Breakneck (2019) Movie Script

[sounds of the city]
Hey, baby. What are you doing?
You're not supposed to play with that.
Give it to me, yeah.
Look at this.
- Me.
- [Kyle] Yeah.
You're beautiful.
[Christine ]
I can't believe this, Kyle.
Do you ever think of how I feel
when I see you risking your life
jumping from
one skyscraper to another?
If you're watching it online,
it means I survived, right?
At least I think I did.
Hey, it used to excite you.
Yeah, when we were 16.
Wait, how was it again, uh?
If nothing goes right,
go faster.
You know what?
Is that how you deal
with your problems, Kyle?
That's the type of bullshit
Max puts in your brain.
Why do you always have
to bring Max into this?
'Cause if he was a real friend,
he would help you put some
serious money together,
not just
crumbs from a YouTube channel.
Kyle, I think we need, uh
car insurance, health insurance,
Mia's medication, uh we need
to pay our mortgage on time.
The bank manager
doesn't give a shit
about how
many views you're getting
and by the end of the month,
we have an appointment
and you know he's gonna
want to see collateral,
a guarantee,
a steady job with a paycheck,
something normal.
I'm serious this time, Kyle,
if things don't change,
I'm going back to my father's.
And she's coming with me.
Come on, sweetie.
[upbeat music]
[background chatter]
[party sounds]
[music stops]
[elevator ding]
Let's go get the late comers.
I didn't know you were coming.
[chuckles] You really like to
film everything do you, asshole?
You know what this is?
You know what this is, Max, huh?
You guys, you're all the same.
You never know when to quit.
How much
has our poker face here lost?
- [Fail] 19,000. 19,000.
- No, no wait, hey,
- I can win double that.
- [Fail] Really?
- [Max] Yeah, if only--
- [Fail] If only what? If only what, huh?
If only
we give you another loan, huh?
- 30,000.
- 30,000.
Just give me 30,000 and I will
give you 10 times as much.
Ten times as much,
you know what?
You have two days to bring
me back my 90,000 plus 10
for raising my blood pressure.
After that,
we'll come and get you
and we'll
take you apart piece by piece.
[cutting sound]
Two days, 100 grand.
Say yes with your head
if you understood.
- You understood?
- Mmm.
Mmm, good, good
for you, Max. Good for you.
[elevator ding]
On top of the world, baby.
Hey, Max.
What's up?
- Oh, Max.
- [Max] Yo.
500,000 subscribers, man.
- [Max] Yeah?
- Yeah, half a million.
Yeah, baby, cool.
We can finally get some good
deals from the sponsors.
Hey, you remember
Jesse, the guy?
Now we can ask
Red Bull to take us on
for official competitions.
[Kyle] This time
we'll get some real cash, man.
[camera clicks]
Alright, what's with the face?
Why do you come up here, Kyle?
- To breathe.
- [Max] Exactly.
Could you really stop breathing?
When nothing goes right
[Max] Go faster.
[phone buzzing]
[Max] What's this?
Oh you got it too?
It looks like a video,
but I can't see who sent it.
Man, my phone is frozen.
I can only press play.
[upbeat music]
[Kyle] I don't get it.
Is it an app?
Did it auto-install?
What was that?
Found anything?
Oh, good morning
to you too, Max.
No, no, no website,
no Facebook page.
That logo didn't show up
on any image searches.
I even asked around.
No one knows anything.
It's not for real, man,
this things a big joke.
It's a secret contest.
That's why
we can't find anything.
Right, sure.
And why would
they have chosen us?
They probably
saw our YouTube videos.
They want us because
we're the coolest, dude.
Okay, alright. So it's a competition
with a 250,000 dollar prize
organized by people with
literally zero online presence.
What makes you so sure that
this thing is for real?
All you've got to do is just
press yes and we'll find out.
And look,
we don't have much time left.
[Mia] Daddy.
- Yes, daddy's here, baby.
- Hey, Mia.
[Kyle] Just a second, good girl.
Hey, man at least let me say hi.
- No, man forget it.
- Why?
Oh come on,
are you ashamed of her uncle?
You're not her uncle.
Anyway, whoever sent this video,
knows what they're doing.
They got our attention.
What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do?
[flickering sound]
[breaking sound]
Hey, hey, hey.
Two days.
You said two days.
[Kyle] What?
[Kyle] Hey, hey, Max.
Max, wake up.
[Max] Why are you here?
[Kyle] What?
If you got me in another
one of your messes...
[light switches flipped on]
No way.
[Kyle] What's going on?
They got us,
that's what's going on.
Great [indistinct] bitch.
[max laughs]
[Kyle] What the...
Oh man, Jesus.
Well, if this is a joke,
you've got to admit,
it's pretty well organized.
Are we supposed to
put this stuff on?
