, hello!
Benji Matthews speaking.
'Benji, hi. My name is
Kate Robson and I've been asked
to put together a crew
to represent Great Britain
for the World Breaking
Championship Invitational.'
The world championships? What?
Hi, this is Benji.
'Yeah, you said.
Listen, I saw your videos online
and you and your friend Layla
obviously have talent.
So, I'll be at your show tonight.
I'm scouting for breakers
to invite to try out
for the world championship,
so give it your best shot.
Erm, alright. Bye-bye.'
You're considering it, aren't you?
No, he isn't.
He'd never leave the crew behind.
Right, Benj?
Ah! Got ya!
You think you're funny, innit?
I thought I was gonna have to find
a new breaker, bro. No chance.
I'm the best there is. 'Hi,
this is Kate Robson here.'
Benji, listen,
I'm sorry about earlier.
I was... Oh. You're not there.
I brought you some hot chocolate.
Can you call your brother, please?
- I don't have his number.
- Why not? Cos I have nothing to say to him.
And if I did,
he wouldn't wanna hear it anyway.
Right, I'm sure that,
during the course of your life,
a situation will arise where
you will need to call your brother.
He's not my brother.
What? He's adopted!
Oh, my silk pyjamas!
Why did no one tell me?
Dad! You're distracting me.
OK. OK. Alright. OK. Fine.
Thank you.
OK. There's some hot chocolate
there, in case you change your mind.
Thank you. OK? This one is mine.
I'll see you downstairs for cake.
Thanks. Thanks.
OK, people.
Rampage Crew making an entrance!
Move back. Move back.
Stand back. Make space. Rampage
Crew 'bout to light this place up.
That's from both me and Benji.
Let's go!
Shout out to Rampage,
they're killing it.
Shall we cut the cake?
No, no, no. Let's wait for Benji.
I don't think he's coming, Dad.
Right, I see.
I mean, if he's not coming,
then we could just cut the cake
now then, right?
We could.
Love the, er, icing on it.
It's very well done.
It's blue. It is blue, yeah.
It matches the present
and the balloon.
It's blue.
It is. That's blue, yeah.
It's like they've come as a set.
I'll be back.
Well, I guess we're going out then.
Erm, happy birthday, Mr Matthews.
And we will be back, so just
don't eat all the cake. Trey!
Slow down. Trey, wait for me.
What the hell are you doing?
It's Dad's birthday.
Well, I appreciate that might be the
highlight of your social calendar,
but I've actually got other things-
It's one day. One day, Benji.
We should be together as a family.
Or have you forgotten what that is
cos you've been... A family?
You can't just pick and choose
when I'm a part of this family.
These guys are more of a family
to me anyways.
It's not our fault you'd much rather
spend your time hanging around
with a bunch of idiot kids who think
you're cool cos you can back flip.
OK, he didn't mean that.
What are you doing, mate?
You just... Yeah.
Asking you to come home.
Nah, you come in here
in front of my crew and think
you can insult me like that?
- Get out. You're embarrassing.
- Yourself. - Come on, guys. Not in here.
Trey, just go home, please, mate.
But I'm not your mate, am I?
- You made that very clear when you.
- Picked sides. - Sides? I never wanted.
Get over it! It was years ago.
Now, get out, will ya?
I said get out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. None of that.
If you wanna battle,
you do it on the floor.
You heard the man.
You come in here, play by our rules.
This is hilarious
but I think that's our cue.
Fine. What?
You come home.
Trey, what the hell are you doing?
You can't break dance.
Do you wanna run home to Daddy
or do you actually wanna do this?
Let's just get it over with.
It looks like we've got
a battle on our hands, people!
Alright, Benji,
let's make this quick.
Alright, let's do this.
Let's see what
this new guy's gonna do.
Trey, this is social suicide.
Come on.
That's crazy.
Whoa, I was not
expecting that, people.
Trey. Wait, Trey. Wait!
That's my best friend.
Who was that B-boy
that was battling Benji?
Don't worry about him. He's no one.
He didn't look like no one to me.
That's his brother, Trey Matthews.
And I'm Layla Johnston, with a "T".
I know who you are.
I'll be in touch.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Ooh, present!
Let's see.
- Ooh!
- Wow. Hot pink shorts.
- Yeah. - And check out this shirt.
- Wow! - Yes!
Magnum PI. Nice.
To finish off the ensemble,
a lovely pair of Crocs.
Of course.
Thank you, boys.
Oh, I think that's my mum.
