Bride of Re-Animator (1989) Movie Script

You bastard.
You did this to me.
But you'll not escape me.
Not this time!
- Take this.
- It'll burst an artery.
If we don't remove this now, he's
going to go into cardiac arrest.
I assure you.
Be ready to clamp.
- If it doesn't hold...
- We have no choice, Dan.
Jesus Christ!
It didn't hold!
But his central nervous system
is still intact.
He might still prove to be useful.
More useful than he'd be otherwise.
We have to retreat!
The frontlines have weakened.
- God damnit, Herbert! What are you doing?
- You know very well what I'm doing, Dan.
- Don't you ever stop?
- We may never again have access
- to this volume of fresh subjects.
- Fascinating, there's somebody here.
- What do you want? Get away from those!
- What are you doing back here?
- Leave.
- Put that thing away!
This is too dangerous
for all of us.
Where are you going?
We've got lots of work to do here.
Come on!
Jesus Christ!
- She's right!
- She's wrong.
- No!
- Listen, we are close, Dan.
Reticular consciousness
is not just in the brain.
We know that, yes?
We've gone beyond that.
Look at this.
These reptiles are the key, Dan.
You just still don't
understand, do you?
This is no longer about
just reanimating the dead.
We will create new life.
Hang on!
Get out of here!
Come on! Let's go!
- Let's go.
- My notes.
- Leave them!
- Wait!
- Forget it!
- We'll need this back home.
Come on!
Well, you're going to be all right.
We've got to get out.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go home.
Morning, Gloria.
How's the star patient?
Hello, Doctor.
You look great. I see you
even put on some makeup.
Don't tease me.
It's just that...
My head is about the only
part of me that's not sick.
- Excuse me.
- This is Dr. West.
He'll be coordinating with
pathology about your biopsy.
You're right.
That part of you is quite well.
I'm scared.
Don't worry.
The surgery is routine.
I'll be taking
real good care of you.
She's not an experiment.
- She's terminal.
- She's a patient!
- She could be of use to us, Dan.
- Not us. You.
- I'm a doctor.
- Who will be a scientist.
Lieutenant Leslie Chapham,
Arkham Police Department.
- Leslie?
- Lieutenant.
Well, how may I help you,
I understand that you are in charge of the
remains from the night of the massacre?
Yes, but it's my understanding
that the case is closed.
Not to me.
It showed up in a carnival
sideshow just outside of Arkham.
Dr. Hill?
Remarkably well preserved, considering
the massacre was eight months ago.
All the specimens from that night
exhibit the same qualities.
Yes, as you see, the skull
is fractured right there.
Didn't you know it was missing?
You know,
I could fix that.
Where do you keep
the rest of the remains?
The specimens from that night
have shown almost
no signs of deterioration.
This not only holds true
for the gross anatomy,
but the individual cells
in each specimen
display a lack of decay.
Are you saying
that they're not quite dead?
What's dead is dead, Lieutenant.
I should know.
It's my field.
What's this?
That's something
Dr. Hill was working on.
I haven't been able to identify it.
I was planning on doing that first thing
in the morning, as a matter of fact.
Is this all of it?
- Except for fragments and debris.
- What happened to that?
Why, we burned them, of course.
Would-be ballet dancer
didn't have the stuff,
cut off her feet and bled to death.
Where are her feet?
Her feet?
Why... they're missing.
A lot of stuff's been missing
from around here lately, Holmes.
Body parts?
Really, Lieutenant?
Who would want to steal body parts?
How did you get back here?
well, well.
What do you think of the location of
the will in the brain now, Dr. Hill?
I'm sorry, what was that?
Actually, you've been
quite useful to me.
You helped me prove that consciousness
resides in every part of the body.
You had such pretensions of
grandeur, you pompous plagiarist.
But look at you now.
You're nothing but a dead-head.
A no-body.
Did that police officer find you?
Yes, he came by while
you were in surgery.
You're gonna be all right.
Look at this!
We practically share a wall with
the Avril's crypt in the cemetery.
Yes, that's a 150 years of decay.
Oh, well.
Dust to dust.
- What happened to our cadaver?
- I was finished with it.
Would you help me
with this, please?
From what?
- Herbert, I've got something to tell you.
- Really?
I have something to show you.
Look at that, Dan.
And no tissue damage.
It simulates a heart attack.
And it leaves virtually no trace.
That's real useful if you
want to murder someone.
