Bremer Freiheit (1972) Movie Script

The newspaper, Geesche.
Close the window!
Bread and butter.
On 31st Oct. 1814 we shall
bury our dear mother
Clara Mathilde Beez,
ne Steinbacher,
whom our Lord...
That screaming will kill me.
More coffee.
The decapitation will take
place the following
Friday 3rd Nov. 1814 at the
market square.
When I say brandy I mean the
whole bottle, wife.
Just one peaceful evening
in this house. Quiet!
Open the window.
Another ghost seen
in Bremen.
Well, you shouldn't heat
the house so much.
Strange things keep happening
in this town.
Prepare the sleeping draught.
What a headache...
Geesche, the medicine.
I want to sleep with you.
Brother, we were just passing
by your house.
In this house we find brandy
as if it was distilled here.
For my friends, yes. Make
yourselves at home.
We shan't wait to be told a
second time.
On this cold Bremer night.
The wife? She lies on the
floor and cries?
The wife
is feeling faint.
Sit down, Christmas comes
but once a year.
The house of the red Leni
is closed.
Is closed?
It was discovered that three
of the women have a disease.
A disease?
French disease, Johann Gerhard.
No, that is...
Which women?
No, all of us no!
Many a good Bremer citizen
fathers a child
that is syphilitic.
Pray for the well being of
the father of your children.
A man kills the mother of
his children
by way of strangling her with
his bare hands,
of course, her eyes bulge,
he says to her in a cold way,
well, wife, that makes you look.
A man sleeps with a woman
and bites her breast.
Afterwards he says, don't
pretend that child to be mine.
Which child?
You're pregnant,
your breast has milk.
Milk? No, that was but a
boil, thank you.
You must witness how my wife
loves me.
Come here.
Say: I love you.
I love you.
Say: I'm hot for you.
And now?
I'm hot for you.
Fetch some brandy.
My wife knows who's the
master here.
She knows what humbleness is.
And yet in bed, dash it all,
she's like a mare gone wild.
She's made for a strong man
like me.
There's an execution
on Friday.
It's very lascivious, the moment
before the head...
Often did I lie in bed
and wonder
what the delinquent must
think in such a moment,
what are his feelings, what...
this is real madness.
I'll go home now. It's been
a long day.
See you tomorrow, Johann Gerhard.
Business, work. Yes.
Till we meet again.
Come, Geesche.
Don't act mad, wife,
you have yet to learn
who is the master of the house
and who may express his wishes.
Call a doctor.
World goodbye - I'm tired of you.
I want to go heavenwards.
there will be real
peace and
eternal tranquillity of mind.
World, you have war and
nothing but vanity.
In heaven
any time
joy and happiness.
My dearly beloved...
I should like to let
you know...
the cross of death...
The Lord has...
Pain and tears...
Yellow fever...
on the first inst... Geesche!
You take a long time.
Sit down.
On the first of this month
my dear beloved and
unforgotten husband
Sit down, Geesche.
Work comes first.
Where were we?
My dear beloved and
unforgettable husband...
My dear beloved and
unforgettable husband, comma.
Johann Gerhard Miltenberger,
comma, after completing, how many?
Thirty three.
...completing thirty three
years of his life, comma.
and in the eighth year of our
marriage, comma,
which was blessed with four
children, comma,
of which two preceded him,
comma, completed
his earthly walk of
life in...
yellow fever.
Yes, full stop.
Convinces - in brackets -
(even without condolences)
that everybody who knew him
will find
the pain and tears justified
which I, joined by all those
who had the pleasure of being
closely acquainted
with him - what shall I say -
paid him by the side of
his coffin.
Yes, paid him, I should like
to add...
What will happen to
the business?
I shall ask Michael Christoph
A good man, Geesche, for the
transition period.
Afterwards we'll look for
a permanent replacement.
Okay. Where are we?
I add...
I should like to add to this
obituary that the business
shall be carried on by an
efficient subject,
and I shall endeavour
to meet
the confidence of all those
who shall honour me with
their kind orders.