[Kyle] I don't like this, man.
I don't like this one bit.
Let us out of here, huh?
This is kidnapping.
There's no signal in here, man.
Let us out!
[Max] Kyle, hey easy, easy.
Hey, it's true, these guys
is a bit over the top,
but that's show business, right?
- And you remember--
- [Kyle] Get off of me.
[Max] Hey, hey.
Remember the first commandment?
Don't be afraid.
[Henry] Number five
and number six I suppose.
Ah, ah, ah, not so fast.
And you are?
Henry Owl at your disposal.
Oh, before we begin,
please accept my apologies
and those of Black Babylon
if our ways came across
as exceedingly rough.
It was necessary.
Because our clients
like it that way.
Our procedure is part of
the service package we provide.
And for the same reason,
I'm gonna have to ask you
to hand over your
personal effects,
watches, id-documents,
mobile phones.
[light switch flipped]
You can leave them there.
We'll keep them safe
until the end of the race.
[Kyle chuckles] What? Why?
Because the second commandment
is don't reveal the secret.
It's in the rules.
Is all this legal?
Since when
is that a problem, number five?
It's required
if you wish to participate.
You wouldn't
be the first to quit today.
[Henry] Your wedding band is to
be considered a personal effect,
number five.
And now for one last formality.
[Kyle] And what's this for?
Well, I can't
exactly say anything,
but I can assure you,
every detail has been arranged
so that
the contest goes perfectly.
[light switch flipped]
[upbeat music]
We officially welcome,
number five and number six.
Why do we have
to wear all these GoPros?
So that the jury can constantly
watch what you're doing.
And so that the spectators
can enjoy the show.
It's a contest with points
and the winner must combine
speed with freestyle moves.
Time of completion
of the course,
athletic ability,
degree of
difficulty of the stunts,
everything will influence
your score, everything.
Where is this being broadcast?
[Kyle] If my wife sees me,
she's gonna freak.
She won't. The show
won't be broadcast anywhere.
[Kyle] So why do all this?
He told us before,
he mentioned clients.
[Henry] Everything that
happens in these woods
will remain
strictly confidential.
Remember, it's a secret contest.
But the money's real, right?
The money
exists only for the one
who beats out all the other
contestants, number five.
And how many
contestants are there?
Ten contestants
divided into pairs.
Five different
points of departure,
but just one finish line.
[laser sounds]
[Henry] The cardio metric
function is now on.
You can monitor your heart rate
by looking at the watch face
so you can
manage your energy optimally.
You can also
check your race data,
updated to the second,
route position,
scores, standings.
You can't live without them.
Well, why don't we all
start in the same place?
Each route
has been specially designed
for each
carefully selected rider.
Different starting places
for different experiences.
All you have to do
is follow the rules and ride.
We've taken care of
everything else.
In case you need it,
the first aid kit
will remind you to respect
the third commandment,
No contestant can assist
another contestant
or provide aid.
[Max] Alright, so tell me
what is the fourth commandment?
I love this guy.
Your helmets are equipped
with wireless intercoms
and for your listening pleasure,
we have created a carefully
selected music playlist,
a personalized
soundtrack if you will
to enhance
each moment of your ride.
That's all for now.
We expect a great deal from you.
Have fun.
Don't let us down.
Enjoy the ride.
[upbeat music]
[cracking sound]
[Max] We're not
in Kansas anymore.
Where are we?
I believe we're
in Europe, my friend.
Those must be the Alps.
Max, you do realize
that these guys
practically kidnapped us
to make us
participate in a contest?
[rallying cry]
You're crazy, man.
[Max] That's why we're friends.
And that's why
Christine is gonna kill me.
Unless I win that is.
- [Max] Ready?
- [Kyle] Never.
[upbeat music]
[rallying cry]
Yo, Kyle you with me?
[upbeat music]
[electronic sound]
[Kyle] You are not gonna believe
what I just found.
[buzzing sounds]
[buzzing sounds]
[electronic buzzer]
[game show music]
[electronic sound]
[electronic buzz]
[Kyle] There's a little reward for
whoever gets to the checkpoint first.
You'll see or maybe you won't.
[loud buzzing]
[upbeat music]
[electronic tones]
Kyle, I'll come and get you.
[high-pitched electronic sound]
[electronic music]
Woo! What do
you say now, buddy boy?
I can't humiliate
you every ride, Max.
I like the view.
And now if you don't mind--
[upbeat music]
[motorbike engine]
Shit! Hey, Kyle watch out.
There's a crazy guy
on a motorbike.
[Kyle] Okay.
So what? You sound worried?
[Max] I don't know, man.
He tried to bring me down.
Is it part of the contest?
[Max] No, I don't think so.
[Max] It's not on the GPS.
Alright, okay just be careful.