Um... I think it would be rude
- if I didn't at least try the cake, - maybe take some.
- OK.
Here you go, my dear.
Thank you so much. Most welcome.
Thanks. See ya. Bye!
So, are we making up the sofa bed
for you tonight, Layla?
Not tonight. Mum promised
we'd have breakfast together
when she gets back from night shift.
Aw, that's nice.
I'll tell you what.
Take her a piece of cake, yeah?
Thanks, Martin. She'll love it.
Always welcome.
Take that. Right.
Happy birthday to me! Yay!
Happy birthday, Dad!
Dude! Alright!
Hi, Trey.
Trey! Excuse me, sorry.
My best friend, Trey Matthews.
Good morning, Trey Matthews.
My best friend,
Trey Matthews. Hello.
What's going on?
OK, you're not gonna believe this,
but we're popular now.
Like, like, actually popular.
See, everyone saw that video
of you destroying Benji and...
I didn't destroy him.
That's not how everyone else saw it.
No photos, no photos.
Make sure they get your good side.
Very important for the press.
OK, you've gone viral
on social media.
I'm not on social media.
You are now. I made you an account.
Abbie! No, delete it. No.
Serious. Delete it.
No. I've got followers now.
Trey, I've never had
followers before. It's all very,
very exciting. You know, we could've
been popular this whole time.
Trey, we could've gone to parties.
Everyone thought we were losers,
when we're secretly cooler than
all of them... I'm gonna go.
This whole time. We...
We are cooler than all of you.
Well, specifically me... Trey?
Next stop, Durham University.
"You have one
new voicemail from Kate."
'Hi. If you're hearing this,
then you've been selected
to try out for Team GB.
Auditions are tomorrow
at my studio in Liverpool,
so please make sure
you're at the hotel
for registration at 9AM sharp.'
What? 'Good luck.'
Oh, there he is. First
Matthews boy to go to university.
I haven't got in yet.
Well, I know you will.
Ah, good afternoon, Benji.
That's one glass of juice.
Make sure that you add it
to my monthly tab.
I don't know how you're gonna pay
this monthly tab without any income.
Look at your brother there,
going to Durham University.
Typical. The miracle child
can do no wrong.
So, apart from your interview,
did anything else exciting
happen today?
Not really. You?
Not really. I did get a call
from this random woman, though.
That's weird, cos I got a call
from a random woman too.
Yeah, but I'm not actually gonna go.
- I've got way more important things.
- To be doing. - So do I.
What random woman?
Who are you guys messaging?
You better not have made
anyone pregnant, I swear to God.
Oh, my God... My best friend's
gonna be a world champion.
Are you gonna mention me?
Actually, no. Can I be your manager?
I'm not gonna do it.
Wha... Wha... Are you doolally?
I'd be doolally if I went.
Trey, you can't turn down
an opportunity like this.
It would be outrageous.
I don't break.
Not in front of people,
and definitely not competitively.
Why? Benji's the breaker.
That's his thing.
I'm going to uni. I'm gonna...
You can do both.
Who says you have
to do just one thing?
I wouldn't make it through
the first round, anyway.
OK, but, you know, if you did
you'd be, like, famous. And I
would be your famous best friend.
Yeah, I'd be a great famous person.
I actually practise
in front of the mirror
all the time. Ready? Hold on.
Oh, no. No photos.
This is me getting papped.
Inspiring stuff.
Thank you. But I'm not going.
And that's final.
Are you gonna drink that?
I was, actually.
Well, you're not anymore.
You are still coming
tomorrow, right?
I know it's
the world championship, but
like, you haven't changed your mind?
No stress, I'll be here.
There's no way I'm going.
You've got to be kidding me.
You're joking.
I thought you had
more important things to do.
So much for not coming.
Didn't you say the same?
You know this is for
the world championships, right?
- Oi!
- Hi, er, can I just get everyone's attention please?
Peachy bum bum.
Get you all to check in at reception
and then, erm...
Hey, guys, listen.
Look at this guy! Can't even get
your case through the door, bro.
We don't have these doors
where I'm from.
Where's that, North Pole?
Ha! Funny face.
From there, we're gonna
get you all your room keys
and, er, training schedule.
Why's he got so much loo roll?
Nah, 50 on this guy
going home first.
Ooh. Fifty, right here. Or you
still wanna make that bet, big man?
You know what?
After that, make it 80, bro.
Oh, money.
You're getting nothing, fam.
- Is anyone actually listening?
