Breastfeeding My Boyfriend (2021) Movie Script

This program me contains scenes of
nudity and some scenes of a sexual nature.
How did it taste today? Sweet.
Yeah, because I had pineapple for breakfast.
In a world where sex is everywhere...
Get rid of taboos and we
just need to get on with it. of the body's
must natural functions...
I desperately need you to nurse.
...has become one of
the most taboo topics.
Tip will breast-feed 3-5 times a day.
How does it taste?
It tastes a bit like cool cereal milk.
But with more and more men
getting a taste for breast milk...
Oh, yeah.
...and online milky content...
They can make me $2.000-3.000 a month.
...becoming big business...
They're my money-makers!
...we find out...
The feeling is like unconditional love.
Adult breast-feeding
doesn't have to be sexual.
...why some people...
...are breast-feeding their boyfriends.
Can you get me carrots?
Health-conscious couple Lana
and Shawn live in Spain.
Recently engaged,
they're as committed to each other-
- as they are to their fruitarian diet.
We met through a dating site.
She started messaging me.
And one of the few
things that she asks is-
- what is your favourite fruit?
That, for me, sounded like
a really random question.
It sounded like, this girl is weird.
Like, I do like that.
I'm not into normal girls.
And from then onwards,
we started feeling, like,
- a really deep connection, like we
knew each other from a past life.
And since then, we've been together.
We both just were into all the same things.
It just seemed like magic
that you can find someone so
much into the same things as you.
Every single thing we
connected so well with.
It was like the universe had
lined everything up for me-
- because I'd been in, like,
really bad relationships before-
- and I felt like it was my
turn to have something good.
The next thing we know,
like a few months later,
- we were moving to Spain
together to start a new life.
Swept off her feet, Lana also
brought her two kids to Murcia-
- as she was so confident
Shawn was the one.
Obviously, like,
when you meet online,
- you need to go through their
images on social media.
And I saw a few photos
of her looking pregnant...
And she looked so beautiful
being pregnant and I...
...masturbated that
day to that photo of her.
When I was pregnant, I was much
more, like, natural looking and...
Yeah... not wearing so much
make-up and things like that.
And that is connected to
the adult breast-feeding-
- because obviously when she was pregnant,
- she was full of milk.
That was, um...
...a big turn-on.
Disappointingly for Shawn,
- Lana weaned her
youngest child four years ago-
- and, soon after,
stopped producing milk.
I used to feel when breast-feeding,
like, just a great sense of love-
- and it was like unconditional love,
that's what I missed,
- and that's what made me
want to start doing it again-
- with my boyfriend.
Before they could start,
- Lana needed her breasts
to start producing milk again-
- a process that can take months.
Following a rigorous
breast-pumping schedule,
- she's also taking
milk-inducing supplements,
- available over the counter in Spain.
And so I take two four times a day.
But they're prescription only in the UK.
It's very demanding to
get your milk supply back-
- because you have to be ready to
commit to pumping or expressing-
- that milk at least four times a day,
so the most important thing-
- was to have the motion of suckling,
- so I asked Shawn to help me with that.
With enough breast stimulation,
even childless women can produce milk.
And Lana's supplements seem
to have sped things up for her.
I have only been trying to
re-lactate for three days now-
- and my first drop of milk came
through when I was hand-expressing.
And it's very tiny,
but it's a sign of what's to come.
Having breast milk makes me
feel sexier, more confident-
- and just like more of a woman.
I just can't wait to... get some milk.
After ten long weeks,
the wait is over.
Ready? I think so.
That way! All right.
Tip and Button live on
the east coast of America-
- in Hampton Roads, Virginia.
Oh, I love you!
Four years ago, recently divorced
Tip met mum-of-two Button online-
- when she was living over
3.000 miles away in the UK.
It was an instant connection.
It only became more
apparent the more we talked-
- that I could tell this person
everything, that I could...
That I could share things that I... know, that I've never
been able to share with anyone.
All right.
I'm gonna dump you in!
No, don't, baby! Please don't!
