Breaking Point, The (1950) Movie Script

You know how it is...early in the morning...
on the water...
Everything's quiet....except for the seagulls...
...a long way off...
And you feel great.
Then you come ashore...
and it starts...
In no time at all...
you're up to your ears in trouble.
And you don't know where it began.
I need some gas...200 gallons...
I can't carry ya Harry...
I git strict orders...
We carried ya long enough,
the boss says.
Look, I got a 3-weeks charter
to fish in Mexico...
Some rich joe...
Didn't the joe give you a deposit?
Forget it.
There you are.
When he gets through...take the boat
back to the landing, eh?
See you later.
Did you get the gas?
I put all the groceries aboard last night.
Most of it's stored under the bunks,
up for 'ard.
I hope you put in plenty of coffee...
and tomatoes.
You know how I like tomatoes.
No tomatoes...
they're bad for you.
I had to give the store all the money
you gave me from the deposit...
They wouldn't wait.
That's great...
that makes it perfect!
Everybody in town is squeezing me
for money.
They act like I'm gonna
cheat 'em out of it.
It's been a bad season...
nobody's got much.
Better eat your breakfast.
Morning, Dad!
You know you're getting old enough
not to wander round like that?
If I told you once, Connie,
I've told you 1000 times...
You're not to go round like that.
I don't see what difference it makes.
Don't talk fresh to your mother.
What's the matter
with the bathroom, all of a sudden?
Amy's in there...
She's always in there.
Well get her out...
It's nearly time for school.
Kids got no respect these days..
You try to teach 'em somethin'...
What's the matter, honey?
I had to pay for the gas.
Took all the money I had left
from the deposit.
Doesn't leave much for you,
while I'm gone.
Don't worry about it...
We'll get along somehow.
I know..I know...
You always do...
I feel like a nut head,
asking you all the time.
- Hi Pa!...
- Hi Pumpkin!
Gimme a smoodgie! have whiskers!
- I do not! You have whiskers.
- Yes, you do!
Eat your breakfast.
I'm gonna get my gear.
- What's the matter?
- You heard...Eat your breakfast!
We'll be alright...
I said don't worry about it.
I get teed off sometimes...
No sooner I get my head above water...
Then somebody pushes me down again.
Is it and the kids...
Are we a drag on you, honey?
Is that it?
You know better than that!
Ever since I took that uniform off,
I'm not exactly great.
I thought by this time,
I'd have the world on fire.
Bands yelling...big hero!
We had egg in our beer then.
Nobody ever got rich taking people out
to catch a fish.
Wait a minute...Don't start
giving me that propaganda...
...about your old man's lettuce ranch!
Do me a favour...don't tell me
how happy I'd be on a tractor!
When you came back, you had
big ideas about this fishing business.
You were gonna have
a whole fleet of boats.
It hasn't worked out, has it?
Let it go, darling...
Try something else.
What else do I know...
What else am I good at?
I'm a boat jockey!
And that's all I know.
Alright...anything you say.
You're some woman!
I lay awake hours last night...
Just thinking about you.
I can think about you any time
and get excited.
Hold me!
Just hold me!
Hey! We'll be late for school!
Sorry...fix my dress!
You're always so sloppy...
One of these days remind me
to show you kids how to knot!
You go on along...
we'll be right out.
Honey...if you're running short...
these are worth 100 apiece.
We'll get by.
It's Wesley!
Good morning! Good morning!
Don't be so shy...
say hello!
Yeah, say hello!
He's shy.
Want us to feed the gulls?
- Good morning, Wesley.
- Good morning, Mrs Morgan.
Well, let's go, eh?
You and Harry go ahead..
the girls 'll take him to school.
Hey kids!...So long!
Come on...that's enough...
off to school!
We won't be late.
Here they come!
What do you mean, "they"?
Alright, eh?...
This is Captain Morgan, Leona.
Miss Charles is going with us.
I always wanted to meet a captain!
Let's get something straight, Mr Hannagan...
I only hire this boat for fishing.
If I do anything wrong...
you be sure to tell me.
Do you fish?
Oo, I don't think I like you!
A lot of people don't.
- What about it Mr Hannagan?
- You're the captain, Captain!
Come on Hannagan!
We're off to sunny Mexico!
Let's shove off!
I love Mexico!
You're cute!
It's the way I comb my hair!
You've got a weak chin though...
Anybody ever tell you
you've got a weak chin?
What are you sore about?
You make me sore!
Why don't you relax...
You're getting a nice tan...
I got work to do
and you make me nervous.
I usually get compliments.
You're HIS friend...
In a few days I'll never see you again.
You're a nice girl..
Now be nice!
Yeah..."nice" future in it.
Oh, Mr Hannagan...when do you figure
on starting back?
Tomorrow maybe...
or the day after...
I've had enough fishing.
Well we might as well
settle up then...
I'll need money for gas
and the clearance papers.
Sure thing, Captain...
I shouldn't have kept you waiting this long.
Didn't think you'd have any place
to spend it, down here.
Oh, I can use it.
We're going over
to that "rooster" place...
Come by and have a drink...
and we'll settle up.
I'll see you there.
Hey!...Seor Capitan!
Long time, no see!
I with a party...Americans...
You seen 'em?
They're in that cockfight.
Nice to see someone
from back home, friend...
I been down here
a coupla weeks already.
Cheating who?
Don't talk like that, Harry.
I been handling a divorce case...
You ought to hear the evidence!
I'm busy!
Say...just thought of somethin'...
Come here!
Business for both of us...
Something good...
Want to take a couple of passengers
back with you, on the boat?
- There's money in it.
- I've got passengers.
You can name your own price.
No trouble...I guarantee it.
- You can do a lot with that money.
- Not in jail, I couldn't.
Think it over...
You can name your own price.
An honest man like you...
with an honest boat.
Worth a lot to some people.
Me, I don't care...
I can take it or leave it.
Bein' honest is worth money
to some people.
You got me cryin'!
When are you gonna realise
I'm a friend of yours?
Hey, you want to meet a nice girl?
She just got a divorce.
You're poison!
Think it over...
what I said.
Don't you like cockfights?
All that trouble for an egg!
Sit down!
I'll have a daiquiri.
