Bride of Violence (2018) Movie Script

(eerie contemplation music)
- Then I heard was sounded
like a great multitude,
like the roar of rushing waters
and like loud peels of thunder shouting,
"Hallelujah, for our Lord
God Almighty reigns."
Tommy, please pick it up at verse 7.
- Let us rejoice and be
glad and give Him glory
for the wedding of the lamb has come
and his bride has made herself ready.
- [Greg] Go on.
- Fine linen bright and clean
was given to her to wear.
Then the angel said to me,
"Right, blessed are those
"who are invited to the
wedding supper of the lamb."
He added, "These are
the true words of God."
- You could stop there Tommy, thanks.
Dennis, what do you think he means?
- He means that we are the bride.
Jesus is telling us that
he is our bride groom.
- It isn't Jesus talking; it's John.
- The word of God?
- You're both right.
Yes Dennis, John's doin' the talking
but we can never forget
this is the word of God.
A man might be writing the text,
but only as a vessel to God.
Christ speaks through the words.
What he's saying here is
we are the bride of Christ,
the wedding is Heaven and
we must remain pure for Him.
Do you want to come to your
wedding day and disappoint Him?
No, we wanna remain clean and
righteous in the eyes of God.
- Can we get to the good stuff?
- What would that be, Tommy?
- Couple paragraphs down.
Jesus kills the Beast,
birds start eating people,
blood and guts everywhere.
- Let's pick up where
we left off next week.
I know most of you guys would be too busy
in your daily lives to
read the good stuff.
But please read Revelation
in your devotion time,
so we can talk about it more next week.
Let's pray, guys.
(intriguing piano music)
- I've been dyin' to kiss you all day.
- It's all I could think about.
We'll be alone this weekend.
I can't wait.
We should go in.
Worship's about to start.
- One more.
(muffled whispering)
- Dennis, could I steal
you away for a second?
- The service is startin'.
- Just for a second,
if I can keep you two apart for that long.
- It's okay, I'll find us a spot.
- You have the dreams, don't you?
I had them too when I was your age.
Sometimes they still come back.
The end of everything we know,
the coming of Christ,
others only read about it.
We can see them.
They always came to me at
times of great temptation.
I hear you and Kate aren't
goin' home after the retreat.
Don't look so surprised, Dennis.
Jessica's (mumbles) discipleship leader
and my wife keeps no secrets from me.
- We're goin' up north for a week.
- Alone?
- [Dennis] Yes.
- Do you think that's a good idea?
- We asked Charlie and Annette to go,
but they can't this weekend.
- I'll ask you again, Dennis.
Do you think it's a good idea
for you and Kate to go up there alone?
- My parents don't have
any problem with it.
- I spoke to your mom and
dad about it this morning.
They're not excited about you
goin' up there without a chaperone.
- We're not children.
- Dennis, you and I both know
Kate's mom's not a believer.
She hasn't had a man of God
in her life in a long time.
You, Dennis, you're her rock.
- I know.
- Are you two struggling with lust?
- No.
You don't trust me.
- Dennis, I'm talkin' to you right now
'cause I do trust you and I
want the best for you and Kate.
Jessica and I both do.
We know how difficult of a time this is.
This has gotta be the
hardest time to stay pure.
Your wedding's only a few months away.
It's easy to say we love each other,
we're gonna get married, so why wait?
- We're goin' camping, that's all.
- I didn't tell you not to go,
but I want you to be careful.
- I promise we won't do anything.
I'll be careful.
- Don't be afraid of them.
The dreams,
they're from God.
Be thou my vision
Oh Lord of my heart
Naught be all else to me
Save that thou art
Thou my best thought
By day or by night
Waking or sleeping
Thy presence my light
(reverent organ music)
(ominous music)
- Hey, shouldn't I be the one driving?
- Why's that?
- 'Cause I know the way, silly.
I guess I'll navigate for now.