And over the internet all you
can do is talk, and we talked...
And talked and talked.
And eventually,
we came to the subject...
...of breast-feeding.
No, you're coming in with me if you try!
All right, all right.
The couple never thought they'd meet,
- but the urge to be together
and breast-feed proved irresistible.
I was talking about how a little
bit of milk would come out,
- just a tiny little droplet...
And I asked, can I see?
And so...
...I expressed that tiny,
tiny little droplet of milk and...
...his reaction was immediate.
Yeah. And undeniable. I wanted it.
And it wasn't anything that
I had wanted before,
- it wasn't anything that I had...
...thought about or desired
or went searching for,
- it was just I saw it when
she showed me, and I...
...I wanted it.
I said, "We can make that happen.
Ooh! Holy shit!
It's so cold!
Nervousness is a bit of
an understatement. Um...
It's not asking for a kiss
goodnight, it's not asking-
- if she wants to hold hands or
even if, you know, I could stay
- the night. It's asking for something
that's very out of the ordinary,
- very unusual to ask for,
- and so I was really nervous about it.
Nine months later,
their fantasy became reality.
I was standing and he knelt
before me and he latched.
And as soon as the milk came,
- their was just this instant reaction that...
- Yeah.
...that almost swept me off my feet.
Literally, I almost fell over
because you were just...
...clutching me to you-
- and making these little noises
in the back of your throat.
It was like the moment you
had the milk on your tongue...
Cos, like, I was waiting for it.
This is really pretty.
This was the first place
that I saw dolphins.
And it surprised the hell out of me.
How did surprise you?
Well, because it's Virginia Beach!
Oh, I thought you meant like they
were serving ice cream or something!
Come here, dolphins!
Desperately searching
online for information-
- on adult nursing relationships,
or ANR's,
- they found nothing,
- so decided to share their
own experiences to help others.
So this was our first video that we posted.
Remember how nervous we were?
I wasn't nervous about it.
I kind of figured people would
kind of get the wrong idea about it,
- but for the most part,
I mean, everyone kind of got exactly
what we were trying to convey.
I mean, people just came
out of the woodwork,
- just saying,
"Please, can we have more stuff like this-
- cos we can't find it anywhere."
Yeah, I mean, if we look at the comments...
We got;
"Love your breast-feeding content.
"I love this. Relationship goals!"
It was really, really exciting
to see that we were not alone in... having this sort of relationship.
And really exciting to get to
discuss it with people because...
...for the longest time, we thought
we were very much just an oddity.
Two years later, their original
adult breast-feeding video-
- has been viewed over 300.000 times.
We decided to share our
adult nursing relationship-
- because it's such
a big part of our lives.
People think it's a sex life kind of thing,
- but it's not a sex lives...
It's part of our lives,
it's part of our relationship.
But the only way to
share that with anybody-
- is through a porn site
because you can't...
I mean, you can't just...
Post it to Facebook or something like that.
What shocked me was how
almost overwhelmingly positive-
- the response was from all the viewers.
And what was more interesting
was how many people-
- just wanted to know more.
An instant hit online,
- within weeks they'd become
the X-rated influencers-
- of the adult breast-feeding scene.
We generated a lot of talk.
Somebody had posted...
"What is a Button and Tip?"
"What is a Button and Tip?"
"I keep seeing this phrase everywhere-
- and I don't know what that is.
"Is that a term or,
like, a maneuver or something?"
What was it she said? That she had
heard the words "Button" and "Tip"-
- so often that she thought that we were...
...a technique? A technique.
That blew my mind!
That blew my mind. I was like,
"Oh, my God, we're an educational video."
We had to search so hard for information-
- about adult nursing relationships.
And the fact that it is
easier to find that now,
- I think is due, in a very
large part, to you and I.
I agree.
I know for a fact that
we kind of opened that door.
And I'm glad.
Me too.
You look beautiful. So do you.
Our videos were able to kind
of get that discussion started-
- so that anybody else
feeling alone and bewildered-
- might be able to find
support in those comments.
