Breathe Again (2022) Movie Script

Joanna, can you help me?
Hey Cherry, wait for me!
My dress is falling off.
- Here, is this okay?
- Yeah, that's fine!
Can I see?
- Thank you Joanna!
- Let's take a selfie!
Wait a sec, Joanna.
Are you still on a diet?
It fits you, but I think
it's a bit too tight on you.
Do I look like a rice cake?
Archie, is it permanent?
Not yet. The reason why we do this is to
make necessary adjustments to your dress.
Thank God Mamu!
Don't you worry, Mamu. When I get married,
we'll do a lot of fitting.
Oh! I would love that!
Before posting it please,
May I see it?
Put some filter on please.
Give her some air
so she can breathe.
Oh my God, her dress is too tight for her.
Let me take a look.
Oh yes, it's too tight on her.
- Joanna, oh my God!
- Joanna, you should breathe.
Give her some air.
Sis, come on.
You have to go
easy on yourself, okay?
And if it does not fit, tell me,
so I can adjust it.
Oh wow!
Does it fit me?
It's beautiful!
Let me see!
I hope my daughter will be as beautiful
as her when she gets married.
Let me take a look at your shoulder.
How long have you been together with Paulo?
- Seven.
- Seven year itch?
Wait, I have a question.
Was your six-month
cool-off still counted
in those seven years because of...
you know who?
- Hey, you're just jealous, Diana.
- Sorry, sorry.
I think the dress
is too tight on you.
I'm okay, mom.
Don't worry.
Hello auntie!
Elizabeth, you look so beautiful!
Thanks, godmother.
By the way godmother,
here's your wedding invitation.
Thank you!
You are next in line, honey.
Take note,
All of your friends are married.
- Let's take a photo, godmother!
- All right let's go!
- Joanna, let's take a photo!
- Smile!
Mom, I will start my family, okay?
I will give you kids
before I turn thirty.
So don't you worry because
you'll be having grandkids soon.
Just covering all the bases.
Oh my gosh!
I almost forgot,
I need to drop off a
package to Mike's cousin.
- I don't have time.
- Wait!
It's just near
your office Joanna, right?
I can take care of this.
Sorry guys, I have to leave!
Hello Paulo,
I can't clearly hear you.
I am about to leave
the shop now, okay?
Please reschedule the
meeting with Mr. Galvez.
All your meetings have been rescheduled.
Oh shit!
- I think I hit something.
- Don't text and drive.
Oh god, I'm so sorry!
Oh, no!
Oh god, I'm sorry!
Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!
Are you okay?
It's okay.
Its all good.
Breathe honey, take it easy.
Come on!
Everyone has their own pace.
Dad, I'm so pressured lately.
You know I'm doing this, doing that.
Babe, are you okay?
So, that's why you are so excited
to drop off the package for me
because of you new toy!
This is brand new.
Yeah! Would you believe I won it
over a bet with one of my suppliers?
Long story short, I predicted that they
would have a delay with their deliveries.
They missed.
They just ran out of luck, right?
Things got out of hand,
and they lost a motorcycle.
I made it up for them.
I made a way to accept
their late delivery.
But Paulo, be careful.
Yes, uncle.
I wear a helmet, an airbag
it even has an ABS traction control.
Babe, here's the package.
Oh, you have a dashcam installed.
It has a 360 view, so it
sees everything around me.
You'll never know when to record stuff.
Just ill-advised to drink and drive.
And I know you drink occasionally, Paulo.
Ill advised.
Of course.
Okay, Dad, I'll go ahead.
Just go with mommy inside,
she's fitting her dress.
Take care, babe.
Bye, dad.
Nothing to worry about, Joanna!
Take care of yourself!
- I'll get your measurements later, auntie.
- Sure!
Hello, good afternoon!
Good afternoon.
I should have told our
daughter to wear a helmet.
I really could not understand
what things were running
inside your daughter's head.
Because up until now, Paulo
and your daughter are still together.
I think she got her weakness from me.
Come here.
- Arch!
- Yes, auntie?
Yes Mr. Galvez, I am so sorry
for the last minute change.
- Thank you for understanding.
- Joanna.
Yes, thank you.
Hi Violet!
Yes, hello?
Yes, I can check on it
and I'll call you back, okay?
Joanna, have you seen Katrina?
She went on Emergency Leave.
This looks awesome.
Did the design agency make this?
Those are my old illustrations.
Looks awesome!
Are you going to pick this up?
- Yeah!
- Okay, let me print this out for you.
Wow, you don't have to.
Hold on, I'll do this.
We are already printing the documents.
This one too!
- It's in progress.
- This one looks awesome too!
Did you take up Fine Arts?
Actually, Fin-Fin was
my Lia-Com degree.
So, Finance and Fine Arts.
But my mom didn't allow
me to take art school only.
I can't make this thing work.
It jammed on me again!
What's happening here?
Sorry, this will be quick.
Yeah, okay. When you are done, lets meet.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Sorry, sir. The printer
acted up again.
No worries.
I know you're filling in for Katrina.
