Brigham City (2001) Movie Script

- Hey, Bish.
- Morning, Jamie.
Have you heard from Jared?
How's he doing?
His new companion's
kind of weird.
But they got
a couple baptisms.
good for him.
Hey, Wes.
Hey, April.
How's little Mac?
- Hey, Bishop.
- How's the bun?
- The bun's fine, thanks.
- It's the oven we're worried about.
The oven is fine, too.
Sister Perkins is inside.
I don't know what she wants.
She won't talk to me.
All right.
- Your check's the receipt.
- Thanks, Peg.
- Morning, Bishop.
- Morning, Barbara.
Well, look who finally decided
to drag his butt out of bed.
Don't know why everybody
calls you Bishop.
Maybe that's because
he's the bishop.
He's a bishop.
There's 1 7 bishops in this town
but there's only one sheriff.
- Anything important in here?
- Is there ever?
Besides, bishops aren't
supposed to have mustaches.
Just trying to be
more like Jesus.
They're also not supposed
to be smart-alecks.
Judy Perkins.
- What am l, invisible here?
- I already told you...
you've been dead for six weeks.
You just don't know it.
- Good morning, Stu.
- Morning, Sheriff.
I'll be dead someday,
you know.
And I'm sure you'll still be
hanging around my office.
^ You're gonna miss me
when I'm gone... ^
Don't you start singing
that country music.
^ You're gonna miss me
when I'm gone ^
^ You're gonna
miss me... ^
(via intercom)
^ Do you ever want to kiss me...? ^
I need to talk to you
about a problem I'm having.
Is this temporal
or spiritual?
Are you here to talk with
your sheriff, or your bishop?
Oh... my bishop.
In that case,
could this wait until Sunday?
I generally don't like to do
church business
while I'm on the county clock.
I'm sorry.
I wouldn't, but...
I really need
to get this off my chest.
All right.
Would you mind...
I've never had
to confess my sins
to a man wearing
a gun before.
Thanks, Judy.
Peg: Just got a call from
the development.
A couple of boys
are mixing it up.
- I'll go.
- No, you won't.
You're not
an officer anymore.
Yeah, well, I could be
if you'd deputize me.
- I'm not going to do it.
- What am I supposed to do,
just take out the trash
and sweep the floor?
Just be retired,
for crying out loud.
Peg: Why don't you go home
and do some crossword puzzles?
Maybe you should take up golf.
I hear old people enjoy that.
Maybe you should all go
straight to hell.
I got 1 5, maybe 20
good years left.
I'll outlive
all of you birds, anyway.
That may be, but you're
still not going out.
I can out-ride you.
I can out-shoot you.
We don't ride anymore, Stu,
we drive.
Wes, your gun.
That's all right, I'll just stay here
with old Peg, then.
Old Peg?
Prettier than
either one of you.
Why don't you just
take him with you?
Peg's practically married, Stu,
and don't you forget it.
That's right.
Maggie's looking down on you.
Maggie's probably got better things
to do than look down on me.
^ You're gonna miss me
when I'm gone... ^
Oh, good heavens.
(country music playing)
- (news radio playing)
- Terry, I don't want...
to listen to the news.
That's the real world going on
out there. The outside world.
What makes you think I don't know
what's going on out there?
I'm sick of it.
Murderers, rapists,
kids with guns... it's the same story
over and over again.
I'm tired of it.
You will be, too,
by the time you're my age.
Your age?
You talk like you're older than Stu.
You just can't pretend
it all doesn't happen.
- That's all I'm saying.
- It doesn't happen.
Not here.
Here's all I care about.
(country music playing)
There's something
worth listening to.
Country music...
now that's a crime.
That's scary stuff, Wes.
You're an old man,
you know that?
You're the youngest old man
I've ever known.
^ So I tell you
how I yearn for you... ^
- Wes: We got a call about a fight.
- Man: Oh, yeah.
That didn't amount to much,
just guys blowing off some steam.
Which ones?
Come on, Wes. A few punches being
thrown, a few names being called.
I stepped in and it was over
before it even got started.
What were
they fighting about?
A woman. And one guy called
another guy a spic,
and before you know it,
the fists are flying.
It's all
patched up then?
Yeah, no trouble at all.
Just like I said,
it was over before
it even got started.
Will you look at this?!
I could see a church right there,
two more
off that way,
and another one
going up over there!
I've never seen so many churches
in all my life, man.
- Is that one of them?
- That's one of them.
I love this town!
Where I come from,
we got taverns on every corner,
and whorehouses in-between, man!
I'm glad you like it.
Now get to work.
All right,
I think I will.
If you ever finish that house
I just may let you buy it.
I might do that, I just might.
Sure is
an extroverted type.
You don't want to arrest
a potential citizen?
We don't want to discourage growth,
now do we, Sheriff?
I wouldn't mind
slowing it down a bit.
You trying to put me
out of business?
I'm just trying
to keep things reined in.
All the construction
on the roads,
all your out-of-towners
coming in for work.
Everything's torn up
from here to Salt Lake.
Tell me, Bishop, how many men
in your ward are out of work?
Only the ones
that want to be.
That's right.
And it ain't going
to be this way forever.
1 0 years ago, I was living
in a trailer park.
Let's enjoy this
while we got it.
Growing pains,
that's all.
That's right.
Can't stay young forever.
Terry: How much money
do you think Ralph makes?
What, in a year?
I don't know,
a couple hundred thousand.
Terry: We're cops.
What are we doing being cops?
I got everything I need.
Real estate keeps going up.
