Breaking the Girls (2013) Movie Script

Which creates an ethical conundrum.
But remember, you are defending
his right to be a free citizen
not his right to kill.
Enough theorizing.
Let's look at a case that gets us
to start thinking practically.
Sara, why don't you tell us about
California vs. Chris Albanese?
In the Albanese brothers case,
the judge, our own Professor Nolan
ruled against Chris Albanese
who's now serving a life sentence
for the brutal murder of his brother.
The defense plead
temporary insanity,
but the jury and judge
Nolan found Chris guilty
because there was evidence that he
had been planning the murder for years.
I think the defense missed
a serious opportunity here.
Yes, it was premeditated, but
it was committed in self-defense,
and that would have given him
a very different sentence.
Thank you, Sara.
Alright. Let's start
by looking on page eight.
MacDonald vs. Chicago.
There's a precedent there.
Thanks kid, I'll see you Sunday.
Great job today.
Thank you.
See you, Dad.
You never miss your Sunday dinners, huh?
It's kinda adorable.
don't go thinking I'm a softie.
Number of thwarts?
I will take you down.
Oh, it's on.
Don't care how many jobs you have, Sara,
I expect this one to be a priority.
One more, Tim?
I'm good, Sara. I've got
a lot of studying to do tonight.
Actually you know what?
I'll just take one more.
So when am I gonna be able
to buy you a drink?
You know I can't drink on the job.
Well how about after the job?
It never seems to be an after.
Hey, wanna get naked?
Alright, you know what?
Sober up, go to the library.
Sorry about that.
Thanks for getting
rid off that douchebag.
It's one of my favorite
parts of the job.
What are you drinking?
It's on the house.
Jack and Coke.
I'm Alex, by the way.
I'm Sara.
Let me know if you
want another one of these.
Three Jack and Cokes?
Alex Layton?
Brooke Potter.
You and I met at the Reynolds
party in Brentwood.
Did we?
I really don't remember.
It's so funny we ran into you,
We're going to the same
art opening tonight.
Isn't Nina Layton your dad's wife?
Her work is amazing.
Yeah, it's okay.
$ 18.
Here you go.
Well, it was really nice
to see you again.
Excuse me...
Sara, I'm gonna need you to come in here
to review the register's receipts with me.
Hey, lady.
The lady is off work.
Need a ride somewhere?
I live in Carmine.
It's not that far.
Undergrad housing, huh?
That must be fun.
Yeah, if you're into
rose retarded frat boys.
Who says that I'm into boys?
Have a drink with me.
You know what? I've had a really
shitty day. I'm just gonna go home.
Oh, come on. I'll make it better.
Are you sure you should
be driving right now?
Probably not.
Why don't I drive you home?
That would be great.
You are a real peach,
you know that?
This is a nice house.
My decorator really crushed it,
don't you think?
Relax, it looks like you want to rip
the heads off of all your Barbie dolls.
That actually sounds like
a lot of fun right now.
Why are you so stressed out?
That stupid girl from the bar.
Which one?
That Brooke girl.
The one that was kissing your ass.
Uh, what a bore.
- Yeah well, she just got me fired.
- Well fuck her.
I think it's because her
boyfriend I don't know,
maybe has a crush
on me or something.
Well, who wouldn't?
So, who is the guy?
Eric Nolan
First and last name, huh?
Guess you like him.
I don't know. I mean,
we haven't done anything.
It's just that Brooke is a psycho.
And she ratted me out to my boss
That I've been taking
money from the tip jar.
It's not like I was selling babies
to support my drug habit or anything
It's just taking
a few extra dollars.
That girl is not even cute.
She just acts cute.
I know what you need.
This is for you, alright?
Okay, it's your turn.
Come here.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
Go for it.
Don't hit me.
- You feel better?
- Yeah.
- Okay good. We're going to a party.
- What party?
Don't worry. I've got a cute dress
you will look great in.
Appetizing, isn't it?
What do you think of this twisted
garbage? Oh, Nina, the artist.
I didn't see you there.
What a wonderful surprise.
