Bride of the Monster (1955) Movie Script

This is the worst storm yet.
Yeah, almost every night
for the last three months.
Well, it sure ain't natural.
I'm getting away from this
lightning while I still can.
Ah, you'll be soaked to the
bone before you get ten yards.
Well I'd better be
soaked than barbecued.
What if we ran for it?
It's impossible to
make it to the main road.
Maybe we can make it
to the old Willows place?
Are you out of your mind?
Do you actually believe
in them monsters?
But the newspaper story said...
Oh, act your age, Mac.
Here's the house.
Don't look good to me.
Ah, you're just spooked.
Well, spooked or not, that
place just don't look healthy.
It hasn't been lived in
in 15 years, it's deserted.
It is, huh?
Thought you said this
place was deserted?
Well, it's supposed
to be. I don't get it.
What do you want?
Let's get out of here.
Uh, we didn't think
anybody lived here.
It was all his idea.
We thought maybe we
could get out of the rain.
It looks like it's
going to last all night.
It's pretty bad out there.
Oh no, you can't stay.
Oh, be reasonable.
You can't stay.
We might catch pneumonia.
You're not welcome in my house.
Go away, now, go, go, go.
Lobo! No, no!
The monster!
Now you believe those
newspaper stories?
Do you hear that, Lobo?
You're the monster.
Perhaps, one day you
will meet the monster.
Heh, heh, heh.
Wait, wait! I can't run anymore.
We gotta keep going.
That was the monster.
Well, I wouldn't give to see a
couple of cops right about now.
Come on.
You, get these straps off of me.
Let me loose, do you hear me?
Lobo hears,
but he cannot speak.
Lobo is mute.
Because of the
storm, I was afraid
we were not going
to have guests tonight.
Lobo, you're too
rough with my patient.
Already, he tires of
our humble hospitality.
I said, let me out of here.
At the moment, I am
afraid it is impossible.
Who are you?
Vornoff, Dr. Eric Vornoff.
The name will
mean little to you.
What are you doing to me?
You will be soon
as big as a giant.
Strength of 20 men.
Or, like all the others,
Turn off the switch.
Isn't it strange, Lobo?
Our friend always returns home
after his long, tiresome swim.
What's your name?
You find out.
We will. Hey,
watch that cigarette.
What were you
doing in the swamp?
What's it to you?
That's enough of that, buster.
No tank town jail can hold me.
I'll be out of this here
rat trap in 24 hours.
That's what you think.
Vagrancy will hold
you for 72 hours.
Take him downstairs
and book him.
All right, let's go.
Let go of me, I said.
You can't do that to me. Let go.
Hey, where do you
think you're going?
What do you mean,
where do I think I'm going?
I've got captain
Robbins' newspapers.
You have, have you?
And since when you don't leave
the captain's papers with me?
Since the captain told
me to bring 'em in myself.
When you read 'em
first, you mess 'em up.
Hold your tongue and
give me those papers
or I'll have you locked up
for peddling without a license.
I got a license.
Want to bet I can make
it expire all of a sudden?
Come in.
Here's the late
editions, captain.
Look, why can't I
work on this case?
Get back to your desk.
Yes, sir.
- And Kelton.
- Yes, sir?
I told the boy to bring
the papers in himself.
Yes, sir. But if you ask me...
I didn't.
Yes, sir.
- And Kelton.
- Yes, sir?
Where's lieutenant Craig?
In his office, I think.
Send him in.
Yes, sir, right away, sir.
Come in.
Hi, captain.
Hello, Dick, sit down.
Seen today's papers?
Is there anyone who hasn't?
Well, there's the one
nice thing about birds.
They never cause
anybody any trouble.
Your girlfriend
writes a good story.
She thinks so. Anything new.
12 disappearances around
this place and nothing to go on.
And nothing this time either.
Been around that swamp so
many times, I'm getting web-footed.
It's been fired recently.
It's been fired
several times recently.
Jake Long's wife
identified it a little while ago.
The coat belonged to
Ralph McRae, his partner.
They went hunting by Marsh
Lake and never returned.
Not much left of it.
Boys found it
floating in the lake.
What about the rifle?
About a mile from
the old Willows place.
All ties together.
But it doesn't prove anything.
You think there's anything
in these monster stories?
Your girlfriend does.
