Bright Hair (1997) Movie Script

[Mrs. Philips] Ann, Linda, hats.
-Sorry Mrs. Philips.
-Sorry Mrs. Philips.
Got to do geography,
can't do it on my own.
Okay I'll try and get
dad to drop me off.
Is your mom at home?
I don't know, but come
along about six thirty.
Do you know what she said today?
She asked if Hitler was
the one with the moustache.
God, that's ridiculous.
Even I know that and
I'm completely thick.
Oh my God, look at
that for movement.
Ann really fancies
you, Lawrence.
Stupid, bloody idiot.
[Linda] Oh, he didn't
hear you don't worry.
[Ann] What do you mean,
he couldn't exactly not
have heard, could he?
See you here,
Thursday, four o'clock?
I'm Dr. Kramer
She's in the living room.
I'm going to get through to her.
Hey, what's going on?
Go home now, there's
nothing here to see.
Quiet, is it PG or something?
Wonder what that was about.
Cat died.
[Linda] Ann
Come on.
Ann, come back
Come on.
[eerie music]
Female has extensive
damage to the cranium
and associated distortion
of the facial features.
Probable cause, a
blunt instrument,
perhaps several blows.
There is evidence of CSF
fluid and multiple blood loss
from the intercranial injury.
How long has she been dead?
Oh, less than an hour I'd say.
All right, all right,
what's with all the hurry,
slow down, slow down.
Come on Gordon I am her father.
I'm sorry Norman you
can't go in there.
And you can't interview
her without me.
You have no right
to keep me from her.
I demand to see
that inspector now.
[Gordon] Your daughter's fine,
as soon as the DI's
finished talking to her,
you can take her home.
[Norman] I want to
go into that house.
I want to see the
officer in charge.
[Gordon] I'm the
officer in charge,
no one goes into that house.
I'm inspector Gates.
This is detective
Sergeant Black,
and there's nothing to
be frightened of Ann,
but we must try
and put things back
as they were before
you knocked them over.
[Gordon] Come on sir,
you can't stay here,
we're trying to conduct
a murder investigation
You think you can
help us do that?
I might, if I had a cigarette.
-Those things could kill you.
So could he.
What can you remember?
Kitchen, drawers pulled
out, table cloth hanging.
Floor, knives, forks,
broken cup, canister,
silver, silver colour,
bits of paper, coupons.
Then the whole phone
was pulled out.
I don't remember anything else.
Did you drink the milk?
Portland central training board.
Did he drink it?
Aren't you gonna arrest me?
And protect you from him?
No chance.
[Norman] I have an important
position at this town.
[Ann] Oh, have you
change your job then?
[Norman] Being manager of the
Downshire building society
is a prominent and
exposed position.
And I can't afford to be
the father of a daughter
who keeps getting up to such
bloody stupid escapades,
and this one, this
one words fail me.
[Ann] I wish they would.
[Eileen] Stop it she's
been punished enough.
Either I'm crazy
Eileen or you are.
She hasn't been punished at all.
That's the trouble,
well I'll punish her.
Do you hear me Ann,
you're gonna stop
this stupidity,
or I'm gonna stop
paying the fees
for that expensive school.
Great, I never wants to
go to the snotty hole
in the first place
and you couldn't afford it,
if I wasn't in assisted place.
[Eileen] Will you stop
it, the both of you.
[Reporter] The murder
has been linked
to a number of break-ins all
in the area Jenna's Wood.
After a previous
serious assault,
the police expressed
fears only last week
that the intruder
might strike again.
It appears that 52
year old Lucy Travis,
disturbed him and he
savagely assaulted her.
He then got away by motorbike
through the wood behind the...
[Eileen] If you don't get in
there and put you pyjamas on
I'm gonna call your dad.
[Norman] Hey, what's
this, not in bed yet.
Now look young man, you're
not the one suffering
from shock but you
will be if I catch you.
[Eileen] Shh, pipe down,
she's trying to sleep.
[Norman] Come on
young man, I'm going
to tell you a story and
then you're going to sleep.
[Boy] But I don't feel sleepy.
Oh pooch, I haven't
seen you for awhile.
Night night pet, sleep tight.
Jenna's Wood is
strictly out of bounds.
You must leave the
school in pairs
taking the main road only.
Girls chosen for the swimming
pool appeal reception
this evening must arrange
to be accompanied home
by an adult.
[Woman] I understand you're
writing the definitive
English text book.
God, look who it is.
Would you like a canape?
Do you have a publisher?
So you'll still need to teach.
I have a job here,
if you're interested.
Mrs. Phillips is going
on maternity leave
and I need someone
to cover for her.
Excuse me.
Thank you Ms. Montrose.
He has given up teaching,
Haven't you David?
It's only temporary
Val, helping out.
Given up?
He was stabbed.
He was in hospital
for three months.
The school was in a London bin.
The idea is to stimulate
the book, not stop it.
Canape Ms. Montrose?
Thank you.
These ones are
particularly good.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
[Lawrence] I didn't
think you'd come.
Lots of girl I know wouldn't.
[Ann] I'm not lots of girls
and you don't know me.
I know your name
and where you live.
So what are you gonna
be when you grow up,
private detective?
You're a bit quick aren't you?
No, I'm not.