[upbeat music]
- [crashing sound]
- Fuck!
[engine revving]
[Kyle] Ah, shit!
[Max] What happened?
[Kyle] I don't know, some--
some lunatic on a motorcycle.
Hey, hey, did you see that?
What was that, did you see him?
Oh, [chuckles] God.
[whispering] Okay, okay.
What the--
[Kyle grunting]
[Max] Hey.
[Max] I knew it, man.
[Max] There was something weird
about that guy.
[Max] Oh, nice one.
[Kyle] Shit man, it hurts.
[Max] Give me your kit, come on.
[Max] What's with you? Come on!
[Max] Better not.
What are you talking about?
[Max] Third commandment,
you heard him.
- [Kyle] Are you serious?
- Yeah.
I don't want to be disqualified.
Oh come on, don't be a wuss.
You can do it yourself.
[Max] Argh!
[Kyle] Come on, really?
Hey, it was in touch.
[Kyle groaning]
[continues beeping]
[grunts] Who the hell
was that guy anyway?
- Yes.
- Well, you know what,
must be the final boss.
[beeping speeds up]
Okay, okay.
[Kyle] Thank you.
[Kyle] So what, we just
pretend like nothing happened?
Come on, bro, 250,000 bucks.
Did you think they were
just going to give it to us?
[happy cry]
[speaking Spanish]
[Kyle] Hey, hey, hey.
[speaking Spanish]
[Max] Speak in English,
speak in English.
- [speaking Spanish]
- I don't understand. English, speak in English.
What is it?
- I'm begging you, help me.
- [Max] Come over here, man.
It's another rider.
[indistinct distressed speech]
[Clara] Help me, help me.
- [Clara] No, we need to we need to save him.
- [Kyle] Whoa, whoa, whoa,
- [Kyle] What's going on?
- [Max] Save who?
Everything just
happened in a second.
- We need to save Miguel, please!
- Alright, just Stop.
[Kyle] Tell us what happened.
Did he hurt himself or what?
We were taking part in the race
and-- What, you are too?
Tell us, what happened to him?
Someone hit him and made him
fall and he hit his head.
I don't know, he's not moving.
Miguel is not moving!
- [Kyle] Alright, who did this, who did it?
- I don't know, I don't know.
A guy on a motor bike
dressed in black.
It's him, it's that maniac.
Where is he?
Where can we find him?
I tried but I fell on my bike
and lost my direction.
I remember where it is,
I can take you there.
[Max] Okay, let's go there.
[Kyle] No, no, no, no, no
wait, wait, wait, it's not okay,
wait for a second.
No, you have to--
you have to help me!
Stop, come here, come here.
- I think we should help her.
- Why?
We're connected live to the
organizers of the competition.
They've seen
that someone's got hurt,
that jerk on the motorcycle--
They're gonna take care of it.
You hear that?
Send someone right away.
And let us know, thanks.
so what are you thinking?
No one's gonna come, man.
First the fake kidnapping,
then the crazy
motorcyclist, the dark rider
and now
the pretty girl in tears,
the damsel in distress.
Is it not the perfect set up?
Are you serious?
[Max] You know what I noticed,
each time
we stop our points decrease.
[Max] So we either
continue the race
or we go with her.
But we gotta keep going.
Max, Max,
this is not part of the race.
And even if it was,
helping her would be breaking
the third commandment,
wouldn't it, huh?
- You're right.
- You know what, you know what,
we're gonna help her
because she needs it, alright.
Screw all of that
other stuff, okay?
Okay, okay, we're the good guys.
I like it.
Okay, what's your name?
I'm Clara, number nine.
Okay, Clara, take us to Miguel.
[Max] Hey, what about the bikes?
[Max grunts]
[Clara] It's here. This is
the place, he's down there.
[Kyle] Is he here?
[Clara] He's here, he's here.
[hysterical inhaling]
No, no, no, no.
[Kyle] Here!
- [screaming]
- Get out of here, come on.
You said it was an accident!
You said it was an accident!
[muffled sounds]
- What happened?
- [Clara screaming]
- You said it was an accident.
- [Clara] I don't know, I don't know!
[muffled voices]
Max, we've got to go, come on!
[muffled sounds]
- I should've never left him here.
- [Kyle] Max!
- [Clara panting]
- [Max] Relax.
[muffled sounds]
- [Clara screaming]
- [Kyle] No!
[Kyle] Max, come on.
Max, we've got to go, come on!
[Clara crying] Miguel.
Max, Max.
[Max] Yeah?
Where you going?
I'm going back.
Back where?
What? Come here!
[Kyle] Where are you going?
[Kyle] Your GPS doesn't work.
[electronic sound]
I don't--
I don't trust her, okay?
- She doesn't feel right to me.
- [Kyle] What about any--
any of this whole
situation feels right?