Alex, why do you insist on
embarrassing yourself in public?
Wow, that dress,
it really screams, "Fuck me. "
Having fun while David is away, huh?
This is my opening and my night.
Please don't make it about you.
- What was that all about?
- It's boring.
Yeah, she's my stepmother and yeah,
she's only five years older than us.
How did she meet your dad?
Oh, that's the kicker. Through me.
We used to date.
Thank you.
When I was interning at Vogue, Nina
was the photographer's assistant.
And I invited her up to my dad's
place for the weekend.
The only thing she packed was a
teeny-tiny little black bathing suit.
He took one look at her, and they
were engaged a few months later.
Gold digging bitch.
Oh, look. It's Princess
Leia and her Jedi knight.
Let's go say hi.
- No.
- Oh, yes. Let's go.
- This is great.
- Yeah, sounds good.
I'm gonna get a drink.
- Hey, kittycats.
- Hi.
Sara, is this the guy you
were telling me about?
You've got great taste.
I'm not great with compliments,
but thanks.
I didn't know you were bar tending
the opening too, Sara.
I'm actually not
bar tending anymore.
- Why not?
- I think you know why not.
Well, it's been delightful,
but we gotta go get a drink. Bye.
I know Sara is really pretty, but
you don't have to flirt with her
right in front of me.
Give me a break. We're just friends.
Yeah, friends who've wanted to fuck
each other for like three years.
Are you serious?
Don't talk to me.
We're leaving.
Oh, this is classy.
Have fun with her.
Are you okay?
Do you need some help with that?
Don't you have to look
after your girlfriend?
She left.
I'm sorry.
I'm really not.
Come on, let's get her up.
Let's go.
- She do this a lot?
- No, I just barely met her.
Well, don't worry. My friends gave me tons
of practice. I'm great with dead weight.
I'm up.
I just needed a little disco nap.
- I wanna party.
- You got her?
- Do you guys wanna party?
- Yes, let's...
- Eric likes to dance.
- I do, I like to dance.
Eric, you're hot.
- He's sexy, Sara. Good taste. Come here.
- No.
- You're sexy too.
- No.
Liquid courage.
You're sexy too.
How hot is she, Eric?
You're so hot.
Come on, just playing.
Eric won't mind.
Hey, let's go to the pool.
I wanna go swimming.
I'll keep all the lights out.
Just for you guys.
I'm going in.
You coming?
It's getting chilly in here. Maybe you
should go home to your girlfriend.
Yeah, maybe I should.
You can just pour the
coffee all over me.
It's actually not coffee.
It's a hangover cure that I made.
Powder Ginger from your kitchen
and thyme from your front yard.
I didn't realize that I was
sleeping next to a hippie girl.
Actually I'm really not a hippie chick, but
I grew up with a supper hippie aunt
that lived in Topanga.
Oh my God, Topanga?
Every time I drive through there,
I'm like scared
someone's gonna run out, and spray
me with some patchouli or something.
Just trust me.
I think your hippie aunt
was trying to poison you.
She was pretty crazy.
One year she actually made me
and my sister matching muumuus.
Muumuus? On children?
Oh, god. That's disturbing.
Did she at least grow her own weed?
- Can we just call her right now...
- No, we can't call her.
Um, yeah, sure.
I can come in.
That's Professor Nolan.
I have to go in.
So I guess
I should get going.
Yeah, I've been hooking up with
a lot of straight girls recently, so I...
know the drill.
- I've had a lot of fun last night, I just
- Was a one time thing.
Unfortunately, policies
at the university
dictate that your
fellowship be revoked.
But it's one person's word
against mine.
I didn't steal anything.
No one on this campus
finds this more unfair than I do.
Of all the students here,
you deserve to be here.
Brooke Potter's aunt
head's that committee.
Brooke Potter?
- She called her aunt?
- Stealing is a California felony
Which at this university
is an automatic revocation.
It could've been worse. I fought
hard against your expulsion.
I'm never gonna make it
without that scholarship money.
Listen, you just stay
here through this term,
and hopefully we will
figure something out.
