Breathe (2024) Movie Script

Oxygen level: 20%.
Another 2 minutes and we're going home.
Well received?
Dad, are you in the garage?
You talk too much, son.
I slipped into the bookstore.
I'm running a little errand.
Dad, I don't like it when you're on the road.
This will train you for when I'm old and senile.
You already are.
Sorry? I didn't hear it right.
What are you doing ?
I'll get something for Zora.
I am coming.
Compromised oxygen levels.
Loss of oxygen. Connect the life support system.
Compromised oxygen levels.
Connect the life support system.
Compromised oxygen levels.
Loss of oxygen. Connect the life support system.
Dad, can you hear me?
Dad, wake up! Listen to me!
Dad, I'm here, wake up.
Brooklyn horticulturist challenges the city and changes the rules
it is annoying and unsanitary.
Airlock opened.
It's dad.
Where's grandpa?
Sas firm.
He tried to talk to me,
I'm going to bury him tomorrow.
I will help you.
I'm taking him to my mother.
Your mother is in a cemetery
more than 5 miles away, Darius.
This is where he should be.
It's dangerous.
That's how it is.
- Let's go.
- What ?
We have been here for 3 years.
When did we meet someone?
- I'm coming with you.
- What ?
Zora, you stay here.
No, excluded.
It's a 7 hour walk,
you're not going.
I go to my bedroom.
Do you really have
to go tomorrow?
You are the love of my life.
You know ?
You are my Everything.
You know,
not true ?
We need you here.
- Okay ? - I'm here.
Going out all day is very risky.
I'll be back as soon as possible.
- I love you. - I love you.
Why did grandpa go upstairs?
I don't know, Zora.
But I want to ask you several favors.
And :
Monitors generator speeds.
Two: watch your mother.
And three:
don't kill each other in my absence.
One: okay.
Two :
Three :
Dad, you know her.
I know you too.
I told him the same thing.
You have to support yourself.
She loves you.
And I love you too,
I wanted to give you something.
I want a reading sheet for this weekend.
It's doable.
I love you, black brother.
I love you too, black sister.
Come this way.
Sas firm.
Pressure reduction du sas.
Life support system required.
If I had known it would have been the last time
that I saw my father,
I would have insisted on accompanying him.
I was twelve when the world turned completely upside down.
We have reached a point of no return.
Everything then accelerated.
Trees and plants in a few months
ceased to exist.
Oxygen levels dropped by 27%
We no longer left the house without breathing assistance.
People came together for a while.
But lucky for us
my father was an engineer
doubled as a survivalist.
For years he was considered crazy.
Honestly, there was something.
To anticipate a world without oxygen
and in preparation build a bunker in Brooklyn,
you must have been crazy!
Too bad, he wasn't.
when it was lost,
we were physically prepared.
On an emotional and mental level
not really.
Not really.
That's not bad.
I have called you.
You have to help me, not go shopping.
- I lost the signal, but... - That's enough!
On and off.
Go ahead, you're too slow.
It is necessary to check the water recovery systems,
because you didn't do it.
Go home.
You're going.
take me to the edge of the ocean.
Destination: ocean.
Darius Houston?
Is that him, Dad?
It's been a while
since we last spoke.
As requested, Mom and I
haven't killed each other yet.
So it's okay.
What else ?
I finally finished the
book you gave me.
It was powerful.
And honestly, It took me
a while to finish it
because I knew it was
the last thing from you,
the very last gift from you.
I didn't want it to end.
Leave it somewhere unfinished,
it was to keep you alive, among us.
Yes, that makes sense.
And there you have it!
Speaking of us, my God!
Mommy and me?
You were a good referee, Dad.
Without you it can sometimes get far away.
But it's hard for her,
even if she doesn't like to talk about it.
Everything seems to be fine at the moment.
We're still here.
We're still breathing.
Anyone there ?
Take an entrance.
