Bride of Scarecrow (2019) Movie Script

Don't fear, when the
48-hour cycle ends,
we will be back to normal.
What have I told you
about being out here?
Come on, inside, now!
I think it's time.
I think it's time we
told her the truth.
For her safety.
The curse.
He will rise soon.
Izzy, love.
We have something we should
have told you a long time ago.
We think that now is
the time to tell you
the truth about our family.
About the land that we live on.
And about the curse that our
family has had for generations.
What is it, Mom?
For generations, our family
goes back to one fatal evening
in the spring of
1910 when a man,
your great-great-great-grandfather,
Antony Web,
was brutally murdered by locals.
You see, they thought he was
stealing, so they strung him up
on a cross in the cornfields
and they left him for dead.
He starved.
And the crows pecked out
his eyes, but there was also
what the legend doesn't tell.
His soon-to-be-wife,
Mary-Lou Jameson,
she was also murdered
by the locals.
They thought she was
stealing alongside him.
So she was taken to a
stable on this land,
and she was set on fire.
They both died on this land,
leaving nothing but one child
in the protection of neighbors
who promised to raise
the baby as if it was their own.
These people from our family.
They were murdered?
The curse goes that
Antony is seen on this land.
For years there have been
old wives tales about him,
cursing him to be a scarecrow.
Roaming these lands
every 20 years.
And for 48 hours, he
can take the lives
of those who walk his land.
He kills innocent people?
They say his soul is
trapped in the same time.
For years, your nana and I
have protected these lands
ensuring that no one gets hurt.
As you come into yourself,
we must make you
a protector, too.
We've kept this a secret
for many years, but tonight,
the Scarecrow will
rise to seek his bride.
I'm scared.
Look, we're safe inside.
We stick together
and we're safe.
As long as no one leaves the
house, stepping on his land,
then we are safe.
We're gatekeepers now, Izzy.
Do you want me to
stay with you tonight?
Look, our family's lived on
this farm for generations
protecting the family secret.
Why does Antony, why
does this Scarecrow,
why does he want to hurt people?
Anyone on his land is
in danger, he's not evil,
he's just tormented by
the curse of the fields.
Would he hurt us?
Look, as long as we stay
inside and we don't disturb him,
then we're safe, okay?
And then in the
morning, we'll go out,
and we protect the land and
make sure no one trespasses.
Are we related to Antony?
Is this why we
protect his secret?
We're related to his
wife-to-be, Mary-Lou.
Was she innocent?
The legend goes that
they were wrongly-accused,
but no one knows.
Okay, look, this is a lot
for you to take in, now just
go to sleep and forget about
it till the morning, okay?
She was here, she was
right here, he's got her!
Where the hell did
you get that from?
In case anything
like this happened!
Come on!
It's open.
You wait outside.
No, Mom, you can't
go in there alone.
You wait here,
this ends tonight.
- Mom, please, no.
- Sabina, please.
Please, just, just stay.
I'm fine!
I'm fine!
I'm fine.
This ends here.
Izzy, where are you?
I can hear
you, Izzy, it's me.
I mean, I just think if
she was being stalked for all
this time, then the police
would have found some evidence.
I mean, this case
went on for years.
I have to go
against you and say
I honestly think
there was a stalker.
So you don't think
it was all in her head?
No, I mean, the picture
the police painted, sure.
But when you look at
how her body was found.
How did she have hog ties on?
Well you don't think
she could've just
put them on herself?
No, I think someone
killed her, I just can't
imagine a person being able
to do that to themselves.
Okay, guys, I'm afraid
we are out of time,
but please do let us know
your thoughts on the fan page.
Do you think Mona
killed herself,
or do you think
she was murdered?
This 1984 case still
remains unsolved.
You're listening to May
Sealey on May the Dead Rest.
This is our limited-series
event where we'll be discussing
unresolved murders of the 1980s.
Do let us know your
thoughts, until next time.
Hello, uh, you wanted to see me?
How do you feel the
show went today?
Yeah, good, I mean, it's
a really fun show to be on.
It's not about what I like,
it's more about what
the listeners like and,
you lost half your
audience today and, uh,
that makes your slot the least
listened to slot all week.
I mean, I could get more
controversial with my opinions.
