Bridges (2021) Movie Script

[light music playing]
[Ignacio speaking Spanish]
[Violeta speaking Spanish]
[man singing in Spanish]
[Ceci speaking Spanish]
[singing continues]
[singing continues]
[woman in English] Next!
Sorry, girl.
Still can't help you.
Ain't nothing's changed here
since last week.
[in English] Okay.
Thank you.
[woman] Next.
[Abu in Spanish]
[Ceci] Valedictorian.
[Abu] Ah.
-[plane whirring faintly]
-[ambient noise]
[Violeta in Spanish]
[Ceci in Spanish]
[Maggy in Spanish]
[Gaby in English] Whoa! Wow!
-[Maggy in Spanish]
-[Gaby in English] You did.
[Maggy in English]
Fifty-three, baby!
[both laugh]
-[Gaby] Okay! What else?
-[Maggy in Spanish]
[Gaby in English] Like what?
[Maggy in Spanish]
-[Gaby in English] Whoa!
-[in Spanish]
-[in English] Wow.
-[in Spanish]
-[Gaby in Spanish]
[in Spanish]
[in Spanish]
[Violeta sighs]
[kneading dough]
[in Spanish]
[laughs softly]
[in English]
How much did you say you paid?
[Gaby in English] Fifteen.
Cents, I hope?
-No. Dollars. Ma!
-[Violeta] Mm-hmm.
You paid three weeks
of ice cream money
for some crackhead--
She is not a crackhead!
You know it's mathematically
[in Spanish]
[Gaby] And for your information,
she has predicted a lot of stuff
that has come true.
-Really? Like what?
-Today, how many platanitos
were in the ba--
-[chuckles] You're joking?
[in Spanish]
[Abu in Spanish]
-[in English] This year.
-Shut up!
-[Violeta groans]
[in Spanish]
[in English] She said
to keep playing the numbers
Abu always plays.
[Ceci] Clever.
when we win, you're going to
be sorry for not believing me.
Okay. Just warning you.
[Violeta in Spanish]
[Abu] Hmm.
[Abu] Mm.
[in Spanish]
-[in English]
What are you doing?
Nothing? Then why'd you jump
when I came in?
School stuff... you caught me
off guard.
-Give me--
-Give me that!
-I thought--
-Did you tell Mom?
-No. I don't wanna worry her.
Ooh. Mrs. Perfect's got
a bad side!
[in Spanish]
[in English] This isn't bad?!
-[in Spanish]
[in English]
Bad is bad. No exceptions!
[in Spanish]
-[in English] What?
-Don't do it.
It's fine, Gaby. Relax.
Go do your homework.
[in Spanish]
[in Spanish]
[beads clinking]
[in Spanish]
[in English] Hey.
[Ceci in Spanish]
[in English] Seriously, though.
When are you gonna stop
carrying that with you?
You look like a weirdo.
If you stare at it long enough,
it kinda looks like a bridge.
So it inspires me.
Reminds me
that I will build them.
Like, for real build them
or like in your mind?
Okay, freak. [scoffs]
But you can't build a bridge
to Venezuela, homegirl...
you stuck.
[guitar music playing]
[Ceci in Spanish]
[indistinct singing]
[no audible cheering]
[woman in English] I see most
of your classmates regularly.
We've locked down
their choices together,
but I haven't seen you in here
all year.
-I just--
-At this rate, you're gonna
have to start in the spring
and not this coming fall.
I actually wanted to ask you
about Florida Bright Futures.
You're not thinking of staying
in Florida for school...?
-Most of your top choices
are out of state.
-I know, but--
-Mara, with a GPA like yours,
you really shouldn't
be anywhere short
of an Ivy League--
I know, um...
[woman] Hmm...
Think you'll get homesick?
[clicks tongue]
Most of you kids do.
American kids? [chuckles]
They don't care.
-They just can't wait
to get out the house!
-[both chuckle]
-And that speech?
I need you to come in more often
so I can see it.
[Ceci in Spanish]
-[in English] Got it.
Here it is. Twice divorced.
All right, well, I see here
that your latest husband, Brent,
removed your--
Well, I am inquiring
about my current adjustment.
Okay. I see. Let me check.
Um. There seems to have been
a mix-up because of your last--
uh, because of your maiden name.
It hadn't been adjusted?
Not that I can see,
but I will do it now.
-[keyboard clacking]
-All right, done.
Sorry for the delay.
-A three-year delay.
-I do apologize, but we have had
a serious back up.
-I can see that.
But with this small correction,
looks like you are in line
for final review
between today and tomorrow.
