Breeders (1986) Movie Script

Who told you a cheap dinner in
an Italian restaurant was a ticket to a girl's bed?
Don't you ever call me again, you creep.
47th and Broadway
Leave me alone!
I'm sorry, miss.
I didn't mean to frighten you.
You'd have been a lot sorrier.
With your eyes full of Mace.
You do know you shouldn't be
in this neighbourhood at this hour.
I wouldn't recommend it for you either.
You're crazier than I am.
I live around the corner.
I have no choice.
Rudolph knows I prefer to take him for a walk
than to find something unpleasant
in the morning.
You wouldn't believe this place in the old days.
My wife and I took our babies for strolls
in a perambulator.
This building housed
my favourite chocolate shop.
- How bad is it, doc?
- About as bad it can get, detective.
Is she gonna make it?
She'll make it,
but I'm not sure she's gonna want to.
- What do you mean?
- You're gonna have to see to understand.
- God.
- I toldyou.
- What kind of maniac would have done this?
- Somebody very, very sick.
I've never seen anything like it.
We haven't figured out
what he did in conjunction with the rape.
But our tests show
some kind of damage from acid.
- LSD?
- No, some kind of corrosive acid.
It's all right.
I'm Dr Gamble Pace. You're safe.
Don't be afraid, Donna.
This man is here to help.
He's from the police department.
I'll be here while you talk.
Hi, Donna.
I'm Detective Dale Andriotti.
If you can tell me everything that happened,
I'm gonna find whoever did this.
I don't remember.
I don't remember anything.
I don't remember.
You're notdead. You'realive.
If you're alive, you can remember
and we can find him.
Please, Donna, try.
A German man...
...with a dog. He...
Tell me, what did he look like?
Who was he?
This has happened each time.
Partial recall and then
a selective amnesiac or catatonic state.
Geoffrey, bring me enough
bandages to change her dressing.
Her wounds are reinfecting rapidly.
I want a 24 hour watch on this patient
Who sent all these flowers?
We haven't notified her family yet.
I brought them over.
Mrs Arquette died last night.
- She doesn't need them any more.
- Oh, I see. That's enough for now.
- You wanna talk about this?
- Sure. Are you angrywith me?
This kind of case makes me want to kill
every man that was ever born.
Hey, I'm an innocent bystander.
I know. And you're a specialist.
But there's more to this
than what you've seen.
- What do you mean?
- Come with me.
Look at these statistics.
Five days, five women.
Amnesia can occur in a trauma like this,
but they all have it.
Also there are other signs that match,
in every case.
Disturbing signs.
Each rape has been particularly brutal.
What about this?
Each victim remembers a different assailant.
A sailor, a businessman, a fat man,
even a woman.
This guy must have some excellent disguises.
Look, the EKGs show something unreal.
Brain wavelength so intense that it's inhuman.
I don't get it. Something about these attacks
has actually changed these women.
It's as if some sort of drug
had been forced on them.
And this organic matter.
Each victim has traces of it on their bodies.
It's also unidentifiable, untraceable.
- Sorry, youcan'tsmoke inthisoffice.
- Sorry.
- What about semen? Does it match?
- No traces of semen.
We found some kind of matter on the women
that we can't analyse.
And inside of them this thick black substance.
- What else did the women have in common?
- Get ready for this.
Until this happened,
each one of them has been a... virgin.
OK, that's it. Let's take lunch.
- Great. Let's go.
- All right, I'm starved.
Wanna eat Thai food, Gail?
- Sure. Karinsa, Thai food?
- You guys go ahead.
You got twenty suits to do this afternoon.
You're gonna need your nourishment.
I'll look better
with a workout and no lunch.
I don't want you so weak you'll faint.
This is still new to you.
It's a breeze compared to gymnastics.
I practised that ten hours a day.
Remind her of that when we do overtime.
- You sure?
- Goon.
OK, see you in a while.
Oh, God, I'm sorry...
It's OK. Did you forget something?
My wallet.
Go get it.
I'm sorry...
That's OK, relax.
It's not like you were after my body.
Ted, are you all right?
Look, anything you say here
will not go any further.
Good. I thought that if I said too much
you could have me fired.
Fired? What gave you an idea like that?
Have you done something wrong?
No, I just...
All the stuff happening to these girls
has made me afraid.
If everybody who got afraid
once in a while was fired,
we'd have very understaffed hospitals.
What is it exactly that's upsetting you?