What about you?
The police don't
believe in monsters.
Facts are our business.
Facts and only facts,
and don't you forget it.
I'm telling you, the
captain isn't seeing nobody.
Now please be a good
girl, Miss Lawton, and go.
Captain Robbins, will you tell
this Junior G-man to let me go?
Kelton. Yes, sir.
Let her go.
Just as you say, captain.
It used to be a
newspaper reporter
could get information
around this place.
What in the world do you mean?
Now, he makes like a comic.
Dick Craig, I don't
put much stock
in the future success
of our married life
if already you're holding
out secrets on me.
You've been dodging me all day.
Where'd you get
an idea like that?
You mean you haven't
been dodging me?
No. And all those
times I called.
And Kelton said the line
was busy, it really was?
Ok, let's have the story on
Lake Marsh and the monster.
Uh... monster, monster... aaah.
I thought so.
There is no such
thing as monsters,
this is the 20th century.
Don't count on it.
Monsters, I mean.
Now, Janet.
Don't you "now, Janet" me.
And you can count
our engagement off.
- You don't mean that.
- Yes, I do.
No, she doesn't.
I most certainly do.
Well, then, give
him back the ring.
If you're throwing over the
marriage, give him back the ring.
Now, chief, I...
Captain. Give him back the rock.
It's the only fair thing.
I'd rather throw it
in Lake Marsh first.
Besides, we've got to
leave our personal lives
out of our business lives.
As it should be.
As I've been saying all along.
Dog! Now, what about
the monster story?
Well, that's your own story.
You wrote it and
you're stuck with it.
There's no such
thing as monsters.
But two more men have
vanished up at Lake Marsh.
That makes 12 in three months.
Everything points to
an inhuman violence.
Or do you still stick to the
alligator devouring routine?
You're withholding
news from the public.
Janet, you may not believe this,
but you got all
the story there is.
You're right, I
don't believe it.
Well, nevertheless,
it's the truth.
Except for the monster, figment
of your very vivid imagination.
While we've got
nothing more to go on
than what you
reported to the paper.
The figment of my imagination
is something I believe
and you haven't been
able to disprove it.
We've conducted
every possible search.
Monsters, it's
fantastic. You know that.
Our business is dealing
in facts, evidence.
Can't you see that?
Men disappearing. Huh.
There's plenty of
quicksand out there.
Yeah, 12 went down
in the same place.
Well, we're doing
our best to solve it.
Maybe your best
isn't good enough.
- Janet!
- No, I mean it.
No clues.
What's this, a dancing costume?
And this, a pogo stick?
Well, I've got to admit
those we're found at the lake.
But remember, they
were in your own story.
No human did this.
So you say.
Well, looks like I've run
into a dead end around here.
Ok, if you boys wanna
play a game of secrets.,
there's nothing
left for me to do
but take a run out to
Lake Marsh myself.
Over my dead body.
That could be arranged.
She's just crazy enough
to do what she says.
- You know what, captain?
- What?
I think you're right.
Hi, Tillie.
Hi, Janet. Long time no see.
Tillie, do you remember
a couple of years ago
in the real estate section
when the old Willows
place out on Lake Marsh
was up for sale,
against back taxes?
Seems to me that was around
November or December of '48.
- Wanna see the files?
- Yes.
Just a minute.
Here they are.
October to December, '48.
In the top file there.
I won't be long.
Take your time I ain't going
anyplace, and neither are they.
Find what you wanted, Janet?
Yes, thanks. Sorry to
leave such a mess for you.
Well, that's what
I get paid for.
Be a dear, Tillie.
Call the boss.
Tell him I'll be gone
the rest of the day,
- I'll report in
later. Sure thing.
On something hot?
Oh, it could be.
Oh, and Dick.
Call him at headquarters,
break my dinner date with him.
Tell him I... I have
an ulcer or something.
Leave it to me. I fix.
- Hi, Janet.
- Oh, hi, Marge.
Janet. Still on
the monster hunt?
What do you think?
I think the boss has been
looking for you all day.
Something about the police
wanting those monster stories 86'd.
You've got the
whole town in a panic.
I didn't hear you.
- I said...
- I know what you said.
But I didn't hear you.
I get it. See you later.
Lieutenant Craig has
been working on the case
a long time, professor.