You should be getting
a response within
the next few weeks.
-How many weeks?
-We are experiencing a back up,
ma'am, so I can't be sure,
but within the next few weeks
you should be getting a response
in the mail.
But if you could at least
give me an estimate--
Sorry, ma'am.
That's all the information
I have.
But you can always call
our hotline for updates.
One sixty-two!
[automated voice] Now serving
B-3-0-9 at window number 13.
-Now serving S-9...
-[Ceci in Spanish]
[teacher muffled in English]
Care to join us?
-[school bell rings]
Cecilia. Mara Cecilia.
Your brain frying
from all that brainstorming?
Talking to yourself now?
No, it's just...
-names are important.
So why don't you stand up
for yourself and tell people
what to call you?
I-- I--
[mocks stammering]
What you stuttering for?
You better learn to stand up
for yourself
and get things off your chest.
Keeping things in
causes throat cancer.
-[clicks tongue]
-For real. And girl,
you been here more than half
your life.
You should be used
to people chopping up
your name by now.
I know.
Or if it really bothers you,
say something.
[backpack zips]
-Don't think I forgot,
[both in Spanish]
[in English] Guess what?!
I just got my full ride
to USC for track!
-Yes, girl!
Oh, my God!
-So, uh, party at my house?
-Oh, hell, yeah.
My parents are throwing me
a huge party after graduation.
It's gonna be off the chain.
You should come, too, Ceci.
Oh, I'll make sure
she gets there.
This is huge!
-I know. Yo, I was freaking out.
-I know, you were
driving me nuts.
-Well, it was
really hard competition.
-You're the best runner I know.
-I'm the only runner you know.
-[school bell rings]
Oh, shit. We're late.
Okay. My bad. Gotta go.
-Ey. I'm proud of you! [laughs]
-Thank you! [squeals]
-Bye, Ceci. Happy birthday!
And congratulations!
-[imitating Ceci]
Oh, hey, congratulations.
-[Ceci mumbles]
[Yakuanda laughs]
[train rumbling]
[Ceci in Spanish]
[crickets chirping]
[Violeta clicks tongue]
[Ignacio on phone]
[in English] Hello?
[in Spanish]
[man singing in Spanish]
-[singing continues]
[crickets chirping]
[in English] Hel-lo!
-[in Spanish]
-[in English] It's Wednesday
and it's your birthday.
We dress up on Wednesdays.
[in English] Sorry. I forgot.
Well, don't be sorry! Go change.
Gaby, I really don't want to.
Come on, we'll never win
with you dressed like a slob.
We'll never win regardless.
[whispers] Sorry.
What does what we wear
have to do with anything?
It's just-- it's bad juju.
Come on, please.
-Is this gonna go on all year?
-'Til we win.
-Come on. Hurry up.
-[Gaby] Pick your best outfit.
-[Ceci sighs]
[singing in Spanish]
-[Yakuanda in English]
I can't believe
-I know that long-ass song.
-[in Spanish]
[in English] You've been hanging
out with us for too long.
-[Augustina chuckles]
-Okay, come on!
-[in Spanish]
[Ceci clicks tongue] Oh!
[in Spanish]
-[in English]
I'll explain later.
[woman on TV in Spanish]
[crickets chirping]
[pencil scratching]
[engine revs]
-[clicks tongue]
-[pencil scratches]
-[engine revs]
[automated voice in English]
We apologize for the delay.
All of our agents are still
assisting other calls.
-[in Spanish]
-[man in English] All right,
ma'am. Sorry about that.
-[sighs] No problem.
-So it looks like it is finally
being reviewed--
-Oh, thanks God.
And you should be getting
a response in the mail
within one to 12 weeks.
-That is correct, due to
the high volume of callers.
If there is anything else
we can help you with,
please visit our website.
-Well, if at least you--
-And don't forget to fill out
the survey on our service!
[disconnect tone]
Okay. [in Spanish]
[Ceci in Spanish]
[in English] Supervisor said
the same thing.
Gotta be the original.
Sorry, honey.
Thank you.
But I'll see if there's
anything I can do.
If there is,
you'll get a email.
[Ceci in Spanish]
[birds chirping]
[in English]
Yeah, I went during lunch.
[Yakuanda] Damn.
-Yo! Defender of the people!
-[Ashley] Look at my dorm!
-[Yakuanda] Oh, my God! Look!
I got my dad to make me
a cute little neon 305 sign
to hang over the bed.
-[Yakuanda in Spanish]
-[in English] Did you figure
yours out yet?