Two beers.
May I...?
Gold, eh?
My fianc!
Ol for him!
It's the nicest thing
you've ever done for me!
The only thing.
You think Mexico's nice?
It's romantic.
Except you.
Haven't even been friendly to me.
Don't you want to be friends?
Sure, I want to be friendly...
My wife wouldn't like it.
You're kidding!
So you're one of those!?
I don't meet many.
Is she pretty?
She's got something for me.
We're something together!
Spoils everything else for me.
How 'll you know,
till you try.
You two get along alright,
don't you?
You get along fine.
"Sporting Blood" here,
lost a lot of money in back.
He's sore.
Maybe I got a right!
Speaking of money...
How much do I owe you?
It figures out to $830.
Oh, I need cash.
I don't carry that kind of money
around with me.
I can get it for you
when the bank opens tomorrow...
or if you'd rather...
Never mind, I can wait...
you can give it to me in the morning.
We can shove off
any time after 10 o'clock.
I'll need the money though,
so we can clear the port.
Don't worry...
You'll be on the boat, later?
- Just like that!
- Goodnight!
Thanks for nothing!
I hope I never see another rooster again,
as long as I live!
It's 2.30!
We'll never make it back today.
Where are they?
He said a little after 10.
You know what I'm thinkin'?
I been thinkin' it since noon.
Where's Hannagan?
If we're gonna make it today,
we'd better shove off.
He left on a plane.
He what?
I told you...he left on a plane.
I almost caught him...
But when I got to the airport
he was already aboard.
He waved to me.
I never did like the way
he smiled all the time.
Let's go...we got things to do.
I hate to ask...but it took every cent I had
to pay the hotel.
Could I go back with you?
Who's going back?
I need 100 bucks to clear the port,
and I got 80 cents toward it.
If I can't scrabble up some dough...
we all better learn Spanish.
Last night, a guy in a white suit...
I was talkin' to him...his name is Duncan...
...a squinty guy.
- That guy is no good.
- I know that better than you.
Do you know where he hangs out?
Yeah..."Poca Fez"...sometimes.
Tell him Harry Morgan 'll talk business.
You're not fixin' to get in trouble?
Don't worry about it...
I can handle it...
All I want to do is talk to this guy
and find out what's on his mind.
- Now look here, Harry...
- Please do me a favour and shut up about it!
We could sell a couple
of your reels, maybe.
- I don't want to sell any reels!
- You got a head like a rock!
I heard your party
ran out on you.
Too bad!
Not so big any more, eh?
Don't talk so big, now.
Good thing for you,
I like ya.
Or maybe I wouldn't do ya
a favour like this.
Give you a chance
to make a little dough.
You're not doing me any favour...
I'm tryin' to help ya!
I got sympathy for you.
I'm all choked up.
What's this big deal of yours?
Carry anything on the boat?
We can talk about it.
Come on in.
I am Mr Sing, Captain Morgan.
Sit down.
Is your boat fast, Captain?
I told ya...very the wind.
Are you particular
what you carry?
It depends...I'd rather it couldn't talk...
It'd be cheaper that way.
This cargo talks.
Chinese, it talks.
Why me?
Honest man...honest boat...
Who would think an honest man like you
would smuggle Chinamen on his boat?
How much a head? $200.
What do you get, a head?
That's quite beside the point.
I have a ot of things to do
that have to be paid for.
He means me.
$1,600 is a lot of money right now.
Don't fight it Harry!...relax...
Let it happen.
You know how long I go to jail,
if they pick me up on this?
10 years.
At least that, if there was evidence
against you.
Let me put it this way, Captain...
Once they leave here...I don't care
what becomes of our passengers.
Not at all.
Clear enough.
When will I get the money?
300 now, and the rest
when you load.
I'm thinkin' about it.
Don't push me.
Keepin' your boat...gettin' home...
that's important, too.
I'm on the hook.
That 300...put it under the plate.
It will be tonight.
He will meet you here at 9,
and give you all the necessary details.
No guns, knives or razors...
I have to be sure of that.
- Clear?
- Of me.
Our interests are identical.
My commission.
You guys are all the talk big...
how honest you are...
You walk away, when you see
someone like me comin'...
And when you get in a jam...
Just like anybody else!...
A chiseller!
You will report to the customs office
in San Diego?
You're going back alone?
What about your mate...
this Wesley Park?
No, I'm going back alone.
- It's difficult to go alone.
- I like it that way.
You got your clearance.
We're going back, then?
You're not going.
What do you mean...I'm not going?
I said you're not going...
and don't pester me about it.
Well, you're not going to
leave me here!
What's the matter?
You're not going back with me.
12 years...we've worked together 12 years...
And now you order me around.
You throw me off the boat...
Leave me on the beach...
all this way from home...
And you won't even say why.
I wouldn't do
a thing like this to you.
You're right, you wouldn't...
but I can't carry you. Here...
Take the bus...
I'll pick you up tomorrow afternoon
in San Diego, in Cisco's dock.
Where'd you get this?
You made a deal, didn't you?
You lied to me...
You went and made a deal...
That's why you want me
off the boat.
Get away from me...
Get outta my hair!
What is moving in?
I told you...I checked out of the hotel.
I'm broke.
Here...get your gear
and you're on your way.
Come on...and step on it!
Don't push.
Thanks for the money, anyhow.
- Forget it!
- Yeah...I'll try.
That's it, right there.
Kind of a of a little cove.
So you can come in close.
They'll be there at 2 o'clock...
When they flash their lights, you go in!
Watch out for the patrol boat...
you got it?
If I get stupid, I'll call you.
Stay by the phone.
Wiseguy! and your mouth.
Watch yourself, Harry!
This Mr Sing...
How long's he been here?
Coupla years...
Somebody else before that...
He got killed.
Somebody 'll kill Mr Sing, too.
He'd have to be quick.
I hear Sing's VERY quick.
See you back in Newport!
Come up!
Come up!
Take it easy, Harry...
We came back on board
when you went to town.
Brother, you're in trouble.
I thought you had more sense...
You know the kinda jam I was in.
That's why I came back on board.
After all this time, I wouldn't throw you
off the boat without a good reason.
I'll stick around...whatever it is,
I'm your good man.
