Breath (2022) Movie Script

Everything changes.
It's a fact.
Everything is destined
to undergo a change.
We live to take care of our
children, to protect them,
to make sure that they're well.
We live every day with the
fear that unexpected events
can change our life.
But time, it doesn't stop.
It doesn't wait.
You can't control it.
It's life, a breath, a moment.
We better head down.
It's almost dark.
Go ahead.
I'll catch up with you.
I'm heading down with the guys.
Call me when you're on the road.
I'll call you when I'm
back at the lab, Adam.
Oh, leave everything in the car.
Next week, when we get back,
we need to update and analyze
all the data we need to send.
Get some rest over
the next seven days.
We deserve it, right?
I'm not coming back.
Everything's in my notes.
Your tour is over?
Time flies.
I'll call you.
Be careful.
My name is Laura...
Laura Winslet.
I'm a geologist.
I study the seismic
activity of volcanoes.
When I was a kid, while
I was at school on a day
just like any other, an
earthquake rocked our desks.
We looked at each
other, terrified.
Something totally unexpected
had happened from one moment
to another.
Volcanoes, the Earth, time...
Life is just one of those things
that you just can't predict.
Are you still there?
Adam, I'm almost home.
What do you want, to hear my
dogs barking or something?
I just need to
park and I'm there.
All right.
I'm taking my son to
the falls tomorrow.
And if you can get in touch
with me or if you need anything,
just leave me a message.
Listen, you want to...
Go... jeez.
Mommy, when are you coming?
Grandpa says you're
never coming.
Yeah, you've got
to be here, mommy.
Time for a party.
Press off.
The worst never ends.
I've heard it said again
and again, but it's a lie.
There is an end.
And it starts when
you hit the bottom.
I had just fallen.
If you're so sure
that I'm not going
to die because I'm the one
telling you this story,
that's a pretty big assumption.
We'll anticipate what
will happen next.
I had been working
there for 30 days.
I was sure of where I was going.
Nothing could surprise me.
But now I'm here.
I'd made the same mistake again.
I'm sure about tomorrow, but
now what have you fallen into?
Nothing but darkness.
I know what you're thinking...
Scream, look for
help, do something.
I could yell, cry,
get all worked up...
For what?
I just fell in here
a few minutes ago,
but I am already certain
that there's no way out.
As with all true
beginnings, everything
starts with you trying
to reach something.
I already know what I won't
find in that backpack...
No ladder, no rope,
nothing that I can
use to pull myself out of here.
A half a liter of water, a
pack of gum, nothing to eat.
The others will be
back in a week...
Seven days and eight nights.
I skipped lunch today, damn it.
What kind of shitty situation
did I get myself into?
Mommy, wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Mommy, wake up.
Oh, oh, hi.
Mommy, you remember
what day is today.
It is your birthday.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.
It's at our house.
That's lovely, fantastic.
Adam called a few times.
I want you to call him back.
You're going up to
the volcano, too?
Yeah, I just...
I have to get some
more soil samples.
I understand, I understand.
Hey, that's a
beautiful palm tree.
And all the flowers
outside the house...
That's beautiful.
You're so clever.
I want to color some in.
Lovely windows...
Just step up here.
You don't... you can put
my hand right there.
All right.
Here we go.
Are you sure you want to wait
until later to open it with me?
Don't be late for the party.
I won't be... can't, I promise.
I'm disappointed, Laura.
That's enough, Dad.
If you can't get
through on my phone,
just send me voice messages.
OK, be careful.
We'll going to have a party.
Laura, about last night.
You don't have to say anything.
You were drinking.
You weren't yourself.
I know I had a couple of drinks,
but everything I said is true.
I feel the same.
Adam, you're my best friend.
We work together.
What happened between us
doesn't change anything.
We're just friends.
You know it's more than that.
I mean, whatever
we do, I feel good.
I want to leave Emily.
I don't love her anymore.
Mommy, when are you?
Grandpa says you're coming.
Yeah, you're got
to be here, mommy.
Time for a party.
Press off.
Sweetheart, I'll be home soon.
Have you ever dreamed
your memories?
I do it all the time.
It's amazing how real they
seem, but I'm still here
in this shit hole.
Mommy, when are you coming?