I don't know if I'll ever be
able to buy anything.
Terry, I'm paying you
as much as I can.
I know that, Wes.
sometimes I think I ought to go
back to work for Ralph again,
you know,
learn how he does it.
I got to start putting
money away for my kids,
for their missions,
Sure do miss her.
She was the only one who'd
listen to my missionary stories.
You want a minute?
All right.
What's up?
Just some car.
I want to check this out.
Now that's a car.
Pop that glove box...
see if you can find my ticket book.
(bird squawking)
- (phone ringing)
- Sheriff's office.
- I need you to do something.
- Shoot.
Get Ryan Parker on the phone.
Have him meet me at the Evans homestead.
Tell him to come right away.
We got a signal seven.
- Okay. Will do.
- Give me the number...
- For the FBI office in Salt Lake.
- Roger.
What's a signal seven?
What the heck
is a signal seven?
That's a dead body.
I need you to go into town
and get Ed Gray.
We're going to need
his tow truck.
Look what
they did to her.
They didn't have
to leave her like that.
(flies buzzing)
(sirens wailing)
- Are you Wes Clayton?
- Sheriff Clayton, yes.
- Are you the one who found the body?
- Yes, I did.
Agent #2: Have you identified
the victim?
No, that's an out-of-state car.
That's why I called you in.
- Okay, great. Thanks.
- Agent #2: Don't go away.
- Sheriff?
- Hey, chief.
I never expected to make
a business trip to Brigham.
Oh, I know it.
(sirens wailing)
We can'tjust
let these guys in here.
We got to finish
our investigation.
We don't have
an investigation.
- Is that all right?
- That's great. Thanks.
That lady died in our town.
We got to take care of this.
We don't have to
take care of anything.
This doesn't have anything
to do with our town.
- What's going on?
- There's been a killing.
- It's California plates.
- Terry: Wes...
That's an out-of-state vehicle.
We were just another exit ramp.
It could have
happened anywhere.
This is right
in our own back yard.
People don't even lock
their doors in our town.
I don't want them to start.
This doesn't have anything to do
with anybody in our town
except you and me.
That's where I want it to stop.
Do you understand me?
Do you understand me?!
- Ed, do you understand?
- Yeah.
Terry, you're not even going
to talk to your wife about this.
If anybody asks us anything,
we're going to keep our mouths shut.
- Peg knows, right?
- She knows.
I didn't sign up
just to walk kids across the street.
You signed up
to serve these people
and to protect these people.
And this kind of thing...
they don't want to know about it.
Sheriff, has there ever been
a murder in this town?
We'll do the autopsy
in Provo.
She'll be there a few more days,
if you want another look at her.
Thanks, Ryan.
We're not stepping
on any toes, are we?
Apparently, I'm taking orders
from those two today.
It's all right.
It's fine.
Just take her.
Get her out of here.
All right then.
Hey, Ryan.
I'd appreciate it if the reporters
didn't get a hold of this.
- I'm not going to make
- If anybody calls...
If anybody calls,
I'll refer them to you.
Don't let those Feds
bully you around, Wes.
If I were you,
I'd keep my nose in this one.
(engine starts)
I think we have
everything we need here.
Do you guys mind waiting
for the tow truck to finish?
I'll stay.
Give us a call if there's
anything else we need to know.
Don't be surprised if you see us
around town the next few days.
Listen, I'd rather
you left that part to me.
Don't worry, Sheriff.
We'll keep a low profile.
All right.
You want me to bring some food?
Hot chocolate or something?
I'm just going
to wait for Ed.
He can give me a ride home
in the tow truck.
All right.
Something finally happens
around here...
you just pretend
it never did.
It'll all be over,
as soon as that car leaves town.
(engine starts)
(marching band playing)
(crowd cheering)
So it is
with great honor,
we have
gathered here today
to celebrate
one more year,
and to wish
our beautiful little city
Happy Birthday,
on this, the 1 38th anniversary
of its founding.
We love you,
Little Brigham!
(mild applause)
(wolf whistles)
Just be careful.
Watch where you're going.
Okay, go, go.
Kilo Two,
this is Dispatch.
Could you make sure
you look where you're going?
Peg on radio:
Terry, are you there?
This is Kilo Two,
go ahead.
I'm getting calls
about an overflowing
irrigation ditch on 600 North.
What do you want me
to do about it? I'm busy.
I told them we'd get
somebody over there.
- Why can't they do it themselves?
- Because they're helpless.
I can't do it.
Where's Stu?
(old car horn honks)
Hey, boss.
You keeping this riot under control?
We're trying.
Have there been
any developments on that...
You're coming
to my baptism aren't you?
I wouldn't miss it.
You know that.
Excuse me.
Steve, I need you
to do me a favor.
anything you need.
Are you still
developing your own film?
I need you to develop
these for me.
Take that to one of those
quickie stops.
- They can open it right up.
- No, I can't take it anywhere.
I need you to develop these,
then I need you to bring the prints
back to me... directly to me.
You're not to talk about
what you see in here.
All right.
Excuse me.
You think you two could be
any more conspicuous?
You're sticking out
like a couple of sore thumbs.
Oh, that's
much better.
We've gotten a call on that,
but we're pretty busy with the parade.
I understand that.
Yes, definitely.
I'm sure you will.
Okay. All right.
Let's go get
some cotton candy.
Excuse me.
Goodbye to you, too.
- You're missing all the fun.
- You want to answer the phone?
- No.
- (phone rings)
I didn't think so.
Sheriff's office, this is Peg.
Yes, ma'am, we've already
gotten a call on that.