Do you have any feedback
on the presentation for BLC?
No sir.
They are very impressed with our numbers.
And you did very well
on the last two launches.
So well, that I am recommending
you for a promotional review.
Thank you.
But you know, we still have to work
to put that final nail on
the coffin of your promotion.
Yes sir.
Actually, we're on track to finish all the
documents required for our Projet Citadel.
You have a great career
ahead of you in this company.
There are tons of work,
but Joanna, the assistant manager?
It fits me.
Babe, I already delivered the package.
I'll pick you up later.
I promise you'll be happier.
Babe, are we always
gonna be like this every day?
I'll sit here and then, oops.
What is this?
Ziggy gave it to me. You know him.
For safety woo-woo.
And then, there are your friends, Paulo.
We've been together for seven years.
I've been here sleeping
over for seven years.
Am I going to get stuck in this situation
in your house?
What else?
Paulo, you strayed from me but...
I'm still here for you.
That's in the past. Let's move forward.
We're stuck Paulo. Don't you understand me?
Seven years.
- Let me get something.
- Seven years, I've been...
I don't know what I am doing here anymore.
Sometimes, our heads
go haywire. Oh my God!
Why are you doing this to us?
Hey Paulo!
Paulo, are you not going
to answer my questions?
I think I've done everything for you.
Am I just wasting my
time in here or what?
Come on, Paulo!
Paulo, please!
That's a helmet. So?
Not just any kind of helmet.
Happier now?
Yes, babe.
Will you marry me?
Oh my God babe!
Yes. Yes, babe!
Sorry, it feels awkward.
This is my first time.
Oh my God babe!
Thank you for making me happy.
Finally, Lord! Thank you so much!
Babe, thank you.
Thank you babe.
My God!
Oh no!
What happened?
Frank got into an accident.
A few blocks away.
Okay, babe.
Help him first, okay?
I love you!
I love you too.
Just scan the QR code
to watch the video.
Okay, will do, babe.
Okay. Take care.
I'll see you, Mrs. Arevallo.
Bye, Mr. Arevallo.
Good morning!
Give me a sec, babe.
For you.
Thank you.
It's hot.
When did you start
playing baseball again?
It's for self defense.
And when did you get so violent?
Can I...
publish this to the world, babe?
Its best to wait until
we tell our parents about it.
Our parents might get jealous.
I agree.
Ms. Varsity Swimmer.
Oh my God!
Where did you find it?
Yeah, I was fixing things
around when I found it.
Actually, I have never used it yet.
We have not used this one yet.
You're an idiot!
Babe, where are you taking me?
Just a little change of scenery.
To bring back the a little
fire into our relationship,
Mrs. Arevallo.
Fresh air!
I love it in here.
Mr. Arevallo,
this is impressive.
And I think,
you might be lucky later.
As promised.
Babe, I'm sorry. Can we do it
tomorrow instead? I promise.
Because, I got tired riding the motorcycle.
- You go to sleep.
- Yeah!
They can hold their breath
underwater for a long time.
It tastes good.
What else do you need?
You want grapes?
Thank you so much for having me here.
My pleasure.
Only the best for you.
Sir Paulo?
- Sir Paulo?
- Hey!
Oh, hey!
Oh, hey!
Ah, this must be ma'am Joanna?
- Yes, she's my fiance.
- Hi.
- Hello there!
- How's your room?
Oh, amazing!
Thank you for setting up
those accommodations.
Okay, well, That was
the least that I could do.
Ma'am Joanna,
If you don't know,
Sir Paulo is the one responsible
for why I'm in this position right now.
I owe sir Paulo a lot.
I'll leave you two alone.
Enjoy your stay!
Babe, do it later please!
Give me a few minutes.
I'll see you guys soon.
- Babe, do you want anything?
- The weather is nice.
Just give me some grapes.
Ah, excuse me.
Is it okay if we will be
conducting pool lessons?
For the intro to freediving?
Yeah, sure.
Ah, there are still slots open
if you guys want to join.
It's free for all of the hotel guests.
Come on!
No, thanks.
You wanna try freediving?
Thats more your jam, hon.
The boys are passing by.
Oh my!
Just the boys, huh?
Of course not.
So, you're going to ride with them?
It's fine, right?
You get to swim in the ocean, no less.
Who are you going with?
Just Ike and Ziggy.
It will be fun.
- Okay, babe. Take care.
- Okay, babe. I'll see you later.
Are you having fun?
- Okay. Take care.
- Okay, I'll see you.
I'm Paulo.
I'm Robert.
Just take care of her, huh?
Will do, sir.
- Hi!
- Are you joining us?
Hey, guys,
So, I'm Robert.
And I'm the official freediving
instructor here at Tamarind Resort.
Why don't we go ahead
and introduce ourselves?
William here!
I'm Joanna.
- I'm Joanna!
- Hi!
Hi Joanna!
Everybody know how to swim here?
Of course.
- Yeah?
- Yes!
Okay. Perfect!