Meet me outside Alex
Hey, Brooke!
- Know what this is?
- No.
Please, get out of my face.
Oh, I'll be out of your face soon enough.
I've just lost
my housing thanks to you.
I'm sorry, but I have
no idea what you're talking about.
First you get me fired then you get
your aunt to revoke my scholarship?
And now I don't have
a place to live.
I think you know exactly
what I'm talking about.
Maybe you should've thought about that
before you did all those things you did.
I'm not stupid, Brooke. I will tear you
down, before I let you get in my way.
You better watch your back,
you fucking bitch.
- What just happened?
- I've no idea. She just attacked me.
- That looked like fun, huh?
- Yeah, I think I scared her a little.
I'm gonna smoke you out,
and take you for a joy ride.
We stopped, that's it?
I thought you had to eat?
- My lady.
- Thank you.
Thought you were the only
who knew how to steal?
Here, I have a bottle opener.
Crack that thing open.
- Okay.
- Let the adventure begin.
Tell me a secret.
I have a pet snail.
It's my mom's.
They live forever.
- Lame fucking secret.
- What? No, it's not.
- What are you doing?
- We're already criminals,
might as well add littering
to the file, huh?
We're modern day Bonny and Read.
- Who?
- Anne Bonny and Mary Read?
Two of the most famous lady pirates
of the 17th century?
- My thesis subject?
- Never heard of 'em.
When the British finally
caught up with them...
the judge asked if they
had any last words,
- Know what they said?
- What did they say?
They said that they were pregnant,
and it was illegal to kill
pregnant ladies back then, so...
- Those were some crafty pirates.
- Yeah.
Yup, they made their own rules.
Like us.
They made up their own rules.
I want to show you
where I grew up, okay?
- Okay.
- Alright. Let's go.
Wow, nice Mustang.
Yeah, it's Davids,
my stepdad's car.
My stepdad is building some
mega mansion in Malibu, so...
he hasn't really
been keeping it up.
It was built by silent film star
and an oil heiress.
They only lived here a week before
he drove his car up in the sea.
And then they turned
it into a place for nuns.
Pretty weird, huh?
I call him David Jr..
Does Nina kill them herself?
Who knows? Probably.
Try not to ask too many questions.
Here, I'll show you Nina's studio.
She really hates it
when I go in here.
Welcome to the freak show,
where animals come to die.
I like this one.
It's got a sexy feel.
Check out this blade.
Wow, it's beautiful.
Didn't you even do this
when you were a kid?
We're blood sisters now.
This is my favorite spot.
If I lived here, I think I'd be
in the pool every day.
Believe me, I was.
My mom died here.
In the pool?
I found her.
I'm sorry.
She looked beautiful. Her hair was
all fanned out, like a mermaid.
I feel closest to her
when I'm in the water.
So what about your mom?
You said your aunt raised you.
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's okay.
My Dad...
left when I was young and...
my mom died around the same time.
How did she die?
No one knows.
Alright, c'mon.
Let's go have some fun.
Hey, we have neighbors.
Don't play music at night.
Didn't I tell you that if you're gonna
show up here, you gotta call first?
It's really not a good weekend,
I never had to call and
ask permission before
Now you do. Because you're in college.
You have your own place which I pay for,
So please, just call.
You've been in college
for six years.
Perhaps there's some studying
you should be doing.
I've got it honey.
Why do you have to be such a
bitch all the time, Nina?
I'm a bitch?
You're a spoiled little brat. You don't
deserve half of what David gives you.
Everything David has, he
has because of my mother.
This is my mother's fucking house.
You love to play
the victim, don't you?
This house is big enough
for all of us, alright?
If you wanna stay here for the weekend,
stay here for the weekend.
You stay in your part of the
house. We'll stay in ours.
Just next time you call.
I'm sorry. I'm David.
You look familiar.
Have I met her before?
Well, nice to meet you now, Sara.
You don't understand.
David is the only family that I have.
I do understand, believe me.
We got so close after my mom died.
We saved each other.
I've always considered him
more a dad than a stepdad.