Air from the water recycler: decrease in oxygen level.
Dangerously high hydrogen levels.
You're going.
Critical hydrogen level. Explosion danger.
band 1 ?
- I checked the ignition. - It's not step 1.
Critical hydrogen level. Explosion danger.
Sometimes the solution is stupid.
Critical hydrogen level.
We do it quickly.
- You need treatment.
- No.
- Oh yeah.
- Oh no.
These nails.
I told you, you are
your mother's daughter.
You have frizzy hair.
Sure, maman.
I thought I knew for sure.
You have a sensitive
skull, that's all.
Give me some oil,
what are these peaks...
Mom, don't do that.
- Hold on.
- What ?
I'm looking at your tips.
I don't have to do them.
Thanks for listening
to my music.
I know you're not a fan.
I'm going to get Dad.
where in adj I speak.
I looked for it.
But you didn't find him.
It could be
We have to stay focused.
You know we are making good progress with the
garden, planting seeds every day and monitoring them.
One of these days
something will grow.
We haven't seen any
signs of life in three years.
You plant, but nothing grows.
The ground is dead.
You insist on trying it...
And I'll keep
trying, just like you.
The world can heal with
time, we must persevere.
I'm trying, Mom.
But you constantly criticize me.
You've always been like this.
Enough is enough.
We can't continue like this.
Why do you always
have to be in pain?
Who knows whose I am?
Why don't you trust me?
I regret what I said last night.
I know what you are capable of.
I'm hard on you because
this world is unforgiving.
Do you hear me?
This world is merciless and
that will be even more so with you.
I know, Mom.
If you want to
see what I can do,
at some point, you'll
have to give me my chance.
We will work on it together.
Say it.
We will work on it together.
We will work on it together.
If you started by helping me
test soil samples for the garden?
Come on, let's go home.
Come on, baby.
Come on, faster!
So that...
Anyone there ?
The other side.
The roof.
Maybe they'll help us.
Listen, as soon as
we can, we'll go for it.
Get ready.
Oxygen level: 50%.
Anyone there ?
What ?
Over there!
You too...
Ha, calm down!
To wait !
Take it easy!
To wait !
Pressure reduction du sas.
Do you hear us?
Please, I'm sorry...
We mean do no harm.
Do you hear us?
We need your help!
- Who are you?
- I'm so sorry.
We mean do no harm.
Who the hell are you?
- Damn...
- My name is Tess.
My impulsive friend's
name is Lucas.
We just...
With 25 other people,
we live in a shelter...
90 miles south of
here, in Philadelphia.
Our air filtration
system is defective.
We can't fix it.
We tried, but we
couldn't make it.
We live off our reserves,
the equivalent of a week.
It took us 3 days to
get here, right here.
I know your husband,
Darius Houston.
How do you know him?
I am... I was a physics
teacher at the university temple.
He consulted me
on certain projects.
Sorry, but I know everyone
Darius has worked with.
Obviously not, since
you don't know me.
I know what he was working on.
And apparently he succeeded
because you're still breathing.
I'm talking about
the O2 generator.
I came to see Darius
so I could reproduce it.
Darius isn't there.
He left months ago
and never came back.
We haven't heard anything since.
Maya, is that
your first name?
And it's okay...
your daughter
? Zora, is that it?
coutez, I'm really
sorry for Darius.
But I need to
reproduce this machine.
And for that you
have to let us in.
We don't have enough
oxygen to get back.
And if we don't come back, 25
people died, including 9 children.
What does this prove to me?
Sorry, but we cannot accommodate
anyone else or the system will crash.
You should go somewhere else.
I'll do it soon, I swear.
Am I supposed to believe
that if you fail, you leave?
How do you know
you're not going to crash?
Because you have my word.
Maybe that's true.
Mute the microphone.
Zora, I know absolutely
nothing about these people.
She knows my first
name and yours.
- So ?
- That means she knows us.