It was the head trauma
that killed her.
I'm sure you picked up
on that.
It was kind of hard to miss.
We pulled debris samples
from underneath her fingernails.
- Maybe she scratched them.
- We pulled debris and fibers
from her clothes, from the car,
we got hair, blood samples.
Hopefully the mess
wasn't all hers.
- Was she raped?
- No.
And it doesn't look
like a robbery.
We are checking
the interstate records
to find anything that looks
familiar to anybody,
but so far, no luck.
But it is the weekend.
I've got a deputy...
who's eager
to help out on this one.
I could lend him to you,
if it would help
speed things up.
- No. Thanks.
- Agent #2: Relax, Sheriff.
This woman's only been dead
for a day and a half.
It's not like her blood's crying out
for vengeance just yet.
Are you Mormon?
- Jack Mormon.
- So I'm taking a little sabbatical.
"Protect and serve,"
my eye.
Why don't you help me
shovel some of this crap?
Did you say
something to me?
This hearing aid's giving me
a piece of hell tonight.
You want to watch where
you're flinging that stuff?
All is well.
Yes, yes it is.
All is well.
(church congregation singing)
^ Shout praises ^
^ To our God and King ^
^ Above the rest ^
^ His words will tell ^
^ All is well ^
^ All is well. ^
Heavenly Father,
we thank Thee for this
beautiful Sabbath morning.
And we ask for Thy spirit
to be with the speakers today
that they will be able
to communicate Thy word
and Thy will to us.
And we ask that Thou
will continue to watch over us
and to bless us
and to care for us.
In the name of the Savior,
Jesus Christ, amen.
All: Amen.
We have some ward business
to take care of at this time.
I'm sad to report
that the Markham family
will be moving...
- Three blocks east.
- (laughing)
So they'll still be
in our ward.
and they would appreciate it
if as many of us, as can,
would help them move
into their new place Friday.
So, let's all try to get out
and help them.
Sister Judy Perkins,
will you please stand?
At this time, we'd like
to release Sister Perkins
from her calling as a teacher
in the Relief Society.
All of those who, along with me,
would like to express
their gratitude for the many
hours of service,
please make it manifest
with the uplifted hand.
Thanks, Judy.
And now we will prepare
to partake of the sacrament
by signing
hymn number 193,
"I Stand All Amazed,"
following which the sacrament
will be blessed and passed
by the Aaronic Priesthood.
(church organ playing)
^ I stand all amazed ^
^ At the love
Jesus offers me... ^
That they may witness unto Thee,
O God, the Eternal Father,
that they do always
remember Him;
that they may have
His spirit to be with them.
- Amen.
- All: Amen.
- Hey, Steve.
- Bishop.
Okay, there you go.
I'd say you're welcome,
but it's really something
I'd rather not do again.
I'm sorry
you had to see this.
I don't suppose you can
say anything about that?
You've kept my secrets.
I'll keep yours.
You're a good man.
Don't let it get out.
It'll ruin my reputation.
Christ says we should be,
and I love how He puts this,
"as wise as serpents,
yet as harmless as doves."
What do you think
He means by that?
Let's go
to another Scripture.
Ah, Brother Hanks.
I think He was saying...
It's like if you have to go
to a used car lot...
you got to know all the different
ways that the guy can rip you off.
No offense, John.
I mean, you can't be gullible.
You have to know all
the different ways you can get hurt.
But how does that fit in
with something else that Jesus said?
We're supposed to be
like little children, right?
Christ says, unless we're
like little children,
we will not enter
the Kingdom of God.
And children are totally innocent.
They're gullible.
Do we have to lose
our innocence to gain wisdom?
(children laughing)
Christ was wise,
but He was sinless.
True, but what about
Adam and Eve?
They were sinless...
well, for awhile.
But were they wise?
Let's go to another Scripture.
Book of Mormon,
second Nephi,
Chapter Il,
Verses 22 to 25.
Do I have a volunteer?
I'm sorry, sister,
I don't know your name.
Meredith... Cole.
Sister Cole, would you like
to read that for us?
I'm sorry.
I'm not a Mormon.
I'm just observing.
Oh, good.
Thank you.
You can read,
can't you?
Yes, I can.
Would you mind
reading that for us?
"If Adam had not
he would not
have fallen."
What are you after?
(dog barks)
Go on,
get out of here!
Get out of here!
Get out of here!
- Is the sheriff in there?
- I think he's at a meeting.
(knocking on door)
Hey, Bishop!
What brings you our way?
Hi, Evelyn.
Do you mind if I come in?
Mind? We've been
inviting you over for six months.
- Come on in.
- Thanks.
Can I talk you
into staying for dinner?
- No, no, I can't.
- Oh. Ernie?
Come on in.
Carolyn will be home any minute.
She was off and gone before
we even got up this morning.
- Hey there, Bishop.
- Hey, Ernie.
- You staying for dinner?
- No, I can't.
Sit down,
sit down.
Sit down.
So, what's on your mind?
What can we do
for you, Wes?
It's about Carolyn.
(phone rings)
- Excuse me.
- Ernie, no!
I'll just be
a minute.
- Can I get you something to drink?
- Yeah, this is Ernie.
Hey, Linda.
Yeah, no...
the Sheriff, he's right here.
Wes is here right now.
Bishop? Can I get you
a cold drink or something?
are you sure?
Are you sure it's her?
Ernie: No... no.
Thank you.
Thank you.
(deep sobbing)
(phone rings)
(phone rings)
Ernie, no. No!
My baby. Wes...