Then Nina moved in,
and all that's gone.
When she moved in, she took down
every last picture of my mother.
It was all I had left of her.
I'm sorry.
Fuck her.
Fuck everybody.
Can everyone please include Brooke?
She is such a bitch.
And she has the man
you want, right?
Yes, she is one tenacious
little parasite.
You have to kill parasites
before they suck you dry.
Yeah, seriously.
I bet she's miserable.
They'd probably both be happy
to be put out of their misery.
Don't you wish that killing
could just be legal?
The lady pirates did it.
We could've done it 300 years ago.
So, how about this? You can't kill
Brooke, and I can't kill Nina
Because we'd get caught, obviously.
But if we swap murders
then no one would ever guess.
I think you smoked
a little too much tonight.
I kill Brooke,
you kill Nina.
It's so simple.
I love it.
You like my idea, don't you?
Yes, of course.
I think all your ideas.
Fancy meeting you here.
- Where are you headed?
- Alex is picking me up.
She's letting me stay
with her, thank god.
Look, I'm really sorry
about what Brooke did.
I just came by to see if you're okay.
If you need anything.
Are you sure Brooke would
be okay with that?
Assuming she knows
about the other night.
Well, she probably wouldn't be
if she was still my girlfriend, but...
we broke up.
You guys broke up?
'Cause of me?
There were a lot of factors.
Am I interrupting something?
C'mon, let's go.
I parked in the red.
- See you later?
- Yeah.
So I guess you like boys now, huh?
Looks like he's all yours.
Poor Brooke. It isn't easy being
the one that's left out.
I'm not leaving you out, Alex.
I'm moving in with you.
I'm not talking about me, Sara.
Watch your back around that chick.
If she catches you with Eric, you'll
see a real fucking psycho come out.
- Okay, enough.
- You're coming with us.
Okay, I'm coming.
Save me a seat. I wanna
swim just a little bit longer.
I'm still swimming here.
Sara, wake up.
Come talk to me.
I've got great news.
Hey, what's going on?
- What happened to your arm?
- I have a present for you.
You look surprised,
but don't worry.
No one saw a thing.
It was very quick.
She didn't struggle much.
It was easier than
I thought it'd be actually.
Well, don't play innocent. We planned
this together, or did you forget?
Where are you going, Sara?
I'm going to call the police,
that's where I'm going.
You can't do that.
You'd be arrested for murder.
- Me?
- Yeah.
I mean, why would I
kill Brooke Potter, huh?
A woman that I've met twice,
and have no relationship with.
You're the one who benefits, Sara.
Didn't you have a very public
fight with Brooke recently?
Not to mention your
history of stealing. I mean...
your thumb print is on her necklace.
You look tired, Sara.
It's been a very strenuous evening.
But listen, I can tell you when Nina
is gonna be at the house alone.
I have a plan.
You can't make me do that.
I'm not doing that.
But you have to.
- It's your turn.
- You fucking psycho.
Have you seen your boots recently?
Because the police might be calling,
and asking about some muddy footprints.
I know it's early.
I'm sorry to bother you, but
Do you know a Sara Ryan?
I'm Sara Ryan.
What's this about?
I'm Detective Ross. I'm investigating
a murder that happened last night.
One sec.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
Do you have any idea why somebody
would want to kill Brooke Potter?
No, not really.
I spoke to Brooke's
friend Paula earlier...
and she claims that you were interested
in Brooke's boyfriend, Eric Nolan.
Was that a question?
Look, Sara,
I'm not out to get you here,
I just think you need
to know what's being said.
I was never pursuing Eric.
Paula says you publicly threatened
Brooke a few days before she was killed.
Now if that was true. You need to go
ahead, and talk to me about it now.
Yeah, we had an argument,
but I mean...
Am I a suspect?
Where were you last night
around nine thirty?
I was here.
In bed.
We both were. I'm Alex, her roommate.
I got here at seven.
And Sara had made dinner for me.
It was so cute.
There were candles everywhere.
We stayed up talking for
a couple more hours,
and then I convinced
her to go to bed.