I'm not quick at all,
that's the trouble, I'm 17.
Oh, I see.
Get off me, will you ?
She said you fancied me.
Fancy you?
You're the sort of
nice boy my mother
would like me to
bring home to tea.
You don't turn me on like that.
Well, how will I turn you on?
I never asked anyone before.
Would you like to come to tea?
Well, that's the sort of
thing I do with Jesseme.
Who's Jesseme?
Your girlfriend?
No, well sort of.
She's a family friend.
Do you grope Jesseme?
No, you don't grope Jesseme.
You don't grope Jesseme,
but you grope me?
Well, I didn't mean...
What else does it mean?
You do do it.
Oh that's it, is it?
That's what they told you
on the bike sheds, is it?
That's what you came for?
That's all you're
interested in, is it?
No, Ann.
Come on then, if
that's what you want.
Wait, I've got a thing.
I can feel it.
You've got something.
It's my period
you stupid wanker.
Can I clean your car?
Fiver, wash and Polish?
Told you, told you.
When he could clean the car,
but you can't because
I'm going out.
Stoke Priam, those mortgages.
Here, that's an advance,
two washes.
Last time I washed the car,
you didn't give me a fiver.
Thanks dad.
[birds chirping]
[branches breaking]
[birds chirping]
It all right.
It all right.
It's me, It's DS Black.
It's all right.
Hey Holly.
It's Ann.
[Girl] What on earth
has she done now?
[Girl] She's being arrested.
This is a murder inquiry, Ann.
Were you meeting someone?
Why were you there?
How much pocket money
do you get a week?
Three pounds.
What's that got to do with it?
Is this yours?
Where did you get it?
It fell out of your
pocket in the wood.
There's 28 pounds, 15 pence.
How did you come to
have so much, Ann?
What'd you mean?
You think I did it?
[Inspector Gates] No.
You think he was the thief
and I was helping him?
Who did you meet in the wood?
No one.
Just a boy.
Tell the inspector his name?
Lawrence, Lawrence Churchman.
The magistrate's son?
Lives at the lodge?
Please don't ask him, please.
He'll never talk to me again.
I borrowed the money from
my parents, from Linda,
I even sold my getup
blouse to my brother
to buy Lawrence, a
new bicycle wheel.
We quarrelled, I
broke it, please.
I'm not a thief.
What is it, Ann?
I do some stupid things,
but I swear I've never
stolen anything in my life.
What was it like?
A piece of string in a bucket.
How was yours?
Ann, you never gave
me your phone number.
Oh yeah.
Great, thanks.
See you then.
What did you do a stupid
thing like that for?
-Give him your number.
I didn't, I gave him yours.
Ann, it's your
dad's car ain't it?
[Ann] We could ask him for lift.
Yeah, great idea, let's do that.
[Linda] Ann.
[Linda] Come on.
Did he see you?
[Ann] No, maybe I dunno.
Oh my god Linda, I don't know.
What am I gonna tell my mother?
[Linda] Your mother?
[Ann] I've got to
tell her about it.
I'll be deceiving her
as well if I don't.
Where have you been?
Well, you weren't
there when I called.
Must've just left.
What do you want to drink?
Gin tea, ice, hold the lemon.
I went to Stoke.
I know, it's written
all over your face.
I told you not to go there.
What's happened.
What is it, Pen?
Why are you so upset?
I'm not upset.
Yes you are.
For God's sake, mother,
I know when I'm upset
and when I'm not upset,
and I'm not upset.
[Eileen] There you go.
I can't eat that mother.
Get it down,
you need it with
what you get up to.
You were in Stoke Prior
last night, I hear.
I had to tell him Pen I'm sorry,
but I've been so
worried about you.
What on earth are
you apologising for.
So that's why you've cooked
this, you feel guilty.
Guilty, you're the one
who should feel guilty.
You told us you were
at Linda's last night,
you deceived us.
Now eat that food your
mother's cooked for you.
What's Icelandic for comeback.
I don't know Ben,
what is Icelandic for comeback?
Is it really?
See you learn something
new every day, Eileen.
I saw you in jokers.
You were in the pub.
[Eileen] Drinking?
No, I saw his car,
that's why I went in.
Eat your breakfast.
You were spying on me.
I see what you're thinking.
I was with Mrs. Hedges
from Collins and Denton.
[Ann] You were kissing her.
He was.
Damn right I was kissing her,
after she sewed up all
those mortgages for me.
[Ann] It wasn't
that sort of kiss.
Shut up.
There's an evil, wicked
streak in you Ann Devenish.
Just because you've
been caught out,
you're trying to
turn on your father.
I've been caught out?
That's enough, now
finish your breakfast.
[Ann] You finish it.
Stop it!
Stop it!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you.
[Girl] Ainlee and
Cathy contented
themselves with looking
and listening 'till
peace was restored,
then both began such and
their father's pockets
for the presents he
had promised them.
The former was a boy of
14, but when he drew out
what had been a fiddle,
crushed to morsels in the
great coat, he blubbered aloud.
And Kathy, when she
learned that the master
had lost her whip
attending on the stranger,
showed her humour by grinning,
earning for her pain, the
sound blow from her father
to teach her cleaner manners.