So, once you guys learn the
fundamentals of freediving,
you guys will be able to
dive into deeper depths.
and you guys will be
surprised with yourselves
that eventually, you'll be
able to hold your breath
for much longer than you ever had before.
Does anybody want to take
a wild guess at what
the freediving world record is?
A hundred feet?
No. Maybe, much
deeper than that.
Maybe, two hundred feet.
It's actually seven hundred and two feet.
And the breath hold
was twenty-four minutes.
Thats incredible!
Seven hundred feet?
Why do my ears hurt when
I go deeper into the water?
So for that one, that's
because of the difference in
the pressure in water
and the pressure inside our bodies.
So when we dive deeper,
the pressure gets stronger.
And inside our bodies,
we've got our sinuses, we've
got our nasal cavities, our lungs.
The air gets stuck in our bodies,
and that's what causes the pain.
So, what we're gonna need to do
is we got to equalize.
Coach, am I doing this right?
How did you know that?
Because coach, I used to swim in college.
Exactly, that's right.
So, what we need to
do is to pinch our nose.
We're gonna blow
and that's what gonna
put back air into our cavities
and that's what's gonna equalize
the pressure once we are underwater.
Why don't we take a benchmark?
I wanna see how long you
guys can hold your breath for,
I'll time it,
and then we can compare this
once we reach the end of our course.
Sound good?
- Okay, game!
- Go William!
Go William! You can do it!
Go William!
Go William.
Was it good?
Thirty-six seconds, William!
- Not bad!
- Did I nail it?
Is it okay if we do it together?
You're so competitive, huh!
Is it okay Joanna, so I can push myself?
- Sure!
- Okay.
You see, that right there is
what I love about freediving.
There is camaraderie.
You see, divers get to
push each other to be better.
There's a sense of togetherness.
Okay. Whenever you guys are ready.
Don't mind me.
You are so competive, huh!
There she is! She's not going to make it!
Competitive huh?
Good job Anna. Twenty-one seconds.
Wait until sir Robert teaches me the proper
techniques. I will swim like a dolphin.
I'm just messing around with you.
Others can't even do what you are doing.
It's okay Anna, just catch
your breath, no worries.
I can't make myself steady enough.
Now you talk steady!
It's really hard, you idiot!
You have to be in
total control of your body,
your mind, your movements.
Because for us to be
super efficient underwater,
we just have to be super calm, relaxed.
We just float unintentionally.
But I can still stay longer underwater.
Well, you see,
when you move around a lot,
that consumes energy.
And for us to create energy, we need air.
I noticed both of you keep
your limbs constantly moving.
It's so difficult.
I keep on floating.
Wait a second.
Joanna is still underwater!
Wow, Thats over a minute and a half!
- Amazing!
- Nailed it!
I'm okay!
Hey babe, guess who's back!
Babe, joining us instead?
Where's our room key?
It's on the table.
Ziggy: You're not telling us something.
Paulo: I'm weak. I don't know.
Ike: I thought that you
were the toughest, bro!
Ziggy: I thought you guys
werent having any action lately.
Ike: Youve got a point.
My wife was like that before.
Ike: She wasnt giving me any.
Ike: I feel you brother.
Ike: I literally had to pull out the
proposal card to get some action again.
Paulo: Joanna constantly nags at me.
Paulo: Because we've been for seven years.
Paulo: I get a lot of nagging.
Ziggy: So youve also
been hearing a Litanies.
Paulo: My mom also makes me feel guilty.
Paulo: Because you know, my
dad has had cardiac problems lately.
Paulo: They already
want to have a grandchild.
Paulo: Shit from all flanks.
Ike: Like with most things, things
are really exciting at the start.
Ike: You've been together for so long, bro.
Ziggy: Well.
Ziggy: Welcome to the club, bro!
Ike: Speaking of excitement.
Vivien: Hi boys!
Ziggy: Paulo, you're a ninja!
Vivien: Ninja what?
Paulo: Ike's old bike was a Ninja.
This is my first time
going on a stony beach.
- Be careful.
- There are a lot of sea urchins.
This beach is very different
than Boracay. So annoying!
Alright guys,
We are now at the center
of global marine biodiversity.
You know what, we are really lucky.
Oh no.
I thought it was just
a stone, was it a fish?
Robert: I want you guys to avoid negative
thoughts before and during your dive.
Robert: Okay?
Robert: The mind is like a bucket.
Robert: You can fill that
bucket with happy thoughts.
Robert: There will be no
space for negative thoughts.
That was so solid!
You're so awesome, teacher!
Thank you Robert.
No problem.
Youre doing great earlier.
Paulo, its already getting dark.
We need to go back to the resort.
Sure. I'll take Vivien to back her resort.
Take care brother.
Let's meet again tomorrow.
Let's hang out again tomorrow.
Take care!
See you guys!
He's an asshole if he
left you to be with others.
Hear me out first.
On the contrary.
- Look at this!
- Oh my gosh!
Welcome to Married Club.
Wait a sec.
Let me switch to the phone.
So, where's Paulo?
Well, he went out to ride.
You know, he bought a new motorcycle.