I'd like him to hear
what you just told me.
I should be happy to cooperate.
Oh, hello, Dick.
Professor Vladimir
Strowski, lieutenant Craig.
Glad to meet you, professor.
How do you do?
Professor, will you
bring him up to date?
Lieutenant Craig, have you
ever heard of Loch Ness?
I think so. That's a
lake in Scotland, isn't it?
Mm... Then perhaps
you are familiar
with the Loch Ness monster.
A few years ago, I was
called in by the British police
to investigate the appearance
of a monster at Loch Ness.
Well, they thought that
it was some creature
left over from a bygone age.
I am considered an
authority on the subject
of prehistoric monsters.
However, I must admit
that my investigation failed
to get the desired results,
in that I did not see
the monster myself.
But others did.
There are sworn statements.
Professor, is it your
theory that perhaps
the Loch Ness monster crossed
the ocean and came to the swamp?
I consider that possibility
extremely remote.
But the cases do
bear a certain similarity,
in that there are so
many varied descriptions
of this so-called monster.
And I thought perhaps, with
my knowledge of such things,
and with your
permission, of course,
that I might be able to shed
some light on this mystery.
That is the reason
for my presence here.
What do you think, Dick?
Well, there's no denying
we need help of some sort.
And you'll keep your findings
secret for the time being?
As you will.
And you don't mind
a little company?
How do you mean, company?
Lieutenant Craig.
At times, the police
can be quite useful.
I should be most happy to have
lieutenant Craig's assistance.
How soon can you be ready to
leave for Lake Marsh, lieutenant Craig?
I'm ready.
Well, I suggest we
wait until morning.
There was a storm
brewing when I came in.
And it is so close to nightfall.
According to reports,
the monster
strikes only at night.
Undoubtedly true, but the
preliminary investigation
should take place in daylight.
The night, the monster,
all in good time.
Sounds logical.
Whatever you say.
Now, gentlemen, since I just
arrived in town this afternoon,
if you will excuse me,
I should like to
return to my hotel.
Certainly, sir.
Good day, captain.
Until morning, lieutenant Craig.
I'll be here.
Strange sort of bird.
Where do I meet him?
Here, ten o'clock.
That will give him
plenty of daylight.
Well, see you later.
Hmm, got a date?
What do you think?
I'll say you don't.
I don't?
Girl from her office called in.
Said that Janet had a
headache or some such thing.
If she's gone to
Lake Marsh alone.
I'll take her across my knee,
if it's the last thing I do.
Well, it probably would be.
Watch him, Dick.
Just a hunch.
You are all right now, my dear.
Who... who are you?
I'm... I'm Dr. Eric Vornoff.
You had a severe shock.
How did I get here?
That's not important
for the moment.
What you need now is rest.
You will sleep.
For the lovely young lady,
Well, here we are
at the fork in the road.
Like they say in
all good westerns,
which way to go?
Well, that's the road
to the Willows place.
Let's take a chance on that one.
Ok. You know, I get to
hate this swamp more
every time I come out here.
You just weren't born
for swamp duty, Marty.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
I'd like to transfer
to a department
as far away from
here as possible.
The wind and the rain.
Gives this place a gleam
that just isn't natural.
The ground alive
with crawling things,
crawling death.
You're right there, Marty.
This swamp is a
monument to death.
Snakes, alligators, quicksand,
all bent on one thing.
Something strange
about all this rain.
The lightning's
been going crazy too.
Maybe it's like the papers said.
All these atom bomb explosions
distorted the atmosphere.
You know, if I was this
professor Strowski guy,
I wouldn't come out in
this swamp without a guide.
You know, that's the
one thing I can't figure.
He comes to the office with
all these monster stories,
makes an appointment
to come out here with us,
then he goes off by himself.
Are you sure he came out here?
Where else could he go?
Well, let's get at it. Hm.
Janet's car?
Yeah, there's
not a trace of her.
Well, maybe after the accident
she found her way down to
the road and then back into town.
I've gotta be sure.
Look, there's a coffee
joint about ten miles back,
let's go and check.
- Let's go.
- Ok.
Where did you find her car?
Not a sign of her?
Where's Strowski?
I told you not to let
him out of your sight.
Right, captain.
I don't like the
looks of things.
Well, get back to Strowski.