So what do you want to do, huh?
- You want to stay here?
- I don't know, man.
We can't just keep moving.
We don't know what's out there.
What was that?
They're telling us where to go.
[single impact sound]
[single impact sound]
[footsteps on camera]
[ominous sound]
[Clara] It's the checkpoint.
Miguel and I were heading here.
[single impact sound]
[single impact sound]
[single impact sound]
[single impact sound]
[single impact sound]
[single impact sound]
[electronic sound]
[Kyle muffled voice] Maybe they've got
a phone, we can use to call for help.
[Kyle] I need some
strong medication for my leg.
[Max] Yeah.
And then we just wave
goodbye to 250,000 dollars.
[Kyle] You're joking, right?
[Max] Let's wait a second, okay.
Maybe the unforeseen situation
has not compromised
the execution of the game.
Screw the game, alright?
[Kyle] You know what?
I'm gonna go find a safe place.
You don't have to come with me.
You go, continue the race,
but don't think you're dragging
me into all this again.
[electronic sound]
[Max] What again mean?
[Max] Yeah, when nothing goes
right, it's always Max's fault, huh?
[Max] I need that money.
[Kyle] I needed it too.
No man, you don't understand.
Without that money, I'm dead.
I'm in deep shit, Kyle.
I owe a lot
of money to people who--
I've got two days...
and then they'll kill me.
This time for real.
Oh Christ, Max.
I know, I know.
[Max] I'm an asshole.
Christine was clear this time,
either I straighten
things out at home...
or she's leaving.
She's taking Mia with her.
There's no happy ending.
I think karma's telling us
to get steady jobs, man.
You win.
Let's go to the green room.
Are you coming?
Hey, there are two other
riders headed there too.
Shouldn't be long now.
Are you okay?
[Max] Was that your boyfriend?
[Max] Have you seen other
checkpoints around here or something?
[Kyle] Hey, Clara,
I'm Kyle, by the way.
[buzzing sound]
[Max] This'll all be okay.
[ominous music]
I don't get it.
[Max] What?
[Kyle] It says rider number two
should be around here somewhere.
- [Kyle] Watch out!
- [Max] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Look at this.
[Max] These bastards.
[electronic sound]
[Kyle] Oh shit.
[Kyle] Oh, um.
Oh, hu--
[Max] Oh shit, oh shit.
Don't look, don't look.
- [Kyle] Get in the path.
- [Clara] We're next.
[Kyle groaning]
[Kyle] Don't look at it, don't
look at it, don't look at it.
Max, Max where are you going?
[Kyle] Max, this is
a good reason to stop.
It's another rider, man.
[Max] That is a good reason
to go to the green room.
You were right.
[buzzing sound]
[single impact sound]
[single impact sound]
[electronic vibrating sound]
[Kyle] The green room
should be right here.
[Clara] It must be up here.
All the other riders are gone.
We're the only ones left.
[Max] Hey, you gonna do this?
[heart beats]
[heartbeats fasten]
[banging on door]
[Max] Why would they
send us here if we can't get in?
Maybe it's old like some, uh...
old self activating
security measure.
I thought this was a new show.
[door opening]
[Max] Hello?
Hey, we're here.
[Kyle] Hello?
[Max] Is that a phone there?
[Max] Hey, is that working?
It's dead.
- [Max] What is this?
- [Clara] I don't know.
[Clara] No, no, we shouldn't touch
anything We should not touch anything.
[Max] Let me
try to do something.
[Clara] No, no, we--
- [Max] Something--
- I'm sure someone will come here in a second.
- If we just wait here--
- [Max] Let me try and see what I can do.
No, we don't know what this is.
We don't know what this is.
- Hey!
- [Kyle] Max, hey!
Stop, alright?
Come here.
We got to do something, alright?
[Max] It's been a long day.
Easy now.
[Kyle] It's connected.
The phone is connected to the--
[Max] That's right.
[Max] Yes.
There must be something.
[loud switch]
[Kyle] There we go.
[Max] The system is restarting.
- [Kyle] I'm gonna go find something for my leg.
- [Max] Alright.
There's an infirmary back here.
Hey come on,
it'll make you good.
[Kyle] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What's Mia like now?
[Kyle] She's a handful.
[Max] You never tell
me anything about her.
You know
why Christine is so angry at me?
Why she wants me
to stop with all this?
Three years ago,
[Max] Yeah, I remember.
You got really messed up.
You were off for two months.
If I close my eyes,
I can still see it.
Dumbest mistakes. I land with just a
little too much force in my handlebars
and the front wheel buckles.
And I remember
thinking to myself...
You're probably gonna fall
right now and break your neck
and there isn't a camera in
the right angle to catch it.
Wow, what would that be like...
to film my own death?