So, it's just the two of you.
You didn't see anyone else all evening?
No, it was just us.
Would I you mind if I spoke
to Sara alone, please?
I think you know that I'm not
a bullshit type of woman.
I'm gonna give you one
more opportunity.
There's nobody here,
but you and me,
You got something else to tell me?
I was here.
I don't know what else
you're looking for.
I got that when I was working
undercover with the Lady Avengers.
A motorcycle gang.
Now, those were some tough women.
If you think of anything else
you give me a call, okay?
Good muffin.
See you soon, Sara.
You're crazy.
I'm moving out.
Fine, abandon the one person
who's protecting you.
I do everything for you,
you know?
I'm just waiting for you
to do something for me.
A warm, bright and kind person.
She was incredibly loyal.
A friend was a friend for life.
That's a clich I suppose,
but in Brooke's case
it was undeniable.
She had the smile that would melt
the days stress right out of you.
- Excuse me.
- I was grateful to get to know her well.
Her interest in justice
didn't end when class was over.
She would grill me about old cases of
mine, when she was over for dinners.
There is no doubt in my mind,
That Brooke would have made
an excellent attorney.
Losing her is not only
a personal tragedy,
but a loss to the
entire legal community.
It's not your fault.
She will be missed.
Thank you.
I should go talk to her brother.
Just so you know, my family is here
for you. Whatever you need.
- Thank you, Alex. I appreciate that.
- She really was a very special girl.
Sara, I've heard what was going on, and I
want you to know you have my full support.
It goes without saying,
but I'm gonna say it anyway
- I know you didn't do this.
- Thank you.
It was very brave of you
to come here today.
That was exhausting.
Like anyone really cared about
that whiny little nobody.
You're a monster.
Are you out of your mind?
I'll give you a couple of days
and then we'll plan the next one.
You can't make me do this.
You just do this one thing, and then
we can have everything we want.
And you can have
Eric all to yourself
since you were obviously thinking about
him while you were making out with me.
- That's not true.
- Just remember
there are a lot of things I've chosen not
to tell the police, so you're welcome.
Whoa, hold on there Sara.
Everything okay?
It's just been a tough day.
Guess it is weird with
everybody talking about you.
Unlike most people
I don't believe that stealing from a tip
jar necessarily makes you a murderer.
Or sleeping with a cute girl.
Guess I shouldn't be surprised
that you know things about me.
I've done my homework.
But, you know Sara, I can't help you
unless you help me a little bit.
I've told you
everything that I know.
Sorry that there's not more.
I have to go. Excuse me.
- You okay?
- I need to talk to you.
Yeah, c'mon in.
I don't expect you to believe me.
I don't expect anybody to
believe me, it's too fucking crazy.
No, what's fucking crazy is
you not going to the police.
If you didn't do anything
there's no problem.
I mean, I'll go with you,
we can get help together.
- You don't get it.
- Don't get what?
Let the system do what it does.
You know this better than anyone.
What I know better than anyone is
that the system doesn't serve people.
It serves people with power.
My dad was the friendliest guy to the people
that didn't really know him that well,
but at night...
I would be so scared for my mom,
because I could hear him yelling at her.
And when she died...
we had so many questions
for the police,
and we kept calling them
and calling them...
When they finally got back to us
they said that a search has been
conducted, but was inconclusive.
Do you know what it says on her
death certificate still to this day?
Natural causes.
That's it.
This is Sara, leave a message.
- What are you doing?
- I just couldn't sleep.
I started reading about
Alex's family. Take a look at this.
David Layton, single, sexy and
rich beyond your wildest dreams.
Playboy seems to have a penchant
for rich women.
It must have been
before he married Nina.
- What are you looking for exactly?
- Answers, I guess.
I need to know that you believe
that I didn't kill anyone.
I'm just trying
to figure stuff out.
I mean, look what I found out
about Alex's mom.
Sophie Layton dies in a tragic accident.
Grieving daughter suffers breakdown.
That can't be right. Alex told me
that her mom committed suicide.
Yeah, well, there's more.