I'll get word to you later.
You look worried, Dick.
No one.
Captain Robbins, her
apartment, her office.
No one has heard from her
since yesterday afternoon.
Captain Robbins
is checking further.
Ok, but what do we do?
Orders, find Strowski.
Ah, get me the city desk.
Hello, Jim.
Yeah, about the Lawton girl.
Uh, he just called me too.
Who saw her last
around your office?
Don't be afraid of Lobo.
He's as gentle as a kitten.
Put the tray down here.
- That is all.
Get out.
I said, get out!
That is all.
Now come, my dear.
Some cream or sugar?
You didn't have
your breakfast yet.
Now it's past noon.
You must be hungry.
What happened to me?
Your automobile, an accident.
Lobo brought you here. To me.
What is this place?
And who are you?
Don't you remember
I told you last night?
Did you tell me?
Yes, I'm Dr. Eric Vornoff.
Oh. This is the
old Willows place.
How did you know?
I checked our real estate files.
A Dr. Eric Vornoff
bought the Willows place
in November of 1948.
You are a newspaper
reporter, huh?
My name seems to
mean much to you.
Well, actually it wasn't your
name I was interested in.
Through the mysteries
of Lake Marsh,
and the Willows place
being right on the lake.
I looked in the files to
see what happened to it.
Your name was
there as the purchaser.
I thought perhaps
you might have heard
something about the monster.
Oh, my dear Miss Lawton. I...
When did I tell you my name?
You didn't.
But since you were unconscious,
I took the liberty
looking into your purse.
You must have
seen my press card.
Yes, I did.
Well, since you knew the answers
already, why the third degree?
And who or what
was that monster?
Oh, he's quite human.
I discovered him in
the wilderness of Tibet.
He has been quite
useful to me... At times.
But now, since your
tiring experience,
I think we have talked too much.
I'm not the least bit tired.
But you are tired.
You are so tired.
Suddenly, I...
I do feel very tired.
Very tired.
Very tired.
Lobo! Take the
girl to my quarters.
My dear professor Strowski.
Well, it has been
a very long time.
It is you.
You can see.
In Paris, I missed
you by a month.
In London, a week.
At Loch Ness, by only one day.
The monster of Lake Marsh
sounded again like you.
Why the sudden interest
in me, professor Strowski?
Your experiments in
atomic energy, of course.
Ah, so my dear country
now believes in my work.
And that it can be a success.
Our government wants
you to return, Vornoff,
to continue your research
and experiments there,
where you can have
everything at your disposal.
Why do you laugh?
Surely this is not
a laughing matter?
My dear professor Strowski.
20 years ago, I was
banned from my homeland.
Parted from my wife and son,
never to see them again.
Because I suggested
to use the atom elements
for producing super beings.
Beings of unthinkable
strength and size.
I was classed as a madman,
a charlatan,
outlawed in the world of science
which previously
honored me as a genius.
Now, here in this
forsaken jungle hell,
I have proven
that I'm all right!
Now, professor Strowski,
it is no laughing matter.
Yes. Yes, indeed
it was a tragic error.
But, as soon as I had learned
how correct your findings were,
always have been,
I informed those in authority.
Vornoff, I have searched
for you everywhere,
everywhere I hear
stories of monsters.
Now, I am here,
sent to bring you home.
I have no home.
Hunted, despised,
living like an animal,
the jungle is my home.
But I will show the world
that I can be its master.
I will perfect my
own race of people.
A race of atomic supermen
which will conquer the world.
Yes. Yes, of course.
A truly great master race,
such as I convinced my
superiors only you could create.
One with which our government
can rule the world
without debate.
You misunderstand me, Strowski.
I don't intend to return home.
My plans are for myself.
Are you mad, Vornoff?
One is always considered mad,
when one discovers something
that others cannot grasp.
Our government ordered
me to bring you back.
I'm afraid you will
find that rather difficult.
You see, Vornoff, I
did not come alone.
Neither did I, my dear Strowski.
Bring him along, Lobo.
Come, come.
You are a fool, Vornoff.
You... you may...
you may kill me,
but others will come. Silence.
You will never
get away with this.
Put him in there.
Vornoff! Vornoff! No! No!
Help! Help!
Vornoff! Vornoff!
Now, professor Strowski,
you will get a much closer
view of the product of my genius.