Specialist underground dating sites
now cater for adult breast-feeders,
- with tens of thousands
of sucklers and nursers-
- searching for their perfect partner.
I think we might have changed the world.
Just a little bit.
In some small way.
I need to shave.
In Virginia, Tip and Button,
the internet's biggest-
- adult breast-feeding stars, are
preparing for their latest shoot.
I actually did a video on this
lipstick because it stays on...
...through anything.
And I mean anything.
For two years,
they've been posting intimate details-
- of their adult nursing
relationship, or ANR,
- to their 50.000 lactation-loving fans.
How's that?
Yeah, looks good.
You look good, baby. Good shout.
Today we're going to be doing
the ANR questionnaire video-
- where we talk about what an ANR is-
- and answer a bunch of
questions that we've collected-
- over the last few days from viewers.
And then we'll be doing a sample
nursing video at the end of it.
A little demo. A little demo.
OK. So let's get started.
We've had questions come
in from Reddit, from Twitter.
We'll just be addressing
the most common questions-
- and a few of the more specific
interesting questions as well.
Whenever we post new adult
breast-feeding content online,
- we'll get a flood of questions.
One of the most common questions
we receive is how does it taste?
Um, the taste can change
depending on what she eats,
- but for the most part, it tastes
a bit like cool cereal milk,
- so milk with a little bit of sugar in it.
You know, why, how, what are we doing,
and can they find out more?
Sometimes I can taste alcohol when
you've really been boozing it up.
And then they'll have more direct queries-
- where they would like to know
how they could if they wanted to.
Here's a good one-
- "I like to breast-feed, but my
partner isn't producing much milk.
"I can barely taste it."
OK. You can produce more breast milk.
What I would suggest is for
five days dedicate yourself,
- you and your partner,
dedicate yourselves-
- to nursing every three hours.
You have to wake up in
the middle of the night.
You'll notice a difference
within five days.
A major difference.
Your body will rush to fill
that order, as it were.
It's really cool.
The best thing to do is just keep doing it.
I'm sure I've helped a lot of couples-
- be able to start an adult
breast-feeding relationship.
And we've given advice and information-
- to countless relationships and couples.
So, with that being said, let's go ahead-
- and do a nursing session,
which I desperately need. Let's do it.
Button pumped relentlessly for four months-
- to produce enough
breast milk to feed Tip.
Now they nurse a minimum
of three times a day.
An interesting fact is that the breast-
- that is on the side of your
dominant arm, so I'm right-handed,
- is always going to be fuller.
So he is very practiced in latching.
A correct latch is so important.
And, basically, he brings the
nipple to the roof of his mouth,
- the back of the roof of his
mouth to the soft palate part,
- and then he'll use a sucking motion
by opening and closing his jaw.
And milk will start to just
kind of stream into his mouth.
You may hear him start to gulp...
...when that happens.
As a man, having the ability
to be nurtured by Button,
- to be held in that way
is an amazing thing.
And it's really the most wonderful aspect-
- of the adult breast-feeding
relationship that I have with her.
If you're first starting out
and you're really trying-
- to get milk flowing,
a good way to breast-feed-
- is for the lactating women to be on top-
- with your breast hanging into his mouth,
- and that kind of gets gravity to
help as well as everything else.
The fact that I can be
vulnerable with Button,
- that I can completely drop
any pretense of dominance-
- and just completely put myself in
her care is a really amazing thing.
Thank you.
OK. My name is Button, this is Tip,
- and this was a detailed look into an ANR.
Thank you so much. Bye.
I love you. I love you too.
Finding a partner local enough
for regular feeds is no easy task.
For many breast-feeding fans,
- they have to console themselves
with erotic lactation videos-
- made by the likes of Milky
Mummy in south-west England.
I've got three children, two under two,
- which is quite hard work,
- and I started making the
content when I was pregnant-
- with my baby that's
sort of now nearly two.
And yeah, just carried on since then.
Milky Mummy is one of a growing
number of modern mums-
- choosing to work in this risque
21st-century cottage industry.