I am not sure, but I think I was duped.
You know, I thought that
this was our romantic getaway.
Do you know how it ended up?
He left me here the whole
day while riding his bike.
He has his ride.
You got your ring.
It's a win-win for both of you.
My precious.
So what are you up to the whole day?
Reading books by the poolside?
Sis, I tried freediving and it was fun.
What is that?
Is it a course?
The intro course is free.
With free intercourse?
Give me a break you fool.
Introductory course.
Who's teaching?
In fairness...
The coach is good looking.
No pics, no proof.
Surely, sis!
Okay, sis. Just send it to me.
You are so sentimental out there.
Come on, share the table with us.
Sure. Give me a few minutes.
I am just waiting for my dinner.
Come with me.
Come on!
- Let's eat!
- Come on girl!
- Come on. Lets go!
- Tell them to serve your plate here.
This will be fun!
Waiter bring it in here!
What happened here?
Isn't it awkward because I was just
swimming with them earlier?
What you are eating is pelagic.
Excuse me?
What I mean is, you can
find them in the open water.
Not in the reef where we came from.
And usually, they are not as colorful
as the fish that we saw earlier.
Sir Robert is kind of like
an ocean encyclopedia.
No, I took up marine biology in college.
I've always been interested in
finding ways to preserve nature.
How about freediving?
It's fun!
What I want and what my goal is,
If I can get just one student of mine
fall in love and have the same passion
towards the ocean the way that I do,
I feel like that could be the spark of
so of many amazing things to happen.
But its always not enough.
Ive always wanted to explore the other
seaside communities here but,
I dont know.
Maybe one at a time.
- Girl, I almost got blind.
- Sorry.
Come on, join us.
We will go night snorkeling after dinner.
Thanks for tagging me along,
but I am waiting for someone tonight.
If you want, we have extra flashlights
just in case you change your mind.
We are just there in in front.
I am so sorry.
Weve been running around in circles.
Its okay, babe.
At least you came back safe.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah!
Hows you freediving lesson?
Babe, it was fun, you know?
I think I wanna get certified.
Going ten meters
deep on a single breath.
I remember I can only go ten feet
when I was in highschool because,
that was the maximum depth of our pool.
Also, I almost stepped on a stonefish.
Come on babe!
As promised.
Im glad you could join us.
Hooray! Lets strap the torch on
your wrist so it will not fall off later.
Ok. So, guys, at night, the ocean
becomes completely different.
And, lets have some fun!
Okay. Everybody turn off
your flashlights.
Thats cool!
- Its cool, right?
- Its amazing!
Its called bioluminescence.
The sea is really filled
with amazing creatures.
- Did you enjoy it guys?
- Whos not going to enjoy it?
Waiter! Waiter!
You deserve to eat!
This one is on me brothers!
Wow! Thank you!
- Lets go!
- Sure!
To filling the bucket!
With happy thoughts!
Thanks, Robert!
You guys are here as well!
It looks like you guys came back late.
Yeah! Because we went somewhere far.
But anyway,
you guys just enjoy.
We have to go.
Good night and have fun!
- Awkward.
- With happy thoughts.
Hes my friend.
Why so early?
Good morning!
Its because of Ziggy.
He invited me to visit
their new resthouse.
While the sun is still not up,
we will hit the road.
I saw Ziggy last night at the restaurant.
You still have lessons today, right?
Okay. Il text you once we get there.
Wait, babe!
About the catering,
Please confirm it.
Catering for?
What will our parents eat
during the engagement dinner?
You know what?
Consider it done.
- Okay, babe.
- Ill see you.
Okay, guys, I just want you
to remember, never dive alone.
- Yeah?
- Okay.
Go girl!
Go Joanna.
That was quick.
I think there are a lot of
things running in your mind.
I dont know. I am exerting
a lot of effort just to sink.
What did the neck weight
want to tell you?
What is it?
Embrace me, even if
I am just a burden to you.
That was a good one!
That was clever.
But guys, dont forget,
We are more buoyant in the
sea because of the saltwater.
Thats deep.
Fill in the bucket with happy thoughts.
Happy thoughts.
When youre more
comfortable with your gear,
the environment, and
especially your frame of mind,
everything will flow better.
Being in the right state of mind,
having a positive attitude,
Often times, thats what it takes
to go on a successful and good dive.
The training of your mind is
often times more important
than the training of the body.
Are you okay?
- Alright!
- Good job!
Thats much better!
Remember guys,
You have this ability
to control your actions
while you are in the water and
prevent yourself from panicking.
That is one of the most
important tasks for a freediver.
You guys want to eat?
- Lets grab a quick snack!
- Lets eat!
Thanks, bro!
Its nice to eat after a dive.
Have some. But just remember,
dont go freediving three to four hours
after eating a full meal
and one to two hours after a snack.
He said some snack, William!
Im just having a snack.
Actually, The speed
of your progress is fast.
Is there a proper way of
breathing we can follow?
You know, with experience,
you come to realize that
everyone has their own breathing pattern.