(energetic bluegrass music)
When I was a young man, (mumbles) tree
- Hey Dennis,
can I get one?
And you two don't see any real ones?
- [Reporter] Breaking
news: one of two convicts
who escaped from the Maricopa
County Prison has been found.
He was surrounded in an abandoned home
in the town of Buckeye
and is now in custody.
Police are still looking
for the second convict.
- 23.47.
- Kate, go out and wait in the truck.
I'll be there in a minute.
- Okay.
- 23.47.
(foreboding orchestral music)
- It's wonderful, isn't it?
- Yes, it's beautiful.
- You haven't seen nothin' yet.
- Shouldn't we unpack first?
- That can wait.
C'mon, silly.
(river trickling)
(yelps) It's freezing.
Hurry up, slowpoke!
(somber orchestral music)
Mom and dad used to take
us here when we were kids.
Haven't really been here since.
You won't believe what
you're about to see.
- Is this (mumbles)?
Hey, Kate!
(metal clinking)
What is this?
- Where we go in.
- Kate, we can't do that.
- Dennis, I've been here before.
- Like 10 or 12 years ago.
- I actually never went inside.
- See?
You don't know what's livin' in there.
- Come on, what are you so
scared of, a big, scary beast?
Hey you, Mr Mountain
Lion, we're coming in.
Hope you don't mind a little company.
Nothing to be afraid of.
It's just kinda cold.
It's beautiful here.
- You're beautiful.
What's that?
- Oh, it leads down to some older tunnels.
A kid fell down there
in the 70s and got stuck
or at least that's what
the Park Rangers told us
when they told us not to come in here.
Can we go?
- Down there?
- No, back to the truck.
- What if we stayed here tonight?
- You're joking, right?
Two minutes ago, you didn't
even wanna come in here.
Now you wanna stay?
- I don't know.
When's the last time you got the chance
to camp out in a cave?
- Never?
Lord willing, I'll never have to.
(soft intriguing music)
Hey, come take a nap with me.
- Let's go for a hike.
- No Dennis, we just went for a hike.
- [Dennis] A swim?
That waterfall was pretty.
- No, my toes are still freezing
from the first time
they touched the water.
Why don't we just lay
down for a little bit,
then we'll collect some
wood and build a fire?
- I'm not tired.
I think I'll just read some more.
- Alright, wake me up in an hour please.
I don't wanna miss our weekend.
- Alright.
- Hey, I love you.
- Love you, too.
(foreboding music)
(river trickling)
- You know you're on my land, don't you?
- My girlfriend brought us up here.
- It's okay, kids come up here.
Been comin' up here for years.
I don't mind much.
As long as it ain't the kind
that smokes whatever it is
you all got these days;
set my trees on fire.
I don't take too kindly to them.
- I don't smoke anything, sir.
- Just up here for a
little roll in the hay.
- No sir, we're not married yet.
- Right.
You're not a Christian.
Puritan, that's what you are.
Puritans. (sighs)
They're afraid of the woods.
They think there's evil in the forest.
I happen to think it's the only place
where there ain't evil, just nature.
You deaf?
You can tell her you caught it.
- With what?
She won't believe me.
- Boy, they'll believe
anything if you say it right.
- What's your name?
- John.
- I'm Dennis.
(intriguing orchestral music)
(muffled laughing and crosstalk)
- Hey, I've been looking for you.
- Who are they?
- [Man] Aw, shit!
- What'd you do, bro?
- Dammit, stepped in shit.
(both laughing)
Hey, what's up man?
C'mon, what do ya got right there?
- Why are you goin' fishin' when you got
a big piece of tuna right here, man?
- Hey relax, man.
We're just keepin' your Mrs safe.
- From the lions.
- Lions?
- Cougars.
- (mumbles) cruises. (chuckles)
- You don't mind if we hang around
for a little while, do you?
- Yeah, we do.
We are planning on it being just us
and there's plenty of room out here
for you guys to go elsewhere.
- That ain't very social.