Before I made adult content,
I've always worked in health care-
- and I still do that as well as this,
- sort of privately in the evenings.
So I got into making videos
mostly through a friend-
- that I knew did the same kind of thing.
She sort of said there
was quite a big platform-
- and I actually felt really
sexy while I was pregnant.
I really liked...
My boobs were good.
And they say "glowing"-
- and I kind of felt like I was
glowing in my first pregnancy.
Um, so...
Earlier videos when I first started-
- were belly rubs, boob rubs...
And, yeah, that's how it started
and then...
...I started making money from there-
- and, um, I'm still doing it now.
It might seem like a weird
kind of thing to some people-
- and, you know, just making money
from like squeezing my breasts,
- but I've made 30 grand for
about three hours of work a week,
- which I'm quite happy to do.
Taboo even in the porn world,
milky content can be hard to find.
I was just getting requests all
the time for lactation videos-
- and obviously my boobs
were really full at first-
- so milk sort of dripping
out of my nipples.
Some people have asked
me to drink my own milk-
- so, like, actually to
suck from my own nipple.
It's kind of direct the boob up,
the nipple,
- and, like, sometimes it goes in,
sometimes it doesn't-
- and it just kind of squirts
everywhere, but, um...
...yeah, I do try.
As well as her ever-popular
milky spray videos,
- Milky Mummy has expanded into
saucy snaps for her thirsty fans.
I think it is quite hard to
stand out on social media-
- and that kind of thing,
so that's why I like to have this niche,
So I went from pregnancy
to now the lactating.
That's kind of like my thing now.
And I do a lot of promotion through
a lot of social media sites-
- and my boyfriend actually
does a lot of that for me-
- cos he, like,
fully accepts sort of what I do-
- and helps me with that side of it.
She's posted over 600 scantily-clad
photos and videos,
- with her lactation content
becoming liquid gold.
Ten-minute video, for instance,
it's usually about 40.
And... Yeah, but I also
started getting a lot of men-
- asking if I did adult breast-feeding,
- or if I would sell videos
of me feeding my partner.
Which isn't something I do!
But there was a big, big thing for it-
- and most of my fans, you know, are...
open to that sort of thing.
I'm not entirely sure why
there's such a big fetish-
- for adult breast-feeding.
I sometimes wonder
whether it's kind of like-
- a mother-son kind of issue, maybe.
And maybe it's, like,
that closeness with a mother figure.
Somebody offered me 100 for 20 minutes,
- just to come and feed from me.
Maybe a million...
...and I might!
This garden is sometimes a mess,
- but I like it. It's my garden.
Here I have the babies,
- the little bits of plants that
I'm trying to grow roots on them.
Look at this one here.
Big, long root,
- and there's another one here coming out,
- so that is really good news.
In the bedroom,
- fiancee Lana is also reaping
the fruits of her own lab our.
I've actually been trying to re-lactate,
- and it's going really well.
It seems, like,
to have happened so quickly.
By the third day, I was ready
producing a couple of drops of milk-
- from one side and, within a week,
from the other side as well.
I also have a lot of toys,
because of my job.
I used to be a teacher,
which was a job I really loved.
It was so rewarding.
I love children and helping
them to learn new things.
But I think, in general,
it's difficult to get work in Spain,
- especially if they
don't speak fluent Spanish.
So, for now,
I've completely changed career-
- and I'm making adult content,
and I love that too.
I have this huge collection of,
like, dildos.
And it's different every day,
- just like teaching
is different every day.
Since the couple's move to Spain,
Shawn has also struggled to find work.
It is really nice, looking at the sky.
Let's go for 20, yeah?
OK, fine. OK, go.
Higher up. You need...
Yes. Like that.
Shawn pushes me to
exercise almost every day,
- and I enjoy it with him sometimes,
and sometimes I just don't want to.
Shawn's hoping,
with enough hard work,
- and his skills from
his previous vocation,
- they can become a power couple.
You're such a monkey.
I used to be a personal trainer...