[Kyle] Helicopter comes,
compound fracture
to my hip and my femur
and they operate, and
three hours later I wake up
and Mia has decided to
come out two weeks early.
[Kyle] You know sometimes I look at
her and I wonder maybe if she knows
that I wasn't there.
And now I'm in this mess
and I might never see 'em again.
You'll see them.
[electronic sound]
- [beeps]
- Yes, I've got a line.
Who are you calling, the police?
We don't even know where we are.
In those mountains we saw of
the alps, then we're in Europe.
The emergency number is 112.
[calling tone]
112, what's your emergency?
[Max] Yeah, we need help.
- Uh, we have three people
trapped in a fort. -Okay.
- Some dead bodies. We need--
- Okay, try to calm down, sir.
I need to know
where you are first.
- Where are you?
- No, no, no, we, we--
We don't know exactly where we
are. We can't say that.
Okay, what do you mean, sir?
Are you lost?
- No, we're not lost.
- To send help need to know--
We just, we can't say,
Can you please trace the call?
[operator] Yes, we can do that.
Just give me a second.
In the meantime, tell me
precisely what happened
and how you found the body.
[Max] We don't know either.
Someone hacked into this,
this is not the point.
- Okay.
- You should send someone here. We just down break.
Tracing the call.
We can't reach that area
with my helicopter,
but an extraction center
with an ER complication
- What, say again--
- and if you have a GPS, these are the coordinates,
- 22, 42
- [Max] Shit!
What happened?
Did they trace the call?
- [Kyle] Are they coming here?
- Max] I don't know.
- [alarm]
- [Clara] You [indistinct]
We don't even know where we are.
[alarm blaring]
- [Max] What is wrong?
- [Clara] They want to trap us here to kill us all.
[alarm blaring]
[Kyle] Open this door.
[Kyle] Where are you going?
[electronic sound]
[alarm blaring]
Where did she go?
Where'd she go?
[Max] I don't know man,
she went there.
[Kyle] Oh no, no, no, no.
[alarm blaring]
[Kyle] She called
the cops straight here.
[Max] No, we're not
gonna wait here, okay?
[Kyle] Max!
- [abrupt sound]
- [screaming]
[alien sound]
[alien sound]
[muffled scream]
Help me, help me!
Hey, what do you want from us?
- [upbeat music]
- [Clara screaming]
[gunshots fired]
Run, run!
[Clara] Help, help me!
[Clara] Help, help me!
- Hurry up now.
- [Clara screaming]
This way, this way.
What are you doing? Let's go!
[Max] We've got to go!
We've got to move, right now,
what are you doing?
[Max] What are you doing?
[light switch flips on]
Hey, hey, Kyle.
[Max] Kyle, wake up.
[Kyle] Why?
- [Kyle] What happened?
- [Max] I don't know.
I just woke up.
Clara is one of them.
One of them who?
[Max] This was all a set up.
You understand me now?
What was all a set up?
[light switch flips]
Well rested?
You were
faking it the whole time.
Everyone needs to play their
role in the big show, Max.
[Max] And you let him smash
your face, you're sick.
[Clara] Sometimes things
get a little heavy.
We need to be very convincing
otherwise it doesn't work.
[Max] What, what doesn't work?
Let us go, you psychos.
Of course we'll let you go.
Are you religious?
Don't you know you must
obey the commandments?
Yes, we need help.
Uh, we have three people trapped
in a fort, some dead bodies.
We need someone--
Can you please trace the call?
[Clara] No.
- [loud beep]
- No, no, no.
- [voice on video tape continues]
- That's against the rules.
Hey, I didn't say anything.
I didn't reveal the secret.
Shh, shh, shh, shh,
shh, shh, shh, shh.
Then once you break the rules,
you found the flames of chaos.
[rumbling sound]
[chuckles] But don't worry,
you won't be disqualified.
Consider this your punishment...
Or a penalty if you prefer.
Red pill for number six.
[alarm sounds]
It won't take long to work.
[Clara] If we're lucky,
we're gonna have some fun.
[Clara] Help me,
help me, please help me!
Help me!
[Clara] Uh oh, uh oh.
A penalty
of 1,000 points for number six.
Why, huh?
Why are you doing this to us?
Fear, hate, frustration, rage,
they all need
to pulse through your veins
so that you can satisfy
the needs of our audience.
We want to excite you,
to excite us.
You should be proud of yourself that
you made it to the second phase.
[loud vibration sound]
[alarm blaring]
[loud excruciating sound]
[noise stops]
But the show must always go on.
[Max] Hey, hey!
[grating sound]
- [buzzing sound]
- Henry Owl at your disposal.
What you just inhaled
is a sort of incentive
to participate,
to not rip off your cameras,
to run, but not run away.