- Well this is our trip.
- [Man] Trip.
- (chuckles) That's what
we were plannin' to do.
Check this out, we got extra.
If you guys wanna stick around,
you don't have to of course.
- You guys must know John.
Yup, he told me there were some guys
hangin' out here on his land.
I just spoke to him down at the creek.
- You're right, there's
plenty of room around here.
Lions, tigers and bears!
- Oh my! (laughs hysterically)
- How did you come up with that?
- With what?
- The John or Jim thing.
- I guess I just have
an active imagination.
- You know that's called lying.
But it's like a white lie to protect me.
(soft electric guitar music)
I can't wait.
Aren't you excited?
- Yeah.
- Well you don't sound like it.
- I am.
I want it to be now.
- What's wrong?
Do you not want me to touch you?
- I think if we let ourselves go too far,
we might not be able to stop.
- Okay.
What if I don't want to stop?
- Kate, we're gonna be
married in a few months.
- Exactly, so what does it matter?
Dennis, I love you and you love me
and we're getting married.
What does it matter if we just do it now?
- You know it's wrong.
Look Kate, I love you.
I do really wanna be with you.
- No, yeah, you're right.
- Greg warned me this would happen.
- (laughs) Yeah.
Jessica told me to be careful.
It's none of their
fucking business anyway.
- Kate, don't say that.
- Dennis,
it's just us out here.
There's no one watching us,
looking over our shoulder.
No one counting up our sins.
- You know that's not true.
He's watching.
- No, please leave me alone.
(fire crackling)
Dennis, where are you going?
Dennis, don't leave me!
(foreboding music)
(intriguing orchestral music)
(ceerie piano music)
(leaves rustling)
Why did you leave me like that?
- I thought I heard something.
- What did you hear?
- Footsteps.
- Dennis, stop that.
- [Dennis] What?
- You're trying to scare me.
- Kate, I heard footsteps.
- Right, well I don't believe you.
Do you think they came back?
- Maybe it was the fisherman.
- Fisherman?
- [Dennis] Nothin'.
- Dennis, what's going on?
Okay, you can sleep in the truck.
- (huffs) Kate.
- [Kate] Goodnight.
(foreboding piano music)
- You almost let it die.
Just went down to the creek to wash up.
I feel better now.
Ya know what a shiv is?
- No.
- This little thing.
Now it woulda come in
mighty handy in prison,
lemme tell ya.
Any pointed object, really.
Anything you get your hands on,
Of course, don't mean nothin' out here.
That your girlfriend?
- She's my fiancee.
- Ssh, you don't wanna wake her.
Engaged, huh?
You got really good taste
in women, really good taste.
- John's comin' by any minute now.
He owns this place.
- Oh does he now?
Well then I guess you better
start makin' him some breakfast.
Maybe some coffee and when he
gets here, it's a little cold.
- The coffee's in the truck.
- Yeah.
(truck signal dinging)
(soft soothing music)
- Dennis?
- You listen to this stuff?
I love Schumann.
Incredible pianist
'til he broke his hand, of course.
A lotta time inside and had
a pretty extensive library.
Speakin' of hand injuries, didn't some guy
hack his own arm off with one of these?
(huffs) Jesus.
- We don't have any money with us,
but you can take the truck.
- Just leave us alone.
- [Berenger] What, leave you two out here
in the middle of nowhere?
- You could drop us off back in town.
- [Berenger] Back in town, huh? (chuckles)
- [Reporter] Police still have not found
the second escaped convict
identified as Bob Berenger,
who is serving a 15 year sentence
for grand theft auto and assault.
The prisoner he escaped with, Amos Balsam,
was found last week on
the outskirts of Tucson.
Berenger's believed to have traveled north
while Balsam went south.
Please contact authorities
if you have heard
any information on the
convicts whereabouts.
- I told Amos to come with me,
but he wanted to go to Mexico.
Too bad.
- What are you gonna do with us?