- You could do with getting yourself...
Yeah, you know what?
Do it yourselves. There you go.
Biggest room's mine! Thank you.
I can't believe
we've got to share a room.
It's weird that they've
even put us together, anyway.
I don't mind.
'Benji, bro, is this what we're
doing now? Just missing rehearsals?
Did you forget what I said about us
being a crew? If you and Layla
don't pull up tomorrow, I'm gonna
have to replace both of you.
Nothing personal. In a bit.'
You were shortlisted
for the world championships.
I'm sure they'll get over it.
Are you dumb? I wouldn't be surprised
if they chucked us out the crew.
Would that be such a bad thing?
You and Layla can start a new crew.
If I want advice about breaking,
you're the last person I'd ask.
I was just trying to help.
Yeah? Well, I didn't ask for it.
After what you pulled at ReVault?
Don't try and be my brother now.
Rah, this place is mental.
- Thought we were supposed to dance, - not swim.
- I think it's pretty sick.
I think my head is
gonna hurt on those tiles.
- Come on, bro.
- Do a head spin, then. Yeah, watch me later, bro.
What you laughing at?
Do they sponsor you or something?
Who are you? Rampage Crew.
Never heard of yous.
Everyone's heard of us.
Everyone, yeah?
What's up? You're Nala.
I've watched your videos online.
You're dope.
Thanks. I'm Layla.
Have you ever battled
professionally before?
No. Right. Cool.
Hey, I'm Trey Matthews, by the way.
Hey, man.
Thank you for helping me
with my suitcase. Riley Sugars.
OK, here we go. That's nice.
Another little sausage.
Trey! Come on, man. Food.
Hello. Welcome.
My name is Kate.
And I am here to select
and coach seven of you through
this year's world championships.
You're in for a busy couple of days.
Drills, freestyling,
then some group training sessions.
Everything you say and do here
will be judged.
Then the final crew will be chosen
based on how well
you work together and as a team.
OK, let's start with those drills.
Positions, please!
Well, come on!
Let's see how many of you learnt
the choreography I sent out.
Positions, please.
Five, six, seven, eight!
More energy, guys.
Get in time or you're going home.
Guys, it's the world championship,
remember that! Come on!
Stick to the routine, please.
Don't overthink it.
OK, that's enough.
Alright, everyone, just breathe.
Take a break.
Get ready for the next round.
Freestyle. Let's go! Hey, yo!
Connor. Hey! Whoo!
Nala. Alright, come on!
Oh! Let's go! Nice!
Come on, man.
My days!
- Whoo!
- Come on! That's crazy!
Yes! Let's go!
Benji Matthews.
Trey Matthews.
Are you in or out?
Come on, you got this.
Come on.
Too slow. Next.
You feeling confident after today?
Er, you? You think
you're gonna make the team?
Brudda, I always make the team.
Come on, best of the best, right?
Good enough to win
the world championships.
I mean, that set did win
the world championships
when B-Boy D-Lux won it
two years ago.
He's a big inspiration to me.
So, you're inspired
by other breaker's sets.
We call that biting.
I know what biting is.
But doing his sets,
it calms me down.
It's the only reason
I'm still breaking at all.
Talent is all about origination,
not imitation, OK? Understood.
Word of advice, whatever's going on
between you and Benji, park it.
- It's nothing.
- What I saw at ReVault was not nothing.
And it's a silly thing to let ruin
this opportunity for you both.
Trust me, I've been there.
And you don't wanna end up like me.
Come on. The day isn't over yet.
I'm just gonna be honest,
what exactly has this
got to do with breaking?
Well, the more attuned
breakers among us have figured out
why we're here. Musicality.
In breaking,
the ability to follow the rhythm
and tempo in music is key.
And it's something I look for
in all my breakers.
I want you guys to try.
Everyone get in.
Come on, Noel.
Well done, everyone.
Great first day.
Moves like Jagger!
Bruv, this ain't real breaking.
I didn't sign up for this.
Shut up, Noel.
Good morning, everyone.
So, there is an element
that I wanna focus on.
Any guesses?
Do you trust the people in here?
Cos if there's no trust,
there's no crew.
You two, partner up.
I don't think that's a good...
No, I don't care. Partner up. Erm
you guys. Er, you, you.
Partner up. Alright,
find a spot and face each other.
OK, it's all about eye contact.
Hold out your hands.
Keeping the eye contact
and taking a step back.
No giggling. That's it.
Keeping the eye contact.
Take another step back.