- That's my baby!
- (phone rings)
I'm sorry.
(ringing continues)
I'm so sorry.
- (ringing continues)
- This is Sherry Cornell...
reporting to you live
from Brigham, Utah,
a once sleepy town,
put on the map tonight
as the scene
of a grisly murder...
You've got
a serial killer in town.
Stuart Udall, do you swear
to uphold the constitution
of the State of Utah,
the laws of Kirtland County
and the cities therein?
Yes, sir, I do.
Then I hereby deputize you.
You now serve at the pleasure
of the sheriff.
Excuse me.
Is Wes Clayton here?
- No.
- If you don't tell Wes I'm out here,
I'm going to walk
into his office right now!
- I wouldn't recommend it.
- Peg...
I need to see you
for five minutes.
I know that.
Give me a couple minutes.
I need a couple thousand of these.
Shrink them and put two on a page.
- All right.
- Can we have a word?
No. Then get a hold of all
the Aaronic Priesthood boys in town.
All of them. I want a copy of that
on every doorstep before dark.
- Got it.
- Terry!
- Wesley!
- Mayor!
You're gonna have
to hold on a few minutes!
- Are you the mayor?
- Yes I am. Who are you?
My name is Jack.
Mind if I ask you a few questions?
I guess that
would be fine.
It'll be all right.
It'll be fine.
Wes: I need you and Terry
to knock on every door
within two blocks
of the square.
Let's notjust talk
to whoever answers the door.
Talk to everybody who lives there,
anybody that was visiting yesterday,
- Anybody who could've seen anything.
- Got it.
- Let's get it done.
- Yes, sir.
- You got a minute?
- No, I don't.
I need your permission
to look at the files
for anything that might help
the investigation.
You can look at anything you want to,
just don't remove anything,
and let me know what
you're making copies of.
- Deal.
- You won't find anything.
Everybody here dies
of natural causes.
What about
Tamra Hillam?
Tammy Hillam?
I've heard her name
three times today.
Well, for one thing,
she isn't dead.
She took off during
her senior year of high school,
A couple of years ago.
Big fight with her parents.
She went off to be a movie star.
That's the last anybody heard of her.
No postcards,
no e-mails?
not even to her friends?
no postcards or anything?
Look, it's in her file.
Tell Peg to give you access.
Thank you.
(shutter clicks)
Reporter: ... a resident of Brigham,
Utah, who knew the second victim.
- Is that true?
- Man: Yeah, that's true.
I took her
to the junior prom last year.
We were...
you know,
we were very close.
Everybody says
she was murdered.
Yeah, there's
no doubt about it.
Was she...
was she violated?
Do you have any men
working for you
that might be capable
of something like that?
No, I don't.
Most of your men
are outsiders.
- They're migratory.
- Yes, they are.
Maybe you don't know them
as well as you think you do.
I know enough that I don't have any
of that kind working for me.
How do you know that?
The way I figure it is,
a guy who does
something like this,
kind of has
to work himself up to it.
He has a record of some kind...
a rape,
or assault,
or some kind of violence.
Hey, do you
remember that kid...
that kid who broke into
my office several years ago?
- Yeah, we got him.
- Yeah we did.
I also found out that kid had
a history of that kind of thing.
It's my own fault.
I never did any kind
of background check.
I took his application
and I took his word.
I deserved to get robbed.
And from then on,
anybody that
works for my crew
I know who they are
and where they come from.
And I don't hire no man
with a shady history.
Now that may not be
very Christ-like,
but that's the way
I run my business,
and that's how I know.
No one really knows
what happened.
It's just one
of those things.
Freak accident,
you know?
Wes can't remember
any of it.
The best anyone
can figure,
a truck,
or somebody,
took a wide turn,
he swerved
and went off the road...
it was up in the canyon,
so if you go off the road,
- You're in trouble.
- Nobody stopped?
Nobody reported it?
Half the town
was out looking for him.
He was supposed to perform
a wedding that night.
Terry was the one
that finally found them.
Reporter: Did she have any trouble
with drugs or alcohol?
Mr. Merrill:
Absolutely not.
Do you know anybody who could have
done something like this?
No, we don't know anybody
that could have done something so...
horrendous as this.
Reporter: What's the last thing
your daughter said to you?
She must have said something.
Richie died instantly.
Sarah, too, probably.
Her neck was broken.
And Wes...
Wes was in a coma
for eight days.
He told me once
that that was
the worst part of it...
that he couldn't remember.
He doesn't know
if it was his fault or not.
He still wears
his wedding ring.
They were
a beautiful family.
And that boy...
that boy.
That boy followed him
around like a shadow.
The weird thing was...
they held the funeral
without him.
Nobody thought he was
going to make it.
Yeah, that's where
they found her.
- Right under there.
- I know where they found her.
Ivan Jensen...
he was the one who found her.
- I was asking...
- He told me that himself.
- Boy: Are we all getting out?
- Mother: Yeah.
- Sheriff.
- Mr. McKay.
What can I do for you?
I need to ask you
to do me a favor.
I didn't think we had
that kind of relationship.
It's got something to do
with those murders in town?
I think it would be
good for the...
for the long-term health
of your little establishment
if you helped me out
on this one.
What's the magic word, Sheriff?
- Girl: I want to be 20.
- Why do you want to be 20?
'Cause then
I could drive.
You can drive
when you're 1 6, sweetie.
- I know.
- You can also date when you're 1 6.
Do you want this
over here?
Fingers out
of the food, please.
Shall we pray?
Very good. Okay.