I can teach you guys as much as I can,
but I am not gonna be the one
breathing for you guys.
So at the end of the day,
you guys will figure that out on your own.
Isnt it also competitive, like others
would try to see who goes the deepest?
You know what,
Freediving is so honest.
You cant cheat.
Youll only be cheating on yourself.
In fact, if you say you can dive
to the farthest depths but you cant do it,
youll end up drowning yoursel, right?
To filling the bucket,
with happy thoughts.
Their Chori Burger is good here!
Are you sure youre not coming with us?
No thanks. You can go on.
Okay. Sure!
Hey William, wait for me.
Im almost there!
Manong, lets hit it.
I need to check something
out in Caban Cove.
Is that alright with you, Joanna?
You might need to go back to the resort.
You know what, I dont mind.
What kind of stuff can we see there?
You know, in this area, there are people
who still do cyanide fishing.
They are trying to catch aquarium fish.
Sorry, I cant hear you?
I said
that there are people
who still do cyanide fishing
to catch some aquarium fish in this area.
I see!
I have a distant cousin who lives in here.
They are the ones who catch it.
How much do they get from it?
I mean, thats what I am
trying to explain to them.
But not until I gave
them a job as sea sheriffs.
They are the ones who are guarding the area
because they can determine
who does cyanide fishing.
- You have a permit with you, sir?
- Yes, its complete!
- Oh, I mean Robbie!
- Whats up?
Whats up cousin?
- How are you?
- Are you doing okay?
Sorry for bothering you.
Please send my regards to untie Neri!
- Sure!
- Take care!
Where did it come from?
Cut it out!
But yeah, thats what they called me
when I was young.
Then when I grew up a bit,
it changed to Robbie.
Ohh, Robbie.
I like that.
How about Robert?
Where did it come from?
Thats what my parents want to call me.
Because my mom has a crush on,
Robert De Niro.
I see.
- I go with Titing!
- Titing!
Why Robbie? I thought it was Titing?
Whats up guys?
Were okay!
Theyve been taught well.
I am hoping.
Actually, thats what I want.
But I cant leave my job in the resort.
I need to earn somehow.
My mom is ill.
Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.
Are you okay?
Im actually just filling up
my bucket with goodness.
Is that good enough?
Youre going to love it in here, I promise.
Its really cozy in here, huh?
I didn't know there was such a thing here.
Oh, whats good in here?
Their mojito is good.
Sure! I'll go with the mojito.
Give us two mojitos.
It's open bar from eight!
Shell knock you out, champ!
Round one, Fight!
Are you okay with this?
Say what?
Cheers bro!
Youre so happy, huh?
Thank you!
Robert come on!
Lets check out those sleeping fishes.
Hey! Youre crazy!
We dont have proper equipment.
I think you are already tipsy.
You are tipsy.
Are you still okay?
Yes, I am still okay!
Call me Joanna Cousteau.
Okay, boys!
Thats our cue!
Lets go!
Down boy.
Hannah and William couldnt join us today.
I wanna take you to the secret cove.
Wave divers used to train here.
Nice! How did
you find this place?
We can leave our fins here.
This place is nice.
I want you to always remember something.
Fill your bucket.
With happy thoughts.
With happy thoughts.
Bye Joanna!
Bye Joanna, Bye Paulo!
- Take care guys!
- I see you guys!
Sure. Bye guys!
Good thing you came back.
Well, you know Ike and Ziggy.
They always tag me along
and its getting dark.
Hows the catering?
Oh, shoot.
I forgot.
So, youre choosing your friends first.
You were the one who made this plan.
I thought it was our weekend getaway.
We are supposed to enjoy ourselves here.
You also left our
responsibilities in Manila.
Are you finished?
Can we go now?
You went out with your friends while
you left me here hanging, Paulo!
Confirming the catering is all I asked.
Okay, cut it out.
Lets go home.
Lets go!
You are always like that, Paulo.
I was hoping for us
to enjoy this trip
instead of you hanging out
with your friends.
Whats the purpose of this?
Is this your only solution for me?
Its just nothing.
Nothing has changed, Paulo.
Thats what you want, right?
What do you mean? You did this
just because it's what I wanted?
Yeah, you gave this to me,
but I dont feel that
you also want this.
- I think I am the only one who likes it.
- What do you want me to do?
I think it is all just me, Paulo.
You dont do any of your
responsibilities ever since.
I thought youd changed.
I thought your responsibility
was our relationship
but you always put your friends first,
and then you bought that new bike!
You always put your
friends first over me!
Tell me the truth, Paulo.
Are you serious about this?
Are you really ready to settle down?
- Tell me!
- We are just having a vacation,
I wanted to ride.
- Yeah, we are on vacation.
- You get to swim.
- The two of us!
- We had a good time.
- I had no idea your friends are here.
- Lets go!
Why do you always
leaving me behind?
Because youre a nagger!
Thats why!
How can I not nag, Paulo?
I will not speak up if I dont
hear anything nor see anything.
Paulo, in the past seven years
you did not hear me complain.
- I am happy we're settling down.