There you go.
...and I decided to leave the job,
and we picked up adult content.
OK? Mm-hm.
Let's go. Can you do it with me?
Yeah, we can do it together.
Shawn's only too aware that,
- in the fickle adult entertainment
industry, looks are everything.
I think it's extremely important
that we keep fit for the videos.
Yeah. I like to be flexible,
- to do different positions, and...
Yeah, that's sexy.
...I feel, like, a pressure on me to
stay fit now, which is a good thing.
What matters the most is that, at the end,
- you look fit, you're lovely,
I look fit, I'm lovely as well.
So it works well! Yeah.
We mutually started talking
about creating adult content.
She always wanted to be a porn star,
- and I really enjoyed acting in the past,
- so I just wanted to connect
two things that I really enjoy,
- which is... which are sex and acting.
We were experiment thing a lot
with different types of adult content.
This is so messy.
Job satisfaction is high...
Oh, yeah!
...but a month after
posting their videos online,
- the couple only had 500 fans.
Lana and I are really open-minded.
We just want to have fun.
In a bid to stand out in
an over saturated market,
- they've decided to share what
they get up to behind closed doors.
I saw some breast-feeding videos online,
- and I didn't expect to do it myself...
Hey, fans. It's me, Lana,
- and today I'm going to be bringing
you an adult breast-feeding video,
- because I've had so many messages
from fans, asking me for this.
...and here we are, doing it.
Kinky people. Mm-hm.
They hope adult breast-feeding-
- can help them carve out a
more popular, profitable niche.
And somebody asked me if
we could do a new position-
- of Shawn laying down,
so we're going to try that out today.
So here we go.
Come on then, Shawn.
Hello, people. Let's go.
I always had a big attraction
for her when she was pregnant,
- so this was a natural kink to try,
- and I think we liked
it from the beginning.
This is the Lego that I used to
play with when I was a child.
My nan knew how much I love
playing with it, so she gave it to me.
Now my children are playing with it.
Adult content star Lana moved
her family to Spain two years ago-
- to live with her adult
content director fiance, Shawn.
Got two children - a boy and a girl,
aged six and ten-
- and they're the loves of my life,
they changed my life.
Yeah, when I had my son,
he was such a good baby.
He loves reading, as you can see.
He's a bookworm.
He's also getting to that age now-
- where I'm not seeing him as
much as I used to, unfortunately,
- but I have to let him grow up.
I would, like, not let him go if I could.
Because I just...
I don't want him to go up so fast.
He's starting to say all the things
that the cool kids say, and...
...I don't know, get a bit more rebellious.
But he's still...
He's so sweet in nature that
he's never really a problem.
It was a big decision as
a mother to move to Spain,
- and when I first met Shawn,
I was really unsure how he would feel-
- about having to take on
two children that are not his.
But he has been a really great
father figure in their lives.
My daughter, she loves to be naughty.
But we've kind of got used to that now.
I made this chart for them,
- because I want them to start
being even more independent.
I've tried just telling them
each day what they need to do,
- but it's not really working,
so I've made this chart.
And, when they've done all these things,
they're ready for school.
Because we have a very busy lifestyle,
Shawn has to do the children
routine of taking them to school.
I think I might do it outside, because...
And then I have to take supplements
at lunch and in the evening,
- and it's only in the night
that I actually get time-
- to breast-feed with Shawn.
Hey, guys. It's me, Lana.
I'm just making you
another update video today.
I think that my pregnant cat
might be quite near to giving birth.
Having recently branched out
into adult breast-feeding videos,
- Lana's making time to
film regular updates-
- to keep their paying fans happy.
So me and Shawn made a hot video
today of some adult breast-feeding,
- and we had a really close bond,
a connection,
- and I'm sure you'll really
want to share that with us.
And we will be getting that on-
- to all of our current
subscribers later today.
So, if you're not subscribed to me yet,
make sure you go subscribe,
- otherwise you'll miss this video,
- and then you can only
pay to view it afterwards.
