Bridgend (2015) Movie Script

I don't remember this.
It hasn't changed much.
Look out for number 42.
Nonetheless we find
ourselves gathered here today
and we must ask ourselves why.
Why have we lost
another vibrant young man
who had the whole of
his life ahead of him?
Why are the youngsters so
troubled in our community?
To find comfort
in these difficult times,
we must turn towards god.
There it is.
Big house.
Here we go.
Should I get out
and like guide you?
Back, back.
Easy, snowy.
Hey, hey.
Get down.
You gonna carry me
over the threshold?
Oh, Sara, get down,
you're gonna break my back.
Get down, get down.
I need a big painting.
Ah, we'll be out
of here in no time.
We'll be all right, dad.
I'm gonna have a look upstairs.
Fuck off.
Don't fucking look at me.
Put your fucking cover on.
Get the fuck off.
Who do you
think you fucking are
coming into our place?
It's built on repetition
and not merely at the title.
Once the meaning of
the first line is grasped
the entire poem
is understood.
Each of the intervening lines
is simply another way of--
I'm Angus.
Her name is Sara.
I'm Laurel.
Hi, I'm Sara.
You the copper's daughter?
My dad owns
the petrol station.
It's yours?
What's his name?
Have you been
to the lake yet?
You've got to see it.
I'm going there now
to meet the others.
You coming?
I've got to go home.
Copper won't let you?
Did you have a boyfriend?
Like you need one.
Why is that funny?
It's no.
Here she is.
Hi, I'm Sara.
I'm Thomas.
How's it going, all right?
Do you like it here?
I remember you
from when you were little.
You do?
You and your old man.
Day of the pig.
Look after this girl,
will you?
All right, boys and girls.
Who's going
in the fucking lake then?
Hold this, love.
Here we fucking are!
Sara, Sara come on, come in!
Thanks, I'm Jamie.
Do you want to come out
with us on Saturday night?
Just down to like the pub.
Thomas will
be there and stuff.
It's like a gropey club.
They've gone
there for years.
I'd like to see it.
My granddad used to go there.
He was a miner
and a rugby player.
I think everyone
had seep back then.
Wait up.
Sara, come on.
No, I'm gonna go home.
Come on, it's okay,
he's our friend.
Yeah, I'm fine,
I'm gonna go.
I'll see you later.
They do it publicly,
lean into death.
No suicide notes.
This is from
the past six months.
From when they were
found in the forest.
They mostly do it there.
Mark was number 23.
They burnt their school down.
And they attacked the reporters
that came to see 'em.
Oh, they're crazy in the head.
I understand it was you
who found your son mark.
Hanging on his
bedroom door.
What route?
It's in mondies.
The dog.
Why would anybody
want to do that?
Hanging on his
bedroom door.
So the only
connection seems to be
that they've been
found by their parents.
Who are these?
Kids from the valley.
Just give us ten minutes.
Okay so what's
the word on the street?
Well some say it's the water
on the at the morver mass.
Others that it's the Internet.
And we monitor
some chat rooms.
They use names like maddock,
lone wolf, and wild kid.
We didn't find
anything their either.
Any tip offs?
Oh, plenty.
We have them every day.
People saying this and that.
There was a rumor of murder.
But that's nonsense.
Others claim that several
youngsters arranged it.
But it's all nonsense
if you ask me.
Okay now.
I'll get the spare tire.
-Hi, love.
Wow, looks delicious.
You all right?
Any news from school?
Come on dad,
please drink it.
You wearing makeup?
Yeah, is it too much?
Think I got too much
mascara on, is it okay?
No, I just think we just
might need a little bit
or a couple
of socks in there.
Thank you.
Baby boy.
-All right, darlin'?
Angus'll take you home,
all right?
You owe me, love.
Aren't you coming, then?
Come on, Thomas.
Keep my mom, all right?
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
Huh, huh?
Can't any more.
You're not
fucking leaving, tom.
You stay here, all right?
It's okay.
We'll stay here like
we always do, all right?
You fucking fucked up.
Who loved to you?
What's that?
No, he's not,
no, he's not.
Mark is fucking you,
all right?
Mark's here.