I could jazz it up
a bit, I could...
Look, let me cut to
the chase here, I mean,
this just isn't working.
And I'm sure you're
more than aware that,
your show, it's just not
what you wanted it to be.
Yeah, that's 'cause
of the stories!
I mean, the stories
that I get given,
they're absolutely crap,
there's only so much I can do!
Let's not look at
layin' the blame here.
We're putting you
on an earlier slot.
God, please don't tell
me the early morning...
It's the two to six AM slot.
That's absolute suicide.
I can't believe you're
doing this to me.
So you'll do your last
afternoon drive time slot today,
and then we'll go from the
early slots from then on.
Absolutely gutted, I
don't know what to say.
Okay, thanks for
the opportunity.
You have a phone
call on line two.
Okay, thanks.
May speaking.
Oh, my god.
Yeah, look at it.
- What's that?
- I don't know!
I think it's some sort of
sheep or a goat or something.
Do you have goats there?
So you're telling me...
Yeah, that I've inherited
this, this property.
- What the hell, May?
- I know!
I mean, apparently I'm next
in line to inherit this plot
of land and everything.
Does your mum know?
I don't think I'm gonna tell
her either, to be honest.
I don't think I really
care how she feels.
She's never given you any
idea as to who your father was?
No, never.
So what are we waiting for?
Let's bail!
You don't think
it's a bit weird?
I mean, a father that I've
never met all of a sudden
just dies and then I
inherit this property.
It's just a bit
too good to be true
All I see is a gold mine
Yeah, of course you do.
Do you think I should
just sell it then?
Babe, sell it, rent
it out, do whatever.
Just get out this shitty job
that doesn't respect
your talents.
Oh god, yeah, I didn't
even think of that.
The way I see it, it
solves all your worries.
Oh, my god, do you think
I should quit my job?
Do it now.
Okay, oh, my god.
- What, right now?
- Why not?
Oh, my god, okay!
Right, okay.
Hang on.
Hiya, yeah, it's May.
Yeah, just a quick one, really.
I just wanted to say that
I won't be coming in today.
I actually won't be coming
in for rest of the week.
Actually, I'm not gonna be
coming in at all, okay, bye.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
- That's what I'm talkin' about.
- She's gonna go mental!
The map's saying it's
about a four-hour journey.
Oh, really?
Well I've packed
loads of stuff in here
like snacks and stuff,
so just help yourselves.
Are you excited to own a farm?
Um, yeah!
I mean, it's just a bit weird,
it's just a bit out the blue.
No one's ever mentioned this
side of the family, not ever?
No, I don't know anything
about my biological parents.
Are you gonna tell about
this to your adoptive parents?
No, I mean, they weren't
exactly good parents to me.
I'm pretty sure they just
adopted me to get more benefits.
If I told them, they'd
want half the money.
Aw, you have us, we're a
different type of family.
Do you think this
could be a good story
for your radio show?
May the Dead Rest.
Farmland murders.
Yeah, but we need to
find out what happened
to these people, so come on!
Well, I guess that's
what we're about to do!
Uh, what is with that suitcase?
It's just the essentials.
What, like your
whole wardrobe?
You can take the
man out the city,
but you can't take
the city out the man.
- Oh, my god, cheese on toast.
- Come here.
So, what's with
bringin' your friends?
Sorry, but
they're like my family!
I know they're a bit weird
but they're all I've got.
I wanna celebrate.
- Very sentimental.
- I know, I know.
But it'll be fun, come on!
Okay, get in the car.
Let's get this trip on the road!
Wallcreak Manor, here we come.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Mister Hammerson?
- Please call me Tony.
Hi, May, nice to meet you.
I hope you don't mind, I brought
some of my friends with me.
It's your new home.
- Do you wanna come inside?
- Yes, please, it's so cold
So, what's the big catch?
Now that I've signed,
it's your cue to tell me
this big mystery
about this place.
Your relatives, the ones
that owned the property before.
They vanished without a trace.
It was just over a year ago now.
They were recently
classified as deceased,
so now the property
is being moved onto
the next in line,
which is yourself.
Your father was the
son to Tracey Warren.
She was your grandmother.
Her, her daughter
and granddaughter,
vanished from this property.