Would you like to see one
of our recent contents?
Their move into the milky market
has already proven popular.
I think it's crazy that you guys
do this, but total respect, man.
With a rapidly-growing fan
base of over 15.000 fans,
- they've called in social media
marketing manager Dani-
- for some help.
As we are very ambitious,
we obviously are looking forward,
- and we want somebody to help us out.
Yeah. I feel like, as well, it's such,
like, a big pool of content-
- in this industry that it can
get really difficult to stand out.
We have so much going
on that it's always...
It's just getting a bit too hard
to cope with all the work. Mm-hm.
So we need somebody to help us,
- and we need to focus more on the content.
And that's the most important thing,
focusing on the content. Yeah.
Agreed. I think it's great
that you guys are so busy-
- that you feel like you need
to get help in this sector.
I think it's amazing.
Because the adult breast-feeding
niche is so, like, hidden and taboo,
- with actually got people
interested from all over the world.
There's, like, people willing
for us to travel to them,
- and, like, they'll pay for
everything and have us stay over,
- just because, like,
they cannot find this niche easily-
- in any other place.
With such a dedicated audience,
- cornering the lactation market
could be very lucrative for everyone.
Like, we get hundreds and hundreds
of messages on social media.
"I wish my wife would do this,
- I wish that my girlfriend would do this."
Sometimes it actually
gets to me emotionally.
Like, I've had days where, like,
I've been speaking to a fan-
- and, like, I can feel their loneliness.
You say to someone,
"I'm going to market for a restaurant. "OK."
"I'm going to market for a
couple that do breast-feeding."
And they go...
It's all about breaking away
from this taboo lifestyle.
Like, get rid of taboos, this is real,
it's happening for everyone,
- in everybody's life,
and we just need to get on with it.
We need to increase the awareness,
- we need to increase
the overall positivity.
I do want to help remove the taboo
around the subject, because it is...
Yeah. Yeah.
Everyone watches it,
- everyone's been involved with it somehow,
- and it is quite a natural thing.
It's about making it marketable so
people understand what you're doing.
I definitely... I like the message
that you guys are spreading,
- and I really want to be involved...
with helping spread that kind of message.
I like what these guys stand for,
- and I think that we're going to
work really well together, so...
I'm really glad we met you, Dani.
The perfect person, like... with us.
I think this is going to be a ride.
Yeah, we need to get together, yeah.
In Virginia, the godfathers of
the adult breast-feeding scene,
- Tip and Button, are so inseparable
they live and work together.
And they're just finishing
a long night shift.
God, what a day.
That was pretty rough.
I hope you're thirsty.
Oh, my God. I just want to get home.
15 hours in a warehouse without feeds-
- means Button's breasts
are achingly full of milk.
Baby... Yes?
...I desperately need you to nurse.
I am hurting.
Let's get out of here. OK.
Sure you don't want to do it in the car?
No, let's go home and relax.
Breast-feeding someone releases
the happy hormone, Oxytocin-
- for you and them.
So some people find it
the perfect way to unwind.
Typically, on any given day,
Tip will breast-feed
three to five times a day.
Generally before work, after work,
before bed and when we wake up.
Sometimes it's more than that.
Sometimes it is a challenge
to find the time to breast-feed,
although we will make the time,
because it is important.
Not just physically but emotionally,
it is important to us-
- that we connect that
often on a daily basis.
It feels like sinking into a warm bath,
- and also just kind of a
feeling of contentment.
I feel more close to him now than I've...
...than I feel during any other time.
You know, this is incredibly intimate.
Whereas kissing used to be
the most intimate thing. And now...
.this is...
This is above and beyond.
Far above and beyond.
And I just feel
very much in love with him.
And I feel protective and
that he's precious to me.
The couple believe the
strong bond they feel-
- is in part due to Tip never
knowing his biological mother.
They're going to talk about
him being adopted. I'm adopted?
Tip spent the first formative year
of his life in a Korean orphanage,
- having been left there as a newborn.
Because I was a baby when I was adopted,
- growing up in that environment,
you just get used to everything.