Just a second,
Good night,
Brother Jensen.
Good night, boys.
(truck beeping)
You picked a heck
of a day to move.
- Thanks for coming by.
- My pleasure.
(children's voices)
You didn't have
to bring all this.
You've got enough
to worry about.
If we left it
to the men,
- We'd be eating cold pizza and donuts.
- That's about right.
Hey, thank you.
Of course.
Sometimes I look at them
and I can't believe
they all came out of my body.
Don't even talk
like that.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I keep forgetting.
I'm trying to pretend
I have easy deliveries.
Hi! What are you
doing here?
- Hey, Terry.
- I had to see how my baby's doing.
We're good.
- (crying)
- It's okay!
Terry: Hey!
Coming back for seconds,
eh, Bishop?
Yeah, you caught me.
I'm just teasing you.
(playful growl)
Tickle here.
Did Terry tell you we finally
chose a name for the baby?
- No, he didn't say anything.
- It was his choice this time.
I tried to talk him
out of it...
but I suppose we're going
to be calling the baby Wes.
That's a good name.
Yeah, I thought
you'd like it.
All right.
Go for it.
You're not big on hunting,
are you, Wes?
It might improve
your marksmanship.
No offense.
I went on a deer hunt once
with my brother, Alan,
and a couple
of his friends.
They were big hunters.
I've already
told you this story.
No, you haven't.
Anyway, we went out all day
and didn't get anything.
I must have been,
oh, 1 2...
1 3 maybe.
I didn't even see a deer. I started
shooting at anything that moved,
and I scared up
this little jack rabbit
and he took off.
I raised my rifle.
I fired
and he went down.
We all ran over there
and he was still alive.
He was still kicking.
Alan said,
"You better put him
out of his misery."
So I put the end
of my rifle up...
up to his head
and I pulled the trigger.
You know,
I had this strange feeling.
I mean I liked it.
You know?
There was some part of me that
really liked killing that animal.
I was like some part of me
coming up that I didn't like,
so I went home
and I put the gun away
and I never
went hunting again.
You know, I hadn't
thought about it but...
I haven't fired a weapon
at any living creature since then.
Did you take it home?
The rabbit.
Did you eat it?
No, we left it there...
in the dirt.
You know,
I think some men
just have a taste for killing.
I think they like it.
The guy we're looking for...
do you think...
do you think this guy
could ever be cured?
Do you think he could...
I don't know, repent?
I don't know.
I have a hard time
imagining it.
I know one cure.
Edward Conrad Gray,
having been commissioned
of Jesus Christ,
I baptize you
in the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Ghost.
- Amen.
- All: Amen.
We're all set up here.
You ready to go?
Yeah, I'll be there
in a minute.
It's not your fault,
you know.
You're a good sheriff, Wes.
Better than I ever was.
That's not true
and you know it.
It is true,
and you know it.
That's a compliment.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Little places like this...
our days are numbered,
you know?
The rest of the world
won't let us be.
They're going to drag us in,
whether we like it or not.
See, what we got here is
a little paradise.
And nothing attracts
a serpent like a paradise.
^ I want to be a rock star
and travel really far ^
^ And buy me
a big expensive car ^
^ And make lots of money
and find me a honey ^
^ And live in a nice big house
where it's sunny ^
^ With a pool
and I'll be cool ^
^ I'll always have a gig
because I'll be big ^
^ Have parties and friends
and places to go ^
^ The only problem is
I buried the banjo. ^
(audience cheering)
All right,
you can look.
How do I look?
Oh, never mind.
Peg, you don't have to do this.
Are you kidding? This is great...
I get to go undercover.
- You got your pencil?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, there was
nowhere else to put it. Oww.
^ I play the banjo
I play the banjo... ^
(country music playing)
Did you boys order
these empty beer bottles?
Yeah, right there.
Right over here.
These ones are
from table seven.
And their names
are Glen,
Dave, Danny...
How we going to keep
all this straight?
We don't have to.
All we got to do
is run the prints.
If there's a match,
we get a name and a photo.
- And a rap sheet.
- That's right.
Who thought up
this scheme?
I wish I could say
it was me.
Son of a gun.
- Do you want a smoke?
- No.
I don't smoke...
Hey, Pete.
Hey, Sheriff.
What are you doing here?
Just keeping
my eye on the party.
You still my bishop
or did they release you?
I'm still your bishop.
Well, I'm going to keep
an eye on you tonight.
Hey, hey.
What can I do
for you boys?
What's your name?
Same as it was
five minutes ago.
It's Peg,
you idiot.
Well, Peg, how come
it is that...
you don't have a name tag
like all the other girls here?
- 'Cause I'm new.
- She's the new girl!
- That's right.
- You know, that's, uh...
that's kind of
a coincidence
because I happen to be
looking for a new girl.
Are you now?
Okay, well,
what can I get for you?
Give us another round, please.
- Okay.
- And some food, you got any food?
- Mm-hmm. We got food.
- All right, yeah, whatever.
- Okay.
- Chicken wings.
Anybody missing?
Just about everybody
will roll in before last call.
Even the non-drinkers
will come in,
shoot some pool,
chase some skirt.
I haven't been asked out
on so many dates
in all my life.
Well, the truck's full
and so is the back of your car.
How much are these guys
going to drink anyway?
- Things are slowing down in there.
- Thank heavens!
Terry, I need you to take Peg
back to the office.
Peg, go ahead and start
dusting these bottles.
Roger that.
Stu, you stay
for another hour or so,
then take this load
back to the office.
- Can you stay awake that long?
- Sure, I can stay awake.