You know how to use this?
Just pump the leaver
and shoot it.
Only don't put any holes in the hull.
What's it gonna be?
I'll tell you when it's time.
Maybe I shoulda swam back to Newport.
Or is it "swum"?
In a way it could still happen...
You'll get over thinking it so funny.
Now watch it...
we're going in without lights.'d better take this...
You'll need it.
What's the score?
We're picking up 8 Chinese.
We'll go to jail 100 years
if they get caught.
When they come aboard,
get 'em below fast...
If any of them starts busting out,
take that deer gun and blow their heads off.
Is it too late to get out of it?
Why not get out of it?
It's too late.
I'm sorry about before...
What I said.
I didn't realise...
It's a mess alright...
and might get very messy.
If you ever feel like
telling anybody about it...
Remember you're in it
up to your ears.
I'll remember.
You gonna smuggle these Chinese
into the States?
The guy that's bringing them on
isn't particular what happens to 'em.
He hired me to take 'em offshore
and drown 'em.
Onshore...lights blinking.
That's it.
Come over here...
Keep down and out of the way.
You'll feel better.
You take us in...I'll watch for their boat
from the cockpit.
Don't move away from the controls,
no matter what happens.
When I yell "Pour it on"...
get us away fast.
Do it right the first time.
I'm all set.
All I worry about is you.
Blink 'em the lights.
What are you gonna do
with the Chinese?
I'll think about it.
Cutter coming out...11 o'clock.
Take her outta gear, Wes.
Bring her alongside.
Good evening, Captain...
Just a minute!
Let's see what it looks like.
There's only 300 here...that's a long way off
of what we talked about.
You'll get the rest
when they're all aboard.
Lock the cabin.
Now, let's see the colour of it, Mr Sing.
My expenses have been very heavy.
Wes...our passengers are getting off.
That won't be necessary, Captain.
I have the rest of the money,
right here.
Pour it on!
Shut her off.
- Never in my life...
-Shut up!
Didn't know it was going
to be so rough.
I never saw anything like that before.
Plenty of accidents
and things like that..but...
I never saw a guy
get it all the way before.
There's always a first time.
Shut up, or I'll blow your brains out!
What are you gonna do with them?
Put 'em ashore someplace.
We'll go close to the beach...
you take the boathook for 'ard.
When you can touch, sing out.
That's it!
Come on now...let's go!
Where are we?
United States?
No...right where you started from.
Here's your money.
Give it back to 'em.
Now your friend had to leave suddenly...
You understand?
Now, over you go...
Come on...over you go!
- No swim!
- No deep.
Here...I show you...
No deep...See!
Come on...over you come.
Let's get outta here!
Are you hurt?
You better get some sleep...
We'll be off San Diego by daylight...I'll call.
The "Sea Queen"
is just coming in now, Chief.
Don't look now, but I think we got
a reception committee.
I don't suppose I'll see you again.
No. Do me a favour though...
Where can I find Hannagan?
I don't know.
Where did you meet him?
In Sunday School.
Hi,'s it going?
Alright! You want it like that?
Yeah...that's fine.
What are you guys
doin' over here anyway?
Who's this?
A passenger I picked up in San Diego.
Give your name and address to them.
Town or country?
I'm taking the boat.
What do you mean you're taking the boat?
What for?
I think you know.
We got a wire from the port captain
at Ensenada.
What are you giving me?!
All I know is that a Chinese
who can read some English...
...said he was on the "Sea Queen" night before last,
headed for the United states.
That's a lot of rubbish!
Give me the keys.
Try and take 'em away from me.
Now, don't make trouble.
You know I have to do what I'm told...
It's orders, Harry.
We're co-operating with Mexico...
they're holding a hearing
And I have to impound your boat.
That's the way it is.
I make my living with this boat.
You're taking my living away from me.
Leona Charles...
Apartment 36 Tucker 4906
I heard you lost the boat, Harry.
Heard you got in trouble
down in Mexico.
I'm crazy about you, Mrs Cooley, but how would you
like to mind your own business for once.
Why Harry Morgan! If I were a man, I'd...
You're a long way toward it,
with that build!
Hey...anybody home?
Did you bring us something?
Bring you something...
why should I bring you something?
You always do!
You're a nice daddy!
Nice daddies are pretty hard to find!
You aren't hard to find!
I think there are a couple of boxes
in the bag...I think.
The big one is for your mother.
Where is she?
She went to the store.
Hello, Harry.
Hello, dear.
Have you eaten?
I'll fix you something.
Was it a nice trip?
Hey...I can't hear myself think!
What did you say, honey?
I said was it a good trip...
did everything go alright?
Sure. Sure.
You haven't forgotten...there's a payment
due on the boat...
Phillips called about it.
No, I haven't forgotten.
I heard from my father
the other day...
He says they were getting the biggest lettuce crop
they ever had, in Salinas.
Hooray for Salinas!
He needs help, he says...he has to hire a foreman,
they're so busy, and I thought...
You know, don't you?
Is there something to know?
Don't kid me...
I been gone over 3 weeks...
- The minute I walk in...
- I don't want to fight.
Well I do.
Harry, please...the children.
- Mrs Cooley will...
- Let her hear...I want her to hear!
Why start keeping secrets from her now?
Why hold out on her?
Listen, you know, don't you?
You know I got in trouble in Mexico
and lost the boat.
Everybody in Newport knows it.
It's all they're talking about.
- That's why I suggested...
- What's so great about lettuce?
Don't yell at me!
Get it straight, once and for all...
I don't like Salinas.
I'm not gonna squat on my haunches
in a flea-bitten field...
Trying to pick lettuce faster
than the bugs can eat it.
I was only trying to help.
And stop nagging me...
That's the way to help...
Stop nagging!
I'm not nagging...I'm just trying
to talk sense to you...
And you won't listen.
If you only realised what I've been
going through, the last 3 weeks.
Don't give me that Purple Heart routine!
You've got a wife and 2 kids
to think about.
Keeping us together...getting us enough to eat...
clothes for out backs.
That's the biggest war there is
and you better realise it.
It's war, alright...and I'm scared.
You said to always knock.
Can we go to the movies?
-You saw it last night.
