Breakwater (2023) Movie Script

Yo, man, what's up?
Hey, you know
that's aspirin, not sugar.
Mm, yeah, I ain't blind yet.
Not bitter enough?
Aspirin's for the back.
Yeah. It's from
all this sitting around.
That's what does it.
They studied it.
Oh, uh...
Happy birthday.
My birthday ain't until March.
Day you get out of here,
that's your birthday.
Go on. Make a wish.
Didn't you once say
wishes are for little boys
and men who had given up?
Just make your damn wish.
I'll save it
for when I've given up.
Better be dust by then.
Turn right.
Let's see the ink.
I gotta roll up here.
Comm check tower three.
Tower three, go to four...
Sign here for your gate check.
Open the gate. Comin' out.
Look, son, there's,
uh, something else.
I have a daughter.
I know. I said I never met
the right person...
Had a family, but I...I did.
I've got a daughter.
We haven't spoken
in seven years.
As far as she knows,
I...I might be dead.
I didn't know whether uh...
If she was still
in Virginia or even the country.
Then the damnedest thing.
Now you know I'm not
a religious man,
But...Then, well...
About a month ago this rose up
out of the sea after a storm.
It's the mast of an old
shipwreck off the Outer Banks.
Oh, cool.
Yeah, but that's not...
That's her.
That's Marina.
L-Block, time to frolic.
Are you sure?
Yeah, if I was on the outside
I'd be down there tonight.
Go to Currituck for me, will ya?
See if you can find her.
Hey, Dovey, I got a bus idling
on taxpayer gas. Let's go.
All right.
See ya, Dovey.
Yeah, don't bet on, CO.
Sometimes I dream I pass
her on the street.
She just smiled...
And without even
knowing it's me.
Let me know if she's happy.
I think I've earned
that much from you.
Childress, yard.
You got it, Ray.
Thank you, son.
All right, hey, hey, come on.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, just take care of yourself.
It'll be a hell
of a lot easier now
I ain't gotta take care of you.
Yeah, that's what
I'm talking about.
Hey, man, what's up?
Ten and five and five
is 20 and one.
That's only 21.
Yes, sir.
$27 minus the $6 fee.
Lucky 21.
Come on and get in there.
What the hell?
That's off my ball.
You played off my ball.
I can take the shot if I want.
Ain't no tater scratchin'.
Where's that Tri-Tip?
All done, sugar?
Uh, yeah, sorry.
Sorry, thanks.
You ain't gotta be sorry, twice.
Well, you might get ready
to call the cops.
You planning something?
Well, those four are about to
make a mess of this place.
That's bullshit.
You can't do that.
You shoot that over there...
Only eleven you spot it,
god damn it.
Y'all can bleed all you want
out in the parking lot.
But you get
stupid in here again,
you'll be doing
your Sunday drinking
on your back porch this fall.
You got a space heater
for that porch, Walt?
It's gonna be cold.
Come on, let's throw darts.
Yeah, make sure you throw them
at the board this time.
Thank you.
With Walt, you've got to do some
of the work his mammalian brain
should be doing but ain't.
Well, thanks, but I don't have--
I know.
You came in
here with $21, right?
The warden owns this restaurant
and the check cashing
place next door.
So, State gives you $27,
you give it right back
that same afternoon.
-Welcome back to "That's life."
That obvious?
Guys just out of St. Brides
always sit there,
back to the corner,
just like you.
They never look down at their
plate, always out there.
Like you.
Must be weird not having to
watch your back anymore.
You know. Just my wallet.
Well, that one's on me.
Like lovey-dovey?
Yeah, but just the Dovey part.
We'll see.
I just love these old records.
They're silly and fun and you
can't get them out of your head.
Come on, sugar.
-I don't really dance.
-Oh, we ain't gonna dance.
Who'd you get yourself
off to in prison?
Well you must have
thought about somebody.
Some soft sweet thang that
squeezed you just right.
Close your eyes.
What did you think about doing
to her when you got free?
What got you sent away?
You a killer?
Oh, I bet you are.
Yeah, yeah, I'm a killer.
Show me how you did it.
Hey, what the hell
is wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
Forget what a woman feels like?
I'm not...
I'm not like that.
I'm, um, thank you.
Lovey-dovey, my ass.
You can still stay down
like a turtle, can't you?
I've forgotten how nervous it
makes me when I think
you ain't gonna come back up.
But you always do.
I'll pull that last pot.
Yeah, you sure?
Oh, thanks, Pops.
Hey, careful there.
Go ahead, let it out.
That's a fat haul.
We can boil some tonight.
That's good money in there.
Ah, no, we gonna
celebrate tonight.
Not every day you get out.
I'd of come for you but...
My truck motor
went out a month ago.