- With you?
With her?
It's been a long time, a really long time.
I got what I could inside
but it ain't the same, I'm tellin' you.
There's no substitute.
- Dennis?
- Don't you dare touch her.
- I've been dreamin' a goddamn long while
'bout touchin' a girl like her.
Heck, anything without two
balls dangling between its legs.
So yeah, I'm gonna touch her.
I am gonna fuck you.
You can lie there and take it
and make it a terrible experience.
Not for me, but for yourself.
I plan on enjoying it
no matter what.
You could enjoy it too, if you want.
I'd like that.
Dennis over here almost let
the fire go out last night.
Why don't you come over
here and warm up? (claps)
(mumbles) for breakfast!
- You're just gonna kill
us here, aren't you?
- Kill you?
No, I'm not gonna kill you.
Probably take your suggestion;
leave you two out here.
Drive the truck up to Colorado.
Have you ever been to Trinidad?
Used to be a mining town back in the day.
Nice little place.
Take your bra off.
- What?
- Take your bra off.
I wanna see your breasts.
Does this
make it a little easier?
- C'mon!
- Dennis, stop!
- What?
- Where are we going?
- Be quiet, he'll be coming any minute.
(soft piano music)
- (mumbles) outside.
- Where?
- Follow me!
Do you think he's gone?
- I don't know.
- What happens when it gets dark?
He probably just took the truck and left,
like he said he would.
We should check.
- What?
- Let's go see if he's out there.
- Kate, no.
- Dennis, we have no food here, no water.
It'll be dark soon.
- Okay, I'll go check.
- Hey, hey.
I love you.
(foreboding music)
(hand slapping)
(Dennis grunting)
- Welcome back to the land
of the living, Dennis.
I told you earlier; I didn't
have no plans to kill you.
But what you did wasn't very nice.
You won't be goin' anywhere anytime soon.
(Berenger chuckling maniacally)
- What'd you do to her?
- Nothing yet.
You tried to stab me with this.
This big ol' rusted nail.
If I didn't know any better,
I'd say you were tryin'
to kill me, Dennis.
Were you tryin' to kill me, Dennis?
I asked you a question.
(Kate whimpering)
- [Dennis] Yes.
- You're very lucky
I'm the forgivin' type.
Because I ain't gonna kill
ya. (laughs manically)
I'm still not gonna
take any chances, buddy.
(knife stabbing)
(Dennis screaming)
(Kate sobbing)
(ominous music)
You done?
Will you shut up?
He's the one in pain, not you.
Take your bra off.
(Kate whimpering)
Don't be shy.
Take your panties off.
Don't make me ask twice.
- Please.
- What did I say?
- I'm a virgin.
- What?
Buddy, does your dick work or what?
- We're waiting.
- Waiting.
For what, the second comin' of Christ?
- Marriage.
(Berenger laughing)
We're Christians.
- Dennis, you're tellin' me
you got this piece of ass
over here and you never tried to nail it?
That's crazy.
You're crazy. (chuckles)
How old are you, Kate?
That is the last time I
ask a question and you
don't answer it.
- 22.
- What a waste.
I'm sorry, honey.
That it had to be me
for your first time.
You can make this hard on yourself
you can try and enjoy it.
(Berenger grunting)
Yeah, I knew you'd come around.
(Kate screaming)
(eerie orchestral music)
Stop it.
(Berenger grunting)
(heart thumping)
(Greg gasping and breathing heavily)
- Honey, what's wrong?
- Where is he?
where is he?
- I don't know.
- It's okay, I still love you.
- You guys got some nifty toys.
Looks like you come prepared.
- I'm cold.
- Yeah, women are always cold.
- Can you start a fire?
- In this place?
Sure, if you wanna choke
on a bunch of smoke.
sure you wanna marry this girl?
She ain't exactly the
sharpest nail in the toolbox.
C'mon, I know you're thirsty.
It's from the creek.
It's not like I pissed in it or anything.
