Breathing Room (2008) Movie Script

Holy shit!
Not bad.
- Is everything all right?
- She's shown the last boss.
It'll be fine.
We find some clothes for you.
What's happening?
- We do not quite.
- We know nothing.
Congratulations! You have been selected
your life experiment.
It is not the wiser, right?
It's just a shit time.
Participants must follow all rules
to avoid punishment.
Come on, honey.
LLad us find some clothes for you.
The costumes are very comfortable.
Play Suit
You're the last.
You must take it, my friend.
- Where am I?
- You must not ask questions.
- You can move in there.
- Let me know if you need a hand.
Keep dick in his pants.
If you need the toilet, then shake
handle a little when you pull out -
- Otherwise it is and runs all night.
Yes, you just shake it a little.
Rule: Always wash your hands.
Welcome, participates 14th
You've got a fantastic opportunity.
You are our last participant,
our main participant.
And the game will soon begin. Hold
your secrets to yourself.
People are not always
what they purport.
Remember that only people without collar
must break the rules. Good luck.
People are not always
what they purport.
Remember that only people without collar
must break the rules. Good luck.
- What is it that stops us?
- It's best to stay where you are.
- We're outta here!
- You know what happens.
- We know nothing.
- I agree with him.
- LLad us wait until we ...
- Waiting? For we all end up as them?
I support you.
Reveal their blufnummer.
- It is now quite extensive ...
- If you do that, you're a hero.
- In some slowing.
- Nothing stops you.
We can not just wait here.
I do it now!
- Be reasonable.
- Sensible? Is this sensible?
- Wish me luck.
- LLad us lay their heads.
I have waited long enough, LLee.
Someone must do something.
Participants must not
cross this line.
Fools! I told you that it just
was kidding. It's one big number.
- Will you?
- I'm right behind you.
Stop! Wait.
LLad me come along.
Come on, it's all just ...
Oh god, help us!
Can anything you hear me?
Help me!
Well ... They bluffed not shown.
You fool!
- What the hell is wrong with you?
- He's dead!
Someone had to try.
Rather him than me.
We'll never get out.
- What's going on?
- You know as much as us.
- Not quite, but almost.
- Follow the rules or pay the price.
Now you probably
just as much ...
When you say it that way.
Price is ...
It is ...
It's a bit of a shock, huh?
I do not remember
how I ended up here.
This applies to us all.
No memory, no ID.
Just numbers and colors.
Tell me about yourself.
Where are you from?
- Mississippi.
- Where? I have family there.
- Do you miss it?
- Not particularly.
- But now it seems like paradise.
- I think like.
Right now works
Denny "s damn as paradise.
Where is your accent?
- We moved around a lot.
- What is your name?
Tonya. Tonya May.
Tonya May. It's a beautiful name.
Do you have a favorite food?
- What?
- When is your birthday?
Harry, you have nothing better
to take you to?
You just get used to him.
What's in the box?
Keep yourself rather away from it.
There is nothing in it, you can use.
Tonya, you must tell us something.
Was there anything in your tjpose?
- No, just a picture.
- Of what?
I look for Ruthie.
Listen here ...
We are all in the same boat.
So if you need anything ...
I called anyway LLee.
I am glad to meet you.
- What do you think?
- It's hard to say.
Can we trust her?
- Harry, watch yourself.
- I just asked!
Would you ... I ...
Have you ever ...?
Of course not.
Well then.
Tip: Put the pieces together.
Rule: Participants must not
adjust the neck ties.
- How are you?
- What do you want?
- Sorry, I ...
- Hurry up.
- Sorry, I would not ...
- Yes, you would. What do you want?
- How do you ...?
- LLighteren from? I found it.
I'm just trying ...
Do you know how you ended up here?
Do not play innocent
little girl with me, okay?
- LLee says you are from Mississippi.
- Yes.
A beautiful state. I drove through it
with my husband. He always said ...
Write your memoirs
somewhere else, Grandma!
- It is a beautiful state.
- Thank you.
With decent, friendly people.
What is your problem?
Nobody in here are your friends.
The sooner you realize it the better.
The game begins in an hour.
You almighty ...
- Where the hell did that come from?
