Bridge of Dragons (1999) Movie Script

Somewhere where the future
joins the past ..
The death of the King leaves a Princess
too young to rule.
The ambitious General Ruechang
assumes power ..
and leave the Kingdom in darkness
Is it where you want to go?
All you need to do was
follow the bodies to find you.
Well done Warchild
We will destroy you, the rebels
kill you, Ruechang!
Drop it!
For what to expect when you can
do it yourself.
If I approach you, a thousand bullets will
cut me into pieces.
If this man defeats me, he should
be released.
This could hurt a bit.
The perfect wedding gift.
Beautiful, prinsesa.
This cloth is the finest garment.
It's beautiful,
But I do not want to use it.
Prinsesa... what can I...?
I've been standing all afternoon,
I'm tired.
I'm going to rest
Yes, prinsesa
Halo, do you know that they will send him to the tower
and he will be thrown from there?
Maybe that postpones the wedding
for a while.
A thousand tailors will be able to jump from the tower
and even then you will get married tomorrow.
It does not matter that I do not love him?
Halo... Tomorrow you will take a husband and
the throne, your whole life has been planned.
I know my duties and responsibilities.
But what is my? It does not matter that I do not
this girl in love with this man?
You and royalty do not marry for love,
is the usual.
My parents loved each other.
-The times were different
Your father was special and the people expected
that you govern as he did.
I do not need Ruechang to do that.
A woman like you could soften a man.
-Ruechangia is not a man to soften.
I know you want to fall in love but you need to mature to do that.
Do you really think that, Lilly?
Help me with my coat.
I have more important things to do
than to help you get into trouble.
I wish you did not go!
Ma ana I will marry and maybe not
I can go back.
I will return at nightfall
Let it go!
Bring me more good wine.
What is the problem?
-I won?
That's the problem. I'm going to have to
stay for another round.
I would prefer to go somewhere else?
-Let me think... Yes.
Fighters of the second Round!
Take your places!
Who is that?
I had not seen it before
He is a good fighter but he does not stay
to collect the prize money.
Listen to that, it seems it's the
Make it fast.
First and second winner,
take your places.!
Warchild will defeat him, you'll see.
Come on champion, finish with him!
Good fight.
Where are you? -I do not know.
Where are you !?
What are you doing in my room?
-Where have you been?
That does not concern you!
That's what I like most about you
reminds me of your mother's strength and beauty.
You have no right to mention my mother,
you left!
Now I will go.
Nobody enters, nobody leaves.
How can I marry a
man like him?
Halo... -No, I do not want to listen to more of my duties
That man is a beast I would rather die
than to marry him.
You should not get to that
Did you see what he did to me? Do you think
will improve when we get married?
No... Of course you can not marry him.
-Lilly, I'm telling you...
What did you say?
-You can not marry him.
What do you mean, speak to me Lilly!
Are you hiding something from me?
What is it?
I'm going to tell you something that I have not told anyone.
The death of your father was not accidental.
Ruechang killed him.
How do you know that?
I saw him do it.
I was in the room.
Why did not you divulge it?
-I was afraid.
I'm still scared.
When people know that Ruechang
I kill him, -
they will face you
They will not face you
Ruechang controls the army, no
there is no one with the power to oppose him.
Not even you, will not stop until
sit on the throne.
If he killed my father, he would never sit on the throne.
I promise you that.
Raise the veil to see the
girl who will become a woman.
For the union of the two,
that share the wine.
Presenciarenos the union of General
Ruechang and Princess Halo
But we must hear that General Ruchang,
take the Halin prinsesa -
until death.
I will do it
Accept the Prinsesa Halo,
to General Ruechang...
Sorry, I could repeat that...
the premiere Halo, al...
I think it's because of the emotion of the day.
Let her rest.
We do not have time.
The room is full of guests.
Casenos now!
-But that will not be valid!
General, give it an hour, I'm sure
it will be restored.
One hour is what I will give you.
General Ruechang! Come quickly!
Prinsesa is not well.
the wedding will be postponed for a week.
Where are you going?
-To the east, does not have much advantage.
Part immediately.
The wedding is in a week.
Bring me my girlfriend.
We are grooming, is it oritated?