What do you mean, vanished?
It's just like they picked
up, packed up and took off.
Never to be seen again.
I'm sure there's
nothing to worry about.
But I can imagine the
concern it brings to you.
But what I can say is
whatever happened then,
it's believed to be gone now,
so, so now it's up to you.
The property is yours, to sell.
It's yours now.
There's some lovely local
produce up the road.
Oh, lovely.
Bit of a drive but...
Signal's pretty bad around here,
but I'm on the other
end of the line.
Okay, well, thank you so much.
It was really nice to meet you.
- Thanks, May.
- Thank you.
So, they have no idea
what happened to them?
No idea.
He said it's like they
just picked up and vanished.
Look, it's still on the
cards that they could literally
have gone off for
a new life, right?
Doesn't seem likely.
So, May, what are you thinking
of doing with this house?
I don't know.
I think maybe I'll just sell it.
I mean, the sort of money a
place like this could give me,
I could actually
study journalism.
Then I wouldn't have to work
for such twats that just wanna
hear me talk about
torture porn stories.
I mean, it's not like I
actually knew the people
that lived here, I had no
relationship with them at all.
I mean, there's nothing
actually keeping me here.
Hell yeah, you're
absolutely right.
Mark this as a payment for
your dad never being around.
You're right.
This is a good thing.
They have real chickens.
Hey, baby.
Hey, Anya!
- What?
- Anya?
Yeah, I'm coming.
Is that blood?
Oh, come on, Chris.
Don't be saying shit like
that around May, she'll freak.
I'm sure that's blood.
Blood, paint.
Hell, it could even
be chicken blood?
Who knows?
Oh, come on.
I'm sure the police did
a good scout around here.
You have to loosen
up a little bit.
Just stop running your thoughts.
Chill, dude, hm?
Anya, I think this
looks like more blood.
You're kidding me.
What do you want me
to do with the boxes?
Uh, just unpack
them in the kitchen.
Why, hello, my busters.
MythBuster himself here.
Anyone looking to get into
the spooky spirit of the dead,
this certainly will
not disappoint.
Sit back.
Maybe turn on a light.
I recently read of a story,
a supposed true story,
that takes place on the other
side of the pond, England.
I know what you may
all be thinking.
Scarecrow, isn't that
just a stuffed costume
that the farmer puts
out, stuffs with hay
to scare away the scarecrows?
But the actual origin
of the scarecrow
has a whole lot more
to it than that.
Now this supposed true
story takes place in 1991
with a girl named June
whose parents were murdered.
Now June is fully
convinced that a scarecrow
killed her parents, but
from what I read though,
it looks to be a
robbery that went wrong
and the parents died and the
only people that survived
were June and her brother,
that's what I could tell.
Now, fast forward to
2016, 20 years later,
on the anniversary of
her parents' death,
June's brother gets found
dead of a supposed suicide
on the same land where
her parents had died.
So now, June, the very next day,
after her brother has
died of apparent suicide,
June, along with her best
friend and her therapist,
Go to the house to
try and clean it up.
Oh, what a beautiful horse.
Yo, where did you
find that?
It was inside there.
You think it was her nana's?
- Maybe?
- Oh, sexy.
Who the hell are you?
You shouldn't be on this land.
Our friend owns it.
- Friend?
- May Sealey?
The owner as of today.
Who the hell are you?
Young girl inherits a farm?
Be careful in this period.
You know the owners
went missing, right?
Why don't you
get off this land
before we call the cops here?
I was here first!
And I bet the police would
like the hear that, too.
Now, get your crap and get
the hell out of this land!
Go and find a homeless
shelter or something.
Why do you wanna sleep
in the farm anyway?
Posh bitches.
We're calling the cops in
five minutes, just get walking!
Who's in there?
No, don't take that!
It's that time again.
Once again, we are in
fear of his presence.
Unable to leave.
The curse of the scarecrow has
cursed our family for years,
never allowing us to
move on, move forward.
Trapped in a cycle
for generations
to stop others from
becoming in danger.
For decades.
Every year.
He returns.
Our family has dedicated
years of our lives
to protecting the secret.
Never allowing others
to be hurt by the curse
that was put on the land.
I can't have my family harmed.