That's okay.
I missed you, boy.
And they took you
for no good reason.
I guess they
found reason enough.
Welcome home.
Come here, bitch.
Eyes down, Fish.
You don't wanna be a witness.
About time you got up.
You gotta be there in an hour.
Here, I got you something.
Try it on.
Yeah, that's sharp.
First impressions, right?
Who's your parole officer?
-Bonnie Bell.
-Bonnie Bell.
Sounds like a sweet
little ol' granny.
Dovey, huh?
Since I was 12.
You know how a name
that's meant to hurt
and you claim it for your own.
-You staying with your dad?
-Yes, ma'am.
Well, it's a small place.
I'm on the couch.
You're working for him too, huh?
I did back in high school too
before, um, you know,
up until what happened.
What happened?
What you did.
Best to start using the language
of accountability.
Yes, ma'am.
You know you're
not allowed to live
with a convicted felon, right?
I know.
But exceptions have been made
if it's a family member
with a clean record
of ten years or more.
I looked it up.
Looked it up?
Suppose it's better
than a Cell Block Six.
Cell Block Six?
A pay-by-the-week motel
filled with guys like you
killing time
until their next bid.
That's not me.
Listen, hon, I give you a list
of rules, you follow them
to the letter Z.
You do that and you'll
stay a free man.
Ma'am, all respect,
but I plan to, active,
save every penny and get
myself into Tidewater College
next spring.
You got a cell phone?
Yeah. Uh, yes, ma'am.
Put the number down here.
Keep it paid up.
Always take my call.
Oh, one thing, um...
I'd like to go see
a buddy some weekend soon.
He's down the coast
near Currituck.
He used to come up and lifeguard
with me in the summers.
-He got a record?
No, he doesn't even drink.
Well, tell him make like
old times and come up here
and see you.
You can't leave the state
of Virginia for a year.
Not even for a weekend?
Hon, not even for a hurricane.
That's bullshit.
That's just your PO
trying to control you.
She'll make you think if you
fart at the wrong time of day
you'll be back in here
before you smell it.
I don't know, man.
She was pretty damn clear.
She didn't put a collar
on you, did she?
Say you're going up to Roanoke
to look at that school.
I hear you.
What about everything you taught
me about risk and reward?
-Look, after a year--
-I ain't got a year.
Well, you know that back pain
that's been bothering me
the last couple months?
What is it, Ray?
It's in the bone, son.
They say the cancer is all up in
my spine like rot in a tree.
Jesus, Ray, when did you--
Virginia Department
of Corrections.
This call may be
recorded or monitored.
Now you listen to me,
I've only got about ten seconds.
So would you listen?
I need this.
I never did right by her
and it's the most
I ever tried at anything.
If she's happy, well,
it'll help me
accept this other thing.
You understand?
Childress, time's up.
-I gotta go.
You can sleep easy.
Thank you, son.
Do what the doctors tell you.
Hell, they've got all kinds
of ways of fighting-
Miss your little
beeyotch shadow, Ray?
Hell yeah.
Uh, but maybe not as much
as you long for the smell
of your sister's panocha.
But they say smell's the
strongest of the sense memories.
Did I get that word wrong?
-It's like a Mexican souffl.
-Shut the fuck up, Ray.
'Cause they only got those
European Spanish books
in the library
so I've had to pick up your
Mexican-Spanish idiosyncrasies
just along the way.
Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.
Papa, Patata.
Right, Cheech-o?
You're so smart you're stupid.
You're not out a week
and you're already
running off
in the middle of the night.
There's nothing to this.
-A guy I know--
-A guy inside.
-He's inside for good.
He's sick and he's trying to
reach out to some family--
He can't afford a stamp?
Son, I had to start over too.
Know what I did when I got out?
I kept my head
down and I worked.
I took care of you
and sometimes,
sometimes, I slept.
I couldn't afford to fuck up.
Look, I made a promise.
How many have
you made and not kept?
Only one.
But she broke hers too.
Well, she broke more than one.
How easy do you think it was for
your mom when I went away...
With her big dreams
and aspirations and...
Me locked up up in prison.
We all did our time.
Even her.
Eat those scallops if you want.
I'll be back before low tide.
Day after tomorrow.
I promise.
Don't run outta gas.
Thanks, Pops.
You got two minutes.
Six thirty-three...
Six thirty-four...
Six thirty-five...
Six thirty-six...
Why are you always counting?
This is meditative.
Like sheep over the fence.
You didn't say nothing
about bringing
his family into this.
Ha! With that panocha jab?
Hell, I was just fishing on him
and I didn't even know
Cheech had a sister.
Listen, ese...
I ain't your ese.
No, yeah, well, okay.
In fact, maybe I'm rethinking
this whole crazy-ass idea.