You don't really notice it
but at the same time,
- it was never a secret that I was adopted.
It wasn't something they tried to keep from me.
It was always known-
- and my mother had a
really great way of putting it.
If any other kids ever made
fun of me for being adopted,
- I was to tell them that at
least my mother chose me.
Ooh! I love that!
Which is such a mom thing to say.
I love that so much!
You were so cute.
Sweater vest and a bow tie.
I still have this outfit, I bet.
I bet I can still rock it.
Tip was brought to America
by his adoptive father,
- who was serving in the military in Seoul.
Looking good. Oh, look at you!
Yeah. Oh, look at your face!
Yeah, I was a handsome fella.
Oh, my gosh.
That's you as an actual baby.
This is probably the only
baby photo that exists of me.
I think they actually used
this as my passport photo-
- when I came to America the first time.
As an adult, now I kind of
have theories as to why-
- I'm so drawn to the ANR and the nursing,
- because I didn't get that,
- because I was immediately
given up for adoption-
- and then I was in a facility,
so I wasn't breast-fed as a baby-
- and I feel like that's probably
got a little bit to do with why-
- I'm so drawn to it now as an adult.
Oh, there we go.
That is an adorable picture.
White socks with brown shoes?
Come on, man! No, you were so cute.
100% it is the maternal aspect-
- that draws me to it, yeah.
It's one of the most
wonderful aspects of her,
- and it's something that I'm
constantly finding myself drawn to.
You know, I don't try to
pretend that she's my mother,
- she doesn't try to
pretend that I'm her son.
It's about being nurtured,
it's about being held,
- it's about completely
giving myself over to that-
- and just that absolute
feeling of being taken care of.
Thank you.
Thank you.
This is where I keep my lingerie.
In the West Country, Milky Mummy's
clear why she's making milk videos.
She's being very well taken care of
by her highest paying customers.
Most of the underwear that I have-
- has been purchased by many of my fans.
Maybe a black version.
I never really thought it's something
I would go into making,
- breast-milking videos,
- but I've always had
a very high sex drive-
- and been a sexual person,
- so taking pictures and videos is
always sort of something I would do-
- and it just sort of fell into place.
Also, this was a purchase for me,
- which has got some sort of
little cat ears and a choker-
- and a butt plug tail.
I get all sorts of requests
for my milk videos.
Spraying, drinking, showering.
My milk dribbling on the floor,
- spraying on my partner,
spraying on myself.
The tail butt plug with the collar
and the ears, which was around 25,
- and also paid for the video,
which was about $95 for ten minutes-
- of me crawling around in the
outfit and milking my breasts.
It's quite unbelievable,
just being at home,
- making these videos,
can be such a big earner for me.
Sometimes I find it very odd-
- and my boyfriend may have
a bit of a laugh but, you know,
- my boyfriend has weird fetishes.
So do I.
I don't judge anybody.
My boyfriend's going to die!
Shall I say what it is?
No. Don't let me!
To really monetize her milk and
keep her audience wanting more,
- Milky Mummy's getting creative.
So I make content kind of all around
the house, really, so downstairs...
I think I've actually
made some in the kitchen.
Even in the landing,
I sort of made one on all fours.
Made a lot in the bathroom as
well because it can get messy-
- but obviously in here
it's easy to clean it up.
It's a good floor so just
bring the mop up and clean it-
- and then it's like
nothing's ever happened.
I think we might use this light. OK.
Hoping to clean up with his
latest adult breast-feeding video-
- is director Shawn.
His creative vision has
helped the couple rack up-
- a whopping 4.5 million views,
so he's gone professional.
The camera is going to go here.
Yeah, round here is probably good.
And also we're going to have to remove-
- a few things that we don't want.
I've never liked those cushions.
The best comment that we've ever
received on a video is somebody-
- saying that it's literally-
- the best video they've
ever seen in their life.
The frame is going to be pretty boring-
- so I'm not sure if I want to
add something to the picture.
We want to be the best-known people
in the adult breast-feeding market.