Full stop.
Geesche Maria Miltenberger.
comma, ne Timm.
Geesche! My dear, poor soul!
My honourable lady, I should
like to guarantee you all
the friendship, affection and
support which you deserve.
Thank you, Rumpt.
I'd like to say the same.
My sincere sympathy.
One question, Gottfried.
Are you prepared to take over
my husband's
business for the time being...
I shall think it...
Yes, honourable lady, yes...
I love you.
I have been...
longing for you... Michael.
Arthur is too slow.
He doesn't work enough.
He's efficient all right.
He's efficient, Geesche, but
slow... coffee...
If a person is slow with
what he has learnt
then the head of the employer
must think...
think, Geesche.
Tell me,
what's your head thinking?
I'm thinking that the business
must be expanded.
Whoever does not intend to
advance is close to death,
which means the end. We should
employ a second harness maker.
Arthur shall do the handicraft
for old established citizens
of Bremen, the second man the work
for clients passing through.
A second harness maker ? He'll
want to be paid, Michael,
he'll need lodging and food.
Think. If you can live on
one harness maker
you ought to be able to live
better on two.
That's plausible. But...
No but, for I have thought
of the difficulties too.
The range of customers must
be enlarged, which will give
a security. How this can be
done must yet be thought over.
It is easy to work out how
many more orders it takes
to make the second man
At present the orders amount
to about
one thousand thaler
each month,
that is really too much for
one man.
The rent 200 thaler, the
working power 250 thaler,
50 thaler for material,
that leaves us with
500 thaler a month.
For each man-hour which Arthur
fulfits, he gets
15 hours a day multiplied by
26 days makes 390,
that is 65 groschen per hour.
Double that, makes 130 groschen
for us. You understand?
For each man-hour Arthur
fulfits, he gets
65 groschen, but you get 130.
With two the employer pays
130 groschen,
but then he earns 260
groschen per hour.
Is it that simple?
Your husband was stupid.
How can you, if you have
capital to back you up, get
down to the work-table yourself?
He saved on wages and lost
his health. Coffee...
I love you.
I beg you, Geesche,
it's daylight now.
Love is to be kept for
the night.
Happy birthday, Mother.
The trouble I have with
Father, my child.
With Father?
And with myself,
for my discourse with God
is impeded.
I spoke to him and have
burdened myself with the blame.
What blame?
That I allow my child to
live against decency.
Don't, Geesche, leave that.
You live with a man
who does not make a respectable
person but a whore out of you.
You aren't a good mother
if you don't spare your
children this shame.
Listen, Mother, please.
I go no further than what
my feelings allow me to.
I love him and that is
not bad.
For a woman to... a man...
Dear Mother. Pronounce it.
The woman must kill the thought
if she has been befallen by it.
When you were little, didn't
I keep explaining to you
what discipline is for
a woman?
Don't compare your head with
that of a man.
That isn't true!
Mother, all your life you have
been thinking wrongly.
You are sinning.
No, Mother, no.
What I have to say
is no sin.
I love a man
and have always loved him.
I love him, Mother,
and whatever the world says,
I don't care.
I want to be mounted by
this man.
Geesche, stop it!
Now you'll stay here and
listen to me.
I want this man in my bed,
I don't sleep
with a sacrament, I sleep
with arms, shoulders,
with legs I sleep, Mother.
What you say does not
concern me.
I have my will, Mother,
which I'm aware of and know
how to carry through.
How can I help it if you
gave up your life
for things which are not
your own?
Sin is written upon
your face.
What you just said would come
under heresy in Court.
Sit down with me.
I'll lay my head
in you lap
and I'll be your little child
of earlier days.
Come, Mother, please.
Look, Mother,
you do want
your little girl to be happy,
don't you?
Oh, Geesche, you know
very well,
fortune only comes from God.
Only who keeps the commandments
He gave us will be happy.
The fortune of this world
is in the way of the fortune
of eternity.