- Seriously?
Please show me that you are ready!
Are you ready?
Please tell me the truth!
Please tell me the truth, Paulo!
Im ready!
Are you ready?
- Im ready!
- Wear your helmet!
Wear your helmet! Lets go!
Im ready to settle down!
Im ready to forget everything.
And prioritize us.
When did you prioritize me?
You always put your friends first over me.
Look, I gave you the ring right?
Joanna, I might be out
for a lunch meeting.
Just email me the reports.
Darryl cant balance the sheets.
- Sure, boss.
- Okay, thanks.
Thank you!
Carl! Joanna! Lets have lunch!
You can go ahead. Enjoy!
Fill the bucket.
Fill your bucket.
With happy thoughts.
Oh yes, auntie?
Its all okay!
The catering has been set!
Thank you so much, auntie!
I love you!
I love you too! Bye!
Oh my God, Paulo!
Guess whos in Manila?
Ive had to run some errands
for the resort here in the city.
I thought Id drop by.
Drop by?
Im in your building.
No way!
I just wanted to make sure that...
Youre still breathing well.
Lets just say, my bucket
needs a refill.
Im gonna take the liberty to
go up to your fire exit.
Care to join me?
Theres only one way to find out.
Hey, Ziggy!
I havet seen the video of our ride
last weekend. Did you post it already?
Okay, Ill check it out!
Nah, shes just a friend.
Youre crazy.
You know what babe,
So, I just read a quote today, actually.
It says,
To never start what you cant finish.
Yeah, its always a good one.
So, I want to finish my
freediving certification, babe.
Yeah! Sure!
Can we go back to the
resort again this weekend?
We cant.
I think, we gotta finish the planning
for our premarital plans.
It will be next week.
Did you even send the
payment for our catering?
Im sorry, I totally forgot.
Dont you worry, the catering
has been fixed.
I have already transferred the payment.
Just charge me later, okay?
Okay. No problem, babe.
Have a good day!
Call Vivien!
Hi babe!
Did you ride?
Who else is here?
You must be, Joanna.
The O.B.R.
Official backride!
Who the hell are you?
Paulos ride mate.
Paulos ride mate or
youre riding Paulo?
You know what,
Watch out!
They have been arresting
loud open pipes lately.
Girl, you do not have
any business in here!
Im engaged with Paulo!
Yeah, you have that ring on your finger,
but where does he
stick his finger into?
Well, stay in your lane!
Come on, try me!
Uncle Doc, meet my dad!
Hi! Its an honor to finally
meet you, Dr. Stephen.
Im Edrick.
Ah, okay!
Likewise sir!
Good to meet you!
Mom, this is auntie Bridgette.
- Hi Bridgette, Im Anita.
- Hi Anita!
I think I know you from Saint Agathas?
Yes. Im also from there.
Small world right?
Are you okay?
Yes, Im okay.
Heres some water aunt and uncle!
- Auntie Anita!
- Thank you!
Its so steep going up
to your place.
And your lawn looks nice!
- Thank you!
- Its really nice in here!
I love the view in here!
Yes I agree.
Thank you!
But you know what,
my body could not keep up because
of my lifestyle when I was younger.
Im telling you to stop smoking and
drinking too much alcohol as early as now.
Dad always tells jokes.
By the way,
Lets go inside the house!
Come on!
Your house looks magnificent.
You have a beautiful house!
- Thank you!
- The artworks are amazing.
Joanna made all of it
during her younger days.
All the while, I thought that Joanna
only excelled in finance.
I did not know that
oh my God she is very good!
You rarely see people with such talent.
I told her that if she wanted
to take up fine arts, it's okay
as long as she took up a
finance degree alongside.
As you know, we want
to cover all the bases.
Hey, watch out!
Your sugar! Stop it!
You are so hard headed!
- Its just for today.
- Doc!
Doc, Ill just return this.
- I did not know that you have company.
- Hey, Colonel. - Yes!
No problem colonel.
I already fixed the water filter
that we were trying to fix.
Thats good colonel.
And by the way colonel,
these are the parents of Paulo.
Mr. and Mrs. Edrick and Anita Arevallo.
Sorry. Its nice to meet you.
By the way,
Ah, heres my card.
Thank you colonel.
Thank you!
Colonel is a really great person.
Youll notice his character,
even in small things.
Paulo, it wouldn't hurt if you get him
as one of your godparents.
Well, I could surely use someone to help me
get me out from a speeding ticket or two.
Dad, dont you worry.
Because we will consider that.
Besides, Uncle Colonel has been
around with us as far as I can remember.
I remember when you were little,
the colonels child had an accident.
Stephen was the one who did the operation.
He did not ask for any professional fees.
Thats how it started.
Oh, no. I am not
even allowed to have it.
My ECG result was not so good.
Its a total bummer!
I am thinking of offering
you one of my malts.
So we can have a drink or two.
Thats quite a teaser.
I used to love Macallan.
Look at me, my body
could not keep up anymore.
Hes the one whos consuming my stash.
Not always, dad.