If it's true and she can recreate Dad's
invention, that would be huge, Mom.
If we didn't know Dad and he knocked
on our door, we'd be the type to let him die.
Arrte, Zora.
If she knew Dad, she could help me
improve the points I talked to you about.
- It's all thought out.
- Think again.
Tell me your names.
First and last name.
Everyone in his turn.
Let's start again.
What's your name ?
Tess Graan.
Be smart.
Tess Graan. Darius never
talked to me about you.
I'll tell you again:
we were colleagues.
And why are you
here, Lucas Tomek?
To protect me.
Which shelter did you come from?
That is...
It's a bomb shelter in Philly.
There were a number of us
who knew and we settled there.
Tess, is that right?
Attach Lucas.
Is it really necessary?
More than necessary, yes.
Please don't rob me like
that, I don't want you to laugh.
You weren't
pointing at me, right?
Get up and tie him up.
- I do not want.
- Of course it is.
Tie it up.
Bon sang, Lucas.
What is that thing?
- What ?
- I ruined it.
- How is that?
- It broke.
- I ruined it.
- How is that?
It broke!
I've never used a
hose clamp before.
Here's another one.
If you mess up again,
I'll leave you there.
- Do it, you.
- Quiet !
Stop commenting!
She was too tight.
- It's too tight.
- Let me see.
- Let me see.
- It's stuck.
- What ?
- Lie on the floor.
Both of you lie down.
Come on !
On the window.
Lie on your stomach.
Is it good there?
Tess, your girlfriend is
insulting you. Need to rephrase it.
I see it clearly, Maya.
I'm so sorry.
I have to tie you up. This way.
Hands behind your back.
Don't hurt him.
Tais-toi, Lucas.
Take it easy.
Didn't I tell you to
keep your mouth shut?
It is well.
No, just her.
Sat !
- What ?
- Only her.
You stay seated.
Wait, he only has a
few hours of oxygen left.
If things go well
inside, we'll come back.
It'll be fine, I promise.
I'm not moving.
Not !
Get up and turn around!
Do not shoot!
Quiet !
Micah, do what they tell you!
Warning, burglar alarm.
Infection 'trangre dtecte.
Recommended cleaning protocol.
Come on, come in! Quick!
Lay down.
Come on ! Swarm!
You're too slow.
Take off your mask, take it off.
Go-y, Zora.
Don't move!
It is well ?
Tess, what was that?
Maya, I'm sorry.
It's Micah.
He's our lookout.
Your lookout?
I didn't know if you
would be trustworthy.
We needed someone to watch.
I thought you were
holding them hostage.
- Held hostage ?
- Don't know.
You're talking shit.
Everyone calms down.
There was a misunderstanding.
Get out my door
or I'll kill him.
Vas-y, bute-le.
Our shelter has no oxygen,
we're going to die anyway.
I told you, There are children
out there, lives depend on us.
Tess, this is nonsense.
Everything you
said was nonsense.
Okay, Maya.
I'm sorry, but I need
to see this machine.
and I will see her somehow.
I don't believe
your story anymore.
It's dead at home.
You're talking nonsense,
you're not trustworthy!
It's up to you whether or not
you want other people to get hurt.
Think of your daughter
and make the right choice.
You're missing the point if you
think you're coming into my house.
Try to look around a bit.
Attempt !
It was doomed from start to
finish, the father isn't even there.
Your plan failed,
can we do it my way?
Go get the drill.
We'll get access to the O2
generator no matter what.
Thank you.
It's your fault.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't talking about you.
I should never have
listened to you and left.
So it's my fault?
And mine because
I listened to you.
Is that it then?
- Aren't you an engineer like your friend?
- Locksmith.
You would never
have managed to get in.
You're talking
about a locksmith.
It's a fortress, no one gets in.
It is even.
Why did you run after us?
I told you, I saw my friends coming
in here in handcuffs, I panicked.