But I'm living now.
Who gives man a guarantee
for life after death.
You have already been taken
over by bad spirits.
Whoever is godless is not
worth a quarrel.
I have coffee. I'll give
you a cap.
My child must be godless,
my child?
With what kind of sin did I
deserve this?
I feel dizzy.
I'll go home to cry.
I'll speak to God
that he does not act too
severely against the child
that slandered Him.
World goodbye - I'm tired of you,
I want to go heavenwards,
there will be real
peace and
eternal tranquillity of mind.
Quiet! I've had enough of
this. Quiet!
Your father can do this. Listen.
On the second of this month
my beloved wife.
Geesche Margarethe Timm,
ne Schfers,
ended her life in consequence
of an inner inflammation. Quiet!
But it's true, damn it!
Under a manifold change of
fortune I spent
32 years in the happiest unity
of a satisfied
marriage, which was blessed
with two children.
The pain over her loss is
as inconsolable as it is
irreplaceable for this life.
Only the faith of providence
for a better life
can make the rest of my days
worth while, which I shall
devote to
my children and grandchildren.
Bremen, Johann Timm. Splendid.
This, Geesche, will increase
the business.
Can you picture Mother's
life, Michael?
Father writes:
''in happiest unity of a
satisfied marriage''.
That was not fortune that
Mother had all life long.
The fortune Mother meant
lies in heaven,
for here on earth she was
Father's domestic animal,
she had to do
what she was told,
here the freedom which
she had was
her discourse with God.
That is what is called a
satisfied marriage.
Because here was a being that
never had a mind of its own,
that knew his wishes by the
look on his face.
that he could love or beat
according to his will.
That was convenient
for Father,
that's what he now calls loss.
That was no life, Michael,
which Mother led,
for such a person
death is a fortune.
Coffee and bread...
You think too much
for a woman.
It strains your head; your hair
turns grey; causes wrinkles.
I don't like to say it
and know...
what of it...
I shall look for a flat of
my own again.
I can't bear the noise of
the children, Geesche,
I need a wife with whom I
can have children of my own.
I cannot bear to see another
man's children in the house.
There is so much I
cannot bear,
I need a young girl who is
yet inexperienced,
who has little in her brain,
you know,
who is kind and keen.
I'll manage your business as
long as you need me, but...
You said you loved me.
Yes, Geesche, but...
No! You say you love me,
don't you,
and you say there is so much
you cannot bear?
Yes, Geesche. I love you.
I love your passion,
I value your clever
mind, and yet...
What is there in the world that
is more important that a love?
You find a person whom
you love,
do you think this happens
very often?
It happens so seldom, Michael,
that it makes your hearth sink.
The way of the world is not
determined by love.
As to that, the mind of a
woman is slightly confused.
No, Michael,
the life which one leads
is only bearable with
a home.
A woman's home is her
You are in despair, Geesche,
you'll regain your composure.
You're beastly. Oh God,
are you beastly!
Believe me,
things are not as black as
they look.
Have you a girl already?
No, but I shall keep my
eyes open,
shall get to know girls,
weigh up.
Those I find too gay I
shall throw away.
Compose yourself. Fortune
shall be assigned to you.
You have money and a business
to bring with, that looks...
The business works,
it yields well,
can increase. You shall meet
someone who
means everything to you.
I love you.
I love your hands,
I want to be caressed by you.
I want to feel you inside me,
I need your passion.
The thought even that
you're leaving
hurts me so deeply.
Have you ever felt the pain
it causes in your stomach
when you're in despair?
You must get to know it, you
shall see many things differently.
Don't leave me.
Look, Geesche, I'm longing
for a different life.
I'm a man,
a man has desires
which cannot be explained
to a woman.
Can't you understand my longing
for a child of my own.
We can have children of
our own, please!
We are both fertile. What
can prevent us from having a child?
I shouldn't like to see my
children grow up
among those of your husband.
I should like to build them
a home of their own a life
which they can be proud of.