They entirely refused to
have it in bed with them
or even in their room,
and I had no most sense,
so I put it on the
landing of the stairs
hoping it might be
gone on the morrow.
By chance or else attracted
by hearing his voice...
[eerie music]
[footsteps approaching]
[knock on door]
Somebody in there?
Ms. Wood, I have to
fix one of the lockers,
would you mind seeing
if the coast is clear.
[Ms. Wood] They should
all be in class.
[Man] I thought I
smelled cigarette smoke.
I'm sure I heard somebody.
[Ms. Wood] Why is
this window open?
Well it was shut
five minutes ago,
I walked past here on my way in.
I'll tell Ms. Montrose,
and make sure that
window is secured.
What's going on?
There was a murderer in school.
Oh my god.
He got injured revision.
Through the plate room
window, next to our classroom.
Mr. Rayland is
positive he saw a man
running into those trees
shortly after we found
the open window.
[Man] The girl said she had
20 pounds in a cash card.
[Girl] Sir, I just
thought I'd let you know,
I haven't seen Ann
since lunchtime.
Hi dad.
Hello Ben, just get your
own breakfast, will you?
Any news?
There's been another murder.
The Stoke prior
side of the woods.
Woman had her head
battered, like the last one.
We moved here because
of that, wood,
it was so beautiful.
Now I can't even look at it.
It took me ages to get
through to the police again.
They want a photograph of her.
There's a much nicer one of her.
Morning, Norman.
Excuse me!
Oh darling, we were so worried.
Where have you been?
You're all right, Ann.
There was a click in my head.
I was frightened.
Where have you been for
the last three days?
I don't know.
And what were you doing
outside of the Travis' house?
Could I have a cigarette please?
You don't smoke.
No I don't mum, but he
gave me one last time.
[Inspector Gates] What
happened to the clothes
you were wearing, Ann?
We don't know where
they came from.
You should've seen her.
Where are they?
He wants to find out if
there's any blood on them.
Don't you?
You don't think...
I don't think anything
Mrs. Devenish,
but there's been
a second murder,
only a few miles from the first,
and we simply have to account
for people's movements.
Jesus Christ.
Worried about the effect it
will have on his mortgages.
Where are the clothes?
In the washing machine.
Some second guess to entertain
and he that digs it spies,
a bracelet, bright
hair about the bone.
Will he not let us alone
and think there a
loving couple lies.
Who thought that this
device might be some way
to make their souls
the last busy day,
meet at this grave and
make a little stay.
If this ball in a
time, or land where
miss devotion, death command,
then he that digs us up
will bring us to the bishop
and the king and make us relics.
Then thou shall
be a Mary Magdalen
and I,
a something else, thereby.
Now that, lovely ambiguous tone.
You see, John
Donne was famously,
what is known as a dualist.
He was both a passionately
devout Catholic
and a celebrator of carnal love.
Are you with us Ann?
Not for very much
longer Mr. Miles.
I'm leaving at the
end of this term.
Well, better make the most
of it then hadn't you.
So, even at the last busy day,
what does Donne mean by that?
The resurrection?
Yes, resurrection.
The day when all
the souls rise up,
looking for their
bodies, you know,
arm here, leg there.
But you see even then,
Donne has his relic,
his charm, his bracelet of
bright hair, about the bone.
So that even at
the last busy day,
we can meet at this grave
and make a little stay.
What might he mean by that
[Melissa] Make love.
[Mr. Miles] Yes, that's
right Melissa, make love.
Could you write me an
essay about your feelings.
[rustling leaves]
In the front rooms,
the men were bending
over a woman,
her knees were drawn up
as if she was asleep.
Then one of the men moved away
and I saw she had no face.
Only an eye was staring at me
from a mess of blood and bone.
Your essay is about
the murder Ann,
rather than the poem
It's terribly vivid.
Do you think you
might have an idea
who's responsible
for the murder?
I don't know.
What do you mean,
you don't know, Ann?
You don't know who, you know,
that's all I mean sir.
Anyway, I'm leaving,
so there's no need
for you to bother
about that rubbish.
I know I can't write about
love, like Melissa, sir.
All right, hand
these out, will you?
Oh, sorry sir.
All right.
Got them?
Yes sir, thank you sir.
Go on then.
And Ann.
Yes sir?
It's not rubbish.
It's a remarkable
piece of writing.
Well, well, well.
Well, well, well, well, well.
Do you want to know
what Mr. Miles said
to Ms. Montrose about you?
Remarkable mind?
Outstanding was the word he
used Eileen, get it right.
Well whatever it
was, I went so red.
I flushed all over.
Highly creative imagination,
but we know all about
that and do we Eileen.
Hello, earth calling Ann.
Leave her alone, let her relax.
She's had a terrible time, but
now it's settled, thank God.
What's settled?
You're gonna stay on.
I am not.
I'm going to Stoke
Now look.
Norman, you know what we agreed.
What did you agree?
That you should decide.
That you should go
where you feel happiest.
Oh yes, my bank balance
will certainly be happier.
You're only making
the biggest mistake
you'll ever make in your life.
But so long as you're happy,
that's the main thing.
[phone ringing]
Hello, Norman Devinish.
Hello Mr. Miles.
Yes, I'll just
see if Ann's here.