The alleged monster
of Lake Marsh.
Vornoff! Vornoff!
Vornoff! Vornoff!
Your country offers fame
and fortune for my return,
but my price is so
much more great.
You will disappear,
professor Strowski,
just as all the others
have disappeared.
Vornoff! Vornoff!
It's a rental car.
Think it's the one
Strowski used?
I'd make book it is.
It's getting dark now.
You take the car, and
go down to the beach.
I'll go through the swamp
to the old Willows place.
Oh, here. You'd better
take this with you.
- Oh, Marty?
- Yeah?
You see anything suspicious,
you know where I am.
Trouble is, everything in
this swamp is suspicious.
What can I do for you, sir?
Captain Robbins, homicide.
Why, captain I haven't murdered
anyone in a month of Sundays.
Did Janet Lawton stop by
here late yesterday afternoon?
Oh, just a like a policeman,
no sense of humor.
Yes, she stopped by
late in the afternoon.
Remember the time?
Well, not to the second.
She came in around
two, and left around 3:30.
Then again, that
isn't so late, is it?
What'd she want?
She was looking for information.
That I'm sure of.
Do you happen to know
what that information was?
Well, sure.
- Well?
- Well, what?
Must we play games?
I didn't know we were.
What was Miss Lawton
looking for in the files?
Oh, well, why didn't you
ask that in the first place
instead of all your chit-chat?
She was looking over
the real estate files
in October, November
and December of 1948.
In particular, the sale
of the old Willows place,
out on Lake Marsh.
Did she find what
she was looking for?
Well I guess she did. At least,
she found the sales notice.
I saw it myself
after she rushed out.
She left the paper open
at the November 26th date.
Wanna see it?
Why, very much.
Well, it's right up there. I
haven't had time to put it back yet.
Yeah, Dr. Eric Vornoff.
Give me all you have on him.
I'll hang on.
Are we ready for the girl?
Oh, lovely.
Strap her to the table.
Do as I command you.
I'll teach you to disobey.
You will obey.
Strap her in.
Strap her in, I command you.
Get the equipment ready.
It will hurt just for a moment,
and then you will emerge a woman
of super strength and beauty.
The bride of the atom.
You are insane.
My paper knows where I am.
You can't hurt me
and get away with it.
As soon as my
experiments are completed,
no one can ever touch me,
I will make the law.
Either way, whether
I succeed or fail,
it will not hurt you very long.
Let me go! Let me go!
You heard what she said.
Who are you?
For one thing, the police.
Now turn her loose
and make it fast.
You have the advantage
for the moment.
Stop talking and turn her loose.
Take him out, quickly.
Where's lieutenant Craig?
We found Strowski's
car down the road.
Lieutenant took off
through the swamp.
Sent me down here to
the beach to wait for him.
Where was he heading?
Old Willows place.
- Kelton.
- Yes, sir.
Now, this is
your first time out.
- Don't mess up the operation.
- Yes, sir.
I mean no, sir.
Martin, you stay with me.
Yes, sir.
Come on.
I'm sure my experiments
on the young lady
will interest you.
I'll live to see you hang.
There are much more
important things to attend.
I hope the straps
are not cutting.
Such lovely skin
should not be marred.
Lobo, stop.
Stop. Stop, I command!
Easy, Janet.
Janet, get me the gun.
I've gotta stop him.
You can't, he'll kill you.
He probably will anyway.
Stay here.
Turn that thing off.
No! No!
I beg you!
Kelton, you station
yourself here.
You men surround the house.
Martin, you come with me.
All right, captain.
- Ready?
- Right.
Look, the place is on fire.
Let's get out of here
before we get roasted.
Ca... captain, look!
What do you suppose that was?
Well, whatever it is, get it.
Oh, wait a minute.
Here comes Dick.
He's got Janet.
Get him!
No, don't shoot!
You might hit Janet.
Let's go.
- Marty.
- Yeah?
Give me a gun.
Here you go.
There he goes!
Can I suggest
something, captain?
No! Now get on
up over that ledge.
Get up over on top of him.
That's what I was gonna suggest.
Well, stop the chattering.
- Get in action.
- Yes, sir.
Now he's clear. Give it to him.
I think it's broken.
Don't move, buddy.
He tampered in god's domain.