All right.
- Go to work, men.
- And woman.
I think we're going
to get this guy.
(tire bursts)
A little bright there, huh?
You need a hand?
I think they gave me
the wrong tool.
That happens.
I got something
in the truck.
Give this a try?
- Hey, Stu.
- James.
You're up late.
Well, you know what they say...
no rest for the wicked.
Is this all for you?
Ah, give me a pack of...
What was that?
A pack of cigarettes, Jamie.
No filter.
One pack.
You want me to get you
a Playboy, too?
I don't want a Playboy.
I want a pack of cigarettes.
I'm not going
to give them to you.
Well, you got them
there for sale.
I'm the customer.
You're either going to sell
them to me, or I'll go elsewhere
and you suit yourself.
Dog-gone things
are going to kill you.
I think I'm going
to tell the bishop on you.
You mind
your own business.
I'll get around to telling
the bishop soon enough.
I always do.
- Thank you, very much.
- You're not very welcome.
You just won't make it
easy for me, will you?
(muffled screaming)
(police siren blaring)
Sheriff, I'm sorry.
Steve, let's give him
a minute.
Bottles are still
in the back of the truck.
I guess they didn't
notice he had them.
Get them back to the office
as fast as you can.
We don't have
any time to waste.
Have you had enough
of the real world yet, Terry?
(police radio chatter)
Hey, Spence.
Are you going
to find my sister?
I'm going to find her.
You say a few prayers
in the mean time though.
- Okay.
- Okay.
How many sets of prints
are we going to have?
43 7 bottles, 43 7 prints.
Some will be duplicates.
We're going
to be here all night.
- It's Ed.
- Yeah, let him in.
If we find anything,
it's not admissible in court, is it?
We're just trying
to identify some suspects.
I just want to find Jamie.
Do you think
she's still alive?
- Hey.
- Hey, Ed.
I heard about Stu.
Yeah. This is Meredith Cole,
she's with the FBI.
Oh. Hi.
Nice to meet you.
Is there anything
I can do to help?
Why don't you grab some gloves.
Help Peg dust for prints.
Dust for prints. Wow.
It's not all that exciting,
believe me.
We'll find her.
First one's coming up.
Well, what do you know?
I thought every man in that bar
had a record of some kind.
We'll only flag
the violent ones.
Sex offenders.
Peg, I want you
to get on the phone.
See how many men you can get
to meet me at the gazebo at 7:00 a.m.
It's 2:30 in the morning.
Doesn't give us much time.
Okay. There's going to be a lot
of people hating me tonight.
Just tell them Jamie Harlan's life
is on the line.
You won't hear
much grumbling.
(computer rings)
You've got yourself
a nice town.
they're good people.
Where are you from?
You a Salt Lake girl?
I'm just passing through.
Doing some training.
A Jack Mormon.
How's that going?
I'll whip him into shape.
I grew up in Manhattan.
Have you ever been there?
It's nice.
- Different, I hear.
- Oh, yeah.
Out here,
with all the empty space,
it's kind of creepy.
- Really?
- Sure.
You seem like
a pretty reasonable man.
Down to earth.
I've been reading
some of your books.
All this about
angels and prophets,
Jesus talking
to people.
Do you really
believe all that?
Yes, I do.
You're just
a little naive, that's all.
Excuse me?
I've heard it all my life.
Because we don't want to experience
some of the things out there,
some people think
we're naive.
We have our own experiences.
We get down on our knees
and we say our prayers
and do our best to live
the way God wants us to live...
and every now and again
he gives us a...
a little experience.
I guess we're both naive
to one extent or another.
Just about different things.
I drove by.
Every cop in town
was there.
We only got two cops.
Yeah, and they were
both there.
All right.
It's 7:00.
Meredith, can you take over
at the computer?
Don't give up.
- Wes: Ed.
- Hmm?
Now how many of you men served
full-time missions for the church?
Now what I'm going to ask
you to do
is going to feel
just like the old days.
I want you to pair off,
two by two.
You're going to go
from house to house.
You're going to knock
on every door.
You're going to search
every home in town.
Now I want you
to be nice about this.
These people are
your neighbors.
But I want you
to be thorough.
- Mike?
- I have to be to work by 9:00.
Nobody's going to work today.
Jamie Harlan's life is more important
than any of yourjobs.
You're going to look
in every closet and every corner,
in every attic,
in every space
that's large enough
to hold a human body.
If anybody doesn't
let you search the house...
one of you is going
to sit down on the front curb
and the other one's
going to come back here...
in that circumstance,
you will not separate.
If anybody decides
to take a 1 5-minute break,
I want to know about it.
I don't want anybody to have time
to hide or move anything.
Do you understand?
- Ivan.
- Does this mean we're all suspects?
Yes, it does.
- Ivan: Morning, Megan.
- Hi.
The sheriff's asked us
to go house to house in the town.
We're looking
for Jamie Harlan.
Morning Sister Peck. Me and Mike
have been asked by the sheriff
to come search
the homes here in town.
We're hoping you won't mind if we
come inside and have a look around?
- You want to what?
- You heard that Jamie Harlan's missing?
We're searching
all the homes in town.
You're not coming
into my house.
You don't have a warrant.
- You're not even policemen.
- No, ma'am, we're not.
We're just out here
trying to do the right thing.
You're not coming
into my house.
Is Steve home?
Maybe we could talk to him.
No, he's not.
He's right...
this is like being missionaries.
I'll wait here at the curb
if you want to run into town.
I'm not
running anywhere.
Here we go.
- She won't let you in?