Investigation into
questionable circumstances
revolving around
Sophia Layton's death.
There's a swim pool, possible pills and
alcohol in her system. No witnesses.
Now it makes sense.
Take a look at that.
Sophie Layton is said to be
worth $ 50 million
Money is transferred to her
husband of three years, David Layton.
So maybe, David killed
Alex's mom for the money?
God, if that was true,
and I was Alex then...
I wouldn't be hating Nina,
I'd be hating David.
Why would she want you to kill Nina?
That doesn't make any sense.
I don't know.
Look Sara, we have to go to the police.
I don't think we have any other options.
I can't. Alex has evidence
that places me at the scene.
And my fingerprints are all
over Brooke's necklace.
- Is Sara with you?
- Fucking Alex.
Hold on a sec.
Come home!
Okay, this is crazy.
I have to face her.
I have an idea and
I think it will work.
Good morning.
I was worried about you at first.
But then I realized you
must be saving Eric's bed.
I'm sorry I didn't call.
Going to Brooke's funeral
yesterday really freaked me out,
I just needed some time to think.
It's funny.
I didn't peg Eric for the type
of guy to fuck a new girl
the same day his
old girl is turned into dirt.
It's not like that.
Well, I need you...
but clearly you don't need me,
since you've got him now, so...
I guess I'll just
have to do this alone.
Eric and I aren't together.
It was never really like that
with me and him.
I was just so confused.
But I think you know
how I felt all along.
Just been so scared to go there
with you. Like really go there.
- You really feel that way?
- Yeah.
I'm so happy that Brooke is gone
and that you did that for me.
Now it's my turn.
I'm so happy we get
to do this together.
Today is perfect.
Nina will be alone at the house.
It's open.
- Here's the gun.
- You just keep this thing lying around?
I stole it from
Nina that day.
You won't disappoint
me now, will you?
- No.
- Good.
Here's what you do.
Detective Ross.
She's headed where?
Okay, calm down.
We're on our way.
Nina, is that you?
I have to talk to you
about Alex. Hello?
- I didn't do this.
- Put your hands above your head, Sara.
I just walked in.
Stop talking and put your
hands above your head.
I swear to God I didn't do this.
No, you have to believe me.
- I didn't know...
- Let's go, Sara.
- No. You have to believe me.
- Come on.
I just got here.
I don't know what's going on.
Please, I just found him.
I was with my stepmother, Nina.
We went shopping
and spent the night
at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Of course, your stepmother
can corroborate this.
Of course.
Thank you for tipping us off
as to Sara's whereabouts.
Can you think of any reason that Sara
Ryan would want your stepfather dead?
But, I'm confused.
Don't you have all the evidence
that you need to convict her?
Well, we have her
at the scene of the crime,
And we have the murder weapon,
but what we don't have is a motive.
I think I might know of the motive.
When Sara and I first met,
we kissed and stuff.
It was just innocent, you know?
Fun, whatever.
But then she became obsessed.
- Can you be a little more specific?
- She wanted to move in.
Which was fine, because you know
she didn't have a place to stay,
But then she started acting
like my wife or something.
Asking my whereabouts,
making sexual advances all the time.
And she kept talking about Brooke,
and how she was responsible for
losing her scholarship
and she was there when
David and I got in a big fight.
But we always fought, and just made up.
That's how we were.
She was so mad at him though.
She did say that if Brooke and
David were out of the way
That we could be happy.
And all David's money
would be ours.
But it's all my fault.
If I had just told her that David
cut me out of his will then
maybe she wouldn't have killed him.
Why didn't you come forward
with this after Brooke's death?
I guess I just did not want
to believe it was true, you know?
May I have some water, please?
- What the fuck Sara?
- I had to warn Nina.
I couldn't see
somebody else get hurt.
- You should have not have gone there.
- I know, just hear me out, okay?
I think Alex and her stepmom Nina
are trying to frame me.
- Really?
- Yes.
I think that Alex coming to the bar that
night, that wasn't just a chance meeting.
Alex and Nina planned that.
Alex made friends with me...
so she could have somebody
to frame for killing David.