Yes and I would prefer to do it in
peace if it does not bother you?
Sure, we'll leave her alone.
But first there is something...
This fine horse...
The question is
that looks like a horse used
by the aristocracy.
Do you have any idea who are you talking to?
No, but I guess I'm going to say it
I'm the Halo prinsessa.
That makes it different, is not it so
Sorry, -
But you're going to have to come with us
just to check that it's true
If they do not let me calm down, they're going to
have to do with Ruechang
The general?
How is it? Because I have not seen it for
Please just let me continue my way!
Well, we could get to some
because you are very pretty, -
I could try to persuade
that we leave you alone.
We also need
some persuasion!
Who is that?
-It's Warchild!
She is really the prinsessa!
One more step and I kill her!
I'm telling you, I'll do it!
You have come to take me back.
I'm leaving and you can tell Ruechang that
I will return with a rebel army, -
He's going to die to kill my father.
Ruechang did not kill his father.
-Are you sure about that?
He is the one who follows him.
Everyone knows that
I saw you at the wedding, if...
-If you have evidence, present it
To him, do you want me to present it to him?
You act as if you did not know Ruechang.
I know him.
I already told you what I'm going to do.
What you do depends on you.
No matter what you think
of Ruechangi
what matters is that you will not survive
alone here.
Very good, I will return with you.
Bring my dress
Belonging to my mother
Soldier, I'm going to escape, by
please bring the dress.
Tell Ruechang, what I told you!
You will like what we have.
We have good material here...
Look at this, it has good legs
We have more over there
What's in this mesh?
This very wild, you have to train it.
-te dare 4 horses
She is very special, look at her
I will give you 7 horses.
Do not try to cheat me I tell you.
Get me out of here, fast!
Did they give you a day?
-I'm fine
Are you okay?
I'm fine, prinsesa
You lost a lot of blood.
That happens to me for serving you.
one more day of the city
I have to take you to the city.
-I've said I will not come back!
Not without an army that supports me.
You fought well in the mud ring
I do not know what you're talking about.
You cheated, you threw mud
on my face.
With all due respect, prinsesa...
How did I cheat?
Break some rule?
No, but what you did...
was something dishonorable
I did not look for honor, I wanted to win.
But if you are going to go through Ruechang
you are going to have to learn from that lesson.
Because I assure you that he has learned it.
Do you think you can go with the rebels
and overthrow Ruechang?
Do not you think that if they could do it
they would have done it a long time ago?
If I join the rebels,
They will be on the side of justice
Do you think that will make a difference?
My father told me that there are two
types of men: -
The man who does not care about anything and loses,
and the man who knows his rights.
And you know your rights?
-And I do not mind dying trying.
Sorry, prinsesa. Talk about dying,
but what people need is a Queen. -
a queen,
not a martyr.
Tomorrow we will return.
It can happen.
Call the city for a helicopter.
Who do you think you are, giving orders?
Here we do not work like that.
What do we have here?
We could reach an agreement
Call a helicopter.
Those men feared you.
One did not fear me.
Now yes.
-Then he will have calm hands.
When you have the child of Ruechang
you will have the throne legitimately.
I will not survive after that.
Do you know what kind of life are you
condemning me?
Why are you so loyal to Ruechang?
It is the general
That's all, because it's the General?
Sip. He is the general.
If I tell you that he is a madman and murderer
would it make a difference?
When I was 10 years old, Ruechang
saved me from forced labor -
And put me in the Army
Do you think he did you a favor
turning you into a killer?
All men are murderers.
He just made me a good one.
Warchild good job.
Stop the fire idiots!
They will kill the princess!
Enter the helicopter!
Keep them at bay.
Go back, do not forget about them.
Is this well prinsesa?
-I'm well beaten, but I feel good.
Do you know how to fly this?
We rise, no ?.
-That could have been lucky
It's been a while since I flew.
-It seems like a long time.
Where are we going?
-For the time being I watch that they do not follow us.
Eagle 2 to Warcchild. Return
the helicopter... -Give yourself!
I repeat, turn around and go back to the base,
or we will knock it down.
Last notice.
Or we shoot.
You have been notified.
Open fire.
That just fus as a warning.
We can shoot them down
They gave us, we lose fuel!
We are falling
Land and surrender.