- I think it came from the ceiling.
Oh god! LLad me out!
- Now she opens the floodgates again!
- Fall down now.
- Maybe we can finally get some answers.
- Yes, the game's fun, right?
- Can I help you with anything?
- What's in it?
- How would you know?
- It can not be opened.
- No? I know what is in it.
- Do you? What is it?
- Weapons.
- To protect us?
Maybe. Or maybe
are they for something else.
Tip: Participant 5 speaks not true.
- How much time have passed?
- I do not know.
- It's probably once an hour, right?
- You are probably right.
The game begins in five minutes.
- I knew it. What did I say?
- LLad us bring people together.
Remember that no matter what happens
we must stick together.
Yes, Mr. Captain.
- LLee, I fear the worst.
- Yes.
Stay in the middle of the room!
Good afternoon. Welcome, everybody.
We are glad you could come.
Unfortunately, it seems
to participants 2, 7 and 12 -
- Has already left us.
It's not fair
to let them go empty-handed -
- So we found some
lovely parting gifts for them.
Rules are rules, my kids.
I can see that you are waiting in suspense
on my point.
Therefore, I say things clearly
and emphasize my point.
I have each been selected.
Chosen to participate
in a very unique game.
You must choose your destiny
or let anyone choose it for you.
There will be only one winner.
One winner, who gets one prize.
Namely, the most
valuable prize of all ...
So the question,
You must ask yourself are:
Who can you trust?
It is about killing
or even be killed.
Put the pieces together.
Good luck to you all.
- We are finished. We must all die!
- He did not say.
- What is it?
- Ndada.
We are no longer shown
such good friends, right?
What do we do now?
I think we should teach each other
little better.
I do not believe you.
But I am so schoolteacher!
I teach English
in sixth grade.
- I have a husband and three children.
- Cute story, thick.
It's true ...
I am realtor.
My husband and I drove ...
Driver fiirmaet together.
I'm drained alcoholic.
I do social work.
- For 20 years since my wife left me.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
That you should not be. It was
the best thing that could happen to me.
I am telecommunications consultant.
Most IT support,
but I also support in other ways.
What IT support
without some emotional support?
Last July phoned a guy ...
He was put through to me.
He asked for marriage counseling.
So I said: "Chris ..."
It was his name.
I said: "Chris ..."
No, Craig. His name was Craig.
- It is enough. Thank you.
- I said "What can I say?"
"It sounds as though
she does not love you anymore. "
- It's crazy, right?
- Harry, that's enough.
I like chocolate.
Dark chocolate.
Especially dipped in raspberry jam.
I work as a seller
for a dealer outside of DC.
- If you sell drugs?
- Got a problem?
Oh, no. All right, brother.
I'm the middle of three children.
I'm studying psychology. My parents
were divorced a short time ago.
I stand my mother almost.
- Fuck you.
- My name is Charlie.
- I am Jesuit priest.
- So can I be your little choirboy.
Continue Charlie.
- It's all I have to say.
- I was born in Holland.
My family fled to America
during the war. I was eight years old then.
I met my husband when I was 14
Here you go. Roast me.
Begin by saying what you are called.
- Good. Where are you from?
- Why are you asking all the questions?
So off we light, kids.
Nobody panic. Just wait.
- LLee?
- Tonya, stay where you are.
What the hell?
- Oh god!
- Will someone shut his mouth on her?
Do we have any flashlights?
- What was that?
- There was someone in here.
- I saw something.
- Did you see who it was?
It's a tip.
Rule: Always wash your hands.
We agreed
not to touch the weapons.
- The rules have changed.
- How will you open it?
- How did you get the key from?
- Magic.
- Will you try to stop me?
- LLee right. We must stick together.
Fine with me.
I just want an insurance policy.
- Are there any bullets in it?
- Of course.
What should we do?
We put her with the others.
The others?
They broke the rules.
- What did he do?
- He washed their hands.
Are you kidding me?
Hint: 14 is the key.
It's pretty disgusting, right?
LLidt creepy.
When was it
You had a birthday?
- Why do you ask all the time?
- No special reason.
Okay, so I say it.
I collect data, make a list -
- To try to fiinde
a context.