It is very useful...
in obtaining...
the freshest animal specimens.
Right here.
The amniotic fluid
of the Cuzco iguana.
Did you know that this reptile has
not changed significantly in over...
a hundred million years.
Herbert, I know this is important.
we extract
the amniotic fluid from the sac.
With that, we add the
muscle proteins of
myosin, actin and...
And then...
Our reagent.
Pure potentiality.
The primordial ooze
from which life originates.
Dr. Hill...
Dr. Hill gave me this idea.
I'm moving out.
I'm moving out.
You can't turn back now.
This is the key to creating life!
Parts! Reanimated parts!
We're trying to save
whole people, not parts.
Exactly, and what are people, Dan, over
and above a collection of living parts?
We can create...
new life.
This morbid doodling
with human body parts.
Is this what it's all about? Is this
what all our great work has led to?
- Exactly what are you insinuating?
- This is your madness!
It had nothing to do with me.
I'm out!
I didn't see you rejecting my work
when Meg was lying there dead!
- Where were your great ideals then?
- Don't you...
What was it about
Meg that you loved?
Meg's heart.
Help me...
to continue the work.
We can create a new life.
with Meg's heart.
Now, Dan.
You're going to have to help.
At the hospital.
What about the police?
No, the police will
never come here.
- Daniel Cain?
- Yes.
Come on in.
Is there a problem?
Who are you?
Dr. West.
Lieutenant Chapham.
What do you want?
quite an old place you got here.
It used to be a mortuary.
After the cemetery filled up,
it was the caretaker's house.
Nobody's been here
for twenty years.
Odd place to live.
Has its advantages.
Pretty morbid stuff.
I don't consider science morbid.
It was pretty morbid
the night Dr. Carl Hill died.
And Dean... Dean...
- Halsey.
- Dean Halsey. Yeah.
And Megan Halsey.
Do you mind if I sit down?
Dr. West, what kind of problems
did you have with Dr. Carl Hill?
Dr. Hill and I
had professional differences.
It was nothing personal.
I have been all through this.
It's in the police records, which
lam certain you have access to.
I understand that you have
some radical ideas about...
the reanimation of dead tissue?
When I was in medical school, I might
have had time to discuss the theory.
I don't anymore.
I suppose those poor souls
out at the Sefton Ward...
are theory.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
And I suppose you don't know anything about
the missing body parts at the hospital?
Missing body parts?
I can find my own way out.
Get off!
Get off!
Get off!
Get off me!
Get off!
Dr. Graves
wants to see you right away.
- Pathology?
- Right away.
- What about the...
- I'll take care of it.
Dr. Hill...
Is that you?
Dr. Graves.
You... you see?
I recognize you.
You do?
That seminar in Zurich...
Your theory of reconciling
with the origin of disease...
Totally idiotic!
It's you, come in!
No, no.
No lights.
Come over here.
Dr. Hill?
Speak to me.
Speak to me, Dr. Hill!
This is some kind of joke,
right, man?
No, it is not a joke.
He can talk.
He heard my lecture in Zurich.
The head?
He heard your lecture?
He can talk, for God's sake!
Talk, damnit! Talk!
- Talk!
- The head...
Don't you ever do that again,
you mental midget!
Oh my God.
My God, I'm losing my mind.
I have some unfinished business.
And you will assist me.
Not out the front door.
Just the doctor taking a
patient out for a little air.
- Man!
- Oh my God!
Hey, pooch.
Yes! You said "Hi" to him!
- Hi, Doctor.
- Hi.
Don't let the little head
rule the big head, Dan.
So, what are you doing in Arkham?
Oh, I'm doing some interviews
in Boston this week.
Dr. Cain, 5436.
- Oh God. I've gotta go.
- I know.
What about dinner tonight?
Only if you let me cook.
Real Italian style.
Only if you'll let me help.
Real American style.
- It's a deal.
- See you tonight.
Hope you like garlic!
Well, Angel?
What do you think?
Hey, pooch.
Where did you come from?
From Peru.
Is that where you met Dr. Cain?
Why do you want to know, Mr...
Lee Chapham.
Arkham Police.
I'd like to talk to you about him.
Did you ever hear of the
"Miskatonic Massacre"?
No, I haven't.
It happened here at the hospital.
Eight months ago the department
got a call about a homicide
at the Miskatonic
University hospital.
The whole place was in a panic.
It was down in the morgue.
There was blood all over the walls.