Why have these girls been attacked?
I got their reports from the file this afternoon
and none of them were...
None of them were what?
None of them had ever been with a man.
Innocent girls are raped every day, Kathleen.
I wish I could tell you otherwise, but it's the truth.
It's hard for us. It's hard for everyone.
You're not the only woman who's alone,
afraid, and with no one to protect her.
There are alot of us... lots of them.
The sooner you realise that
you have to grow up and be a big girl,
the sooner you'll stop being afraid.
I know. You're right.
YOU haveTObe. Lookatyou.
Yeah, look at me. I'll see you this afternoon
in the treatment room. 4.30, OK?
- All right.
- OK.
Karinsa, can you hear me?
Noone can hurt you now.
You must tell us what you remember
so it doesn't happen to others.
I... I was in the studio...
I wanted to be alone.
- Nooneelse was there?
- Noone.
And then he came back.
- He came back for his wallet.
- Who was he?
Karinsa, did you know him?
What was his name?
It was Ted!
It was Ted!
It's all right, Karinsa. It's all right.
What do you think, Lester?
It's a little dark, but there's none of the
usual scumbags around.
Life is so screwed up.
Look at these.
Probably the best session she ever had
and then this had to happen.
She was very beautiful.
You saw her. She's pretty badly out up.
She'll probably be scarred.
- Looks like the rapist used acid on her.
- Oh, God.
I feel like...
Why do I feel this guilt?
You left her, you found her.
It's a natural reaction.
That girl was only 18.
She was just a sweet little gymnast.
I brought her her from Wisconsin.
This never should have happened to her.
It's not your fault.
You had nothing to do with it.
- Then who did?
- Ted.
You know somebody named Ted?
Yes. It's Ted.
He works for me. He's my stylist.
It couldn't possibly have been him.
Was he here yesterday?
We worked, we went to lunch.
He left and never came back.
Alec and I got back to the studio
and found Karinsa.
I forgot all about him.
Do you think he could... There's no way.
Could he have been with Karinsa
while you were gone?
Possibly, but no.
There's no way it could have been Ted.
Look, I know teachers, businessmen,
politicians, priests who were all rapists.
No one is beyond suspicion.
Do you know where I can find him?
- I'll find his number and his address.
- Thanks.
- Detective.
- Yes?
Ted's a good guy.
He couldn't have done it.
He lives with his mother.
- Detective?
- Yes?
I guess I'm not making myself clear.
Ted is gay.
Maybe. Or maybe just real clever.
I'll be in touch.
Come on, Kathleen. You're a big girl.
You've got the Medeco lock and everything.
You bastard!
Kathleen, you do remember
we have a date tonight?
Yes. How did you get in here?
Key over the door.
The oldest New York bachelor girl safety device
known to mankind.
Give it to me.
You sure?
You were invited over for
a New England boiled dinner and some wine.
No one said anything about keys.
You don't even know about the lock.
If you don't do it right
it doesn't close properly.
- Why do you think I have that key, anyway?
- Beats me.
Look, can we try to forget about this
and have a pleasant evening together?
You're right. I'monedge. I'mcrazy.
What's going on at the hospital
is too spooky for words.
What do you mean?
You guys in administration
should only know the things that we see.
We see...
And just how much did you see?
Enough to know
that I want you to bear my children.
Brett, you know how I feel
about sex before marriage.
And I know, it's old-fashioned.
And I know that I might be
the last old-fashioned girl.
But that's the way I was brought up.
I can't help it.
Well, couldn't we just practise
some of the first few basic moves?
It's odd.
The girl I attended with Dr Pace this afternoon,
she wa sa... virgin.
It's strange, almost as if in this day and age
it's some sort of guilty secret to be...
...a virgin.
It's funny. I still have trouble saying that.
Brett? Brett?
And for what?
What brings them here?
Who talks them into it?
Am I the only one who does it?
What brings the others here?
The ones who want to hurt them.
The ones who want to kill them.
Did you do it?
Was it you?
Was it you, you goddamn creep?
Did you do it?
- Yes, Alec, the police were here.
- The ones from the other day?
No, there was only one.
A plain-clothes detective.
Great, those other guys were pigs.
Was this one cute?
Karinsa was raped and mutilated.
Ted's disappeared and they think he did it.
And all you can think of is it the detective was cute?
You're hopeless.
I'm sort of a material witness.
They're gonna have to come see me.