Who am I in this place?
How do people see me?
Just a broken down
old professor.
Yeah, well, I didn't finish high
school so thank you, Luis.
Who's Cheech Dorado?
Cheech is king.
And who are you?
What's the one part of a king
you can't armor, Lou-eece?
His pride.
Now, I'm not gonna
be here that much longer.
But, what, you got
12 more years?
You wanna make
a name for yourself?
You wanna have a name...
Maybe even get a rank
in this concrete kingdom?
This is how.
No more of the family shit.
That dude's gonna
kill you for real.
That's an
interesting theory.
So they're airlifted in,
whole damn thing.
Dead of night.
Sink it like
a goddamn dock piling.
We wake up the next day,
think it's another old bucket
churned up by a storm.
We're gawking
at a shipwreck the government
put there for us to gawk at.
Meanwhile across the sound
they are surveying
egret nesting lands to mow over
and build a weather base
so they can--and Jim Baird
at the post office, he confirmed
this--to seed clouds
with silver iodide
to make our hurricanes worse.
To get us on board
with the climate agenda.
I mean, it is a classic
That's just more
of that gibberish.
You can't keep talking--
You think
I'm full of crap?
I'm telling you,
when the shit goes down,
you're gonna come
knocking at my door.
I just brewed a pot.
Best to pick one
and just lock on.
Sorry, I'm...
I'm just waking up.
Maybe I do need a coffee.
Sugar? Cream?
Um, black's okay.
Straight now?
Perfectly, thanks.
You've seen this, I guess.
You a true believer?
In what?
One of them folks thinks it's
a sign from God or something.
They're all camped out
behind the church
Waiting for...Whatever.
No, I just...I lost touch
with a friend of mine.
I think this--
I think it might be her.
-What's her name?
Hold on.
Hey, y'all know
a girl named Marina?
He says she's in the picture.
Oh, the picture.
-That's Eve.
Eve, she...She owns
The White Whale, the bookstore
down at the end of Pinecroft.
These fools,
they don't read anymore...
Unless it's on the internet.
That's Eve all right.
Sweet girl.
Sorry, fella, I...
I don't know no Marina.
Thank you.
See ya, Kurt.
So long.
Which way is Pinecroft?
You're going to jail.
Not this time, skippa.
My turtle's got you surrounded.
Who's this?
My turtle.
I didn't know turtles could fly.
They can't.
He would've been dead.
She's very literal...
Even in her imagination.
Sorry, they just delivered the
new Jacqueline Cinder novel.
It's like gold around here.
I always expect
an armored car to pull up.
Oh, a page-turner.
Eh, I don't really have the
sweet tooth for beach novels,
but the owner loves
a Jackie Cinder year.
Doubles the customers.
And he's not here
for the big day?
Oh, uh, she.
She's out marketing.
How's that?
She gives these
tours at the lighthouse.
She works in the novel,
drops a couple cards,
and I wait for the onslaught.
Are you looking
for something special?
A friend sent me by.
Oh, well, look around
and thank your friend.
We can always use
some more customers
at the edge of nowhere.
Does anyone know when
this lighthouse was built?
So the tower
stands at 162 feet.
The walls are
five-feet wide down here,
three-feet wide at the top.
One million bricks make up the
cylinder you're in right now.
Did you hear this?
We get a lot
of storms on the island,
but none in a 147 years
has huffed and puffed enough
to blow this bad boy down.
What is that?
It looks like a ship.
That out there may
not be a sign from God...
But she is pretty special.
She showed herself
after a recent storm
and what you see
is about all we know so far.
Just a ship that
could've used a lighthouse.
A friend of mine
read an advance copy
and said it's her best.
-White Whale bookstore.
-Thank you.
I'll see you there.
-You bet.
Thanks for the history lesson.
Oh, I...I hope
it was a little interesting.
Well, that shipwreck,
I love that kind of stuff.
And it's still a mystery?
They haven't ID'd her yet.
A nautical Jane Doe.
Yeah, some divers came up
from the college in Greenville,
but the currents around
the rocks beat 'em to shit.
I mean...
Then, uh, a couple local kids
thought they'd play
Treasure hunter and...Almost
Drowned so they buoyed it off.
Oh that's a shame.
Oh yeah?
I mean, I'll be long gone
before the mystery is solved.
This is really your thing?
I grew up on the water.
Would you like to see her?
Oh, the boat?
Yeah I would.
Ow, dammit.
The beach grass'll
cut you to pieces,
but it holds the sea back.
Otherwise the lighthouse
would be the only
dry land around here.
Come on, you've
got to see it closer.
She was probably on her side,
buried in the sand
for a couple hundred years
before the storm.
Amazing how something can stay
hidden for so long.