And another step...
Keep eye contact.
What are you playing at?
It was an accident. An accident?
Bro, are you joking me?
Is this cos we're
done being brothers, yeah?
Yeah, it may as well be.
Bro, we never was brothers.
You can't even break.
Benji, stop. Benji.
What are you even doing here?
That's enough now.
Hey! Guys, guys, guys. No, no, no.
Mandem! No fighting in here. No!
Pattern up!
We're supposed to be training!
If we had a proper coach,
he'd be doing drills with us,
perfecting our moves, doing
something that's gonna help us win.
So, you don't like my training?
Since you brought it up, no.
What we need is someone
that can actually break.
Something other than their own leg.
Woah, chill out.
That's too far.
What do you mean, too far?
Show the lady respect.
What do you mean? I give respect
to people who give it to me.
I'm trying to train!
I'm trying to be the best!
Who's trying to be the best?
Put your hand in the air
if you're trying to be the best.
OK, everyone,
with your hands in the air
get out, you're done.
Cool. Very cool.
Some madness.
We don't need it, bro.
If you lot knew anything about this,
you'd get rid of her.
And him. What's he even doing here?
Don't forget about my money.
- Shut up, bruv. Do your press-ups, - bro.
- Oh, you need a hug.
Alright, everyone, settle down.
For the rest of you, get changed
and join me by the stairs.
Hey, sorry.
Could everyone wait a second?
Can I have everyone's attention?
Come through
and gather round, please.
Well done. That was really hard.
Really hard. Erm...
Successful breakers will be
contacted in the next few hours,
so don't go too far.
Those who make it,
I'll see you in the morning.
Off you go.
Well, this is... fun, isn't it?
I don't think the three of us have
all hung out together since Junior.
Dad's losing it.
Have you messaged him?
Why would I? He's made it quite clear
how he feels about me breaking.
We really messed it up
for the crew, huh?
Did we get kicked out?
Course we did.
There's no going back now.
We should have heard by now.
Such a waste of time.
Been kicked out of the crew
for nothing.
Guys, it's not the end
of the world if you don't...
It's not the end of your world.
None of this matters to you.
After all this, you get to run off
to uni and be the perfect son.
Do you know how it feels to be
the outcast of this family?
It's Dad. What do I say?
I don't care.
He's calling you, not me.
Hi, Dad. "Hi, Dad."
I know, sorry. We're kind of
in Liverpool? What?
We're coming back when we...
When you what?
We knew you wouldn't...
Let you go to Liverpool?
Maybe I would've if you'd let me know what the
hell you were doing there in the first place.
You boys never tell me anything!
We're all together.
Layla's here too.
We're fine. Honestly.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Yes!
- - Oh, my God! - Trey? Trey?
- We've gotta stay in Liverpool tonight.
I'll call you in the morning
to explain, I promise.
Did what? We made the team.
Yeah! What's going on?
Did you... Trey?
Look, call the... Hello? Boys. I...
Don't you worry about me.
I'm just enjoying
this little display.
It's nice to see some hugging
instead of fighting.
Yes! Yes!
We did it.
OK. Well, you're a crew now.
So, get to know each other,
for better, for worse.
These guys are out here together
every day, no matter what.
So, go on, get in there.
- Alright.
- I'm sure they can teach you a thing or two.
Now, look. Look at how
these two work together.
Trust and commitment
are everything.
Abs, I can't believe
this is happening.
I shouldn't be here.
No, you have to stay because
I told Durham University in my
interview that I was your manager.
What? Hey. Oh, yo. What's up?
Kate told me about this place
and everybody's going.
It's our last night together,
you should come.
Oh, cool. I'll be there in a sec.
Cool, we're leaving now.
Something you forgot to tell me?
Listen, I've gotta go.
I'll speak to you later. Bye.
"Doors closing." Wait!
"Doors opening."
"Doors closing."
Thanks for waiting.
This is a nice lift, isn't it?
A little doo-doo stain on it.
What's that smell?
Oh, bro, you're disgusting.
Lactose intolerance means
don't do it.
Oi, oi, oi!
Oi, oi. Look who it is.
Limpy Kate's Loyal Losers.
I'm a better breaker than all
you lot. And that broken coach
blew your chances the second she
got rid of me, cos she don't know
what she's doing. This guy
can't even get through a door.
Bro, just brush your teeth
and have my money ready, alright?
Snatch it, brother.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, calm.
I don't even know why you're here.
- Yo, shut up, man.