I'm hanging up now, Alec.
I know you've never had a man
but this is no way to fin done.
I don't want to take the chance with anybody with all the
diseases floating around.
I'd rather be... What's the word? Celibate.
Until I give it for the first time
to somebody who isn't married, isn't gay
and doesn't spend half his time
at the VD clinic.
I'm hanging up now, Alec. It's six o'clock.
I'm going home.
Goodnight, Alec.
Must be the main in the basement.
I brought you some more flowers, Donna.
Do you like carnations?
I'm gonna let some sun in so you can see them
when you wake up. They're pretty.
Pretty as you'll be again
when the doctors fix you up.
Maybe then you'll go have a burger with me.
I don't believe this.
- Yes?
- Mrs Moore?
I'm Detective Dale Andriotti
from the police department. May I come in?
Come in.
It's about time someone showed up.
Forgive the state of this place.
I've been so upset since it all happened.
- Why hasn't anyone come by sooner?
- You know?
I know that my son is missing.
What have you found out?
I beg your pardon?
- What have you found out about my son?
- That's what I came here to ask you.
- But I called you.
- When was the last time you saw your son?
He left for work two days ago
and never returned.
He always calls me if he stays at a friend's.
He knows I need him.
Is there somewhere Ted might have gone?
A certain friend?
No, he never goes anywhere
unless it's work or...
He does go off with his group,
but he always calls me before he leaves.
His group?
This stuff was dug up by Ted
in the NY Historial Society.
Sometimes Ted and his friends go off
into the old tunnels underneath the city for days.
He would have told me if he was gonna go.
They find a lot of antiques
they aren't supposed to sell, but they do.
There are so many tunnels under the city.
Ted knows most of them. It's just a hobby.
They're supposed to give the stuff
to the authorities to put in museums.
Ted sells most of it.
Gets good money for this old junk.
Have you ever met any of this group?
My Teddy Bear wouldn't go with a bad crowd.
I thought all this was harmless, but it isn't, is it?
I hope my Teddy's not in some kind of trouble.
He's lost or hurt, isn't he?
Don't worry. We'll find him.
I hope so. He's all I have.
I dont know what I'd do without him.
Dr Blair.
Do you see what I mean, Ira?
This is unreal.
There's a logical explanation for everything
but I told you. Look at this.
What the hell?
It's the same from every girl.
It's not a virus, not a communicable disease.
It's more like the waste matter
of some sort of spore.
It's... incredible.
- It's brick dust.
- It's what?
Let me see another one.
- More brick.
- What are you talking about?
Brick dust. Red brick dust.
There's only one place where you'll find it.
- Where?
- Under the city.
I saw this when I treated children
living under Grand Central Station.
They were feral.
Abandoned, like little animals.
- Brick dust? It could be from anywhere.
- That's not true.
There was a red brick used when
they were building Manhattan. They ran out.
You don't find it anywhere else.
These particles are on every slide.
That's every girl... victim.
And there's only one place
where this could've come from.
- Ira?
- Gamble.
Whatever is going on,
it's coming from underneath this city.
- Hello?
- DrPace?
- Who is this?
- Dale Andriotti. Can you come to the hospital?
- What's wrong?
- They're gone. They're all gone!
Each girl who has been attacked is no longer
in this hospital or the victim programme.
Allfive ofthem.
Wait a minute. We've still got Karinsa.
Hello, this is Dr Gamble Pace.
I want a 24-hour guard on Karinsa Marshall.
Yes. Now. Immediately. This is priority.
- Your first name's Gamble?
- Yes. Put that away, please.
How come?
My dad was a blackjack dealer in Vegas.
His little joke.
I likeit.
- Thanks. Gives me a certain outlook on life.
- Looks like it's about to come in handy.
- You know, I can't figure you out.
- What do you mean?
You seem so concerned.
I think you'd be used to it by now.
- It's never easy.
- No, but it's almost like you're fascinated by this.
You may know about medicine,
but you don't know it all.
When I was seven years old
my older sister was raped.
I watched her go from a happy teenager
to a closed-up old lady in one day.
She never got over it.
When this is over,
maybe we could go for dinner.
OK. But I'll warn you right now.
I have a tortured history with men.
Mum! I don't believe this is you.
Why? Why?
Because I haven't heard from you in months.
Not since my cheques stopped coming.
No, I'm not mad.
What could I do? I went out and I got a job.
Yes, you heard me. A job.
A good one too.