Wait, I don't get it. I thought
Alex wanted you to kill Nina.
Yeah, that's what she
wanted me to think.
So that when I went to do it,
I'd be walking into a trap.
Do you really think those two
are actually capable of all that?
For $50 million, Eric, people are capable
of doing anything. Especially Alex.
When David cut her out of the will,
she felt betrayed.
Nina was her only way in.
If we could somehow find a way to get
Alex to think that Nina betrayed her...
No, what we need to do is get help.
We're gonna walk down the hallway,
and get Detective Ross on board.
That's what we have to do.
It's a great idea.
Excuse me?
My name is Nina Layton.
Sara Ryan asked to see me?
This wine is so good.
I have more in the cellar.
I'll go get it.
Hey Nina, It was great seeing you today.
Let's keep talking. Sara
The flower guy today was one
of those close talkers, and...
He kept getting in my face,
and his breath was gross.
Not fun.
Did you go anywhere else
besides the flower guy today?
Just met with the minister,
and went to the funeral home...
you know, made arrangements.
Don't lie to me.
What are you talking about?
Did you see Sara Ryan today?
Why would you do that, Nina?
What could you possibly have
to talk to Sara Ryan about?
I had to see her to see
if they have anything on us.
Which they don't.
They don't have anything at all.
And you didn't tell me?
You're worried about me?
How do you think it makes me feel
to see you drooling all over Sara?
- That wasn't exactly part of our plan.
- I'm acting, Nina.
I'm a good actress.
It's just a performance.
Yeah, so is me going to see Sara.
- Are you fucking me over?
- Oh my god.
- You're really starting to get paranoid.
- Don't tell me I'm paranoid.
You're not the one who
killed two people. I am.
You never got your
hands dirty at all.
Look. No one ever said anything about
you killing that Brooke girl.
That was all you.
We had a very specific plan,
and you decided to go against it.
And yes, you had to get your hands dirty,
but I had to have sex with David,
which was fucking disgusting by the way.
I'm sorry about that.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, I don't wanna
hide anything from you.
We're in this together.
Thank God you're
out of there.
Luckily I still have a little pull
at the DA's office.
Thank you so much.
You guys are amazing.
- I've never met anyone like you before.
- What? A criminal?
Well, I've definitely never slept
with a potential convict before...
So, yeah, that's a first.
- So what are you like experimenting?
- You know I'm not.
I do?
Do you want me to 'fess up
to how much I like you?
Yes, please.
I like you.
What is it?
What are you thinking?
I'm scared.
You scare me in a good way.
Nina, Ditch Alex and meet me tomorrow.
It's Alex.
- I need to talk to you.
- So talk.
Not on the phone, okay?
The mall hall in Overlook.
Okay, fine.
She's freaked out.
That's good.
- Why should I trust you?
- You don't have to trust me.
You can go with Nina,
and you'll both end up in jail.
Or you can remember the promise
that we made to each other.
We make our own rules, Alex.
What's your plan?
We pin it all on Nina.
And you and I walk away with the money.
If Nina's in jail,
I don't get any money.
David cut me out of the will.
Our plan was to share it.
She's never gonna share it
with you, Alex. She told me herself.
But if you can convince her to sign
over 50% of David's estate to you,
Then once she's out of the picture
that money's all yours.
Except for the ten percent,
you give me.
She'll never sign anything.
You've killed people, Alex.
What has she done?
Nothing. She owes you.
She owes you something legally binding
so that you know you're okay.
But Nina would have to die
in order for me to get that.
Kill Nina?
I'll do it myself to show
you that we're even.
She deserves it.
You don't have it in
you to kill anyone.
I would've said
the same thing about you.
- So I guess you forgive me.
- I do.
Do you think there's something
you could do for me?
Of course, anything you want.
Sign over 50% percent
of David's estate?
I'm not signing anything.
I told you when the money came in
I would share it with you.
You still don't trust me, do you?
It would just be a gesture to show
me that you're not gonna leave me.
No matter what I do for you
it's never enough.
- It's just a piece of paper.