You are both funny!
I dont know how
to put this up, compadre.
Oh. Can I call you compadre?
Sure, compadre!
My son has a big
announcement to make tonight.
Oh, really?
Paulo, spill the beans.
Auntie Bridgette.
I would like to formally ask the hand
of your daughter in marriage.
Are you really sure about it?
It's no return, no exchange.
So far, so good.
I havent charged you for the catering.
- A toast!
- Yes! Cheerss!
- Hold it right there!
- Its the end of the line for my glass.
I will be celebrating
my birthday next week.
- You can come here again!
- Youre turning?
Lets have a selfie!
Thats a good idea!
Sir, its almost done.
I came to congratulate you.
Thank you sir!
Im happy for you.
Best wishes!
Hey Joanna, congratulations!
Hey thanks for doing
the latest projections.
Congratulations Joanna!
Look at my ring!
I already made adjustments to your dress.
You can come by anytime to fit.
Love you!
Joanna, Congratulations! You are so lucky!
Youre not telling it to us!
Look at her ring!
We are hopeful!
Hey sister, how are you?
Oh, my!
Sis, listen.
I have something to tell you.
Please no judgement, huh?
I really didnt mean for
this to happen. I swear!
What are you talking about?
Sis. Remember we
went to the resort, right?
Then, I had freediving lessons.
The instructor.
So you dived on him?
No way!
Here we go!
We are going to get you certified.
Thanks, babe!
Hi Auntie!
You can bring the car anytime.
Mom, Dont you worry.
You know, Paulo drives safely.
His safety gear is complete.
Look, theres even a dashcam.
Are you sure?
- Okay.
- Okay, Auntie!
Well go ahead.
- Sure!
- Well go ahead, mom!
Take care!
Dont worry!
Hey! Do you also do freediving?
Yeah, bro!
I just had lunch so,
I am still not allowed to dive.
Im William!
- Can I have some smoke?
- Help yourself.
Thank you!
You know, this is not allowed
before you dive but,
After a meal,
It feels good right?
You bet!
I think theres a lot of action
going on in freediving, right?
I mean,
I noticed that
everybody seems so fit, right?
A lot of sexy ladies.
It has a nice vibe!
Well, you know,
our instructor, bro.
Hes a player!
What do you mean hes a player?
You know why, bro?
Hes banging one of our fellow students.
Such a player!
Oh, shit!
What time is it?
We will start diving soon!
Ill see you later, bro!
Thanks for the cigarette!
Im sorry Robert.
I just got engaged.
This is unfair.
Are you sure about it?
Thats a lifetime.
I just want to get my certification.
Thats it!
I want you guys to avoid negative thoughts,
before and during your dive.
Will you marry me?
It's no return, no exchange.
The training of your consciousness,
thats often times more important
than the training of your our body.
Im ready!
Are you ready?
You cant cheat.
Youll only be cheating on yourself.
In fact, If you say you can dive
to the farthest depths but you cant do it,
you'll end up drowning yourself?
What happened?
Hey, you animal!
Oh my god!
- Stop it!
- Take it easy bro!
Cut it out!
You dont touch my fiance!
Bro, lets just make peace!
Peace, bro!
Sir Paulo.
Im really sorry about what happened but,
Shallow water blackouts do happen
in freediving. Im really sorry about that.
Leo, I dont want to hear it.
Instructors flirting and fucking around
with students is wrong.
Especially shes my fiance!
- But, sir.
- Ah, no!
Just get your things,
youre fired!
Sir Paulo?
I would like to give you an update, sir.
Okay, Ill talk to you outside.
Joanna is resting.
Sir, I am so sorry for
what happened earlier.
Our guards are the ones
who escorted Robert outside.
And then,
we notified all the
resorts within the area
about the incident that one
of the guests almost drowned.
Hes already on the black listed.
Im so sorry.
Hes a fucking animal!
And then, weve already arranged a
shuttle for you guys to go back to Manila.
Also, well arrange the delivery of
your bike back to Manila.
We are really sorry.
Thank you, Leo!
Vivien: Its none of your
business if I sleep around.
Vivien: Lets not make things complicated.
Vivien: If you still want to enjoy, go!
Vivien: If you dont want to enjoy, stop!
Vivien: Bye Paulo!
Wait a sec.
Its almost done!
See! It already fits you!
Can you breathe now?
Thanks mama Chie!
Sis, its so perfect!
Dont you like the fit of your dress?
No way.
Think about it, okay?
Youve been together for so long.
There are a lot of people involved.
Sis. Everything is over!
Oh my God!
I really hope you decided correctly, sis.
But I havent felt so free or
as light like this in a long time.
I cant hold my breath forever.
Did you send mom a gift?
I thought you were the one buying?
I was the one who
arranged the catering, right?
Just sign the card, okay?
Thanks. Thanks, babe.
So, did you get lucky?
Im fine if you dont want
to share it me.
What do you mean?
What is this?
I thought you were in the warehouse?
I just checked on something.
I know!
You were on the second
floor of the STD clinic.