You ever been around dead bodies?
Then you know that stench
of decaying flesh.
Out of the darkness we were
attacked by a naked maniac.
He jumped right on my
partner and bit his arm.
Nothing could make him come loose.
Tore the muscle right off the bone
before we pumped enough lead
in him to make him stop.
The dean of the medical
school was down there.
In pieces.
Also a prominent physician,
Dr. Carl Hill.
We found only his head.
The rest of his body
was just part of the muck.
Funny thing though:
His head, when I
found it, was still...
The doctors had a lot of
highfalutin explanations.
Postmortem involuntary spasm...
I don't know.
But I've seen my
share of the dead.
And I never saw
a twitching like that before.
They blamed it all
on these ones in here.
The funny thing is:
There's a death certificate at the
hospital for each one of these.
A death certificate?
I mean to say these three didn't get
to the morgue on their own two feet.
The hospital made a mistake?
The hospital might have made
a mistake about those two.
But not this one.
I know about this one.
She was my wife.
I'm sorry.
Elizabeth, stop!
Get off me!
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm all right. Thanks.
That's enough.
She's never done
anything like that before.
What does all this
have to do with Daniel?
Dr. Cain and Dr. West were the only
normal survivors of that night.
Daniel's girlfriend was Meg Halsey,
the dean's daughter.
And Daniel was found with
her dead body in his arms.
Her dead body.
Like that blasted head.
Not too much, we don't want
premature reanimation.
Thank you, I've never
done this before.
The circulation is going to work.
God damnit, Herbert!
What are we doing here anyway?
Why don't we just publish our findings?
We could get grant money.
Because they would never
understand our methods.
Besides that, they
would steal the work.
It's never gonna work.
She's gonna be
uncontrollably spastic.
Unless we reanimate all the limbs
at the same time, they'll separate.
That's why we inject
directly into the heart.
The circulatory system
should distribute the reagent
to all the various limbs and
effect reanimation concurrently.
- We've never done that before.
- I know that.
No, I don't want to
gamble with Meg's heart.
Oh God...
- Ciao, dottore. Come va?
- Francesca...
Sorry about the place.
I didn't have any time to...
- Did I come too early?
- No! No, no, no, no.
God, you look great.
Open this up, will you?
It's a Chianti, 1987.
- So, where is the kitchen?
- It's right over here.
- Did you have any trouble finding it?
- Oh, no. The cemetery made it real easy.
This is my special sauce.
- What do you think? You like it?
- I love it.
So do I.
Come on.
You're so beautiful.
Your skin's so soft.
So warm.
What are you doing here?
What do you want?
The body you took
from the crematorium.
Get out of here.
Right now.
What's down here?
That's none of your business.
You are making a big mistake.
Do you believe...
that dead is dead,
Dr. West?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- I am talking about my wife!
No! You can't go in there.
- Move.
- No.
How dare you judge my work?
Was my wife your "work"?
- Don't lay your guilt on me, Lieutenant!
- What?
Your wife died of multiple
contusions to the head.
- From a blunt instrument.
- No.
- Multiple blows to the head!
- She fell!
She fell, did she?
That was not my fault!
What happened?
He attacked me.
No, Dan! Dan! I can't help
it if his heart gave out!
God, Herbert, he's a cop!
What are we gonna do with him?
We could get him
back out on the street.
You don't wanna gamble
with Meg's heart.
This is our opportunity for a test.
Do you wanna waste it?
How much do you think
he weighs? 230, 240?
So little tissue damage.
Oh, Dan?
Just in case.
It's working.
Get away from me with that cloth!
No! Dan!
He's a wife-beater, Dan!
Use the gun!
Lieutenant Chapham!
What are you doing here?
No! Stop!
Get away from me!
Get out!
Get away...
What happened?
Is he gone?
What is going on here?
What did you do to him
to make him that way?
She's hysterical.
What did you do to him?
What are you doing down here?
Your welcome does not extend
to this part of the house.
Get out of my way!
- You should never have brought her here.
- Get that thing out of here!
Francesca, wait! Let me explain.
Is this what you did to Meg?
You're a freak!
God, I hate you!
You're better off without her.
Now listen to me.
All we need is just one last piece.
How are you feeling today?
You see,
it helps me to think of you as Meg.
Meg who lived.
I didn't even notice.
God, what's wrong with me?
Let me through!
Give me that!
Push the lidocaine!
Forget it, Dan.
Let's go in.