Grandpa says you're coming.
Yeah, you're got
to be here, mommy.
Time for a party.
Press off.
I told you a lie, Christine.
I get it.
It doesn't seem
that solid, but it's
the best idea I could think up.
Yes, yes, yes... no, no, no.
On to my phone,
holding the rope...
Help me!
Dad, I don't remember what I
said the last time I saw you.
Sometimes we don't recognize
the really important moments.
They slip away
without knowing we
won't have another opportunity
to go back and say, I'm sorry,
I love you, and thanks.
When I was a little girl,
you always found an answer
to all my questions...
Or at least I thought you did.
You probably didn't, but
I couldn't understand it.
I thought that as
a parent, I would
have an answer to everything.
I'd like to think so.
Now that I am a parent,
I know that's not true.
There are too many questions,
and new ones never stop coming.
What a way to go...
I never would have guessed it.
The silence, the heat, the cold
at the heart of the volcano...
Ending my days in
total agony down here.
I wouldn't wish it upon anybody,
but it's happening to me.
It's like one of those
stories you see in a film
or you hear people talk about.
How long can her body
keep going without eating,
without drinking, in
conditions like this?
I may end up
drinking my pee soon,
because my water is
going to run out.
Yeah, it's something I've
heard of plenty of times,
but I would never
think of doing it.
Hey Laura, it's me.
Call me... bye.
I'm sorry I'm late, princess.
OK, mommy.
I'm going to go help
Grandpa with the cake, OK?
I want to stay with you.
Oh, I know.
Me too, sweetie.
You know what?
Why don't you go play with the
others, and I'll be right back.
OK, Mommy.
Thank you, dad.
Christine, Christine,
come here...
It's OK, it's OK.
Come here, breathe.
Mommy's here, OK?
One, two, three, breathe.
One, two, three, breathe.
One, two, three, breathe.
One, two, three, breathe.
Mommy, finish... I'm better
now, Mommy, all better.
You are better.
Every night, you
and mommy are going
to do these exercises so
we can get better together.
Mommy, we never opened the gift.
Oh, you're right, honey.
Let's open it.
Who is this?
What's her name?
She is a geologist,
just like mommy,
and her name is Clarissa.
She goes to study the soil.
And she comes right
back home, because she
knows her daughter
is waiting for her.
It's all right.
It's like Christine.
Mommy's not like Clarissa.
Mommy's always late.
Why can't... your mommy's
not a good mother.
Oh, god... help!
Help me!
Is anybody there!
Help me out.
I'm down here!
One, two, three, breathe.
One, two, three, breathe.
One, two, three, breathe.
One, two, three, breathe.
One, two, three, breathe.
Breathe... one, two,
three, breathe.
It's not the heat.
It's not the hunger.
It's the silence.
The silence is destroying
my eardrums, my mind.
The black rocks
all around me, all
of my screams, all of my
pleas for help are sucked up.
And I'm stuck here alone,
and nobody will ever find me.
Nobody will ever know
what's happening to me.
They'll think I ran
off because of my life.
Adam didn't get the message.
No one will find me.
I have to get myself
out of here, but how?
Sorry, pal.
You're right.
I'm the one that
barged into your house,
but I didn't mean to.
And if you come close again,
I'll have to kill you.
It's just a question
of survival.
It's nothing personal.
I'm sorry.
You caught me at
a bad time, man.
What is it?
They're checking the areas.
It's been three days
without any news.
I won't go there.
I'm sorry, but I won't.
Think of something, Laura.
Look at us.
We put work before
everything, and now what?
Now, we're all alone.
I know.
I'm a lousy mother.
What's the point in going on?
Maybe being down here is the
best thing that could happen.
You're right.
I should probably just let go.
Give up hope.
Do it, Laura.
Do it.
A demon seen... no.
Just my lack of a will to
live telling me what to do.
That can be sweet...
Another way of solving
all your problems.
Is that what you want, Laura?
Do you really want to
throw in the towel and die?
OK, ready?
We can do it again.
OK, so...
Good morning.
Good morning.
I'm Nick Winslet, her father.
When news is there?
Hey, bud.
Unfortunately, no.
We are doing everything we can,
but that area is very large.
How long can she survive?
We're putting all
efforts in the search.