- Sorry.
- Don't listen to him.
Don't talk to my daughter.
- She told me...
- Shut up!
Don't talk to me either.
I talk when I'm stressed.
You still believe it, right?
I want to believe it.
You too, because
you took care of him.
We gave them a
chance, but they blew it.
- Listen to me.
- I listened to you.
Security alarm.
System compromised.
It's something...
Security alarm.
System compromised.
They cut off the camera!
- Mom, do you hear?
- What ?
What ?
A bank.
It's something ?
On arrival!
Are they allowed to come in?
Didn't Dad say it
would take a day?
Yes, but it depends.
What do they use?
Don't worry, they don't
stand a chance, right?
Like butter!
- Mom...
- What?
What ?
The first shield is pierced.
Is it a battery-powered drill?
Give me a flashlight
and some copper wire.
- Flashlight and what?
- Copper wire !
You're wasting time.
- Let them in.
- The farm !
If we don't survive,
no one will survive!
I have the flashlight!
I have the copper wire.
Damn it, let them in!
They will get there eventually.
Let them in!
You're wasting time.
I'll slap you if you continue!
The farm !
On and off.
Come on !
You're going.
Zora, you have to act quickly.
We are almost there !
It is now or never.
Come on, stop them!
Damn, what happened?
Don't know.
- Don't know.
- Get out!
On arussi!
- We did it.
- Asshole!
It does not work.
Stay there and watch the door.
Greetings, bowling.
How did you do ?
- How did you like it?
- Electromagnetic pulse.
You said: the locksmith?
You are wrong.
- We are not your enemies.
- Myth.
It's true. I'm just trying...
Increase in carbon
dioxide content.
Compromised oxygen levels.
Come see.
It's not true...
It resembles...
It looks like she's
injecting CO2.
We will never be able
to absorb it in time.
How long can we hold out?
5 minutes. Put on
your mask, hurry!
- Put the.
- And I ?
Quiet. Put it on, honey.
I need to breathe too!
We have to stop it.
She stands on the roof and
the other has to stand at the door.
We need the garage
beep. Help me find it.
It's urgent, find it.
- You have to act quickly.
- Found it.
You've got it ? Quick...
And for those piles.
Defective absorption systems.
Compromised life support system.
Threatening suffocation.
Wear personal life
support systems.
- Do you have your mask?
- Yes.
- You've got it ?
- Yes.
Keep an eye on him, but most
importantly: You are not opening this door.
- Put my mask on.
- No.
Threatening suffocation.
Wear personal life
support systems.
There's someone in the garage.
- Coming back.
- What ?
- Where are you?
- Just !
You're not listening.
You are supposed to
stand at the front door.
This way! Come quick !
Lucas, don't move
until I get there.
- I have a child there.
- That's it, yes.
- What is his name ?
- Clearly.
She is 6 years old.
She likes peaches.
Peaches in syrup.
Sorry, I can't do that.
Please don't leave me here.
Don't leave me here!
Piti !
I beg you !
You said the garage was open.
He was. It closed by the time you came back down.
Seriously, Lucas...
I've turned off the oxygen, they're coming out!
You have to go!
How are you? It is my mistake.
Tell me it's okay.
Lock it up.
You can...
I want to trust you.
I'm offering you a deal.
I'm going to ask you questions
and for every sincere response from you,
I'll give you a moment to breathe.
Did you kill my father?
and discovered this place thanks to him?
No, we didn't kill your father.
And thanks to him we didn't discover this place.
We got you out, Maya.
Do you want to talk now?
Say something !
- This woman... - Tess?
Did she really work with my father?
We are good guys.
Your mother is wrong, you are right.
Follow your instincts.
If you let them in and Tess examines the generator,
is s'en ira.
Maybe she can even improve it.
One more thing.
If you let Tess die,
we will never know.
The CO2 level is back to normal.
I'll cover you.