Then in one night...
Want to know what I think...
That's not a part of my tour?
That's why I'm here.
I think that once they
finally do get down there,
they're going to find
what's left of the captain
and crew, shackled to chains by
the slaves they were carrying.
Shit, let's go.
The tide swallows
these rocks in no time.
Be careful.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, man.
I'm sorry,
it must be worth a lot.
My dad...
It...It's not even real.
Jesus, dude,
what the fuck happened?
I think it's worth
more than you say.
How...The fuck?
You know, you cuss
worse than my grandma,
and she raised three sailors.
Well, thanks
for bringing me here.
Thank you...
Crazy fucking dolphin boy.
So, back up to Virginia now?
My dad wants me
on his boat before light.
Untangling shit?
Uh, that and listening
to him telling me
how to solve
all the world's problems.
Heavy burden.
You better get back
to it for all our sakes.
But, hey, uh, before you do,
this place north
of the harbor makes these
unholy-good Tabasco hushpuppies.
I think you'll find them an even
trade for risking your life.
They're that good?
You tell me.
Garland's Dockside.
Yeah, okay.
She look like in the picture?
Oh, she's the one.
Only her name's Eve,
not Marina.
It's a good choice, sweetheart.
She seems happy, Ray.
Maybe I should tell her.
I'd want to know.
Well, if she's happy,
me being far from her mind
is the reason why.
I don't know, man.
You know, she almost lost
her bracelet today,
and the look on her face...
A little string of freshwater
pearls with a sand dollar clasp?
She's...Still wearing
That damn thing?
Okay, then it is her.
Yeah, thank you.
You don't know
what you've done for me, son.
So what now?
That's it.
Keep all your meetings
with your PO.
Walk the line.
I'm gonna come see you.
Department of Corrections.
This call may
be recorded or monitored.
Yeah, in the cabinet
over the sink, high up.
But only two
at this time of night.
Tasmanian Devil.
Ooh, tonight be a little later.
You sure?
Jess. Hey.
You look amazing.
I'm sorry, man.
I'll get it straight.
An armored car going
down the road talking about...
What we're gonna do after work.
Yeah, stop at the usual place,
yeah, and then I get out
and we go to the place
behind the donut shop...
Grand, stupid gestures.
Well, I told you
I was born on the water.
It was literally in a bathtub.
That's not true.
Well, my mom says
I just floated on my back...
Quietly looking up at her.
Sounds like a beautiful
way to come into the world.
And a tough mom.
Yeah, yeah, she's tough.
Hey, why are you so sure about
what happened to the ship?
'Cause nobody looked
for her for 200 years.
No record of a manifest.
In the 1800s,
South Carolina or Georgia
or wherever she was headed,
they treated a sunken ship
full of Africans like losing
a crop of tobacco to a flood.
Nothing to salvage
but wood and bone.
But a mile from here,
at the tip of the sound,
there's folks that say
their kin came from the sea.
She's one of them.
Maybe her great-great-great
grandfather broke his chains
and helped run that ship
aground on the shoal.
Six thirty-five.
Six thirty-six.
-For Cheech, ese.
Call security back up.
Childress, roll over
and nose dirt, now.
Oh, hell.
I need medical assistance now.
Vaya con Dios.
Hey, you ride along.
What do I do when we get there?
Grab a coffee,
flirt with a nurse.
Should I cuff him?
You wanna cuff
a corpse, go ahead.
Hey, come on, let's go.
He ain't dead yet.
So Virginia got
that kid from Franklin.
Runs a four-six forty.
Hey, you okay?
Jesus, dude, do
not puke in my box.
I'm good.
Yeah, you good.
Maybe you oughtta
be laying down here.
I'm telling you, man,
this kid was a beast.
His mother couldn't
Six twenty-seven.
Six twenty-eight.
Boy grew up
eating syrup sandwiches,
you know what I mean?
- Six thirty-one.
- They got him
on 5,000 calories a day, hm.
Six thirty-two.
Oh no.
He was running
four-six with a syrup sandwich.
Why don't y'all pass his ass--
- Six thirty-six.
Oh God.
Oh shit.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ray!
Hey, wait!
Hit...Hit the brakes.
Get back there. Go on.
You left those
lights spinning, right?
Sit down, big guy.
What the hell you doing?
Get over there. Ahh.
All right now, focus.
Is there, uh,
antibiotics in here, huh?
Uh, your phones or walkies,
anything that squawks and talks,
put it in there.
Cuffs and keys too, son.
Get the phone in there!
-How fast?
Your speed.
What about your speed?
-I, um...
-Come on.
Open roads, no traffic.
Fifty. Fifty-something.
Fifty? Fifty what? Do better.
Uh, fif--fifty-eight
Fifty-eight miles an hour.