The compound
spreading through your system
is a mixture of
tetrodotoxin and saxitoxin,
an injection
with a few milligrams
would've killed you too quickly.
Making the substance gaseous
and mixing
with a thiosulfate solution
has earned us more time.
So you poisoned us?
I know, it may sound ridiculous.
It's so '80s, isn't it?
The poison will
act in the following way.
It starts with shortness
of breath, blurred vision
and a dulling
of the other senses.
Tinnitus, irregular heartbeat
and gradual paralysis,
vomiting, convulsions
and ultimately
cardiorespiratory failure.
All this of course
unless you take the antidote.
- What antidote?
- It's at the finish line waiting for you
or rather waiting for
one of you, the winner.
Three main checkpoints,
two plus the final one.
Same rules as before apply,
but with one small sexy tweak.
At the end of the competition,
one of you will die.
[Clara] This is a show,
a very ancient one
and no one
can break the tradition.
- Enjoy the ride.
- Enjoy the ride.
[unlocking sound]
[upbeat music]
The show is a collective ritual,
a reciprocal exchange of energy.
You are the vehicle
of that energy.
You are
the black Babylon riders.
[upbeat music]
Are you out of your mind?
So what do we do now?
You heard her, right?
She's probably
listening to us right now,
we have no choice, man,
we have to race.
[Kyle] Oh so you think
this is still
a competition, huh?
And that only one of us is
gonna make it back home?
[Max] For Christ's sake. These maniacs
have proven time and time again
they have no problems doing what
they say they're going to do.
And you don't have a problem with
the fact that one of us is gonna die.
You saw those bodies.
We need to do what they tell us,
otherwise, we're
gonna end up like that.
Earlier on the phone,
did the police
tell you anything?
Did they tell you how to
get out of here, what?
No. The line went dead
before I could hear them.
And anyway, don't you think
they're gonna catch you?
- Christ!
- What about the poison?
Are you willing to risk not
getting back to your daughter?
You don't want to escape,
do you?
You haven't wanted to
escape for a single second.
And now you're using my daughter
to convince me to race.
- What?
- You're manipulating me, Max, like you've always done.
Kyle! If I don't
get that money, I'm dead.
Then you're
crazier than they are.
You can't
see past your own needs,
your own debt,
your own problems.
I did this for my family,
I'm here for them.
[Max] Nah.
Oh you want to see my daughter
grow up without her father?
Please don't
give me a sob story, man.
If you really cared about her,
you wouldn't be here.
You weren't even there
the day she was born.
[Kyle] Oh shut up, man.
[Max] The only time
you speak about her
you make it sound
like she's a problem.
You said it yourself,
you need to breath
otherwise you'd end up
suffocating in that house.
I'll see you
at the finish line, Max.
[upbeat music]
[groaning in pain] What is--
[Clara] Tick tock, tick tock.
We've got our eyes on you, Max.
[Max] It's the shit
you made me swallow.
It's starting to kick in.
[ominous music]
[Clara] You were so cute
when you were arguing.
[Clara chuckling]
[Max screaming]
[Clara] Tick tock, tick tock.
Time flies, boy.
[upbeat music]
[buzzing sound]
I see nothing. Go away!
[Clara] What do you see, Max?
Bees. Bees everywhere.
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music]
[camera zooming sound]
[heartbeats ]
You're really
having fun now, aren't you?
[electronic buzzer]
[muffled speech]
What does my daughter
have to do with this?
[muffled speech]
[Kyle] Huh?
What does my daughter have
to do with any of this?
[Christine] I haven't
seen Kyle since yesterday.
- He hasn't been online since yesterday.
- [woman] Max either.
I don't know,
he left the house, he--
[Christine] I don't know what
time he'll come back.
What should I do?
Should I just call the police?
[muffled voice] Leave her alone!
Leave her alone!
I'm not gonna play your games.
I'm leaving the race!
[gameshow music]
[Clara] Think, Kyle think.
You can run,
but you can't escape.
So don't stop, run.
[upbeat music]
No, what is this?
What was this? I want some too.
[electronic buzzer]
It burns, this thing is burning.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
It burns? I'm impressed, Max.
Your brain is producing
reactions way above average.
The signals our body sends us
are messages from our soul
directed to our mind.
[Max] Where is he?
Where's Kyle?
[Clara] Good.
[Max] What did you do to him?
[Clara] Don't run away
from that anger, use it.
Make us proud, Max.
[Max] Shut up.
New age psychotic bitch.
[upbeat music]
[Clara] You can't control your
arm or your body, your mind...
[moans in pain]
...or anything else.
[moans in pain]
[Clara] You're too funny.
I like you, Kyle.
I like you.
I'm okay.
[loud digital sound]
[Max] What?
What now?
What do you want me to do?
What am I supposed to do?
There you are.
You bastards!
[Max] Where are you hiding?