I no longer understand
the world.
Two people love each other
and have no possibility.
You'll be able to forget.
I'm off to town for a drink.
I shan't be long.
Don't go away.
World goodbye - I'm tired of you.
I want to go heavenwards.
there will be real
peace and
eternal tranquillity of
This house deserves its
I know very well what
I'm saying.
God punishes where His
commandments are acted against.
Stop now.
You're an old man, you don't
understand the world any more.
Go home.
That's how children speak to
their parents today. Age is
no longer respected, experience
and knowledge are a nuisance.
No, Geesche, like this
you'll never rest.
Rest, Father, that is death.
I...want to live,
I cannot long to rest,
I've never know a woman
speak like this before.
What have I done to deserve
my very child
to confront her father in
such a blasphemous way?
I'm not confronting you,
I have an opinion.
The woman who has an opinion
of her own is ignorant of
the laws that forbid this.
And you, Gottfried, have you
nothing to say to me?
Your silence is significant
You have settled down in
this business,
make use of the advantage
which it brings you,
you live off it and well.
That which you ought to do,
offer to marry the woman
who made it possible
for you to live so comfortably,
you are not all that
intereted in this woman's life.
You're turning my daughter
into a whore,
she is too stupid to see this,
but you are a man and have
mental powers. What you are
doing is called, with morals
at heart: crime.
Don't interrupt.
Haven't you anything to say
to my speech?
I still strongly believe you
to be a man of honour.
Leave it, Father, please.
He will decide if he can.
He isn't ready yet
to live with tight bonds.
Is this a man, who lets a
woman's mouth explain for him?
Let us adjust our life as
we may.
We shall obey the laws,
I don't wish to continue talking
where it's so hopeless as here.
With so little respect for
morals in the heads of two
people, there'll be one sorrow
and one pain after the other.
But I wish that the tears
which shall flow from your
eyes will make you think.
As long as things haven't
been put right
in this house you have no
father, don't forget that.
Now you're all alone in
this world, my child,
for this person only
uses you,
he is not willing to give.
Forgive him, Michael.
The sorrow of the last years
has disturbed his mind.
It has made him injust.
His son in law first, his wife,
and now two grandchildren.
obstinacy develops.
Forgive him, please.
I have already forgiven him.
what Father says is correct.
What do you mean?
I mean, basically...
if we, you and I...
were to marry?
No, Geesche. Not now,
and to be quite honest,
maybe never.
I no longer know where I am
with you and what I feel.
I know I love you, and yet...
I can imagine living
without you.
I have always thought that
in case of a real big love
you can't imagine being
without the other.
I can't imagine it. But I...
I don't count.
That isn't true, you count.
I am here,
I respect your love and
your sorrow.
Otherwise I'd have left.
I thought, now she has
buried her children,
I can't forsake her now.
I thought of you and not
of myself.
I do love you in my own
way, certainly.
We are... going to have a baby.
Say that again.
We're going to have a baby,
our baby.
You said you used a pessary.
It happened when you came
back from Hanover one day
too early. How was I to know?
This is fraud,
if the man is...
What an idiot I am to have
been taken in by it.
Look, the way you react,
I should have known.
How stupid you are. If you'd
have used your brain a bit,
you'd have noticed that I'm
not willing.
Take a look at yourself.
Look at yourself,
is this something one would
wish to spend a life with?
With this dried up grimace,
this expression on your face?
You make me sick. I should
have know that one person
can annoy another person
so disgustingly.
Oh well, what is done is done.
What do you intend to do now?
Look at yourself,
how hard you are.
A real woman would now be
lying on the floor completly
shattered and crying bitterly.
What use would that
be to me, Michael?
What use would that be to me?
I could feel a little pity
for you,
for pity can easily be regarded
as love.
I don't need any pity, Michael.
And apart from that, the times
I cried, O Lord!
You were sitting there reading,
not noticing
what was going on inside the
person who loves you.
You say you're disgusted,
that is all right.