You go through the left side of the garage.
I'll get his attention.
it gives us a golden opportunity.
What girl wouldn't open the door for her mother?
- This is our entrance ticket!
- She'll tell him not to open it.
I know.
But his daughter
wants to believe us.
She will let us in.
It functions.
Maja, that's enough!
We don't have time for that!
I'm going out.
Look at my weapon.
If you want to
shoot me, go ahead.
I'm here, Maya!
You broke my leg!
Take it easy !
I'm not going to hurt you!
My ear!
I'm sorry.
I will not hurt you.
How does it work? Tess?
She can't hear you.
- Do you hear me?
- Micah?
- Mom ?
- I am fine.
He has me tied
up, won't let them in.
- Everything is fine ?
- I freed myself.
It's true ?
What is happening ? Micah!
- Zora...
- Stop, I can't concentrate.
I won't tell him anything.
What is happening ?
Micha, open the door!
Open the door.
What is happening ? Micah!
The locksmith?
Micah, show two.
Zora, open the door!
I am not feeling well.
Micha, what's going on?
Micah, wake up! It's not funny.
Open the door !
He is dead ! He
can't open the door!
He is dead !
- Open the door !
- I can not !
Hello Zora, beautiful
name. I'm Lucas.
You have five seconds to
open it or I will kill your mother.
- It'll be fine.
- 1...
He is dead !
I'm on his microphone!
What nonsense.
What ?
Is he with Zora?
Micah is dead.
He has me tied
up, I can't move.
I swear it's true.
Don't hurt my mother.
Is Zora okay?
He tied her up. If you want
to save her, give us the code.
Give us the damn code!
- It will not work.
- What for?
- It will not work.
- What for?
What is happening ?
- You need a badge.
- Where is he?
- inside.
- inside?
For what?
To keep people like you out!
Get that gun away from my face.
Think carefully.
What do we do now ?
What are we doing ?
Your baby will die there.
She's going to die there...
Maybe what?
- Maybe what?
- The rifle.
Maybe there's
another way, but...
no one has enough
oxygen to restore it.
Fix what?
There is another badge.
- Where?
- Not here.
It is far.
I'll give you oxygen
and you take us there.
Lucas, make a reservation.
- That is him.
- This?
It's the car.
When is it loaded?
I check the costs once a month.
- What ?
- Bill!
Let's go on a journey!
You stay.
If the child becomes loose,
someone must be present.
Okay, Maya, if you act smart,
it's going to suck, you know?
Good road.
I need to talk to
my daughter first.
Zora, do you see me? Your
mother wants to tell you something.
Tell him I'm fine.
She says she is doing well.
And that I will make
everything right.
And that she will
solve everything.
Tell him I'll be back.
She says she will come back.
Tell him I love him.
And that she loves you.
Let me talk to my
mother, please.
Where is he going?
The last place I
would want to go.
We're going to my husband's.
Can you drive with your leg?
I'm not going to run a
marathon, but I'm going to survive.
No thanks to you.
It hurt like hell.
Is Darius still alive?
We'll see what's left of him.
That's enough, the
stupid mysteries.
What happened to him?
Five months ago, Darius' father died.
The next day Darius went to bury him.
He never came back.
That evening I found a note.
Darius discovered that he had misjudged the CO2 absorbers.
Even without his father, the system was running at full speed
and would have finally licked it.
It was only a matter of time.
This generator only supports 2 people?
With 2 people instead of 3, there was more time left,
more time for Zora to find a solution.
Every hour,
every day, every week of presence,
it was one hour, one day, one week less for his family.
Zora is an aspiring engineer.
He hoped that with a little time she would right her wrongs.
Maybe you will succeed where he failed.
And you never talked to your daughter about it?
I thought we would have more time.
Even if I understand what Darius had to do,
he lowered his arms.
I couldn't make Zora believe it was possible.
I could not.
meet John Coltrane.