What the fuck are you talking about?
What the fuck am I talking about?
I called you yesterday, and you said
you were just in the warehouse.
So, what is this?
And then, over the weekend,
you have a reminder?
To have an appointment?
You have an appointment in this clinic.
Stop accusing me shit!
Go back to sleep!
This is delicious!
Happy birthday!
Thank you honey!
Wow! I never thought
you were still doing this.
Yes, mom! You are
constantly reminding me
to cover my bases.
What do you mean?
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday mom!
Happy birthday!
Come on! Lets have some cake!
Paulo, I cannot go through this anymore.
I am already fed up.
I am already drowning
from all of your expectations.
Lets talk about this later, alright?
Im calling it off!
Joanna, what are you talking about?
I am sorry, Uncle and Auntie.
Mom and dad.
Paulo, I am sorry.
I have not been completely
honest to you over the past weeks.
I lied.
Then, I know I cannot
be with myself like this if...
I will not tell the truth.
I am so sorry, everyone.
Joanna, what are you talking about?
Paulo, I am sorry.
I screwed up!
I screwed up!
Paulo, Sorry.
So what they were saying
at the resort was all true?
I thought those locals
were just making up some gossip.
For Petes sake!
You fuck with the help!
Sorry, Paulo!
Dont you dare talk to
my daughter like that!
Compadre, are you okay?
I think, he is having a heart attack!
He tightly grabbed my daughter.
And I know she was hurt!
I would draw my Glock without
any hesitation if it were my daughter.
Hes crazy right?
Can you watch over my daughter?
If I dont have any of my
men available, Ill do it myself.
We are like family, you know?
I'll take care of this.
Thank you, brother!
Son of a bitch!
Putting one over me.
Now even dad's in peril.
Bro, take it easy!
Lets just go out and ride!
You've been drinking.
What do we do to things
that cause us problems?
Okay, thank you.
Hello ma'am Joanna?
Do you have other
contact numbers for Robert?
I cant reach him.
Thats the only contact
we have from Robert.
If you want, I can ask
someone to check on him.
Okay, thanks!
Robert lives in Baranggay Mainit right?
Hello Sis?
I cant reach Robert.
Maybe he just went somewhere?
We all know that they have
poor cell coverage in the province.
No. I have this gut feeling, sis.
Theres something wrong.
So, what are you planning to do?
Whats up honey?
I couldnt reach Robert.
Wait a second.
I just got a word from the hospital.
The father of Paulo,
just passed away.
- Lets go!
- Dad Ill drive.
- Explain that to our patient.
- Dad, lets go!
Tell them that I said so!
Tell her that don't be stubborn!
Remind her that it was doctors order.
Okay doc, dont you worry.
I am tailing you.
Yes colonel.
Heres another call.
Hello doctor?
- Ah, yes!
- I reviewed...
the test results
and it showed that
Theres a need to operate
the patient immediately.
Ill go ahead dad!
Yes doctor!
What happened in here?
Oh my God, Paulo!
Oh my God!
Thank you for following up on Binondo.
Uncle colonel.
Oh my God. Please answer!
Everything was already perfect!
You fucking bitch!
You messed it all up
with this diving nonsense.
Fuck you!
Youre snorkling your instructors dick!
Ill catch up Colonel Martin!
A lot of missed calls from Joanna.
You want to free dive, huh?
Sure! Well go freediving!
- How dare you do that to my own family?
- Paulo!
You filthy animal!
Breathe, honey.
You bitch!
Enjoy your dive!
Being in the right state of mind,
thats what it takes.
Joanna! What have you done?
Let go of me!
Ill-advised, Doc!
Let go!
Let go!
I hate you!
Youre safe now.
You take it easy!
Breathe again.
Put this on your bruise.
Okay, fine!
Leave it for five minutes.
If youll remove it,
it will turn black and blue.
Im fine!
You forget that I am a doctor.
I know how this works.
Good evening uncle.
Is Joanna inside?
Shes in her room.
Ill just go inside.
You can go inside Elizabeth.
It looks painful.
Not anymore.
You know what?
It took a lot of guts for Joanna
to do what she did.
Shes tough!
Like her dad!
Shell be okay.
Thank you my love.
I love you.
Put it there!
Bye Joanna!
Hey you know,
The promotion and this room,
its yours if you changed your mind.
Sir, you have been very generous to me.
Thank you so much but,
I really need to explore this.
Thats good.
You can give you art a chance to flourish.
Your work is really beautiful.
Thank you, sir.
- Actually.
- Whats that?
This is for you.
Oh, its gorgeous!
I am just sharing what I see.
Cultivate your passions Joanna.
Youre young.
Its a luxury you should take.
I really wish you the best
when you take this breather.
Thank you, sir!
Hi sis! Hello!
Hi sis!
Youll be Kiaras godmother!
Surely sis! Let me know when okay?
You know where I live.
It will take long before I reach the city.
I know that this is your sacred time, sis.
Ill call you again, okay?
Ill leave you right there.
Bye sis! I miss you!
What happened?
Look, its a crab!