Brentwood Strangler (2015) Movie Script

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You folks can't be out here.
We're just making our way back to our car now.
Double time it. The park closes at sunset.
It's too dangerous. Girls have been disappearing out here. You know?
Hey! Stop!
Oh Shit!
This is Officer Canon. Attention all units in the vicinity of Heritage Park!
We have a strangling victim with
the suspect fleeing the site.
White male, possibly the Brentwood Strangler. Requesting immediate assistance!
Brentwood Strangler
# It's the most wonderful time of the year
# With the kids jingle belling
And everyone telling
# You'll be of good cheer
# It's the most wonderful time of the year
# It's the hap-happiest season of all
# With those holiday greetings
and gay happy meetings
# When friends come to call
# It's the hap-happiest season of all
# It's the most wonderful time
# Yes, the most wonderful time
# Oh the most wonderful time
# Of the year
(breaking glass)
You got a car?
(knock at the door)
Who's that at the door?
Blind date...
Hi... Richard?
Do I look like Richard?
I don't know.
I mean, it's supposed to be a blind date.
Damn it. I'll admit it,
I cheated a little...
I always cheat
You're not Richard, are you?
X- Pro II
Very clever, but you don't need it.
You're better in person
Well, come on. I'll drive.
Do you usually drive on first dates?
Yeah is that a big deal?
What's wrong?
It's just weird
I don't think it's weird to drive
But, did you want to drive?
- No
- Then, why is it weird?
- I find it... usually controlling.
It has nothing to do with control... it doesn't!
- You look at pictures. - So? - And now,
you're driving. Don't see the connection?
Look, I am not getting into a stranger's car
that I've never met before
There you go.
- That's not controlling; that is smart.
- If you say so.
What difference does it make who gets into
whose car? Would you pick up a hitchhiker?
No, but it's completely different.
- Is it?
- Yes, that is a stranger.
- So I am
- No, you're not
- am too
- No, you are not
I read your profile and as you so graciously
continue to point out, saw you pictures.
Well, you obviously didn't
look very hard at the pictures.
- You grew a beard and did some filter thingy.
- X-Pro II
Big deal whatever...
I have your e-mails.
- We connected.
- I didn't write them.
- Yes you did! - No I didn't.
- Oh well then who wrote them? - Someone else.
- And, why would someone do that?
- Have you seen "Cyrano de Bergerac"?
I only read it in high school...
college... someplace
If you're saying, you had someone
else write those emails for you...
...because you lack social skills;
then, bravo for your amazing sense of self
You don't like me then
are we not getting along?
- I like you, Richard. - Good, then I can safely tell you that my name is not Richard.
Oh, I'm sorry,
I guess you prefer "dick".
Do you... prefer "dick"?
It depends...
- Hi... Two, please.
- Would you prefer, inside or outside?
- Inside...
- Very good, right this way.
Actually you go on ahead, sweetie.
I think I'll use the restroom real fast.
Relax, just have fun.
Oh my God! Steve, a Strangler
victim was just found and she's alive.
- Seriously? - Yeah. It's breaking news
right now. She was found in the park...
...unconscious and barely breathing.
- Sorry about that.
- Oh that's alright.
They just found another Strangler victim.
- Alive...
- What?
Look, it's on the news.
While details are still coming in...
...the victim is reported in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery...
...from this terrifying brush with one of the most infamous serial killers in the last 20 years.
This is big.
Do you wanna get a drink at the bar instead?
Are you fascinated
with the Brentwood Strangler too?
More than anyone.
Police are withholding details
of the attempted murderer...
...and expect to be able to speak
with the victim when she awakens.
This will be the first description
ever of the Strangler.
More news in the 11 o'clock hour,
so please stay tuned.
Thanks for watching.
- Could you do it?
- What?
Kill someone?
Like that
I don't think I could.
It always depends.
Yeah, I don't know.
I mean it.
A life just gone?
That's just it.
I mean it's only a life.
People die every day, every hour
What if he just shot them?
Bang, done!
- Like, from a distance?
- Sure.
Would I be able to see their face?
- Eww, I don't know...
- Even if they were going to kill you?
- I think I'd just freeze.
- You wouldn't defend yourself, at all?
Well, sure I'd...
- Kick, scream, bite, but then I'd just run...
- But what if you can't get away?
What if he's too strong?
Keep fighting, I don't know...
...but kill him? That close?
But he's strangling you. Why don't you stick
your thumbs right through his fucking eyes?
No! Eww, God! No!
Come on, really?
Yep, might as well wait
to see snowplows on the 405.
I need another.
You're a born victim.
No, I just avoid trouble
and I'm always driving.
- Not if you keep that up. - Well, maybe
I'd consider letting you drive.
But, maybe I have been all along
and you just don't know it.
- Creep...
- Weirdo
What are you doing?
Sorry. It's a nervous habit.
Don't be.
Oh, is this the part where you try
to prove to me you can kill someone?
(choking noise)
I knew you couldn't do it.
Oh, big tough guy...
"I could kill anyone"
Oh, stop.
Ouch, that hurts.
I told you to stop!
Richard, I can't breath...
Are you all right?
I'm sorry.
I'll call 911--
Well, it's been a very long
night for local authorities...
...but police have now
identified the suspect... Beverly Hills local, Floyd Garrison...
...The Brentwood Strangler responsible for the brutal and senseless deaths of six women this past year
Thanks for bothering to find out where I was.
Yeah it was... nothing.
Looks like you handled yourself just fine.
Yeah, right?
Imagine if I'd let him drive.
You drive on a first date?
Not anymore
It's nice to finally meet you in person.
You too... Richard
Subtitle Editing by ssniper
"Emin GUVEN" - Published with approval by Whereistherockhammer