Fuck you, lady.
This ain't a Sunday drive.
I'm back here dying.
No, I imagine 75
with lights and sirens.
That leaves us three miles
from the service road.
I wish I could shoot your ass.
But I need to shoot him.
-Ray, wait.
-Wait, wait, wait--
Aw, Justin, you'll
be all right, son.
They'll patch you up.
No better place to get
shot in than an ambulance.
Especially if she drives
faster than 58 miles an hour.
Guess it's too late
to drive back.
Hey, slow down now.
Come on.
What are you doing?
Permission to come aboard.
This is really your boat?
I commandeered it.
He said he had a friend in
Currituck he wanted to see.
Do you think
he headed down there?
Currituck's down on the Banks.
Well, that's across state lines.
He ain't allowed
across state lines, is he?
No, he ain't.
Well, there you are.
Maybe he went to see his mother
up outside of D.C.
That's one trip
he wouldn't tell me about.
See him?
He ain't my chauffeur.
Now, there's a manhunt
statewide for an escapee
who was on the phone
with your son
just hours before being
put into an ambulance
a lot less dying than he looked.
So tell Dovey to call.
Officer Bell, my son
didn't even know me
until he was 12, but we
made up for lost time
and now we gotta do it again.
Do you really think he'd go
and risk all that?
Then have him call me.
Even a failure to report can
land him back in St. Brides.
He shouldn't have been there
in the first place.
Happy birthday.
That's her. That's Marina.
Go on. Go on. Make a wish.
He rises from the dead.
I, uh, I had to get
home last night,
but you were
sleeping so soundly.
I didn't want to wake you.
Well, get your sea legs under
you, we're taking her out.
How you feeling?
Your dad, he
gave you the bracelet?
Sweet 16.
What's he like?
Ah, when it gave me this,
he was the strongest man
I'd ever known.
A year later,
he was in a wheelchair.
Next fall he was gone.
Gone like...
I haven't visited
his stone in...
Seven years.
I mean, he wasn't perfect but...
When I think of him now...
He stands tall.
Sailor, it's a beautiful
fucking day, you know?
Fella, what the hell
are you doing?
Do I smell coffee?
Sugar and milk?
Black please.
So you're a doctor?
Well, a paramedic.
We've been searching
in those woods back there
all night for a little...
A lost girl.
And then I...I got mixed up
in those briars something awful.
-What are doing?
Good and strong.
Strong chin. Strong chin.
Shut up, birdbrain.
We've got company.
The neighbor
who witnessed the ruckus
told us what it was like--
So you have not seen any kids
coming through your yard?
You and the mailman are the only
folks I've seen in a month.
Hope she's okay.
It's dangerous
out there for kids nowadays.
You almost gotta
keep them locked up.
Ow, you little shit.
Little shit.
Doppler radar.
-That's Quaker.
My son bought him...
And then run off to California.
His final...To his mama.
Little shit.
I got to ride
in an ambulance once.
Did you now?
Ended up just being gas.
Better safe
than sorry, I reckon.
I was gonna wanna
patch myself up a little bit.
Oh...Round the corner,
Second door.
Thank you.
You know, we're gonna have to
make you Samaritan of the Week
down at the station.
You ever let that bird out?
Where's it got to go?
I have to get back to my store.
Thanks for finishing up.
Sure thing.
Hey, Eve, out there
when I asked about your dad--
It's okay.
Yesterday was the best kind
of unexpected.
We're gonna start seeing...
- Strong chin.
- [TV weatherman as this front
finally closes in.
of these dark green areas--
Looks like another storm.
- Doppler radar.
So if you've got big plans
for the day or just...
You look nice.
Vaya con Dios.
Three-piece chicken
dinner, pinto beans,
and gravy...
If I had to pick a last meal,
and I might...
That'd be the one.
Ray, what?
Where the hell are you?
What? You didn't
hear the news?
What news?
Oh man, I had Luis really stick
me about a half a dozen times.
Felt like I stepped
in a yellow jacket nest.
Looked like a horror show.
And by the time
I'm in the ambulance,
I just rise up like Night
of the Living Fucking Dead.
Yeah, but I did
have to put one in Justin,
but that's just so those
fuckers didn't stand there
and flag somebody down.
Pretty slick, huh?
Jesus, Ray, you...
Are you saying you're out?
Buddy, I'm telling you I flew.
I'm almost at the state line.
Now don't tell me
you told her I sent you
because goddammit
that's the one thing I--
No, no, man, of course not.
No, but you mighta
said what you're up to.
I'm part of this now.
Well, I told you I'd give
anything to see her again.
That's what I'm gonna do.
But you--you don't
have to be involved
in anything
you didn't know about.
Well, the cops don't know that.