- Are you lucky?
- In a way.
11 and 8 have the same birthday.
10 and 13 are both black. And ...
- How long have you been here?
- It's hard to say ...
How long?
Maybe you should ask Charlie.
He was the first.
What is happening?
I do not know yet.
- There will be something bad.
- It'll be fine.
We are trapped.
We try to fiinde a way out.
But you'll probably get along. Okay?
You'll get by.
It'll be fine.
Tip: Confusion.
- How are you today?
- I've had better days.
- You look great.
- So it's good, you know.
- Do I beat myself down?
- It depends on your intentions.
Why do they give us a gun,
but no bullets?
- It makes no sense.
- It has almost nothing done.
What do you think it is?
- It smells of "happy hour".
- Bowl on it.
Why is this happening to me?
I've never done anything.
- I am a good Christian.
- Then the Lord will watch over you.
Why has no one found us?
My husband must know, I'm gone.
- Where are the authorities?
- Calm down. It'll be fine.
No, I do not believe!
Do they seem to feel good?
Do I?
I'm sick of hearing people say
that it probably should go.
So keep up to comfort me, Henry.
Do not worry, little buddy.
Your time has not come yet.
So off we light, kids.
We all die together! Oh god!
- Stay where you are!
- Yes, it was a good plan last.
I saw something!
I can see something!
Who made it?
Who of you was it?
- Were you just there, Harry?
- No!
Answer me!
She protected me.
- What does it say?
- "Epistle."
That bastard! Do you like to watch?
So I'll give you something to look at.
- Come and fight like a man!
- Calm down, Henry.
Just kill me.
- We need you.
- I'm tired of this bullshit!
This is just wrong, LLee.
We need you.
Pull yourself together.
It is completely wrong, LLee.
Everything here.
It is totally wrong!
How are you?
You ...
If there is something
You can talk to me.
Or I can talk to you.
Or something ...
Well then ...
Cheer up, buddy.
LLee ...
Shall I help you?
What do you get out?
What are you doing?
Tip: In this game there
a rapist -
- A pdofiil and a murderer?
Find the murderer, find the cause.
We'd better hold a new meeting.
It's one of us.
- What do you mean?
- As killed her.
It must be one of us.
- How do you know?
- Is not the whole idea of ??the game?
- I think not.
- How well do you know the people?
Do you feel that you can trust them?
I count at least not
on any of them.
At least one of us is a murderer.
- We tried to stop him.
- Just let him be.
Listen up, everybody.
First of all I would like to hear:
- Have any of you have something to confess?
- Reduce down. I try to sleep.
I can start with you.
Is this something you are stuck with?
I ask you one more time.
Is there anything we should know about you?
I have something to say.
I do not work with IT support.
I am unemployed and living with my mother.
- You lied?
- No.
Yes, I lied, but I have
work with IT support -
- But then it turned out
that Indians ...
I was fired
and had to move home to mom.
It was sour, for her guy
is two years older than me.
And he forced me to say "dad"
to him. And I would not ...
Thanks, Harry. Are there others?
I won $ 10 from my mother
when I was five.
Okay ... Thank you.
Say what you say.
We have found nothing. A slip.
In this room is a murderer
a rapist and a pedophile.
How cozy.
It does not matter. Maybe try
he just beat rift between us.
Wait. I have it.
Charlie, you said you were a priest, right?
- I am a priest.
- Pedophiles.
And ... let me see.
- Rapists.
- Your pig!
- Stop it!
- Was it nice?
- Enough!
- Keep him far away me.
What is it?
It's a girl.
- Who is she?
- My granddaughter.
Participant 10 broke the rules,
so now part 10 decomposes.
Children, what you now see
is a particular challenge.
Participants receive a 10 minute
to eliminate a contestant.
Oh god, oh god ...
We have shown the pdofiile scared.
What? It is absolutely outrageous!
- I would never ... I'm a believer.
- Minutes starts now.
- I have family and three children.
- What did you do to the children?
How dare you? They are my children!
I would never ...
How did you ...?
- Where did you get that, Henry?
- It came with the suit.
- You do not do it.
- I have no choice.
It's my little girl.
I have no choice!