(water trickling)
(Berenger laughing)
- I'm thirsty.
(Berenger spitting)
(Kate yelping)
- How's the hand?
You're probably gonna need a tetanus shot.
Can tell ya that much.
Here, put this on for Christ's sake.
In case of an emergency, ya never know.
(Berenger grunting)
Damn, I almost forgot about those things.
Menace to society.
Where's yours?
(Berenger laughing and grunting)
Don't do that again.
I said don't do that again.
Now what in the hell did
you intend to do with these?
Men, always thinkin' with their dicks.
(Berenger blowing)
(condom popping)
(Berenger laughing hysterically)
Don't worry honey, he won't need these.
(mumbles) whistle.
I'm tryin' to figure out
how I can leave you two
up here in this cave.
Someone might be able to find
you easy after I take off.
Maybe a (chuckles) trail of breadcrumbs.
- Where are you gonna go?
- Nowhere.
- Trinidad?
- No, probably won't make it.
- With the truck, you could just take it
and get on outta here.
- No, no, no.
They'll trace it.
- We won't tell anyone.
- Shut up!
I won't make it.
When did you ever hear
of an escaped convict
who didn't get caught?
I just wanted to get some
good-ass pussy before they got me.
That's all that matters.
(laughs hysterically)
You want her next?
I ain't selfish.
Think about it.
I did all the hard work for ya.
It should be easy from here
on out. (laughs maniacally)
- Go to hell! (breathes heavily)
- (spits) Already there, honey.
Here, lemme help you with that.
Don't think you'll need
it anymore anyways.
Here, eat somethin'.
Here you go.
You might not be goin'
anywhere anytime soon.
Might need a little help this time, Kate.
Come on.
- Please.
Please, no.
- Come on.
- Please, no.
- You realize this is all your fault.
If you'd just been hospitable,
we'd all have gotten along.
(Dennis screaming loudly)
Come on,
come on.
You know what to do.
- (mumbles) do that.
- Don't get any bright
ideas while you're at it.
I'll make it worse on your
one true love over here.
(Dennis grunting painfully)
Sorry I have to put you through this, bud.
I just don't trust her.
Come on.
(Berenger panting heavily)
(foreboding music)
(Berenger laughing maniacally)
Never had it like that
in the slammer, goddamn.
(Kate whimpering and sobbing)
You bit me.
Gonna get some shut eye now.
takes the life right outta ya.
It does.
(Kate sobbing)
(foreboding orchestral music)
(Berenger snoring)
(Dennis wincing and breathing heavily)
(flesh tearing)
(Dennis sobbing)
(grunts) Good morning,
sunshine. (chuckles)
Don't wait up for me.
- [Kate] Dennis?
(ominous music)
(Dennis whimpering)
- Dennis.
What are you doin' down there, Dennis?
- [Kate] Is he still alive?
- Yeah, he's alive.
I can hear him movin' around. (laughs)
- [Kate] Dennis, don't leave me.
- Looks like he don't
love you no more, honey!
You're damaged goods. (laughs maniacally)
- [Kate] Dennis, please come back.
- Lord, please save us.
Please rescue us from this.
- What's that?
I can't quite hear you down there, Dennis.
- We need you right now.
Jesus, we need your help.
Please deliver us from evil.
- Evil.
- Lord, God, please.
- Amen!
(ominous music)
- Dennis?
Dennis, is that you? (yelps)
King of kings
Forever and ever
And ever
Hallelujah, hallelujah
And Lord of lords
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hey Dennis, we don't need ya anymore!
Get outta here!
It's just me and Kate now!
(Kate yelping)
King of kings
Forever and ever
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Sing it with me.
I know you know the words.
- No I don't.
You don't.
And he shall reign
Forever and ever
He shall reign
Forever and ever
King of kings
Forever and ever
Hallelujah, hallelujah
And Lord of lords
Forever and ever
Hallelujah, hallelujah
(fire fizzing)
(Kate yelping)
(eerie organ music)
- Holy shit.