- Yeah? Damn, someone has an ego.
And you? You're a joke, my bro.
You should have gone home day one.
Back off my brother, yeah.
Brother? Is it?
You two?
I think Mummy's been lying, boys.
Ay, yo. Chill out.
- She's been messing about.
- With the milkman. - What?!
Now you're done, huh?
Go get it!
Oh, yeah!
Come on. Let's go.
Let's go, Riley! Whoo!
Whoa-ho-ho! Yo-ho!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Oh, it's good.
It's good, it's good.
Tarantula! Tarantula style!
Hey, bro, how long before
they realise you can't freestyle?
You'll be going home soon, trust me.
Come on, let's go.
You pay me my money.
Cash and collect.
Money, money, money! Late.
Well done.
You've come a long way. This is it.
Seven of you will be
on the main team.
An eighth will be
our injury reserve who will...
Morning. Sorry I'm late.
I'll let you off this time.
As I was saying,
one of you will be on the bench
and I know it's not where
any of you wanna be,
but if there is an injury,
you'll be what keeps us
in the competition.
You're not here for a holiday.
You're here to be the best breakers
that you could possibly be.
Are you ready to show that
to the world?
Yeah. Yes?
Yeah! OK!
Have a safe journey home
and I'll see you in London.
Can't believe we made it.
Catch you later, my G.
Hey, hopefully,
we'll all see each other soon.
Hey, Trey. Come on, man.
We got a bus to catch.
I cannot believe you boys
would do something like this
without telling me. What have
you got to say for yourselves?
We were at try-outs
for the world championships.
Any other parent would be proud.
Of what?
A college dropout and a straight-A
student who wants to throw
his life away to spin on his head?
It's more than that, Dad.
Don't throw your future away, Trey.
You're better than this.
Better than me, you mean?
I want what's best for you!
If you just applied yourself
and worked as hard
as your brother here, maybe...
I didn't get into Durham!
I-I froze up in the interview.
Sorry to disappoint you.
No way.
I'm the reserve?
How was I not in the top seven?
I mean, come on. How have you
made the team and I haven't?
You don't care about breaking.
Come on, that's not true.
What? Cos you've thrown
everything else away
and this is all you've got left?
What's going on?
Hello? I made the team.
Oh, that's great.
Oh. Look, I'm sorry.
No, get off. Don't touch me!
You don't get it!
You never have. Benji.
OK, well, I wish I was telling
you this in person but
- guess what. - What?
- I got in!
I'm going to uni! What?
No way! Oh, my God.
I'm so happy for you, man.
Thank you!
Er, did you hear yet? Nah.
You could never disappoint me.
Good luck!
Alright, Nala, Mo, Tarantula, Red,
Layla, Trey... Trey?
Where's your brother?
He's still back in Manchester.
Hey, listen up.
Suitcases away
and chairs into the middle, please.
OK, look around at each other.
This is your team.
No matter what, you're gonna
have each other's back.
Even if you feel like
you're alone out there, you're not.
Trust me, you're not.
Who are we up against first?
Oh, Lord. Please don't say France.
Man, I had French fries
for breakfast.
They eat 'em alive.
So, so, so, so,
we start with the quarter-final
against Team USA.
And then, we'll be on to the semis.
I know it's intimidating,
but stay calm.
You deserve to be here.
And remember what the judges
are looking for.
personality and character. Yes!
Tell your story!
The composition
of your rounds is key.
Every time you move between floor
work, power moves and top rocks,
there must be a clear flow to it.
A reason behind
everything you're doing and...
I don't care if you can do
a one-handed air flare
into a jackhammer
with your eyes closed.
Trey, it's your boy.
None of it matters
if you don't have
a clean, powerful execution.
And remember, keep it original.
I don't wanna see any repeats
cos that's what the judges
will be looking out for.
Are you alright?
You got this, OK?
Come on, guys.
Like, can you blame him?
OK, everyone,
let's get over to the arena.
Guys! Hey!
Here we are! We made it!
OK, don't worry about anyone else
in this room. OK? We got this.
OK, Deb, so what's
your experience been like
coaching the French team recently?
Obviously, this is early days
in my tenure as coach, but,
you know, we're in a good place.
The most important lesson I try
and instil in them
is to focus their energy solely on
themselves, not those around them,
no matter the competition.
Thanks for chatting with us, Deb.
Alright. Well, thanks very much
and good luck out there. Break a leg.
Are you ready for
the World Breaking Championships?