Well, as long as you're home,
they ain't got nothing on you.
-You are back home?
I mean, yeah.
I gotta check in
with my PO tomorrow.
Straight and narrow, yeah.
Yeah, that's it.
Good because it's a long way
down on either side.
Remember that.
How do you know Ray?
St. Brides.
Had to be an ex-con.
The man has no friends left
in the real world.
I think you know
this fucking liar.
Marina. Marina!
Say that name one more fucking
time and I call the sheriff.
Any outstanding warrants
or parole violations
he'd like to know about?
The photo.
He saw the fucking newspaper.
What does he want?
To know your happy.
Look, Ray told me
he was your father.
After this morning,
I don't know what to think.
No, but, Eve...
He escaped somehow.
He's out and driving this way.
You're a fool.
Ray doesn't have a daughter.
He has a vendetta.
I finished it.
Great, sweetie.
What did you think?
It is creepier than "Coraline."
Hey, go pour some iced tea
and I'll be in
to hear all about it.
Where is he now?
Near the Virginia state
Line...He said.
It'll take him a couple hours
to drive around the inlet.
If Ray's not your father, why is
he so hell-bent on getting here?
Your buddy...
Is coming to kill me.
-All right, this way.
-Thank you.
Highway 168
was a parking lot.
Must've been a pile-up
or something.
Well, no traffic
jams out here.
You're my last charter.
Yeah, I was headed
home to get some
of the old lady's clam chowder.
Well, I don't want to keep you
from your supper.
That's okay.
She's making it
from the can now anywho.
Thinks I can't tell.
Which side of the sound?
You want, uh,
Poplar Branch or Corolla?
The one with the lighthouse.
Does he know about my daughter?
No, I wasn't sure she was yours.
How did he convince
you to do this?
He said he hadn't
done right by you.
But knowing you were happy would
bring some comfort.
He...He's sick.
Oh, cancer?
Ray once told a cop
that his mother
had hung herself
and he was headed
to go identify the body just to
get out of a speeding ticket.
Tears and all.
I meant what did you owe him?
It wasn't like that.
It's always like that with Ray.
He trades in emotional debt.
Look, I was helping out
a guy who helped me.
Maybe he even saved
my life once or twice.
What debt is he coming
to collect from you?
I got him sent away.
You can see everyone
coming or going
but he'll be just a speck.
I know Ray's walk.
What are
you gonna say to him?
Mexico's warmer than another
prison cell for one.
Eve, I didn't know.
Come on, come on, come on,
we gotta go.
We gotta go.
How long will you be gone?
I don't know.
Mommy, where are we going?
On an adventure like in, uh...
"Peter Pan"?
Very much like "Peter Pan."
On the boat?
That's right.
If I'm not back in a week,
The Whale is yours.
Eve, what the hell is going on?
Mommy, where's my turtles?
I don't know,
honey, look around.
-Jess, I gotta go.
-Go? Go where?
Something happened.
I have to leave.
I'll call you once we're
settled, okay?
Oh yeah.
I don't understand.
Are you in some kind of trouble?
Remember that time
we got drunk on mezcal,
what I told you that night?
Not really.
Harper, let's go.
He took her!
-Took who?
Okay, we have
to call the police.
We can't.
Look, I'm past getting
out of this clean.
I can't.
They'll find out who I am,
and then I'll lose her for good.
Who you are?
He won't hurt her.
I still have something
he wants badly.
Eve, why can't
we go to the cops?
Because they want it too.
You hungry?
You want some?
Well that's a real nice find.
It's my turtle.
I see.
What's your name, sweetheart?
Strong name for a strong girl.
Now you're gonna be brave
for me right now, right?
Aren't you...Harper?
I know you will.
You know how I know?
It's 'cause I know
your mama, and she's
about as brave as they come.
We're good friends, you know...
Your mama and me.
What? You don't believe me?
There, you see her?
That's my mom?
Yeah, well she was younger then.
Real pretty, like you.
Oh, so how's your
little turtle doing now?
How old are you?
Ray didn't come for my daughter.
He improvised.
Right now he's figuring out
what he wants us to do.
He knew you were lying.
How long were you in with him?
Three years.
All that time you thought Ray
was teaching you,
he was studying you.
He knows you better
than you know yourself.
I built a home here,
and the two of you burn it down
in a fucking night.
The two of us?
I came back to tell you.
That you showed the Devil
right to my doorstep.
You said I brought the Devil...
Well the Devil doesn't come
for the innocent.
She's okay.
He wants to meet at a church?
It's funny to him I guess.
All those Sundays
my mom dragged him there.
If Ray was here
to kill you, he could have.
What's he really want?
What he wanted before.
A different life.
He was managing a bowling alley
when he met my mom.