Where are you, Laura?
Where... where are you?
My leg doesn't hurt as bad.
I don't know if
that's a good thing.
I'm hungry.
I'm trying not to drink,
but I'm so thirsty.
I have two swallows of water
left, and then that's it.
I feel so weak.
I can't make it.
I just can't.
Am I really managing
to climb out?
I'm going to fall and really
hurt myself this time.
I have no strength left.
I've never been able to
get where I want to go,
but now I want to get
to that damn backpack
so I can rest up
there, catch my breath,
and try and keep climbing.
Laura, can you hear me?
My leg is broken, I can't move.
Just relax, I'll pull you out.
It hurts like hell.
If you hadn't shown up,
I'd have died down there.
You saved my life.
You held out for four days.
You would have made it
out of there without me.
You're wrong.
I would have died down
there if it weren't for you.
You figured as much, right?
It's too easy to
dream that someone
stretches out their hand to you
and pulls you out of trouble.
It'd be too sweet...
Too easy to fix
everything like that.
This time, I really
have to drag myself out
of this mess on my own.
I don't want to let
you down, Christine,
but Mommy is really tired.
I know I disappointed
you, and that you're
sure Mommy can get out of
here without any problems...
Just like your Clarissa.
But I don't have any
strength left, my love.
I just can't make
it out of this hole.
It's swallowed me up...
Doesn't want to let me go.
Dad... Dad, listen, I want
to tell you something.
Oh, Christine.
It's Mommy.
Just so you know,
I won't be late.
I'm on my way.
Christine, Christine,
Talking down here, saying
my daughter's name...
It helps me feel better.
It makes me feel at peace.
Dad, Christine... naming the
people you love most in life
can bring you relief, it's true.
In this place,
there's a choked echo.
For a split second, I can hear
my voice bounce back to me,
just as if it were
speaking to me.
I'm not alone.
With myself.
Laura, come on.
Laura, get up.
Get up.
Christine's waiting for you.
You won't disappoint her again.

Now what?
Now you're there, halfway
between the bottom
and the exit.
Nobody's going to pull you out.
You have no idea how
to do it yourself.
I can try to balance
myself, shimmy out.
My legs won't hold.
If I fall this time, the
risk of cracking my skull
and bleeding to death
is almost a sure thing.
My friend down there
would be happy.
He'd have food to eat for weeks.
The sun is covered.
Don't faint, Laura.
Don't faint, or you won't
make it back up again.
I'm exhausted.
Being up here makes
me feel safer,
but I have no strength left.
I'm far away from that snake,
which might be harmless anyway,
but I've never been
crazy about snakes.
I have to drink.
Adam, you're a good man, and
Emily deserves your love.
It's clear we have something
special between us, I just...
I don't want to ruin that.
If you're still in love with
Eric, I'll stop insisting.
I don't know what else to say.
Adam, we're just friends.
That's all I need.
OK, whatever you want.
This is how Laura Winslet comes
to an end and makes her exit.
Adam, he's a good man,
he makes me feel good.
But he's married.
He's my friend.
Friendship isn't
love, right, Laura?
Why am I thinking about him now?
They say that before you die,
you think of the people that
are most important to you,
the ones you'll miss the most.
He's one of them.
I have to get down from here.
What time is it?
No... no news yet.
OK, Adam.
So we'll talk tomorrow?
I'm sorry.
I will find you, Laura.
I will find you.
I've been calling you nonstop.
Why don't you answer?
I'm not going anywhere.
Perhaps dying in this
hole is a way to end
the suffering, a predictable
way to end it all.
But something inside
me says that this
can't be the last chapter.
Something tells me that
I have to keep on living.
Not for my daughter...
She's gone.
Not for my father, not
for Adam, for myself.
I have to do it for myself.
Mommy when are coming?
Grandpa says that you're coming.
Nobody's going to
pull me out of here.
Only I can do it, if I
really want to do it.
Only I can find the strength
inside me to fight back.
I have to live...
I want to live.
Healing from a wound that does
not want to heal takes time.
Healing can be slow, very slow.
Months can pass,
sometimes even years.
But in the end, even after
the deepest darkness,
the sun always rises again.
And I start to breathe
again, aware that something
has changed in me...
Completely, forever.