Yo! Carla and Pete here and we are
on the cusp of the semi-final
of the Breaking World Championships.
So, the underdogs, Team GB,
have beaten fan favourites, Team USA
in an impressive display
of raw talent.
If they want to progress
to the semi-finals
against a ridiculously
organised Japan,
they're gonna need to embrace
teamwork over raw individual talent.
Kind of like me and you, eh, Pete?
Exactly right.
Argh and that D-Lux
is something else and honestly,
I can't see anybody
getting close to France.
Hey, so this is what
Trey's been doing?
The world championship.
So, it's a pretty big deal?
Whoever wins is the champion
of the world in breaking.
So, yeah.
- Pretty big deal.
- Why don't we go together? That would be fun.
- I'm supposed to be there as.
- An injury reserve. - That's great!
No, it's not. I can't just go there
and sit on a bench, watch them all
do what I'm supposed to be doing.
What happens if one of them
gets injured and you're not there?
I told you already, I'm not going.
You said I'm not allowed
to break anymore,
and now you're trying
to tell me to go. Which is it?
Your mother was so much
better at this than me.
I'm not her, Benji.
Hi, Benji.
Look, you are our first reserve
and we really need you right now.
Erm, call me back once you get this.
Erm, yep, it's Kate, thank you.
Hey! What are you doing? Getting
late-night practice in or something?
Coach, I shouldn't be here.
Well, then, what do you wanna do?
Do you wanna go home?
I can't, or everything
will have been for nothing.
Exactly. It just...
It doesn't feel right without Benji.
What makes you say that?
It's just that, the last and only
time I competed without him was
was the day that...
Mum died.
Come on,
let's go and get some air.
I think you might be
over-thinking this.
You're living in your head and
that, my friend, can be dangerous.
You know, I used to have
a breaking partner.
Yeah? Yeah.
We grew up breaking together.
She was like a sister to me.
She was precise like you are
and I had flair like Benji.
What happened?
Well, I ruined it.
I became so obsessed
with trying to one up her.
I literally broke myself
trying to prove
that I was better than her.
I cost us our crew,
my career and our friendship.
Look, you and Benji
are great breakers.
But I cannot, in my right mind,
put you both in this team.
I saw too much of myself
in the both of you and
you need to learn
how to support and,
and galvanise each other in a way
that I wasn't able to do.
Your nerves and his ego
are holding you both back.
Figure that out and then, wow.
There's no limit
to what you can achieve.
I pick the best breakers to win.
You're in a crew now.
Remember that.
We are live here
at the semi-finals
where Team GB are about to go
head to head with Team Japan.
Come on, Team GB! We believe!
But before that,
let's head back to the arena
for the first semi results
between the juggernaut
that is Team France
and the scrappy Team Sweden.
Judges! What's the verdict?
France are through to the finals!
There we have it.
A sweeping victory for Team France.
B-Boy, D-Lux, what have you
gotta say for yourself?
And there we have it.
Team France make the finals.
Moving on, Team GB are up next
in the semi-final against Japan.
Team GB are the underdogs here.
This should be interesting.
Ladies and gentlemen,
get ready for the semi-finals
between Team Japan and Team GB.
Are you ready, B-boys and B-girls?
Let's do this!
Oh, here they come!
It's the semi-finals!
Make some noise for Team GB!
And here they are. Make some noise
for Team Japan!
Ready? Right, let's go.
Who's gonna jump in first?
Ooh! B-boy Tarantula
goes in for the attack!
Yes! You got this!
Ooh! Looks like B-boy Mo
has taken a nasty fall here.
I'm just now being told
their injury reserve is not on site.
Without him, this may be
the end of Team GB's run.
Benji! Benji!
OK, guys. Let's make some space
for the paramedics.
We're done.
We need a medic over here!
Nah, it's done.
Can't believe it.
I know being around me isn't easy.
You're the best dad
I could possibly ask for
and I know I've let you down
over and over again.
I'm sorry if I haven't been
good enough for you,
but that changes today.
Gone to the Championships.'
'I hope I can make you and Mum proud.
And I hope one day
you can forgive me.
It's nice to see you, Benji.
You too, Coach.
Let's not waste any more time.
It's now down to the judges.
Judge one.
Ooh, and it's one to Team GB!
Come on! Yes, GB, yes!
Er, sorry, guys,
absolutely no bias here.
This is so intense.
OK, judge number two
is about to reveal his decision.
Judge two.
And it's Japan!
OK, we're still in this.
It all lies in this final vote.