[Mr. Miles] Hello
it's David Miles here.
I just finished
reading you last essay,
and I had to ring
you, it's brilliant.
Thank you, I don't
know what to say.
[Girl] Give it to
me, give it to me.
That was my brother, you was
gone on Miles, it's Melissa.
[Mr. Miles] And a small
bundle of shivers growing
afraid of it all and
beginning to cry.
So what are we gonna do tonight.
[Mr. Miles] Hold your noise,
quite a terrible voice,
as a man started up
from among the graves
at the side of the church porch,
"Keep still you little devil
or I'll cut your throat."
[eerie music]
Ann go to your seat.
I found it on the floor sir.
We'll continue reading
where I left off.
Thank you.
What's up with him?
-You know,
-You know he was stabbed.
[bell ring]
[Girl] She looks like a witch.
[Girl] I always
thought you were mad.
[Girl] Why don't you leave
like you said you would?
[Girl] What did you
think you were doing?
Don't worry, you
don't have to go back,
you'll to be able to
get on with the book.
Hello Ann.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's all right Ann, come in.
Is that what you wanted?
Is that an explanation of
what happened at school
this afternoon?
Because you were
frightened of staying.
Because you were
frightened of your gift.
Oh yes, yes Ann,
you have the most precious
gift in the world, talent.
Hey, don't you
realise how talented
that vicious little
performance was?
Don't you realise what you could
if you controlled it, instead
of it controlling you?
Okay I'll be there at six, bye.
Jump at the chance
to get rid of you.
It's such a waste,
stupid, stupid waste.
I'll take care of it.
You forget it.
Be true only to your talent Ann.
Lie only to the
examiners who have none.
You keep what you really
think to yourself.
Tell teachers and lecturers
only what they want to hear.
And in the future,
you're can do anything.
You can be anything.
Katy, Louisa, hats.
-Sorry, Ms. Devenish.
-Sorry, Ms. Devenish.
[Lawrence] I really
never expected
to be passing first time.
Well done, you only had two
minor faults of observation.
Must be checking that rear
view mirror all the time.
You might think about
lessons for motorway driving,
very different kettle of fish
from Manchester high street.
Lawrence, how are you?
So you'll need these.
-Thank you.
-Thank you very much.
I just passed my driving test.
Well done.
Well you should celebrate.
Would you like to come to tea?
Why not?
[Lawrence] I still got it.
[Ann] I should hope so.
[Lawrence] No, the bike
wheel, it's on my wall.
[Ann] A sort of sculpture.
[Lawrence] Well, it's
as good as anything.
Better, I know what it means.
What do you call it?
Jenna's Wood.
They never caught him, did they?
So what is this place?
Somebody's weekend cottage.
I clean it for them.
Easy money they're never there.
Can I see you again?
I've got so much to
do, A-levels next year.
You can teach me to drive.
Okay, you're under age though.
Only just.
[eerie music]
Mr. Meisters, hello!
[eerie music]
[phone ringing]
[Eileen] Ann, I was wondering
what happened to you.
Hi mom.
[Eileen] You're very late.
I know, I'm sorry,
but I met someone and I've still
got this place to clean up.
Mr. Meister told me it
wasn't gonna be here,
but he must've changed his mind
or lent the place to someone.
[Eileen] Supper will
be ready at seven.
Okay, I'll see you in
about half an hour.
[Girl] You do sound
very like Monte.
[Mr. Miles] Touch more
of the acid smile.
Excellent, Mr Miles, you
have my full permission
to proceed with
those reservations.
Mr. Miles, Lawrence Churchman,
Lawrence, Mr. Miles.
-Hello Lawrence.
-Pleased to meet you.
[Lawrence] Oh I'm so sorry.
[Mr. Miles] It's all
right I've got it.
[Melissa] Mrs. Miles is
rather lucky tonight,
that's a very good year.
[eerie music]
[Girl] Tell me, do you
think it's better to decant
the wine before serving it.
[Mr. Miles] No Melissa,
I tend to drink wine
straight from the bottle.
All right, that's enough
everybody thank you very much.
Sir, I was going to
ask you about the poem.
[Ann] Can you pull over
and let me have a drive.
[Lawrence] All right, but
I have to be with you.
[Ann] Please let
have a go on my own.
No way.
[Ann] Only down to
the village and back.
Ann, that's so bloody stupid.
[eerie music]
[phone ringing]
Hello, Christine Dobson.
Christine, Christine!
David, what's happened?
It's Valerie, Valarie's dead.
She's been killed.
Where the hell have you been?
[Ann] I've had an accident.
What have you done to the car?
Get in!
Ann, you're going too fast.
Look, you've done enough
damage for one day,
to yourself and the car.
Stop and let me drive.
[sirens wailing]
What's wrong with you?
Slow down.
Oh Christ all mighty.
Are you mad Ann?
Do you want them to pick us up?
[sirens blaring]
Don't stop, carry on.
Ann, what are you doing?
Get back in the car, Ann!
What have I done?
He shoved her over, then
finished her up with a poker.
Milk bottle, phone
wire cut, it's him.
Any sign of bike tracks.
No he used a car this time,
but he might have had
a bit of an accident.
Any chance of
forensics being done
in under two months?
Any chance of them
doing it period, sir.