- We want to see it again.
Honest we do.
Kids...come here.
Did you like the presents?
- They're beautiful!
- Mine's the prettiest! can go to the movies.
You be careful crossing Marine Ave.
We'll be careful.
And don't slam the door
on the way out.
I'm sorry I yelled at ya.
You always do, when you're in trouble.
What happened down there? was a mistake...
It'll straighten out.
I hear there was a girl on the boat.
I heard she was pretty.
Not very...Hannagan's girl.
He ran out on us.
I wouldn't say she was pretty.
I just wondered.
She had moles...a lot of them.
How old was she?
With her moles.
Not more than 40.
She had nice legs, though.
What was that for?
For noticing her legs.
- Listen you...!
- Oh, Harry! Don't...
- I bought you a present from Mexico...
- Harry, the kids might come back!
- It's educational!
- Harry...please...'s dry.
They tell me that Mexican hearing
wouldn't take over a week.
They're looking for some guy out there...
It'll be over soon.
That's for the birds.
Fishing season's almost over
and I'm in a hole for a payment...
I owe Phillips 2 months now.
Don't look at me...wasn't my idea
taking your boat away from you.
I worked 10 years tryin' to get a boat of my own...
and now I'm losin' it.
All anybody can say to me is
"Don't look at ME."
Anything else you want to do?
Let's go.
If you need something done,
give me a ring.
Thanks for letting me work on it.
It's your boat.
Please don't talk about me
when I'm gone..
Oh honey, though I've been
to places on my own...
And if you can't say
anything real nice...
It's better not to talk at all
it's my advice.
We're parting...your way...
How are things, Harry?
Bit of a daunt?
You know it is.
Have you seen Johnny Cooley?...
Tell him I've got a job for him.
Well! What's the good word?
Crud! That's a good word.
What happened to the boat?
You know what happened to it.
What went wrong?
Plenty. Shut up about it.
Why don't you retain me
to do something about the boat.
Retain you to throw yourself
off a building!
You need some good advice.
I like you.
I'll take care of it for you.
I don't need any advice.
If I did, I wouldn't ask you...
You crock!
Don't call me names...I was just
trying to do you a favour.
Go do Johnny Cooley a favour.
Hey, never saw you drinkin'
in the afternoon before.
Take your finger out of your mouth
and shove off, will you.'re up the creek...
I wanna help you.
I might have something for you
in a week or so.
A party might want to
charter the boat.
Some friends of mine.
Go talk to the Coast Guard...
I don't have a boat.
And I had friends of yours on it.
Took to long to blow the stink off.
Now get away from me...
You smell bad.
You shouldn't talk like that to people
who are trying to help you.
Tell Johnny Cooley to give me a ring.
What kind of place
do you run here, anyway?
Oh, he's harmless.
He's 2 pounds in a 1-pound bag...
that's what he is.
Charlie...I got any credit here?
I want to turn myself loose.
Go ahead.
I asked around...they said
this is where you hang out...
If you ever hang out.
You never called me.
There was never anything
to talk about.
Supposing I found Hannagan
Where is he?
I don't know.
But if I did, it'd be something
to talk about...wouldn't it?
It's a very funny joke.
I'm sorry...
Do you wanna act nice to me?
What are you doing down here
in Newport, anyway?
Down here with some friends...
one of them owns a yacht...
Would have thought you'd had
enough of boats by this time!
It depends upon whose boat it is.
Turn it off...turn it off!
Don't forget who your friends are.
I been a good little girl,
keeping my mouth shut...
...and speaking only when spoken to.
You can afford to be polite to me.
You know, you got a point there.
They sent somebody
to interview me.
About the trip.
And you said...?
I said it was a nice uneventful trip.
You're a good kid.
Sure...I'm dreaming.
You do everything so hard...
No matter what it is,
you do it hard.
Have you always been like that?
I guess you have.
Guys like you, don't get like that
overnight, do they?
This is a wonderful conversation.
What's a guy like you doin'
rentin' boats anyhow?
You could o' been anything.
Horseshit! All I know is boats...
I can see a marlin half a mile off...
That's my talent.
We're leaving, honey.
Ivor's getting mad.
So it's bad for his ulcers.
You know, you're the prettiest...
I can see a marlin a half a mile off, too.
There's always another one.
That's my talent.
You know, one of these days
you're gonna get your arm broke...
reaching for something
that don't belong to you.
So long as it's for a good cause!
You kinda wear a guy down!
You getting worn down?
Are you?
I'm getting used to you! stink!
Hey!...Look who's here!
I didn't know
you were with company.
Charlie called me...
He said he thought you'd need
somebody to take you home.
That is...that's what he thought.
Two drinks, and you can't tell one house
from another in our street.
Leona...this is my wife, Lucy.
Lucy...this is Leona...Leona...
Leona Charles, Mrs Morgan.
I came back from Mexico
on your husband's boat.
Oh, you're the girl
he told me about?
I had you pictured
a little different.
I'm with some people...
I just thought I'd say hello to Harry...
We wound up having a drink.
- Will you have a drink?
- No thanks.
It gives her a headache.
You look like you got a headache now.
I was doing the housework...
I didn't know...
That is I didn't...
I think I WILL have a drink.
I envy you Mrs Morgan...
It must be wonderful to have a place of your own
and a family to look after.
- Try it.
- I will some time.
Were you in Mexico with your husband,
Mrs Charles?
I'm not married.
Oh, I'm sorry.
We don't have to go on like this.
There's no reason for it.
None at all.
One of the few bad habits I have
is telling the truth.
What are you two talkin' about?
She's just telling me that nothing happened
with you two in Mexico.
And I believe her.
I told you that.
- Men!
- Women!
Well, I guess it's late enough
for me to say it's late.
I have to meet those people...
So long!
Excuse me.
It's a present.
It was a sample.
It's lovely.
It's too fragile, maybe.
You have to hold it gently.
But anything worth having
should be held gently.
It wouldn't do for me then.
I hold on tight
to what I have.
You know something...
You two were talking...
yacking away...but...
If I remember right, what you said was...
"Not more than 40."
Is she?
If that wasn't silly enough...
For all i know, she's covered with 'em.
Got pretty hair, though...
Nice legs.