Mark is always here,
we're all here, okay?
Let's take a
fucking piss, come on.
It's getting boring here.
We're gonna go to my place.
Your dad's here.
Are you drunk?
Who is that,
you want to say goodbye?
Who is it?
Come on, tell me love.
Laurel and Thomas.
Yeah, and the ones behind?
Jamie, Danny.
Goodnight, dad.
You okay?
I mean, are you okay
here in the valleys?
I like it here.
Where is everyone?
They're all gone.
Why did you come back?
Why did I come
back from Bristol?
I didn't, my dad did.
But you came back with him.
Well, I am a little child.
Spin around.
You heard me, spin around.
No, no, no, no, faster.
Keep going.
That's it.
Keep going.
Please stop.
Please, Thomas.
Please, stop.
Take this.
Whoa, what are you doing?
Come on.
Come on, Brian.
Oh, good boy.
Don't you ever
be afraid, darling.
Sleep now.
You two look sweet together.
Come on.
Temperatures tomorrow
falling to about--
celsius in powers but
basic the temperatures
between 10 and 6
and so they will fall lower
in the country side over
Willow powers tomorrow.
We could see a slight...
Thomas has hanged himself.
What is it?
Are you coming home?
I can't, it's
a bit hectic today.
Can't you work at home?
Not today.
Will you drive me?
Can't you walk?
What the fuck are you doing?
Very fucking clever.
Fucking kids.
I hanged it for you, dad.
Come here, boy, you
still have things to do.
This one's fine.
Come with me.
Angus, why did
you hit your mum?
Don't go to heaven
when you kill yourself.
Yes you do that's
just something they say.
No, it's true.
What's happening, Jamie?
Do you want to
come out with us?
Sara, come on let's go,
we're going, going home.
My condolences, Maya,
i need Thomas's computer.
If you'd done your
job properly, Dave,
none of this
would have happened.
Well last time I checked,
it wasn't my son.
Why do you think
you found him?
I need his computer.
Get it yourself.
What's your name?
-Excuse me, Danny.
I'm going for a walk.
I need air.
Hi, Laurel.
I've never been
on a horse before.
Do you want to have a go now?
God, she's big up close,
isn't she?
He is.
And, there you go, yeah.
And your little fingers
go underneath there.
Okay, I'm gonna let you go.
Pull the reins.
Pull the reins
to slow him down.
Don't be scared,
you're all right.
You're fine, come on,
he knows what he's doing.
Well done.
It was really good.
Can I have my hat back?
See ya.
Where you going?
To the lake.
I'm going to take
him for a ride.
See you at the lake.
Should I say hi to Sara?
How about a kiss,
it's not a good time.
I like your scarf.
Where are you going?
You want Jamie?
He's out in the back
working on his moped.
Come on, puppy.
All right?
Hi, Sara.
Hi, Angus.
Want to see something?
All right.
Angus, good ride.
Come on!
Back off, you, back off.
Faster, faster.
I wonder what
it would be like
to live in Bristol
all by yourself.
Go, Angus!
No clue.
Fuck off, fuck off!
Come on, eh?
Well, I lived in Bristol
before I came here.
Was it any better?
No, not really.
You see.
Can you sing to me?
-I don't like singing.
-Come on, Jamie, sing!
-I'm not gonna sing.
-Sing, sing!
I'm not gonna sing,
stop being a twat about it.
Sorry, I hate singing.
He had a good time.
So did I.
I haven't got any plans tomorrow
if you want to do something.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, so who's
this Jamie guy?
He's all right.
I just need to know.
Why, what is it?
Just want to know who you
hang out with, that's all.
They're my friends, dad.
Please don't see him anymore.
Don't worry, dad.
We got the results from
mark and Thomas's computers.
Okay, let's go.
-You're late.
That's my bike.
I passed my cbt.
What's that?
It means you can
go on the moped.
Just like that.
Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom!
Is Angus coming today?
No, not today.
Sorry about Thomas.
Was Thomas your best friend?
Did you know everyone
who killed themselves?
Most of them.
Why do you think
they did it?
You don't talk about it.
And you stick together.
And no one leaves town.
We keep ourselves
to ourselves around here.