[Yakuanda clicks tongue, scoffs]
You know my mom's tripping.
-Trying to make me
stay home for school.
-[Ashley sighs]
But I've been fighting
the good fight.
-Your girl's gonna be
a lawyer someday!
you gon' build yo' bridges,
I'm gonna fight injustices,
and you gon' run after
everybody. Trifecta.
-Watch out, America.
-You going to Jabari's tonight?
-[gasps] I got my mom's car!
-Scoop me?
-Yeah! Duh.
We should have
a designated driver, though.
Oh, no, I can't.
-Come on!
-[scoffs] You don't even drink!
-I don't.
-So then?
-Well, I--
-You what?
-I can't.
-Ugh! Lame.
Seriously. Come on.
-[in Spanish]
-[in English] Oh, shit.
She's got something to do.
We'll figure something else out,
though, Ash. We good.
-All right.
-And I gotta go!
Final disbursement scholarship
letters come in today!
-[Ashley] Get it, girl!
Ey, don't go spending
your afternoon
brainstorming your brain
to death,
Mara Cecilia Lopez Lugo
Martinez Rodriguez
Ramirez... [inhales] Perez!
-See ya!
-[Ashley laughs] Bye.
[Ceci in Spanish]
[man in English] Vee!
Brent. What are you doing here?
I, uh... I live around here.
I know.
You're stunning as ever.
Uh, I... uh...
I thought I saw you over there
at the light
-and so I wanted to come
over here and talk to you.
-I'm working.
Vee, I feel really bad
about what I did.
Here, let me-- let me help you.
Let me help you.
Yeah, there, yeah.
Will you, um...
do you think you could
give me a chance to show you
that I've changed?
[trunk thuds]
[in Spanish]
-[in English] Hello?!
-Car wash boss.
He didn't ask any ques--
-They don't even speak English!
-I don't care, keep your voice
[loud whisper] Okay, so did he?
No. I told you it was just
to shelve it.
-And what about Miami-Dade?
-Nothing yet.
So then, what does that mean?
-Out of state.
-Nothing, I don't wanna talk
about it.
-You're a genius!
You are! Mine's going to be
the best in the class.
Mm, not so fast... [in Spanish]
little butterfly.
-[in English]
Put it back together!
How are you
gonna do your presentation
if you don't know how it works?
[Ceci in Spanish, chuckles]
[seat belt clicks]
[gear shifts]
[engine starts]
[Ceci in Spanish]
[phone ringing]
-[phone beeps]
-[in English] Hello?
[Ignacio in Spanish]
[birds chirping]
[Ceci in Spanish]
[guitar music playing]
[phone buzzing]
[Violeta sighs]
[liquid pouring]
[touch tones beeping]
[line ringing]
-[Ignacio in English] Hello?
-[in Spanish]
[Ignacio in Spanish]
[phone beeps]
[Ceci in Spanish]
[in English] There are lotto
drawings on Saturdays, too!
That doubles our chances.
Don't tell me
we have to dress up
on weekends now, too.
Duh. Gonna go get that ticket.
[in Spanish]
[in English]
Make it casual Saturdays!
Maybe it brings better luck.
[Ceci in Spanish]
[Violeta] Hmm?
[Abu] Oh!
[Ceci in Spanish]
[Gaby in English]
Maggy, Saturdays too!
-That's right!
-[both laugh]
[wind blowing]
[Ceci in Spanish]
[in English] Exactly. [laughs]
What does that have to do
with anything?
[scoffs] I don't know.
Those things are truth.
I still feel some type of way
every time I see Jabari
in fourth period.
That's different.
I think he should come here
and they should get
back together.
-Your pop.
-Oh. It doesn't work like that.
-Why not?
-He has work there.
-So? He could work here.
He's a lawyer there.
Well, there's no laws
over there right now,
so what's he lawyering?
[inhales] That place is twisted.
I know.
Hurts to be there.
Hurts to be out.
Ooh, that's good.
Write about that.
-[bus brakes hiss]
-What was that?
What? I don't know.
You don't think
we could get busted
for trespassing here, do you?
[clicks tongue]
No, scaredy-cat.
[Ceci in Spanish]
[in English] Brent.
-[purse zips]
-[in Spanish]
[in English] No.
[in Spanish]
[sighs, in English] No.
[in Spanish]
[birds chirping]
[whispers in English] Shit.
Hi. Come in. Come in.
Come on in.
Here, I'll put the chair here
for ya.
There you go!
It's good that you came.
Thank you.
[Brent grunts]
Oh, this...