But as my granddaughter
gets older in age,
I fear.
She needs to know.
The truth.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, all good.
Just clearin' up.
You find anything upstairs?
What have you got there?
Just some stuff, you know,
stuff that was boxed away.
It was left out by the hallway.
- What did you find?
- Well...
People have gone missing
from this land before.
As in, before the
people who lived here.
More have vanished.
Let me see.
Babe, it's crazy,
check it out.
Every year, even more
so than last year,
people have gone
missing from this area.
And not even just from here.
Check out the map.
In Essex, June Sommers,
Karen Gilbert, Nancy Strong.
You know what's nuts?
It's all been around
the same timeframe
as your relatives gone missing.
Could be a coincidence.
What does the
reporter in you think?
She thinks it's something
more than a coincidence.
A cult maybe?
- A scarecrow?
- I know, I know.
It's ridiculous as
Babe, I couldn't make
it up, even if I tried.
These people are crazy.
They actually believe
that a scarecrow did it.
Do you see what I see?
- Deja vu, eh?
- Oh, my god.
We look so alike.
Crazy, isn't it?
- I found this in the barn.
- Holy shit, May!
Where did you find that?
Well, I just found
it in the barn!
Okay, okay.
Let's just put it
somewhere safe, yeah?
Let's go upstairs.
- Which one do you prefer?
- I have no preference.
I see you ladies
found the wine.
Oh, she had some
expensive shit.
Yeah, here, check it out
- Where did you find this?
- It was out in the stables.
Did you guys know that you
own a bunch of farm animals?
I wonder whose this was?
Come on, let's grab a drink.
- You're going to France?
- Yeah.
I've got this wicked apartment.
- Wow.
- In Nice.
When did you decide that,
when did you decide that?
Well, a friend of mine gave
me this place for six months.
So, have you told your
mom about the house?
I don't think I'm
going to, either.
Can I ask why?
I just think with everything
that's happened it's probably
best that we just carry on
leading separate lives, you know?
This house is so cool.
I'd seriously consider
selling it, you know.
am I supposed to do?
Leave the city and become
a little farm girl?
wrong with that?
It could be fun.
What have you got there?
It's nothing
Holy shit, girl.
like her twin, right?
How strange to look
so alike with someone
you've never actually met.
Do you believe in reincarnation?
- I dunno.
- I think it must be.
I mean, there's gotta be
something more than just us.
What if you are her?
Well, if I am her, I
don't know that I am, do I?
Do you know how she died?
Long story.
Explain, how?
She was actually burnt alive.
On this land.
It was the early 1900s and
her husband, she was engaged,
he was accused of being a thief,
and she was painted
with the same brush.
So they threw her in the barn
and they burnt her alive.
God, holy crap.
And her husband?
Apparently he was
turned into a scarecrow.
The legend of a
scarecrow comes from him.
He was strung up like
a scarecrow, starved,
and then pecked
to death by crows.
My god, that's deep.
I have an idea.
What are we doing here?
We are gonna try
to invoke the spirit.
See if Mary-Lou walks
the barns anymore.
Anya, stop.
Nah, this is sick!
Invoke spirit?
It's probably total BS, but
when I was doing a write-up
on spirits, we all
know I'm a believer,
I read on how to invoke one.
Trust me, it's total bullshit.
No, come on, let's invoke
the spirit of that girl.
The one that I look like.
Let's all hold hands.
Are you kidding me, are
we actually doing this?
Come on, babe, it's
not gonna work anyway.
I summon you with my hold.
You who hold the sight
I see in the image.
The body of God.
The spirit of the devil.
You who takes all
those who come.
You who refuses no one.
Our great lady who exacts
the price of blood.
Mother and daughter.
Destroy all the era and
transform the world.
Come to me now and
change my life!
Where did you get that
god-awful spell from?
I got it online, okay?
Told you.
What do we do now?
the fuck was that?
Guys, I'm kinda
getting creeped out now.
I wonder if it's the spirit.
Alright, let's
get out of here.
What the hell was that?
I told you, my spell worked.
That was no spell!
So, what if the
scarecrow is real?
No, come on.
Usually I'm not the
supernatural believer,
but they all vanished
on this land.
I think that
was a coincidence.
Okay, look, look.