We've come the
end of our budget.
[Man] Put a priority on it.
I'm sorry Mr. Miles, but
since you found your wife,
we're gonna ask
you to come with us
and change your clothing.
You might have picked
up hairs, fibre.
[Man] Check the
windows and the doors.
[Man] Nothing, no sign
of forcible entry.
[Man] He must've
opened the door too.
[Man] Or he had a key.
Sir, we're gonna have to do
this down the station, sir.
Oh, I see.
[Man] But he moved her
first, why would he do that?
[Man] Whoever did this would
have to be covered in blood,
I mean covered in it.
[Man] Make sure
you get a good shot
of the side of her face.
Andy, get him out of here.
It is Jenna, isn't it?
You're sure about the
time Mr. Miles drove in.
Quite sure, I saw his car,
a minute or two later,
he came running over.
No more than that?
Two minutes
On the outside.
Thank you, Ms. Dobson.
I'll send someone in to
take the formal statement.
Praise my soul the
King of Heaven;
To his feet thy
tribute bring.
Ransomed, healed,
restored, forgiven,
All like me his
praises sing:
Praise Him, praise Him
Praise Him, praise Him,
Praise the everlasting King.
Praise Him for His
grace and favour.
I think it's actually about
the worst thing you could
possibly be doing.
Ann, why are you doing this?
Hello, Detective
Sergeant Black, is it?
You probably don't remember me.
Ann Devenish.
Hi, nice to see you.
What are you doing here?
[Ann] I've come to
see inspector Gate,
if he's around.
[DS Black] Oh yeah,
you phoned didn't you.
I'll take you up,
he's expecting you.
I was in Staunton
that night, you see.
Well of course you saw me.
What were doing at
Staunton that night, Ann?
We went out for a drive.
I was with my
boyfriend, Lawrence.
The young man who
brought you here?
We saw the police cars and
I had an awful feeling.
How do you think you
can help us, Ann?
I was in the area.
Are you all right?
No, I'm not, I'm sorry.
Get some water.
Migraine, comes out to the blue.
Thank you.
Ann, how did you
get that bruise?
Breaking the law,
not wearing a seatbelt.
Lawrence had to brake suddenly
when a rabbit shot out.
You were saying you
were in the area.
Yes, I was with Lawrence.
I keep seeing that house,
that poor woman.
Everything gets so
confused, so muddled.
Ann, I know it was
a terrible sight,
but that was some time ago now,
and you really should try
and put it out of your head.
I will.
I will, thank you.
I'm sorry I took so
much of your time.
You were right to come in.
Ann, it's good to see you again,
looking so different.
Would you ask your
boyfriend if he'd see me?
Of course.
What did you tell him?
Oh, I couldn't tell him
that you were driving,
could I?
Don't please.
Do you know what you've done?
I've never told
a lie in my life,
not like that.
My mother is a magistrate.
What did you say?
That we were having
a passionate time
in the picnic area.
I'm not laughing.
Neither am I.
Oh, poor Lawrence.
And what was that stupid stuff
about braking for a rabbit?
It was you that did that.
-Stop it!
-Stop it!
That damage is gonna
cost hundreds of pounds.
Well, you can stick
it on your wall
with the bicycle wheel then.
Oh Lawrence, I do need you.
It's too soon after
that horrible thing.
It wouldn't be right.
He's only your bloody teacher.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I know how much he means to you,
but my head hurts...
Haven't you forgotten something?
Oh my God, that
would be terrible.
It's just not done, is it?
The worst of crimes.
You're in first.
Keep cool, nobody's
going to arrest you.
So long as you go out
with a magistrate's son,
speak like Monte and
wear the right hat,
you can get away with murder.
Watch the road!
He's too fat to have done it.
Well, whoever it was,
it took them long
enough to get here.
Ann, they've got Jenna,
they've arrested a
man for the murders.
Have you heard?
Well, now we can open
the forbidden window.
Do you remember that day?
It was awful.
What a relief to think
he's no longer out there.
We don't have to constantly
be looking over our shoulders.
'Cause we only know if
they've found the right one.
[Melissa] Don't be so pathetic
of course they've
found the right one.
Ann are you coming?
In a minute.
Come on let's go.
You're going to come
to mine, tonight.
Yeah but I got to do some work.
Why do you go around
with them, Ann?
Look, why don't we go
out like we used to?
To Stoke.
I'm seeing Lawrence tonight.
Lawrence, isn't that a pain.
Hey, where did
you get this from?
I found it in the
cottage where I clean.
Look, it's mine, I chew the cap.
And you've been using it?
I wouldn't use that
disgusting colour.
Well someone has, look.
Didn't you know you'd nick it?
Oh, God, have they started
again, the blackouts?
Don't be so stupid, the
pills have cured all that.
Well, at least we know
they've caught him,
murdering bastard.
My mother knows him.
She knows him?
He means as a
magistrate, Eileen.
She gave him nine
months for assault
and he was boasting about
the murders in prison.
That's how they got him.
He was a poacher.
He used those woods before
they took away his gun licence.
That's how it all started.
Thank God it's over.
It's not over until I
get a conviction Eileen.
They found the stuff in
the first two murders
in his house, but then...
Hold on, what's this then?
I'm so sorry, it's all my fault.