Favorite things.
Diffusion of John Coltrane, My Favorite Things.
This number,
it belongs to who?
Where are we?
Prospect Park.
The final resting place of Darius Houston.
We had many good memories here.
My leg is throbbing more and more.
Do you need help?
Yours ?
I can manage to deal with that.
What are we looking for?
You have to act quickly.
Maya, time is running out.
It's my husband!
Maya, the badge.
Did you found it?
It's okay, I get it.
Finally !
She is dead.
We can return on foot.
You have to give me the badge.
Think carefully before
you do anything.
You can barely move.
Even I'm going to struggle.
If we go together,
none of us will survive.
Believe me.
Do you have a daughter?
Do you have a daughter?
Yes, I had one.
I will take care of her.
I promise you.
The door
code, It's 1867.
I'll try to come back
and pick you up.
That's nice of you to say that.
Make sure nothing
happens to my daughter.
The car broke down.
The code is 1-8-6-7.
I have to go get her.
Airlock opened.
Where is my mother?
Answer: where is my mother?
She is...
The car broke down.
And your mother's
leg is in bad shape.
But she's doing well.
Is this my father's badge?
How did you get that?
Please let me explain.
I'm really sorry to have
to tell you this, more...
Your father knew you couldn't
all live here forever, so he left.
He left so you and your
mother could live longer.
Hold on. And your mother...
- What ?
- Look at that.
I do not believe you.
You killed my mother and father!
No not at all.
Your mother may still
be alive, I'm going back.
I need to refill my bottle.
- I'll fill it and go back.
- You're not going anywhere.
Yes, I have to go get her.
For what?
I promised him.
We also.
Don't listen to him.
Let's do what we have to do.
- I'm sorry.
- Please.
I'm sorry I...
I'll do it quickly.
Tess, is that it?
Is that correct?
Please, you have to untie me.
I can help you.
I need my mother,
I only have her.
I have to go get his
mother, I'm wasting my time.
- No work.
- No.
Take the screwdriver.
What's the problem? Do it.
I promised her mother that
she doesn't have much time.
I'm going to count to 5.
If I kill her, I don't
have to go back.
- 1, 2, 3, 4...
- Put the damn gun down!
I will do it.
- Take it easy.
- I'm relaxed.
I'm as cool as Coltrane, right?
I'm sorry.
And there you go.
Is it a good sign?
- What is going on ?
- That is it...
- Go ahead, take your time.
- Don't know...
Yes, go for it.
It's more complicated
than expected.
You just have to take it apart.
You do your thing, what?
You have time.
Don't know.
I'll stay there.
I don't know if I'll succeed.
More yes.
You're smart, we have time.
Can you reproduce it?
Yes ?
I do not think so.
For what?
Do you still think
about your mother?
We walked for 3 days.
We gave you food, water and air.
And now you don't
want to be there.
- I can't reproduce it.
- AH okay?
It would take weeks.
- We don't have weeks.
- No.
The father had to explain
to you how it worked.
It falls apart and that's it.
- I don't know the father.
- Like.
No. I don't know him, I lied.
- I lied.
- No joke.
- I never spoke to him.
- How did you know about this?
- I have a radio.
- A radio ?
Every night I listened to my radio
and I heard him talking to his father.
I had all the information I thought I needed,
because I was convinced I could reproduce it.
It's true, I swear it's true.
But now I know more.
At least you still had a place to stay.
You begged to be brought here.
Even if I could fix it,
This thing would only keep two people alive.
It's not true !
What have you done ?
What have you done ?
What have you done ?
I like your room.
I can't release you.
If you are a little angry, you risk doing something stupid.
I'll take care of that.
And from him.
What are you going to do?
Where I was, the system was failing.
Tess said only she could fix it.
She can't fix much anymore
and you have a system that works, so...
2 people are required to maintain the oxygen generator.
I can't do it alone, I need my mother.