Henry, no. That's a lie.
I swear! I pray you, Henry.
- It's my little girl.
- It's a lie. I swear!
I'm sorry. I have not
no choice! It's my little girl!
I have no choice!
Do you understand that?
Forgive me!
Oh god!
That's okay.
It's not your responsibility.
That's okay.
It's not your responsibility.
You could not have done anything.
Lee ...
I must show you something.
Now we know who you are thick.
And if you're not the pedophiles -
- Then you probably killer. Not true?
- I am not a murderer.
- You do not sound convincing.
- "Put the pieces together."
- There is something else.
Welcome participate 14th
You've got a fantastic opportunity.
You are our last participant,
our main participant.
And the game will soon begin. Hold
your secrets to yourself.
People are not always
what they purport.
Remember that only people without collar
must break the rules. Good luck.
- What's going on here?
- Where have you been?
We bind him. He is a murderer.
He has answers.
- We are not binding on anyone.
- The majority decides.
- Does he?
- LLee, we must protect ourselves.
- Tie me, I have nothing to hide.
- See, even he is against you.
- Take it easy.
- This can not do!
- LLee, listen for.
- Stop!
- She is dead.
- We die like flies.
Tie him, Harry.
- Will you not speak to them?
- And say what?
I am innocent. Just wait and see.
So off we light, kids.
If your enemy hunger,
so give him food to eat.
Is he thirsty
so give him water to drink.
When you collect glowing coal
on his head -
- And the Lord will reward you for it.
Is so happy?
"Participant 1 and 3 are gone."
"The murderer and rapist
is still here. "
- How is it possible?
- Shit!
Give me your pen and pick up everyone.
Tonya has a key.
I knew that she was hiding something!
It can open a collar.
Tonya, create a diversion.
Your looking bastard! LLuk me out!
One of the cameras are destroyed,
so the area is not covered.
We go over one at a time.
- What if one of us gets it?
- So we are no longer bound to it.
- How do we know?
- Keep your mouth shut then!
There is also this.
Welcome, participates 14th
You've got a fantastic ...
I am probably the last.
What if the key was
one of the others?
So we have no benefit.
- What now, boss?
- Well, what do we do now, LLee?
- Give me just a little time.
- We do not have time!
We're trapped with a murderer.
There is almost no return.
One of us will indeed be back.
- If you rely on them.
- What do you think we should do?
I can do that now I wont.
I do as I normally do.
- We must save it.
- For the next funeral?
All things have a purpose.
- Yes, we need to find out ...
- There is no relationship!
There is no explanation! He plays
with us, and we let him do it.
He is right. We all die together.
Yes, let's just resign ourselves to it.
- Got a problem?
- Yes.
- I'm tired of your bullshit!
- Good.
- So just came.
- I've been waiting to smash you.
- Stop it you two.
- It's between him and me, LLee.
- Let's do something about it.
- Just arrived.
- What did you do?
- It was harmless.
I scared him just a little.
He attacked me!
He draws no breath.
I would never intentionally ...
- What is this?
- Married!
- Married?
- It was in the box.
- I know nothing about the poison.
- You poisoned him!
- And you poisoned 3!
- Do not look at me.
- He's dead!
- I am not a murderer.
I must not look at me.
In a highly entertaining group.
The best to date.
Make you ready, kids. There awaits a new
surprise just around the corner.
Harry, shut up,
where did you startled me!
Wait, I can hear something.
- There is someone in here!
- What?
Turn on the light! Turn on the light!
- Who is he I wonder?
- I do not know.
Let him tell us.
Who are you?
Who are you?
- Let's try something else.
- Have not you done enough?
I kill me, right?
- Will not enough not to?
- We are not murderers.
Some of us are certainly not.
- Where am I?
- A warehouse. What do you think?
- What if the key fits him?
- Who are you?
I 6th Who are you?
- My name LLee. It is Tonya.
- Harry.
- I do not understand it ...
- We must get out of here, otherwise we die.
- Any suggestions?
- What do you mean?
- Liberating him, Harry.
- Should not we know little about him first?
- Yes, he is right in.
- In order.
- What is your name?
- Robert ... Robert Tanner.
- Where are you from?