They're alright...for walking.
Let's go home...
I've got my headache.
I knocked it pretty hard.
Well, forget it!
I'll fill it up with water.
Thanks for calling, Charlie.
Let's go.
Havin' fun?
He's loaded!
Your father's loaded!
Hey...don't go away...
What's the matter with 'em?
They're young...
they don't understand.
They snubbed me...
They snubbed their old man...
They snubbed me...
They're at that age...
They expect us to be perfect.
I can't take it anymore.
A lot of things
I can't take any more.
I used to think
I was a pretty tough guy.
You're a man...You're more of a man
than anybody I ever met.
Not any more...
I wake up in the night sweating.
I'm in trouble, and there's no way out...
No way out!
You'll get it back.
It isn't the boat...
I'm not thinking of that.
It's that guy...
What guy?
The one I Mexico.
What happened down there?
You have to tell me!
What happened?
A guy pulled a gun on me
and I shot him.
It's been eatin' on me
ever since...
I can't get it out of my mind.
If they started it,
it wasn't your fault.
Hey, Morgan!...
The Coast Guard wants you
over at their landing.
I've got a job here...
can't it wait?
Rodgers says "Right now"...
Something about your boat.
They got it up there.
What does Rodgers want ME for?
I don't know...he said bring you over in the cutter..
that's all he said
I'll go with you.
Stay here.
If this is more about Mexico,
I'm sick of hearing about it...
I've got work to do,
so make it short.
You won't mind this...
we're giving her back to you.
- What?
- Your boat!
Your friend Duncan
got a court order.
I didn't hire him
to get me no court order.
Maybe he just likes you.
Anyhow, there's your boat.
You're getting off easy,
and we don't like it.
We catch you one inch out of line
from now on...
...and we're gonna jump on you
with both feet.
If you've got something on me..
do something about it!
Otherwise, leave it lay.
Here are the keys.
You've been a big help!
Well...Big Shot!...
Here we are.
Free, like I said..."Big Shot"!
I told ya...You want somethin' done...
I got ways!
- Why'd ya do it?
- Call it a favour.
Don't give me that...
You'd sell your own mother...
if she was worth anything.
Hey...don't get mean, or I'll give you
something to get mean about!
How do you get tough?
Three days after you left Mexico...
...a Chinaman's body was washed ashore
at San Diego...
You know which way
the current runs.
What do you want from me?
Talk soft...Nobody knows
where that Chinaman come from.
Not yet, they don't know.
Except me...I know.
All you gotta do to keep me happy
is talk polite.
That isn't much!
You never learn...
You're don't bend.
You just break
when the load gets too heavy.
Give a little...roll with it...
What'll happen?
What about what'll happen?
These friends of St Louis...
I told ya...
They wanna charter your boat...
It's more than just a charter...
There's money in it...a little risk, maybe...
But...a lotta money!
If it's like that,
it's not for me.
I thought you had guts.
I got a bellyfull of 'em..and you too...
I got a bellyfull o' you!
You don't do right by me.
I got in a jam...I lost the boat...
and you got it back for me...
OK...we're even now.
We'll keep it that way.
You know...I just made it...
gettin' the boat back...
I was only one jump ahead
of the ship-broker...
-What was his name?
- Phillips.
He wanted the boat, too.
He's got a right...since
you haven't paid him all summer.
Come and see me...
When you learn to relax.
Hey, Wes!
I got it back!
We got the boat back!
...the cereal that pops in the bowl...
And now Ronnie Pedigrew age 8...
is having a birthday today...
Turn that off!
If you look under your pillow, Ronnie...
you'll find...
- Had your hair set?
- Yeah.
- Can't you take it out?
- No...Put the potatoes on.
And you help.
Gee,'s my favourite program.
We finished Ma...can we go
over to Karen's house...
...for supper?
Do you like it?
It's awful!
What did you do THAT for?
We'll have a mother
who'll be the laughing stock!
The absolute laughing stock!
Don't you get fresh!
And you either, young lady.
Stop staring at me...
You make me nervous.
What are you waiting around for?
We were invited to eat supper at Karen's...
Can we go now?
You can go...and stay a week
if you want to.
I never thought my mother
'd do anything like that.
Hey! I got the boat back!
- Don't get mad!
- It'll grow out again!
I got it back...
Hey Lucy...I got the boat back.
I got it back.
Oh, that's wonderful!
How do you like that...
It's in bad shape...
We have to haul it out
and do some work on it.
- Is that a new dress?
- No, you dope!
There's something...
When did THAT happen?
Is it alright?
It's great!...I mean look at you!
- You don't like it!
- For sure I do...
It's different!...It...
You gotta get used to it...
It's great though...
It DOES something for you!
I can always have it
changed back.
What for?
It was naturally so dark,
they didn't want to do it...
But I made the hairdresser
keep on with it.
The kids say it looks awful.
Does it look awful?
What do THEY know?
You really want me
to leave it this way?
I can make it blonder.
No...that's the way I like it.
You don't think I look too old?
You look better than anyone.
I wanted to do something, Harry.
I wanted to do something!
I know...I know.
You know...I been thinking...
We could take the boat out ourselves
and do some fishing.
With hand lines...
Getting good money
for fish now.
A cousin of mine
who works in the fish store...
...said they're having a big run
on halibut.
Hello, Mr Phillips!
I'm to take it away from you, Harry!
What'd you say?
I'm gonna take your boat.
I haven't made a nickel since June.
I was countin' on
that payment from ya.
I have bills of my own to pay,
and you haven't even been in to see me.
I was waiting to get you
the money I owed you first.
Do yourself a favour...
let the boat go.
Let me have it.
It's only dragging you down
trying to hang on to it.
What are YOU gonna do with it?
Let it rot, like these?
For the "Sea Queen"...
I got a buyer.
Gimme another month, Mr Phillips!
I can't...I feel rotten
coming down here, but...
I can't let it go any more.
Please... gotta give me a break!
I can stall this guy...
maybe 2 weeks...
That's all I can give you.
You're a good guy...
I appreciate it.
2 weeks! You're kidding yourself
if you think you can make it.
I'll make it.
I have to give me that...
I tried every way I knew.
We even went out fishing
with handlines.