It's fine, it's fine, okay?
Maybe just some
fucked up wiring.
Look, we've all have
enough for the day.
Let's hit the hay.
You're so cute.
The rose.
I didn't get you no rose.
You know I love a romantic.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
How you doing?
I'm fine.
I know it's a lot of shit to
deal with and it's not easy
finding out about your
dad's side of the family,
inheriting this house.
I know it's hard.
I just wanted to say that
I'm here with you, okay?
I know.
You sure?
Did you just see something?
See what?
I don't know, I swear
I just saw something.
there's nothing there.
Anya, there isn't
a signal on my phone.
Of course not, we're
in the middle of nowhere.
Is this you?
"You're invited to a wedding."
I didn't write that.
You're invited, too.
I found this in
the bedroom earlier.
What is it?
I, I think it's
some kind of journal.
It was my grandmother's, the
one that lived here before us.
And it keeps an account of
the time that she spent here.
But the weirdest bit
about it is that...
Go on, babe, what is it?
It's saying the same stuff
that you discovered earlier/
It's saying she was
protecting this land
so no one could get hurt again.
It was saying that people
died under the hands of him.
Him being?
The scarecrow.
Why is May outside so late?
Let me check.
She says he rises
every 48 hours.
Dude, what's with the music?
I didn't turn it on.
Why is May outside?
- Outside?
- Yeah!
Come on.
What the fuck?
I saw her.
Right here.
How'd you know?
I saw
her from my window.
Let me check the house.
I didn't turn this on.
Holy straw.
Don't, don't, don't.
Who is it?
Who's there?
Darren, what the
hell is going on?
I don't think
you'll believe me.
I don't believe myself.
Darren, where the hell
did you find this?
Listen, take this and
shoot anything that you see.
- What the hell is going on?
- Go, Christine.
Anya, what the, where's
May, is she okay?
- Get out of here.
- May, where's May?
Come on, bitch, see
what mama's got for ya.
Help me!
Someone help me!
That's not me.
That's not me, that's not me.
I'm not her.
No, no, no, no!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
It is me.
I died but I'm back now.
I saw what they did to you.
I was watching,
I saw everything.
They killed you for
something that you didn't do.
I saw it all.
They strung you up
and they starved you.
And I saw what the crows did.
They pecked you to
death, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I've missed you.
I've missed you.
I'm the only one taking
this bitch down the aisle.
He's gone.
What was that?
He thinks I'm that
girl from the photo.
- Who is she?
- Mary-Lou!
The one who was murdered
in the early 1900s.
It's the curse of the scarecrow.
It said that Anthony Web
was tied up in the cornfield
by the locals and
starved to death,
and then his
wife-to-be, Mary-Lou,
was burnt alive in the barn.
They were both murdered by
the locals by fear of theft!
And Mary-Lou?
- You're related?
- Yeah!
Apparently my bloodline has
been protecting this curse
of the scarecrow for years
making sure no one else got hurt!
- Well, something happened!
- Yeah, they were all killed!
How do we stop it?
I don't think we can.
Why was he trying to marry you?
Because he wants Mary-Lou.
He actually thinks
that I am her.
I don't think we can stop it.
It says here that'll he'll
attack anyone on this land,
still thinking he's in
the time of his death.
Wait, "anyone who
faces the scarecrow
"must see it through
the 48 hours.
"Each hour of the curse is
each hour until he died.
"Once the 48 hours is up,
the curse will be no more."
We only have to wait 48 hours
for the curse to be over.
For goodness sake.
We don't know when the
48 hours begun, mate.
Well, then we need to
get the hell out of here!
I'll grab the keys, then.
He wants me to be his bride.
Get out of here.
Oh, fuck.
May, what're you doing?
What're you doing?
You want Mary-Lou?
I have to do this, Darren.
This won't stop.
I have to do this.
It won't stop.
May, no!
- May, please!
- Shush.
This won't stop
until I stop this.
He won't stop until
he's with Mary-Lou.
In life and in death.
I'm so sorry, Darren.
I love you.
Please, babe.
Don't leave me!
Shut the door, Darren.
Shut the door, Darren!
May, no.
I'm sorry.
You are not alone anymore.
May the curse
rest here forever.