Nevertheless, I am with child,
it is yours,
it is up to you what you
want to do now,
for it won't be long before
the change becomes evident.
I don't want anything to do
with all this.
Pastor Markus will soon be
here, Michael.
You you like a drink?
I love you so much.
Believe me, you'll soon be
well again.
It won't go on forever.
I couldn't come sooner.
Good morning, Mr. Gottfried.
Pains? You're very fortunate
that this lady is taking care
of you. I know of cases...
What of it. Nobody knows
what he deserves
and what he doesn't.
Are you ready?
Yes, Pastor, yes.
I am here to join you
together in holy matrimony.
Michael Christoph Gottfried,
wilt thou
have this Magarete Geesche...
Miltenberger, ne Timm.
Margarete Geesche Miltenberger,
ne Timm, to thy wedded wife
and keep thee only unto her
as long as ye both shall live,
answer with yes.
And you, Margarete Geesche,
wilt thou have
this Michael Gottfried
to thy wedded husband
He is dead.
The marriage is legal, nothing
can be changed.
He is dead, Pastor, dead.
He is dead.
Sing a song with me.
I should like to confess, Pastor
I am ready.
I gave him poison, Pastor,
to make him sick,
and therefore
to give his name to his child
I'm carrying.
I didn't want to see him
die, Pastor.
It was an accident,
God knows the thoughts which
are at home in my head.
It is four months that I am
with child
and the father refuses to
call it his own,
this is despairing for
a woman,
thoughts go through
your mind you cannot control.
Your mind becomes desperate,
what is evil becomes good,
good becomes evil.
Night after night you cry into
your pillow asking God for help
which doesn't come.
Can you imagine how alone
you are
if nobody hears you,
how lonely, Pastor, how
utterly forsaken?
There is no God who knows
of this situation
and can revengefully look upon
a poor woman.
Loneliness, Pastor,
is the worst thing on earth.
You're too late. I have just
married your daughter
to Michael Gottfried, who
died shortly after.
My child.
My poor, poor child.
You owe me 20 gulden for
the work I performed.
Come with me, I shall pay
you what you've earned.
Geesche, make some coffee,
show what you can do
to make Mr. Bohm
feel at home.
He's a nephew from Hanover,
and a harness maker.
Harness maker?
Harness maker. I think you
do understand me.
I thought that he could
take over the business,
quite frankly,
moreover, he likes to see you.
He asked me for your hand,
Geesche, he's a man of honour.
I accepted with pleasure.
In future your life should
run in a quiet course.
No more chaos, sorrow,
Your child has grown out of
the laws which prevail.
Your child wants to look for
the man herself whom
she wants to take to bed.
Don't shout.
I'll shout at my daugher
whenever I wish.
Do you think, as a woman, you
can run the business?
Yes, Father, I'm quite sure.
I know more about business
than any man does.
And I am not willing to
let it go.
I entrusted 1200 thaler to
your first husband
so he could start up a
harness maker's. 1200 thaler!
My money, Geesche, is in
your business,
I have enough, I'll pay
you back.
No, Geesche. I haven't come
to discuss with you,
but to carry a decision
through which I have made.
I can hear what you're saying,
and yet I shall not
obey, Father.
I'm a person like any other,
and I can decide freely,
I'm not looking for a man,
not this one
nor any other.
Should my bosom be longing
for something
like a man,
I shall look for one myself.
Shame! I'm ashamed of
your talk.
If you have to be ashamed
of honesty...
I shall force you, I shall
prove in court
what the rights of a
father are.
Here, drink coffee,
and master yourself.
What use is it to you, cousin,
if the woman does not agree.
Yes. - No or yes?
There you are. The cousin,
Father, has brains in his head.
He can judge the situation.
Do you think he'd have a
nice life with a woman
who does not love him?
She'd burn his food
water down his brandy,
and make his coffee bitter,
and in bed she'd be as stiff
as a board.
What does the man get out
of having to lead such a life?