She wasn't doing
so well after my dad died
and some friends had
gotten her out for the night.
So a few months after
he starts seeing my mom
he comes into my work,
the gift shop at this state park
where this big Civil War battle
had been fought.
And he acts all interested,
but he keeps circling back
to these coins
and weapons on display
above the battle diorama.
-Ray saw an opportunity--
-He lifted the loot.
We did.
But then you
gave him up and ran.
The things you'll do
for your kids.
How much is left?
His half...
At least.
Give him what he wants.
I'll make the trade in church.
Ray and I, we've got
a come-to-Jesus coming anyway.
I'm sorry, I didn't know
he was gonna turn jackrabbit,
Pops, I swear.
No, you just gave him reason to.
Just get your
skinny ass back here and...
We won't talk about it again.
I'm going to.
I just wanted
to say you were right.
"right" changes over time.
I'll see you soon.
- Good to see you.
Be seated with the Lord.
We welcome all believers
into His house
this morning
as we also welcome Him
into our hearts and our lives.
You know I love the
sermon of the prodigal son.
Spoke with someone
earlier today,
that's their testimony
and I love that.
Thank you for sharing that.
God talked to me about
something, uh,
on the drive here and...
It's about the story
of Jonah and I--
Well...Praise be.
--kinda wanna call an
audible and talk about Jonah
-for a second.
-Where is she?
Jonah and the whale.
Safe and sound.
And it wasn't
a whale. It was a big fish.
You on the other hand
look a little rough.
There's some things that
have been keeping me up.
Free will's a bitch, ain't it?
We're just as liable to make
the bad calls as the good.
I think you should be
up there preaching.
What God placed
on my heart was not just--
What, to these people?
True believers?
They don't want to hear that...
they're own damn fault.
You know, that's what
you made of me, Ray...
A true believer and a fool.
What you're doing here
waiting around for her,
that was pretty damn foolish.
I'm here because you lied to me.
Lies of omission.
You needed a little nudge.
Your daughter, Ray?
I was more a father to that girl
than her own daddy ever was,
you hear me?
And that cheap shit
pearl bracelet's
the only thing
she ever got from that man.
Yeah, and you gave her what?
A warrant around her neck?
She earned that one herself.
Didn't go where he
was supposed to go.
I was thinking about
some events in my own life--
There's a boat down
in the harbor, The Driftwood.
Bring Harper. I'll bring what
you're here for and you can
take it and your chances south.
We think
that if you sin,
it only affects you but
there's a ripple effect of sin.
It affects
so many other people.
Think about the people
in your tribe.
Hee hee hee, yeah.
Oh, all right.
I...I'm sorry, pastor.
Just a little
extra joyful this morning.
Well, uh, um...
That is all right because,
uh, we are called
to make a joyful
noise for the Lord.
We should pick up our hymn books
and let's turn to the next hymn
in the bulletin.
"I am Coming to the Cross."
Now let's all stand and...
And sing that now.
Who's the bigger liar now, son?
You tell her to bring the spoils
and she'll get her daughter.
Hold on there, boy.
Stay still. Stay still.
Get up here.
You wanna atone?
We got churches
in Virginia too, hon.
Let's go.
She was supposed to meet
me there and she didn't show.
At the church?
-You in love with this girl?
-No, ma'am.
I just made a promise.
A promise... To which fugitive?
I went to see
your mom up in D.C.
She didn't know
you'd gotten out.
Well, her career ambitions
and my felony conviction
never really mixed.
She told me about your summer
fling whose father owns
half the Virginia coastline.
About you two coming home
from a party, pretty fucked up.
How she pulls a U and bottoms
her Camaro out on a divider.
And it just sticks there,
not one tire touching.
I can just see those
sweet tears coming down.
So before the cops pull up...
You switch seats.
You decide to get behind
the wheel, not thinking
about her influential daddy
or the pills in the glove box.
Three years for something you
Thought was right...Then.
Yeah, but "right"
changes over time.
They have recordings of all your
conversations with Ray.
Right now they don't suspect
you of anything more
than putting your faith
in a known con man.
They're gonna work
it all out soon enough.
Help them get there quicker.
All right,
watch your step now.
Oh...Oh baby, I'm here.
Are you okay?
Yeah, of course she's okay.
She was with me.
Honey... Hi, Ray.
Seven years looks good on you.
You held up
pretty well considering.
Honey, this man
and I have to talk.
His name is Ray.
I know.
Ray and I, we need to talk
about some grown-up stuff.
I'm in trouble.
Can you stay here for just five
minutes while we step outside?
I'll be right on deck.
Okay. It's okay.
You renamed our boat.
That's bad luck, you know.
Well, you didn't
drift very far, did you?
I reckon that's
'cause of your mom.