We've been celebrating.
Have you been abducting
my daughter, Mr. Miles?
I'm afraid I have Mr. Devenish.
Yes, I ran into her and
in front of the George.
She told me that they found
the man who murdered my wife.
But they haven't.
My mother told me.
He's confessed to the
other two murders,
but not killing your wife.
[Norman] But it must
be the same man.
[Eileen] Of course it is.
Come on Lawrence, we'll
just make the film.
[Eileen] Bye Pen,
have a nice time.
One for the road, Mr. Miles?
No, I better not, thank you.
Bye, thank you for the drink.
[knock on door]
Linda, hi it's Lawrence.
Do you have any idea
where Ann might be?
You haven't seen her?
[Linda] She might be
at the cottage though.
Oh okay, yeah I'll try that.
Okay, thanks bye.
[knock on door]
[Ann] What are you doing here?
I've been looking
everywhere for you.
You're spying on me, aren't you?
Ann, I've got to talk to you.
Go away!
-Something's happened.
-Piss off!
I've got to talk to you.
[eerie music]
[phone ringing]
Hi, my darling it's
me, how are you?
I'm all right.
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
You just told me to piss off
and you're asking
me what's wrong?
What are you talking about?
Ann, I have to see you now.
Lawrence, what's happened.
Gates came to see me.
What did you tell him?
Nothing, just the stupid
story about the rabbit.
You were at the Miles's
house that evening
weren't you?
Don't lie to me Ann.
Gates knows the car was there.
The dent, you drove into
the post outside the house,
didn't you?
Ann, for God's
sake, here sit down.
I don't know if I'm
remembering or imagining.
Imagining, imagining what?
I love you Ann.
I just love you and I
don't care what's happened,
whatever you've done,
because I think you're
the most wonderful person
in the whole world.
Please don't say that Lawrence.
Please don't say
that kind of crap.
It's not crap, Ann, I mean it.
I know you mean it, but
you must stop meaning it.
I'm not wonderful.
No, please.
What were you doing there Ann?
What were you doing
at Miles's house?
I don't know, I can't remember.
But it's something to
do with Miles, isn't it?
With you and Miles.
[eerie music]
I saw him going to the cottage.
There's something going
on between you, isn't it?
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone.
Isn't she up yet?
No, she was up and down
in the night, sick.
Excitement, first night.
I'll do like an
impresario myself
after taking a
double page spread
in the school programme.
[Ben] Mom, mom, she's
murdered her teddy bear.
Ann, what's the matter?
Where's the brouche?
What brouche?
That's how it all started.
Where did she put it?
[Eileen] She?
Anne with an E.
[Ann] Let me go.
[Ben] What's the
matter with her?
Go Ben, just get
ready for school.
What's happening.
Just go.
What's going on.
Do you remember when Ann
used to talk to her teddy
about her friend, Ann with an E.
Oh for god's sake Eileen,
that was years ago.
All kids do that.
I asked her to introduce
us and she said,
"No, you wouldn't like her.
"She's bad."
[Man] They got him.
[Girl] Yes.
[Man] You know?
[Girl] Yes, I told you
they'd get the murderer.
Didn't I tell you?
Here a loving couple lies.
Who would've thought that
this device might be some way.
To make their souls
the last busy day.
-Meet at this grave.
-At this grave.
-And make a little stay.
-And make a little stay.
Where did you get all that, Pet.
She stole them.
I'm not having any of this,
Ann with an E, rubbish.
You stole them.
She didn't know
what she was doing.
What are you're talking about?
Of course he knew what
she was doing, didn't you?
Not always.
The most expensive
education money can buy
and you turn into a thief.
Jesus Christ, I'm gonna
have to get rid of this lot.
I mean, return them anonymously.
That's what David Miles did
before you began fucking me.
[Eileen] Don't use that word.
For god's sake mother
it's not the word
you should be worried about.
We did it in the cottage.
He's been fucking me
for over six months.
Call the school, tell
them she's not well.
[door bell rings]
Oh, hello, Mr. Devenish.
I'm terribly sorry to drop
in on announced like this.
But we get to be in a
bit of a spot tonight,
if Ann can't do the show.
Yeah, I'm afraid Ann's
asleep at the moment.
Right then, you better come in.
Thank you.
Is Ann all right?
Not too good, I'm afraid.
Hello, Mrs. Devenish.
What's the matter.
-She's been a bit odd.
-Saying some funny things.
-Filthy things.
Well, I've got to tell a man
what she's been saying
about him Eileen.
Right, I see.
I think I can guess.
It's an occupational
hazard, I'm afraid.
It's my fault, my
fault entirely.
I must have been spending
too much time with her,
putting her under
too much pressure.
There's no truth in it then?
I'm sorry you feel you have
to ask that Mr. Devenish.
If you knew as much about
teenage fantasies as I do.
I do, believe me, I do.
I told you so.
She hasn't been taking
her pills. Mr. Miles,
that's what this is all about.
Right, well I
better make a move.
Got to do something
about this show tonight.
Hello Ann.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
I'm sure we'll be able to work
something out without you.
It's such a shame though.
If only you could have
seen her doing Ms Montrose,
Are you sure you're
not up to it, Pet?
Would you just give me a
couple of moments with her?