- Exactly.
So why is it so important to you?
You of all people know
how hard it's been for me,
When I lost my mom there wasn't any
plan to make sure it's going to be okay.
Please, Nina, it would
just make me feel better.
So now that everything is legal,
do you have a little kiss for me?
Jesus, what is wrong with you?
I did what you asked.
- Why are you acting so weird?
- I'm acting weird?
Everything is fine.
What the hell is going on?
I knew you'd betray me, Nina.
That's why I'm one step ahead of you.
What are you fucking crazy?
You're just gonna let her shoot me?
I loved you, Nina.
Why did you do this to me?
I love you too.
Listen, we can work this out.
This isn't the answer.
No. I'm not falling
for your shit anymore.
This is all just so fucked up.
Do you think that it was easy
killing Brooke with my bare hands,
watching the life
drain out of her body?
And David? Do you have
any idea what that felt like?!
I just wanted him to pay
for what he did to me and my mother.
And you, Nina...
You turned me into a killer.
So, what's one more body?
Watch your head.
Excellent work, Sara.
Making it sign.
Thank you for believing in me.
You're awesome.
I wish you'd
tell that to the deputy chief
so I could get the lieutenant promotion.
You guys take care, alright?
Thank you.
Well, if we survived this,
we could survive anything.
- Thank you.
- See?
Going to the police
was a good idea after all.
Come on, let's go home.
No doubt about it.
Alex Layton is gonna be spending
the rest of her life in prison.
Thank God.
And Nina gets immunity
for testifying, right?
Yes, she does.
The only thing that's
still confusing is why
Alex picked you from
the very beginning.
Maybe she picked me 'cause
I was a scholarship kid.
She was counting on
me to be desperate.
- Nina gets all that money?
- Yeah, I think so.
Hey, where're you going?
- I have to say goodbye.
- What are you talking about?
It's just for a little while.
- C'mon, you can't be serious.
- I have to.
I just need some time
to figure things out.
- How long will that take?
- I don't know.
I'm sorry, I...
I need to go to my aunt's house
in Topanga.
Clear my head.
Why do I feel like
I'll never gonna see you again?
What's up, Eric?
Where's Sarah?
I haven't seen her in a while.
Yeah, she's taking some time off.
Oh. Well, I miss her.
She was always a lot of fun.
I mean, she was always up
with something, you know?
Like it was this one time she gave me
$20 if I hit on that crazy Alex chick.
I guess it was her idea
of a joke on me.
- Alex was one cold bitch.
- Wait. She did what?
She gave me $ 20 to hit on Alex
Layton when she sat down at the bar.
Weird, right?
Sorry, I knocked,
but nobody answered.
Are you Sara's aunt?
Yeah, who are you?
Eric Nolan.
I'm a friend of Sara's.
You're Eric?
Nice to meet you.
- Is she here?
- I haven't seen her in weeks.
Tell her to call me or something
if you see her.
Yeah, I will.
- Is this her?
- Yeah, that's Sara.
Cute, isn't she?
That's her mom.
That car was like her third child.
She has a sister?
Yeah, that's Sara and her sister there
at their high school graduation.
I haven't heard from Janine in ages.
You never know with those two.
She goes by "Nina"?
Yeah, half sisters.
Same mom, different dad.
- You can't go back there, Sara.
- I know.
A clean start.
That's the promise we made ourselves.
Don't get emotionally attached.
Give me that.
We'll just never gonna be those
girls that get to fall in love,
and have a normal life.
At least not after all this.
In fact, I'd be happy if I never
have to see another dick again.
You know what is funny?
What got me through it all?
All those nights I had to be with David,
I was thinking about Alex.
- Alex?
- I know.
She was a crazy motherfucker,
But somehow she knew how to make you feel
like you're the only girl in the world.
Like you were safe.
And I sent her to prison
for the rest of her life.
Casualty of the job.
Something like that.
Eric, my aunt told me
you stopped by.
Today we're going to the last
place our mom was alive.
I only hope we found some peace
for her... if that's even possible.
Thank you again for everything...