- She's never gonna survive this.
- She's already dead, Dan.
No, you're off midline.
I'm getting nothing.
I'm sorry.
Come on!
- Anything?
- Still flat.
I'm calling it.
Not again.
Go home.
Go home.
Come to room 613.
Right away.
Damn you, West!
- Get me out of here!
- No.
West took my body,
but he cannot take my mind.
Take me to him!
Just don't talk.
Don't say anything.
Don't make me get someone else.
What do you think you're doing?
Do as I say, you nincompoop!
Come on, come on.
You're going away now.
Now, now...
Yo, Dr. West.
Let's get this.
No, no. You get the feet.
I'll get the head.
Was she goog-looking, Doc?
You take this to the crematorium.
The crematorium?
You mean pathology.
I mean crematorium.
Well, excuse me!
Excuse me,
have you seen Dr. Cain?
He left.
For the day, I think.
Is there something wrong?
He's very upset.
He lost a patient.
I've never known a doctor
that cared so much.
Now, Dan, I'm going to
need your help with this.
This is for you, too.
Gloria! No...
Dan, don't quit on me now, please.
It's going to take the two of us to
fuse the brain to the spinal cord.
- No!
- Dan, look!
Look what we've done.
Meg's heart is going to beat again.
Others dare not dream
what we are about to do.
The feet...
of a young ballet dancer...
who ended her life when
she lost her ambition.
These legs...
walked the streets.
You remember the hooker who was killed
in the E.R. by her pimp last week?
Think of all the bodies these
legs have wrapped around.
What was the value of her life?
To end up being picked apart
by the likes of Dr. Graves
and his bumbling students?
And here,
the womb of the virgin.
Struck down before
tasting the pleasures of life.
Her skin.
So soft.
So warm.
But so cold in death.
The arms of a waitress.
The lawyer's hand.
Case dismissed.
And look at this delicate piece.
What do you think?
A sculptress?
A harpist?
Would you believe...
a murderess?
But they're all equal now.
Nothing but cast-off remnants
of a meaningless existence.
Even her.
How beautiful is this face?
Oh, yes.
was special.
But in our hands...
it's the clay of life.
Within this chest,
Meg's heart will beat again.
Let's get to work.
Who's there?
I didn't do anything.
Oh, no.
You disappoint me,
Dr. Graves.
On the table!
- No!
- Yes!
Get off me!
Let me go! Get off me!
What's the matter?
Don't you like me?
No! Let me go!
Cain, West.
- They did this to me!
- Let the fuck go!
And they'll pay!
Please, let me out!
Let me out, please!
Please let me out! Please!
- Oh my God!
- Get security!
if it had always been
as fresh as the head, but...
I think we're ready, Dan.
Sounds like rats in the wall.
That's what it is.
The little buggers
better stay put or I'll...
We start with the heart.
And God created woman.
Let me.
- Time?
- 15 seconds.
45 seconds.
Three minutes, 15 seconds.
It's going to take time.
Not now.
Stay with me.
You're alive.
I made you.
She's alive.
They're coming!
Dan! Get her out of here!
Freeze! Police!
Francesca, go!
Dan, help me!
No! This!
Get this!
Who is she?
It's Meg.
Meg is dead.
My God, they're using tools!
What have you done in here?
We created a life.
- You made her?
- Yes.
Dead pieces of this.
With my hands I created
what no man's mind or woman's
womb could ever hope to achieve.
This is blasphemy!
Before what God?
A God repulsed by the miserable
humanity he created in his own image?
I will not be shackled
by the failures of your God.
The only blasphemy
is to wallow in insignificance.
I have taken refuse
of your God's failures
and I have triumphed.
There is my creation!
He made me.
Open up! Open!
We've got to fight them off.
Leave him alone!
Listen to me!
Your girlfriend
doesn't stand a chance.
Our girl is superior.
Leave her alone, you monster!
Forget it, Dan. She's just an
assembly of dead tissue.
You made me.
I made you!
Don't! Dan, wait!
Don't you want me?
I don't want your body!
Then what do you want?
Is this what you want?
You're not...
Meg's dead.
Out of the way!
You're next, you little squirt!
Make a note of it, Dan!
"Tissue rejection!"
My wife understands, really.
You stupid biped!
Get back!
How dare you!
You're under arrest!
Get off!
Get off of me!
Oh my God, Dan.
Are we having fun, yet?
Get off of me, you rejects!
It's over, West!