Thank you.
Why don't you pop the kettle.
I killed her, didn't I?
Come here.
You haven't told them, have you?
You must say nothing,
absolutely nothing.
You found me there, didn't you?
You don't remember that?
I couldn't remember
crushing the car.
It's only a matter of time
before they find out
what really happened.
Kiss me.
I want to be with you always.
I'd rather die than
be without you.
[Mr. Miles] I think
you're gonna want to come
a little more
downstage for this.
I know that some of you girls
think that I'm quite
strict in my views.
No Ann, try unnecessarily harsh.
I know that some of
you girls feel that I'm
unnecessarily harsh in my
views, on your conduct.
Very good, really terrific.
It's pure Ms. Montrose.
She's going to be a
real star tonight.
And the temperament
to go with it.
[Eileen] Norman stop it.
You're having an affair
with her, aren't you?
Go away Lawrence.
That's why you're
protecting her, isn't it?
What on earth are
you talking about?
She was at your
house that night,
the night your
wife was murdered.
I drove back and I found
my wife dead on the floor.
That is what I found.
Now I've been trying to help
Ann with the show tonight,
she's not particularly well
and you're only making things
a hundred times worse.
Look, Lawrence, she doesn't
want to see you anymore,
but she can't find a
way of telling you.
Don't you realise that?
I'm sorry if that's cruel,
but I had to say
it for her sake,
and yours.
All right?
All right.
Oh, Lawrence, for god's sake,
watch where you're going.
I'm so sorry.
Lawrence what are
you doing here?
I'm sorry to be such a nuisance.
Lawrence, you're
never a nuisance.
Aren't I?
Of course you're not.
I wanted to give you a card.
Break a leg or whatever.
Oh Lawrence.
What is it Ann?
What is it?
Go on, get out.
[audience applauding]
Thank you so much.
It has indeed been
an eventful year,
but I feel that no
review of its highlights
would be quite complete
without mentioning,
Melissa Barnett and Holly,
Who took part in
the inter-school
debating competition
on the subject of, "Is
sex really necessary?"
Their research was
enthusiastically aided
by the Ashmints
college for boys.
To who we all owe our
most profound thanks.
Never did two girls, more
richly deserve their prize.
The lower fifth went on the
school ski trip to San Lorenz.
Under the experienced
guidance of Mr. Robbins,
all previous
records were broken,
five virginities, two
pregnancies, and an elopement.
Mr. Robbins, needless to say,
has not been seen since,
which has been a cause
of great personal
disappointment to me.
[Audience Member] And me too.
I know that some of you
girls feel that I have
an unnecessarily harsh
view of your conduct.
Such is not the case.
To show how liberal the
centre of excellence is,
I'm proud to present you,
The creme de la creme of
Bishop Griffiths school.
[audience applauding]
I hope that you enjoy
the rest of your evening.
[audience applauding]
[audience applauding]
[Announcer] Ladies
and gentlemen, take
your seats please.
The second half of
tonight's review,
commences in three minutes.
[Girl] Ann, open up, Ann.
Ann, come on Ann.
[Girl] Are you in there?
You're on again in five minutes.
Ann, please, gotta get in
and change for my next song.
[Mr. Miles] All right,
what's going on?
[Linda] Ann's locked
herself in, Mr. Miles.
Ann, Ann open the door.
[Girl] Look, the
window's opened.
[Girl] She wouldn't go out
in the night like this.
What on earth is going on?
[Girl] And she was a bit
weird before curtain call.
[Girl] Let's see if we
can find her clothes.
[Girl] But she hasn't changed,
she might still be inside.
[Woman] Girls, stop
spinning about concentrate.
Who was the last
person to see Ann?
[Girl] She was coming
off when I came on.
She said something
a bit strange.
[Woman] What did she say?
[Girl] She said goodbye.
[Girl] Why would she say that?
[Girl] Oh god, I knew it,
I knew she was getting
those blackouts again.
[Woman] I'm sure
it's nothing serious.
We all know Ann is highly
strong, now come on girls,
get back to the theatre,
the show must go on.
[Girl] I'll go and
tell Ms. Montrose.
[Girl] She hasn't done
anything stupid, has she?
[Girl] She wouldn't.
[Girl] Well, she was
fantastic tonight.
[eerie music]
[knock on door]
What did she say in the note?
Do you have a key?
Why the hell would I have a key?
Well, you come
here, I've seen you.
What did she say note?
[Lawrence] I think she
came here to kill herself.
I told you this afternoon,
she was on the edge.
You left before the interval,
the bonnet of your car was warm.
Leave the detective
work to Gates, Lawrence.
Why don't you go
around the back,
and see if you can get in there.
Did she not give you a key?
You're wasting time.
Let me see.
Don't be so stupid.
Come on.
[eerie music]
I killed Valerie Miles.
That's all you want
to know, isn't it?
How do you know?
[Ann] How do I know?
That you killed her?
That's a stupid question.
You have memory blackouts.
You're not sure what
you did, are you?
You don't believe
that rubbish, do you?
Yes I do.
And so did Miles.
Then when you
started remembering
you became too great a problem.
I don't know what
you're on about.
I hit her on the head, I did it.
Is that what he told you?
Ann, we can help
you to remember.