- Los Angeles.
What are you doing, Robert?
I am a lawyer.
I am a newly qualified lawyer.
- Then he is to trust.
- Have you killed anything?
- What? No!
- Happy?
Great interview, boss.
May I try?
Tell everything you know about why you
are here and how we ended up here!
I've said everything I know!
I went to bed yesterday, and when I
woke up, got in and stared at me.
- Now I'm happy.
- You are a bastard.
LLad us find out what you're doing here.
Who is ... was she?
Another participant.
- So this is a kind of game?
- So far as we know.
- Who does this?
- Did you say something?
- I do not understand.
- In your pocket.
Sorry that I did not
is of greater help.
How are you?
- Better. Thank you.
- It's good to hear.
- I must speak with you about something.
- What?
Have you thought about ...
Have you considered
what this "host" -
- Which refers to him, wishes?
- Do you trust him?
- No.
- Who do you think he is?
- He asks many questions.
Robert, we need your help.
- What are you thinking?
- Yes, what are you thinking?
- The key.
- What, again? When you understand that?
- It may fit in his.
- Want to bet?
- What should I do?
- LLad's try it in the collar.
- So ...
- Robert, you have to do it.
- Otherwise we are as good as dead.
- Come on, Robert.
Bloody hell!
The first thing you do
is to fiinde a phone.
Ring the police and tell them
where we are.
- There is a wall.
- What?
There is no door at the end,
just a wall.
How is this possible?
- What is this?
- Come back, Robert.
- I found something.
- What is it?
What does it say?
"A shot in the fog."
- Just what we needed.
- Right.
- It does not help the situation.
- Maybe not in your situation.
But I play to win.
- And was it really a wall?
- A wall is a wall.
How strong was it?
Was it drywall, concrete?
I knocked on it. It seemed
not as thick as the walls.
Why do they give us a key to a
output that does not lead anywhere?
That's what they do.
They make songs with us.
We can not give up when we are
so close. It must be a way out.
It's just one wall.
We could do something.
We blow it.
And where will we get the explosives?
- Do you think it works?
- LLad's hope so.
- Everything is ready.
- Secure?
- Completely safe.
- Then come with it.
LLad us pray.
- What's wrong?
- It did not work.
I did as you said.
- Should I look?
- Yes.
It worked!
- Come back, Robert.
- Wait a minute.
- Robert.
- This is unbelievable!
The game is not as you think.
It's all ...
So off we light, kids.
- The whole game is what?
- What is happening?
There is a space ...
It's not him, it's ...
Who is it?
What's happening?
I think ...
Damn it, I bleed.
I have reached the final round -
- Where the biggest prize is awarded -
- And the biggest secrets
is revealed.
It was a shame.
And standing so close.
Who would do something so cruel?
One would almost think
that one of you will not get out of here.
The question is: Who is it?
- He tried to kill me!
- He attacked me. It was self defense.
It's him! Look what he did
by me! He is a murderer!
- Give me the gun.
- He tried to kill me.
I have enough balls to you all three!
Now we talk about it here.
Take the gun down.
- Do not come closer.
- I ask just one more time.
- I kill you all if necessary.
- Take the gun down.
Make me.
So we closed fiik his mouth on him.
I think he was in it.
I never thought of him.
See him now!
- How are you?
- Brilliant!
So shut up!
What do we do now?
I clean up here.
Take care of Harry.
- How are you?
- Not so good.
- It was good that he hit you in the arm.
- Yes, it could have been worse.
It will sting a little.
I told you.
- It goes. You have very soft hands.
- We must put pressure on the wound.
You know what, Harry?
I never thought of you.
- There are no bullets in the gun.
- Are you sure?
It'll be fine.
I can not stop it.
You'll get by.
Shall we?
Relax, LLee.
Do not be so hard on yourself.
Yes, of course.
An excellent idea, sir.
- Did we get what we needed?
- We do always.
Thank you, my friend.
How do you feel it went?
It came close a few times.
- We need you in room 3 soon.
- I'll be ready.
Matt McKeown: Policeman
Harold Riehl: Unemployed
Convicted of rape
Has something happened?
Is everything okay?
Lyrics: Prima Vista