[rapid electronic beeps]
Big bastards.
[Max laughing]
[Max] Clara!
[Max] Max is coming.
Hey, I'm here to take my money.
I've earned it.
The wizard of Oz's curtain.
You bastards.
[swishy electronic sound]
[electronic sound]
[gameshow music]
[Max] Hi, Mia.
Do you ever think of how I feel
when I see you
risking your life?
Uncle Max misses you.
One skyscraper to another.
If you're watching it online,
it means I survived, right?
At least I think I did.
[Christine] Why--
why can't you just be a father?
[Kyle] Like normal.
It's like the risk not getting
back to your daughter.
[Christine] You're such a rebel.
Wait, how was it again, uhm?
If nothing goes right,
go faster?
[Kyle] You didn't want to
escape for a single second.
- That's the type of bullshit--
- [Kyle] And now you're using
my daughter
to convince me to race?
[Kyle] You're manipulating me,
Max, like you've always done.
- [Christine] If You want a real thing--
- [Kyle] Go!
- You'll get that money!
- We don't have money together.
- [Kyle] I'll be back!
- [Christine] Crumbs--
[Max] You knew everything.
Even crazier than they are.
[Kyle] You can't
see past your own needs,
your own debt,
your own problems.
You chose us
'cause you knew everything.
- You want to see my daughter--
- [male] Return to the race immediately.
[Max] It's no story, man. If you really
care about them, you wouldn't be here.
[Max] Hey, come over here, hey.
[male] You shouldn't be here.
Go back up to the surface.
You work with them.
There's still time
to make up for this.
All you have to do
is get out of here
and keep riding.
Stop, or I'll shoot!
How long
have you been watching us?
What is this all about?
I don't
know much about it, I swear.
I'd like to help you,
believe me,
but I'm just supposed to
make sure everything's working.
They don't want
the show to ever stop
no matter what happens.
Who are they?
Did they look for people
willing to kill themselves
and then they pay them to do it?
Is that it?
You got to help me, man,
you've got--
[male] Shut up!
I can't interfere, understand?
We're both
risking a lot being here.
Get out of here.
- Get out!
- Or what?
You'll kill me?
Who would
take my place in the race?
You maybe?
Well, I think
that's quite an interference
for someone that is not
supposed to interfere.
And now you are going to tell me
how I get out of this shithole
with or without the money.
I don't know.
I don't know anything.
I'm nobody. I belong to them.
And they're always watching.
No, don't shoot, don't shoot!
She's watching you.
You'll break the rules again.
Get over here!
These are fake.
They're dummies.
Oh my God,
the dead people we saw,
they weren't dead.
Oh God, guys,
you haven't killed anyone.
I knew you were not that crazy.
Oh gosh, I'm so sorry.
I got it now,
I got it, I got it.
Don't reveal the secret.
I'm so sorry
I didn't believe you.
Maybe we hadn't
even been poisoned.
Okay guys,
you're great, you're genius.
Okay, you'll get your show.
[upbeat music]
Black, old friend.
- Get off me.
- [Clara] No one has ever suffered hallucinations
for so long, Max.
- [Max] I missed you, witch.
- [Clara] You could see things that we couldn't.
You're gonna be wonderful.
[Max] Yeah, baby.
[upbeat music]
Ta, ta, ta, ta,
ta, ta, ta, ta
[music stops]
[electronic music]
[Clara] Tick tock, tick tock,
time and tide
wait for no man, Kyle.
Who knows what
your daughter will think
if she doesn't
see you come home.
Who knows if she will realize
that her father has once again
preferred thrills to her.
[Kyle] Please, don't hurt her,
I'm doing everything you ask.
[electronic sound]
[Kyle] I'm sorry I'm not there.
[Max] Look at you.
[Max] Look at you.
[muffled voice]
- [screaming]
- [midwife] Ay, ay, ay.
[baby crying]
[Clara] You weren't there.
- What does that mean?
- [Clara] But she wasn't alone.
No, no, no, no, no,
please don't go.
I want to see more!
Put it back on!
[Henry] I realize we have
to earn your trust, Max.
So let's make this simple.
Your bank account
number is 307698412
and you are
drawing from a bank loan
of approximately 49,000 dollars.
Or rather, you were.
Check it if you like.
You were in the red,
but now you are 5,000 dollars
in the black, Black Babylon.
Now, Max
you're gonna
see some strange stuff,
really strange stuff,
but whatever happens,
always keep in mind
that the contest
is real, always.
We need you. We have reason to believe
that Kyle will often have doubts
and may try to abandon the race,
but if that happens,
you can't participate either
and that
would be a shame, wouldn't it?
Each time we stop,
our points decrease.
Maybe the unforeseen situation
is not part of the execution,
but we've got to keep going.