Yeah, hey, how is she?
I ain't got time
to reminisce with you, Ray.
They find you, they find me.
And what I bought with my half
of the money wasn't for me.
It was for her.
Now none of that
matters without her.
So thank you for bringing
Her back...But where
-you've put us now--
-Where I put you?
Last night, you not knowing
about your daughter,
what you'd find
when you woke up...
Yeah, I'm guessing
you didn't catch a wink.
Well how much sleep you think
I got where you put me?
Mom? Mommy? Where are you?
Go...Ho--honey, go back inside.
We're almost done. Go.
You always were much tougher
than your own mama.
Your girl's got that too.
Your grit.
You know they say
insomnia cuts more years
off your life than smoking.
They've studied it.
So prison, it seems,
takes it from both ends.
The now...And the later.
Oh, but...
Being awake 20 hours
a day does give you time
to think of what you'd do
with the in-between...
If you had the means.
There's plenty left...
But we have to go get it.
Get your story straight.
Give me that now.
Go on. Topside.
Follow Mommy.
Poor woman up in Carova,
she's been worried sick
about her husband all morning.
Never brought his boat
back in last night.
Know why?
Time to fill in the blanks...
For the sake
of the next someone.
"God is real and he's
not laughing with you."
That was written in the first
cell I ever slept in.
You did good, Dovey.
They'll get him.
He's on an island now.
He was on an island
in prison too.
Hey, who told you
I'd be at the church?
Didn't leave a name.
You're here by Ray's
invitation, just like me.
They won't catch him.
I gotta pee.
To the last drop
'cause we ain't stopping again.
Goddammit, it's
stuck on something.
Hey, hey, hey, hold it.
I said plant your ass, boy.
Thank you, PO, for caring
enough to come all this way.
Now listen to me, I don't know
what you're thinking
but you could be adding
months, maybe even years.
Hell, if I'm gonna
pay a price again,
it'll be for something
of my own making.
For the sake of the next
someone, right?
Dovey, don't.
They made their bed,
let 'em goddamn lie.
Dovey, let 'em lie!
Let 'em goddamn lie!
You couldn't have just shoved
it under the floorboards?
All right, let's use
the motor to haul this thing up.
Real gradual.
Right there, yeah.
All right, a little more.
Oh, shit, cut it off.
Cut the engine.
Now. Do it now.
Harper, baby, stay right there.
Hold on to that rail.
Harper, be still.
Don't struggle, baby. It's okay.
You stay right where you are.
She's ours.
I swear to god, Ray, she is.
I know.
That math ain't hard.
The rope.
Some divers put it there.
I...I don't know
what's at the other end
but it's not
a dry-bag full of money.
That's the truth.
-Where then?
-In the cabin.
There--there's a space
under one of the drains.
All right, I believe you.
-Come on.
-Ray, wait. Wait!
Wait? Seven fucking
years I waited. Come on.
Go, baby. Come on, go.
Come on.
Oh, not you.
Hell no. Front of the boat.
You took more from me
than I even knew.
-Now get in the water.
-Ray, it's--
Go on, you're a good swimmer,
you'll make it to shore.
And you'll spend tomorrow...
And the next day
and the next day
wondering where she is.
It's your turn
to wake up afraid.
Ray, we can still do this.
I--I--I was a scared kid,
Ray, and you were
the last person
I should've been afraid of.
I didn't know
they would catch you.
Didn't think they could.
You taught me to see
into the future.
Everything we need
is right here on this boat.
Everything to start over.
Seven years is nothing compared
to the time we still have.
Look at me.
It's Marina.
I love the way you lie.
Get outta here! Go! Run!
Harper, come on.
Come on, come on.
Go down there.
Harper, stay down.
Don't come out no matter
what you hear.
You haven't learned
a damn thing, did you?
You couldn't just let things be
what they were going to be?
None of this had to be, Ray.
You're damn right.
You could've just played
your part and taken a bow.
Now my daughter
has to watch a man die.
You know what that
does to a kid?
I do.
You oughtta maybe
make that wish now.
We both know who wishes are for.
I sure hope she was worth it.
- Huh?
Where is he?
He couldn't be saved.
Take the line.
You've got cover.
You've got the fog.
Dovey, just grab
the fucking line.
You said it.
Everything you need
to start over is with you.
The story I tell them
will buy you time.
Eve, raise your sail.
Find me again.
Straight ahead.
You know they found
her boat on the rocks
off Cumberland Island, Georgia.
I might've read
something about that.
Didn't find her
or the girl though.
They went ahead
and closed the case.
Of course...
The water is real warm
down there.
Yes, ma'am.
You hungry for some crab?
Yeah, Pops.
Bring your skinny ass on then.
Let's go catch some.