- No, not an inch.
(doorbell rings)
Clara, this is Sheriff Clayton.
I want you to open up this door!
There's a young girl's life
at stake!
Either open up this door
or I'm going to break it down!
You guys
stay right here.
Kilo One
to Kilo Two.
- Come with me.
- What's going on?
You just
come with me.
What's going on?
Your mother won't
let us search the house.
Well, you don't have
a warrant.
Do you really
want me to get one?
This isn't right.
This just isn't right.
You should be ashamed
of yourself!
Poking around
in my house!
- I'm going to sue this town!
- Mother!
I'm going to sue this town
for every penny its got!
Clara, stay back.
Check under the bed.
Steve, I want you
to let me in this closet.
- Bishop.
- Open this door.
- What are you doing?!
- Clara, stay back!
- Get your hands off him!
- Get back!
Okay, Steve, this is
getting out of hand.
I want you to unlock this door
before somebody gets hurt!
The key's
in the cup there.
Let him go.
You have a darkroom
in the garage.
We're going
to need to see it.
Come on.
I kept meaning
to talk to you about...
I think I would die
if anyone knew.
I need you to come back
with me to the station.
For questioning.
- Bishop...
- Don't...
Don't call me "Bishop."
Right now, I have to care
about the people in this town
a lot more than
I care about you.
Do you understand me?
I never hurt anybody.
Not anybody.
What's going on, Bishop?
Go ahead and get these people
back to their houses.
It's all right.
There's nothing going on here.
This is the Peck's house.
Let's go, there's nothing wrong here.
Come on,
let's go.
There's nothing
wrong here.
Who's idea was
this fingerprint thing anyway?
Just shut up.
I need the files on
Lisa Colvin and Tammy Hillam.
Meredith had them out.
I'll find them.
All right,
here comes the last one.
This had better be him.
Come on!
Son of a gun.
I know him.
- Who is that?
- That's that construction guy.
Big guy.
I remember him.
Come on,
give me the rap sheet.
- Possession of marijuana.
- That's it?
You've got
to be kidding.
You get anything?
I don't think so.
- Now what?
- Now you go home and get some rest.
- Wes...
- Neither of you have slept in 48 hours.
I'm going to need
you fresh again tomorrow.
How long has it been for you?
I'll be fine.
It's all right. We've done
everything we can do for now.
Would it be okay
if we said a prayer?
Heavenly Father...
right now, we're kind of
at the end of our rope.
We're losing
some of our friends,
some of our family.
Everything's falling apart.
Nobody trusts anybody.
Everybody's afraid.
And we're just so tired.
help us find Jamie.
Please don't let her die.
Help us find
this man who...
keeps taking our friends.
And if we're just not...
smart enough, or...
strong enough to stop him...
please take it
into Your hands.
please, Lord.
Please stop this man.
Please make him stop.
In the name
of Jesus Christ, amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Thanks, Peg.
Here are the files.
Hey, Peg.
You knew her, right?
Tammy Hillam.
Before she took off.
She was a blonde?
If she's a blonde,
I'm a double D.
What do you mean
by that?
She's a blonde
in a bottle.
That girl's had red hair
from the day she was born.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Oh, hey.
Are you going to let
Steve out before you go?
I don't know.
I haven't made up my mind yet.
We really don't have
anything to hold him on.
I know that.
Will you...
will you walk
Peg to her car?
Just call me
if you need me.
I will.
Do you still carry
that.38 in your purse?
This old thing?
I only carry this when
I don't know who to shoot.
You want a lift?
I'm just going to walk.
Are you sure?
I'll be okay.
See you bright and early.
Good night, Peg.
Good night.
Oh! You scared
the hell out of me.
You scared me.
What are you doing
in here, anyway?
I was waiting for you.
I got tired. I fell asleep.
Come on. Get out.
I'll drive.
Hi, this is Sheriff Clayton.
Is Ryan still there?
Maybe you can help me.
Who is this?
Reed, I need some information
about the California woman.
The one that
was killed in Brigham.
Yes, something from the autopsy report.
Can you pull that for me?
Yeah, sure I can hold.
I'm going to take off
and get some sleep.
I'm going to leave
everything set up,
- If that's all right?
- Yeah, sure.
Meredith, do you need
a place to stay?
My house...
it's kind of empty.
I'm going to be
here tonight.
No, thanks.
I'll just grab a motel.
I have an FBI charge card.
Never leave home
without it.
Yeah, no,
I'm still here.
Yeah, look under hair color.
I need to know if she was really blonde.
Thanks for the offer.
No, it's a strange question,
but I need to know
if she was a natural blonde
or if she dyed her hair.
Natural blonde.
You're absolutely sure
about that?
No, no. Uh-huh.
Thanks, Reed.
Where are you
taking me?
My place.
- Ed...
- Don't Ed me, Peg.
This is not
a make-out thing.
I don't want you
spending the night alone,
or any night alone,
until they catch this guy.
No fooling around?
Oh, I don't know.
I'm saving myself
for our wedding night.
You better be.
Father in heaven...
- Are we here?
- Yeah.
- Did you clean?
- No.
Come on, come on,
come on.
Recording: We're sorry,
the cellular phone you are calling
is currently unavailable,
or out of the...
- Bishop.
- What are you doing up?
The baby's decided
he's a night owl.
I need to come in.
Come on in.
Between this baby and little Mac I don't
know if I'll ever get any sleep.
- Is Terry home?
- Yeah, he's in the kitchen.
He couldn't sleep either.
Are you hungry?
- Did you get any dinner?