The couple now rake in up
to 6.000 Euro's a month-
- from their breast-feeding videos.
Oh, yeah. That's feeling better.
But as their main source of income,
- they can't afford to get anything wrong.
Obviously nowadays adult
content is really competitive-
- because we live in
the 21st century, 2021,
- so if you don't put any
intensity in your image,
- you're not going to connect
that well with the viewer.
Yeah, that works really well.
Get ready. Yeah. Cool.
What do you think?
I want to see you in the light.
Sit down, please.
Yeah, this works so much better.
Works really well with what we've got.
OK, let's get into it.
Let's go. OK.
So I'm quite full now.
It's been all day.
Breast-feeding feels like peace.
It feels really relaxed.
It's really nice.
That good? Mm-hmm.
In the heart of south-west England,
- it's just another working day
for mother-of-three Milky Mummy.
So this is where the milk magic happens.
Just, yeah,
I wear a lot of different lingerie-
- and just milk my tits.
Because that's what they want to see!
This is like, impossible,
to make taking leggings off sexy!
I think there's a really big like-
- for a kind of MILF-type woman-
- that has imperfections and curves.
I get a lot of guys asking
to see stretchmarks.
Suck it all in!
I think they just like
the fact that we're mums.
I've never been a confident person.
I'm actually very shy.
It has actually made me
a lot more confident-
- and realise, you know,
we don't all have to be perfect... be loved for what
we are and who we are.
Her 14.000 faithful followers-
- have supported her
throughout her pregnancies,
- making milk the perfect
way to pay the bills.
A lot of people do judge
doing this kind of work-
- and people that don't kind of understand-
- but I can be a stay-at-home mum,
look after my children,
- which is my main priority, make
these videos evenings and weekends,
- and make quite a
good living off of it, so...
It's, you know...
I don't care.
And that is that.
My money-makers!
Oh, yeah.
So it's actually sure?
With milky content making
it into the mainstream-
- and a growing legion of lactation lovers,
- are the barriers to adult
breast-feeding finally-
- being broken down?
So much milk.
Feels so relieving, doesn't it?
After being full all day.
It's very hard to compare adult
breast-feeding to something-
- but I would say the feeling
is comparable to, like,
- unconditional love or, you know,
just that, like, flood of happiness.
How did it taste today?
Sweet. Yeah?
Because I had pineapple for breakfast.
Let's not forget the
nutritional value of it.
I think adult breast-feeding is a
kink because society has told us-
- that you have to stop when
a baby is around one year old.
You never see it happening again-
- but I think there's always
that instinct to bring it back,
- but it's always hidden, it's always
underground, and it shouldn't be.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, that's horrible!
No, not faster! Slower!
Make it stop! Please!
Oh, my God!
Have you never sat in a spinny cup?
No, I've not!
They didn't exist when I was a kid.
You act like you're high.
Adult breast-feeding has been-
- extremely fetishised and considered-
- a fringe kind of kink,
which feeds into the taboo.
This is much better than the spinny cup.
This is my kind of ride.
If it's a taboo, then people obsess
over it privately in the dark,
- and then it becomes a fetish,
- whereas I think adult breast-feeding-
- is a very great way
to express a relationship...
Oh, my ass!
That's what she said.
...and to have a relationship-
- and something that can
strengthen a relationship.
It doesn't have to be sexual-
- and it shouldn't be fetishised
and shouldn't be a taboo.
OK. Cross your legs.
Yeah, it's rare we do photo
shoots with all our clothes on.
It's certainly not for everyone
but the adult breast-feeding-
- relationship has certainly
helped me in finding-
- a deeper connection with my partner.
You look very pretty.
I don't think that more people-
- should be in an adult breast-feeding relationship.
What I do think is-
- that there should be more awareness,
that it is a positive thing.
Now give me a big kiss.
And that way they can make a
more informed, personal decision-
- whether they want to
experience this with each other-
- and if they don't, then they don't,
- but if they do, I would absolutely
encourage people to look into it.