I no longer want this woman,
she's too clever for a man
like me. I want to be
the master of the house.
Here I'd be the servant.
Come, Bohm, let's leave.
You'll have to pay for the
disgrace you bring on me.
You'll pay for it.
You shan't make me pay for
any more, Father.
Never again.
Zimmermann! You could have
frightened me to death.
You are a woman who
does not die easily.
Oh madness, this is good...
I love you.
Come. Let us be sensible.
There'll be visitors...
and then...
Oh Geesche, it is terrible.
Terrible? What?
I must tell you, some time.
Speak. Tell me what's
bothering you.
There is always a solution.
Well, my brother, he...
that isn't how it went.
When my father died
he left 20,000 thalers to
his two sons
so they could build up a
life that fulfils them.
I had my wife's business
and did not need the money.
Now my brother, who is 14
years younger than I,
that's wrong again.
The money which I spoke
about first
is the money I lent to you.
So far so good.
Now my brother
has received an offer
for which he could deposit
20,000 thaler.
Yes, Geesche, this may be
a bitter moment,
but I want to respect
Father's will.
You... are clever
and will be able to understand.
You need your money back,
the 20,000 thaler?
It must be, because
my brother...
I well understand what you
just said. But...
It shan't be possible.
Not possible?
Not possible, Zimmermann.
Look, I have invested
the money
in a new work table,
new tools,
all new things,
Of course, the profit may be
but this has not been the
case so far,
I don't think you understand
me properly,
this is not a request which
I'm making
but a demand.
A demand,
but you cannot take from where
there is nothing.
I want my money back,
you'll have to sell,
I don't mind how you
do it. I want my money.
You love me, don't you?
Wherever money is involved love
must be forgotten quickly.
First I shall ask whether
you love me.
That has nothing to do with
my money,
whether I love you or not.
Drink the coffee,
and let us discuss the problem
in peace
and coolly.
Well then. What do
you suggest?
Look, Zimmermann, it is
quite simple.
In one month the business makes
a profit of ... 800 thaler,
half of that, yes, I need
half for my living, for the
maintenance of the house,
for clothes and so forth.
The other half, 400 thaler,
I can pay you those back
regularly, that's my offer.
Your offer is ridiculous,
that would take...
4,000 thaler a year.
nearly five years, that really
is ridiculous.
Look, Zimmermann,
you gave me the money
and never said a word about
That... was... in the fire
of my... love.
a lot is said then, and at
times one does foolish things.
I wish to hear from you by
Friday as to when you want
to pay back the money, three
months, that's as long
as I'll wait,
or I'll have your business
pawned, Geesche,
you'll get to know me.
I wish you good luck.
This house is always in
mourning, Johann.
Forever practically.
You mean, how could
this happen?
The reason I cannot tell
but the sequence - yes.
First my dear husband died,
Johann Gerhard Miltenberger,
of yellow fever,
and shortly after that Mother,
inner inflammation,
then my two children died,
Johanna and Adelheit,
of chest trouble and
nervous fever,
then it was my second husband,
Michael Christoph Gottfried,
after a short sickness,
and finally Father,
without cause,
he had grown old
and must have felt the years
which he had spent in
this world.
You were away so long and
must be shaken
by the sorrow of your family.
I thought I'd find the family
like I left it.
When you're away thoughts
go through your mind like:
how are those getting on
whom you left at home.
I have seen many die at war.
Death does not shake me.
Only the loss,
that is very bad.
Parents, brother in law, nephews.
I am glad that you are
still alive.
Had I returned and
found nobody living,
nobody who remembered me,
how could I have borne that?
My little sister, how much
you had to suffer.
How many tears did these eyes
have to shed.
I only wanted to stay in Bremen
a short while, I meant to
carry on and look for a new
war, but now
I can't leave my sister alone,
leave a woman in charge of
hard work,
I'll take over the business,
you can rely on me.
Oh, you know, Johann,
I had to fight for my
and the business. I've had
to learn.