Only it wouldn't pay for the gas.
And Lucy got that job
in the sail loft.
And started bringing work home.
And that broke my back.
I told you not to take that job.
But we had to do something!
Relaxed, money troubles...
Come and see Duncan
and get some good advice.
Step inside...that's my!
As always, because I like you!
I'm fond of you.
Sit down...sit down!
Let's relax.
This Captain Morgan?
He looks hungry.
What's your first name, Morgan?
What's yours?
Let's not get excited.
What does he know?
Just what you said.
You want to charter his boat...
That's what you told me.
That's what I said...nothin' added...
Nothin' left out.
You got a loose mouth
and I don't like it.
What do you want for the boat?
Depends what you want
to do with her.
We want to go out...straight out...
maybe 50 miles.
There's no fish out there.
I say there is.
He knows a lot about it, Harry..
Honest he does.
Go easy.
What happens 50 miles out?
Who can say? We might possibly
see another boat.
Perhaps a bigger one.
A little more comfortable...
We may even decide
to change boats.
Things like that
are very possible.
I only charter for fishing.
Alright...for fishing
what do you charge?
You sap!
I didn't tell him nothing!
I didn't tell him a thing.
There's no fish out there, mister...
I don't know where you're going...
so it's extra.
If you want to fish
where I say there's fish...
It's 40 bucks a day...
That's all.
But if we go outside the jetty
and you tell me where to go from there...
It's $1000...and that's reasonable.
It IS reasonable...believe me.
With this boat and this man,
you couldn't do any better.
I make up my own mind.
Gonna take a chance
with this chump?
You spook easy?...
You get nervous?
Only when I don't get paid
for what I do.
Where do you think
the money's comin' from?
I don't wanna know.
If I know, I don't go for it.
When can you leave?
Any time...I need a few hours
to get ready...
And get gas.
If I were to show you a place on a map...
could you get there?
I can navigate.
I can go...and I can come.
Maybe one of you can help me.
None of us no anything about it.
Is there anything else
you want to see me about?
No...that's all.
I'll let ya know what's decided...
I'll keep in touch with you.
I don't know whether these gentlemen
will want to go fishing right away...
But I'll keep in touch with ya.
You do that.
The money I'll want in advance.
Yes, when we go, you'll get it
the first thing.
Oh, Captain...
Don't give anyone any notice,
to get gas...
If you hear from us...just fill it up.
Right away.
I'll see you later...
after it's decided.
- Where?
- The Shore Club, in half an hour.
Hi ya, Harry.
Do you mind?
Is the back room open?...
I want to talk to Duncan
when he gets here.
- Well, hello!
- Hello, yourself.
Friend of my fianc.
I just got back from Catalina...
I must look a
- How was it?
- You seen one island you seen 'em all.
Didn't expect to see YOU again!
Why not?
I liked your wife.
- I told ya...
- I know.
"It's special"...don't keep telling me.
I like to think I'm special, too.
The thing is, I liked her...
Doesn't mean I want
a long conversation about her.
Not that much.
I never know what people are talkin' about
in a joint like this.
Don't mind was rough coming back
from the island.
Maybe I envy your wife a little.
I didn't believe you when you told me
you were in love with her.
Usually when a man tells me he loves his wife,
it ends up with "but".
Not me.
Yes, yes, yes...I believe it.
I have to...or where's my ego?
You know what an ego is.
Don't bite me.
I got nothing against you.
You're "special" alright.
Good-looking...smooth like that...
A man can be in love with his wife...
and still want something exciting
to happen.
I love my wife, BUT...
I guess it showed through.
You know...
My wife dyed her hair.
Coincidence...I been thinkin'
of lettin' mine grow out.
Speakin' o' coincidences...
I live here...
No. 7.
My friends just kick the door open.
Harry...come on!
Let's go!
Don't get carried away.
I got other things on my mind.
Whatta you doin'...
Tellin' her the story of your life?
We coulda died and been buried
waitin' for ya.
Not a bad idea.
That's no way to talk...
Don't mock me that way.
Keep your mouth off it.
What are you so shaky about?
What's the score
with your friends?
They made up their minds...
They want the boat tomorrow afternoon...
3.30 exactly.
What's it gonna be?
You said you didn't wanna know!
That was front of THEM.
Now I want to know.
It's a room...
during the third race...
They'll do it right
while the race is on...
All in a minute and a half.
They got it all figured....
how it's supposed to go.
Everybody will be chasing another car
right afterwards.
They come down to the port dock
and shove off with you.
Nobody knows about it.
They gotta take me by force...
I know nothing about it.
I'll be workin' around...
They have to hold a gun on me
to make me start it.
I'll tell 'em.
Who's gonna drive 'em?
Some taxi driver.
What's he supposed to think they are...
We'll get one that don't think.
And get one with no kids.
They all got kids.
Ever see a taxi-driver without kids?
They're pretty scarce.
I never killed anyone.
You never will, either.
Where's the money for me?
You'll get it tomorrow.
I'll get it've got it on ya...
They wouldn't have set a time
without making sure about me.
I wasn't holdin' out on ya...
Just thought it'd be safe with me.
You're comical...
Anybody as comical as you,
ought to be on the radio.
That's it.
We're in it.
Let's hope we get out of it.
I didn't want to get in this deep...
You know how I stay outta things...
They say I gotta go
all the way with 'em.
They won't let me out.
You're becoming all unglued...
Roll with it...relax.
What can happen?
Throw in one for me.
They say I gotta go with 'em...
out to the racetrack...
Why do I have to go with 'em?
If I were you, you gutless wonder...
I wouldn't go.
I wouldn't go with 'em...
no matter what.
Is this No.7?
Come in...I'll be right out...
Fix yourself a drink.
Nice place you got here.
Must set you back somethin'.
Not me.
And here you are...
I was beginning to think
you weren't human.
Well...I'm human.
I'm in love with the back of your neck.
I like the way your hair grows,
back there.
I recognised the guy in the bar...
what was that all about?
Forget it...Forget you ever saw it.
You like the place, eh?
Nice, isn't it.
What do you do for a living?
Department store...
I sell perfume.
- You like it?
- No.
Why don't you get out of it?
I like to smell nice.