- No.
I thought you were
going to get some sleep.
- (baby crying)
- There he goes again. I'll be back.
What's on your mind?
I don't think...
I'm ever going
to forgive myself.
What are you
talking about?
You know, Sarah had
this way of getting...
behind my eyes.
She could help me understand
what I was seeing.
If she was still here,
I would have figured out
this thing a long time ago.
I know I'm no substitute
for Sarah,
if you want to talk.
Lisa Colvin.
Do you remember her?
- Pretty girl, red hair.
- Yeah.
She died in that rock climbing
accident a few years ago.
- Right after you got here.
- Mm-hmm.
1 6 years old.
I can't stop thinking about
those shoes she was wearing.
- Remember?
- No.
The shoes...
they weren't made for hiking at all.
It never occurred to me
to look for foul play.
It was just
an accident, right?
Then Tammy Hillam.
She leaves for Hollywood
and just disappears.
All this time we've been
looking for her in Los Angeles.
I have this feeling that
she didn't get very far from town.
When you came to town,
Ralph couldn't
stop talking about you.
He said you were
the best worker he ever had.
Returned missionary,
Eagle Scout,
hard worker.
When I needed
part-time help,
I didn't think twice.
I just deputized you.
Then when I needed you
it never crossed my mind
to run your prints.
I didn't even make you
fill out an application.
It couldn't have
happened anywhere,
but a place like this.
I finally got around
to running your prints.
The strange thing is,
you don't come up as Terry Woodruff.
I found Terry, though.
I found him in Snowflake, Arizona.
There was an article
about how he drowned.
In the Colorado River
on a youth trip
two weeks after
he got home from his mission.
There's another kid in town
who spent four years in prison
for raping and almost
killing a little girl.
A little red-haired girl.
The church folks talked
in the paper about how he had
turned his life around,
how he found God in prison.
And then
he just disappeared.
You know, the thing is...
your prints match that man.
I want you to tell me...
what you've done
with Jamie's body.
There's a...
there's this spot...
about a half a mile
up the canyon.
The horse trail forks off.
There's a little patch
of Joshua trees.
Joshua trees.
I put her in there.
- Tammy Hillam.
- (sobbing)
Did you put her
in there, too?
I don't know
what's wrong with me.
I don't know
why I can't stop.
I've tried...
so hard...
to be good.
You've got
to help me.
I don't want to go
to hell.
Put those on.
There's one thing
I can't make sense of.
That woman from California.
Her hair wasn't red.
It was red...
when I finished with it.
- Put on those cuffs.
- They don't forgive you.
Not ever.
For the rest of your life,
no matter how good you are,
everybody knows.
- I had no choice.
- (cocks)
I had to become
somebody else.
Terry, take your hands
off that weapon,
and put on
those handcuffs.
This whole thing's
your fault.
You put a badge on me
and a gun in my hand.
You were supposed to protect
this town from people like me.
You never even
checked my background.
What were you thinking?
You brought the wolf...
right into the center
of the flock.
take your hands
off that gun.
- Terry?
- April, stay back.
- What have you done?
- Terry, please.
- Terry, what's going on?
- Terry: You're so naive.
You think you can
just close your eyes
and the world's going
to pass you by.
You think you can just...
get down on
your knees at night,
and say your prayers,
and God is going to protect you
from people like me.
(Terry snorts)
Well, guess what, Sheriff?
Jamie was praying
pretty hard at the end.
And come to think of it,
so were the others.
Isn't that something?
God isn't going
to stop me.
For all the praying
that goes on around here,
you'd think God would care
a little bit more about this town.
What is he talking about?
Terry, take your hands
off that gun.
You might as well have
killed those girls yourself.
- (baby crying)
- You're responsible.
You've got blood
on your hands.
- Bishop, no!
- Terry, please.
When these parents
find out what you've done,
they're going to spit
on your grave.
- Put the weapon down.
- What are you doing!?
April, take the baby out.
Take him out!
What do you think, Wes?
When I raise this gun,
am I going to point it
at my head or yours?
Tell them I'm sorry, Wes...
when you see
those girls.
- You tell them I'm sorry.
- (gun fires)
No! No!
(baby crying)
(April sobbing)
- April...
- You get out!
Get out of here!
(congregation singing)
(door opens)
We're wrapping things up.
I just wanted to come in
and say goodbye.
We found out about
the California woman.
Turns out she was born
and raised in Snowflake, Arizona.
We figure he must have pulled
her over for a speeding ticket,
something like that.
Maybe she recognized him.
(Priest preaching)
The meeting's starting.
Are you going in?
I was supposed
to protect them.
I was supposed
to take care of them.
Nobody blames you.
You're a good man, Wes.
(organ playing)
You really are.
^ Nearer, my God ^
^ To Thee ^
^ Nearer to Thee ^
^ Even though
it be a cross ^
^ That raiseth me ^
^ Still all my song shall be ^
^ Nearer, my God, to Thee ^
^ Nearer, my God, to Thee ^
It's Bishop.
^ Nearer to Thee. ^
O, God,
the Eternal Father,
we ask Thee in the name
of Thy Son, Jesus Christ,
to bless and sanctify
this bread
to the souls of all those
who partake of it,
that they may eat in remembrance
of the body of Thy Son,
and witness unto Thee,
O, God, the Eternal Father,
that they are willing to take
upon them the name of Thy Son,
and always remember Him,
and keep His commandments
which He has given them,
that they may always have
His Spirit to be with them,
- Amen.
- All: Amen.
(instrumental music playing)
(female vocal)