-[tray clatters]
-Oh! Sorry.
Okay. Ah.
Hmm [sighs]
[Ceci in Spanish]
[in English]
That's gonna be
like 20 minutes, okay?
-All right, that's fine.
-Here you go. No change.
Look what I inherited
from my ugly-ass brother
for campus!
[chuckles] That's so cool.
Wanna be my first passenger?
Don't tell me you're scared
of being towed.
-Can't we get, like,
pulled over for that?
No. I mean, it's a bike.
-I know, but still--
-Ah, I don't wanna hear it.
You have no choice.
You're coming with me.
But I'm not off 'til like 20,
[huffs] I'll wait for your
scaredy-cat ass. Ha-ha!
[Ceci in Spanish]
[in English] I mean,
if it makes you feel better,
But... [scoffs]
even if I didn't...
fuck with your petition again,
which I won't--
I would never do that again.
It'd be pretty difficult
for you to keep
that agreement,
you know, legally.
For my peace of mind.
Okay. We'll do that. Sure.
Uh... [chuckles]
I wanna show you
that I've changed.
In due time, I will.
I'm a man of God now.
[Ceci in Spanish]
-[indistinct shouting]
-[Ceci in Spanish]
-[laughter continues]
[in English] Go! Go!
[Ceci in Spanish]
-[laughter continues]
-[guitar music playing]
[in English] There you go!
[Yakuanda] I'm alive!
[Ceci in Spanish]
[Yakuanda in Spanish]
[man singing in Spanish]
[singing continues]
[Yakuanda in English]
That wasn't so bad, huh,
Hesitaty Hennesy?
-Told ya.
I'm not graying prematurely
for no reason.
There is wisdom sprouting
from this head.
-[laughs] Shut up.
-[laughs] It's true!
Ooh. That's good!
[Yakuanda] Wait. Rice, really?
[Yakuanda] Whoa.
Sky's blazing tonight, right?
[Ceci] Our spot is Miami's
best kept secret.
[Yakuanda] Psh.
We're Miami's best kept secret.
-Especially you with your
secretive behind.
[in Spanish]
[in English] That's real.
You know...
I never say this to you, but...
it feels so good
to be able to switch language
and you still understand me.
I always feel that people
only know half of me
if I can't also speak to them
in Spanish.
I always say the same thing.
[singing continues]
I'm really sorry
about that whole
designated driver thing earlier.
It's all right.
[Gaby in Spanish]
[TV playing]
[woman on TV speaking Spanish]
[Ceci mumbles]
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
[phone beeps]
[in English] Hello?
[moaning, panting over phone]
[moaning, panting continues]
[phone beeps]
-[inhales, sighs]
-[phone beeps]
[insects chirping]
Hi, Mama. [sighs]
The bosses up top decided
to get picky.
Hmm? I tried to plead for you,
but it... it didn't work.
You can't keep working here.
[in Spanish]
[door closes]
[Ceci in Spanish]
[exhales, sniffles]
[in English] No. No.
[in Spanish]
[inhales, exhales]
[train rumbling]
-[Gaby gasps]
[door slams]
[Gaby in English] Ceci...
[in Spanish]
[crickets chirping]
[in English] Whoa...
I didn't expect to see you here.
-You missed me?
-Did you call me last night?
-In the middle of the night.
Was that you?
[inhales] Maybe.
I couldn't finish myself off.
I needed to hear your voice.
-Hey, hey, hey.
Come on now. Come on.
Come on.
Give me some of this shit!
-[man] Hey!
I'm sorry. Sorry.
I'm sorry.
-[Brent grunts]
[guitar music playing]
[woman on TV speaking Spanish]
[Ceci in Spanish]
[birds chirping]
[vehicle passes]
[phone ringing]
-[phone beeps]
-[in English] Hello?
[Ignacio in Spanish]
[Ignacio laughs]
[Ignacio sighs]
[knocking on door]
[in English] Hi, Gabs.
[whispers] Hey.
[in Spanish]
[hand pats]
[in English]
But I still don't know
if I'll have the guts to do it.
I think you said this one
was your favorite.
-Is it?
It's the first ever
iron arch one.
It's a mystery how they did it
because so many others had tried
and failed.
they did it.
[whispers] You got this.
-[Ceci in Spanish]
-[guitar music playing]
[man in English]
Ladies and gentlemen,
without further ado,
-your valedictorian,
Mara Lopez.
-[Ceci in Spanish]
[music continues]
[sobs softly]
[in Spanish]
-[guitar music playing]
-[man singing in Spanish]
[music ends]