What about your parents?
Do you speak to yours?
My mom's dead and my dad--
i don't know.
You see.
Danny, come back!
Danny, you're
fucking drunk, man!
Fuck you!
Danny that was fucking--
that was well done.
You're turn, Jamie?
I'm not doing it.
Jamie, come on,
fucking Danny's done it.
You're a fucking pussy.
Come on.
Is that Laurel?
Wait, don't look, don't look.
-Sara, don't.
-Is that Laurel?
Is that Laurel?
-is that Laurel?
Why the fuck
do you come here?
Kill the fucking pussy,
kill him, hey!
Chill out, chill out.
Fuck off, eh?
Come on, fuck off.
Fuck you, man.
Jamie needed a fucking fight.
Any fucking beer left?
She made her fucking drink.
Come on into the world.
Hey, Sara,
how about me, Sara?
Where are you going?
I'm going home with her.
You stay here.
She can't go home on her own.
Then she should stay.
I'll see you later.
Don't get lost, all right?
Where have you been?
Where have you been?
I don't know,
what about you?
We had an agreement.
You had an agreement.
What's happening to you?
To me?
What about you and
that woman you're fucking?
It didn't take
you long to find her.
You can't--you
can't just disappear!
If you want to stay here,
you do as I say.
Grab the beer,
get out of here!
Vengeance for Laurel!
Let's fucking
get on with it!
Guys, I just have a word.
I just, I just
wanted to say that
if ever any of you
need to talk about anything,
absolutely anything.
And please, just feel
free to come to me, okay?
Jamie, what the fuck's
your dad on about?
My door's always open for you.
Yeah, your back door.
No, seriously guys,
'cause I know sometimes
things can be black
and it's hard
to talk to your
friends or your parents,
but god will listen to you.
Fuck off, you fucking wanker.
Hungry, love?
It's my fucking house.
You pay for what
you eat, right?
Don't fucking forget it.
Come on, dad,
we got to eat, man.
What is this?
They're better now.
They're together.
Here's the password.
You're a part of us now.
Do you want to lie down?
Danny, come on.
Come on,
come lie down with me.
You should go now.
Nothing happened.
Jamie, nothing happened.
I just gave
her the password.
Why don't we all
go to the lake together?
You go.
Do it for me,
please, just go.
Just go.
Get out of here.
Keep her out, Danny.
Where have you been?
I think I did
something wrong.
I found this riding school
outside town.
You could be with snowy
every day and...
...i could visit weekends.
You can't be around
those people any more.
And this is where
you'd be staying.
Four girls to each room.
-This is Kara.
Now all you need
is your horse.
You just need to bring
your own horse, love.
He's called snowy.
No problem.
Shall we go?
Off you go, snowy.
-Get out, run!
-What are you doing?
Come help me,
for fuck's sake!
You, you're grounded.
You don't do anything,
anything without my permission
they hanged themselves
for Christ's sakes!
Why can't you just
look at after snowy?
-You fucking--
-shut up, shut up, shut up!
Dad, dad, dad!
Fuck off!
Fuck off!
-What are you doing?
-Get in!
Fuck off!
You fucking leave him,
you stupid ginger prick!
Fucking cunt!
You raping her?
Stay away from her, Jamie.
What you want me
to do about it?
What do you know?
You a copper
or are you a dad?
We helped her.
We just stick
together that's all--
who's we?
Right up until
he committed suicide.
You call it suicide, I don't.
What exactly do
you call it, Jamie?
Maybe you just want
your picture in the paper.
Oh, yeah.
You'll never understand.
Tell me, what is it?
Well tell me, Jamie.
Can I go now?
You really think you have it
tough, don't you?
Eh, I've seen tough.
This is like all end
in comparison,
-you know it's off.
-Not like you.
Why are you always in the
forest, who's wild kid?
Mad dog, a, e, zed.
Is it him?
Is it?
Is he wild kid
and you're mad dog?
Can I please go now?
You'll fucking stay here
until I let you go.
Do you know how they look
when we cut them down?
You can do whatever
the fuck you want, right.
Leave my daughter
out of it.
Out of what?
Can you get her out?
Get her out of what?