Don't I smell nice?
You know...
What are you so nervous about?
Do you like me?
Do you like me at all?
Why don't you go home
to your wife?
I guess I'd better.
I'm such a smart girl...
Had it all figured out
a long time ago...
Don't let it mean anything...
It won't mean anything.
But this time...
it was supposed to.
But it didn't, did it?
Nothing at all.
You don't care about me,
one way or another, do you?
I'll finish this, and shove off. do that.'s been
a lot of fun knowing you.
After all... "a guy can be in love with his wife
and still want something exciting to happen".
Women!...You remember everything a guy says,
and then you hit him with it.
I kinda like to think
I'm that exciting.
I haven't got much else.
Harry...what's the matter with me?
Maybe I already got enough
excitement in my life...I'm sorry.
Forget it.
It's like that sometimes...
it happens to everybody.
Maybe I should've combed my hair...
It could've been as simple as that.
I don't even know why I like you.
Memory, maybe.
I had a choice to make, once...
...between all this...and a guy
with no money and broken fingernails.
Like you.
I guess, way down inside me someplace,
I voted for broken fingernails.
I shouldn't've paid attention.
Goodbye, Harry Morgan...
Don't slam the door on your way out.
Once, I wouldn't've walked out like this,
no matter what.
Once, everything went
just the way I wanted it.
I couldn't make a mistake...
I was like that.
I was 8 feet tall...all the time.
Not anymore.
You in trouble?
Up to my eyes, I'm in trouble.
Whatever it is, let it go.
I got no choice...
All I got left to peddle, is guts.
I'm not sure I got any...
I have to find out.
Anyhow...don't blame yourself
for this.
Goodbye, Leona.
Tell me sounds silly,
but there's a reason...
Have you got any moles?
Moles...Have you got any?
Everybody's got moles.
I would've bust out laughing!
I keep thinking about tomorrow.
What will happen tomorrow?
The only way,
is to figure it out.
All the way.
When they get there...
they have to force me to go.
They have to force me to go.
There'll be a reward.
I'll do what Lucy wants...
I'm doin' it for HER.
And the reward.
I have to do it alone.
Better alone.
That's it then...I'm doing it for Lucy...
and the reward.
A little after 11.
Why didn't you wake me?
You were so restless last night...
I thought you'd want to sleep.
I've got some work to do
on the boat.
Oh, why don't you stay home today...
I'm almost through here.
We can go to the beach...
the kids are down there already.
Some people are coming
to look at the boat.
What for?
To buy me...shut that off.
You're going to sell the boat?
The house too...everything...
We'll go some place
and start all over.
There'll be no more of that.
You'd sell the "Sea Queen" for ME?
I been thinkin' about it.
We can go to ' we used to
in the old days.
Remember that hotel?
We'll go there. all depends.
What time is it?
A little after 11...I guess you're in a hurry...
I'll fix you something to eat.
Coffee...just coffee.
What's that for?
What's that for?
I don't want you to know about it...
...Any part of it.
If it comes out all right...
I'll tell you about it some time.
Supposing it doesn't come out?'ll hear about it.
You'll hear about it, all right.
What are you up to? have to think of me
and the kids!
You have to do right.
I'm DOING right!
You've got to listen to me...
I have...I heard everything
you ever told me...
"Get into a different business", you said.
Well, this is my business...
this is what I'm good at!
It's a any other job.
I did worse in the Philippines.
I got a medal for it.
This is different.
I'm doing it for us.
Not if you have to take a gun with you,
you're not.
I'm careful, that's all...
A gun doesn't mean anything,
unless it goes off.
A got a right to be careful.
I know you...
You've got that stubborn
stupid look on your face... always get when you're gonna
do something you know isn't right.
But you're gonna do it anyway,
'coz that's the way you are.
But don't tell me it's for us...
Just don't give me that...
I'll never say yes to that.
I'm sorry I ever married you.
I'm just tryin' to get a little ahead, see...
I'm way behind!
This is the only way out...the only way!
After it's over, we'll sell the boat, go to Frisco,
do anything you want...anything!
I don't want you to get into trouble...
That's what I want!
It won't be anything I can't handle.
I have to go now.
Lucy...I have to go.
Go won't listen to me...
Go on then!
I may be gone a couple of days...
I left some money for you.
On the dresser...enough to make it
all right when I'm gone.
I won't be here
when you get back.
I've had enough...
More than enough.
I've done everything I could
to keep us together.
But you don't want it like that.
You act like you're all alone.
You've been like that ever since
you came back from Mexico.
What's this you're doing now...
Same thing all over again...
Go on then...This time I won't be here
when you get back.
Me or the kids.
If that's the way you want it...
Wait! Wait!
Make him take it easy...
We don't want no tickets.
Hey, Harry!
Thought I'd come down and see
if there's any chance there's something doing .
No I can't get a party...
I would've called you if I had anything...
you know that.
I was hoping.
My old woman is sick of having me
around the house, she said.
Why don't you smack her?
You smack her, and see what happens.
I don't want to hold you up...
I know you've got other things to do...
I got nothin' else to do...
You know that.
I been meaning to varnish that panel
a couple of weeks now.
Good time to do it.
No sense in varnishing today...
I have to work on the engine.
What's the matter with it?
Oh...the plugs...
On the port side...
I think they're cooked.
No...I checked the plugs
a couple of days ago.
They're fine.
I say we need plugs.
Let's fire 'em and find out.
There's nothing wrong with those plugs.
Well we better have some,
just the same.
Go down to Porter's hardware store
and get 6 of 'em.
What's the matter with you?
You act like you trying
to get rid of me.
Where's the boat?
There it is, you fool.
- That ain't the boat!
- That's the captain, come on.
What's this all about?
Do what I tell you...
come on...get out of here!
Get outta here!
OK...c'mon...c'mon...get goin'!
Get that stuff outta sight...
Get that rope off!
C'mon...c'mon...Make it fast!
Let's go, Cappy!
Don't do it, Harry!
Let's go, Cappy!
Let's go, I said!
C'mon...go faster...
Make some time!
He's gotta go slow in the channel...
Otherwise they'll come after him.
We gonna go outta here
crawlin' like this?
Lie down there, flat...all of you.