Judge three, what's it gonna be?
Come on, you know it makes sense.
I knew they would, bruv.
These lot are the best.
Go on. Go on.
Let's go, man. Let's go.
Here we go.
Come on, man. It's alright.
Come on.
And now,
it all comes down to this,
the final judge. Here we go.
Yes! And it's GB!
That's official.
Well done, everyone. Well done!
You guys performed excellently.
What do you have to say
for yourselves?
OK, so that's it then.
The finals will be Team GB
against the immovable Team France,
to find out,
once and for all,
who the best of the best is.
This is a huge showdown.
Former partners turned rivals,
Team France's Debs
comes face to face
with Team GB's Kate.
D-Lux and them guys.
It's gonna be a hard battle.
It'll be alright.
French fries, remember?
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the final!
Here come the teams. The French
team looking confident as always.
Team GB are now joined
by the injury reserve,
Benji Matthews.
Let's see what this B-boy can do.
For the millions
watching around the world,
let's get ready for the finals.
Come on, Red. Let's go.
Oh! You saw that?
Let's go, Benji.
Hey! Hey! Don't touch me!
Ah! Nice!
Let's go, Riley!
Let's go.
What are you doing, Benji?
What you doing? Enough!
We can still win this.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
OK, teams, settle down.
The judges will not be impressed.
This is some serious foul play.
- It's getting out of hand.
- Not sure if the judges will like that.
They do not look happy.
This is some serious foul play
from both sides.
Such a shame to end
the tournament on such a downer.
Let's see what
the judges have to say.
What the hell was that?
You tried to trip me!
No, I didn't! Yes, you did!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
What is your problem?
You could have got us disqualified
cos of all this fighting.
He started it!
He couldn't handle me showing him up,
so he tried to trip me. What sort.
Stop and actually listen
to somebody for once!
Don't you see what you're doing?
You're destroying the crew
and your family!
You just had to be
the centre of attention.
Was it worth it to let
the whole crew down again?
I get why Rampage Crew
dumped you now.
- You didn't have to come.
- All this way. - Oh, course I did.
Right, so what actually
happened then?
Same thing that always happens.
OK, so you did a head spin
and everyone got mad?
This was all my fault.
Because of the head spin?
OK, I'm sorry. I'll be serious.
Cos I came for the wrong reasons.
I wanted to prove something.
Prove what?
That I could. I thought if I showed
Benji I was just as good as him,
we could be brothers as again.
Instead I just pushed everyone away.
You don't have anything
to prove, Trey.
Look, honestly, you're one
of the best people I know.
You could never push me away.
I know.
Listen, there's something
I need to tell you about uni.
I didn't get in. I know I should've
said something earlier, I just...
I didn't wanna lose what we have.
You are literally the only person
on the whole planet
that I can actually talk to.
Well, you're a bit of a cliche,
sitting alone on the steps.
That was tough to watch
out there yesterday.
- What do you want, Debs?
- God, you really do despise me, don't you?
Sorry, I've got a lot on mind.
It's not about you, really.
See, this is your problem.
You always thought
I was trying to make it about me
but I wasn't. You put that on me.
You did. What, I did?
You forced me out of the crew.
I didn't, you did that on your own.
I didn't want you to leave.
Anyway, I see the same thing
happening with those boys.
Right, so it's my fault now, is it?
Sorry, have you just
come out here to gloat?
I'm trying to help you. Stop taking
everything as a personal attack.
why are you trying to help me?
Those boys are good.
There's potential there.
And you're their coach,
so don't let it go to waste.
So, what are you saying?
Think about it.
Hey, bring your A game.
I came to see how you boys are.
Did you see what happened?
I just wanted to make you
proud of me, for once.
I couldn't even do that. Hey.
I am proud of you, OK?
But it breaks me
when you guys fight.
You see, it's like I've failed.
Mum would be upset.
You know the thing
she was most proud of?
It was seeing her boys
doing the thing they love together.
So, whatever happens
as long as you are together
that's all that matters.
The competition officials
have declared a no-contest
between Team GB and Team France.
We aren't 100% certain
what this means.
But in the break...
OK. OK. This just in.
Breaking news. To decide a winner,
there'll be tiebreaker
between two individual breakers.
A solo battle.
Team France have selected,
B-boy D-Lux,
and Team GB,
in a surprising turn of events,
have selected B-boy Benji.
Benji! Benji!
I got your text.
What's the emergency?
Well, talk.
That's all I wanted to do.