Except when the models get iced.
What? No, nothing.
I do hair, I do a little styling, a little make-up.
Styling. It's too hard to explain.
Let's just say it pays the rent.
The rent. The rent.
The rent is fine. It's nothing.
I live in the safest part of the East Village.
No, no, no.
I mean...
Why would I be here if it wasn't?
Have you ever thought I was a fool?
Oh, well, thank you very much
for your vote of confidence.
I'm going to take a bath. Is there anything
you wish to discuss before I go?
Of course I'm still a good girl.
You may not believe it, but the subject
has come up frequently in the last few days.
Yes. Yes, don'tworry.
At this rate I'll be the oldest living innocent
female on the isle of Manhattan.
Mother, goodbye. Call me next Sunday.
Maybe I'll do something to shock you.
I'm only kidding.
God, I wish I'd done something
that would shock her.
Pain or pleasure, sugar?
It's lady's choice. I don't want money.
I just want a good time.
- You wanna play button?
- Button?
Sure. For every zipper I unzip,
you unbutton a button.
Looks like you got a lot of buttons on that shirt.
That was a zip. Now you owe me a button.
You got it. That's how the game is played.
If Dr Markum is right,
the dust showing on these samples
will still only exist in a few locations.
I thought it was all over... under the city.
Most foundation sites have been sealed off
tight. Let's see what's left.
Grand Central we've got covered.
Grand Concourse, too far north.
South Street is too far south.
Madison Square.
Battery Park. Covered, but too far south.
- Empire State Building?
- It's dead centre.
- Oh, my God!
- What?
Look at this.
There's an additional location.
- Where?
- Right underneath us.
It's for you.
Detective Andriotti.
- Right. We'll be right over.
- What?
- Assault in progress.
- Where?
Empire State building. Sub-basement.
The girl's safe. They've got it cornered.
Some kind of animal. I don't know.
He said it wasn't human.
- You know this guy?
- This is Dr Markum. He works with me.
Can we back away from whatever that is?
Good idea.
The energy coming out of this nest
could harm us if we're too close.
- Nest?
- Gamble, it's incredible.
It's an alien life-force
that drifted down onto the planet as a spore.
It reproduces itself throughout the galaxy
on some sort of periodic basis.
I can't figure it all out yet.
It can take on any form
to accomplish its goals.
- You saw the dead woman in the tunnel?
- Yes.
She was an experiment that didn't work.
She was diseased.
That's how they knew they had to use women
who were clean, untouched by anything.
Ira, this is crazy.
You're a virgin, aren't you?
- What?
- A virgin.
It needs virgins to reproduce.
I'm afraid it needs you.
That bag woman had an offspring,
but it was unacceptable.
It can't reproduce. It can only kill.
Very good, Gamble.
- You'll be even more help.
- What are you talking about?
You're going to be the mother
of one of the earth's new masters.
This planet is needed
to continue a noble race.
- You're fucking bananas.
- If this race is so noble, how can it rape and kill?
You just killed, didn't you?
You wouldn't hesitate to crush anything
if it meant saving your own life.
That's how we think of you.
Help me.
Help me!
Brood time on this planet is... 48hours.
When the women rise from the pit.
They'll split into new beings.
They'll be unstoppable!
The human race
will serve as living hosts for all ofthem.
Oh, God!
Stop it!
Stop it! They're parasites! They're...
We've gotta destroy these things
before they get out of here.
This is a spur on the old train line.
Chances are it's still power capable.
- See if you can find any cable.
- Cable?
- Yes. Look.
- What am I looking at?
There! There!
- What? Where?
- Don't you see? The third rail.
If we can electrify it, we've got a chance.
- There must be one around here.
- What?
A phone box to the main station.
They have to be open in case of emergency.
Here it is!
Gamble, I've got it!
Hello? Is anybody there?
Come on!
Who am I talking to?
Who's this?
Listen very carefully. This is Dr Gamble Pace.
I'm in the 23rd Quadrant
of the midtown Annexe Corridor.
Hey, we've got another loon-bird
in the Annexe.
- Tell him to go to a shelter.
- It's a her.
There's two of them. Listen,
you've got to turn on the power to this section.
This is Detective Dale Andriotti of the NYPD.
One of you check me out
and the other electrify the system.
Dale, this isn't the way I imagined it.
Do you want to get married first?
No, it's just that I can't get
all of this out of my mind.
Ira said others would follow.
He was right.