Go on!
I'll keep Cappy covered.
What's the matter, Cappy...
You lost your nerve?
It's a friend of yours!
It bothers you we killed 'im.
I didn't think of that.
Not at all.
What's that for?
What are you doin' that for?
He always waves...
And I always wave back.
Next is the Coast Guard.
- That's when you sweat, you cruds.
- Wipe your mouth!
You watch it!
You're workin' yourself up
into somethin' Cappy...
Don't get any ideas!
You yell at that Coast Guard
and you get yours right now...
And a couple of those Coast Guard boys
go with you.
So think it over.
What can that Coast Guard cutter do?
Twenty...maybe more.
They go 20...can you lose them
in this tramp?
They won't care long.
Here, we're going to the other side of Catalina Island...
way out to where its marked.
Hold this wheel steady, will you.
Do you think they can catch us now?
- Plane.
- It'll soon be dark.
Ever hear of radar?
That's why we're going to
the other side of Catalina Island.
By the time they figure out how
we got away, we'll be gone, right?
What do you think?
Course is 120.
He said, what do you think
our chances are?
He's sore about his friend.
What did you kill him for?
I'm sorry...You don't know
how badly I feel about it now.
I got excited.
Don't let him kid you...
When it's your turn to go...
Go on and watch for the Coast Guard, bigmouth!
Here...take the wheel...
I have to check the motors.
Go's just like a car.
Just steer it...
Keep the line on 120.
Hey...what's the matter...
What are you doin'?
The carburettors are running a little thin
for this speed.
Hey...your friend here...
No sense carryin' him...
Throw 'im over!
He never knew what hit 'im.
Come on...come on!
Get it over!
You know...the heaviest thing in the world
is a dead man.
You ever lifted a dead man before?
Sure...plenty of times.
Not many friends, though.
Hey...that's better, eh?
Not so crowded now!
Where is it?
- What'd he do with it?
- With what?
- You know what...You threw it over!
- You're crazy.
Crazy am I?...
You did it on purpose!
Give me a gun I'll kill 'im
and throw 'im over!
Shut up!
Lookin' for any trouble, Cappy?
I'd just as soon see you all
with your guts hanging out.
Got any guns aboard?
Any guns at all?
Where are they?
I was gonna show you.
You just tell me where...
He'll go.
In the locker.
Got any shells?
How do you think your gonna get
to where you're going?
Come in 6497 "The Sea Queen".
Come in please.
Repeat...this is Charlie George...
the Coast Guard at Point Daunt
calling Charlie 6497. "The Sea Queen"
come in please.
If you got any idea...forget it.
Don't you want to hear
what they say about you?
I know everything they could say...
I was there.
What happened to Duncan?
He's dead...He wasn't very smart.
You're smart.
You're so smart I was wondering why
you took this job.
You know what I think?
I think you wanted a reward. had some corny idea
about capturing us for the reward.
Yeah...that's right!
Here..take it a while...I want to get
my jacket, I'm cold.
Cold, the feet, maybe?
Want somethin' to eat?
Blue channel...
please stay off this channel.
This is Charlie George the Coast Guard
asking for a clear channel on this frequency.
Clear channel...please stay off this channel
This is Charlie George the Coast Guard
asking for a clear channel on this frequency.
Want a drink?
I never drink.
You're very nervous.
That's because I've never been killed before.
What's that?
I dunno.
It ain't runnin' right.
I'd better take a look.
Hold the wheel now...
Nothing serious...
I'll have it fixed in a minute.
Watch the course!
Come out!
Come out!
Cut the engine...
You'll burn got a chance still...
I got a kind of a chance!
One thing to spoil it...
One thing to go wrong...
That little hiding rat...
Who'd 've thought I hadn't gotten him?
A man alone...
A man alone ain't got no chance.
A man alone ain't got no chance.
Not a chance.
Coast Guard at Point Daunt
to William Charlie 6497 "The Sea Queen"
Come in please.
Come in please!
"The Sea Queen"...come in please!
This is PBY278 05...
To Newport...Have spotted Sea Queen.
Location map reference 180 A4
Repeat...180 A4
Boat is not moving...
No signs of life aboard.
Say...what happened out there?
Come on, isn't too late
to get some sleep...if you come across.
It looks like Morgan shot 'em all.
Got shot up himself.
Morgan, too, eh...
Is he hurt bad?
From what they tell me, he's so close
to being dead, it doesn't matter.
Here they come.
They need you on board, Mrs Morgan.
The children had better wait up there.
You wait up there.
The quicker the better with this...
Your husband's left arm
will have to be amputated.
We need permission to do it.
I can't do that!
I can't!
He won't give us permission...
He won't even let us take him ashore.
He'll die if we don't get him to a hospital
and operate right away.
You'd better talk to him.
The kids are with me...
they're outside, waiting...
Been waiting a long time.
They're not gonna cut my arm off!
You'll die, Harry!
I'll die. Let me die...I'll die!
It isn't just you...
I'll die too.
I won't be anything any more...
You don't want that.
Like crashing cargo on a hill.
With luck...yeah...maybe...
No luck...
I wanna sleep nights...
You know I can't sleep
when you're gone.
When you're away on a trip...
I don't sleep.
Harry...Don't leave me all alone!
Man alone ain't got no chance...
tell Lucy, tell her...
I'm here, darling...
I'm always here...
I need you...I thought I lost you...
I need you!
I thought you were gone.
I wanna sleep.
You'll have to do something
before you go to sleep.
You have to tell me
what to do.
They want to take your arm off, Harry.
Don't say no...
You'll die if they don't.
I need you.
Will you stay with me?
Will we be alright?
- Will we be alright?
- Yes, darling.
Tell 'em to go ahead.
I need you, Lucy...I need you.
Don't leave me...don't...
Don't leave me!
I love you, darling!
You're more of a man
than anybody I've ever met.
Go to sleep now.
He's gonna be alright, isn't he Doctor?
He'll be alright, you'll see.
But you'll have to pray for him...
You'll have to pray very hard now.
You know the guy?
Yeah...I know him.
How I hate mornings...
The worst part of the day!
C'mon...break it up...
Let's go folks...let's go...
That's it...break it up folks...let's go.