We still do not finish.
Thanks, Warchild.
Let's go!
We do not want to hurt the princess.
Keep your positions!
You have no exit, surrender and
delivery to the prinsesa!
I know him!
-It's Warchild!
Welcome to the revolution,
prinsesa Halo
Do not give him or that man, risk
his life for me. -
I attack Ruechang in the base
But Warchild killed many rebels
He was a soldier Obeying orders.
-How do you know that it is not yet?
I know.
Where is the rebel force?
-You saw them when entering
Only those men?
-That is all.
What did you expect to find?
An army.
No entriztesca, prinsessa.
Do not lose hope.
There is no one here that would not give life
for the cause, -
And when the people know that they join us,
there we will have an army.
That's where he's wrong.
-What does it mean?
I still have not joined the cause, if
hurt that soldier, I will go.
Are you okay?
-I'm fine
It seems that you will live another day.
Many people will join when they find out
what are you here.
And I think even some soldiers
join us.
But these people need a leader.
That's why you're here ..
-I do not know anything about leading a war.
What's up, soldier?
Ruechang knows where you are, it will come in
at least 48 hours.
That is not possible, he has searched for us for
months and has not even come close.
Approached yesterday, and I guarantee that
as we speak is getting closer.
He's right, he knows it and he will not leave us alone.
York, I'm telling you...
-Robert! They are right.
We must move the camp,
we will face Ruechang another day.
There is only one problem with that.
They can not kill Ruechang, -
But I can.
The helicopter spotted the camp
from the air, Lord.
We have to move guys!
Do you see something up, soldier?
Are you still planning to leave in the morning?
At sunset.
I've been thinking about it and I do not think
that you should.
But it is our hope.
- Change your mind, you are too valuable.
These people need to know about the art
of war.
That's you.
If I get off Ruechang,
we will not need any war!
We can not lose you now
This is not something you should discuss,
is an order!
You will not leave in the morning.
What do you think you're doing, soldier?
We will move to several days from here.
Take good care of yourself, we are seeing each other.
He or...
Take this, my father told me that
brings luck.
Thank you.
And soldiers...
I want you to give it back to me.
Come on!
Leave it to me!
I gave you life and so you pay me.
Do not kill him general!
Let him go and I'll marry you.
No! Prinsesa, do not do it
Ruechang, the throne will be yours
just let it go.
Go away.
Do not make me go look for you.
Go soldier, please.
If you love me, you have to leave.
Kill it.
Slow down... slow down.
Are you sure you took this route?
He wants to ambush us.
Cru, stay by the Jeep, in case
wants to return.
You see that way.
Stay alert.
Emmrich! Turn around!
Emmrich, I do not want to kill you!
You're full of shit, Warchild!
You do not want to kill me,
I do not want to kill you.
But if I do not,
Ruechang cut my head off!
At this distance, the telescope
is not necessary.
Like I said, Emmrich,
I do not want to kill you.
That's good, because I'm not in the mood to die.
Return to where Ruechangin
Tell him you completed the mission.
We have to think about something
companion -
I can not go back to Ruechangin
without taking a test.
I could say that I eliminated you.
General... He or...
And good?
The traitor is no longer with us.
I thought you would want this.
What do you want?
I came to talk.
-I have nothing to say to you.
You must believe that I want you to
get the power, -
But it's only half true.
There will never be love between us!
It's Warchild, is not it?
Sue with a dead soldier.
Ma ana we will marry
We can create a dream or a nightmare,
it's your choice.
Let them pass!
Prinsesa! What are you doing?
What is this?
Let me try it!
-No, Lilly
Go to the wedding.
I'll look in the room
There is no time. The Prinsesa intends to kill Ruechang and herself.
-The wine, the wine.
Raise the veil so that they see the
young woman who will become a woman.
Before the union,
to share the wine.
After you, dear.
Ruechang is a murderer,
he killed my father!
It's true.
I saw it do it!
Kill it!
-Nobody move.
Nobody moves and they will not get hurt.
His father was a good man and
a good King.
You killed him.
They want to die for a butcher?
Enter there!
General care, Warchild!
This is about to explode, you must go!
Please, soldier, go!
It's over.
No soldier, it's only in the beginning.