I just wanna talk.
You mean argue?
I'm not doing this again.
If it wasn't for me,
we'd still be a family.
- So this is just a quick chat.
- In the gym? - Oh, Trey, listen, man!
It was my fault.
I'm the reason
Mum got distracted in the car.
She turned around because of me.
Where's all this coming from?
Mum didn't die because of you.
I insisted on doing that
stupid competition without you.
I'm the reason
we were even in the car.
I'm the reason we were arguing.
That was me.
You don't blame me?
Why would I blame you?
Cos it was my fault.
So, let's figure out
how to fix this.
We both know I can't beat D-Lux.
No one can.
You see, that's true,
but you know him better than anyone.
So, if I'm gonna stand
a fighting chance.
I need your help.
A'ight, a'ight, a'ight.
So you know what
he's gonna do next, right?
Bro, he's gonna hit you
with air flares.
Air flare, rollback, one-hand freeze.
As soon as you see him rollback,
hit the freeze at the same time.
Just steal his round, yeah?
So, he's gonna go air flare...
Yeah? Get it?
As soon as you see him,
rollback, freeze. Yeah?
Trey, Trey, stop. This isn't right.
Bro, it has to be you. What?
In fact, it needs to be you.
You know his every move.
Nobody's studied him more than you.
Yeah, cool,
he might not have lost in a while,
but our best chance is with you.
No, bro, you're the freestyler.
You know I can't do it.
You just did it.
Of course you can do it.
This is your moment, man. Come on.
A'ight, so how do we do this?
Let's just take the piss.
Hm. You hit him in his face
with that signature.
Laugh at him
and he'll crumble on stage.
No one does that to D-Lux.
- Yeah? Confidence.
- Yeah. But once you've done that, bro,
- all you need to do is let go.
- Be free. - That's...
No. No, no, no. Be free in the
moment. Remember what Kate said?
Musicality. Bro, everything that's
happening around you, own it.
Come on, man. Dance with me.
Let's have a little one. Come on.
- These are your basics, bro.
- Cross step. - A'ight.
Add some character. Arms.
Don't think, just flow.
OK.Show me! OK.Show me!
Yeah, that's simple.
Now make it your own.
Make it your own
without even thinking.
Remember the basics. Never forget
the basics of how we move.
Use your hands, bro. Come on!
That's it. That's it.
Now use some energy, bro.
Let me see some Indian step.
Come on. Bap-bap-bap.
Everything I do flows.
Come on. Free up.
Are you ready
to battle?
Are you ready
for the B-boy solo final?
Trey? Breathe, honey. Breathe.
Ladies and gentlemen...
This is it.
B-boy, D-lux!
I'll be right there with you.
We all will.
Whatever comes next,
we face it together.
We have...
B-boy Trey!
Make some noise!
It's OK. I know today was hard,
but you'll get to do it
next time, OK?
Trey, breathe! Breathe!
Let's go! Let's go!
What an end to the final round!
Let's go!
You smashed it!
Give it up for our two B-boys,
D-Lux and Trey!
Whoever wins this solo battle
takes the crown for his team.
The fate of these two B-boys
now lies in the hands
of the judges.
Alright, let's see what the judges
have to say. Fingers crossed.
Judge one.
And it goes to D-Lux!
Right, so that is one to France.
Judge two.
B-boy Trey!
Yes! Oh, so close.
What's it gonna be?
We have a split decision.
It all rests on this last vote,
last chance. Let's go, let's go.
And the winner is.
Well, that's that then.
Er, the World Breaking
Championship Invitational,
the winners are... France.
Trey Matthews
should hold his head high
because, honestly,
that was one hell of a performance.
D-Lux stays on top of the pile,
but Trey, man. Trey.
I thought he had that. So close.
But, er, Team GB are
the real winners here.
I mean, think about it.
Year after year after year,
not making the quarter-finals,
not even making the semi-finals.
The underdogs did it.
And those Matthews brothers!
They are the rising stars
of the breaking world.
Watch out, D-Lux,
cos they're coming for ya.
I cannot wait to see
what Team GB bring next year.
We have been Carla and Pete.
Thank you all for watching. Mwah!
And the viewers
tuning in at home,
see you next year!
Hey, this is everything, man.
Couldn't have done it
without you, bro.
I love you, man.
I love you too, bro.
When the Olympics heads to Paris,
it could include break dancing.
And with me...
What? Olympics?
Listen, listen, listen!
Listen, listen, listen.
That is big, right? That's big!