And because fate left me
all alone in this world,
the business...
has now become my life, Johann.
Don't misunderstand
me, you're
to have your share, I don't
want to own what does not
belong to me, but I shan't let
anyone take my work away, please.
Little sister, but you're
a woman.
A woman can learn a great deal
but never find pleasure in work.
You'll get used to it, and
the work in the house
will satisfy you; you'll sing
at the stove;
work only makes you hard,
it spoils the soft traits
of a woman; you want to have
a man in your heart, don't you?
The man...
I want to have in my heart,
I'll tell you what he must
be like, Johann.
This man must agree
that a woman has brains in
her head and sense.
It may be that this man has
not yes been born,
therefore I'll be continent.
Let me finish speaking.
That's why I was on
this earth,
that I may have thoughts
and finish expressing them.
Keep calm, Johann, calm.
Listen to me.
I shan't let the business
out of my hands. Never.
I shall live my life as
I wish.
To live one's own life, Johann,
that ought to be
everybody's aim.
And a woman is a human being
even if there are too few
men and women who are
already aware of it.
You make my head so heavy,
I don't understand what
you're saying.
You'll learn that, Johann,
or you'll leave.
I'll leave when I want, and I'll
do what I want.
And a woman, that's the last
thing by which I'll be told
what to do. And my sister
on top of it.
I'll take over the business,
as sure as I live.
This is my last word. I'm
not willing to say any more.
I'll give you a cup of tea
to warm you up, brother.
That is what I praise in a
woman, that's how she must be.
hard working and ambitious.
But to use her brains...
I'll be off to bed now,
please wake me early,
I should like to get to know
the work.
World goodbye
I'm tired of you...
Luisa, dearest!
You keep looking younger and
more beautiful too.
How do you do it?
It's freedom, dearest,
freedom alone.
How charming. Are you sure?
Quite sure, dearest. Why don't
you sit down?
Whoever has so much sorrow and
misfortune and remains like you...
Such a person has the devil on
his side, hasn't he?
The devil?
Yes, my dear.
As a woman one must find an
explanation for the well being
of such a grieved creature.
A cup of coffee, please.
And to say that you keep finding
men who willingly
come to your hell, terrible.
Terribly exciting of course.
Often did I bet with my
Friedrich as to who will
be the next dead person in
this house.
It is very exciting, and
still it is always
surprising, really.
Here you are.
Thank you, dearest.
I did in fact place my bet
on your father.
And whose turn was it?
Your Gottfried, how one can
be mistaken.
Yes, how one can be mistaken.
Can't one?
And your bosom becomes more
mature, dearest,
bigger too. How do you do it?
With cotton wool.
I'm aware of men's taste,
I know what provokes them
at first sight.
And I can't sleep without
a man in bed.
Shame, Geesche.
Shame? Why?
You can't
always speak right out what
you think.
And yet, excuse me, with you
all this no longer matters.
With all this
to and fro, and she does not
know any secrecy,
then a woman has cleared the
hurdle, hasn't she?
To be quite honest,
I shouldn't like to be
like you.
I've been with my husband
for 15 years,
he thinks for me, the dear,
he works.
And whatever he wants from
me he can have. Yes.
Have you never felt a desire
to know more of the world
than you know?
And have you never thought
that it must be nice
to be free from all you
have learnt?
Geesche, the way you speak,
and what you think,
No, of course not.
feel so faint, dearest,
really sick.
That is because you drank
poison with your coffee.
In you coffee.
How charming, dearest.
A joke which couldn't have
suited you better.
This is no joke. I have
poisoned you, truly.
You have...?
No, no, you can't do that.
Yes, dearest, honestly.
But... why?
I wanted to prevent you from
having to continue the life
you're living.
She... is dead.
She just collapsed and died.
How terrible.
I went to the criminal court,
Geesche, and had those white
pellets examined, which you
put into my coffee.
You wanted to kill me.
Now I shall die.
World goodbye - I'm tired of you.
I want to go heavenwards...