- Your mother is dead. - No.
Tess said she might still be alive.
You'd rather believe her,
or me ?
Let me show you that you can trust me.
I trust you.
I trust you completely.
You have to explain to me how this place works.
I can't untie you.
Piti, dtachez-moi...
It is nothing.
It's going to be okay, I'm here.
I am here for you.
We could become good friends.
Criticism of the oxygen atmosphere.
Breathing contraindicated.
Oxygen atmosphere...
Take charge, my love. Come on, just a little bit.
Come on !
Come on, hurry up!
Airlock opened.
It's better no?
Sas firm.
Soup. Do you have a can opener?
Where was your colony?
I told you, Philly. Broad Street Subway.
It's about 150 km from here.
Do you have friends, good people there?
A can opener?
What is wrong with you?
Are you going to let
all these people die?
People you know?
Are you crazy or something?
No, I see it well.
It's something ?
It happens sometimes.
Solar cables are damaged,
you need to go out and fix them.
Rpare a.
What are you doing ?
I'm not giving you any space.
You have 9 minutes
and 29 seconds.
Airlock opened.
Sas firm.
The clock is ticking, ticking
away, tick-tock, tick-tock.
Power restored.
Normal oxygen level.
Mom !
- Everything is fine ?
- And you ?
- Yes.
- Everything is fine ?
I thought I lost you.
I will never let you down.
It was a bad idea.
Tess told me
something about Dad.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you.
I wanted to tell you, but
it put a lot on your
shoulders, darling, such a burden.
I was wrong, I'm sorry.
We are going to
get our house back.
These white people are sick.
Tess a menti and Lucas l'a tue!
She lied to us, to him.
She didn't even know Dad.
How did she know about
Dad and the generator?
I opened a radio...
I tried to talk to Dad.
Maybe I said a
little too much, but...
I had to talk to someone.
I messed up.
I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault, but
I didn't listen to you.
We're a team, okay?
Look at me.
Say it.
We are a team.
coute, we have
very little time.
You can do it.
I believe in you.
Okay ?
I love you.
Me, too.
Open the door, I have
less than a minute left!
Open the door !
Open the damn door!
Open the door.
You're not going
to open it for me?
Let me in! Please...
I will listen to you,
but open this door!
I have an idea.
Take off your mask,
I'll give you mine.
Can you remain apnea?
Warning, compromised system.
Mom, kill him!
- Kill him !
- I have more bullets.
I have more bullets.
Recommended cleaning protocol.
Go get the oxygen bottles!
Warn burglary. Infection
'trangre dtecte.
Recommended cleaning protocol.
So ?
It's all your fault!
Give me some air.
Give me some air!
Give me some air.
Harriet, redirects hydrogen
to the life support system.
Hydrogen level at maximum.
Do you see the
Hindenburg, jester?
If you shoot, we all die.
One spark and
everything catches fire.
Red alert. Increase
in oxygen level.
Harriet, turn down the oxygen!
Harriet, turn down the oxygen.
Harriet, turn down the oxygen.
Toxic is unavoidable.
Red alert. Increase in oxygen level.
Toxic is unavoidable.
Wear personal life support systems.
I'm here.
Help us !
Piti !
- Please help us! - Staff!
I'm sorry.
I love you, Zora.
How do you feel ?
a and.
Your daughter told us everything.
Sit down.
Everything is fine,
you are Safe.
Zora fixed our oxygen generator
customize your man's design.
Amy would like your opinion on horticultural techniques
that we developed.
I'm 16 years old and my life has changed for the second time.
My parents and I thought we were the only ones on earth.
Luckily we were wrong.
If anyone hears me, we have knowledge to share.
With the expertise
of my mother and our
new friends, we think
we can change things.
Malcolm X said, Education
is a passport to the future,
for tomorrow belongs to
those who prepare for it today.
is ours.
Sous titles:
Belinda Milosev
France ST'501