She's weak,
she's not like you.
She's stronger
than all of us.
Oi, wait up!
-Hey, what's up?
-What's up with you?
-What'd he say?
What did you
fucking tell him?
Drop your fucking trousers.
Fuck you.
Fucker, fuck off!
You cock fucking twat!
Fuck off!
Fuck off.
Do you want
a piece of this?
Fuck off, Jamie,
you're nothing to us!
Have you got
any milk?
Jamie, please!
Jamie, are you in there?
You're going to school.
I'm worried
about Jamie.
I told you not to see him.
Dad, you have to help me
found him.
I said it already
with my mouth!
Help me.
We have to find Jamie,
i think he's gonna
do something awful.
Jamie can look
after himself.
Do it.
Jamie's leaving town.
"And death shall have
no dominion.
Dead man naked,
they shall be one
with the man in the wind
and the west moon,
when the bones
are picked clean,
and the clean bones gone,
they shall have stars
at elbow and foot.
Though they go mad,
they shall be sane.
Though they sink
through the sea,
they shall raise again.
Though lovers be lost,
love shall not.
And death shall have
no dominion."
Jamie, stop,
don't do it!
I'm sorry...
...i couldn't.
It's okay.
Come on.
Take your shoes off.
Hey, okay.
I just couldn't
take it anymore.
I know I shouldn't
have done it.
All I had to do
is let go.
So I did.
I just started walking.
There was water
...all over.
Someone waved.
I heard voices calling...
...calling my name.
That was me calling
your name just now.
Let's get out
of here.
I can't, they're
my friends.
Of course you can.
All right.
Let's check out this
fucking Bristol place, huh?
-All right.
-It's Angus.
I'll meet you
at your house!
We heard you're
leaving town.
Fucking regret that.
Where's your
little bitch?
She's already left.
Thomas and all the others
were in the lake,
in the quarry swimming.
They all looked
so happy.
They wave at me
and call me out.
I don't believe in dreams,
you were on the Internet,
-weren't you?
Don't lie to me.
You took our computer,
But you were in the chat room
with Danny and the others.
I don't know, they don't
tell me anything.
You plan it together,
you do it in public,
you want the world to see
how brave you are.
I wanted to know
how Thomas was feeling.
I want to change my face
because I see him
in the mirror
all the time.
Thomas believed
that you'd be together
after you hang yourself,
don't you think
that's stupid?
-He's totally stupid.
-Why's that?
He thought Sara
should be home.
Or did you already teach her
that, daddy-o, huh, daddy-o?
It's so easy to talk with you,
but I bet it means nothing!
I hate you!
Hate you with all
the others!
You fucking cunt!
We fucking hate you!
Oh, no.
Fuck off.
Get out of here.
Fuck off.
You need to get
out of here.
Open the door!
Open the door!
What have you
been up to now?
You need some water.
F--fuck off.
Sara, leave.
Get the fuck
out of here.
Fuck off.
Don't you get it?
I don't want you.
I've never wanted you.
-That's not...
-Sara, go home.
No, no.
He doesn't know
what he's saying, no.
I don't fucking want you!
I already told you,
you fucking priss.
You're fucking
nothing to me.
I don't fucking want you.
I don't want to come with you
to fucking Bristol.
I never did.
Okay, that's enough.
Okay, up, up.
-Get up.
No, no!
-Go home.
Go home.
Go home, please, in the name
of god, go home.
I love him.
And you don't even know
what that means.
Come on.
Please, please.
Take it.
Come to bed.
I have to go to work.
Can I stay the night?
Fucking ambulance!
Get a fucking ambulance!
Are you awake?
Oh, sweetheart.
gonna be okay.
We'll go to Bristol
and we'll start again.
We're gonna make it.
We'll be okay.
"Our father,
who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread."
I did my best, Sara.
All I know,
and it didn't help,
i couldn't stop it.
My hands are empty.
"Who trespass against us.
Lead us not
into temptation...
...but deliver us
from evil."
If you hear me, god,
if the lord's face shines
upon you, then...
Ask him to forgive us.
Ask him for meaning.
Ask him, "why?"
Please, help me.
Help us all.
Let's get out of here.