- Shit shut the fuck up, man
'cause the sun's burning.
(foreboding orchestral music)
Oh shit!
Fucking zombie!
(Dennis grunting)
- I'll be damned, someone got him.
(gun blasting)
- We need to get the police.
You have a phone?
- You're hurt, I can clean that wound.
We need to get the truck running.
(gun thudding)
(foreboding music)
Then I saw the Beast,
the kings of the earth
and their armies gathered
together to wage war
against the rider on
the horse and his army.
I dressed your wound.
Eat as much as you want.
Your body needs the nourishment.
- Did you call the police?
She's up there right now with him.
- No need to raise your voice.
- [Dennis] Where is your phone?
- I don't have one.
Where's your girl?
Did those guys hurt her?
They're taken care of,
no one will find them.
Come with me.
(foreboding piano music)
What's done is done.
They're dead just like anything else.
Now, is she alive?
What did they do with her?
- Nothing.
She's in a mine.
A man has her.
He escaped.
- One of 'em got away.
I'll find her and this'll all be over.
- Lemme come with you.
- I hunt alone.
- (mumbles) God, come down the steps.
Deliver us.
I need you.
God, I fucking need you.
- That's what's wrong with you people.
You ask God to save you when
you should save yourselves.
(foreboding orchestral music)
(river whooshing)
(truck engine rumbling)
- Dear God, what happened to you?
Dennis, I had this dream
about you and Kate last night
and somethin' terrible happened.
- They're not dreams, they're real.
- Where's Kate?
C'mon, we gotta get you both outta here.
(gun blasting)
(Dennis gasping)
(Greg wincing)
(water splashing)
(foreboding music)
Hallelujah, hallelujah
- [Kate] Do you hear anything?
- (sighs) No.
You eat too loud.
Maybe he's dead.
Dead, dead, dead.
- Are you really gonna let me go?
- Sure, why not?
- What about Dennis?
- What about him?
(foreboding organ music)
- Do you really think he's dead?
- Hell if I know.
Maybe he got out and went to Vegas.
Do you love him?
- We're getting married, so yes.
- You just don't seem too
broken up that he's gone.
- He left without saying
anything, just ran off.
- Well honey, get used to it.
We never stick around.
How 'bout
we go to Vegas?
Just you and me.
Get hitched, have a little honeymoon.
Make all this official.
- How far away is Vegas?
- If that poor soul could
see his bride now. (chuckles)
Ooh lady, I'd be afraid
to tie the knot with you.
Do ya think you could ever
love somebody like me?
(rocks crackling)
- [Kate] Dennis?
- Hey, no hard feelings or anything
but Kate and I are gettin'
hitched in Vegas now.
You wanna be my best man?
(gun blasting)
Ow! (winces)
- Dennis!
- Ssh, the cops usually
say something first.
(gun blasting)
- Dennis, is that you?
- Ssh, shut up.
That's a bigger problem.
(sniffs) Son of a bitch.
I'd rather burn, baby.
I'd rather burn.
I'd rather burn!
Goodbye, darlin'.
Muah, it's been special.
(winces) I'd rather burn!
(Kate coughing)
- It's alright, it's alright.
Nothin's gonna happen to you.
Where is he?
(Kate screaming)
(John grunting)
(foreboding music)
- Dennis?
- He was going to kill us.
(intense piano music)
- Dennis?
- He has eyes like a blazing fire.
He has a head of many crowns.
He has a name written to him
that no one knows but himself.
(Berenger and Dennis grunting)
- Why have you forsaken me?
(knife stabbing)
- Dennis?
You're hurt.
You saved us.
I need to get you to a hospital.
- He is condemned.
The great prostitute
has corrupted the earth
by her adulteries.
(Kate yelping and whimpering)
- Dennis, stop!
(Dennis growling)
(knife stabbing)
(river trickling)
(intense piano music)