She's not part of--
[Kyle] So you think this
is still a competition
and that only one of us
is gonna get back home?
Help us keep the show going
no matter what happens.
Have faith in us.
Oh, and please remember,
don't reveal the secret.
[gameshow music]
[Clara] Uh, oh,
time to ride, Kyle.
Ride or die.
Okay, Max.
[Clara] Can you feel that, Max?
The emotions are
just watching you.
And you give back to them in a
never-ending vibrational cycle.
An eternity composed
of solely apparent
beginnings and endings.
Only apparent birth and death
'cause nothing ever
really starts or finishes.
Nothing is really born or dying.
Everything transforms,
everything is eternal.
Everything is information.
Everything is vibration.
Everything is flux.
Everything is connected
to the network
and on the network
- [high pitched tone]
- [Kyle moans]
Fear, hate, frustration, breaks,
- [scream]
- deserves to activate precise vibrational frequency.
To convey energy has
always been the secret
aim of every show,
of every ritual.
It's to achieve this aim that
specific rules have to be created
for each and every ceremony
from the dawn of time.
Just follow the rules.
[gameshow music]
[moans in pain]
And everything will be alright.
[electronic buzzer]
[Kyle] How do I get it?
[Max] Do you know
why they gave me this, Kyle?
[Max laughs]
[Max] For the same reason they
probably gave you a bullet.
They want a classic showdown.
They won't release the antidote
until one of our hearts
has stopped beating
or at least that's what
they want us to believe.
I don't care what your
deal is with them, Max.
They're gonna hurt Mia
and it'll be all your fault.
They won't hurt anyone.
Trust me.
Trust you?
The guy who was at the hospital
when Mia was born, huh?
Oh, so you finally know?
Foreseeing your health,
you were not there.
We never told you because we
thought you'd be really pissed off.
Of all the people in the world,
why did she call you?
Look what they did to us.
We are the perfect
candidates for this game.
Enough games, give me the gun.
Yeah, that's it,
that's the point.
So they are asking us to choose
who the winner should be.
I'm telling you, man,
it has to be me.
You go home, I get my money.
It's a happy ending, Kyle.
Stop with this bullshit, Max.
- People died today.
- No!
I can't tell you my lies??,
I can't reveal the secret,
but there was nobody
else this whole time.
It was only about you and me.
Only about you and me?
You know what, you're right.
Of course I'm right,
Give me the damn bullet.
[Kyle] Come and get it.
[upbeat music]
[rallying cry]
[Max] Turn that off!
[Henry] I can't exactly say
anything, but I can assure you
every detail has been arranged
so that
the contest goes perfectly.
[Clara] I'm afraid there's
been a misunderstanding, Max.
This is
a sudden death match, literally.
[upbeat music]
You don't deserve to live
just because you have a family?
- [grunting]
- [upbeat music]
[Kyle] What would that be like,
filming my own death?
Could you really stop breathing?
[heartbeats slowing down]
Don't be afraid.
[electronic vibrating sound]
[water bubbling]
[game show music]
[Clara] Let the ceremony begin.
[Kyle gasping]
Fucker face.
Please, just run back to me.
The coordinates are 22, 14, 77.
When nothing goes right...
go faster.
[electronic roar]
[electronic roar]
[electronic roar]
Shit, oh my gosh.
[electronic roar]
[bass choir]
[Max screaming]
[bass choir song]
[tumbling sound]
[Kyle groaning]
[rallying cry]
[Clara] No, don't shoot!
They're always watching.
If you kill me, you'll
break the rule again.
Shut up.
You tried to kill me, you bitch.
You don't know
what's next for you.
don't follow those coordinates.
It's what they want you to do.
I'm not gonna fall for
the same trick twice.
You can't fool me again.
No, I don't want
them to do to you
what they've done to me.
Then what am I supposed to do?
I don't know.
I don't know anything.
I'm nobody.
I belong to them.
Please don't go there.
Help, there's no time to stay,
I'm begging you help me.
We need to go,
we need to save him.
Everything just
happened in a second.
We need to go, we need to--
[engine revving]
[engine running]
Oh God!
[electronic buzzing]
Fuck, fuck!
[motorbike revving]
[upbeat music]
[breathing under the mask]
[electronic roar]
[single high pitch tone]
[high pitch tone increases]
- [door opens]
- [silence]
[muffled sound from screen]
[electronic sound]
[muffled chanting]
[Kyle panting]
[chanting continues]
[single person clapping]
Congratulations, number five.
[breathing under the mask]
Welcome to phase three.
[Henry] Enjoy the ride.
[male voices chanting]
[chanting increases]
[rallying cry]
[upbeat electronic music]
We've announced to the world
that she is in fact
pregnant with Mike, Mike,
or if it's a girl, Mia, Mia.
[breathing under a mask]