I don't want to remember.
Can't you understand?
I don't want to remember.
All right, Mrs. Devenish.
We'll leave it then,
but we'll need to
speak to her again,
in a couple of days.
[Inspector Gates] You took
Ann Devenish to the cottage,
didn't you?
No, I was at school
the whole time,
ask anyone.
You came in wet at the interval.
I'd made several trips
to an outside prop store.
A witnesses says your
car had been driven.
It's teenage fantasy.
He's out of his mind
with adolescent jealousy.
Jealousy isn't logical.
I've been spending a
lot of time with Ann.
I was directing her in the show.
Do you remember Lucinda Grey?
Yes, of course.
She killed herself.
She's very bright,
very talented.
It was awful.
Did you have an affair with her?
Why didn't your wife
want you to teach again?
Because I'd been stabbed.
By her boyfriend.
More teenage fantasy.
Why did you follow
Lawrence to the cottage?
I'd seen Lawrence
read a note from Ann,
I was very worried about her,
and I followed him.
Why didn't you unlock the door?
[Inspector Gates] You had
the key in your pocket.
I didn't realise that.
You didn't realise it?
I had a lot of
keys in my pocket.
Most of the girls were giving
me valuables of one kind
or another to look
after that night.
He's done it before, Miles.
A girl at his last school,
only she was successful
in killing herself
You're making this up.
At least that was the verdict.
Her boyfriend accused
miles of killing her,
but it was a tearaway against
the respected teacher,
so of course, no
one believed him,
which is why he stabbed Miles.
You see if it works, people
tend to follow the same pattern.
I mean, did he tell you he was
gonna kill himself as well.
A suicide pact, is
that what it was?
No, no you're
lying, you're lying!
I don't know who killed
Valerie Miles, Ann,
but David Miles
tried to kill you.
Now you've got to
try and remember
what happened the day
Valerie was killed.
I can't do this.
Jeez, let's go back.
She found out, didn't she?
Just before leaving
on a business trip.
She was threatening to tell
Monte, when she returned.
He said he didn't care
so long as were together.
Then the night she was due back,
dear sweet Lawrence came
to pick me up from school.
He knocked over Mr.
Mile's shopping.
And there it was, the same meal,
same bottle that we
used to drink together.
I knew then he wasn't
going to leave her.
That's why I took
the car that night.
Only down to the
village and back.
So he could be free of her
and I could be free
of the other bitch.
The other bitch?
Anne, thank goodness
for all the hard work
and her migraine.
Parked here.
She was in her kitchen,
when I went out the drive.
I want you to leave at
the end of this term.
[Mr. Miles] For
god's sake I'll stop.
-You won't.
-I will.
You can't stop.
I'll be leaving at
the end of the year.
What difference does that make?
Come in Ann.
We were just talking about you.
I thought you might be,
we've often talked about you.
Then he's told you
he's done this before.
No, but I'm not
at all surprised.
Well, you will be.
Oh shut up, both of you.
You're mad, coming here.
This is finished Ann, it's over.
I mean it.
I'll phone Monte now.
Don't be so stupid.
Let her, let her phone her.
Let me through please.
Don't you understand
what that would mean?
Of course I understand.
I should have done
this last time.
Tell her, tell
her what happened.
I don't care what happened.
I don't care.
I don't care.
Hello, it's Valerie Miles.
Yes I'd like to speak
to Ms. Montrose.
No it's urgent.
Valerie stop that.
Put it down.
Don't you touch me?
Put that bloody phone down.
Let me go.
[eerie music]
Is she dead?
I don't know.
I don't know.
[eerie music]
Don't touch me.
[eerie music]
In here!
Leave your clothes,
wash and change.
Give me that shirt.
You'll have to.
It's what he does.
Well come on!
Give it to me.
[eerie music]
The woman next door, did
she see you drive in?
No, I don't think so.
Get Lawrence's car, I parked
it further down the road.
-Drive in here.
-In here?
His car looks like your car.
She'll think you just got back.
Well go on, go on, just do it.
[birds chirping]
[Ann] Was she still
in her kitchen?
Phone her.
Just phone her and
don't say anything,
and dial 141 first.
[phone ringing]
Give me 15 seconds and
then cut the wires.
It's what he does.
Reverse, you stupid bastard.
Are you all right?
Go, go, go, go, go.
What have you done to the car.
Get in.
[Lawrence] And where
the hell have you been.
[Ann] I've had an accident.
Quite a performance.
Is that what you think?
It's what the court will think.
Where's the evidence?
What does she do
with his clothes?
No jury will ever believe her.
The clothes were in the
boot of Lawrence's car
when you came back
here, weren't they Ann?
Did you take her
straight home, Lawrence?
She said she needed a walk.
I dropped her at the
edge of the wood.
I loved him.
[sorrowful music]
[Mr. Miles] When my
grave is broke up again,
some second guessed to entertain
and he that digs it,
spies a bracelet of bright
hair about the bone.
Will they not left us alone
and think...
[Ann] Here a loving couple lies.
[Mr. Miles] Who would've
thought that this device
might be some way.
[Ann] To make their
souls the last busy day.
[Mr. Miles and Ann]
Meet at this grave.
[Mr. Miles and Ann] And
make our little stay.